Komplivit Oftalmo: description, prices, reviews, analogues


Film Coated Tablets from pinkish orange to orange, round, biconvex, with a characteristic odor.

Excipients: talc, potato starch, citric acid, ludipress (lactose monohydrate, povidone, crospovidone), low molecular weight povidone (low molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone), magnesium stearate, sucrose (sugar), D-sorbitol (sorbitol), carmellose sodium

Shell composition: Hyprolosis (hydroxypropylcellulose), macrogol (polyethylene glycol), low molecular weight povidone (low molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone), titanium dioxide (E171), talcum, dye, sunset sunset yellow (E110).

30 pieces - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.
60 pcs. - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.
90 pcs. - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.
100 pieces. - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.
120 pcs. - polymer cans (1) - cardboard packs.

pharmachologic effect

Combined product containing a complex of vitamins, microelements and plant carotenoids.

Pharmacological action of the drug due to the properties of its constituent components.

The compatibility of the components in 1 tablet is provided by a special production technology for vitamin preparations.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - regulates capillary permeability, plays an important role in maintaining their elasticity. It activates the activity of the endocrine glands, regulates blood clotting, tissue regeneration, the formation of steroid hormones, collagen synthesis. It has a stimulating effect on the body as a whole, increases its adaptive capacity, resistance to infections and adverse effects.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) - participates in the process of impulse transmission through the nerve fiber. Participates in the coordination of the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine systems. It plays a key role in ensuring the normal flow of energy metabolism.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - participates in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, in the synthesis of hemoglobin and erythropoietin. Needed to maintain normal visual function.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) - as a coenzyme takes part in the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates. Ensures the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Folic acid (vitamin bwith) - in the form of coenzyme is included in various metabolic processes necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids. It has antianemic effect.

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) - participates in the synthesis of nucleotides, is an important factor in blood formation and normal growth of epithelial cells, necessary for the metabolism of folic acid and the synthesis of myelin.

Rutozid (rutin, vitamin P) - participates in redox processes, has antioxidant properties, prevents oxidation and contributes to the deposition of ascorbic acid in tissues. Strengthens the walls of capillaries, regulating their permeability. Reduces swelling and inflammation, strengthens the vascular wall.

Retinol (Vitamin A) - as an integral part of the visual pigment, rhodopsin is important in maintaining the visual function, ensures the normal functioning of the visual analyzer and the perception of the eye by the light. Effective in hemeralopia ("night blindness"), diseases of the retina and cornea. Participates in the processes of regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes.

α-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) - has antioxidant properties, maintains erythrocyte stability, has a positive effect on the function of the sex glands, nervous and muscle tissue. Participates in the processes of tissue respiration, affects the function of the endocrine glands, slows down the aging process of body tissues.

Lutein and zeaxanthin - carotenoids, yellow pigments, necessary for the normal functioning of the retina. Protect the eye from damage due to ultraviolet light. They are components of the antioxidant system of the retina, one of the most important eye protection factors. Lutein and zeaxanthin located in the crystalline lens and retina protect the photoreceptors of cells from oxygen radicals produced by the adverse effects of radiation of various origins on the eye. The low content of lutein and zeaxanthin in the tissues of the eye leads to a weakening of the ability of the eye to resist adverse factors, prolonged visual loads, computer radiation.

Selenium - natural antioxidant, improves immunity. In combination with vitamins A, E and C, it has a pronounced antioxidant effect, improves the adaptive abilities of the body under the influence of adverse factors (stress, smoking, environmental pollution).

Copper - is a catalyst for many biochemical reactions. Participates in the synthesis of melanin. It plays a significant role in the formation of collagen and elastin, is a necessary component of the exchange of iron, plays an important role in the process of blood formation.

Zinc - promotes the utilization of vitamin A retina. Prevents the development of hemeralopia ("night blindness"). Zinc is necessary for the synthesis of insulin, hormones of the sex glands, and is necessary for the normal activity of the lymphoid tissue. Zinc deficiency is associated with the development of retrobulbar neuritis, blepharitis, decreased color perception, and cataract formation.

As a result, the drug provides a balanced intake of components necessary to maintain optimal functioning of the body, has an ophthalmoprotective effect due to the complex effect of its vitamins, minerals and carotenoids, improves eyesight at increased visual loads, has an antioxidant effect (protects eye tissue from free radicals) . It can be recommended when wearing contact lenses, because contains the components necessary for tissue regeneration, incl. and the cornea, the damage of which by contact lenses always occurs to one degree or another.

