How to properly use oxytocin for abortion in early, as well as late? Drug dosage


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The article discusses the termination of pregnancy in the early stages. We describe how the abortion occurs in the home and inpatient conditions, what are the consequences of this procedure. You will find reviews of women who used pills for abortion, as well as the cost of drugs.

Early abortion methods

Not always 2 strips on the test bring happiness to the girl. Therefore, many women are looking for different ways to end a pregnancy in the early stages. This may be due to the reluctance to become a mother or the danger of pregnancy for women's health. Every woman who decided to terminate a pregnancy has its own good reasons for this.

In the early stages there are several methods of abortion:

The drug method involves taking drugs that cause the expulsion of the fetus. This technique is applied for up to 6 weeks and strictly under the supervision of a physician.

The surgical method consists of vacuum aspiration or curettage. Vacuum abortion is performed for up to 5 weeks under general anesthesia. With the help of special equipment in the form of a vacuum pump, the uterus is aspirated.

If the gestation period is minimal, then a mini-abortion can be carried out in the antenatal clinic using local anesthetic injections. Very rarely, after vacuum aspiration, bleeding occurs, and the duration of bleeding is no more than a week.

The most popular method of terminating a pregnancy for up to 3 months is scraping. Because of the pain, the operation is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is an artificial expansion of the uterine cervix followed by curettage of the organ cavity using a curette.

Scrubbing time is approximately 20 minutes. After that, the patient is under the supervision of a specialist for two to four hours. This procedure is the most traumatic. From the possible consequences after it:

  • bleeding,
  • cervical damage,
  • the appearance of endometritis,
  • infertility,
  • development of inflammatory processes
  • endometrial injury,
  • the appearance of an extensive wound in the area of ​​the internal uterine cavity.

Below we describe in detail what pills will help get rid of unwanted pregnancy.


This is a steroidal and anti-progestogenic drug, which is most effectively applied at 3 weeks of gestation, since at this time the result is maximum. The action of the pill is aimed at preventing the functioning of progesterone receptors and dysregulation in the case of attachment of a fertilized egg. After taking the pill in the cervix begins to collect mucus, which forms an unfavorable environment for the continuation of pregnancy.

The cost of the drug is from 350 to 500 rubles.


This drug is used for up to 6 weeks. It is used together with Miraut. Miropriston neutralizes progesterone, which provokes the detachment of the ovum. Mirul stimulates uterine contraction, causing the fetus to leave the uterus.

The drug has contraindications, which must be read.

The cost of the drug is from 1900 rubles.


Like other drugs, Mifepristone has the effect of blocking the production of progesterone. Tablets do not contain hormones.

Take the drug is best for a period of 4-6 weeks. For medical reasons, the drug can be used for up to 22 weeks, inclusive, using additional methods to activate the contraction of the uterus.

In some cases, after taking the drug is observed incomplete abortion. Therefore, after medical abortion, control with ultrasound is necessary.

Cost - from 5000 rubles.

The active ingredient of the drug is levonorgestrel. The effect of the drug depends on the time of admission. For this reason, gynecologists distinguish 2 types of his work:

  • Use in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, which allows you to delay ovulation. In this case, the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy decreases from 1 to 3 percent.
  • Application in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, caused by unprotected sexual intercourse. In this case, levonorgestrel blocks the production of estrogens, causing a decrease in the ability of the endometrium of the uterine cavity to accept a fertilized egg. A possible consequence of taking the medicine at this time is the early onset of menstruation.

According to studies, about 2 percent of women were able to get pregnant after taking Escapel. And this makes this medication a very effective means for protection from unwanted conception.

The price of the drug ranges from 350 to 600 rubles.

Postinor is a medication used for emergency contraception. The effect of its use comes only if the pill was taken within three days after unprotected sex. In this case, gynecologists do not recommend using this medicine on their own.

The product contains levonergestrol, corn and potato starches, magnesium stearate.

Experts advise against using Postinor frequently, as it causes severe damage to the female hormonal system.

The cost of the drug ranges from 300 to 500 rubles.

Other pills

In some cases, to eliminate unwanted pregnancy use these drugs:

  • Mifeprex - used for the pharmabort for up to 42 days delay. The tool is highly effective, while practically does not cause any harm to women's health.
  • Pencrofton - the drug contains mifepristone. It is recommended as an emergency remedy for termination of pregnancy in childless women. After taking the medication in rare cases gynecological complications or infertility are observed.
  • Mifegin is a preparation of French production, it can be used for up to 6 weeks. Highly effective.
  • Mytholian - after its reception, rejection of tissues of the uterine cavity occurs along with the embryo.

Injections for termination of pregnancy in the early stages

If you do not want to go through a surgical or medical abortion procedure, you can try to get rid of the embryo with the help of injections. For the procedure of abortion apply the injection of calcium chloride. Under its influence, fetal death occurs, followed by miscarriage.

