What pills should be used to normalize the level of estrogen?


Hormone therapy is widely used in gynecology for contraception, treatment of infertility, correction of endocrine disorders, normalization of the menstrual cycle, prevention of complications during menopause. One of the main hormones for a woman is estrogen, because they are responsible not only for the coordinated work of her reproductive system, but also for external beauty and health in general. Estrogen preparations or their analogues are produced in most cases in tablet form.


  • What is estrogen
  • Indications for use of drugs
  • Synthetic drugs
    • Ovestin
    • Proginova
    • Estrimax
    • Microfollin
    • Estrofem
  • Animal estrogen
  • Phytoestrogens
  • Precautionary measures

What is estrogen

This is a subclass of female sex hormones of steroid nature. In women, they are produced mainly by the follicular apparatus of the ovaries, as well as by the adrenal cortex, which is formed after ovulation by the corpus luteum and the placenta. There are three types of estrogen:

  • estradiol - a hormone with the highest biological activity, is produced in the pre-menopause,
  • estrone is a hormone that is about 5 times less active than estradiol,
  • estriol is the weakest hormone in activity, but plays an important role during pregnancy (promotes the development of the mammary glands, improves blood circulation in the uterus vessels), is produced by the placenta, in non-pregnant women, its level is low.

The amount of estrogen produced in the female body increases dramatically during puberty and decreases after the onset of menopause.

Indications for use of drugs

Estrogen tablets are prescribed to women for therapeutic and contraceptive purposes. The main indications are:

  • menstrual disorders,
  • unpleasant manifestations of menopause,
  • vaginal mucosa dryness,
  • reduced sexual desire
  • reduced ovarian function, early menopause,
  • insufficient development of the external and internal genital organs,
  • endocrine sterility
  • high activity and excessive secretion of male sex hormones,
  • severe acne that cannot be treated with other methods
  • poor labor, postponed pregnancy.

Their reception with insufficient production of their own (endogenous) hormones has a positive effect on the female body. Estrogens regulate metabolic processes, contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin, slow down its aging, increase collagen synthesis, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Estrogen-containing pills prescribed to a woman to alleviate the condition during menopause. They reduce the frequency of inflammatory processes in the organs of the genitourinary system. They improve mental state, brain function, functions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, help reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes, cope with hot flashes and chills.

Depending on the origin, the active components of drugs with estrogenic effects may be synthetic analogues obtained by chemical means and identical to those estrogens produced in the human body, steroid hormones of animal origin or non-steroidal plant compounds (phytoestrogens).

The decision on the need and feasibility of using estrogens in tablets, as well as the choice of drug, the dosage and duration of its reception in each case, taking into account the existing problems and contraindications, is determined by the gynecologist or endocrinologist. With the development of complications, consultation of relevant specialists (cardiologist, vascular surgeon, vertebrologist) is additionally required.

Synthetic drugs

Synthetic drugs are highly effective, used for contraception and treatment of hormone-dependent diseases. They are of two types:

  1. Products containing estrogen and progestin are mainly used for contraception and for correcting the menstrual cycle (Janine, Triquilar, Femodene, Lindinet, Yarin, Mercilon, Femoston).
  2. Products containing only estrogen (ovestin, proginova, estrimax, microfollin, estradiol valerate, estrofem).

The drug is available in the form of tablets and vaginal cream. Contains low-active hormone estriol short-acting. The dosage is 1 or 2 mg.

Ovestin helps to accelerate the regeneration of the vaginal mucosa, restore the natural pH level and composition of the microflora, improves local immunity. It does not cause proliferative processes in the endometrium. Assign with age-related atrophic changes of the vaginal mucosa, accompanied by itching, dryness, discomfort, pain during intercourse, for the prevention of inflammatory diseases in the urogenital area, infertility caused by cervical factor.

The active ingredient of the drug is estradiol valerate, the chemical structure and biological activity identical to human endogenous estradiol. Proginova is used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), reduces the severity of clinical signs of estradiol deficiency in women after menopause.

The active ingredient of the drug is estradiol in the form of estradiol hemihydrate (dosage 2 mg). Estrimax is used for HRT. It contributes to the reduction of vegetative-vascular and psychoemotional disorders caused by estrogen deficiency, stimulates bone metabolism, improves the cellular nutrition of the organs of the genitourinary system, causes moderate proliferation of the endometrium. Assign to relieve symptoms of menopausal syndrome, prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.


