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Choosing the size of children's winter overalls: Size table of children's winter overalls


The most correct option to guess the size is to measure the product. You need to know that some manufacturers, making winter clothes for children, on the label indicate a size smaller than it actually is. This is due to the fact that there should be a small stock intended for a warm sweater or sweater. Also, do not forget that the jumpsuit should not hamper the movement of the child. In addition, the small size of things does not allow to keep warm. This feature is the reason that you need to choose clothes for the winter, which will be slightly larger.

As a rule, the size of modern overalls is indicated by European designations. The number on the label indicates the height of the child. For example, size 92 is designed for a kid with a height of 92 centimeters. The next size is 6 cm larger. For convenience, you can consider a special table, which shows the size of coveralls

Sizes of winter overalls for girls 3-15 years

As a rule, in normal climatic conditions, warm clothing is needed for about five months. Of course, by the end of such a long period the baby adds one or two sizes. This must be taken into account when buying clothes. A sufficiently high growth rate is observed in the first months of life. During this period, the size of the child is added once every three months. After three years, the baby grows larger each year.

The older the child becomes, the less intense the child grows. Do not forget that in the first years of a child’s life there are periods when intensive growth is observed. As a rule, a noticeable increase in growth occurs in the autumn period. Therefore, it is therefore quite difficult to choose the right size of warm clothes. In order not to have to buy a second set in one season, younger children are advised to buy overalls just before the cold. Such clothes may be needed at the end of October. Therefore, you can buy it in the middle of the month. This is the optimal time, because you will know the right size as accurately as possible, and the range will still be quite large.

Now the main thing parents should pay attention to is to evaluate the stock for growth. Since manufacturers are already producing overalls that are larger, this stock is enough for two-year-old children. In this case, the throat closes tightly enough, and the leg and sleeves are not too long. The jumpsuit sits fairly loosely, so it does not hinder the movement of the baby. It is important not to overdo it with the stock. After all, this will lead to the fact that the overalls will not fit snugly enough to the body. Such clothes are simply not able to keep warm. For comparison, you can measure clothing size larger. If it is too big, it means that you should stop your choice on the previous model.

When buying a suit in online stores with the choice of size may be some difficulties. For example, there is no possibility to measure several different models. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, one should pay attention to all recommendations given by the manufacturer regarding this product. As a rule, manufacturers provide a dimensional table in which you can compare the measurements of the child. Thanks to simple calculations, you can easily determine what size of this particular suit will fit your child.

To make the right choice, you will need to measure the length of the trousers, jacket and sleeves. You may also need the volume of the waist, chest and hips. You may need some additional measurements. When buying a product online, it is recommended to carefully consider it in a large figure. This will provide an opportunity to see the texture of clothing, which will judge its quality. In the absence of dimensional grids under the selected product, it is better to abandon the purchase. It is difficult to randomly choose the right size. Of course, as an option, you can contact the seller directly to provide detailed information on the dimensional grid. Since the growth of the child is unpredictable, it is not recommended to buy clothes for growth. Although there are still some exceptions. For example, if your child is more than two years old, the intensity of his growth is significantly reduced. This allows you to buy clothes not for one, but for two seasons. However, this concerns the split suit.

For example, after purchase, the kit will be a bit too big, but by the end of the second season it should be enough. Of course, every mother wants the child to bring expensive winter clothes for two seasons. However, experts do not recommend to plan it in advance. As a rule, for this purpose, parents choose a child with too large clothes, which are simply not able to keep warm, and unprotected skin areas are blown through. This applies to the sleeves, bottom of the jacket, throat. It is better to give preference to the jacket, selected by size. Here only a small margin is allowed.

Additional elements

When choosing clothes for the baby, it is recommended to pay attention not only to the insulation and external material, but also to additional elements that allow you to enjoy comfortable use of the product.

Clothing may have a variety of fasteners. It can be buttons, buttons and zippers. So, looking at the big zipper, you need to make sure that it is covered with a fabric strip. This allows the child to be protected from blowing through the front lock. On top of the zipper should be closed fabric corner. This will guarantee that the zipper does not pinch the neck or chin of the child. In addition, the lightning will not rest and prick.

Try to find clothes with a hood that will be adjusted in length. As a rule, there is a fur frame. When washing it can be unfastened. It is desirable that the hood was tightened with a cord, which will allow to protect against a strong wind.

Jacket should have double sleeves. It is desirable that the cuff was soft enough. At the same time, it should fit the baby's handle tightly. You also need to make sure that there is an inner elastic band on the girdle. Pay attention that the jacket of a winter suit has an elastic band below. It prevents blowing and reliably protects the lower back.

Pants should also have elastic bands. They prevent picking up pants. When walking through the snowdrifts, they protect the feet from snow ingress, which is important for every winter walk. If we consider a separate set, then the pants have straps and height that allows you to close the chest. The jacket is put on open shoulders. However, such pants are acceptable for kids. Teenagers can buy sets with regular pants, where the gum keeps on the belt.

