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You can save relationships only if they are sincere and mutual. But as you know, there is nothing perfect. And even in the strongest relationship a crack can occur. And who knows if this relationship was sincere. And yet the question arises - why did this happen?

Why you have to maintain a long relationship

Each couple has a moment when the relationship is a little cool. The main thing is not to panic, but to properly experience this period.

Why do the feelings fade away:

- Your feelings weakened with time,

- You are often far away from each other,

- Life and weekdays replaced the romantic moments,

- Distrust resulting from treason

- Fatigue of their duties,

- Life difficulties and problems.

- Problems in intimate intimacy.

This, of course, is not the whole list of reasons for which relations deteriorate. But most importantly, it is in such situations to pull yourself together and find a way out of this situation together. And we will help you how to keep the relationship for a long time.

6 rules in order to maintain a long relationship

You need to find out all the misunderstandings that worry you. You should not close in yourself and worry yourself. This can even lead to insanity. It is better to talk and put everything in its place. One must always be open and sincere in everything. Only in this way will you be able to reach your halves and sort out all the turmoil,

Always be attentive to each other. Compliments, admiration for victories - all this will only positively affect your relationship. Also, do not forget to thank each other for the work done, not even significant,

Try to amaze each other more often. You can, of course, surprise with expensive gifts, but this does not always work. It is better to let it be a surprise or gift for your partner, but it will symbolize something only for both of you,

Be more together in your free time. You will be able to get to know each other more and more, and it will be pleasant to both of you to be and do something interesting together,

The division of labor would be a great way to strengthen your relationship. Remember that you too can do what your other half is doing. And it will be nice when she comes home from work, she will not have to do it. And even better when you do everything together. Even cooking dinner will be more enjoyable when you make it together,

Also try to carry out all the problems together, it will be easier and together it is much easier to find a way out of this situation.

So, one has only to want, and in your relationship, equilibrium and idyll will come again.

How to maintain a long relationship with your loved one

All misunderstandings surely find out. The habit of accumulating resentment inside without discussing problems with a partner leads to coldness between people.

In case of a protracted internal conflict, severe depression may occur and there will be a desire to break off relations. You should learn to trust and open communication, do not hide insults and seek help from the closest person. If your relationship is open and sincere, then they will last long.

Be attentive to each other. Make compliments to your partner more often, appreciate his personal qualities, ability to solve problems and work achievements. Every day you need to appreciate what partners do for each other in everyday life - you should praise your husband for sharp knives, thank your wife for a delicious dinner, etc. Try to pay attention to each other, thereby you keep intimacy.

Surprise each other more often. This does not mean giving any expensive and chic gifts. Small surprises, taking care, sudden and unexpected trips, meetings - remove the routine from your relationship. You can give a gift, small, but meaningful for you. Choose practical and romantic things, thereby causing a smile of surprise on your partner's face.

Spend at each other free time. Spend your weekends and evenings together, not all, but enough so that none of you feel abandoned or deprived of it.

Hobbies and hobbies should be in your life, however, it is not difficult to cancel a meeting with a friend and invite a partner somewhere. To discuss some problems, to share impressions of the day, to be alone, such a simple communication means nothing less than a declaration of love. You will realize that you occupy a special place in the life of your partner, and he too.

Need to share responsibilities. When you begin to meet, few people think about what is to be and what consequences it can bring. When a household lapping begins, many couples do not pass the endurance test. If in a relationship someone does all the household chores, and someone does nothing, then conflict is inevitable.

Learn to solve everyday problems together, share the responsibility, turn an ordinary shopping trip into an opportunity to be close to each other.

Here are five basic rules that will tell you how to keep relationships for long.

How to keep love in a relationship

According to psychologists, any love story can be told in 6 sentences, since the relationship between a man and a woman goes through 6 stages. It is the knowledge of these turning points that helps many couples find the answer to the vital question: how to maintain relationships and love between a man and a woman.

In childhood, many of us liked to jump over one or even two steps, alas, in love everything is different, and an attempt to playfully jump over a problem or the interests of a loved one can end sadly.

