What does the name Oleg mean: characteristics, compatibility, character and fate


The name Oleg comes from the Old Norse word "helge", which means "light". In Russia, this name appeared in 862, when the Varangians were invited by the Slavs to reign. Famous representative of the name - Prince Oleg, in which the Slavic lands united into one state - Kievan Rus. Name Day Oleg marks the third of October.

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Name representatives have both positive and negative character traits. To the first can be attributed prudence and caution. Oleg is confident in himself and strives to achieve his goals, no matter what it costs him. His isolation and indifference can prevent him from doing so. This is a general description of character. In order to reveal the secret of Oleg's personality, it is necessary to consider in detail its features. Oleg is a reserved person, he does not demonstrate his feelings. At the first meeting with him, people see a cold, unemotional person. But it is not. He is an open and responsive man. He just knows how to hide his emotions. This feature is known only to close friends and relatives of Oleg.

Oleg does not belong to people who carefully plan their future. He enjoys the present day and prefers not to think about what lies ahead. But this does not mean that Oleg is a frivolous person. He is confident in his abilities and not accustomed to give up. If he has set a goal, then he will make every effort to achieve the desired result.

If someone needs help, Oleg will sincerely support the person. He is able to stand not only for himself, but also for his loved ones. Oleg has had inborn leadership qualities since childhood, but he does not seek to take advantage of them. The boy is seriously liable for responsibility of the leader. He is not lazy by nature, but if he faces a choice, Oleg will choose the easy path that will quickly lead him to success.

Feeling loved is important for Oleg. Since childhood, he needs the approval of parents. Only in this way can he be truly happy. In adulthood, the situation may worsen. He may be addicted to liquor. Only support and love of native people will help him to cope with a depressive state. Psychologists point out that Oleg doesn’t know much about people, which is why he often becomes a victim of their manipulations.

Not only the meaning of the name, but also the person himself determines how his fate will turn out. Therefore, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the individual.

What does the name Oleg mean?

The name Oleg is associated with princely origin, with something strong, strong-willed. And this is not a deceptive impression. The meaning of the name Oleg, associated with the female name Helga, gave Olezhka several unusual qualities.

At times, an explicit romanticist, sentimental and kind to all living things that surround him, at other times secretive and reticent, stubborn, self-willed, ready to defend his word until his last breath.

Inconsistency is manifested in everything, and often depends on the internal state and mood.

What does the name Oleg mean, what secrets are there? Not many know where his name came from. But this explains many of the typical characteristics inherent in Oleg. Comparing different Olezek, you do not immediately understand what a general description could be given to them. Behind secrecy and silence it is sometimes difficult to grasp what is essential for this man and what is of secondary importance. But not everything is so difficult.

Previously, its carriers were representatives of the princely clan.

The origin of the name Oleg is Old Norse, it is connected with the word "Helge", which is translated into Russian as "light" or "sacred."

His story is connected with the first bearer of this name in Russia - one of the brothers who came to rule Rurik, who after the death of the latter began to rule Novgorod, made many campaigns of conquest and received the popular name "Prophetic."

The history of the name Oleg, you can say, the history of the princely clan. That is why the name did not immediately go to the people. Such an origin, coupled with a "sacred" interpretation, became the reason for the proliferation of the Olegs among the princes.

In our time, Oleg are quite common. The nickname is very favorite, especially in diminutive forms - Olezhka and Olezhek. Although in its sound its full form leaves a certain romantic, and supported by a corresponding patronymic, for example, Aleksandrovich or Konstantinovich, even an aristocratic trace.

Simple: Oleg Complete: Oleg Old: Helg Affectionate: Olezhka

Independent, does not like to depend on anyone

Already from childhood Olezhka will be distinguished by a high degree of perseverance, reaching to tediousness. Intelligent and hardworking, always focused on his lesson, he will always stand his ground to the end. Characteristic of the name Oleg: very discreet, sometimes even secretive, on his mind, but without cunning, more likely just wanting to keep his thoughts and ideas in secret.

Restrained, outwardly indifferent. Having matured, it becomes decisive and domineering. One of the main traits of character can be called kindness and honesty - Oleg would never humiliate another person or intentionally hurt another. Therefore, in the surrounding people, especially close ones, the presence of these qualities is of great importance for him.

Therefore, in their professional activities, she prefers to work alone. Any task that requires developed logical thinking is up to him. It costs him nothing and learn some new knowledge or skill if they allow him to cope with the task alone, without involving other specialists in the work.

He can "go into himself" and even "run wild"

Olezhka is a little emotional, and therefore often seems calm, like a boa. With such a temperament, he does not care much about people's opinions. At the same time, he has not high self-esteem, there is no painful arrogance. All this helps him to achieve good results, because it does not distract from the main goal.