The active ingredient is ethinyl estradiol - a synthetic analogue of estradiol. The dosage in one tablet is 0.05 mg.

The drug eliminates disorders in the body caused by a lack of endogenous hormones, causes the proliferation of the endometrium and the vaginal mucosa, contributes to the development of the uterus and secondary sexual characteristics in women. It is indicated for disorders of the menstrual cycle (amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea), painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), uterine bleeding, for cessation of lactation, treatment of acne, relief of menopausal syndrome.

Contains synthetic estradiol, similar to the natural hormone produced by the ovaries. Estrofem contributes to the proper development of female reproductive organs, affects the formation of secondary sexual characteristics, normalizes metabolic processes, regulates the menstrual cycle. It helps to lower the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, increases bone density, increases sexual desire, stabilizes the emotional state of a woman. Assigned to prevent complications, eliminate poor health and discomfort during the period of menopause.

Animal estrogen

The preparations of this group include Premarin, which is produced in the form of tablets with different dosages and vaginal cream. The active ingredient is conjugated estrogens isolated from the urine of pregnant mares. As part of Premarin, there are high doses of potent hormones not produced by the human body, as well as estrone and estradiol in small quantities.

The drug helps with menopausal syndrome (fever, sweating, dizziness, irritability, depressive states), uterine bleeding, postmenopausal osteoporosis, problems with the menstrual cycle.


Phytoestrogens have a milder and weaker estrogenic effect than synthetic analogues of endogenous hormones. However, they do not provide the body with the necessary amount of estrogen to prevent osteoporosis or vascular complications. Preparations based on them are prescribed to facilitate the flow of menopause. Their advantage is the minimum of side effects and contraindications, the main of which are allergic reactions.

The largest amounts of phytoestrogens contain the following plants:

  • boron womb,
  • Siberian ginseng,
  • hop cones,
  • Red clover,
  • pharmaceutical camomile,
  • soya beans,
  • parsley,
  • flax seeds,
  • linden flowers
  • sage,
  • cereals.

The composition of drugs with phytoestrogens includes enriched plant extracts. These include inoklim, feminal, cy-klim, klimadinon, estrovel, climafem.

Precautionary measures

Estrogen tablets can have not only a positive, but also a negative effect on the body, so their use should be treated with caution. Appointment requires a preliminary examination and testing to assess the current state of hormonal levels.

Of the side effects when taking are possible:

  • flatulence, decreased appetite, nausea, diarrhea, constipation,
  • soreness, engorgement and enlargement of the mammary glands,
  • migraine headaches,
  • bloody issues,
  • swelling of the lower extremities, fluid retention,
  • increased tendency to thrombosis, especially against the background of varicose veins and increased blood viscosity,
  • increased risk of endometrial, breast and other cancers,
  • dysfunction of the liver and gallbladder.

A frequent side effect is weight gain.

When sex hormones are produced

The female body produces progesterone and estrogen throughout the entire menstrual cycle. During the first half of the cycle, ovarian follicles synthesize estrogen in women. This process is affected by the follicle-stimulating hormones of the pituitary gland - the main endocrine gland, which is located in the brain.

With the onset of ovulation, the follicle bursts and an egg cell leaves it. In its place forms a corpus luteum, which synthesizes progesterone. The greatest amount of estrogen in women during ovulation, and after it the level of the hormone decreases sharply. If fertilization has occurred, then the entire term of pregnancy passes with a large amount of progesterone. It is produced by the placenta. When this does not happen, the level of progesterone gradually decreases.

Before the end of the cycle, there is an increase in the level of estrogen, and menstruation begins. Thus, the sex hormones regulate the entire menstrual cycle and the course of the onset of pregnancy. But how to increase the level of estrogen in women, if there was a failure. The doctor will prescribe the missing female hormones in pills.

Estrogen tablets or combined estrogen progestin drugs allow you to restore the disturbed menstrual cycle. In addition, they treat many of the manifestations that occur with this - gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, swelling of limbs, as well as chronic fatigue. Drugs that contain estrogen, lower blood cholesterol levels.

