Name Value: Susana


Susanna - from others. Heb, white lily, star.Sosanna.

Susanka, Sanna, Sana, Susa, Anya.

Name days: June 19, August 24.

If June 19 is warm and clear, the grain in the ears will be large.

Susanna - a man woven from contradictions: on the one hand
- very reasonable, hardworking, weighs all the pros and cons, making decisions
looking for his own profit in any business, on the other - stubborn, intractable, arrogant, irritable,
touchy and proud. It is these qualities that make it difficult to achieve that position in society,
for which Susanna claims. Moreover, she does not know how to stand up for herself and
knowing it, does not allow strangers in his personal life, skillfully hides experiences
and frustration. And the hostess Susanna is wonderful, loves her home, knows how to fix

Independent with diapers.
Manages itself and financial income itself. Loving but when
it comes to bed, it turns out to be frigid.

but often makes rash acts. Loves easy flirting, flirty.
Purposefully looking for a life partner. Creates an exemplary family. Susanna
happy to host.

Susanna is like
father and outwardly, and stubborn temper. Independent with diapers and endowed with many
abilities, parents need only time to allow them to develop. Good at school
reads a lot, makes music, dances.

Susanna is sensitive
and vulnerable, it is not easy to converge with strangers and very hard endures the gap
with friends.

Most stubborn
"Winter" Susanna, their stubbornness and obstinacy
- The cause of many complications in relationships with people, a hindrance in family life. Highly
hardworking, obsessively, "autumn" Susanna.
They are prudent and prudent, do not commit rash acts. Good mistresses,
their house is a full bowl. They know how to get along with people.

the owners of this name are often unlucky in the first marriage, although, before leaving
married, they manage to study well their chosen one. They are irritable and reticent,
can not stand up for themselves. In the morning they love to soak in bed. Households and sweets.

Susanna's personal life
always somewhat closed to prying eyes, she will not share with her friend
intimate experiences will not talk about sex. Loving but
when it comes to bed, it turns out to be frigid. It has a high degree
sensitivity, especially when it comes to wounded pride. Offense to keep
can not.

seeks to establish itself, to achieve
high status in society, most often it succeeds due to the extraordinary
diligence, although her place on the office ladder does not always correspond to the level received

- Lily (Heb.).

Name Day: June 19 - Holy Reverend Martyr Susanna-deva, together
with friends converted many pagans to Christ's faith, for which, after the torment
decapitated in the year 293.

Zodiac sign
- Twins.

Auspicious tree
- ash.

Cherished plant
- lily.

Patron name
- wasp.

stubborn and obstinate - this is the cause of many complications in her life. Very hardworking
prudent, does not commit rash acts. Diligently hides from strangers
your personal life and experiences. Very sensitive, proud, touchy. Aspires
establish yourself and achieve a high position in society. Irritable and reticent,
can not stand up for himself. Susanna is a homebody and a lover of bossing.

Susana, Suzanne

Meaning and origin of the name: From the biblical Susanna, "White Lily, lotus"

The energy of the name and character: Susanna - in this name, lightness and colossal sensitivity, it seems like a silver gossamer to touch - and crumble. Or, in relation to a living person, will lose his temper, so much so that you will not calm! Indeed, the name clearly lacks strength, but excitability - more than enough! It seems that those parents who give their daughter such a name think little about how Susanna will live in our not very soft material world, it is possible that for them Susanna is not only a beloved daughter, but also a toy or home decoration. It should be emphasized here that indulging Susanna is an extremely dangerous thing: caressed by her parents, she can become very demanding and capricious in her close circle and completely unsure of herself in an unfamiliar society.

From this point of view, European transcription is a bit more favorable - Susanna, who adds the missing hardness to the energy sector. However, if in Europe this name is not considered rare, in Russia it sounds somewhat provocative, which, of course, is reflected in the pride of the owner of the name. In combination with extreme excitability, not to mention spoiled, Suzanne's pride can be the source of her heightened conflict.

