The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Leonard


May 18, May 30, July 9, November 6, November 18, November 26

Leonardo is an unprecedented phlegmatic person. The man is completely satisfied with himself, does not see in himself any shortcomings. He likes to communicate with people around him, as loneliness gives him genuine sadness. In addition, he likes to be admired, so he will not deny himself the opportunity to appear in all its glory in front of his close environment.

Despite the fact that Leonardo has the lion's nature, he is not aggressive. He has excellent intuition, which helps him to achieve excellent results in professional terms. Outwardly, Leo is imperturbable, but behind this lies an extraordinary personality with a multitude of talents, a bright and sometimes even unpredictable fantasy and nontrivial imagination. Thanks to these qualities, Leonardo reaches heights in the field of art.

In childhood, the boy Leonardo gives his parents a lot of worries. This is due to the fact that he is very cocky, stubborn and energetic. He becomes a party to the quarrels and conflicts in the school, and enters into a confrontation not only with peers, but also with teachers. At school he tries to attend all kinds of art and art circles, which is a kind of hobby for him. However, in the future, one of the directions becomes key for him and develops into work.

Leo can not live without women a single day. Intimacy plays a special role in relations with the opposite sex. This is not just an animal instinct for him, but a real sacrament, which he can share only with a very close and dear person. Leonardo in his youth walks a lot, so he marries several times. However, in most cases they soon fall apart. Only on his own mistakes can he find exactly the woman who will become a harmonious couple for him.

Because of his stolidity and unbelievable laziness, the owner of the name seldom helps his wife with his life, which often leads to divorce. But despite this, he takes the leading position in his family, capturing the palm. He likes to welcome guests, spending long evenings with them.


Parents often complain about the stubbornness and bulliness of little Leonard, he gives a lot of anxiety in childhood. He likes to argue with everyone, to prove something constantly. With age, his character varies little. Conflicts with teachers continue at school. But at the same time, the young man never climbs into the affairs of others, he does not like to impose.

Adult representative of the name - outwardly balanced, harmonious, bright and cheerful young man. He already knows how to control himself in public. He likes peace of mind, comfort. Whatever this he does, he tries to be the first in everything.

The mystery of the name of Leonard is in his "lion" essence. This man is stubborn, often conflicted with others and self-satisfied at the same time, although he never shows open aggression. By temperament, he is more phlegmatic. It is given by an endurance of character and slowness in business. This is a guy, as they say, with laziness: he does not like to get up in the morning, with pleasure he basks in bed for a long time. However, the owner of this name never sits idle, otherwise bored.

Leonard needs constant communication, but not just to chat. He does not tolerate loneliness. Nearby there should always be people who would admire his mind and beauty - the “royal” name demands it extremely. He is a real "secular" lion: he loves parties, noisy companies, leads an active lifestyle. He always has a lot of friends.

Hobby and profession

Behind the external slowness and imperturbability lies a talented and versatile personality. Leonard usually has many different hobbies, and in each of them he tries to consider his future profession. Among the favorite hobbies can be called reading. He is an active, energetic guy, with great pleasure in sports, loves ballet. His natural artistry, developed imagination and creative streak attract dramatic circle. In the future, it is art that becomes the area in which it can manifest itself most clearly.

Reluctantly doing school, Leonard successfully graduates from a university, but he rarely works in his specialty. Shows analytical skills. He adores cars, business trips are important for him, as he constantly needs a change of places and impressions. In the professional sphere, he becomes successful as a musician, choreographer, driver, doctor, lawyer, economist, programmer. He is also lucky in the role of an entrepreneur.

Love and family

The power of the name greatly influences the personal life of Leonard. In need of admiration, he always tries to surround himself with beautiful women. For him, sex is important, in the vicinity of a man sees a certain sacrament.

Marries deliberately, enough to walk up to it. His woman should be charming, well-groomed, sensual. Often has one child. This is not the worst husband, he is economic and loving children. But family life is not always successful. Strong relationships are hindered by pride and an incredible desire to be a commander in everything.

Characteristic spell name

L - aesthetic view of things, creative abilities. Such a person is interesting in communication, knows how to have, to concede and adapt to other people. She loves surprises and unusual situations. Able to love, faithful to the chosen one. He wants to share knowledge, emotions and feelings with the second half. Strongly attached to native people.
The letter "L" at the beginning of the name speaks of the narcissism, capriciousness of such a person, dismissive attitude towards others.

E - persistence in achieving goals, sociability, the need for personal growth and self-expression, the desire for power, insight. The owner of the name with this letter is capable of decisive actions. Often acts on emotions, without thinking about the consequences. In conflicts, prefers to act as a mediator. Endowed with simplicity and charm, able to magnetically act on others. Because of the love of freedom is alone in life.