The first stage is the stage of love, romance and adoration of the chosen one. All traits and habits seem perfect. And the lovers themselves look at each other as if in mirrors, in which so far only the undeniable merits of both are reflected. This is the “childhood” of love, the most carefree period, which lasts about one month. But if you are both lucky, then you can save this feeling for 3-4 years.

The second stage is a time of compromise. Have lovers lose the desire to constantly hold hands, peer into each other, they begin to notice in loved ones what they had not seen before. At this point, a lot of couples break up.

The time has come to gradually “break away from each other,” but many lovers are so addicted to this natural process that they cannot stop and part forever. Respect, the ability to listen and understand a loved one, patience - the main assistants to help maintain relationships and go to the third stage.

The third stage is the time of the struggle for power in the union of a man and a woman. Confrontation is growing. At this time, the phrase “You don't love me!” Sounds most often. During this period, serious support from friends and relatives will be required to maintain relationships.

The fourth stage is the most difficult, it is also called the “fatal 7th year”. The most crisis time for marriages, this period accounts for the largest number of divorces, the danger of adultery increases.

Each of the spouses after 7 years of marriage, it seems, is ready to dissociate from a partner in order to establish his “I” At this time, in order to preserve love and relationships, it will take firmness and the ability to give in on time and say “no” to your chosen one, courage and ability to speak frankly about common problems.

The fifth stage is a truce. If your marriage has existed up to stage 5, then you can safely tell yourself that you know how to keep the relationship between a man and a woman.

The sixth stage - finding harmony in love at the new stage. In the family peace, peace and happiness reign. Partners have learned to accept each other as they are. If your family boat did not break about life and swam to the 6th stage, most likely. Your marriage will last for many years.

How to keep love in the family

If joint life or constant communication turns into a familiar and monotonous routine, you will not rejoice at the arrival of your husband from work, and your spouse will take your household chores out of habit.

Try at least once to meet your husband from work not with the usual question: “how are you?”, But with an intriguing promise to surprise you with something. Prepare a delicious dinner, cover the table beautifully, tell us about an unusual recipe that surprisingly enhances immunity.

Look together all his favorite shows and stay close all the time. No dirty dishes or washed floors go anywhere. It is possible that only you see this. Turn at least one evening into a holiday and an opportunity for close communication.

A man to win the heart of a woman is much easier. A bouquet of flowers, a cute souvenir, gentle and warm words will wake up the heart of every woman.

Sometimes understanding how to preserve love in a family helps awareness of the need to respect “personal space.” Every man and woman has the desire to do his own interesting work so that no one interferes.

If your husband is trying to focus on the next chess move, do not try to bother him and complain that you are bored. It is possible that after a successful chess game, he, inspired by the victory, will be able to dispel your boredom in such a way that you will fall in love with chess and may even begin to play them.

If your spouse is keen on talking with a friend, do not rush to be offended and demand that she make tea. Maybe the protracted conversation, too, is her. Prepare the tea yourself and invite it to the table.

She will be grateful for your understanding and patience. Perhaps this act of yours will genuinely surprise her. It is this surprise that will bring dividends. Next time, the spouse will try to postpone unnecessary chatter.

The music of family life always requires mastery of the arranger. What notes the duo members take depends only on them. Understand and help each other - the main components of family life. Family and the desire to preserve love is work on oneself. Daily and tireless, requiring trust and understanding.

It is much more difficult to understand how to preserve love and relationships, if treason has crept up on you. There are no ready-made recipes. If you have the strength, then you will forgive a man. You can not accept treason. You can understand and forgive. But if you decide to cross out this episode from your life, never return to this topic.

It is possible that your spouse punishes himself most. Your constant reminder of his mistake can not only cause annoyance, but also finally convince him that he once did the right thing. Become for your husband not only a beloved woman, but also a sincere and understanding friend.

1. Develop mutual understanding

The main reasons for the complexity of the relationship associated with the lack of understanding of each other's partners. The desire to understand, understand, feel will help to open the spiritual world of a loved one, books on the psychology of men and women will help, basic knowledge is necessary for any person to build and strengthen a family.

