Signs about the belly in pregnant women


Today was at the reception, I have a deadline of 30 weeks. Lay on the couch for inspection and stroke the tummy, the baby is moving. And the doctor tells me: why do you have hands on your stomach. Now I will give in my hands! I ask, what happened? And she told me that it is impossible to touch the stomach, because the hand is an irritant to the uterus, which supposedly causes the uterus to be toned, and the fetus is a foreign body to the uterus, so it can reject it. I realized a long time ago that I have a little doctor, because she wrote me some pills that are contraindicated during pregnancy. But I haven't heard such nonsense yet. Did you hear that?

Goncharova Tatyana Anatolyevna

Psychologist, Consultant. Specialist from the website

[1657] - March 15, 2010, 16:01

No, I have not heard. in my opinion all pregnant women stroke their tummy. this makes no sense

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 16:02

The author is a complete nonsense. The tone on the uterus appears regardless of where your hands are at this moment :) I didn’t walk with tone from the first weeks until the birth, nothing helped.

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 16:05

The author is very attentive to what you assign. This is a common occurrence when drugs are prescribed that cannot be consumed during pregnancy at all. I strongly advise you to change the doctor. Write an application for transfer to another site to another doctor. If you don’t trust a doctor, you’re puzzling for pregnancy.

[3608370030] - March 15, 2010 16:05

Nope, did not hear, there are doctors.

[1816493773] - March 15, 2010, 16:06

and you do not want to change the doctor? the fact that she prescribed such pills is already talking about something ..

[4145058609] - March 15, 2010 16:10

When pregnancy is often prescribed such pills, alas. Qualification of a doctor has nothing to do with it.

[3772370269] - March 15, 2010, 16:10

retire this old marazmatichku.

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 16:15

6- what does not mean? It is normal for you to prescribe a pregnant woman what may cause a developmental pathology in a child or a miscarriage in a mother. but at the same time advise not to touch the tum hands - it is dangerous :)

[2807059] - March 15, 2010 16:20

It happens that the benefits of these pills far exceed the possible consequences if they are not taken. Doctors are not idiots in the majority and look at the situation.

[2807059] - March 15, 2010, 16:21

It happened. In general, they measure the potential benefits and harms.

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 16:24

Blonde wrong. They just play the lottery with your child. Pharmacists, producing tablets, do a bunch of tests, tests and checks. If it is revealed that it hurts - do not doubt it, it also hurts. Just the doctor does not care, he needs what you would give birth to. And what will happen to the health of your child in a few years - a doctor, sorry, do not care.

[825638952] - March 15, 2010, 16:25

Go to the head doctor and complain about her.

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 16:26

When I was prescribed such pills alone, I went with them to the doctor who was planning on giving birth. She immediately told me, if the goal is just to give birth - drink, if the goal is to give birth to a healthy child - throw it into the urn. And tritely explained how to get around this situation without pills.

[2579836100] - March 15, 2010, 4:30 pm

I almost had a premature birth at 28 weeks. Lay in the hospital not saving. There, everyone who was threatened, every doctor said: "Do not touch your stomach once more!" This really causes a tone, but is dangerous only for those who are at risk.

[839158223] - March 15, 2010, 16:35

I almost had a premature birth at 28 weeks. Lay in the hospital not saving. There, everyone who was threatened, every doctor said: "Do not touch your stomach once more!" This really causes a tone, but is dangerous only for those who are at risk.

yeah, some kind of nonsense. and then how is the bandage? he is from all sides belly "hugs".

[2807059] - March 15, 2010, 16:38

Guest 2-3, so I need me to give birth. And if you do not drink these pills, it may not be possible for children to sweat anymore. In my case, unfortunately. Therefore, doctors are watching the risks.

[1330] - March 15, 2010 16:39

Well this is how to touch the stomach, so that the threat was)
By the way, the doctors themselves check that you can give birth)

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[2579836100] - March 15, 2010, 16:51

Infection, the threat is not from the fact that you touch the stomach. It is good that you were not in such a situation, when even with laughter such fights begin that they run to set up an IV. In such a situation, it was forbidden to touch the stomach, to wear underpants, and in general there was bed rest.