About - activity, stubbornness in achieving the desired, the desire for sensory knowledge of the world and yourself, insight. The carrier of the name with this letter is able to dispose of money. This is a cheerful, kind and helpful person. In love, capable of deep sincere feelings.

H - inner strength, fortitude, sharp mind. Such a person is selective in everything, uncompromising, does not know how to compromise. In work, he shows himself as a diligent, executive and responsible employee, does not like monotonous work. Taking care of your health. In love, makes excessive demands on the chosen one.

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.

P - courage, commitment to action, responsibility, ability to delve into the essence of what is happening, self-righteousness. The carrier of the name with this letter is an optimist. Not discouraged and does not give up in case of failures. Prone to risk. As a life partner, she chooses a strong spirit, loyal and able to support a partner in a difficult moment.

D - reasonableness of actions, responsibility, self-sufficiency, responsiveness, ability to keep a word. The letter "D" symbolizes external beauty and material well-being, which can generate pride and boasting. Such a person is prone to telepathy and clairvoyance. Focused on the family, in a relationship it is capricious.

Characteristic name for numerology

2 - activity, responsibility, diligence, kindness, anxiety. A person with such a number of names can adapt to circumstances. Cleverly bypasses the obstacles to the goal. Has a rich imagination and creative abilities. Able to work hard. A merit-based labor assessment motivates work even harder. The greatest success brings collective work. Due to the lack of leadership qualities such a person does not know how to lead. He is more comfortable working in submission. Kindness helps to maintain friendly relations with others. Anxiety over trifles can lead to self-doubt. The main disadvantages of the "two": a tendency to mood swings and greed. In family life, he becomes a good owner, knows how to remain faithful to the chosen one.

Compatibility of the name of Leonardo, a manifestation in love

But abilities are many, and they are very diverse. Accordingly, there may be several ways to implement them. Therefore, quite often you are faced with the need to abandon one possibility in favor of another.

It is good if you have enough prudence to focus on a specific goal, and to direct all forces to its achievement. It’s bad if you try to “chase after two hares”, not wanting to give up even a small chance of success. In this case, you risk wasting all your spiritual potential in vain, “spraying” it, putting it in the wind. And - to remain with nothing.

You should trust your heart more. He is unimportant external brilliance, all that tinsel, which is usually decorated with the life of artistic natures. Therefore, it is precisely at the right time that it will prompt you the only right decision. Try to “hear” him.

Meaning of the name Leonardo

Named Leonard

Leonard's name day (according to the Catholic calendar, this name does not appear in the Orthodox calendar) February 27, November 6 and 26. Saints of the Catholic Church named Leonard: Leonard from Noblak, Leonard from Porto Maurizio, Leonard of Seville.

Meaning of the name Leonard

Leonard means "strong, courageous lion" (this is a translation of the name Leonard from the Old Germanic language).

The origin of the name Leonard

Analysis of the mystery of the Leonard name makes sense to start with its origin. The history of the name Leonard has German roots. It came from the ancient German name Leonhard, consisting of two words: “leon” (lion) and “hard” (strong, courageous).

What does the name Leonard in B.Higiru mean

In accordance with the interpretation of the name Leonard according to B. Khigiru in childhood, the carrier of this name is a stubborn, irritable child, restless, cocky, and, oddly enough, lazy. With age, the character almost does not change. Leonard, born in winter, is a man of principle, conflict, pragmatic, not devoid of narcissism, but this is not surprising, because he is talented, very efficient, in everything tends to be the first. Often does not work in the specialty. Achieves success in law, medicine, music and ballet.

Leonard does not like homework and therefore rarely helps his wife. His first marriage often ends in divorce. The character of the name Leonard is such that the owner of this name in the family is always the leader. Hospitable. Leonard, born in the summer, loves to live on a grand scale, loving, married late, the "autumn" Leonard is a sly man, knows how to adapt well.

According to the description of the name Leonard by N. Zagovorova, both in early childhood, and in adolescence, and in the most respectable age, its carrier, in essence, remains one and the same person: cocky, unassembled, inattentive, lover of being lazy, desperate arguer. Parents, teachers, colleagues at work look at him with some caution: what else will he throw out?

For this ability to bring a revival Leonard and love. And women, too, Leonard, as a rule, a great many. He is getting away with everything. In addition, Leonard cannot be called a useless person: he is smart, well-read, intelligent, talented, principled, can always offer an unexpected solution to a problem that no one else would think of. Sometimes he is too pragmatic, but this character trait rarely leads to global changes in relationships.

In family life, Leonard is rarely lucky: sometimes the first marriage ends in divorce. This is understandable: in the house, Leonard is trying to be a commander.