Men and women have different needs for love and its manifestations, often misunderstand the actions of loved ones, we make hasty conclusions, conflicts arise. It is necessary in each particular case to look for the answer, what is behind the act, motives, reasons, thoughts. Perhaps the person did not want to offend, but on the contrary - to help. Patience and understanding is the key to helping open the hearts of love.

How to maintain a long relationship? Develop the ability to understand, respect the identity of the partner, take with features and disadvantages.

2. Relationship is not only romance

To understand how to preserve family relationships, it is important to understand that relationships change over time - there are several stages in the development of love: falling in love, grinding in, making a decision, kinship or parting. So, love is an endless process, not a given above.

The lifetime of love depends on two people, you can live overcoming difficulties, or give up and say: “Love is dead,” feelings will live as long as there is a desire and desire to keep in touch. Happy couples went through a lot of difficulties too, only from the side it seems - everything is simple and easy.

Often the reason for parting is the fading of feelings, but this is only the passion that fades away, true love has not yet begun ... Strong feelings arise as a result of spiritual closeness, the result of living together, thanking a partner for support and understanding.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? Continue to develop relations after the extinction of passion, to seek intimacy at the spiritual level - friendship, mutual understanding, maintain a high level of trust, look for ways to bring joy to the life of a partner. And passion can be revived with time, with a joint desire.

3. Spirituality is more important than the absence of conflict.

The question is in understanding the truth - everyone has conflicts and disagreements, the main thing is how we react to disagreements, whether we allow a partner to have a different opinion or try to dominate. The constant struggle for righteousness does not improve understanding, and the emphasis on common values ​​and interests unites.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? To develop spiritual intimacy, to notice the positive aspects of the partner’s personality, attention, help, efforts in the interests of the family. Good deeds give rise to a response, and scandals destroy even the strongest feelings. Concentration on the positive makes life easier and improves family interaction.

For women, it is important to understand - the return of a spouse from work is a holiday, you should not darken his mood with a stream of problems, it is more pleasant to see a beautiful and joyful wife, and after dinner you can calmly discuss current family issues, find joint solutions.

How to keep love in a relationship? Less to criticize a partner, not to exacerbate conflicts, to praise more, to show attention and support. This applies to long-term relationships, married couples with experience, in the initial stages - praise and compliments should be dosed and reasonable, so as not to sound unnatural in guys and too intrusive in girls.

4. Love is more important than common interests.

Common interests can be a unifying factor, often people get acquainted because of similar hobbies, but belonging to different spheres cannot hinder the development of relations. It is more important to recognize that a partner may have personal interests, not necessarily participate in them, the main thing is not to prohibit, not to interfere with the realization in your favorite business. How to maintain family relationships?

Comply with the boundaries, recognize the personal space of the partner. Example, fishing - a great lesson for men, and women are absolutely not of interest. Women love shopping, and most men hate it, is it worth tormenting? It is better to engage on their own or with friends, more pleasure, quarrels - less. It is necessary to recognize the differences at the emotional and genetic levels. If a couple likes to watch football together - fine, no - nothing critical, you can have 2 TVs, find a compromise.

Sometimes in the family there is an encroachment on freedom - before the wedding a man was fond of racing, now it’s impossible, unsafe, how to live? The same element, passion, without friends, sports, the man ceases to feel strength and independence, turns into a henpecked, a hunted beast. The result is getting tired of living in prison, or the woman herself will be bored with a spineless man. How to maintain a relationship with a man?

Respect for mutual interests and hobbies is a guarantee of a happy life together. There is no talk about alcohol addiction, it is closer to the disease, it requires treatment in severe cases.

5. Improving sex life affects relationship improvement.

It is a mistake to assume that over time the need for sexual relations decreases, on the contrary, the need exists, and the lack of satisfaction leads to the search for more attentive partners who love sex. How to maintain a relationship with her husband?
To realize that this sphere is incredibly important, especially for men, although it is also useful for women - the hormonal cycle is normalized, the state of health improves, and the mood improves. It is important for women not to play a passive role, to take initiative, men tend to hide needs and desires. Experiments, openness, naturalness will help to improve and diversify life.