[2988499701] - March 15, 2010, 5:02 pm

15 when you get to the hospital with the threat of being forced to remove the bandage, you will have to lie with your underpants for whole days.

[2005655327] - March 15, 2010, 17:36

Yes, many times such doctors have told me. And I myself felt that if I stroked my stomach, he immediately squeezed painfully into a ball. If you just put your hand on your stomach, this does not happen.
Bandage and underwear do not produce such an action.

[578368088] - March 15, 2010, 18:39

md I hear it for the first time.

[1723868478] - March 15, 2010, 19:01

Girls, and the doctor is right about stroking. Apparently, this problem did not affect any of you very much, and God forbid. I lay for 7 months due to the constant tone. And anyone who started to stroke the stomach and lay because of the tone and the threat was said. I myself know that even underwear caused a tone, a shirt, thin, and she was an irritant. pain and a constant lump instead of the abdomen - that's what I felt. Once again, I could not get up, but I’m keeping quiet about everything.

[1723868478] - March 15, 2010, 19:09

the bandage caused me to tone, too, but without it it was even worse, I even wore a dress as I remembered. so shudder.

[27843733] - March 15, 2010, 7:30 pm

give a hand ?? I would say - well, try and see where I will give you later. run from a crazy uneducated milkmaid, due to a misunderstanding working as a doctor

[464947527] - March 15, 2010, 20:43

And I heard from the doctors in the hospital, when I was on conservation .. Just the tone I had, and I was strictly forbidden to touch my stomach ..

[4040850351] - March 15, 2010, 20:51

But from the point of view of psychology, not to touch your tummy at all, and not to communicate with your child, this is really bad. And you are young, and I think in the future you will be a good mother who will feel what your child needs. And in this case the doctor is reinsured, because such recommendations are given quite well in extreme cases. But what can I say for sure that in such a tone doctors cannot talk with pregnant women, this is really harmful. For you now the most important value of the child, and if you feel that you are uncomfortable in communicating with this doctor, change it, because for your child now the most important thing is your peace of mind) Good luck to you)

[839158223] - March 15, 2010, 23:06

Nah, ladies. here you have all sorts of uzhosy painted. on keeping lying for months, threat, tone. and the author seems to be quite healthy, and even goes to receptions in the LCD itself. so ironing is very possible.

[4172885532] - March 16, 2010, 07:50

Pipets. Doctors - this is something (((Everywhere it is written - mom and dad tactile contact with the baby in the tummy is XO-RO-SHO. I hear about tone for the first time, but we can and there are cases.
I have prescribed medications more than once, a cat with B is not allowed, I panicking for edema (I’ve had them since 20 weeks and not sickly 29), a lot of weight gain - eat grit, better, so on the GW diet there. but today you can get it: do you want me to put you in the hospital? I say "No! she - well, then I will not. a curtain)))
therefore, there is only one way out - to study independently the necessary literature and score on doctors!

[368102242] - April 11, 2010, 5:00 p.m.

I am all doctors say you can not touch.

[4082833433] - November 2, 2011, 5:09 pm

Yes, girls, and I said this to my mother-in-law. That you can not iron the tummy, talk to the baby is please, but you can not iron. So I thought. But she gave birth to three. So think after that what you want.

[2732730071] - March 2, 2012, 6:05 pm

Yes, I agree. When she was kept in the hospital, the doctor also scolded us for this.

[1928559800] - December 23, 2014, 5:07 PM

For example, when I was in the maternity hospital before birth, my doctor told me the same thing, when you stroke the uterus belly, it comes in a tone and it can relax and because of this a rejection can occur! I was explained so!

[1689470653] - February 8, 2015, 8:45 pm

I, too, the doctor on the conservation when lying, said not to iron the tummy, uterus strokes lead to tone.