In the presence of pockets, it is recommended to check how they are of high quality and comfortable. Depending on your needs, you can choose models where the pockets have clasps. To use the overalls at different temperatures, you should pay attention to the product, where it is possible to unfasten the internal insulation. The advantages of this option include the fact that the liner can be washed separately from the entire jumpsuit.

Material winter overalls child

When choosing a winter overalls or a set for your child, pay attention to the material: on the upper fabric and insulation. Outerwear with ultra-thin membrane insulation is designed for sports and active walks, under it they put on thermal underwear, and in cold weather - an extra liner. Note that during a quiet walk, when, for example, a child rides long in a sled, he may freeze in such overalls.

In winter overalls for everyday wear, insulation is most often natural down, wool or artificial holofiber, isosoft and other varieties of padding polyester. In the sets of pants insulated less, and it is completely justified. Modern heaters have good quality. They keep warm well, do not let the strong wind pass and the body does not sweat if the child is properly dressed. Choose branded clothing and for the quality of insulation can be calm. At temperatures above -5 ° C, a cotton T-shirt and a long-sleeved cotton sweater are worn under the jumpsuit. At temperatures of -5 - -12 ° C, in addition to the shirt, it is better to wear a tight cotton blouse or a turtleneck. At a temperature of -12 - -16 ° C they wear a T-shirt, a thin cotton jacket with a long sleeve and a warm cotton jacket or a turtleneck with a closed neck. For a long, relaxed walk, you can wear a thin woolen jacket instead of a warm cotton jacket. At a temperature of -16 - -25 ° C under a winter overalls they wear a T-shirt, a thin cotton jacket with a long sleeve and a thin wool sweater covering the throat. If an active walk is planned, it is better to replace a wool sweater with a warm cotton sweater with a high collar.

Most of the everyday winter overalls have a fur rim on the hood, the winter sports overalls do not have a fur trim. The hood in most models is insulated as well as the jacket itself. It is important to choose the right hat. In warm winter weather in a hat and hood can be hot. Therefore, we advise either to have a light cap, which you can wear with a hood on a windy day, or to get a tight, windproof cap for this occasion.

The upper fabric of the jumpsuit is polyester or nylon. Materials vary considerably in composition and structure. Choose a thick fabric that does not break through and the thread does not come out after riding the hill, climbing through the snowdrifts and walking in the kindergarten. Pay particular attention to the upper material of the pants. Some models of winter overalls have sealed inserts on the knees, elbows, pope. If last year's pants were rubbed, take a model with sealed inserts, but many children do not rub their pants so hard. These are individual features. Usually there is enough strength of the top material of high-quality overalls.

Choosing the colors of winter overalls

I would like to say a few words about the colors of overalls.

It is important that the child likes it. Nowadays, it is especially important for boys to wear clothes with boy patterns, and for girls with girls. Do not compromise on this issue. There is a simple inexpensive solution to turn a boy's jumpsuit into a girl's jumpsuit. Sew a new waterproof fabric over the wrong pattern, sew appliqués or rhinestones. But in fact, for kids, it is easier to pre-select a jumpsuit for colors suitable for both a boy and a girl. Today boys wear dark and bright. But by 5-6 years and older it becomes more difficult, because begin to differ significantly style and cut.

Often there are reflective elements on overalls, their presence is important especially for younger students. If the grandmother walks with the child, the bright jacket will allow her to more easily follow her grandson on the court or in the yard. For those attending a kindergarten, a non-marking color may be important for getting less dirty, or an atypical bright color, in order to make it easier to distinguish your jumpsuit from others. On many jumpsuits there is a special place to sign a full name. child and address. Usually on the jacket on the inside under the eyelet there is a flap with lines for signature.

Firms change the colors of clothes every year. If you don’t like a new one, at the beginning of the season of selling winter clothes, beginning in September, it is possible to find a thing from last year’s season.

Choosing a winter overalls for a child, be sure to pay attention to whether it can be washed in a washing machine. A light jacket will have to be washed at least 3-4 times per season, it’s not much and just having an automatic washing machine, and if there is also a drying machine, then it’s quite good. After washing, the down jacket has a crumpled insulation that almost does not heat, but it is worth going outside in it, as after 5 minutes the down will get better. It is important to take this into account and be careful not to go out for the first time after washing in freezing cold or after illness.

The successful combination - dark pants and a light jacket. Pants get dirty more and more often, and the jacket gets dirty less. Choosing, for example, such a jumpsuit, pay attention to the upper material of the light jacket can be washed with water. Generally speaking, regardless of the color, the upper fabric of the winter overalls should be such that a small dirty stain can be wiped off or washed off, thereby avoiding the daily washing of outer clothing. For babies up to one year, manufacturers sometimes use materials that cannot be washed without a full wash as the top fabric of the jumpsuit, hoping to walk only in a wheelchair. If your baby is already starting to walk, please focus on the upper fabric of the jumpsuit.

