Silver wedding: how to celebrate and what to give?


A jubilee wedding of a quarter of a century is a great event for every married couple.

And no matter how you decide to celebrate this significant date, be it a dinner in the family circle or a grand banquet, the hero of the occasion will not be able to miss the celebration of such an important date.

You can always bother yourself and dig deeply, but in the names of wedding anniversaries truth is always somewhere near. The anniversary of the size of 25 years of living together - the very first anniversary, in the naming of which silver appears - a precious metal.

Silver Wedding Symbols

Silver is a symbolic projection of that precious experience gained in 25 years of marriage together. This is a symbol of not old age, but it is quite enough to incite respect for the young, children of the spouses.

For everyday worries that never endure, 25 years flew like one moment. Many of the couples who celebrated their silver wedding have already witnessed the appearance of their second generation, beloved grandchildren.

How many years have passed since the wedding day, and it seemed like it was just yesterday!

A silver wedding becomes for many a reason to look back and with a smile on your face to admire the fruits of your labor. - good, strong relationship with a spouse, matured children, young grandchildren.

Rites and traditions for the 25th wedding anniversary

If you want a silver wedding to remain forever in your memory, and it was the most original silver wedding among your familiar married couples, then bring to the celebration a bit of traditions and customs! This will make the holiday more colorful and unforgettable.

According to custom, on this important day in the morning, you need to give each other a romantic kiss. The longer and more pleasant it will be, the more naturally it will remain in memory longer. After wishing each other good morning, you can proceed to the next rite.

Now it is not necessary to run in the morning to the river, water can be collected from the tap. The main thing is to get water in a silver jug. After repeating the procedure three times, you can wipe your face with a linen towel.

Each of the repetitions carries the deepest meaning:

  • Washes all past years. Making the couple younger.
  • To carry away the sorrows and sorrows experienced by the spouses for 25 years.
  • It promises a bright future ahead.

After the final washing, the jug with the remaining water is exposed to the open space (if you live in an apartment, then to the balcony). Evaporating water will carry all the worries.

And also, the faster the water dries, the happier the life of the couple will be.

The second stage of the celebration will be the exchange of rings, but already in silver. But you need to spend it, waiting for the parents.

Those, in turn, checked the jug with water and a towel, and only after the water dried from the bottom of the jug they gave their second blessing for the exchange of silver rings.

Silver wedding script

Official part

On this day, as mentioned above, it is necessary to exchange silver rings between the newlyweds. This can be done at home, in a circle of relatives, people close to you, and you can order a ceremony in the registry office.

There have been cases that the initiative in silver re-registration can come from the state. workers in this institution (registry office).

Such an official moment will recollect those quivering feelings that were the first time, especially if it is in the same place.

And by the way, wedding silver rings are worn over gold, until the next anniversary. But some prefer to wear such a ring on the next, middle finger. Which way to make a choice - only you decide.

And still it is possible to arrange a photo session, especially if for the first time it didn’t happen. In what style it will be - restrained or humorous - you decide.

Silver Wedding Traditions

The first tradition is very romantic and is called the “first kiss”. Of course, he is far from the first, but this is proof that the couple retained tender and romantic feelings. Kiss will help to revive the day of the wedding celebration in your memory and give unique emotions.

A silver wedding has another important ritual - it is washing from a silver jug: but the couple is not just washing, but washing each other. It is believed that the water from the silver jug ​​will take away all the sorrow and anxiety, wash away the years and make the spouses younger. It is necessary to wash three times, it is desirable that some water remains at the bottom of the jug - it must be poured out of the gate, so that the moisture will evaporate, taking with it all the troubles and problems and giving family happiness.

The most important rite is the exchange of silver rings. It is believed that it should be carried out when the sun is at its zenith, because the brighter it shines, the stronger the feelings of the jubilees. Such a day could not be better for a wedding, even if it is attended by the same witnesses as at the wedding, who can confirm your feelings. After the exchange of silver rings, many spouses wear them, and gold ones are removed until better times.

How to celebrate a silver wedding?

It all starts with invitations, because it is believed that at least 25 guests should be present at the silver wedding. It will be symbolic if the invitations are arranged in a silver color scheme and sent 25 days before the intended celebration, so that all guests can plan their schedule and come to congratulate the anniversary participants. Invite only those people whom you really want to see on this day, because he should be happy and joyful first of all for the couple, so if you are closer to a party with friends than a fussy triumph, feel free to choose the first one.