Complivit Oftalmo

Description relevant to 02.03.2015

  • Latin name: Complivit oftalmo
  • ATH code: A11AA04
  • Active substance: Multivitamins with microelements (Polyvitamins with microelements)
  • Manufacturer: PHARMSTANDART-UFAVITA, OJSC (Russia)

Indications for use

  • eye pain and fatigue that are manifestation visual fatigue syndrome with long wearing contact lenses, working at a computer, reading,
  • violation of twilight visual perception,
  • prevention of lack of minerals and vitamins in the body.


Non-compliance with the dosing regimen may be manifested by a clinical picture. hypervitaminosis.

With one-time intake of large doses, detoxification therapy is carried out, measures are being taken to remove the remnants of the drug from the lumen of the digestive tract to stop further absorption of the active components.

Effective gastric lavage, the use of enterosorbents (Smecta, Activated Carbon, Polysorb other).

special instructions

Do not take more than 1 tablet per day.

During treatment, temporary staining of urine into an amber, bright yellow color is possible as a result of the metabolism of Riboflavin, one of the active components of the drug.

  • Bio Max,
  • Vitalux,
  • Vitrum,
  • Duovit

The composition of the drug

The properties of the constituent substances determine the effective effect of the drug:

  • Retinol - is essential in supporting visual function, by ensuring the normal operation of the visual analyzer and the perception of the eye by the eye Used in "night blindness".
  • Thiamine - improves the functioning of all systems in the body.
  • Pyridoxine - participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids.
  • Cyanocobalamin - necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids and active hematopoiesis.
  • Riboflavin - takes part in metabolism, is an important factor in the synthesis of erythropoietin and hemoglobin.
  • Vitamin C - increases the permeability and elasticity of capillaries, has a positive effect on the body as a whole, increasing its resistance to viruses and adverse effects.
  • α-Tocopherol acetate - slows down the aging process in the body, has a positive effect on the processes of tissue respiration, the work of the sex glands.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin - support the protective functions of the retina.
  • Folic acid - is an additional enzyme in various metabolic processes, has anti-anemic effect.
  • Selenium - An antioxidant that enhances the immune system and the body's resistance to adverse factors.
  • Rutoside - takes part in redox processes, reduces inflammation and swelling.
  • Copper - participates in many chemical reactions in the body: in the synthesis of melanin, the formation of elastin and collagen, etc.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for use of the drug are:

  • Deterioration of twilight vision. Most often found in people working as drivers for long distances.
  • Damage to the eye mucosa by wearing lenses, or rehabilitation after injuries.
  • Fatigue of the eyes (pain, fatigue, dryness as a result of long reading, work, watching TV)
  • Prevention of diseases of the visual apparatus.

Contraivit Ophthalmo has very few contraindications. It is not recommended to use it in women during pregnancy and lactation, children under 18 years of age and people with individual intolerance to certain substances in the composition.

Instructions for use

The drug is taken 1 tablet 1 time per day. This method of administration eliminates the possibility that the patient will forget about the medicine.

Course duration - 90 days.

With the right drug intake, the color of urine may change to bright yellow, which is due to the presence of riboflavin.

Drug action

Complivit Oftalmo acts as a vitamin complex, which is a valuable active biological substances, improving the condition of your eyes. The complex of vitamins in the preparation contributes to the support and normalization of visual acuity, also improves microcirculation and metabolic processes of eye tissues. Pills supplement the vitamins that are missing in your body.

When appointed

Apply the drug for such diseases and symptoms as:

  • Cataract.
  • Computer syndrome.
  • Tired eyes.
  • Redness.
  • Irritation of the eyes.
  • Lack of vitamins in the eye tissue.
  • Damage to the eyes as a result of wearing lenses.
  • Deterioration of twilight vision.

Composition and release form

Included in the vitamin preparation:

  1. Alpha-tocopherol acetate.
  2. Vitamin C.
  3. Retinol acetate.
  4. Routine.
  5. Riboflavin.
  6. Thiamine hydrochloride.
  7. Cyanocobalamin.
  8. Lutein.
  9. Selena.
  10. Zinc.
  11. Copper.
  12. Pyridoxine hydrochloride.
  13. Zeaxanthin
  14. Vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, B2, B1.
  15. Lemon acid.
  16. Starch.
The drug is produced in the form of tablets, 30, 60, 90, 120 tablets, coated

Contraindications and side effects

Complivit Oftalmo is contraindicated:

  • with individual intolerance,
  • pregnant and lactating women
  • children and adolescents up to 18 years.

Side effects are allergic reactions, dyspeptic disorders. Depending on the severity of symptoms, it is recommended to stop taking the drug for a while.