If there are no signs of abortion within 2 days after the injection, the specialist prescribes ultrasound tests. Based on them, the doctor decides on curettage, otherwise a strong inflammatory process is likely to occur, leading to sepsis or death.

Some women believe that it is possible to get rid of unwanted pregnancy with the help of a mixed injection of ascorbic acid and No-shpy. The effectiveness of this method is only 10 percent.

The safest injection among all drugs is the use of oxytocin. It causes cramping, which leads to miscarriage. In this case, in the early stages of pregnancy, oxytocin is used only in emergency cases, if there are contraindications to surgical abortion.

Hot bath

This method of stopping an unwanted pregnancy was quite popular until such time as medical and surgical abortions appeared. Although nowadays many people continue to practice it, but less so now, since after it some women feel worse.

Why do girls choose this method of abortion? The answer is obvious - availability and free of charge, if not to consider only possible health problems. This technique is practiced only until 3 weeks of pregnancy, since after this period the embryo is sufficiently developed to cause a miscarriage due to this method.

The use of a hot bath after 3 weeks of pregnancy carries a number of negative consequences for a woman. Therefore, it is better to practice it immediately after confirmation of pregnancy.

Using a hot bath causes the blood vessels that are located in the uterus and small pelvis to expand. These vessels exert pressure on the vessels that are located near the uterus, as a result of which they burst.

An embryo present in the uterus comes out of it along with blood. Vaginal bleeding is the main sign that a miscarriage has occurred.

What should I do for miscarriage? It is enough to be 3-4 hours in hot water, it is important that the hips were in hot water. If the procedure takes place in the bathroom, then you need to constantly add hot water. Enough of one procedure for terminating a pregnancy, since re-opening may cause severe bleeding.

Candles for termination of pregnancy in the early stages

Sometimes women use vaginal or rectal suppositories, which are contraindicated during childbirth, to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. Such funds cause uterine contraction and, as a result, miscarriage.

Using them according to the instructions, you can cause uterine bleeding. But this does not always happen.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is among the herbs that are not recommended for future mothers because of the high risk of miscarriage. Bay leaf is an abortive product that can terminate a pregnancy.

When using a decoction of bay leaves at an early stage of pregnancy there is a risk of bleeding. Together with the blood secretions from the female body leaves the embryo. This method can be used up to 8 weeks of gestation. The effectiveness of using this method largely depends on the personal characteristics of the organism, but it is possible to eliminate the pregnancy with lavrushka.

The sooner the laurel decoction is taken, the higher the probability of abortion. To make a decoction, pour 100 g of bay leaves with a glass of hot water. After that, boil the composition for a quarter of an hour. Cool and strain through cheesecloth.

Strained broth drink before bedtime. Wrap bay leaves in gauze, erecting a tampon, then insert it into the vagina overnight.

After the procedure, miscarriage should occur within 1-2 days. At this time, there may be pain in the lower abdomen, bleeding. If after 2 days there is no change, the method was useless.

The use of a decoction of tansy flowers provokes an active uterine contraction followed by expulsion of the ovum. But remember, such a product is very toxic, it can cause intoxication, liver failure, convulsions and vomiting. In addition, with a strong bleeding from the uterus, the probability of death is high.

The use of oregano affects the production of estrogens that support and maintain pregnancy. The use of this herb disrupts the normal female hormones, because of this, the pregnancy course fails, and the embryo growth stops. In the future, this leads to a miscarriage.

Below are the reviews of women on medical termination of pregnancy and the use of folk remedies.

When I learned that I was pregnant, I was in a stupor for a while. I already have three children, and my husband and I did not plan replenishment in the family. I went to see a gynecologist, chose a medical abortion. The doctor prescribed me Mifepristone, there were no side effects after it.

I want to say to all women who practice folk remedies to eliminate pregnancy. Girls, take care! It is better to take a pill or go for an abortion, but do not drink bay tea and do not sit in a hot bath! I had uterine bleeding after these remedies, I barely survived!

Your health is in your hands! Do not self-medicate. If pregnancy occurs, think twice; you may want to leave the baby. If not, contact a qualified professional to terminate a pregnancy.

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Is it possible to terminate a pregnancy with oxytocin early on?

Yes, in medicine it is possible to use oxytocin for termination of pregnancy in the early stages.

Math contractions prevent the attachment of the ovum to the uterus myometrium.

As a result of unsuccessful implantation and the presence of contractions, the embryo leaves the uterus cavity together with a small amount of blood.

The mechanism of action of this substance in the early stages of pregnancy

In the early stages of gestation, Oxytocin prevents the implantation of the ovum to the wall of the uterus, as a result of which, with a small amount of blood, it is excreted.

Under the influence of Oxytocin woman feels uterine contractions in the form of contractions. The collateral contractions contribute to the exit of the embryo from the uterus during an abortion. If an abortion is performed late, due to the contractility of the smooth muscles of the mammary gland, lactation may begin in the form of a small amount of colostrum.