Susanna’s life is most favorable (unless, of course, we consider the possibility of living in greenhouse conditions) when the necessary firmness appears in her character, and her own pride will be balanced with the ability to respect people as they are. Then Susanna’s excitability, instead of being a source of misunderstanding, can be reflected in any work.

Communication secrets: If you like to play on other people's nerves, then Susanna is best suited for this purpose - a couple of trifles make her mad or depressed. Reassuring Susanna is quite difficult, although sometimes compliments and praise in her address can help. If Susanna prefers to present herself to Suzanne, then here the game on her nerves becomes much more acute, and maybe even dangerous.

Name trace in history:

The Legend of Susanna

An ancient legend is associated with this name with an almost detective storyline. According to legend, the rich Jew Joachim lived many years ago in Babylon. His wife, the beautiful Susanna, was a virtuous woman and respected by all. However, beauty often gives rise to quarrels and quarrels around it. So it happened this time: two city judges, elderly and respectable people, kindled to Susanna with an all-consuming passion. At first they hid their sin from each other, but soon one of them caught the other in spying on the beauty, and from that day on, both sinners began to act together. They constantly circled around Joachim's house, waiting for a convenient moment, until, finally, the opportunity did not present itself.

Once Susanna wanted to swim in the pool. Locking the garden, she sent the maid away for soap and incense, and as soon as she left, both the elders appeared before her.

- Choose! They said to the girl. “Either you spend your time with us now and no one will know about it, or we will tell people that they found you in this garden with a young man.”

Frightened Susanna still found the strength to refuse, and the very next day the whole city began to talk about her imaginary shame. The judges believed the respected townspeople, sentencing an innocent woman to death. In despair, the unfortunate turned to God with a prayer, and a miracle happened: before execution, the young man Daniel ran to the square with a cry: "I am clean from her blood!" This meant that all the rest of her blood stained.

Then the embarrassed judges decided to question the witnesses of the crime separately and asked the elders: "Under what tree did you see this woman with her lover?" - "Under the green oak!" - answered one, the other said: "Under the olive tree". So the deception was exposed, Susanna was saved, and the people were not left without a spectacle: on that day, instead of the execution of one innocent girl, they executed two old slanderers.

Susanna is like her father and looks, and stubborn character. Independent of the diapers and endowed with many abilities, parents need only time to allow them to develop. Good at school, reading a lot, doing music, dancing. Susanna is sensitive and vulnerable, she does not easily converge with strangers and very hard endures a break with friends.

Susanna’s “winter” suspects are most stubborn, their stubbornness and obstinacy are the cause of many complications in relationships with people, a hindrance in family life. Susanna's “autumn” is very hardworking, to obsession. They are prudent and prudent, do not commit rash acts. Good housewives, their house is a full bowl. They know how to get along with people.

The "spring" owners of this name are often unlucky in their first marriage, although, before they get married, they manage to study their chosen one well. They are irritable and taciturn, they cannot stand up for themselves. In the morning they love to soak in bed. Households and sweets.

Susanna's personal life is always somewhat closed to a stranger’s eye, she will not share intimate experiences with a friend, she will not be talking about sex. Loving, but when it comes to bed, it turns out to be frigid. It has a high degree of sensitivity, especially when it comes to wounded pride. Resentment can not hold back.

Susanna strives to establish herself, to achieve a high position in society, most often she succeeds because of her extraordinary diligence, although her place on the career ladder does not always correspond to the level of education she has received.

Numerology named Suzanne

Those lucky to be born under a deuce will not have to worry about having good friends and public recognition - personal talents, diligence and the ability to understand people will certainly lead deuce to personal success. Violence and rudeness are alien to her, but she can easily find it to the hearts and souls of people through understanding and benevolence.
When you meet a person under the sign of the two, take care of him: most likely, you have found a good friend, mentor, and in some cases - quite possibly, a life partner. Do not rush to judge the two in a modest manner, because what is inside, the two does not reveal to everyone.

The meaning of the letters in the name Suzanne

WITH - are distinguished by stubbornness, unpredictability and leadership qualities. In their actions they are accustomed to rely on logic and common sense. There are overly emotional, and sometimes even capricious. They constantly want to stand out from the gray mass. To the partner may make excessive demands.