How to maintain a marriage relationship?

Search for information, ways to improve the intimate sphere of life. Now there is a lot of literature for men and women in free access, but remember - the main thing is not new techniques, but sensuality and the desire to please your loved one, otherwise it’s better not to try ... You need a mood and a desire to give pleasure, to bring diversity into intimate life.
Tips are equivalent for men - mechanical actions will not help, but only naturalness and communication on personal topics with a partner. A woman needs love, care, tenderness, and men - the conquerors, passion for them - the highest manifestation of love. There is an interest in a partner - it is worth striving to know the psychological and physical needs of a partner.

How to keep a relationship with your loved one?

Maintain the fire of passion, seek spiritual intimacy and understanding, develop relationships at the level of mutual understanding, making a partner. The important point is that people change over the years, interests, personality traits, you can fall in love again with a person, or deny changes and be disappointed. Но в мире нет постоянства, всё находится в движении.

Married couple - friends, partners, colleagues, future parents, lovers, how to save a relationship? Remember that spouses should strive to become not a formal couple, but really close friends who understand each other and provide each other’s basic needs, including love, caress, in order to avoid losing a loved one.

The above describes the main ways to maintain relationships, the couple can find their own approaches to strengthen relationships.

The main thing is the joint desire to be together for a long time.

The advice of psychologists how to preserve relationships is not unambiguous, simple, often difficulties and discontent are associated with the inner world, children's memories, inner complexes. Especially such manifestations are jealousy, suspicion, a desire to bind a partner, to feel constant attention. Often they are signs of dissatisfaction with an “inner child” who lacks love.

Therefore, it is important to understand where cause and effect in such situations might be to work out inner fear and anxiety, get rid of complexes and whims, learn to trust and conduct open dialogue? We all come from the country - childhood, our manifestations in private life originate in relations with parents - were loved, met with understanding, care or alienation?

Everyone wants to feel unconditional love, adoration, but it is important to understand that an adult should be able to take responsibility for relationships and love, then happy years of life are possible.

How to keep a relationship with a guy? - think young girls. Often, lack of experience leads to mistakes - dissolving in love, idealization, loss of individuality - in the priority partner and his interests. In this case, there is a “paradox of passion”: the more one person shows love, the less interest the second partner has.

Everything should be in balance and harmony.

Each partner makes its own steps towards love, you should not go for the other. It is necessary to be a person, to have own interests, to develop confidence, and to strive to understand and support a partner. The ideal union is a combination of two independent personalities who complement each other.

Advice on how to preserve relationships, friends often do not correspond to the truth, the older generation have a great experience in life, learned how to overcome everyday difficulties and deserve respect, were able to keep their feelings for life. Being interested in the secret, we get the answer: “you have to do everything together” - to help, support, inspire.

The peculiarity lies in the simple truth - in the old days things were valued and repaired, as well as relationships, are now used to throwing things away and getting divorced immediately after the extinction of passion. There is a significant difference in the approach to life, people, basic values.

5 tips for men and women

How to preserve the relationship of a man and a woman, the psychology of the question is quite diverse, there are specific needs of a man and a woman in marriage. Let us consider in more detail the features of the psychology of the strong and weak sex.
How to keep a good relationship with your husband?

1. Accept the truth

Men do not have the ability to read minds like women - they are more insightful, understanding. Try to clearly and clearly talk about expectations and needs (write a shopping list, negotiate a plan of action for the day, week), plan your weekend in advance to avoid overlaps. By the way, it is useful to remind you of important dates and holidays, so as not to miss Valentine's Day or dating, they have “memory lapses”.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? Learn how to speak directly requests, voice thoughts, be open in expressing opinions, desires, remain calm, communicate without complaints.