How to choose the size of winter overalls

The answer is one - you need to measure. Many manufacturers sew winter overalls one size larger. In this case, all models, even models in size, are sewn with a certain margin for growth, for dressing up blouses, for freedom of movement. It is known that clothing that is too tight to the body retains heat worse, so winter overalls should be somewhat free.

Most winter overalls, sold in Russia, have a size on the European size scale, which corresponds to the child's height in centimeters. For example, size 92 corresponds to a child's height of 92 cm. Each following size comes in 6 cm: after 92 comes size 98. For convenience, we give the size scale of children's overalls:

Size Chart Color Kids

The dimension is determined by the height of the child.

  • In the winter collection of Color Kids 2017-2018, growth stock is expected to be approximately +4 cm to the size, the same as in the collection of winter 2014-2015.
  • We will know the real measurements only upon delivery, when we receive pre-order to the store.
  • The data in the table are already given the expected stock for the new collection.
  • Size range Color Kids Winter 2017-2018 increased to 164 size.
  • Sizes 158 and 164 are designed for adolescents, adult women are not suitable for the volume of the breast.
    * The winter collection 2015-2016, on the contrary, was in size, and the costumes were even small.
  • The brand is designed mostly for thin and medium children.

Outerwear for children 2-10 years

Outerwear for teens:

Winter clothes

Travalle winter jackets and overalls come with a stock.

  • The overalls have an approximate stock of + 4-6 cm. To the size.
  • When choosing overalls, consider the length of your child’s feet. The step seam is undervalued. Such overalls are ideal for children with short and medium legs relative to the body. Long size children should choose a big way.
  • The jackets have a stock of approximately + 6-8 cm for the size. In fact, they are more than about the size.
  • Marking Finnish clothing suggests that the product is worn FROM the specified height on the label.
  • Trousers and semi-overalls Travalle, on the contrary, go to size! Worn to the specified height.
  • The brand is designed mainly for medium and large, well-fed children.

Size refers to the age of the child. Mittens come with a small margin. Focus on the table when choosing the size.

How to determine the size of children's hats?

You will need a measuring tape or tape measure. Head circumference is measured in the widest part - wrap the tape horizontally around the head just above the eyebrows (at the widest part of the head).

Match the measurement with the dimensions in the table and select the appropriate size.

How are the sizes of rompers

The size of children's coveralls begins with 68 - the number corresponds to growth. The step is six centimeters, that is, the next size will be 74, followed by 80 - and so on. When growth does not coincide with the existing size, the choice is always made in a big way. For example, with a growth of 76 cm, they are guided by 80 size, and not by 74.

How to choose the right size jumpsuit for a child

Many parents prefer to save and buy overalls for growth. The disadvantage of this choice is obvious: initially the clothes will be too big, and next year it may be butt. It is not scary if the jumpsuit is bought for a newborn who cannot walk. He will not have to move in overalls by himself yet, and the excess length of the sleeves and legs will keep his hands and feet warm.

For a child who does not walk yet, a transforming overalls is convenient. It is necessary to choose its size with special care: children are growing rapidly until the age of two. Size 62-86 is the most convenient and versatile of all. Such a jumpsuit can be bought immediately after birth and bring in up to one and a half years.

Older children do not grow so fast, and it is easier for them to choose clothes. For a large child it is worth taking a jumpsuit a size larger, a thin child - in size.

Schoolchildren aged 10 years and older can fearlessly buy a jumpsuit with a margin of length, even a couple more sizes. Free landing does not constrain movements, and the child carries such clothes not only the current season, but also the next season.

How to determine the size of the child (how to take measurements correctly)

Clothing parameters are an important aspect that should be given special attention. Buying a model of a large size will become an unprofitable purchase, since such a jumpsuit loses its main feature - this is reliable protection from the cold. Поэтому предварительно нужно снять мерки с малыша для определения параметров.

Производители опираются при определении размерного ряда зачастую на рост, возрастные особенности и обхват груди (ОБ). Измерение данных параметров осуществляется следующим образом:

  • Рост. If the baby is under two years old, he is placed on a flat surface to measure the distance from the top of the head to the heels. If he is already older, then you need to put him near the doorway and mark the height.

IMPORTANT! When measuring it is required to trace the heels, they should stand exactly and as close as possible to the opening.

  • The girth of the neck of the chest and hips is measured with a measuring tape. When measuring the waist, the baby’s belly should be in a relaxed state.
  • Sleeve lengths are measured from the base of the shoulder to the thumb.
  • The belly is measured from the groin area.

It is best, of course, to take the baby with you for a fitting, but this possibility is not always presented. Therefore, you should correctly measure and record all the parameters. It is undesirable to tear the tags off the clothes immediately after the purchase, as the buyer has the right to return the overalls to the seller if he has not approached the child. It is necessary to agree in advance with the store about the possible exchange.