In brain structures, the hormone acts as a mediator and takes part in cognitive processes, aggravating forgetting, so a woman may feel a decrease in mental activity of the brain. Symptom effects of Oxytocin is a decrease in blood pressure.

What dosage must be observed when taking the drug?

Oxytocin is administered intramuscularly, intravenously, or into the cervical canal. With intramuscular administration, the drug is administered at a dose of 0.5 IU.

Intravenous administration is carried out using a dropper at a dose of 1-3 IU at 10-20 drops per minute.

In the presence of side effects, the flow of funds is terminated, the patient takes diuretics, and infusion therapy is performed with water-salt solutions.

Interaction with other drugs

When using oxytocin, arterial hypertension may develop 2-3 hours after the administration of vasoconstrictor drugs.

Anesthesia with cyclopropane, halothane may change the cardiovascular action of oxytocin with unanticipated development of arterial hypotension, sinus bradycardia and AV rhythm.

When can oxytocin be prescribed to disrupt late gestation?

In order to disrupt gestation, Oxytocin is indicated for gestational age of 14 weeks.when the abortion is carried out by vacuum aspiration of the fetus.

You can make an abortion in late periods, but it is carried out under strict indications (for example, conditions that threaten the health and life of the mother, social indications). Oxytocin increases the contractility of the uterine myometrium, thereby providing more productive promotion of the fetus through the birth canal.

Late indications and contraindications

  • Contraindication is increased individual sensitivity to hormone. Do not use a pharmacological drug in the presence of a threatening rupture of the uterus.
  • When, if the fetus is located in the uterus in the wrong wayor a woman has a clinically narrow pelvis due to a large fetus (fetal sizes larger than pelvic dimensions), oxytocin is not prescribed. When anatomically narrow pelvis (the true size of the pelvis does not correspond to the limits of the norm), the tool is not introduced.
  • If a passage of the fetus through the birth canal is impossiblefor example, in the case of preeclampsia or eclampsia (when a woman suffers from high blood pressure). Uterine fibroids are also contraindicated for use of the drug containing oxytocin.
  • When fever subfebrile values and oxytocin does not apply above. In addition, termination of pregnancy at elevated temperatures is not permissible to carry out by itself. First, it is necessary to determine the cause of the increase in body temperature, to detect and eliminate the pathogen in the inflammation.
  • In violation of the kidneys and liverespecially in chronic renal as well as liver failure, the use of oxytocin is not recommended.
  • If a a woman has a history of surgery, for example, cesarean section, the drug is not used. The danger is that a rupture of the uterus along the postoperative scar is possible due to too intense contractions.
  • Hypertonus of the uterus, which has developed beyond the interruption of gestation, is the reason why the hormonal drug should not be administered to the patient. Otherwise, it can lead to the development of uterine tetany.
  • If a woman suffers from severe gestosis use of oxytocin is unacceptable. The basis of preeclampsia are generalized vascular spasms, hypovolemia, impaired rheology and blood coagulation, changes in microcirculation.

As a result, blood and oxygen do not flow into the tissue in sufficient quantities, which leads to the development of dystrophy and necrosis. The most dangerous gestosis include dropsy, nephropathy, preeclampsia and eclampsia.

  • If a abortion was preceded by multiple births, manipulation of the uterus, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, carcinoma of the uterus, the use of oxytocin is extremely dangerous.
  • Oxytocin causes an antidiuretic effect, and as a result of hyperhydration, it is therefore necessary to control the level of blood pressure and fluid in the body.

    Any woman who has been given a hormone should be under the supervision of a physician in a specialized gynecological hospital. with an abortion license.

    In case of unpleasant complications, the gynecologist should immediately provide assistance. While taking the medication, a permanent control of uterine contraction and the level of blood pressure of the woman is necessary.

    Known deaths due to uterine rupture, profuse uncropped bleeding or hemorrhage into the subarachnoid space.

    Compliance with dosage

    Oxytocin is administered intramuscularly, intravenously, or into the cervical canal. With intramuscular administration, the drug is administered at a dose of 0.5 IU. Intravenous administration is carried out with the help of a dropper at a dose of 1-3 IU at 10-20 drops per minute.

    The action of Oxytocin in the later stages

    In later periods, the drug causes contractions, the opening of the cervical canal and the exit of the fetus.

    Risks and consequences of use

    but possible development of side effects when using large doses of the drug:

    • hypertonus of the uterus,
    • spasm of the uterus,
    • tetanus uterus,
    • uterine rupture
    • heart rhythm disorders
    • lowering blood pressure
    • increase in heart rate,
    • shock,
    • nausea,
    • vomiting
    • hyperhydration,
    • anaphylactic shock.

