Liprina - dashed hopes or a panacea for weight loss?


The composition of Liprina - Italian analogue of the dietary supplement Apetinol, also includes the flesh of the stem of the African cactus Hoodia Gordonii (Hoodia gordonii) from the Kalahari Desert. Local aboriginal cactus is effectively used to suppress hunger and thirst. Therefore, the developers Liprina directed its impact on reducing appetite. With Liprina, you can reduce your diet by 500 calories per day. Let's read the instructions for use, as well as the reviews of doctors about the drug Liprin and find out whether the dietary supplement is good for weight loss!

The influence of Hoodia Gordonii on the body

According to the researchers, the plant does not cause a diuretic or laxative effect. It reduces appetite due to substance P57. It has not yet been fully studied, but it is known that its structure is almost identical to glucose. Due to this fact, the brain mistakenly perceives P57 for glucose. With a lack of nutrition in the cells and glucose, there is still no command to the stomach about the desire to eat. This means that metabolic processes continue, which is important for losing weight. Restrains appetite and craving for sweets - chromium picolinate in the composition of the cactus, and a couple of vitamins B1 and B6 enhances the effect of this trace element.

The manufacturer claims that with Liprina you can lose up to 10% of the total weight every month.

According to consumer reviews, it can be stated that weight is lost by 2-3 kg / month. What is important is the fact that the product produces a reflex to consume less products even after completing the course of Liprina.

Liprin - instructions for use

BAA contains components:

  • pyridoxine (vitamin B4) - activator of metabolic processes of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates,
  • chromium picolinate, it maintains blood sugar levels
  • dry extract of the pulp of the stem of Hoodia gordonii, it gives energy and acts as a natural appetite suppressor,
  • thiamine (vitamin B1) - activator:
    • metabolic processes of substances, including carbohydrate metabolism,
    • formation and output of fat cells,
    • increase patience for sweets.

Release form

Available additive in the form of tablets number 30 and number 60.

The price in the pharmacy 900 mg: № 60 - 798 - 815 rubles

Dose - 4 tablets / day, one for each meal. The course is 30 days. Rest - 2-4 weeks. Late dinner after 18-00 should be excluded.

Recommended scheme for reducing the amount of food for dinner:

Lunch (14-00) - 2 tables. with food

Dinner (till 18-00) - 2 tab. with or before food.

Liprina is recommended as an additional product for food in order to suppress appetite.


Cannot be used if available:

severe impaired renal function,

pheochromocytomas - a hormonally active tumor that secretes catecholamines actively: noradrenaline or epinephrine. The location of the dislocation - the adrenal glands (medulla) or outside the adrenal glands,

angle-closure glaucoma with complaints of pain in the head and in the area of ​​the eyeball, the appearance of blurred vision and circles of the rainbow around light sources, nausea and vomiting syndromes,

reducing intracranial pressure and vision,

hypersensitivity to the food additive in general or its components.

Adverse reactions

  • allergic syndromes and rashes,
  • fatigue, weakness
  • dizziness and insomnia,
  • spontaneous movements
  • heart arrhythmias,
  • reduced pressure
  • symptoms of stomach ulcers,
  • nausea, vomiting,
  • lack of appetite
  • pains in the intestine.

Special instructions

When taking Liprina, there is increased drowsiness, therefore it is contraindicated:

  • drive a car
  • engage in activities requiring increased concentration, rapid psychomotor reaction

Store Liprin at temperatures up to 25 ° C, away from children.

Gennady, nutritionist, 35 years old, Moscow

Definitely the body is experiencing stress when taking Liprins. The pulp of the stem of the Hoodia Gordonii with some treachery supports the tension in the body, both physical and emotional. It is fraught with a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, in the presence of pressure or heart disease, Liprin can become a time bomb. In addition, Liprin did not confirm the effectiveness as a means for losing weight, because there were no clinical trials. The manufacturer insists that a diet consisting of 1200 kcal with a weight of less than 90 kg and 1500 kcal with a weight of more than 90 kg must be added to the course of Liprina. And also does not exclude training in the gym.

As a practicing nutritionist, I treat Liprin as with other dietary supplements - with restraint. In 2007, witnessed the experiment. Volunteers were divided into 2 groups. The first group saw Liprin and kept to a diet. The second group - followed only one diet. Weight dropped almost the same both groups. True, volunteers who drank diet pills, it was easier not to break with the diet. What is the conclusion? To some extent, Liprina suppresses appetite.