Who is prescribed drugs

Consider the situations in which a woman is prescribed estrogens in pills:

  • with delayed development of the genital organs and the absence of menstruation,
  • if there is a lack of ovarian function, in which the production of hormones has decreased or has ceased completely,
  • when the uterus with appendages is removed,
  • to reduce the intensity of symptoms of menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, excessive sweating, the appearance of dry mucous membranes in the intimate area, and others,
  • in order to prevent the development of diseases associated with climax, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and other disorders of the cardiovascular system,
  • when ladies have infertility
  • to maintain the woman’s labor,
  • If you have skin problems - acne and rashes.
  • as a contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Estrogen drugs are used to treat men with prostate and testicular cancer.

What are the drugs

All drugs containing estrogens can be divided into two groups:

  1. A treatment group that includes pills used to correct hormone levels that occur in various conditions and diseases.
  2. The contraceptive group includes contraception.

Consider the first group of drugs in more detail. Estrogen tablets are used to increase the level of the hormone in the body of a lady. It allows you to restore a broken menstrual cycle, relieve menopause symptoms, or normalize a woman’s hormonal balance during pregnancy.

In addition, taking estrogen helps reduce cholesterol in the blood of women. The most popular estrogen preparations: Estradiol, Estrofemalal, Premarin, Proginova, Hormplex, Mikroginon, Trikvilar, Ovestin.

There are several types of estrogen hormones in pills:

  1. Synthetic substances that are produced by chemical conversion.
  2. Conjugated estrogens. They contain natural hormones that are excreted from the urine of pregnant animals. For example, mares. For many women, this medicine causes allergic reactions.
  3. Phytohormones. These are substances of plant origin, which in their composition resemble human hormones. They are found in some plants: tsimitsifuge, red clover, soybeans, hop cones and others.

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What you need to know about drugs

Combined estrogen progestin drugs in addition to the hormone estrogen are composed of gestagens (progesterone).

There are such combined drugs:

  • monophasic - have 21 pills which contain the same amount of sex hormones,
  • biphasic - include 21 pills, which have two different combinations of hormones,
  • three-phase - contain 21 pills with three different combinations of hormones.

Tablets with different composition differ in color. Ladies taking three-phase drugs, provide your body with hormones in the same way as it would have developed them independently during the menstrual cycle.

Some drugs contain more pills than 21 pieces. These are vitamins or pacifiers. The manufacturer went on such a move so that the woman took the pills every day, and she developed a certain reflex or healthy habit.

It is important to always remember how to take estrogens. Two-phase and three-phase drugs should be taken strictly following the instructions. Each pill contains a hormone in a certain amount. Therefore, hormonal pills of one color are taken before ovulation, and another - after.

The main side effects of estrogen can be distinguished:

  1. Swollen belly.
  2. Appear edema.
  3. There is a constant pain in the mammary glands. When pressed, the pain increases.
  4. Frequent mood swings.
  5. Bloody issues.

When such manifestations occur, you should immediately contact your doctor. It may be necessary for women to reduce the amount of active substance contained or to replace the drug to increase estrogen.


Many are interested in what drugs with estrogen prescribed for nulliparous girls who have menstrual disorders. They are prescribed microdose contraceptives that not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also eliminate cycle violations. Here are the names of the most popular means of this group: Three-Merci, Mursilon, Novinet, Janet.

Low-dose contraceptives are prescribed to give birth to young women, at the age not exceeding 30 years. The list of the most popular drugs in this group: Janine Plus, Regulon, Yarin. All hormones have a very small list of side effects. In addition, they help ladies get rid of problems such as acne on the face, hair loss, as well as growing hair on the face.

Medium dose contraceptive pills are intended for women who have given birth and whose age exceeds 30 years. The list of such means: Diane, Tri-Regol. They are prescribed to women with ovarian dysfunction, the problem of oily skin and quickly oily hair, body hair and body hair.

In recent times, endometriosis has become a very common disease, in which endometrial cells - the inner lining of the uterus - grow outside the organ.

Most often, these drugs are prescribed for endometriosis:

  1. Contraceptive hormonal agents - Janine, Yarin.
  2. Progesterone preparations - Utrozhestan, Duphaston, Vizanna.
  3. Analogs of pituitary hormones - Buserelin, Zoladex.

For women during the disease prescribed vitamins to maintain the general condition.

Estrogen-containing pills are prescribed for women who have a deficiency of their own hormones. Modern estrogen drugs allow you to increase the level of sex hormones and at the same time have fewer side effects than their previous counterparts.