The character of the name Oleg implies such qualities as original thinking, unconventional approaches and judgments, commendable dedication, caution. Impulsiveness, actions “at random” are not peculiar to him.

Despite this, Olezhka can sometimes “go into itself” so much that it will outwardly be perceived as being from another world, and therefore, as something incomprehensible and illogical. He should remember this interpretation of his behavior by others, and sometimes remember to maintain at least superficial contacts with other people, so as not to "run wild". Otherwise, such isolation and detachment can lead to loss of orientation and sometimes even depression.

Characteristic name Oleg

Positive features: Name Name Oleg gives slowness, caution, prudence, emotional balance. Oleg has a sharp mind and iron logic, but at the same time he likes to dream. Very often he manages to translate dreams into reality. A man with this name can calculate their capabilities and calmly go to the intended goal.

Negative traits: Name Name Oleg brings pride, isolation, emotional cold. Olezhek is indifferent to the rapid manifestation of emotions, he is irritated by female tears. The guy with this name can not use the location of a person for their own selfish purposes. Attaches great importance to freedom of choice.

Character name Oleg: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Oleg? Olezhek is born with a sense of superiority over people, and he sometimes fails to suppress this feeling, which makes him not always pleasant to talk to. This romantic practice is a rather rare but attractive combination. A man with this name is stubborn, confident, focused and incredibly hardworking. In order to insist on his own, comes to tediousness, he is able to make many enemies on this righteous path. The owner of the name is a stingy, loves money. Being an exemplary family man, sometimes they are not averse to using their charm (let alone that is, that is!) On the side. With this name, one should keep his ears open, because his own interests are in the foreground, and if for their sake it is necessary to use deceit and even betrayal, Olezhek will stop at nothing.

The owner of the name is stubborn in achieving the goal, disinterested, principled and defended his opinion, even if not right. Possesses an analytical mindset, is able to concentrate, is inclined to exact sciences. Oleg analyzes everything: the situation in the team, relationships with friends, the political situation in the world, the film watched, the book read and even the neighbor’s deed. Very attached to parents, especially to mother.

It looks like a guy with this name is cold, proud and unapproachable. He talks to people abruptly, succinctly, which makes him unpleasant in communication. Many do not like him, especially those who have infringed pride. The leader does not become, for him it does not really matter.

Oleg is a kind and sympathetic person in his heart, there is self-irony in him, he doesn’t remember about offenses.

Oleg and his personal life

Compatibility with female names: Favorable marriage name with Eugene, Inga, Irma, Kira, Marina, Iona, Olga, Rogneda, Sbysslavoy, Tomila. Name Name Oleg is also combined with Yana. Bad relationships can develop with Alla, Bella, Dorofei, Irina, Lyubomila, Regina, Tamara.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Oleg? Family relations name builds on equality. She chooses a balanced woman with an analytical mind and a kind heart.

The guy named Oleg is a Monogamous and a wonderful family man, especially touching about his attitude towards his mother, whom he adores all his life. Even he searches for his wife externally and internally similar to his mother, putting her as an example and not hiding that she is his ideal woman.

Olezhek Monogamous. In the woman he loves he looks for similarities with his mother: in appearance, in character, in habits and hobbies. He loves children very much - without them he cannot imagine his life. Oleg is passionate and erotic, often able to get involved, but this hobby quickly disappears not no. Olezhek's intimacy with a woman is more than pleasant entertainment for him. In sex, trying to prove his masculinity.

In intimate proximity, Olezhka needs tenderness and inspiration. The cleanliness and accuracy of a woman, the aesthetics of the objects of her toilet, her perfume are very important. Mother for Oleg - the ideal woman. And if the wife does not understand this in time and does not compromise, conflicts are inevitable in the family. The man is faithful to his wife, although outwardly cold. The owner of the name with the mother-in-law has a cool relationship. In education, she achieves success in the exact sciences: mathematics, physics, and electronics.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Olezhek located to individual labor. He is gifted with original thinking, unconventional judgments, independent views. Successful work will be his honor.

The owner of the name finds himself in professions that require independence, clarity. He can be a good mathematician, electronics engineer, lawyer, investigator, teacher of exact sciences.

Business and career: A man who bears the name Oleg's name is a purposeful, rational person who speaks little but does a lot. He knows how to save money for a reliable, prosperous life and can achieve financial success.

Usually, the name Oleg receives a higher education, is inclined to exact sciences. Career makes calm, step by step. He is very stubborn, focused, hardworking, always strives to show independence, to insist on his own. Olezek has an analytical mindset, he analyzes life events, working moments. In each of his actions, he sees the positive and negative sides, understands the relativity of everything that is created and, as in childhood, often hesitates in choosing a solution. A guy named Oleg himself considers this his main disadvantage, he carefully hides him, outwardly self-confident, demonstrates confidence and steadfastness. In addition, he has a wonderful intuitive gift that helps him get out of difficult situations. He has an excellent memory, a keen eye, he notices the smallest details of the environment, business and at the same time their relationship with different actions.