    Signs of the conception

    Most women will find out that they are in an interesting position, long before there is no delay, especially if this is not the first pregnancy. The main features of the come conception include:

    • swelling and tenderness of the mammary glands,
    • frequent urination,
    • irritability,
    • vomiting, most often in the morning,
    • nausea,
    • fatigue and constant weakness
    • change in taste preferences.

    But the most accurate sign of the onset of conception is a delayed menstruation. Although in some cases, such a condition of the body may indicate health problems. For this reason, before turning to traditional or traditional medicine for early termination of pregnancy, you must make sure that it is available.

    The methods of accurate diagnosis include:

    • pregnancy test,
    • examination of the gynecologist in the chair,
    • blood test for hCG
    • ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

    If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is necessary to contact a specialist for advice on the choice of methods of abortion.

    Ways to terminate pregnancy in the early stages

    Many women dream of becoming mothers and are carefully planning their desired pregnancy. But for some of them, 2 strips on the test can cause nervous stress, and the desire to get rid of the germ as soon as possible.

    There are several reasons for this condition: unwillingness to give birth at a young age, health problems, financial difficulties or the presence of children. Do not condemn such a decision, since every woman will have their own weighty reasons for such an act.

    Types of abortion in the early stages:

    Now take a closer look at each of these methods.

    Surgical abortion

    Abort unwanted pregnancy can any woman of their own free will. But such a procedure can only be carried out until a certain period, or rather, up to 12 weeks.

    Surgical abortion involves two techniques: vacuum aspiration and curettage.

    Vacuum aspiration (vacuum or mini-abortion) is performed for up to 5 weeks. The procedure is performed under anesthesia. With the help of special equipment in the form of a vacuum pump, the uterus is sucked out.

    If the pregnancy is short, a mini-abortion can be given in the antenatal clinic using local painkillers. Extremely rarely, after an abortion with vacuum, bleeding occurs. If it does appear, it lasts no longer than 7 days.

    Scraping is the most popular way to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. It is carried out for a period of up to 3 months.

    Because of pain, scraping is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, an artificial dilation of the cervix is ​​performed, after which the uterine cavity is scraped out using a curette. The duration of the operation is no more than 20 minutes. After her, the woman is under the supervision of a specialist for 2-4 hours.

    This method is the most traumatic. The consequences could be:

    • cervical injury,
    • bleeding,
    • endometrial damage
    • the inability to have children in the future
    • the appearance of a large wound on the tissues of the internal uterine cavity,
    • the appearance of endometritis and other inflammatory processes.

    Medical abortion

    It is possible to use a medical abortion for up to 6 weeks. The procedure is based on the expulsion of the embryo under the influence of certain substances. This is due to the weak attachment of the embryo to the wall of the uterus. In the later periods this will be impossible.

    Medications for early termination of pregnancy should be taken only under the supervision of a specialist and after the examinations performed. The woman should not have any contraindications for the procedure.

    Benefits of medical abortion:

    • the risk of infertility is almost absent - the drugs do not injure the uterine mucosa, thereby reducing the possibility of becoming infertile,
    • no complications - after surgical abortion, the development of various inflammatory processes in the uterine cavity is often observed, and when using tablets for abortion, there are no such consequences,
    • outpatient regimen - after taking the drug to terminate pregnancy in the early stages, there is no need for hospitalization.

    Medical abortion involves taking a hormonal drug, which is dispensed in pharmacies strictly by prescription, causing the death of the embryo, followed by a contraction of the uterus and elimination of the fetus. Such discharge is similar to normal menstruation.

    Possible consequences of medical abortion:

    • intensive bleeding leading to surgery,
    • the absence of rejection of the embryo, which leads to surgery, since it is forbidden to keep the pregnancy in this situation,
    • unbearable pain, worsening of feeling, increase or decrease in blood pressure, nausea.

    Next, we describe the main drugs that are used to eliminate unwanted conception.

    Pills for abortion in the early stages

    The use of tablets to eliminate unwanted pregnancies refers to medical abortion. This method is safe for women's health, if it occurs under the supervision of a specialist.

    Self-medication can cause irreparable harm to women's health, which is the occurrence of severe bleeding, infertility and even death.

    Next, we consider the main medicines that are used to eliminate the onset of conception.

    Other drugs

    In some cases, the following tablets are also used to terminate pregnancy in the early stages:

    • Mifeprex - recommended for pharmacology for up to 42 days. It shows high efficiency and practically does not affect the health of healthy women.
    • Pencrofton - mifepristone is present in the composition of the tablets. It is recommended as an emergency contraceptive for women who do not have children. Quite rarely, after taking the pills, gynecological complications or infertility are observed.
    • Mifegin - French-made tablets, they can be used for up to 6 weeks. The effectiveness of the drug is almost 100 percent.
    • Mytholian is another effective remedy, after the administration of which comes the rejection of the embryo together with the tissues of the uterus.