This result was obtained by reducing the concentration of active substances. Despite this, such drugs and contraceptives should be selected exclusively by a specialist. We wish you good health!

Dear ladies, share your experience of using drugs containing the main female hormone.

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When are pills needed to increase estrogen levels?

Currently, estrogen preparations are used for substitution, contraceptive and therapeutic purposes. They can be appointed by the gynecologist, endocrinologist, fertility specialist. In some cases, the primary recommendation on the appropriateness of their use is given by the therapist, cardiologist, and vertebrologist, which is usually due to the development of quite serious complications of severe hypoestrogenism. In this case, the question of hormone replacement therapy is usually decided by the commission.

In general, preparations containing estrogen can be recommended in the following cases:

  1. In pathological clinically significant conditions directly related to physiological menopause.
  2. Ovarian hypofunction and early menopause. The reason for this may be exhausted ovarian syndrome, partial resection of the appendages, the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  3. Postcastration syndrome. It is a consequence of oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries), which is often carried out as part of a comprehensive radical surgical treatment of oncologic and gynecological diseases.
  4. Hypogonadism, often due to chromosomal abnormalities.
  5. Hypogenitalism, insufficient development (infantilism) of the external and internal genital organs.
  6. Osteoporosis.
  7. Alopecia and other pathological conditions in women caused by hyperandrogenism of any origin.
  8. Acne (severe, not amenable to other forms of treatment of the disease).
  9. The need for contraception. Protection against pregnancy can be carried out at the request of the woman, and on the recommendation of a doctor. For example, birth control pills with estrogen are often prescribed after an abortion, missed abortion, surgery on the reproductive organs.
  10. Some forms of endocrine sterility.
  11. With a planned IVF with donor native oocytes, to synchronize the donor and female recipient cycles.
  12. With a number of pathologies of pregnancy: retreatment, weakness of labor.

Estrogenic drugs should be used strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Failure to comply with the dosage, duration and regimen of their reception is fraught with the development of pathological changes in the target organs.

Estrogen therapy in menopause

Normally, the ovaries produce a sufficient amount of sex hormones during the entire reproductive period, beginning with the entry of the girl into puberty. A pronounced progressive decrease in the estrogen level means the extinction of the generative (fertile) function and is the cause of the development of key clinical signs of menopause.

Quite often, the onset of physiological or iatrogenic (associated with medical intervention) menopause is accompanied by marked discomfort and even the formation of clinically significant disorders. And this may require medical correction.

When menopause, estrogens in tablets are used for replacement purposes. The grounds for their appointment for older women can be:

  1. Severe autonomic disorders, significantly worsening the patient's quality of life.
  2. Osteoporosis. Accepted tablets with estrogen at menopause can significantly reduce the risk of pathological fractures, which are most often observed in the neck of the thigh and thoracolumbar vertebrae.
  3. Persistent and often recurring infectious-inflammatory conditions of the urogenital area. Severe estrogen deficiency is accompanied by atrophy of the mucous membranes of the vagina, vulva and urethra, weakening of the strength of the urethral sphincter, and vaginal dysbiosis. All this makes the lower parts of the urinary system vulnerable to infection.
  4. The need to mitigate and restrain the progression of cardiovascular pathology in menopause (arterial hypertension, endocrine cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis).

It should be understood that hormonal drugs prescribed to a woman in menopause are not intended to eliminate estrogen deficiency, but only for its partial correction. Therefore, even against the background of the constant use of estrogen tablets, the hormonal background of a woman of menopausal age will not be the same as during the reproductive period.


Contraindications for taking estrogen preparations include:

  • benign tumors of the genitals,
  • breast tumors, mastopathy,
  • malignant neoplasms (including non-reproductive organs),
  • endometritis,
  • hyperestrogensia within the climatic period,
  • endometrial hyperplasia and the associated propensity for menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, polymenrhea.

The use of hormonal drugs requires not only a preliminary examination of women to exclude possible contraindications. It is also necessary to regularly monitor its condition, which will allow the doctor to identify emerging side effects and timely adjust the therapeutic scheme.

Side effects

Adverse events in patients receiving estrogen-containing tablets may be associated with hyperplastic processes in target organs, as well as the effects of changes in metabolism and hemostasis.