[153811621] - January 20, 2016, 08:36

They write about drugs that are harmful during pregnancy, but no one writes what))) There are drugs that cannot be drunk in the first trimester, and in the second, their benefits increase the danger. Pregnant brains like chickens, cluck horrible. Listen to the doctors, all the same they have an education, but not like the local interlocutors - word of mouth and their own conjectures. The only thing that the doctor does not comply with the subordination is yes, it is necessary to put in place.

Overcoming Infertility

Pregnant belly

The most interesting sign associated with pregnant women is addressed to those who can not conceive. She says that close contact with a woman who is expecting a baby will allow herself to become a mother in the near future. To be able to conceive, you can do the following:

Many people are skeptical about these signs. But since the signs about the "magic" belly of pregnant women really "work", it is difficult to find a woman who does not want to have children and is not afraid to accidentally touch the belly of a pregnant woman. If girls appear “in position” in the team, the ladies who are not yet ready to become mothers or who do not want to do it again, carefully avoid the chairs where the pregnant babies were sitting.

And they bypass the girls themselves in order not to touch and not absorb the energy of the emergence of a new life. After all, a pregnant woman, being the personification of fertility, willingly spreads it around. But to touch the stomach is possible only with the permission of the girl. This can not be done by force. After all, according to beliefs, the belly in which a new life is growing cannot be touched. Permission to touch it is a sign of special trust that cannot be neglected. After all, folk traditions regulate respect for girls "in position".

If a girl who wants to get pregnant, touches the stomach, where a new life develops, but it does not give positive results, it means that her time has simply not come. Or maybe God does not want to give her the opportunity to become a mother. And you need to ask him about motherhood?

Determining the sex of the future baby by belly

How to determine the sex of the child on the stomach

The stomach, its shape, skin characteristics are important factors that can tell a lot. Even in antiquity, when there were no medical diagnostic tools, women were able to determine the sex of the unborn child. There are several signs that a boy will be born. And the first one is belly hair. In the past, this was a sure sign that the sex of the unborn child is male. Today, noticing that the skin is covered with unpleasant coarse hair, the girls begin to panic, to worry that this will never pass. And grandmothers reassure them, saying that this is a sure sign of carrying a son.

Today, doctors refute this belief. Actively growing belly hair scientifically explains the changes in the body that affect every pregnant woman. First of all, it is hormonal jumps. First, a sharp increase in progesterone, and then androgen. Progesterone is growing from the first weeks of pregnancy. And at 12 - 13 weeks of pregnancy reaches a very high level. Doctors believe that the sex of the fetus does not affect the amount of hair. Even carrying girls, women are faced with a lot of hair on their belly and chest.

The shape of the abdomen - another sign that helps to know in advance the sex of the unborn child. If during pregnancy the tummy is sharp, sticking forward, the baby’s sex is male. An additional sign of carrying a boy is a deviation of the abdomen to the right. And if the tummy looks to the right, and it is vague, wide, spreading around, they are waiting for the girl. And this sign is being criticized by doctors. They argue that the abnormality of the abdomen cannot determine who will be born. The shift occurs in the direction where the back of the baby. During the period of prenatal development, the fetus may turn several times. Therefore, the boys. And girls can lie differently, even across.

The shape of the tummy, according to experts, depends on the size of the pelvis. If it is narrow, then during pregnancy the fetus is compact, so it looks like a sharp mound. The form is also due to the weight of the fetus, its size, features of the mother's muscular system.

The location of the tummy during pregnancy, according to beliefs, also tells you who will be born: a boy or a girl. Low located tummy - to the boy, and high - to the girl. You can also see how a woman prefers to sleep: not the left side - to the birth of a boy, on the left - to the girl.

Beliefs on the stomach

The simplest fortune telling, which is carried out over the belly during pregnancy, helps to find out the sex of the developing baby. The girl should lie on her back. Her ring is put on a chain and held a few centimeters near the skin. If the chain will swing back and forth, you should wait for the birth of a daughter. If the chain goes in a circle, the pregnant woman will delight the future son.