How to choose a jumpsuit baby up to a year

Newborn and toddler under the age of 12 months are more susceptible to rapid freezing, as they are still inactive. When purchasing clothes for him, you need to consider several factors:

  • Variety - is determined based on the characteristics of the child.
  • Material - it is better to pay attention to natural fabrics, it will help to avoid possible allergic reactions.
  • Size - a jumpsuit with a large margin will not warm the child, and an overly small restrains the movement of newborns - a happy medium is required.
  • Fasteners should be as safe and effective as possible.

The best option for the crumbs is a transformer., as the baby is growing rapidly, and you may need to increase the product to ensure the comfort of the child.

As for size, for kids who are under 1 year old, it is determined by two parameters - it is height and age. Most often, growth is the size. In this case, you need to be careful, so each child is individual and grows according to its own program. Therefore, based on the choice of age (it is indicated in months) should not be, it is desirable to take into account the height and weight of the baby, to avoid the subsequent discomfort of the baby.

How to choose a winter overalls

Purchasing things for the coldest period is a crucial task, since the child needs not only to feel comfortable during active games (as in the case of jeans), but also to be fully protected from moisture penetration. There are certain characteristics that should be paid attention to before making a purchase:

  • Age features.
  • Size - it is advisable to select a model that is about four more than the natural growth of the child.
  • Colors - too bright acid shades can indicate the presence of toxic components in the composition of materials. It is better to choose natural colors.
  • Heat - here you should carefully examine the product label. The manufacturer often indicates the temperature conditions for which the clothing is intended.
  • External material - must be distinguished by a high level of strength, moisture resistance and not marco.
  • Lining - it is better to choose a natural type, breathable and retains heat.
  • Insulation.

Savings in this case can cause frequent childhood diseases.

6 best overalls for newborns

To present a modern dowry of a newborn without a warm jumpsuit is no longer possible. And if for a solemn discharge the parents still use elegant blankets and ribbons, then for daily walks they make a choice in favor of a convenient and practical overalls. What are the criteria for his choice?

Type of overalls for newborns

There are 3 main types:

  • overalls bag The bottom of this clothes is executed as a warm spacious bag, and the top is like a standard jacket. The bag is convenient for very young children: you can put a baby, swaddled in a blanket,
  • classic jumpsuit. Good only if parents are not going to use diapers,
  • a transformer is a convenient and economical option that combines the advantages of the first two types and allows you to use the jumpsuit for several months of winter. In such models, the lower part is converted into pant legs with the help of zippers.

Materials and insulation

Top often made of polyester fabrics. There is nothing terrible in this: modern synthetics is durable, resistant to any tests, but not windable and well wicking moisture.

As for heaters, there are a great many of them now: from obsolete and not too warm padding polyester and always up-to-date fluff and sheepskin to innovative artificial materials: isosoft, tinsuleyt and others.

Be sure to look for a complete description of the composition of the suit on the labels indicating the name of the materials and the density of the filler.

The size of the suit

The optimal size of outerwear for babies is 62-68 cm, if you take more, the baby will simply drown in it. However, if the baby was born at the beginning of winter, it makes sense to buy a larger size, for example, 74 cm. A warm overalls for babies are purchased most often for one winter, and in the demi-season you can manage to “spring” spring and autumn. This must be considered when choosing the size.

Important stuff:

  • removable lining - allows you to make spring and autumn of a winter suit and vice versa,
  • comfortable zippers (preferably two) at the front of the jumpsuit,
  • warm mittens and booties (sewn or removable),
  • hood adjustment
  • windbreaks.

Manufacturers of the best overalls for newborns

The best-known and best winter overalls for newborns are Gusty and Deux Par Deux (Canada), Reima, Nels, Lessie and Kerry (Finland), Huppa (Estonia), Moncler (Italy). Their price starts from 3000 p. and can reach up to 12-15 thousand.

Of the cheaper options, Russian and Chinese brands are traditionally in demand. A good so-called “factory China” is given to the companies Play Today, Kiko and Donilo, and from domestic brands Aldos, Shaluny, Arctiline, Sleepy Gnome and others can be noted. They praise mothers and overalls for babies of the Polish company Pilguni.

Prices for overalls for newborns are largely dependent on the materials from which they are sewn. The cost of branded overalls from membrane fabric on an innovative heater can be several times higher than the cost of a simple model from Bologna on a padding polyester. What to choose, decide parents based on their financial capabilities.

2. Kerry Lux - the technological and warm Finnish overalls

Average price in the Russian Federation: 7100 r.

Why in our rating: warm "kombez" of modern materials.

If parents are ready to pay a tidy sum for the comfort of a baby, then overalls for newborns of the Finnish brand Kerry are the best option to invest money. Soft and weightless, Kerry for newborns contains a record amount of izosoft insulation - 330 g / m3 and is additionally insulated with fleece lining.


  • very warm but breathable
  • fur lapels on the sleeves and trousers,
  • the hood comes off.