Health and energy

Health and talents named Oleg: The meaning of the name Oleg from the point of view of medicine. His health is good, only in later years there can be ailments on the basis of dysfunction of the organs of the excretory system.

Little Olezhek has a contradictory character since childhood. He never knows exactly what he wants. Oleg is not capricious, he is simply unable to make a decision. If parents want to avoid tears and embarrassing situations, one should not make Olezhka a choice, for example, not to offer two dishes at the same time or not to ask where he wants to go more: to a circus or a zoo. He needs not only to prompt, but also to teach himself to make a decision.

A child having a beautiful name. The name Oleg is a capable boy, he studies well, but is easily suggestible: And here parents must be on the alert, because there may be bad influences.

Oleg's fate in history

What does the name Oleg mean for male destiny?

  1. Oleg - the first prince of Kiev of the kind of Rurik. The chronicle says that Rurik, dying, handed over power to his relative, since Rurik's son, Igor, was at that time underage. For three years, the prince remained in Novgorod, and then, having collected an army from the Varangians and the Chudi tribes under his control, the Ilmen Slavs, Mary, Ves, Krivichi, moved south. He occupied Smolensk and Lyubech, where he planted his people. When Oleg reached Kiev, there already reigned Askold and Dir. The chronicle says that the prince with cunning summoned them from the city and killed them, but he himself took possession of Kiev and made it his capital, saying: "Be it Mother of Russia with a hail of Russians." After many heroic deeds in the fall of 912, Oleg died and was buried in Kiev at Shchekowice. However, according to another legend, the prince died during a campaign to the north and was buried in Ladoga.
  2. O. Yankovsky - theater and film actor, director.
  3. O. Tabakov - Russian director, actor, People's Artist of the USSR, teacher, producer.
  4. O. Kutafin - a famous lawyer, a specialist in the field of constitutional law.
  5. O.Popov - circus artist, famous clown.
  6. O. Konopkin - psychologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Education.
  7. O. Mityaev - famous Russian bard.
  8. O. Kuvaev - geologist, writer.
  9. O.Strizhenov - theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR.
  10. O. Dahl - Soviet theater and film actor.
  11. O.Antonov - Soviet aircraft designer, academician.
  12. O.Efremov - actor, director, theater figure, people's artist of the USSR.
  13. O.Romantsev - the famous Russian football player and coach.
  14. O. Protopopov - Russian figure skater.
  15. O. Borisov - Soviet theater and film actor.
  16. O. Vidov - Soviet and American film actor, film director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
  17. O. Deripaska is a Russian entrepreneur.
  18. O. Basilashvili - theater and film actor.
  19. O. Blokhin - Ukrainian football player and coach.
  20. O.Menshikov - theater and film actor.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Named and holy patrons

Oleg entered the Orthodox calendar after Prince Oleg of Bryansk, who renounced the throne and became a monk, was canonized.

Blessed Prince Oleg Bryansky together with his father participated in the war against Lithuania. Having known the full horror of slaughter, he abdicated the throne in favor of his brother, preferring to serve God in the monastic ranks. In 1275, he built the Petrovsky monastery in Bryansk, where he took the veil under the name of Vasily. The noble prince died a strict ascetic in 1307 and was buried in the monastery church.

All owners of the name Oleg can celebrate their birthday once a year - on October 3.


Oleg usually gets to know the sexual side of life early, but he is not very passionate. He does not identify sex with love, therefore very often intimate intimacy is nothing more than pleasant entertainment for him.

Oleg is squeamish, therefore for him the appearance of the partner, her cleanliness, accuracy and even smell are of great importance. He is generally very sensitive, and a man’s sexual abilities are largely dependent on his mood, ability to relax.

In sex, Oleg appreciates tenderness and affection, his rudeness and vulgarity do not excite him. Often, he forgets about the needs of women, trying to extract maximum pleasure only for himself.

In general, Oleg can not be called a particularly skilled lover, although he can often get involved in girls, and just as quickly lose interest in them. And although many girls love Oleg, they do not break hearts, and the train of deceived women does not stretch behind them.

Marriage and family compatibility

Most often in the life of a man named Oleg happens two marriages, and if the second turns out to be unsuccessful, then, most likely, he will forever remain a bachelor. One of the reasons for the breakup of a marriage can be Oleg's addiction to alcohol - he becomes drunk and becomes aggressive and uncontrollable.

A strong and domineering woman will suit him as a spouse - with such a wife he will feel calmer.He will take care of his wife with pleasure, but he will not stand humiliation.