Possible side effects include:

  • thrombotic and thromboembolic complications (the likelihood of their development increases when a woman has concomitant varicose veins and changes in blood viscosity),
  • migraine pain,
  • affective instability
  • tendency to swelling, due to changes in mineral metabolism with sodium and water retention,
  • an increase in the risk of developing endometrial cancer, mammary glands and several other organs,
  • development of cholecystitis and cholangitis, which is associated with a change in cholesterol metabolism and an increase in its concentration in the secreted bile,
  • liver failure,
  • dyspeptic manifestations in the form of nausea, vomiting, changes in appetite, abdominal discomfort,
  • breast engorgement.

The appearance of any changes in well-being while taking estrogen-containing medications requires an appeal to a doctor.

What drugs contain estrogen?

The list of drugs containing estrogen is quite wide. Currently available products of natural origin (isolated from the urine of animals) and synthetic analogues of sex hormones. In addition, they are subdivided into contracted and non-conjugated, mono-component and combined. They can be based on any of the three estrogens.

In a separate group emit funds containing the so-called phytoestrogens - estrogen-like substances of plant origin.

To the tableted estrogen-containing drugs include:

  • all combined oral contraceptives (monophasic and 2 - 3-phase), including low-dose,
  • Ostriol and its analogues (Ovestin, Ovepol),
  • estradiol (Proginova, Klimara, Estrimaks, Estrofem) and ethinyl estradiol (Microfollin).

The choice of the drug is carried out by a doctor. Many factors are taken into account: the task of therapy, the presence of associated diseases, the state of the target organs, the age of the patient, etc. The unauthorized replacement of the means recommended by the doctor and the correction of the treatment regimen increase the risk of complications.

On other ways to increase the level of estrogen, as well as a description of the most common drugs, read the article at the link.

Indications for the use of estrogen hormones

This indication is estrogen deficiency, which can be caused by several reasons:

  • Ovarian hypofunction, which is characterized by a decrease or cessation of hormone production
  • Menopause - to alleviate the symptoms of diseases
  • Extirpation of the uterus with appendages - the lack of production of its own hormones requires replacement therapy
  • Hormonal contraception
  • Androgenic alopecia (female pattern baldness due to high levels of male hormones)
  • Acne (acne), especially in severe forms
  • Hypogonadism - underdevelopment of the genitals

Estrogen-containing preparations have a beneficial effect on the woman’s body as a whole: rejuvenates the skin, stimulates the central nervous system, inhibits the synthesis of low-density lipoproteins, thereby preventing atherosclerosis. It must be said that estrogens with osteoporosis help prevent bone resorption and reduce the risk of fractures in old age. But here it is advisable to prescribe them for prophylaxis, for a permanent reception, since after the cessation of treatment the resolution of the bones resumes.

Estrogen drugs for menopause reduce the number of "tides", alleviate the condition of the woman, normalize blood pressure, reduce dryness in the vagina, increase sexual desire.

Lack of hormones is just as dangerous as excess. With an increased production of estrogen, the risk of endometriosis increases (the proliferation of endometrial cells of the uterus beyond its limits). The disease develops with hormonal disorders or with the use of oral contraceptives without a doctor's prescription.

Contraindications for drugs quite a lot. The main ones are thrombosis, tumors of the mammary glands, uterus, ovaries, liver damage, and diabetes. Consider the main types of drugs with estrogen, indications and contraindications.

Estriol - It can be a vaginal estrogen cream, vaginal suppositories and tablets. It is used as a replacement treatment, changes in ovarian functions with menstrual disorders (painful, heavy, irregular menstruation), marked menopause (with frequent flushes, disability, with osteoporosis, before and after surgical gynecological intervention during menopause.

Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, estrogen-dependent malignant neoplasms, the presence of varicose veins, the risk of thrombosis, renal and hepatic failure, migraine in history.

There are a lot of side effects and you can guess about them by contraindications. Headache, breast enlargement, spotting in the intermenstrual period, the absence of menstruation in due time, thrombosis - all this may appear from the first week of estriol.

When you take the drug inside the daily dose is not more than 8 mg. With estrogen deficiency in the pre-menopausal period, the dosage is 1.5-2 mg / day for 10 days, then stop taking for 20 days, then the cycle repeats. After improving the condition, taking pills is reduced to 1 week per month. In menopause take 0.5-1 mg / day for 20 days, stop for 7 days and then everything repeats. The course of treatment is six months.