2. Communication - in moderation

Men have more need for solitude, rest. A woman often needs to speak out, share news, watch her spouse's mood, do not chat without ceasing, give him time to recuperate. Sometimes it is better to discuss some of the issues with a friend than to constantly perplex her husband with a stream of emotions and impressions.

Psychology, how to maintain relationships - seeks to ensure a partner a comfortable stay together. The important point is that men tend to think about the situation longer and can hesitate, do not rush, give time for reflection. Each has its own characteristics.

3. Be forgiving - forgive mistakes

We are all people, prone to make mistakes, if a person loves and admits mistakes, then it is worthy of forgiveness. Grievances undermine health and relationships, it is better to learn how to let go of unpleasant emotions - anger, envy, jealousy, irritation. All this is a way to nowhere, try to understand personal experiences, causes, learn to get rid of the negative - auto-training, meditation, music.

How to keep the relationship for a long time? - love, appreciate, forgive, notice the positive in a partner.

5. Let the man feel like the head of the family.

Responsible for the maintenance of the family, home improvement. A woman should be feminine, periods of weak to increase the male power. And the words of gratitude will strengthen the aspirations of men to work for the good of the family.
How to keep family relationships? To support a beloved man, to praise for help and participation in family affairs, to keep comfort in the house - to minimize claims, quarrels, to be always attractive and seductive, especially at home.

Over the years, the couple notice - the feeling weakens, less romance, how to keep warm relations?

  • To say compliments, kind and kind words,
  • Surprise, make surprises (gifts, romantic evenings, love letters, SMS),
  • To spend time together more often - family trips to visit, meetings with friends, field trips.

If there is a desire to maintain the first relationship, strong and passionate feelings - you need to constantly maintain the level of passion and emotional intimacy - go on dates, win again, fall in love, amaze, discover new facets of love.

How to act men to maintain a relationship with his wife, what are the basic rules?

  1. Maintain the level of love - surprise, delight, try to diversify life. The monotony of all oppresses, especially after years of living together.
  2. Talk about love, find a place for romance.
  3. Regularly finding time for socializing, walking, romance, intim is also needed by both - 2-3 times a week is the standard so that there is no desire to look for an attentive and loving partner outside the family.
  4. Learning to listen, to understand - women often have the need to speak out, the man’s task is to simply listen and sympathize or support, even advice is not always needed, more is understanding. A little attention in this matter will make the husband the best in the world.
  5. Helping around the house, especially after the birth of a child - a woman in the modern world plays many roles, is responsible, along with her spouse, for financial support, household chores, raising children. But women also get tired, they need support and help.

In the patriarchal marriage, the wife did not work, but was engaged only in housekeeping, now life has become more difficult and dynamic, treat with understanding, aspire to take part in household chores.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? To maintain a good relationship with his wife, care, love, caress, attention, help are needed. Any woman will be happy and the best wife, feeling that desired and beloved.

The period of birth of the child - the most happy and difficult for a couple. We are waiting for the appearance of a small miracle in life, we believe that it will brighten it up, fill it with bright colors, turn everyday life into a fairy tale. However, in books and magazines, everything looks prettier than in life.

The birth of children is a test of strength relations

Many do not even imagine what kind of load is ahead - moral, physical. Not all couples withstand such a test. How to maintain a relationship after the birth of a child?

  • Distribute responsibilities between spouses,
  • taking turns at night - mom also needs rest, or dad can walk in the afternoon, allowing mom to sleep off,
  • relieve a woman in terms of household chores, allow her to keep strength,
  • try early to come home from work, helping with household chores, dedicating the weekend to the family,
  • rested wife - a good lover, tired - sleepy and inattentive.

How to maintain a relationship with a loved one after the appearance of a child in the family? The main rule is joint responsibility for the child, the decree is not rest, but a great work that a woman performs daily with the baby in her arms. Help, take care, show understanding, love.

There are situations - spouses disperse for a while to realize life, feelings, inability to raise a child together. With a lack of attention from the spouse, the wife is inclined to raise a child with parents who are always ready to help.

The question arises: "How to save a marriage, how to restore a relationship?"