In family relations for Oleg, the care, trust and love from the spouse is extremely important. In addition, his beloved must necessarily find a common language with his mother, since Oleg is very attached to her.

Oleg is an excellent owner and faithful husband, very rarely he decides to commit adultery. In everyday life, quite whimsical, do not tolerate a mess in the house. She gets along with children with difficulty, as she treats them very demanding.

The most successful marriage is possible with women named Evgenia, Marina, Anastasia, Olga, Yana, Veronika, Tatyana, Svetlana and Irina. Avoid relations with Oksana, Ekaterina, Darya, Alina and Natalia.

Business and career

Oleg is a great logician and strategist, but his commercial vein is usually absent. Work means a lot to him, but more often he refers to it as a source of income, and no more. For this reason, it is difficult for him to find his real vocation - he works where he pays more.

A person named Oleg is undesirable to engage in simple, rough work - this name is more suitable for creative professions, teachers, actors, spiritual leaders. Also, it is undesirable for him to go into politics, for administrative work, and, moreover, never to get involved in crime - there is no doubt that luck will turn away from him instantly. Such positions are also contraindicated for him, where people should be forced to work, control and punish.

However, Oleg can be a great performer, diligent and hardworking. He can find himself in such professions as a programmer, manager, politician, teacher, engineer or financier. It is desirable for Oleg to conduct his business independently, without the help of partners - otherwise one cannot avoid disagreements, quarrels, and even legal proceedings.

Talismans for Oleg

  • The patron planet is Venus and Jupiter.
  • Patron of the zodiac sign - Libra and Sagittarius. Olegami is recommended to call the boys born under these signs of the zodiac - then fate will be especially favorable to them.
  • The lucky season is autumn, the lucky day of the week is Wednesday.
  • Happy color - white, green, blue.
  • Totem animal - a snake. This totem symbolizes wisdom, danger, power and rebirth. In the Christian tradition, the serpent is an ambivalent symbol, personifying both the sacrifice of Christ and the tempter Satan.
  • Totem plant - camellia and hazel. Camellia symbolizes beauty, health and well-being. Hazel - a source of wisdom and fertility. At all times in Russia, Hazel was considered a sacred tree, therefore its branches were used as a talisman from witchcraft, as well as for making fortune-telling and magic cards.
  • Stone mascot - pearls and aquamarine. It is believed that pearls have a divine origin, and therefore has magical properties. It has a beneficial effect on family ties, improves mood, pacifies pride and vanity, eliminates envy and hatred. Aquamarine helps to change the life of its owner for the better, to improve relations with others, to become kinder and more responsive.

Horoscope for Oleg

Aries - the personality is independent and bold, not pleasant in communication. He has strong energy and enterprise, but often goes ahead, regardless of the opinions of others. A born optimist and maximalist, Oleg-Aries never doubts himself, so he has all the chances to quickly climb up the career ladder. It is uncharacteristic for him to rest on his laurels, he is never satisfied with what he has - for this reason he always strives for the unknown. The proud character of Oleg-Aries does not allow him to recognize the authorities and learn from the mistakes of others, the idea that someone will lead or command them is unacceptable for him. He does not even suspect that a skilled man, especially a woman, can easily manipulate this simple and sincere man. In his personal life, he is an idealist, elevating his beloved on a pedestal. He will always be faithful to her, but for a successful marriage, Oleg-Aries needs to feel like a leader and indisputable authority in the family.

Taurus - a balanced and pleasant person, unhurried and thoughtful. But it should be remembered that in his character there is something from the bull - if he gets angry, everything will be destroyed. Although it must be admitted that Oleg-Taurus's anger attacks are rare, it is difficult to ruffle him. The most attractive feature of this person is reliability in everything. It can make an excellent entrepreneur who grows his capital gradually, avoiding any risk. It is impossible to imagine him in the role of a debtor or a petitioner - the desire for stability and financial well-being in his blood. The sluggishness inherent in Oleg-Taurus is not at all a sign of inhibition, he is simply a perfectionist by nature, trying to check and double-check all hundred times. He is hard on the rise, quite predictable, trying to avoid any changes, including in his personal life. Destroy the marriage of Oleg-Aries can only infidelity of the spouse, as well as if it turns out to be a spender or a slob.

Twins - a witty man with a light temper. He is a strong, determined man, for whom the dynamics and speed of life is a priority, and the routine and boredom kills him. Oleg Gemini likes to attract attention to himself, loves flattery and praise, is distinguished by painful sensitivity and suspiciousness. He can do rash and stupid acts without thinking about the consequences. Another distinctive feature of this man is posturing, and sometimes arrogance. You can not always rely on his word, he often forgets about his promises. This is a talented and creative person, but not financially reliable. Oleg Twin does not know how to save money, he often lives in a big way. During his life, he can change several professions, as he masters new specialties easily, and also easily knows how to merge into a new team. In marriage, a man is not reliable, usually gets married more than once. You should not expect that he will plunge into the household and raising children - personal freedom will always be more expensive for him, and he will prefer to spend all his free time away from home.