With severe itching in the vagina, estriol is prescribed as an ointment or cream at a dose of 0.5 mg / day every day for three weeks, then 2 times a week. Candles with estrogen are used for urinary incontinence and vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) 0.5 mg per day.

Estradiol - A synthetic analogue of estrogen, able to completely compensate for the lack of female hormones in the body. It is used in violation of menstrual function (amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea), radiation castration, infertility, lethargic labor activity, excessive hair growth throughout the body during multiple ovarian cysts. It is used even in men to activate blood formation during radiation exposure.

Contraindications similar to estriol: thrombophlebitis, coronary artery disease (high risk of myocardial infarction), malignant neoplasms associated with the production of estrogen, liver and kidney failure.

  • Estrogen tablets are administered orally for 2 mg / day for 21 days, a break of 7 days and everything is repeated. The course of treatment is six months.
  • Intramuscularly 0.1% oil solution of estradiol dipropionate 1-2 daily. This estrogen is used for the growth of genital organs in hypogonadism. The course of treatment will depend on the severity of the disease.
  • Also used a gel that is applied to clean skin once a day, the duration of treatment is prescribed by a doctor.

Birth control pills with estrogen

This is a well-known means of hormonal contraception. There is a huge amount of drug names: Yarin, Diane-35, Regulon, Janine, Marvelon. This group of drugs with long-term use reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy by 97-99%.

There are monophasic and multiphase contraceptives. In monophasic, the amount of estrogen and progesterone constant in each tablet, in multiphase - varies depending on the day of administration. Combined oral contraceptives should be taken only after consulting a gynecologist!

Indications for use:

  • To prevent pregnancy
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle
  • Juvenile acne in girls

Contraindications: risk of thrombosis, varicose veins, bleeding disorders, neoplasm of the uterus.

Apply 1 tablet per day at the same time, 21 days. Then break for 7 days, repeat the cycle. The first admission is carried out on the first day of menstruation.

There are also estrogens that are used for breast augmentation. Creams, patches contain phytoestrogens derived from plants (soybeans, legumes and cereals). Manufacturers claim that breast volume may increase by 1 cm per month.

Drugs with estrogen facilitate the life of a woman, however, it is better to maintain the natural hormonal von. Increase female sex hormones, good sleep, proper nutrition and regular sex. Nutritionists recommend soybeans, beans, corn, dates, pomegranates, green tea and meat.

Taking the same drugs should be carried out only under the supervision of a gynecologist. Every six months, you need to undergo a routine physical examination, each month independently examine the mammary glands for tumors. If dizziness, nausea, vomiting, pain in the heart, uterine bleeding occurs, you must immediately go to the hospital.

The author of the article: doctor Gural Tamara Sergeevna.

Indications for increasing hormone levels

Hormones for women are prescribed not only for medicinal purposes, that is, to maintain the normal functionality of the ovaries. Estrogen-containing pills may be recommended as contraceptives. A reproductologist, a gynecologist or an endocrinologist prescribe estrogenic drugs, but at the same time a cardiologist, a general practitioner, decides on the primary recommendation. General indications for prescribing estrogen containing drugs:

  • hypofunction of the ovaries,
  • the onset of menopause,
  • resection of appendages,
  • hypogonadism,
  • infantilism of internal and external genital organs,
  • postcastration period (associated with interventions in onco diseases),
  • endocrine sterility
  • pregnancy pathology,
  • IVF donation planning (for rhythm synchronization),
  • osteoporosis,
  • acne
  • contraceptive function.

But in all cases, it is these diseases and pathologies that serve as a reason for the specialist to prescribe estrogenic drugs. There are nuances that can make estrogens in pills not the best option for therapy. Duration, the dosage of these drugs can only prescribe a doctor after a detailed examination of the patient and taking the necessary tests.

Types of drugs containing estrogen

Doctors will distinguish between several types of drugs that include hormonal containing. Among them are:

  • herbal drugs,
  • synthetic drugs
  • phytoestrogens in tablets.

Herbal estrogens are very effective, but patients often have allergic reactions to them. At the moment, their release and non-prescription is very limited. Components of plant character are extracted from the urine of animals.

Synthetic pills - a popular method that is used most comfortably by doctors all over the world. Steroids are mined as a result of artificial reactions. Allergies practically do not occur on them, besides, these means show a rather high degree of effectiveness, they are suitable for treating many diseases.