YU - conservatism, fear of everything new, a tendency to idealize people. These persons are very romantic, in relationships they often sacrifice themselves. Despite this, they tend to be very tough. The main purpose of their life is the search for and knowledge of the truth. These people prefer to be friends with people who are older than them and have similar interests.

H - rich imagination, intuition, touchiness. Owners of this letter in the name often seek to protect themselves from the outside world. In relationships, they are distinguished by consistency and are able to live with their chosen one their whole life.

BUT - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance.

People whose name begins with "A" are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he can live until the end of days. Loves to take care of loved ones.

Suzanne's name in English (Latin)

Completing the document in English, you must first write the name, then the middle name in Latin letters and only then the last name. You may need to write the name Suzanne in English when you apply for a foreign passport, order a foreign hotel, place an order in an English online store, and so on.

Compatibility Name Suzanne, manifestation in love

Over time, this "shell" is becoming thicker, and the ability to "go outside" - all the more unreal. But even the strongest shell can one day not withstand external pressure, burst. And then, in spite of all your outstanding abilities, you will be defenseless, like a newly hatched chick.

Neither intelligence, nor theoretical knowledge, no matter how significant, can replace the ability to communicate with people, the skill of “interpenetration”, without which life is impossible.

Try to learn to consider your individual qualities not as a product that can be “sold”, but as a tool for working in a team. Self-respect is, of course, “worth it,” but the location of others is not a trifle.

Characteristics of the name Suzanne

If you live in harmony with yourself, you are a hospitable host, a good friend, and a sought-after professional.

If you have received an upbringing appropriate to your sublime nature, then success in work and in love awaits you. Loneliness and the absence of a loved one make you unhappy, and a successful marriage brings harmony not only in personal but also in business life.


Many believe that Susanna is an Armenian name. In fact, it has Hebrew roots. It was originally pronounced as Shoshana. In Orthodox countries you can find versions such as Susanna and Shushanika. In the Arab culture can be found version Azusena. In European culture, the common name is Susan or Susan. The translation of the name Susanna translates as "lily" or "white lily".

Susanna celebrates birthday several times a year. Here are the key dates:

  • April 22 (Susanna the Myrrh)
  • June 19 (Susanna Solerskaya),
  • August 24 (Roman Susanna),
  • September 10 (Princess Shushanika Ranskaya).

Horoscope name

The mystery of the name Susanna can be unraveled by turning to astrology. Here are the key points to pay attention to:

  • Gemini. For girls born under the auspices of this constellation, the name Susanna is great.
  • The patron planet is Mercury.
  • Yellow color. He should be present in the interior of the dwelling, office, as well as in Susanna’s wardrobe.
  • The tree is ash. Energy comes from direct contact with the tree, as well as products made from its wood.
  • Plant mascot - lily. Well, if the window will always be a bouquet with these delicate flowers. Also bring good luck images of the plant.
  • Insect talisman - wasp. Well, if the clothes will always be pinned brooch in the form of this insect.

Features of childhood

Already at an early age it becomes clear what the name Susanna means. The following features are peculiar to a little girl:

  • Hardworking in school and hyperactive in entertainment.
  • It is clever and reasonable not on years.
  • Understands what it means to be responsible for your actions.
  • Very sensitive and often crying.
  • Painfully perceives criticism and resentment.
  • Very dreamy and sentimental.
  • He likes to demonstrate his talents to loved ones.
  • Communicates with peers prefers solitary pastime for books or creative activities.
  • Studying well without much effort.
  • Very kind, always and all trying to help.

Characteristics of the adult woman

The meaning of the name Susanna largely predetermines the character traits of its owner. Here are the highlights:

  • Sensitive and vulnerable nature, which is hard going through shocks.
  • It is difficult to converge with new people, but parting is going through even harder.
  • Very reasonable, does nothing, without first having thought about every step.
  • Stubborn, goes right through to his goal.
  • Very restless and hot-tempered personality, which any little thing can freak out.
  • Never listen to someone else's advice, even if they are wise and rational.
  • Dreaming of a high position in society, material well-being.
  • Well versed in people, able to accurately determine their intentions.
  • In any case, trying to find some benefit for themselves.
  • Can not stand up for themselves, vulnerable to foreign aggression.