When similar divination is performed on the palm of your hand, the value of the movement of the chain will be exactly the opposite. Movement in a circle - a symbol of the daughter, and swinging forward - backward - the son. In fortune-telling palms do not use a ring, but a medallion on a chain.

Experts note that this fortune-telling gives true results if a woman bears not the first baby.

Amusing can be considered fortune-telling, when the girlfriend girlfriends waiting for the baby, looked at which side the fetus moved, and then quickly ran into the street and looked in the direction that the “unborn” “pointed” to. Ran out the gate, looking in that direction. If the first met a man, waiting for the birth of the baby. If you saw a woman first, you were hoping for the birth of a daughter.

Signs and superstitions. Many believe that the signs and desires

Signs and superstitions. Many believe that the signs and desires

Signs for all cases.

Signs for all cases.

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Big belly in a dream

If a pregnancy is dreamed of by a girl who has not yet conceived, this means that she is already ready for a change, ready to become a mother and raise a baby, to take responsibility for it. Fate is located to her, and it remains to do only the last step. But there are envious ones around her, so it’s best to be careful not to share your secrets with others.

If a big tummy sees a girl in a dream, expecting a baby in reality, this is a good sign that foreshadows easy delivery. When she knows in a dream that she is pregnant, but does not see the abdomen, in reality she may have a multiple pregnancy.


The belly in which the new life develops has become the center of many beliefs. He was protected from the penetration of evil spirits, did not leave the pregnant woman alone, so that the dark forces did not replace the infant in the stomach with the crust of bread. A pregnant woman herself from ancient times acts as a symbol of fertility, which she can transmit to others. On this was based many rituals aimed at increasing the fertility of the cattle and increasing the yield. For example, the girl took off her apron and 3 times she lashed them a cow, a goat, so that they became pregnant and increased the wealth of the family.

But with the girls carrying a child, associated and negative signs. They are explained by the fact that during this period the girl “wears death at the collar”. Proximity to the border of life and death made others fear pregnant. This is the best example of how every girl expecting a baby should closely monitor her health.

Поэтому, как только она замечает, что что-то болит, нужно сразу обращаться за помощью к врачам. Ждать в такой ситуации крайне опасно. Аккуратное отношение к своему здоровью поможет выносить здоровенького малыша и родить его без проблем. And signs will help to have fun and tell fortunes about the future child in advance.

Why do people want to touch?

For many, pregnancy causes delight and admiration, especially when a relative or close friend becomes a mother. I want to get in touch with this little miracle, to check the reality of what is happening, to feel the baby's tremors. In addition, there are many beliefs, signs that push people to touch the belly of a pregnant girl. For example, they say that if you rub it, it will bring good luck to the child in the future.

In addition, stroking is quite a popular little rite for those who want to conceive a child himself. Many people believe that if you do this, you yourself will soon become a parent. Coincidence or not, but sometimes this sign really works.

The future mom will want to avoid this contact, she will nervously tense up, will want to leave purely reflexively.

Why is this confusing?

Women in the position very often perceive the world around them through the prism of their own feelings, natural instincts, which help them to carry out the child normally. One of the most important instincts - the protection of physical and mental well-being. Therefore, they can be extremely annoying, even annoying interference in personal space. Especially when other people's hands reach for the child.

No wonder it is believed that when a person has a hypersensitivity, he can feel the energy. So in this case, the energy of the hands of others can affect the biological field of the mother and child. Based on this most of the superstitions associated with this issue.

For this reason, people need to think carefully about whether to do this, ask for permission, and be sure that they are close enough before touching the stomach. A girl in position should be kept as the pupil of an eye, nothing should negatively affect her psychological state.