If for some reason a guest cannot be present at the festival, he should give up at least a postcard. As for the choice of the place of celebration - it can be a house, an outdoor tent in nature, a cafe or a restaurant. Of course, choosing a closed institution for the celebration, you take off a lot of responsibilities from your shoulders, including cooking and cleaning - the main thing is to discuss the menu and entertainment program with the restaurant administrator or his chef.

In the warm season it will be great to spend the evening in your own home or garden, to get out into nature. Newlyweds and their friends will be happy to relax in the fresh air, play active games, and professionals who provide catering services will take care of the rest. If you want something original and unforgettable, you can celebrate the anniversary on the boat or yacht, to get abroad - here everyone decides for himself.

Decoration of the hall for a silver wedding

If the guests want to make a collective surprise for the anniversary, you can organize a retro evening - this is a win-win idea and at the same time the opportunity to return to the days of his youth. Let every detail in the design and the atmosphere itself recalls your favorite years. Take care of the appropriate music, suitable menu - the success of such a holiday is guaranteed.

You can organize a celebration in a modern style, though, given the theme of the celebration, silver accents will look very advantageous. Ideally, everything can be sustained in silver tones, but not everyone will like a nondescript gray mass. Therefore, you can safely dilute the design with a blue, pink, green or red tone - this combination will be contrasting and very advantageous.

Focus on silverware, table decor, original metal parts. Interesting will look shiny silver tablecloths that set the tone for the whole celebration. Candles in silver candlesticks will look very nice and intimate. Be sure to in the table setting should be present and silver. Of course, the pleasure is not cheap, so these devices can be prepared only for anniversaries, and guests can offer the usual sets. You can decorate the room with balloons, balloons, of which lay out the number 25, floral compositions. To draw several themed posters, to make a family collage for heroes of family from family photos - such a gift is deeply individual and at the same time very original. It is possible at the entrance to the hall to hang a small album for guests, in which all those present can write their wishes and congratulations. Also for decorating the premises are suitable ribbons, silver rings, beautiful flowing fabrics and much more.

If the silver wedding will take place on the street, you can take care of the tent or light canopy, which will protect the anniversaries and their guests from the scorching sun. You can decorate them with silver accessories, festoons, flowers, silver lacquer and lanterns that will light up after dark.

Entertainment and music program

No holiday is complete without a beautiful cake or loaf. Spouses must cut this tasty and symbolic dessert together and then treat all those invited so that everyone will get a piece of “happiness”.

Choosing the menu, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of all the guests - both hot dishes and light non-caloric snacks should be on the table. If you are organizing a silver wedding, it is worth taking care of the entertainment program - to invite a presenter, to think over contests, musical accompaniment. It is desirable that during the dance, the melodies of the youth of the jubilees should also be heard - this is a great opportunity to return to the past and feel a little nostalgic.

Dresses for the anniversary of the silver wedding

Even after 25 years have passed since the wedding day, spouses are considered to be a bride and groom on the day of the anniversary, so a beautiful costume and dress is a mandatory attribute. A woman can give preference to an exquisite dress in silver tones. However, you can also choose a neutral color scheme - white, beige or cream color, complementing it with silver accessories and footwear.

A man may be in a dark or light suit, complete with a gray shirt. A dark suit with a white shirt will look good, but a tie and a handkerchief should be silver.

What to give for a silver wedding?

Every person invited to such a celebration wonders: what to give for a silver wedding? After all, this is really an extraordinary and solemn event. The original gift can be a slide show that displays the most interesting and significant moments from the joint life of the spouses - the wedding, the first trip, the birth of children and so on.

You can conduct a thematic photo session for the anniversaries: invite a professional who will make beautiful and original photos, and then present them in a gift album - everyone will appreciate such pleasant moments and the originality of the gift. It is also customary to present silverware on the 25th wedding anniversary: ​​dining sets, figurines, glasses, decorations, interior items. You can make personalized cups, a personalized wedding medal or a commemorative coin.

Friends can give a beautiful cake, a tea set with a silver pattern and other necessary things in the household. If you are sure that the heroes of the day love animals, you can give a puppy or a decorative rabbit - they will be able to take care of the pet and not miss the children who, most likely, have already left the parental nest. Relatives can give a wonderful holiday - to take over the preparation of all stages of the wedding anniversary or present a ticket to warm countries.

When the anniversary evening ends and the guests disperse, the spouses should sit down at the holiday table and drink a cup of their favorite tea: this rite is a symbol of unity and harmony in the union.