Variants of the name Leonard: Leonardo, Lenard.

Diminutive Leonard: Leo, Leonardushka, Leonardik, Len, Lence.

The name Leonard in different languages

  • The name Leonard in English: Leonard (Leonard), Lenard (Lenard).
  • Name Leonard in German: Leonhard (Leonhard, Leonhard), Leonard (Leonard).
  • Name Leonard in French: L? Onard (Léonard), Li? Nard, Li? Nart (Lienar).
  • Name Leonard in Spanish: Leonardo (Leonardo).
  • Name Leonard in Portuguese: Leonardo.
  • Name Leonard in Italian: Leonardo (Leonardo).
  • Name Leonard in Corsican language: Leunardu (Leunard), Leonardu (Leonard).
  • Name Leonard in Catalan: Lleonard (Lleunard, Lleonard).
  • The name Leonard in Hungarian: L? N? Rd (Lenard).
  • The name Leonard in Belarusian: Leanard, Lenart, Lenar.
  • The name Leonard in Polish: Leonard (Leonard), Lenard (Lenard), Lenart (Lenart).
  • The name Leonard in Czech: Leonard.
  • Name Leonard in Breton language: Linart (Linart), L? Nard (Lenard).
  • Name Leonard in Dutch: Leonardus (Leonardus), Leonard (Leonard), Leendert (Lendert), Lennart (Lennart), Lenaert, Lenart (Lenart), Lindert (Lindert).
  • The name Leonard in Danish: Lennart, Lennarth (Lennart), Lenarth (Lenart), Lennard (Lennard), Lennert (Lennert), Leonard (Leonar).
  • Name Leonard in Swedish: Lennart, Lennarth (Lennart), Lenart (Lennart), Lenhart (Lenhart), Leonard (Leonard).
  • Name Leonard in Norwegian: Lennart (Lennart), Lennert (Lennert), Leonard (Leonard).

Famous Leonards:

  • Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) - the great Italian artist (painter, sculptor, architect) and scientist (anatomist, naturalist), one of the largest representatives of the art of the High Renaissance.
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo (da) Vinci) - Italian composer, court conductor in Naples.
  • Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio) - American actor. Three times nominee for the Oscar. Most famous for his roles in films such as Titanic, The Beach, Gangs of New York, The Departed, Catch Me If You Can, Island of the Damned and The Beginning.
  • Leonhard Euler - Swiss, German and Russian mathematician, who made a significant contribution to the development of mathematics, as well as mechanics, physics, astronomy and a number of applied sciences.
  • Leonard Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein) - American composer, pianist and conductor.
  • Leonard Cohen (Leonard Norman Cohen) - Canadian poet, writer, singer and songwriter.
  • Leonard Nimoy - American actor, director, poet and photographer, best known for his role as Spock in the Star Trek television series and subsequent feature films.
  • Leonard Bloomfield - American linguist, professor, one of the founders of the descriptive direction of structural linguistics. One of the outstanding linguists of the XX century.
  • Leonard Slatkin - American Conductor.
  • Leonard Steinneger (Leonhard Hess Stejneger) is an American zoologist of Norwegian origin, a systematist, engaged in ornithology, herpetology.
  • Leonard Skersky - General of the Russian Army, divisional general of the Polish Army.
  • Leonard Susskind (Leonard Susskind) is an American theoretical physicist, one of the founders of string theory, who now teaches at Stanford University.
  • Leonard Maltin is a famous American film critic and film historian.
  • Leonard Borisovich Ternovsky - a doctor, a writer, a member of the human rights movement in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, was awarded the medal of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation "Hurry to do good."
  • Leonard Stock (Leonhard Stock) - Austrian skier, Olympic champion in 1980 in the downhill, bronze medalist of the World Cup in 1980 in combination.
  • Leonard Adleman (Leonard Adleman) is an American computer science theorist in the field of computer science, a professor of computer science and molecular biology at the University of Southern California. He is known as co-author of the RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) encryption system and DNA computing. RSA is widely used in computer security applications, including the HTTPS protocol.
  • Leonard Petrosyan is a state and military leader of the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Killed as a result of a terrorist act.
  • Leonard Sergeevich Perelomov - President of the Russian Confucian Foundation, Sinologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, President of the Moscow Wushu Federation, President of the Moscow House of Confucius, author of a large number of monographs and translations of Chinese classics, the largest in Russia and abroad in China's study of the Confucian heritage.
  • Leonard Peterson (C. J. Leonard Peterson) - Swedish gymnast, champion of the 1908 Summer Olympics.
  • Leonard Petrovich Zagursky - Russian linguist and ethnographer.