Opinion psychologists

Experts in the field of psychology believe that in such contact there is nothing terrible if these are your close people. When you completely trust and wish for your own person to stroke your belly, you can only get positive emotions from it. Such contact with the future father is especially important. For everyone else, there are personal comfort zones (the distances at which they should be) for your normal well-being. For example:

  • Spouse, parents can approach the expectant mother closer than 50 cm.
  • For friends, good acquaintances, this figure, on the contrary, starts from 50 cm and more.
  • Strangers, strangers should be kept at a distance of several meters. About any touch, of course, we are not talking.

Naturally in modern life it is very difficult, but it should ideally be so as not to disturb the calm of the future mother.

In the USA, for example, there is a law prohibiting touching pregnant women without their full consent.

Power transfer through hands

There is such a field of psychology as parapsychology. It says that the human body is able to transmit energy, especially through the hands. Therefore, it is likely that people with negative energy can pass it on to the baby through the mother's belly. This is another reason to limit contact with strangers, and an additional reason why you can not iron a pregnant belly.

To avoid unwanted touches:

  • It is enough to put your hands on your stomach and turn away to the other side. This will make it clear to anyone that you are not in the mood for such close communication with him.
  • You can also take a couple of steps back or verbally stop.
  • In order not to offend anyone, you can always argue that this is a bad omen.

But in principle, any person should understand that if a woman does not like a close distance, then it is best to walk a couple of steps. She has enough experience without it, why should she irritate even more?

Medical point of view

Some doctors argue that excessive friction causes the uterus to tone. It is very dangerous for those who already have an increased uterus tone. In such cases, it is better to limit the touch. You can suspect this problem in yourself if the uterus is often tight, there are spasms, pain.

Often mommies rub their abdomen when babies start to move actively, kick their feet. As experience shows, classical music, mother's voice, has a calming effect. So besides stroking you can read a fairy tale now or turn on a lullaby.

Positive side

Stroking is an additional contact between mother and child. So she feels a union with the unborn baby, calms down, feels tenderness and joy. And positive emotions are very important at this moment in life.

Stroking - a kind of manifestation of affection, which affects the normal development of the fetus. It will help the future father to realize and feel his new position.

This action will be extremely beneficial if:

  1. Are you sure you like these touches.
  2. You do not have negative feelings after that.
  3. There are no health problems (increased uterine tone, skin irritation).

How often can you stroke the belly? Although stroking has positive effects, do not forget that everything good should be in moderation. In order not to cause a rise in your body, try to get rid of the habit of constantly touching the stomach. Limit yourself to a couple of touches when you feel you need it.

Many pregnant women apply moisturizers and oils. Do not make it with massage movements, but only gently apply and spread over the surface. Let the cream soak itself and do not do the reinforced movements.

Invasion of personal space is unacceptable for a woman in position. Regarding the physical side: excessive friction can lead to increased uterine tone.

The negative impact of strokes

Such actions extremely negatively affect when the pregnant woman does not want this. In such a situation, she is experiencing nervous tension. The stress thus obtained also has a very negative effect on the psychological state.

But why do girls do it? Being in an interesting position, the woman is primarily aimed at protecting the child, his calm. She will do everything possible for his normal development, very often worry at the slightest occasion. Excessive restlessness of the child, unexpected shocks, pains or own bad state of health can frighten. In such cases, women just reflexively grab the stomach, stroking it. You need to try to train yourself not to do this too often.

In other situations, they just soothe themselves, enjoy the process. Establish additional contact with the baby. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just be careful not to do this too often. As an alternative - you can talk to the tummy, sing songs or tell fairy tales.

Omens and superstitions

As soon as the familiar people learn about the interesting position of the future mother, they will immediately begin to tell her a lot of tips and advice. Some of them can be extremely strange, even harmful. How to behave, what not to do can be advised even by a simple passer-by.

For a number of reasons, society is always partial to this topic. In order not to harm yourself and your baby should learn to distinguish sound medical advice from "empty" superstitions.