Crayfish - a sensitive person, prone to frequent changes of mood. His character is dominated by such features as gentleness, daydreaming and naivety, but in a critical situation, this person becomes not a hefty warrior and strategist. He will never give up what is dear to him, but he does not need a stranger either. Oleg-cancer is afraid of change in panic and in every possible way tries to avoid them, clings to the past and reflects on the past. In affairs he shows himself extremely carefully, but he is “friendly” with money. This person will always be able to find an opportunity to earn extra money using exclusively traditional methods for this - no crime or risk. Home and family for Oleg-Cancer is not an empty sound. On the contrary, the joys of home are the most precious for him. A man needs constant confirmation of self-love, therefore his beloved woman should be sensitive enough. Oleg-Rak will take care of himself with gratitude, providing himself with a comfort zone, which he needs like air.

a lion - a gambling, active and reckless man, for whom all life is a game. He is eager to rule always and to everyone, and does so with the passion of a real lion defending his dignity. Only with age does this person become softer and wiser, and in his youth he is quick-tempered, straightforward, passionate and independent. An ordinary laziness can prevent Oleg-Lev from making a brilliant career, but if he is able to overcome it, then success is guaranteed for him. The pursuit of a luxurious and idle life can play a cruel joke with a man, as his ambitions often surpass the possibilities. In this case, Oleg-Lev may get bogged down in debt, but it must be admitted that this does not happen often. In this man there is absolutely no meanness and greed, he will never pass by a man in distress. Marriage manifests itself as a very jealous, and sometimes despotic partner, especially if his business is not going very well. His wife should understand that Oleg-Lev’s restraint is not peculiar, and therefore life with him will never be easy.

Virgo - the person is thorough and tough, with firm principles and logical turn of mind. Logic, order and accuracy in everything is his life principle, to which he never changes. Oleg-Virgo remembers everything and notices, and rarely gives out his intentions, to anyone, even the smallest responsibility is taken extremely seriously. He is not sentimental and practical, but he needs work as air - he is a man of action. He sincerely believes that all people should live by his rules, and therefore sometimes seems too picky and strict - especially in leadership positions. Oleg-Deva fully exists on a materialistic, practical level, and therefore financially, he usually has complete order. In relationships with women, he is as decent and consistent as in everything else. In marriage, it can take the role of a father and try to protect and protect its spouse from any troubles of life. But if a woman needs romance, then this man will not suit her.

Libra - the person is trustworthy, calm and courageous. With others it is kept delicately, in every possible way avoids conflicts and always keeps a compromise at the ready. He likes to make an impression, but at the same time he is very kind, fair and tactful. By nature, Oleg-Libra is not a leader, he will not be able to lead a large team and work in responsible posts - for this he lacks determination and self-confidence, he is afraid and tries to avoid any responsibility. He endures criticism, but he needs flattery and praise like air. But Oleg-Libra is practically incapable of meanness, even for his own great benefit. For him, in general, any extremes are an exception, he is trying with all his might to find peace of mind and peace. As a companion of life, this man needs an active and enterprising woman, since it is she who will have to solve all domestic, and maybe financial, problems.

Scorpio - nature is domineering, ambitious and scandalous. If a difficult period comes in the life of this person, he will never complain about his fate, but will boldly go ahead, seeing any obstacle as a temporary difficulty. Oleg-Scorpio is always under the authority of his passionate nature, he is ready to overcome any obstacles, and he is worried about the consequences and tarnished reputation as a last resort. Glory "restraint and patience" in his vocabulary are absent. People like a magnet pulls to this man, by nature he is a born leader and an unsurpassed manipulator. This man has an incredible sense of purpose and the ability to work for days, forgetting everything. The best employee and manager than Oleg Scorpio is hard to find. But, no matter what, even such a strong and independent person really needs family and the support of loved ones. In his family, he will be an undoubted leader, as well as a big owner and a jealous man, and therefore his darling should have patience and be prepared for the fact that her life will never be calm, and all the more boring.

Sagittarius - an intelligent, tactful and intelligent man, full of inner dignity. He is a big fidget, every minute he is looking for something, wants new feats and achievements. He needs to constantly move, hurry, do something. The cheerfulness of character and cheerfulness of this man is simply amazing, he loves publicity and always tries to be the center of attention. Oleg-Sagittarius is always sincere and frank, financially practical, but his problem is that sometimes he spends his energy on enterprises that are not worth it. However, the horoscope of this man speaks of his incredible luck, due to this he often becomes a darling of fate. He knows how to infect others with ease, optimism and confidence in the future. Oleg-Sagittarius treasures his freedom tremendously, and he cannot be called a one-lover, therefore more than one marriage can happen in his life. His wife should be a little actress, as this man is sickened by the monotony and conservatism in the relationship. He will also expect from his partner full understanding, freedom and support of his interests.

