Plantex (Plantex) for newborns


One bag (5 grams) contains 2.4 mgfennel essential oiland 250 mg fennel fruit extract.

Additional substances: acacia gum, dextrose anhydrous, lactose.

The composition for newborns is identical to the composition for adults.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The preparation of plant origin (tea), which reduces gas formation and stimulates digestion. Essential oil and fruits of fennel stimulate peristalsis and intestinal secretion of gastric juice. As a result, food is digested and absorbed faster. The active components of the drug prevent the accumulation of gases and improve their discharge, demonstrate antispasmodic act.


No data on the pharmacokinetics of this tool.


  • Galactosemia.
  • Lactase deficiency.
  • Galactose Absorption Disorder Syndrome orglucose.
  • Hypersensitivity to fennel or other components of the drug.

Instructions for use Plantex (method and dosage)

The instruction on Plantex for newborns and children up to one year prescribes taking the drug 1-2 bags per day in several doses, for children 1-4 years old - 3 bags a day several doses. The tool is taken after or during meals.

How to give a newborn this drug?

The contents of one sachet pour into a bottle, add about 100 ml of warm water and mix until the granules completely dissolve.

special instructions

The drug does not affect the ability to drive a car.

Analogs of Plantex: Fennel (full analog) Bobotik, Gastritol “Dr. Klein ”, Disflatil, Ditsetel, Infacol, Karminativum Bebinos, Colikides, Kuplaton, Meteospazmil, Romazulan, Sab Simplex, Enterospazmil, Espikol Baby, Espumizan, Espumizan Bebi.

Plantex for newborns

In the manufacture of the solution it is prohibited to add sweeteners to Plantex. For newborns use freshly prepared solution. Pediatricians usually prescribe it to prevent the occurrence or relief of intestinal colic and abdominal distention.

How to breed Plantex for newborns, described in the section "Instructions for use." If necessary, Plantex tea for newborns can be replaced with a full analogue. Plantex Sandoz for newborns. Reviews of the drug mark the plant composition, as a virtue, and a high price, as a disadvantage.

Reviews on Plantex

Reviews for Plantex for newborns often report no effect on the use of the drug, sometimes on the occurrence of side effects (mainly dyspepsia and allergic reactions). Also, patient dissatisfaction is caused by the excessively high price of the drug.


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