Drug reviews

Mostly reviews of Complivit Oftalmo are positive. Patients note the ease of use and the relatively low cost of the drug. However, after taking the pills, there are frequent cases of negative effects from the gastrointestinal tract (dyspeptic reactions). Before using Complivit Oftalmo, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Find out what vitamins your eyes need for good vision in the article Vitamins for the eyes.

General information about the drug

The visual organs constantly need a certain set of substances.. First, the eyes need proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Secondly, the functionality of the visual organs is largely dependent on trace elements and minerals, the most important of which are copper, lutein, zeaxanthin.

Thirdly, the eyes need substances that will protect them from various diseases - these are vitamins of all groups, zinc and selenium.

If a person eats properly, the body is supplied with these substances in sufficient quantities.

But balanced proper nutrition is rare today.

Therefore, people who care about their health, use vitamin-mineral complexes to saturate the body with necessary and useful substances.

Komplivit oftalmo is a biological product for the eyes, which the contains all the necessary substances for the productive work of the organs of vision and eye protection from various pathologies.

Vitamin and mineral supplements contain slightly less daily requirement.

Therefore, with a normal diet (which still contains a certain percentage of essential vitamins) a person can not be afraid of excess vitamins in the body.

Release form and composition

The drug is presented round, pink-orange tablets with a characteristic odor.

Each tablet contains:

  • vitamins of almost all groups, folic acid,
  • copper,
  • zinc,
  • selenium,
  • lutein,
  • zeaxanthin

The drug is packaged in plastic containers or in carton packs of 30, 60, 90, 100, and 120 pieces.

Compliant to children

Complivit oftalmo is designed for adults.

If there is a need for the prevention and treatment of a child, It is recommended to buy Complivit healthy eyeswhich is produced specially for kids.

These are chewable lozenges that contain vitamin A, copper and zinc. Also included in the preparation is carrot juice (concentrate) and paprika extract.

Recommended doses:

  • from 3 to 7 years - 1 pastille per day,
  • from 7 to 14 - 1 pastil 2 times a day.

Storage conditions

The shelf life of the drug is listed on the package, you need to store in a dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees.

  1. Nutrofotal.
    Biologically active drug that contains vitamin and mineral complexes, as well as herbal extracts that have a positive effect on the visual organs.
    It is indicated for the pathologies of vision and for replenishing vitamin deficiency.
  2. Blueberry Forte.
    Contains vitamins, lutein and bilberry extract.
    The drug is indicated for the prevention of age-related changes of the visual organs, for relieving fatigue from the eyes of people who spend a long time at the computer, with glaucoma, cataracts and some other ophthalmologic diseases.
  3. Anthocyan Forte.
    Vitamin biological product with extracts of blueberries, grapes and black currants.
    It is indicated for retinopathy, glaucoma, myopia, retinal dystrophy, increased eye strain, as well as when driving a car in the dark.
  4. Lutein complex.
    The preparation contains vitamins, minerals and vegetable lutein.
    It is recommended for eye fatigue, when working in too bright light (camera flashes, welding), for age-related changes and for some pathologies of the visual organs.

Average price Complivit oftalmo

In domestic pharmacies Complivit ophthalmo average cost:

  • 30 tablets - about 200 rubles,
  • 60 tablets - about 300 rubles.

Additional instructions

It is not recommended to take the drug in excess of the recommended dose., in order to prevent an oversupply of vitamins.

This phenomenon does not require any therapy, and passes after the end of the course of taking a biological product.

"Already long time buying drugs from the line Complivit. She took them for general strengthening of the body, gave them to children.

After a long time working with a microscope eyes became very tired and eyesight deteriorated, decided to try Complivit oftalmo.

The result exceeded expectations - a week later, his eyes stopped blushing, getting sick, and his vision began to improve.

I see no flaws in the drug, the price and quality correspond. ”

Elena, Novosibirsk, 43 years old.

«Eye problems started about two years ago., caused by the strain of the eyes when working at the computer.

I tried a lot of drugs, among which were quite expensive products. The effect of course was, but the price significantly hit the budget.

I decided to try something not so expensive, and chose Complivit oftalmo. I was pleased with the result - it works no worse than expensive branded products.

Victor, Ekaterinburg, 54 years old.

Useful video

From this video, you will learn whether vitamins help to improve your eyesight:

The Russian pharmaceutical company produces Complivit oftalmo, you can buy the product without a doctor's prescription, however, this does not mean that the use of the drug is advisable in all cases.

Only a doctor can recommend it based on the patient’s general condition., the presence of background diseases, age and other individual characteristics.