The most “talking” gift to parents for a wedding anniversary is a silver tray or bowl as a symbol of the fact that the family, the house is a full bowl. A gift tray or bowl signifies a desire for wealth and wealth, as well as respect and love.

A tray or bowl can be presented as an independent gift or as part of a set of silverware. These can be sets of individual items, for example, teaspoons. Or complete sets of cutlery in gift cases. Or even complete sets. The choice of silver is huge. Presented on the anniversary of the wedding table silver can be the beginning of the tradition to pass it on. Do not just give a set of table knives separately from other devices. Such a gift means breaking strong family relationships.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a noble metal widely used for making jewelry. Silver rings are the perfect wedding anniversary gift for spouses. This is a very intimate gift, and the heroes of the occasion must give it to each other. After all, a quarter-century marriage is in itself a jewel.

Silver rings are worn together with the wedding on the ring finger. This suggests that in the family after twenty-five years, love, understanding, respect and harmony reign.

There is even a rite of re-exchange of rings, which is appropriate to hold on the day of the wedding anniversary. This rite can be held in the registry office, and at home. When the rings are re-exchanged, gold wedding rings can be removed and put in a special box, where they will wait for the golden wedding, to take their places on the ring fingers of the newlyweds again.

But other jewelry would be appropriate to give as a gift. For example, a chain and bracelet in the same style will be a great gift for a couple. They are a symbol of unbreakable marriage bonds. Pendant can be attached to the chain. Here the choice is truly limitless. Pendant in the shape of a heart says about love. In the form of a drop - that twenty-five years is just a drop in the sea of ​​life. The pendant can be in the form of a sign of the zodiac or another talisman that is relevant to the donee.

Silver pin

A long time ago, the pin has been protecting against the evil eye, envy and black thoughts. Silver pin can be in the form of a clip or decoration for a tie. It symbolizes respect for the head of the family and the strength of the family bond. A tie pin is also a joy for a beautiful pair.

The classic English silver pin is a wonderful gift for parents on their wedding anniversary, because it means the children’s attachment to the home and the warmth that reigns in the family.

Silver watch

They symbolize the eternity of time that the spouses still have to live together. It is very important that the clock mechanism is working and the hands of the clock are moving. However, the watch is a very delicate gift that can be given only by very close people. One must be sure that the hero of the occasion will appreciate such a gift. Superstitious people can “pay” a few symbolic coins for a given gift, because popular sign says that a gift clock leads to separation. The “redeemed” gift does not possess such power, but simply pleases with its beauty.

If not silver, then what?

A gift for a silver wedding to parents or friends can be not only silver.

A very beautiful and spiritual gift will be a portrait of the spouses. The portrait can be ordered by the artist from a photograph or printed on a canvas a particularly good photograph. The portrait of spouses or the whole family, written in oil or watercolor, is a solemn, unique and very beautiful gift.

For people who do not accept pompousness, you can prepare a photo album with memorable pictures. Such a gift will remain in the family, it will be shown only to the closest people.

If there is a video chronicle in the family, you can make a film about memorable moments of family life.

Poems written in honor of the heroes of the day or even an ode to them will be remembered by all those invited to the celebration. The work can be arranged on a gift roll or in a baguette. And you can issue a special anniversary newspaper with photos and greetings. To manufacture such a gift can and should attract children and grandchildren.

By the way, if there are many heirs in the family, you can order or explore the family tree itself. This is an incredibly symbolic and interesting gift that is pleasant to receive as a gift for the wedding anniversary. After all, a strong marriage that gave life to children and grandchildren is a thick branch of the genealogical tree that feeds it with new forces.

It is necessary to bring flowers as an addition to a gift for a silver wedding celebration. A bouquet of 25 flowers and give the spouses to each other, and guests. It is appropriate on this day to give roses, white lilies or exotic flowers.

Also, in addition to a gift for a silver wedding, you can present a personalized bottle of wine with the image of the spouses on the label and congratulations.

And, of course, the best gift for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary will be the love and warmth of loved ones. The warm and sincere words spoken to spouses on this day should bear appreciation for their place in your life. The best that can be desired is to maintain love and respect in the family, harmony and mutual understanding. Ведь брак длиной в двадцать пять лет подобен серебру — он, как и этот благородный металл, потускнев способен после чистки вернуть свой первоначальный блеск. Люди, прожившие в брачном союзе двадцать пять лет, уже не расстанутся, их отношения проверены годами и невзгодами, они уважают и ценят друг друга. А так и до золотой свадьбы не далеко!