Typical overalls reviewsKerry:

“Kerry is super! We did not get out of this miracle from October to April, and this year we had a winter down to -28 degrees. But we didn’t sit at home for a single day and even slept in the freezing cold outside, and at the same time we put on a rather light fleece jacket. ”

“From the very birth, my child slept and walked in Kerry overalls - you can’t imagine anything better! Insulation 330 gr. izosofta very warm. The child never froze over the whole long winter. It is very convenient that the handles are wrapped and closed. "

3. Pilguni - a good universal jumpsuit for newborns on sheepskin

Average price in the Russian Federation: 4200 r.

Why in our ranking the best: functional overalls for newborns for winter and not only.

Warm option for winter and "demi-season." Wool insulation is removed, turning the overalls in the autumn on the isosofte and cotton lining. Mittens and booties included.


  • transformer,
  • IsoSoft insulation
  • removable insulation sheepskin,
  • comfortable long zippers.


  • minimum size - 68 cm.
  • booties are not fully warmed with fur - only the sole.

Typical reviews aboutoveralls for newborns Pilgunu:

“My choice is Pilguni, I think that this is far from a cheap option, but the universality of this thing justifies the price. If the baby is not big, it will be enough until next winter. ”

“The combination is very pleasant to the touch, the quality of tailoring is good, there is a sheepskin coat both in the sleeves and legs, it is easily and quickly transformed! Wore winter like an envelope, spring and autumn! Great option for 3 seasons!

4. Baby club - the best demi-season jumpsuit for newborns on the isosoft

Average price in the Russian Federation: 2800 r.

Why in our rating: The best combination of price and quality for spring, autumn and warm winter.

The Baby Club overalls for newborns attract attention not only at an affordable price, but also with good consumer properties: it is warm, has two zippers for easy donning, pockets on the sleeves (to hide the handles), sewn booties, and a soft elastic on the hood. Inexpensive and very convenient for newborns.


  • transformer,
  • IsoSoft insulation 300 g / m3,
  • soft neckline for extra protection from the cold,
  • comfortable design.


  • fabric top - the usual synthetics,
  • the hood is not adjustable.

Typical overalls reviewsBabyClub:

“The combination is well stitched, lightweight, the size is correct, it is well washed and dries quickly. In addition, it is really warm! Of course, there are better models, but in terms of price and quality, it fully justifies the funds invested in it. ”

“Its main advantage is very warm! Therefore, if you do not want to overpay, feel free to take it, the baby will not freeze in it for sure! On the sleeves there are sewn mittens-pockets, the neck is very well and comfortably fastened, and in the hood the baby looks like a flower! Recommend!"

5. Huppa Emily - the best jumpsuit-bag

Average price in the Russian Federation: 4100 r.

Why in our rating: The best down overalls for newborns.

High-quality clothing from the Estonian manufacturer meets all European standards, and is cheaper than Finnish and Canadian products. The top fabric is not blown and breathable, down-feather filler is designed for temperatures from -5 to -30 degrees. Very gentle and warm jumpsuit, well thought out for the little ones.


  • membrane tissue
  • proven insulation
  • reflective stripes
  • There are slots for the car seat.


  • not transformed
  • one zipper - harder to wear a baby
  • the hood is not regulated (according to the European standard).

Typical Huppa ReviewsEmily:

“Very high quality jumpsuit, windproof fabric, easy to clean with a wet cloth. We walked to -15, the baby never froze. Spacious, became small only in 7 months. It is convenient to carry a crumb in the car seat - there are slots for five-point belts. ”

“A very comfortable bag, the handles are closed on pockets with elastic bands, there is a soft flannel inside, the hood is not adjustable, but the rubber band perfectly embraces the head. Wore all winter and part of the spring, without feeling any discomfort. Thank you Huppe! ”

6. Mothercare - Stylish Baby Jumpsuit

Average price in the Russian Federation: 3000 r.

Why in our ranking the best: charming baby romper for winter sleep in a stroller.

Mothercare overalls first bribe delicate colors, and then reinforce the positive opinion of "not killed" by the quality and good protection from the cold. Artificial insulation (sintepon) supplemented with a soft fur lining Wellsoft.


  • Transformer,
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly.
  • Gentle colors,
  • Two long zippers for convenient dressing of the child.

Minus: in the bag is fastened with buttons, not with a zipper,

Typical Mothercare reviews:

“The quality of the jumpsuit is cool. Worn all winter, the baby was always warm. The fabric is very soft, pleasant to the body, while perfectly washed. Naive "baby coloring" - very beautiful! "

“I advise this overalls to those babies who sleep in the stroller, because the bottom of the bag is closed only on the buttons, and if you wear a crumb on the handles, the legs can blow cold. The rest of it is wonderful. ”

What is the overalls for newborns better to buy?