Capricorn - a sincere and good-natured person, cheerful and balanced. He is secretive, conservative, knows how to obey tough discipline, and his endurance can only be envied. But not everyone will guess that Oleg-Capricorn is a great romantic and a dreamer in his soul, who is able to shield himself from this cruel world. Behind the outward calmness of a man, spiritual fire is hidden, and the true feelings and thoughts of this man never lie on the surface. Oleg-Capricorn firmly believes in the power of his efficiency, and this is the key to his success in business and finance. Practicality and ambition make him a valuable employee, but he will never work for an idea - only for a decent reward. The bonds of marriage for Oleg Capricorn are sacred, and therefore he always returns to the family nest, even if he sometimes has novels on the side. Love and sex to this person are also necessary, like food and sleep.

Aquarius - a person attentive and passionless, able to notice the smallest details. He is distinguished by a friendly attitude towards everyone, a desire to help, it is always a pleasure to deal with him. However, he does not let anyone into his inner world, he is a loner and a rebel by nature, he prefers to solve all his problems on his own, without any help. Sometimes it is stingy to express emotions, although there is often a sensual fire inside it. He does not tolerate lies and deception, does not like to lend and borrow, to the money is reasonable. Wealth is not an end in itself for Oleg-Aquarius, and therefore he often works in low-paid positions. A man treats marriage negatively, as a woman for him in the first place is a friend and comrade. But he is absolutely not jealous and not exacting in everyday life, he himself will never cheat on his spouse. Next to Oleg-Aquarius there must be an attentive and caring person who will understand his needs and sometimes be alone, far from family and daily worries.

Fish - the person is apathetic and timid, all his life struggling with his own weaknesses. He is peaceful and always ready to help his neighbor, even to the detriment of himself. He tries to avoid difficulties in life and prefers to go with the flow, waiting for the gifts of fate. In life, Oleg Pisces is an incorrigible romanticist, visionary and idealist. This man has all the chances to achieve incredible success in life - for this he has both talent and abilities. And it can remain a nobody, get carried away with alcohol, become a loser, continuing to soar in the clouds. He also shouldn’t count on great success in business. He is not a fighter in life; more often than not, chance or the patronage of a stronger personality helps him to become successful in life. Oleg Pisces may find happiness in family life and become an excellent spouse, but his wife may have to take on the solution of all domestic and financial problems. He is prone to compassion, so the spouse can count on his love and moral support in any situation.

The history and origin of the name

As previously mentioned, the origin of the name Oleg, and hence the interpretation of its meaning, belong to the culture of ancient Scandinavia, from which many other names came. The source is hidden in the ancient imenology - derived from the female name form Helga. As for the translation, it is interpreted as "sacred", "bright", or "clear", which promises the appropriate character of the newborn boy.

There is also a version on the basis of which, in translation means "dedicated to the gods." Which of the versions is accurate, it is impossible to say absolutely, but there is one well-known fact - in Orthodox culture this form of the name was included in the Holy Trinity Book, and this happened after the canonization of a certain Prince of Bryansk, who had renounced the throne.

Its population began from the time of Rurikovich.

Early childhood

The boy, whom his parents decided at birth to choose the name Oleg, the value of this name usually rewards with a calm disposition and a rather kind character. Kindness, integrity, cheerfulness, gentleness and tenderness, attentiveness and goodness, thirst for attention and care - these are the features that can be used to characterize the boy who received the nomoform Oleg. For the most part, all the Olegis try to attract less attention to themselves in their childhood, and this is manifested primarily in communication with peers - this can spend all their business for hours without any distractions, it doesn’t need to play around or be bullied to have good mood. It is enough just to be engaged in business. This boy has everything a child needs, and a sense of responsibility, and caring, and commitment, and diligence - he gets along well with his parents and all adults from the environment, but often gets along poorly with children, because they consider him a weakling and sneaky, sissy, although in fact it is not like that. Родителей слушается, никогда не позволяет себе баловаться, старается быть похожим на отца, и при этом перенять как можно больше материнских качеств. Значение этого мальчика одаряет отличным характером и кучей достоинств, но большинство из них начнет проявляться только в подростковом возрасте, по ходу взросления…