    Many women mistakenly believe that Duphaston will help to cope with an undesirable conception. This is incorrect, as these pills are designed to save pregnancy. Therefore, to disrupt an unplanned pregnancy, they are ineffective.

    Once again we want to remind you that you can use these pills only under the strict supervision of a specialist!

    Abortion at home

    In folk medicine, there are many tools that are designed to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. But to resort to them is possible only after consultation and the permission of a specialist. A side effect of such agents is poor health, heavy bleeding, or incomplete abortion. Therefore, think twice before choosing this method of abortion.

    Next, we consider the main folk remedies designed to eliminate unwanted conception. Please note that they cannot be completely safe for your health at any time, including 3-4 weeks of pregnancy.

    Most women seek to get rid of the embryo with honey, not really thinking about the consequences of such an action. This is especially dangerous in the case of the use of pure iodine, since this alcoholic infusion has a toxic effect on the human body.

    After the use of pure iodine, a severe burn of the internal organs is likely, causing serious damage to the thyroid gland and a significant change in hormonal levels. Such effects are possible after taking 3 g of iodine.

    In the people there is an opinion that a mixture based on milk and iodine is capable of coping with an unwanted pregnancy. It does not provoke such a poisonous effect as pure iodine, moreover, after taking such a composition, the death of the embryo, as a rule, occurs. But the dead embryo remains in the uterus due to the absence of uterine contractions. And, as a result, a woman develops sepsis, which entails hospital treatment.

    If after the use of this folk remedy the fetus does not die, then such a child is born with many pathologies.

    In some cases, after receiving iodine, the woman opens intense bleeding. It is extremely difficult to cope with it, which further leads to the death of the pregnant woman.


    After any abortion, especially surgical, it will take some time to restore the body. The following are recommendations that must be followed to prevent the development of complications after abortion:

    1. Refrain from intimate communication for 21 days. If you ignore this advice, then in the future it can lead to the development of various complications, inflammatory and infectious processes, and even death.
    2. Watch your well-being. Measure temperature and blood pressure. If they do not meet the norm, ask for help from specialists.
    3. For 2 weeks, give up physical exertion and weight lifting.
    4. Take only a warm shower. Refuse to visit the saunas, pool and open water.
    5. Empty the bladder and intestines in a timely manner - this will help prevent the development of inflammation in the pelvic area.
    6. Eat a balanced diet.
    7. Follow the rules of personal hygiene, twice a day, change your underwear. Rinse only with boiled water.

    Below are reviews of women who terminated the pregnancy in the early stages. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in order to understand whether to agree to this procedure or to better prepare yourself to become a mother.

    Veronica, 28 years old

    I already have 2 children, so I did not plan a new pregnancy. When I found out about her, for some time I could not recover. Immediately began to look for various means by which you can get rid of pregnancy at home with a period of 3-4 weeks. As a result, she went to a specialist, she assigned me Mifepriston. After taking it, there were no side effects, she felt well.

    Lyudmila, 32 years

    Pregnancy is good only when it is planned. Unfortunately, in my case this was not the case. I made a few mistakes. First, she did not go to the gynecologist, but used only folk remedies to interrupt conception. Secondly, after a hot bath, oregano, my state of health noticeably deteriorated, I had to call an ambulance. The result is infertility.

    Termination of pregnancy is a serious step that you may regret very much in the future. Therefore, it is better to think carefully about whether to interrupt a new life within yourself or give a chance to yourself and your family to get acquainted with the little man that you wear under your heart.

    Unwanted pregnancy

    People are arguing about whether it is possible to have an abortion if the pregnancy is unplanned and the child is not needed. For the absolute majority of couples, the right solution is timely contraception. There are many types of protection from unwanted pregnancy; everyone chooses for himself the most acceptable option. But there are situations when the sexual intercourse that occurred was unprotected, and the fertilization of the egg, most likely, will come. Pharmacology has been offering an effective solution to the problem for more than a dozen years - these are single-use tablets that prevent the development of pregnancy.

    Hormones on the way to childbirth

    The origin of life is a complex system of hormonal, chemical and physical processes. Initially, the formation and development of the egg cell, then comes the turn of its release from the ovaries, fertilization, promotion through the fallopian tubes and fixation in the uterus. All these processes are the first stages of a baby’s life. And it is certain hormones that regulate and direct the course of these events. The use of female hormones, contributing to the violation of the nature of the rhythm of the birth of a new life, which was debugged by nature, has enabled a person to exclude pregnancy if it is not needed. The most common remedy that has a similar effect is the postinor interruption pill.

    What works in the preparation?

    In order for a woman to become pregnant, a very complex system works in her body, which is regulated by female sex hormones. Their common name is progestogen. Pharmacology has learned how to obtain such substances synthetically, namely levonorgestrel, the basis of the “Postinor” preparation, belongs to them. Analogs (as safe as this remedy) can contain both this synthetic hormone and some others, which are also artificially obtained progestogens.