As you can see, today parents are not limited in their choice and can buy both traditional overalls from the usual and affordable materials, and innovative models on technological insulants. "Price expert" advises to focus, first of all, on the season of wearing this important item of children's wardrobe, as well as on its functionality for mom and comfort for the crumbs. Have a good shopping!

How to choose the right size of transformer overalls

Most often, transforming overalls are bought for children from birth to 1.5 years.

In fact, a rare manufacturer recommends using transformers from birth - this is, indeed, not very convenient: sleeves, zippers, a large hood ... The fact is that there is almost no need to sew a model that is 56 cm tall and 86 cm tall It seems possible, because the child grows and develops, his figure changes already by 9-12 months. Still, for babies up to 2 months, a simple envelope with a central or side buckle will be convenient. Alas, it is not cheap! It turns out that you need to pay 2-3 thousand rubles for an envelope, which you can wear only a couple of months, and then you still have to buy overalls. In our difficult times, such expenses are not always justified, especially if twins or three babies were born ...

We recommend using transforming overalls from 2 months

Manufacturers and mothers have found a more or less acceptable option, and now in stores you can buy transforming overalls from size 68. Unfortunately, this is the smallest size, and less need to look either overalls without transformation and without removable fur, or choose a walking envelope.

It happens that the manufacturer indicates growth "from birth", but in most cases it is only a trick, and the envelope-overalls will still be 68 cm long. Such an envelope is used more like an envelope in a stroller. In winter, the baby on the street is not often picked up, and, in fact, the envelope is still convenient - you can not even remove it from the stroller during the gathering for a walk.

In this case, the baby’s pens should not be inserted into the sleeves for up to 3 months.

The best age for the use of overalls, transformers - from 3 months. In this case, we put the child in the envelope for up to 7-8 months, then turn the envelope into a jumpsuit

The sizes of overalls transformers are designated by manufacturers differently. As a rule, double size is put, for example 68-86, or 74-86, etc. The first digit indicates the envelope size (or the maximum height of the child who will use this envelope). Measure from the top with a hood to the lower horizontal zipper. The second number is the maximum size of the jumpsuit with legs.

The following sizes are available from manufacturers:

  • 62-68 (at the age of 1-6 months) - is very rare,
  • 68-74 (age of the child 3-8 months)
  • 68-80 (age 3-12 months)
  • 74-86 (vozarst 6-18 months).

Sometimes when converting a transformer to an envelope, a large amount of tucked fabric from future trousers folds up at the legs, which hides the length. So, in size 68, you can sometimes put a baby only up to 63-65 cm tall.

As for the maximum length, then there are some peculiarities here: one must look not only at the length of the overall jumpsuit, but also at the length of the transformer body, because the legs can be made of any length, but the combination with the diaper is no longer put on ... It is better that indicated the actual length of the envelope and the length of the jumpsuit, independently measured by the seller, and not the manufacturer’s virtual size.

If the size run is very large, for example, 62-86, then the overalls will have a stronger elongation of the pants, but not the fact that the length of the body of the overalls itself is enough: if it is short, then the overalls will be small and will press between the legs. Nevertheless, it is better to buy a winter transforming overalls with a reasonable difference of 2-3 sizes, for example, 68-80, 74-80, 80-86 ... In any case, you can use this tricky outerwear for several seasons: autumn, winter, spring ...

What size to choose?

So, size 68-80 is ideal for ages 2-12 months,

Size 74-86 - ideal for ages 6-15 months (and sometimes more).

For babies from birth, you need to look for sizes 62-74 or 68-74 (for example, transforming overalls Bonia from the Kursk company DariMir or from Alyusha).

Another point is the width or completeness of the transformer. It is necessary to make sure that the width in the chest and the width of the armhole of the sleeve will be sufficient for the grown child. If the romper with detachable fur, then when you try on it is necessary to insert the fur into the sleeves and thread your brush into the sleeve - if you fit, you can take it!

And finally, a little useful advice: winter transforming overalls are very functional for any travel, including by car. To fasten the child in the envelope, just slightly lower the vertical zippers between the legs in front and behind, and pass the belt - it's simple!

How to choose a demi-season jumpsuit for newborns?


Published on September 20th, 2017 | by [email protected]

Daily walks for the newborn are necessary for him to grow up healthy and develop normally. With the onset of cold weather they should not be stopped. It is important to put the baby on correctly, since his thermal control is not yet sufficiently developed. The overalls demi-season for newborns should ensure a comfortable stay of the child in the fresh air in the autumn and spring.

В продаже представлен большой ассортимент моделей. Чтобы не растеряться при покупке, давайте разберемся, как выбрать лучший демисезонный комбинезон для новорожденного.

Как выбрать комбинезон?

When choosing a jumpsuit for newborns for the spring-autumn season, it is necessary to take into account that the weather is changeable at this time. Therefore, for demi-season clothes for babies are made not less high requirements than for winter.

The main thing when choosing a jumpsuit - to correctly determine the size. No need to buy its size in size - the risk is high that the crumb will outgrow the jumpsuit before the end of the season. Outerwear should be loose, and the gate - tightly fastened.