Олег подросток, это уже совсем другой человек. The value may bestow on this boy angelic character, but his calm and lack of popularity in society will sooner or later lead to the fact that he wants to somehow stand out from the crowd. Most likely, this will be followed by a demonstration of character and strength, a desire to be first, rash acts and many mistakes in actions. The boy, over whom he patronizes the meaning of the name Oleg, his parents will have to constantly keep under control, because at any moment he can turn from a calm and sensible person into a real hooligan, into which everyone will complain and to which everyone without exception will be unhappy. . Obligation, diligence, honesty, fairness, prudence, prudence, diligence and purposefulness, plannedness and good nature - this is what Oleg, whom the parents keep, as they say, in check, can boast. He is capable of many good deeds, he has a lot of talents, value can reward him with a mind whose warehouse cannot but be admired, but all this is revealed only if the mother and father can explain to him that popularity in society is not worth becoming a bully and opposite his nature of personality. However, in any case, the guy named Oleg should have a lot of friends and like-minded people - all thanks to the qualities that promise value ...

Adult male

An adult boy, or rather already a man, can bestow on the value of this name and is completely indestructible in nature, the character of a strong man, but not physically, but morally. With the right parental education, Oleg can grow up balanced, calm, honest and systematic, fair and purposeful, persistent and persistent, but slightly unsure of himself. This easily achieves all goals. But only with proper moral support, Oleg needs moral support like no other, his actions must be supported by his comrades, decisions must be approved by like-minded people, and goals must be set by one of the trustees. Here he is, a man, over whom patronizes the value of imya Oleg. In the future, he can achieve a lot and become even a full-fledged boss, but not without the support of at least his own people. But this is a kind-hearted and good friend, one can only dream of such a comrade, his support is worth a lot - he will never give up in trouble, his conscience will not allow, he will not betray, and in general, he always tries to be helpful to the environment. In general, if in general, then this is an ideal man, not very self-confident, a little indecisive, but effective and active, energetic, and he also keeps his word, moreover, in all situations without exception.

Relationship with women

As for the relationship of the boy with the name Oleg with the representatives of the opposite sex, so everything is difficult. The fact is that his self-doubt is precisely the same with women and is manifested most strongly. Often, even having fallen in love, he may never tell his darling about his love, which ultimately leads unequivocally to loneliness, especially since Oleg is not one of those people who tie themselves to the unloved or for the sake of self-interest. True, there is always a chance that his parents will be able to overcome his indecision in him, and then it will play into his hands, because even if he is indecisive, he will definitely be popular with the ladies ...

Character name Oleg

The character of the name Oleg is such that the guy named by this name in a hundred percent of cases is endowed with a difficult but calm disposition that delights everyone without exception. The character of the guy named Oleg is such that they simply can not help but admire - he is endowed with calm, measured, planned, kindness, a thirst for justice, integrity, self-sufficiency, prudence and prudence. The character of Oleg will never allow him to deceive a loved one or leave in need of someone who needs help. His character is complicated by that. What to predict the actions of the named name-form Oleg is almost impossible, but it is remarkable in his actions and prudence, which Oleg himself manifests even in the most difficult life situations. Well, and last but not least, Oleg, this is a man whose character is largely dependent on parental education. Although, if you look from the other side, it depends not only on education, but also on many other factors ...

Thus, the character in this case may depend on such an important factor as the significance of the sign of the zodiac, the energy of the symbol of the year of birth according to the Chinese calendar, and even the time of the year Oleg's birth.

Interaction character Oleg with the seasons

Winter - if this is the name of a newborn boy born under the influence of the value of Winter, then it will be a stubborn and proud representative of a strong half of humanity, independent, independent and self-confident in nature. He is demanding, but not to himself. At the same time, he succeeds in everything he undertakes. And his kindness and responsiveness, and at all promise him success in his personal life.

Summer - this carrier named Oleg is a kind and quick-tempered little man. It is easily flammable if offended, but also easily departs - it cannot remain in a violent mood for a long time, forgives and gives a chance for correction. He is cheerful and good-natured, and still eloquent - these qualities promise him popularity in society. Holiday - this is the style of his life.

Autumn - here a methodical planner is born, a person following the plan in everything, prudent and focused, purposeful. It analyzes the environment well, always strives to improve achievements, has an excellent intuition, protecting against serious mistakes. Too pessimistic - he sees a dirty trick and a betrayal in everything that does not play into the hands.

Spring - he is vulnerable and sensitive, capricious as a girl, clean, devoting a lot of strength to his appearance. Demanding of people around him, overly dependent on his mood. Striving for leadership, sometimes even ready to deceive, which repels people. It has a bad character.