Health status

If you are interested in what the name Susanna means, be sure to pay attention to health issues. It is worth noting that since early childhood, the owners of this name have poor health. Little Susanna is pursued by endless colds. But if the parents pay enough attention to the physical development of the girl, with age her health immunity will become stronger. However, in order to maintain well-being, Susanna’s adult should pay attention to nutrition, physical exertion and lifestyle. Otherwise, it may encounter such problems:

  • digestive disorders
  • nervous system disorders
  • nephritis,
  • gallstones,
  • rheumatism,
  • otitis,
  • disorders of the heart.

Hobbies and careers

The meaning of the name Susanna determines the exceptional talent of its owner, which manifests itself at an early age. Susanna will be successful in any field, no matter what section her parents give her. As an adult, the owner of the name does not lose giftedness, but begins to think rationally. The choice of profession is determined by the issues of prestige and material support.

Susanna has a phenomenal memory and analytical mindset. Nevertheless, it is unbearable for her to engage in laborious and strictly regulated work. Susanna is looking for a field where she can show her individuality and give free rein to her imagination. As a rule, the owners of this name are especially successful in such areas:

  • music,
  • acting
  • design,
  • literature,
  • art.

Love and family

The meaning of the name Susanna largely determines how the personal life of a woman will be. She is very loving, willingly accepts the courtship of admirers. But as for sex, Susanna is very important. She will not let a man into her bedroom until she has studied all his secrets. As a rule, Susanna chooses an experienced strong man for her husbands. In family life, she manifests herself as follows:

  • Excellent hostess, who knows how to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • It seeks to fully dominate the partner (in the emotional, intimate and material sphere).
  • He wants to constantly feel the attention of her spouse.
  • He does not lock himself up at home and does not give up his career ambitions for the sake of his family.
  • Hides the details of his family life from prying eyes.
  • He wants to raise geniuses from children, therefore he is impatient with their tricks and failures.


The mystery of the name Suzanne hides a person with remarkable strength of mind and a truly strong-willed character. This is an independent, responsible, active woman, such an “iron lady”, with whom everything is always under control. At the same time, she is a kind-hearted person, affectionate and vulnerable, but she does not hurry to open her inner world to everyone, remaining a complete enigma for those around her, inviting them to learn and receive answers. This girl is doing everything to achieve a high position in society, even somewhat arrogant, however, her attractiveness does not suffer from this.

As a child, Susanna is distinguished from her peers by her tenderness of nature and great obedience. Parents never have any extra trouble with her. This is quite an active, intelligent, hardworking girl, endowed with good organizational skills. She can easily subordinate anyone to her will, she loves to lead people. Over the years, the owner of this name is gaining even more strength, becoming bright, enthusiastic in kind. She is interested in the most unusual cultural, scientific and even religious trends, but she evaluates any information and everything that happens around her adequately, without succumbing to illusions, and taking into account only common sense.

Suzanne is sensitive and emotional, sometimes she can break down and talk too much, but then quickly takes hold of herself and her feelings and resolves issues through diplomacy. Never admits rash acts, and searches for the reasons of failures only in itself. Being a good orator and having a convivial character, she is always surrounded by true friends, and she is very hard on strangers. Responsive woman sharply reacts to someone else's misfortune, always able to enter into the position of others. She is a great altruist in life.

Hobby and profession

Suzanne demonstrates a logical turn of mind, prudence and stubbornness in achieving the goal. She is ready to work endlessly, just to get a good result as a result, therefore she is moving slowly but steadily along her career path. Not accustomed to living in debt, she never lends herself, money adds to her confidence and underlines her success. Indeed, for a girl with this name it is so important to emphasize her individuality.

She is talented, endowed with many abilities. In the professional sphere, he can prove himself in the best way in music, literature, acting, painting, design, advertising, commerce and business.