    Two pills

    All the information necessary for a woman contains (about the drug "Postinor") instruction. The price of this tool in Russia does not exceed 400 rubles, which makes it as affordable as possible. Since this drug can not be taken frequently and used as regular contraception, one package includes only two tablets. Each of them contains the active component levonorgestrel in the amount of 750 mg. Additional formative components are:

    • silicon dioxide colloidal anhydrous,
    • potato starch,
    • corn starch,
    • lactose monohydrate,
    • magnesium stearate,
    • talc.

    Tablets are small in size - about 6 mm in diameter. They are white, rounded in shape, one of the sides is lined with a line in the middle, on the other there is a dented inscription INOR. Launches the drug "Postinor" for abortion in the early stages of the Hungarian company Gedeon Richter.

    How does the tool work?

    Levonorgestrel, the active ingredient in Postinor, performs the same function as the hormone progesterone produced by the corpus luteum in the ovaries. It serves as a starting point for the onset of menstruation and is produced by the body throughout the entire period of menstruation. Another functional feature of this drug is the suppression of the functional estrogen responsible for the ability of a woman's body to conceive, bear and give birth to a child. A more detailed description of the effects on the body with a drug such as Postinor in the instructions. The price, which is affordable for most women, makes the drug a popular emergency drug in case of unprotected intercourse.

    The path of the drug in a woman's body

    As mentioned above, the active component of the postinor drug for abortion in the early stages is the levonorgestrel. The form of the drug involves its oral use, the substance is absorbed into the body from the gastrointestinal tract. This synthetic hormone acts on a woman's body as follows:

    • slows down ovulation
    • causes changes in the structure of the endometrium, which makes it impossible to implant a fertilized egg into the walls of the uterus,
    • thickens cervical mucus, which prevents the activity of sperm and inhibits their progress to the mature egg.

    Postinor has 100% bioavailability. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it completely penetrates the systemic circulation. The maximum level of concentration of this agent in the body is reached after 1.5-2 hours. In the liver, levonorgestrel breaks down into inactive metabolites and is excreted from the body with urine within 24 hours.

    Time is important

    For women in an ambiguous situation with unprotected intercourse of women who are not planning to become pregnant, the question becomes - how to use Postinor to terminate a pregnancy? Here, the main role is played by the time of taking the pill of the drug - the earlier it is taken, the more effective will be the consequences of taking it.

    According to the research, taking Postinor in the first 24 hours after unprotected intercourse helps prevent pregnancy in 95% of cases. If this period is extended to 48 hours, the tool provides protection only to 85% of women, another 24 hours of waiting (3 days after the LA) reduces to 58% the probability of preventing the onset of unwanted pregnancy through Postinor.

    Prescription drug

    Although oral contraceptives are available in pharmacy chains without a doctor's prescription, they still require consultation with a specialist before using them. Like all drugs, "Postinor" side effects are quite extensive. For many women, the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse seem to be something unlikely, but the hope of “maybe carrying it on” often causes them to resort to abortion. There is a widespread opinion among girls about the indefinite efficacy of the postinor drug. Termination of pregnancy at 5 weeks and later, however, with its help is impossible. Only in the first three days after sexual intercourse taking the drug can help avoid pregnancy. Therefore, this drug is a means of emergency contraception.


    The availability of the drug "Postinor" makes it a popular means of emergency contraception, but you should always take into account before taking the pill, its contraindications. There are not many of them, but they are very important:

    • pregnancy,
    • individual intolerance of the active component - levonorgestrel,
    • lactation,
    • period after hepatitis (jaundice),
    • suspicion of pregnancy
    • severe liver disease,
    • severe biliary tract diseases.

    Also, the drug is not recommended for use by girls under 16 years of age due to the low level of knowledge of the effect of the active hormonal component on the developing body of a teenager.

    Side effects

    Women conceive of an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. Often emergency contraception is the only way to avoid unnecessary consequences of proximity. It was then that many remember about the “old” Postinor, which has been tested over the years. The side effects that have become the source of all kinds of “horror stories” are actually present, but, naturally, their real manifestation is not as terrible as women who are forced to use it transmit it from generation to generation. Nevertheless, it is better to know about the disadvantages of the postinor drug in advance. They are listed below:

    • pain in the lower abdomen,
    • headaches,
    • dizziness,
    • itchy skin
    • hives,
    • menstrual bleeding
    • swelling and tenderness in the mammary glands,
    • diarrhea,
    • vomiting
    • failures in the menstrual cycle
    • nausea,
    • fatigue.

    It is especially important to remember about possible failures in the menstrual cycle, as well as the strengthening or scarcity of subsequent menstruation. You may need appropriate therapy to normalize the menstrual cycle.

    Truth or lie?