The overalls can restrict movement of the baby. As a rule, the size of the outer clothing of a newborn is 62-68 cm. If the baby is born in the summer, then in the fall he may need a jumpsuit of the following size.

If the crumb was born in the spring or autumn, it is better not to buy a separate jumpsuit for discharge, but to buy a demi-season one right away. After all, children's things are not cheap, and the costs to newly-minted parents have a lot to do.

Autumn overalls for a newborn should be comfortable for his mother, who will have to wear a baby every day. Therefore, it is desirable that it be equipped with two zippers on the front plate.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the filler and lining. The filler in the demi-season outerwear of the baby should not be too warm. Indeed, in this case, the child may overheat and sweat, as a result of which, most likely, it will catch a cold.

Filler from different manufacturers is different. Famous brands use modern thin insulation that will ensure the comfort of the baby on the street in the fall and spring. The lining should be moisture absorbing, and the top layer of the jumpsuit should be waterproof and windproof.

It is desirable that the lining can be unfastened, then the jumpsuit is suitable for a warm spring, and for a cold autumn. If the hood has an adjustment, then this will be an additional plus.

Choosing outerwear for a newborn, you should ask about the quality and safety of the materials from which it is made. This will confirm the corresponding certificate.

Demi-season overalls for newborns are presented in different models, styles and colors. Here, mom is guided only by their taste preferences.

The following types of overalls can be distinguished:

  • In the form of a bag. This option is preferred for newborns. The bottom of it is sewn similarly to the bag, there you can stack the crumbs, wrapped in a blanket.
  • Classical. Preferred for babies who are not swaddled.
  • The most convenient option - transforming overalls for newborns in the spring and autumn. The bottom of the transformer with a zipper can be easily turned into a bag and into ordinary legs. Often, these models allow you to unfasten the lining.

Buying a fall overalls for newborns, it is better to give preference to well-known brands. The checked producers guarantee compliance of the size specified on a label, convenient cut and qualitative materials of which the clothes are made.

Branded overalls usually contain a label, which reflects the recommended temperature conditions of the socks, it is indicated whether the top layer gets wet and blown, whether the item can be washed.

Suitable material

It does not matter at what time of year the overalls for newborns are made: for the winter, autumn, spring or summer, the main requirement is safety and quality of materials. The outer layer of demi-season clothing should be made of breathable and water-repellent fabric.

These include Dyuspo, Nylon and Hemi Tec. These fabrics will not only protect from rain, but also save from the wind. In cheaper models, to ensure the water-repellent effect of the fabric, it is coated with a special compound. But at the same time lost the ability to transmit air.

Overalls from membrane fabrics are optimal for older children. Its difference lies in the coating of each fiber separately with a special Teflon layer, which makes it possible to achieve water resistance and preserve the “breathing” property. This cloth is enough to wipe with a damp cloth, and dirt is gone.

As insulation for demi-season overalls most often used thermolight and sintepon. Thermolight - a modern filler, developed by DuPont, is used both in normal conditions and in the manufacture of clothing for extreme sports. This material meets all the requirements of our time.

In cheaper clothing options, a synthetic winterizer is used as a heater. This is somewhat outdated material, but it is much cheaper than the previous one. This filler has a different name - Dacron. Unlike thermolite, the synthetic winterizer is wet and badly passes air.

Its shortcomings can be attributed to a small period of operation, its original properties are lost during numerous washings.

But to wash demi-season overalls for newborns will have, especially if the upper layer is made of cheaper fabric without special impregnation, repelling pollution.

Therefore, when choosing them, one should pay attention not only to the material from which the upper layer is made, but also to the type of filler.

In the production of demi-season clothes for babies, fleece is most often used as a lining. It absorbs moisture well, is soft and pleasant to the touch, does not lose its qualities during washing and in the process of wearing.

For children born in early autumn or late spring, you can buy a fleece jumpsuit or fabric on a flannelette or fleece pad. If such a thing is bought at the beginning of autumn, then you can use it later by hooking it under a warmer autumn or winter overalls.

Features of demi-season overalls

The main feature of the fall overalls for newborns is their special cut, the obligatory presence in front of two long zipper clasps, allowing the mother to easily wear a very tiny child.

A prerequisite for cutting such clothing is the expansion of the lower part. This is due to the fact that every walk at this age requires a diaper. The most suitable option is a jumpsuit-transofermer with included booties and mittens. For the youngest children, a jumpsuit-bag will be a comfortable model.

When choosing baby overalls for newborns for the fall-spring season, it is not always advisable to buy an expensive option for the baby in the pram. Most likely, the child will bear this thing for a very short time, and by the next season the size will change. Therefore, you can stay on the budget option, and look at the more expensive model for the next year.