The fate of the name Oleg in relationships, love, marriage

The fate of the name is one of the most complex and mysterious factors, but nonetheless attracting the attention of all researchers, without exception, even today. As for the fate of the name Oleg, everything is so complicated, because in this particular case everything depends on a heap of very different characteristics, and not only on the characteristics of the imechka. In this case, the fate of the name and its carrier is determined by many aspects. Although researchers still managed to find out some interesting points.
One of them testifies that the fate of Oleg, named after Oleg, is assumed to be hesitant and insecure, because of which, even having fallen in love, he will not be able to tell his darling about his feelings. That is why fate can determine for him a long search for the second half and a stay in prolonged solitude.

But despite this, the fate of Oleg still sooner or later lead him to become a real father and a good husband. True, the fate of him will allow him only with a docile and compliant woman, but ready to support him in everything. The fate of Oleg, all his life to be a man, dependent on relatives and their opinions, and in this case, on the opinions of his wife, who must do everything in her power so that Oleg feels more confident and more determined.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone mascot - Pearl and Opal.
  • The patron planet is Venus and Jupiter.
  • Patronizing element - Fire.
  • Animal symbol carrier Oleg named Snake.
  • The plant symbol is Kaleria.
  • The best zodiac is Libra and Sagittarius.
  • Happy day - Thursday.
  • The perfect season is Autumn.
  • Year - Rabbit (Cat).

Famous people

"Prophetic" Oleg (Prince of Novgorod and Kiev)

Oleg Yankovsky (theater and film actor)

Oleg Tabakov (Russian director)

Oleg Kutafin (famous lawyer)

Oleg Popov (circus artist)

Oleg Konopkin (psychologist)

Oleg Mityaev (famous Russian bard)

Oleg Kuvaev (geologist, writer)

Oleg Strizhenov (People's Artist of the USSR)

Oleg Dal (Soviet actor)

Oleg Antonov (Soviet aircraft designer)

Oleg Efremov (director, theater worker)

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Origin and meaning

Oleg is a beautiful male name. It has a Scandinavian origin, formed from the name of Helgi, which has the meaning of "sacred", "holy." From German it is translated as “lucky”, “bright”, “clear”. The name came from the distant past, since the reign of the Rurik dynasty. Currently quite common in Russia.


In childhood, Oleg has a controversial character. He never knows exactly what he wants at a given time. She is diligent in schoolwork and tries to study well. Does not show the vagaries of their parents. An adult representative of this name is characterized by an analytical, acute mentality, fine intuition. He is contradictory and proud, but he behaves with restraint. Outwardly, he shows impregnability and pride, but inside he is a very sincere, kind and sympathetic guy.

The secret of the name Oleg lies in the prudence, consistency and confidence of its owner. Positive qualities: determination, straightforwardness and intelligence. Negative traits: hot temper and aggressiveness.

There is self-irony in it, Oleg is unforgiving. He loves every thing in its place. His annoying mess and confusion. He is always stable and holds his point of view about a particular situation. There is the likelihood of falling under the influence of others. A distinctive feature of character: the desire to always and in all to occupy the first places, to be a leader. Rich in inner strength and can stand up for itself.

Winter Oleg is proud and unapproachable, but mild in character. Spring - vulnerable, stubborn and capricious. Can not stand someone's victories and championships. The summer carrier of this name is extremely emotional, cheerful and good-natured. Autumn - attentive to detail and to everything that surrounds it. It has an excellent memory.

Profession and business

Oleg treats his professional activities with particular diligence and perseverance. He is a born logician and strategist. He tries to build a career in stages and slowly. Able to achieve results in any job. Shows interest in the exact sciences. It suits the profession of mathematician, electronics engineer, logistician, teacher or manager. It can also perfectly manifest itself in jurisprudence, politics, pharmaceuticals. He is able to become a high-ranking public servant and wealthy businessman.

Oleg is in good health. As a child, he should protect his lungs. In adulthood, headaches are possible. May undermine the health of a drink.

Sex and love

Oleg's intimate relationships are not easy. The reason for this is the combination of his sensuality, love, extraordinary affection and at the same time indifference. The owner of the name is a passionate partner, he regards sex as self-affirmation. It is common for him to often get involved in girls and just as quickly lose his interest in them. Disappointed, he becomes depressed and despondent. Parties long-term relationships that can lead to marriage. The sexual life of such a man is unpredictable. He is always amused by the new and the unknown. Sex with each new woman is different and unique. Among the fair sex she appreciates cleanliness and accuracy. An active, lively and self-assured girl can win his heart.

Family and marriage

In family relationships, Oleg manifests himself as Monogamous. He is a great owner, loyal and faithful husband, caring and attentive father. In the wife chooses a woman who has similar external data with his mother. The second half should be soft, gentle and homely, ready to listen to it in everything. He gives his wife more freedom of action, without interfering in the management of domestic affairs. When disagreements and disputes have arisen, the first is always reconciliation. Having married, he never leaves his family, even if he lives without love, but for the sake of convenience and comfort.