Серебряная свадьба – признак стабильности семьи

Итак, 25 лет свадьбы. Какая свадьба, что дарить, в основном, решают гости. Но издавна традиции диктуют и свои правила. Silver is considered to be a fairly hard and durable metal. Year after year, marital relationships become stronger and more proven.

The husband and wife learned to understand each other from half a word, sometimes from a half-look. For a long time, the family has experienced many anxieties and joys. Had time to appear, and grow up children. And the celebration of a silver wedding becomes a well-deserved gift to spouses for everything they experienced together.

How to celebrate 25 years of wedding

Silver is not only precious, but also a very noble metal. Silver Planet - The Moon, which symbolizes wisdom and intuition. The relations between the spouses become the same wise and intuitive. After so many years, it is necessary to celebrate well 25 years of wedding What a wedding, what to give, what to prepare treats and whom to invite - the hostess is full of pre-holiday troubles, which so much resemble the very first family holiday! You can celebrate at home, doing it yourself. And you can roll a feast and invite guests to a fashionable restaurant. After all, a silver wedding happens once in a lifetime, and the memory of it should remain until the last days.

Traditions and customs

Celebrating a silver wedding, we must not forget about some traditions.

25 years of wedding! What a wedding, what to give and how to organize a celebration in such a way that everyone, both the hero of the day and the guests, will be satisfied, depends largely on the owners of the house.

  • According to custom, guests for an anniversary should be invited 25 days before the celebration.
  • There should be a lot of guests, at least 25 people.
  • On the day of the celebration, the couple must exchange silver rings, which they will wear on their right hand. From now on, gold handcuffs are stored in a casket.

  • Great importance is attached to the weather on the day of the 25th anniversary of the wedding. It is believed that the sun and clear sky promises a bright and happy family future. Cloudiness foreshadows some difficulties in the life of the spouses.
  • A festive table can be rich and varied. But an integral dish is the loaf, which the spouses should cut together, holding on to one knife. Well, of course, champagne on this day should flow like water.

Joint gift to spouses

Without generous gifts - what kind of wedding? What to give to spouses who have lived together for 25 years? Of course, silver, as well as all sorts of interior elements, trimmed with silver.

  • A luxurious gift can be a beautiful floor clock or a picture in a silver frame.
  • Not be superfluous and silver service or a set of silverware.
  • The symbol of family happiness will be a silver horseshoe, subsequently attached above the entrance door. The product will be a kind of talisman, giving well-being and escaping from negative phenomena.

25 years of a wedding ... What kind of wedding they give in this case depends on the imagination and possibilities of the guest. The main thing is that the gift came from the heart and was presented with generosity and good thoughts.

Mutual gifts of wife and husband

Of course, a quarter of a century, lived together, is not without joint surprises of the spouses to each other. Often the husband asks the question: what to give his wife for 25 years? Which wedding will become more mysterious - with a romantic surprise in advance or a traditional gift? Of course, surprises are loved by almost all people. But the zealous housewives who become brides after 25 years of marriage, also prefer practical gifts.

Therefore, the best gift from a husband to his wife can be bedding, household appliances, and even furniture. Of course, do not forget about gifts for the soul. A pleasant surprise will be a romantic trip or a subscription to the spa. Even the most captious lady will not be able to resist the admiring exclamation when her beloved husband will present a present she did not expect.

And what to give to the wife to the husband? What is a wedding - 25 years? This is an unforgettable celebration, and the gift should also be a memorable one. For a man who is fond of ennobling his own house, a great gift can be a set of tools. Pleasant will be the gifts needed for your favorite activity - a hobby. For example, fishing rods, spinning, a set of original hooks will be a pleasant surprise for the avid angler.

Gifts for parents from children

And what can children give to parents? Surprise also depends on imagination and desire to please native people.

First of all, what wedding is without flowers? 25 years! What to give parents, in addition to beautiful flower arrangements and lush bouquets? Of course, you can get by with just such a gift. But the spouses will be doubly pleasant if the flowers are complemented, for example, an invitation to a romantic dinner for two in a cozy restaurant. Naturally, a couple should go to such an event only together.

Also, visiting an interesting play or going to the cinema can also significantly raise your spirits. A more practical gift will be beautiful bedding, and even an orthopedic mattress, which will be comfortable to rest on. However, even the help of children in organizing the celebration will be a pleasant surprise for parents. The main thing is to think over everything in advance and surrender to the cause with all the zeal.