Lenne and Kerry (Estonia)

The clothes of these brands are sewn at one factory, Lenne - for the domestic market, and Kerry - for foreign ones. The Kerry collection includes luxury models, the production of which uses more expensive fabric. Therefore, the cost of autumn overalls for newborns in this line is higher.

All demi-season clothing manufacturer is designed for air temperature above 5 ° C. For more cold weather, the Lenne and Kerry trademark offers winter models.

Clothing brand is popular with domestic buyers, as for its production used materials that are most suitable for the climatic conditions of Russia. All fabrics, from which the top layer of overalls is sutured, allow air to pass through, but remain impermeable to water, wind and pollution.

The advantages of clothes for kids Lenne and Kerry include:

  • Quality materials. This applies not only to the top layer, but also insulation, and lining. Their overalls Lenne and Kerry are insulated with an isosoft, a modern material consisting of the finest fibers, warm and resistant to deformation. Such properties of isosoft allow the manufacturer to use it in limited quantities, which makes clothes for babies light and comfortable.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Each model has a label that indicates how much insulation is contained in the product. So, for demi-season clothing, you need to focus on the figure of 40-70 g / m².
  • Clothing is easy to wash and does not require complex care. If the jumpsuit is slightly soiled, it is enough to wipe it with a damp sponge, washing is not required.
  • Dimensions correspond to real, even have a small margin to ensure the freedom of movement of the baby.

Reima, Finland

Another well-known manufacturer of clothing for children from birth to 12 years old is Reima (ReimaTec). Brand name can be translated as "lively." It fully justifies itself, since the products of this manufacturer allows the kids to stay mobile, walk at any time of the year in comfort and warmth.

High-quality products Reima designed for a variety of weather conditions. For its production, innovative material Reimatec is used, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature, warms the baby well and does not create the greenhouse effect.

The manufacturer did not focus on the amount of insulation in clothing, but on its layering. Details included in the set of demi-season clothing, you can combine at your discretion, focusing on the weather. For older children, this becomes a big plus, because parents no longer need to buy different sets of outerwear, you can do one for a year.

Pluses of Reima overalls for newborns for spring and autumn:

  • All seams of clothes are treated with a special compound that prevents it from getting wet in the fall and spring. And if for newborns this is not so important, then by the year when the baby learns to walk, this feature of overalls will greatly please the mother.
  • Hoods and cuffs are adjustable, allowing you to keep warm.
  • Overalls can safely buy the size you need. Models have a stock of 6-8 cm, the kids in them will be free and comfortable.

The budget option of this manufacturer is clothing manufactured under the brand Lassie. Demi-season overalls for newborns in the autumn is the best suited to the climatic conditions of Russia, so they are in great demand among our compatriots.

Demi-season clothing Lassie allows you to protect your baby from moisture and wind, as well as keep warm for a walk.

As the top layer of overalls, membrane fabrics are used, which, on the one hand, do not allow water to penetrate from the outside, on the other hand, they make it possible for molecules of steam to come out from the inside, so that the kid will be comfortable walking. The advantages of the products of this brand should include the affordable cost of products.

Huppa, Estonia

A worthy competitor in the production of demi-season overalls for newborns and older children is Huppa clothing from an Estonian manufacturer. Products manufactured under this brand are of excellent quality, bold design solutions, bright colors.

Demi-season overalls are equipped with detachable hoods, applications, many fasteners and drawstrings. The materials for their production are hypoallergenic. High quality products combined with affordable cost.

Gusti, Canada

Excellent demi-season clothes for babies are let out by the world-famous Canadian brand Gusti. All overalls of this brand are made from waterproof and breathable fabrics. Gusti products conquer with a well-thought-out cut and design brightness.

The polyester fiber filler is evenly distributed, which makes clothes warm and weightless. Products are easily washed and do not lose their original appearance. Soft fleece or cotton fabrics are used as a lining for the fall overalls for newborns.

Ketch, Sweden

The famous brand Ketch (Sweden) will compete with the above-mentioned manufacturers of children's demi-season clothing. A characteristic feature of the things of this brand is the almost complete absence of the need to wash them. The high ability of fabric impregnation to repel dirt allows you to wipe the site of contamination with a wet sponge, and the product will take on its original appearance.

All demi-season kits are made from modern Teflon-coated membrane fabric. Clothes designed for children under 2 years old are tailored to suit all ages. It allows you to effortlessly change the crumbs or change the diaper. Ketch demi-season overalls for babies provide warmth, comfort, dryness and do not cause allergic reactions.

Speaking about well-known brands of manufacturers of children's demi-season clothing, we note that prices for products of world-famous companies are not available to every young family.

Therefore, we can recommend to pay attention to the products of KIKO and Mothercare, which provide decent quality at a low price.

It can be noted and domestic manufacturer (Kurnosiki, ILM), which allows to purchase good demi-season overalls.

The modern market gives the opportunity to purchase top children's clothing for spring-autumn for newborns for every taste and budget. The main guideline for parents should be the quality and safety of materials, so the presence of appropriate certificates is mandatory.