    About the drug "Postinor", the side effects of which were discussed above, there are a lot of rumors. Most often, women say that after taking it, obesity and thickening of blood occurs. But the results of studies conducted by the manufacturer of the drug did not confirm this assumption. If it is used in the indicated dosage, then there are no violations of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as failures in the coagulation system.


    They will help determine the need for the use of the drug "Postinor" reviews. The consequences that arise after its use in the worst case are generally described by women as the onset of uterine bleeding, which can only be stopped in a medical institution. Although the manufacturer says that there are no irregularities in the blood clotting system with the correct use of the drug, for many women this is the outcome that resulted from its use.

    Hormonal disbalance

    There are many actual cases of hormonal disorders associated with unprotected sexual intercourse and the subsequent intake of emergency contraceptive medications. Proof of this is the opinion of users about the tool "Postinor". Consequences (feedback from women indicates that they still happen) that occur after its use, of course, can cause a delay in the onset of regular periods, sometimes reaching several months. But such cases are extremely rare, as well as increasing masculinity, the appearance of acne, infertility or miscarriage of subsequent pregnancies. Experts recommend to prevent the occurrence of such effects use emergency contraception drug "Postinor" no more than 4 times in one year.

    Does the drug work?

    A lot of controversy is caused by the use of the drug Postinor for termination of pregnancy in the early stages. In fact, he prevents the onset of pregnancy, he can not remove the existing life in the womb of the mother. Moreover, the reception of "Postinor" during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated! Women do not argue about whether this medicine helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies well - it helped someone in an emergency, someone used it too late and this is the reason for the subsequent abortion or the birth of a baby. Once again, it is necessary to take "Postinor" at least 72 hours after sexual intercourse with the possibility of fertilization. Moreover, you need to drink two tablets with an interval of 12 hours. If you take "Postinor" later or use only 1 pill, then the probability of getting pregnant seriously increases. Remember this.

    Similar drugs

    One of the most popular means of emergency contraception is the postinor pharmacy drug. Safe analogues of this drug, also dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, may contain both levonorgestrel and other synthetic hormones. Identical in composition and action are drugs "Eskapel", "Eskinor-F". For women's health, it is preferable to use course contraceptives prescribed by the attending physician, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's body. Emergency contraception - an extreme case and the postinor drug for termination of pregnancy in the early stages should be used only as a last resort.

    For the absolute majority of women, motherhood is a desirable moment in life. But the child should be born when they are waiting for his appearance, and the parents are ready for this. Unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to an unwanted pregnancy, and, as a result, either an abortion, or the birth of an unnecessary baby to anyone. In case of emergency, the postinor drug helps prevent conception, but its use should be very, very rare. A woman must take a responsible attitude not only to a future pregnancy, but also to her health. Therefore, course contraception or the use of condoms is the best way to protect against pregnancy and preserve fertility.

    Eskapela principle

    Thanks to its active substance - levonorgestrel, the drug in question is inherently a universal contraceptive method. The mechanism of action of the drug depends on the time of its reception, so gynecologists distinguish two types of his work:

    • If a woman used a contraceptive to prevent an unwanted pregnancy during the first phase of the menstrual cycle, thanks to her chemical formula, Escapel switches on the progestogenic mechanism and delays the onset of ovulation. The probability of unwanted pregnancy is reduced to 1 - 3%.
    • There are situations when unprotected sex demanded that women decide to use the drug in the second phase of the cycle. In this case, the main mechanism of contraception will already be the possibility of a derivative of levonorgestrel to block the release of estrogen, which leads to a decrease in the ability of the endometrium of the uterine cavity to receive a fertilized egg. The consequence of this action of the drug may be the early onset of menstruation.

    We recommend reading the article on abortion in the early stages. From it you will learn about the types of abortions, features of vacuum and surgical interruption, the use of folk remedies.

    And here more about the miscarriage in the early stages.

    Experts say that the use of this drug to protect against unwanted pregnancy reduces its likelihood to critically low numbers. Usually, no more than 2% of women could suddenly conceive after taking Escapel.

    Pregnancy causes global hormonal changes in the female body, so the later a medical abortion or vacuum extraction was carried out, the greater the problems a patient may have. However, the ladies should be aware that Escapel is not the solution to this problem.

    Escapel prevents pregnancy from occurring, which, of course, is safer for women than the most benign method of interrupting it. In addition to interfering with the hormonal system of a woman, the drug is able to reduce the patency of the cervix for spermatozoa, that is, it also provides for the mechanical protection of the patient from unplanned conception.

    Features of admission during pregnancy

    Escapel is not in the customary sense for most women a tool used in medical practice for medical abortion. Since the drug only inhibits the production of estrogen and does not affect progesterone, it cannot help to interrupt the pregnancy even 3–4 days after its occurrence.

    The main function of the drug is to prevent conception immediately after sexual intercourse, the maximum period when it makes sense to take it, can not exceed 72 hours after unprotected communication. Many experts note that the use of Eskapela helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the earliest terms, which should have a beneficial effect on the condition of the woman.