Phytoestrogens, as well as any drugs extracted naturally from medicinal plants, show less efficiency. Doctors prefer to prescribe them as a preventive measure or as concomitant medication to the existing ones. Phytopreparations are often used to maintain the normal health and appearance of patients who are experiencing a climatic period.

Release form

You can find out which pills contain estrogen directly from your specialist, but you should remember that the form of release may not be just that. Of course, tablets are convenient and their reception does not require serious manipulations. In addition, with the help of tablets it is easy to calculate the dosage for a specific patient case and to avoid ingestion of a large dose of estrogen in the body.

But not less popular are vaginal suppositories, sprays and gels. This form of release allows for local treatment, which is more effective than complex. But it should be remembered that when using sprays, gels can be easily overdone. А переизбыток гормоносодержащего препарата внутри организма (спрей или гель может всасываться кровью и лимфой) грозит серьезными побочными эффектами.

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The list of drugs that contain estrogen is extensive. This is due to the wide scope of this drug.

  • Dermestril, the main component of which is estradiol, is prescribed for estrogen deficiency, menopause and menopause. Also, indications for its reception are infertility, polycystic ovary and fetal transfer (the active ingredient will speed up the process).

  • Drug Ovestin with estriol successfully used during rehabilitation after removal of the uterus and ovaries, as well as indications are headaches during menopause.

  • Proginova tablets, attracting buyers low price, prescribed for estrogen deficiency. Also inexpensive drugs Hormplex discharged with elevated cholesterol caused by ovarian dysfunction, neuroses, and depressive conditions caused by climate pause.

For the treatment of negative symptoms that accompany postmenopausal, climate syndrome, use such drugs as:

  • Estrozhel,
  • Estrofem,
  • Klymen.

Estrogen containing Preparin and Mikroginon shown to patients suffering from menstrual disorders. These hormones containing female hormones are also prescribed for the treatment of infertility as a drug concomitant with the hormonal balance.

Despite the fact that many of the estrogen is passed in pharmacies without a prescription from the doctor, you need to take them with great caution. The price of estrogen drugs in women begins from 130 rubles. One of the most expensive options costs about 800-1000 rubles.

Contraceptive options

To increase protection against unwanted pregnancy, gynecologists often prescribe estrogen-containing drugs to their patients. They are selected according to the age of the woman, and also considering whether she gave birth earlier, whether there were abortions. In addition, pay attention to the side effects that can cause female estrogen. In some cases, an overdose of a hormone threatens with quite serious additions.

The name of the tablets with a low percentage of hormone:

  • Novinet,
  • Mersilon,
  • Yarin,
  • Janet
  • Regulon.

They are discharged to girls who have had a maximum of one pregnancy or its interruption. Preparations for women whose age mark has passed for 35 years are not prescribed. They are prescribed pills with a more significant percentage of the active substance (Three-Regol, Janet-Plus, Dianet, Triquilar, Ovidon). The last two of this list are not prescribed for women with hormonal disorders.

For contraception, you can use drugs of another form of release - in sprays, gels. In this case, they are not absorbed into the blood, the action is purely local, so it avoids the risk of adverse reactions of the body.

At the same time, drugs aimed at stimulation of sexual activity are popular. Among them emit Estrogenolite, which allows you to normalize the functional hormone system. According to reviews Estrogenolite allows women to raise libido, in general, after taking the course, there are positive changes regarding skin, ear.

Reviews of estrogen tablets

Reviews of modern drugs, consisting of estrogen, mostly positive. Women highlight the fact that positive changes begin from the first day of taking the funds. The menstrual cycle is normalized, positive changes in appearance are also visible: the condition of hair and skin improves, nails break less. In addition, there are also the fact that the pills, by smoothing out the hormonal background, contribute to the improvement of the psychological state. Women who have experienced menopause and experienced persistent mood swings, depressive conditions that are not caused by anything, note that the estrogen pills allowed them to begin to control the situation.

Doctors also agree that modern estrogen-containing pills have a positive effect on the body and can cope with significant problems in a short time. Doctors highlight the fact that estrogen pills have quite a few serious side effects. In addition, adjusting the dosage of the hormone can achieve the ideal effect in a short time for patients who are faced with various diseases.