  1. Realize the need to restore relationships, find the opportunity to convey information aspirations of a loved one, partner.
  2. The way to restore relationships depends on the reason for the break, it is worth understanding what the root of the trouble is, what interfered with life together? Calmly analyze the life situation without emotions, using logic.
  3. Find the antidote:
  • lack of attention - to become the most loving, caring, romantic,
  • treason - try to inflame passion, experiment, learn,
  • children - to pay more attention to housework, help spouse,
  • misunderstanding - to communicate more, to study the psychology of a partner,
  • Relatives' advice - to take responsibility for privacy, to make decisions independently, to find separate housing.

Restoring relationships is possible, even after a few years, the main thing is joint desire. The common situation is that the husband goes to the young mistress and returns after a couple of years, how to be, is it possible to restore the relationship?

How to keep the relationship after treason?

  1. He returned - it means, he repented, he realized the value of the family - reproaches are inexpedient,
  2. We try to understand the reason for leaving, what was missing in the relationship,
  3. We are working on the development and improvement of relationships - we are starting to build our family anew, filling our relationships with romance and passion,
  4. we don’t remember the unpleasant period, we forget the insults of the past,
  5. we thank fate for a new chance and a turn in relations, any negative is positive, we are looking for positive aspects of the situation.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? It is important to realize that the lifespan of love and relationships depends on the couple, the desire to continue working on development, preserving relationships. There are no hopeless situations - there is a lack of desire to solve current issues, find ways, solutions.

How to keep relationships at a distance, advice from a psychologist

  1. Communicate more often, using the most advanced features - telephone calls, social networks, VibER, Skype. Staying in touch all the time is a prerequisite for maintaining relationships at a distance.
  2. Joint activities - try to do something at the same time - go shopping, prepare culinary dishes, consult on the choice of attire and shopping. We try to ensure maximum presence in life.
  3. Surprise - everyone loves surprises and gifts, it is especially valuable to receive parcels from distant lands, to feel love at a distance.
  4. Do not create reasons for jealousy - you should not talk about colleagues, seeing off or regular parties, and likes on the Internet can be tracked. It is better to be suspicious to the minimum - to remain honest and open.
  5. Trying to see each other more often - meetings are needed to maintain relationships - find an opportunity to meet, come, see, real communication will not replace anything. You can temporarily make friends virtually, and to prepare for life together you need meetings.

Relationships at a distance, how to preserve love - everything is possible with the desire, the couple can maintain the fire of love regardless of the distance, the main thing is aspiration.

Analyzing the advice of psychologists, older people and specialists in family relations, we come to the conclusion: love is not just a gift from above, but a lot of work. How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? Constantly work on them, strengthen feelings, invest the soul, strive for compromise and understanding in a pair.

How to keep love and relationships for years to come?

Why does love go away? Why does trust and openness in a man-woman relationship disappear? Where does the romance go, then the endless desire to be together, communicate, share everything and always support each other? Why, having begun to live together, a man and a woman move away from each other, every year they begin to communicate less and less often and share the most intimate, cease to trust each other and become like enemies. It often happens that girlfriends or friends become closer to us than our partner.

Why it happens? Why at the beginning of a relationship, we do not even think about how to save love, and that it should be saved at all? Many, entering into marriage, think that the most important stage in the development of relations has been left behind and now we can finally relax and do nothing for the rest of the years, enjoying what we have.

This is where the main error occurs. If you strive to preserve love and relationships for many years, then first of all you need to understand that family is work and work is everyday.

I understand perfectly well that such things are not very pleasant to hear, but what can you do if you avoid reality, if you think that everything will happen by itself, after a while you may be greatly disappointed not only in each other, but also in the very institution of marriage.

Look, let's say you have been playing sports successfully for several years, you had quite good results, you were in great shape. But over time, the sport receded into the background, or even completely disappeared from your life, but at the same time, you still have the old memories of yourself as a hardy and athletic person. And so, after a few years, you decide to resume training, and what happens? And natural things happen - your body is already completely different, it can no longer run for 40 minutes without a break, and then intensively train for 1.5 hours (dance, swim, train on simulators, etc.). About how to start to play sports, I recommend reading in the article "How to force yourself to play sports?"