Many believe that if you rub the belly of a pregnant woman, then you can soon become a parent yourself. There are a number of opposing beliefs, on the contrary, to warn against this. What to believe is up to the person to decide. The only advice in this case is to listen to yourself. If such actions cause you to have negative emotions, then limit them. If you listened to someone's advice and absolutely do not iron a pregnant belly, this is also wrong. It is necessary to find a balance between your desires and the norm.

Each person must decide whether to iron the belly during pregnancy. But this takes into account the opinion of the girl.

Opinion moms themselves

Sharing personal experience, many say that doctors repeatedly warned them not to often stroke their tummy. But trusting their own feelings, they still did. It did not lead to any terrible consequences, an increase in the tone of the uterus did not arise. This does not apply to those who already have this problem. They really better abstain.

Most women see only positive moments in this, do not trust other people's advice, superstition. The only one you should listen to is your doctor. And if no problems and strange sensations arose, then stroke your health! But still think who else can you trust, except as the father of the child. If a person causes unpleasant sensations to you, then it is better not to let him have too much.

Iron or not iron

Pregnancy affects the health of the unborn child. His mother should monitor her state of health, regularly visit an observant gynecologist, and be tested in order for the child to appear in time and without complications. The psychological state of a woman in the period of gestation also affects the baby, his nervous system and future character. Many women are annoyed when acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors begin to touch the stomach, feel, wonder who will be born. Pregnant women sometimes react very nervously to this and try to protect themselves and their child from all kinds of touches. This is not only unpleasant for them. They are afraid that someone else's energy, envy, curiosity can negatively affect the baby.

It is easy to explain the mass desire to touch the future mother's tummy. In Russia, it has long been believed that the spirit of an ancestor infects the unborn baby, which they tried to appease by stroking the tummy of a pregnant woman. Today, people do this because they are interested, they want to touch the great mystery of humanity.

Some people think it just brings good luck. After all, pregnancy is the possession of the greatest wealth, the happiness of the future motherhood. So they want to borrow a piece of such good luck. Women who want to have children believe that stroking the belly of the future mother will soon bring them a new addition to the family. But we are all different. And pregnant women also believe in omens. Many just do not want to be such a gifted luck, and that react negatively to attempts to touch the stomach. By the way, in some US states there is a law prohibiting it from doing so without the consent of pregnant women. In principle, a wise and educated person should do so, if only out of respect for the expectant mother.

In psychology, there is the concept of "comfortable distance." Relatives and congenial people usually communicate at a distance of less than 50 centimeters. But for colleagues and acquaintances, this distance is from 50 to 120 cm, for unfamiliar people, it increases to 3 meters. That is why the approach to a pregnant woman at a distance of more than 50 cm of alien and unpleasant people causes irritation.

Parapsychologists in this regard have their own opinion. They argue that hands are the output of a person’s energy, his biofield. If a person is a pessimist in life, a loser, has a bad reputation, then, naturally, the energy of his hands will be negative. After such a person touches the belly of the future mother, the child can begin an active stir, a kind of protest.

A woman can not know with what intentions, thoughts unfamiliar people want to stroke her tummy. And if she does not want this, then you just need to put both hands on him and turn away. So she will make it clear that she does not want to communicate with anyone.

Is it possible to iron your belly

Some gynecologists are confident that by stroking him, a woman brings her uterus to tone. If a pregnant woman suffers from an increased tone, then this should not be done. But the noisy and too active crumbs in the womb can be reassured by classical music, calm treatment, request.

Psychologists say that the constant communication between mother and child, including through stroking, affects his development only positively. The fetus in the womb recognizes her voice, reacts to it, and to some extent even understands the meaning of the appeals. It is not for nothing that in case of pelvic presentation before birth, some mothers manage to make the child turn, as it should, with requests and stroking.

There is a close connection between the baby and his mother from the very moment of conception on the energy level. So already laid by nature, that children are the continuation of their parents, their hopes. Therefore, it is very useful to talk with an unborn baby while telling how you love and waiting, while stroking your stomach.