    See the emergency contraception video:

    Side effects after taking Eskapel

    It should be emphasized that since Escapel is not a tool for conventional medical abortion, the side effects of using it are slightly different from the effects of a standard abortion. However, several common manifestations and symptoms persist:

    • In the first place, all specialized means can cause a digestive disturbance in the woman and disorders of the central nervous system. Nausea, vomiting, and abnormal stool occur in 15–20% of cases, and dizziness, weakness, and a drop in blood pressure have been noted by doctors in 25% of patients. Usually, such states quickly pass by themselves and in very rare cases require medical correction.
    • 10% of pregnant women are diagnosed with mild allergic reactions, which are easily removed by taking the drugs “Suprastin” or “Dimedrol”. When prescribing Eskapela similar symptoms occur 2 times less, which is explained by the chemical formula of the drug.
    • With conventional medical abortion, heavy menstrual bleeding is possible. If a woman drinks Escapel, such excretions are not so abundant, which is explained by the short duration of pregnancy and poor attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterus wall.
    • In both cases, pronounced pain in the abdomen is possible, but since Escapel does not cause contraction of the walls of the uterus, pain will not be so pronounced when it is used.
    • Unlike conventional drugs for medical abortion, after which it is necessary to carry out a repeated mechanical procedure for extracting the remnants of a fertilized egg to every 10 women, the drug under consideration does not cause such failures more than 1 time per 100 patients.

    Drug cost

    Since this drug is manufactured exclusively by Gedeon Richter, the retail price in most pharmacies is about the same. The package contains one tablet dosage of 1.5 mg.

    In the pharmacy network of Ukraine, medicine can be purchased from 190 to 220 hryvnia, depending on the price policy of the owner. In the Russian Federation, fluctuations in the cost of the drug will be more pronounced, and this mainly depends on the region. The run-up will be from 650 rubles per pack to 900 rubles.

    Alternative methods of abortion

    Family planning is currently the main concern of a large group of specialists, which includes medical staff of women's clinics. There is a lot of explanatory work with women, the harm of abortion is emphasized in the mass media.

    Both of these methods have their positive and negative sides. However, both medicinal disposal of unwanted pregnancy, and vacuum aspiration are quite dangerous procedures that can lead to various complications from the patient's reproductive system.

    But if the undesirable conception has nevertheless come, then a medical abortion is an alternative to the instrumental solution of this problem. When appointing the last woman, it should be borne in mind that this intervention can be carried out only up to 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, while vacuum aspiration is also prescribed in later periods.

    Mini-abortion, in its essence, is an operation when a special tube is inserted into the uterus, through which a fertilized egg is sucked out with a large syringe. The procedure is performed blindly, the doctor is guided only by his tactile sensations and experience, so there remains the likelihood of various complications, including trauma to the uterine wall. It should not be discounted and the possibility of the presence of residues of the part of the ovum in the cavity of the reproductive organ.

    Elimination of pregnancy with the help of drugs began to be widely introduced into practice at the beginning of the 21st century, although it has not yet received sufficient dissemination. A similar situation is associated with poor explanatory work of gynecologists among the female population and the relatively high cost of contraceptive drugs.

    For example, you can call the drug Mifepristone, which has a large number of trade names. In the Russian Federation and Ukraine, women most frequently recommend Miropriston to women for medical abortion.

    Another group of drugs used to terminate a pregnancy is an analogue of prostaglandins. Its effect on the female body causes a sharp contraction of the muscles of the uterine wall, which leads to the rejection of the ovum and the beginning of menstruation. The most commonly used drug in this group is Mirolyut.

    Benefits of Medical Abortion in Unplanned Pregnancy

    The advantages of this method, experts include:

    • Full safety for a woman’s health, no risk of uterine injury and infectious complications.
    • Since natural hormonal medications are used, in this case the whole physiology of the miscarriage is preserved, that is, there is no gross interference with the mechanism of the patient's menstrual cycle.
    • Instrumental control over the complete release of the ovum is required 3–4 times less than after vacuum aspiration.

    The negative aspects of this method of getting rid of a woman from unwanted pregnancy most often include the duration of the procedure, which usually lasts from 1 to 3 days. Do not forget that with the reduction of the uterus, patients may experience quite a lot of pain, but a properly conducted preparatory period will help to level these unpleasant moments.

    We recommend to read an article about scraping. From it you will learn about the causes of surgery and cleaning of the uterus, as well as planning for pregnancy in the future.

    If a woman has unplanned sexual intercourse, there is a high probability of fertilization, in the first 72 hours after intercourse, Escapel will help her solve this problem with a 95% guarantee and with minimal consequences for her health.

    In the later stages of pregnancy, the use of the drug will not give a positive effect and will have to resort to the help of specialists. The sooner a woman see a doctor for help, the less risk to health she can solve her problem.