So with love in your relationship. If at the beginning of your acquaintance everything was great, if you understood each other perfectly, and you were always interested together, this does not mean that after you got married and began to live together, there is no need to do anything to develop or at least maintain your relationship.

Family and love is work. The work is daily, requiring your tireless attention, time and energy and, of course, periodic training. That's how simple it is. If you want to keep love, trust and mutual understanding with each other, you need to constantly invest your strength and attention in your relationship.

For some of these intimate were joint trips to the mountains. Perhaps it was in one of these trips that you met, and then traveled together, but after you got married, life and life problems took their toll and began to be forgotten by the very thing that brought you together and made one whole.

For some, the secret that fostered love was reading books together, playing music or painting, dancing, or singing. And now it is worth renewing the former interest.

For some, the secret that always brought them together and gave rise to the unity and feeling of being halves of a whole, was the joint preparation of Sunday lunches, or skiing in the winter and on bicycles - in the summer.

For someone - the desire for financial freedom and independence, for someone - a joint business, and so on.

Specificity does not matter, most importantly, do not drop the common cause that brought you together before the beginning of family life.. After all, people often begin to live together and throw in something that they have always been interested in, about which they could talk for hours, discuss, argue and share with each other those nuances and subtleties that they know. And now, starting a family life, do not put an end to your joint interests. Let life and natural difficulties of life not distract you from the main thing - from the two of you. Since common interests are one of the most important in order to preserve love and preserve a strong and friendly family. Read the article "Be able to relax and be only two."

Communication is also important. I will say it again, read the article. “Psychology of communication, or“ Talk, speak, and do not cook, ”but I want to dwell on this moment again. After all, many simply do not realize the moment when intimacy and trust disappear from relationships. And this happens when communication goes away. It is communication, and not talk about everyday problems. It is communication, and not a discussion of who bought what and who went where, who and what time it will come.

And in order for communication to be complete, it is necessary firstly - time, and secondly - a person must be rested. Вот и получается, что после работы нужно переделать домашние дела, заняться с детьми, а на общение друг с другом времени, как многим кажется, уже и не остается. Но это одно из самых величайших заблуждений человека. Времени – его много, его неограниченное количество, просто многие из нас сами не умеют им распоряжаться.

Часто время тратится попусту и совершенно безалаберно. So it turns out that every day over the phone for forty minutes we chatted with a friend, discussed the affairs of neighbors and relatives for an hour, watched TV for two hours - and that’s all, and there was no time left for ourselves and for our affairs.

Several years ago, I thought about how much time, effort, and energy I wasted on thinking and talking about other people's affairs and problems. After we in the family stopped discussing the lives of relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues and so on, my husband and I just had a sea of ​​time to communicate, discuss our dreams and interests, talk about who seeks what who dreams about what and what does in order to realize and fulfill their desires in life. On the realization of desires, how to achieve success, how to become happy, you can read in the collection "Ray of Light, or Journey to a Fairy Tale."

How to keep a relationship with a guy?

In each life, there are moments when you meet “your” person, fall in love, start a relationship that develops into something serious, then you can tie the knot. But sooner or later there comes a crisis in your relationship. Not everyone is able to overcome his widow. Someone does not have enough knowledge about this, and someone just got tired of fighting. Let us try to figure out how to keep the relationship and bring the atmosphere of love back into the relationship.

Regardless of how long you meet, how long your relationship, at any stage of their development, a girl and boyfriend need to maintain them, put feelings into this development, strive for mutual understanding. In order to better understand how to maintain a relationship with a guy, consider the stages of development of any relationship.

Finally, I would like to note how to transform every day spent with a loved one into a day filled with romance that is different from other days. This all depends on your imagination. This does not mean that you need to spend large sums of money on gifts. Show romance in affectionate touches to the partner, in addressing him.

It is worth noting that relationships can be maintained at any stage of their development. The main thing in this - the mutual desire of partners.