Characteristic name of Leonardo

Your power can harm you, if you start abusing alcohol or start other harmful habits - it will be very difficult for you to get rid of them.

Your main support is faith in yourself and the Higher Forces, as well as love for your people.

In your youth, your character can be ambivalent, which gives you an external inconsistency and irrationality and leads to many problems. You can be generous, cordial, kind - even to the detriment of yourself. And at the same time, they are able to suddenly become tough, alienated, cold and very selfish, seeking personal gain and sacrificing the interests of people close to you. And you can soar in the clouds, be scattered and impractical, do not listen to sensible advice. Such an abrupt change of mood can cause some delay in your personal development, but only until these facets of your character merge and become one.Then you will finally see your highest goals and begin to look for a place among those who strive to achieve the welfare of all mankind.

Leonard and his personal life

Love and marriage: Leonard is very fond of beautiful women, and sex is of great importance to him - Leonard perceives intimate intimacy as a sacrament. Having walked in his youth, Leonard tries to get married, but more often than not, he is not the most successful. Marries Leonard several times, choosing women who are ready to admire him.

The name Leonard does not like homework and therefore rarely helps his wife. His first marriage often ends in divorce. In the family is always a leader. Hospitable. Leonard, born in the summer, loves to live in a big way, loving, married late, the "autumn" Leonard is a sly man, he knows how to adapt well.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: With the passage of time, Leonard has little character. He constantly strives to be the first in everything, whatever he does. He successfully graduated from university, but his specialty rarely works. In choosing a profession, the name Leonard will pay the closest attention to whether he will be in a business trip - he likes a change of scenery, and such trips will only please Leonard. Everything is explained by the fact that he quickly adapts to the circumstances. Most often, Leonard chooses the profession of lawyer, musician, doctor, driver. His talents will unfold to the maximum, if Leonard devotes himself to art.

Health and energy

In childhood, Leonard is very sick. He may even faint or catch a cold from scratch. Parents often say that Leonard gives them trouble, because he is very cocky and stubborn. At school, she often gets into arguments and conflicts not only with classmates, but also with teachers. Leonard loves to read, is fond of sports, attends various circles. Usually he is endowed with a large number of talents and through a hobby he tries to develop them, and only then one of them does his job.

The name Leonard is a bit lazy and would not mind sleeping a little longer. By nature - a phlegmatic person, and least of all he wants to constantly run somewhere. Despite this, Leonard never sits idle, because otherwise he quickly starts to get bored. The analytical mindset leads to the fact that Leonard will not particularly go into the details of the case. By the way, he is always afraid to seem intrusive, and therefore prefers not to interfere in the affairs of others.

In childhood - a stubborn, irritable child, restless, cocky, and, oddly enough, lazy. With age, the character almost does not change. Leonard, born in winter, is a man of principle, conflict, pragmatic, not devoid of narcissism, but this is not surprising, because he is talented, very efficient, in everything tends to be the first. Often does not work in the specialty. Achieves success in law, medicine, music and ballet.

The fate of Leonard in history

What does the name Leonard mean for male destiny?

  1. Leonard A. Yanchevsky - Russian geologist, mining engineer. Born in 1858. He graduated from the course at the Mining Institute. Geological research was carried out in the Transbaikal region, then in the vicinity of Nerchinsk and along the tributaries of the Onon river (gold mining) and in 1889 the coal fields of the Kirgiz steppes, and In 1900, the gold-bearing conditions of the Yenisei mining district. With the beginning of the construction of the Siberian Railway, Yanchevsky joined the geological party, which carried out research along the Central Siberian and Baikal-Baikal sections of the Siberian Railway. Later, Yanchevsky was a professor of mineralogy at the Ekaterinoslav Higher Mining School.
  2. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci - Italian scientist, artist, writer, inventor. Is one of the most famous representatives of the Renaissance
  3. Lenny Bruce (Leonard Alfred Schneide) is a master of humorous improvisation, an American satirist, author of articles, books and records. There is a version that Lenny Bruce died of a drug overdose
  4. Leonard Radolf "Lenny" Wilkens - American coach and basketball player
  5. Lenny James - British playwright, actor ("Big Kush")
  6. Leonard Albert "Lenny" Kravitz - American singer and songwriter, arranger, producer
  7. Leonard Skersky - Divisional General of the Polish Army and Major General of the Russian Army
  8. C.J.Leonard Peterson - gymnast of Swedish descent, champion of the Summer Olympic Games
  9. Leonard Kruse - Soviet Estonian Pilot
  10. Leonard Ternovsky - writer, doctor, member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, member of the human rights movement in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia
  11. Leonard Yachevsky - Russian mining engineer and geologist
  12. Leonard Susskind is an American theoretical physicist. She teaches at Stanford University.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

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