Irina, 22 years old, Volgograd

After packing Liprin, 1.5 kg dropped somehow didn’t make any changes to my figure. Distributor advised to take 2-3 courses at once. And it will not be expensive for 4.5 kg? For this price it is better to go to the gym in the gym. The appetite has not decreased at all. I believe that sport and a fractional balanced diet without fatty, sweet and flour products will bring more benefits.

Svetlana, 25 years old, Yalta

Before and after childbirth gained excess weight, in the evening all the time I want to eat. I bought expensive Liprin, because I read some beautiful reviews. I do not regret: she curbs her appetite. Attacks of hunger, mouthful of saliva and sucking in the stomach stopped bothering. I calmly do not eat after 7 pm, although I do business for up to 24 hours. For the month dropped only about 3 kg. Another 2 months after the course, the weight decreased gradually. She added kinesitherapy and exercise equipment - her weight dropped even further (by 4 kg per month) and a waist appeared.

Supplements of the Kalahari

Liprin, according to the manufacturers, is a safe and environmentally friendly drug for weight loss.

The developers say that for the month of taking the drug can reduce weight by 10%. Uh, how cool! What is the effect? Now find out!

It consists of various multicomponent substances, such as B vitamins, chromium, and Hoodia gordonii cactus extract, which is grown in the Kalahari Desert.

Chromium picolinate is a mineral substance that is used to prevent diabetes, obesity, and carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

This substance is responsible for normalizing lipid metabolism and reducing blood sugar. Chromium helps reduce hunger and regulates appetite.

Thiamine (or vitamin B1) improves metabolic processes in the body. It also participates in the formation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, which increase glucose tolerance.

Pyridoxine (or vitamin B6) and B4 are responsible for normalizing lipid metabolism. Can work as coenzymes (responsible for the flow of catalytic reactions in our body), which affect the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Cactus core extract. The predominant substance in the liprin. According to the manufacturers, it has a fat burning effect and also helps reduce appetite.

This dietary supplement is available only in the form of tablets that need to be washed down with plenty of water.

Instructions for use

The manufacturer claims that the medicine can be taken to persons who have reached the age of 18.

You must take the pills for a month, then a 14-day break is taken, and the course is repeated again.

Taking the drug - 30-40 minutes before the meal, twice a day. The daily dosage should not exceed more than 4 tablets. It is better to transfer the main intake of tablets to the second half of the day, because by evening the appetite “wakes up”.

And now the most important thing - the developers advise taking pills along with low-calorie meals and physical exertion.

Friends, do you think it is worthwhile to feed yourself with far from cheap drugs, while sitting on a low-calorie diet, also add to this workout?

Side effects

Dizziness, insomnia, an increase in heart rate, nausea, vomiting, upset stool, and abdominal pain may occur.

In addition, you should pay attention to one very unpleasant symptom - it is drowsiness. Therefore, the developers warn that at the time of taking the drug can not drive a car. And also engage in activities that require increased attention.

Liprin productivity

It is known that this dietary supplement has passed clinical trials, in which it was confirmed that this drug has an anorexigenic effect (suppresses appetite).

It gently acts on certain brain centers that send a signal to the body about a feeling of fullness. That is, from Liprina, indeed, reduced appetite.

Supplements passed a safety test. He was also registered in accordance with the regulatory documents of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences approved this drug for use and allowed to buy it without a doctor's prescription.


I have been looking for a safe drug for a long time to reduce the "brutal" appetite, which overtakes me before bedtime. I read a lot of forums and decided to stop at the Lipin. Drank 2 months with a two-week break. Yes, appetite decreased. Or maybe it's just a placebo effect? At least I got rid of 4 kg. Of course, I complied with all the regulations that were specified in the instructions.


I am completely unhappy with the result. Not only is the packaging of these pills expensive (about a thousand rubles), so there is also a lot of side effects! Somehow I finished this pack. I constantly wanted to sleep, at work I went to sleep a fly, always yawned. And my head ached five times a month. And not lost!


Honestly, a very dubious remedy. Painted everything is great, the manufacturer promises a good weight loss. However, I have almost no changes in a month (only 1 kg!). I read how to take liprinu, even on the forums. Many exhaust themselves with hard diets and swallow these pills. Yes, they have a result. I just drank 4 pills every day and ate as usual. I did not notice that the appetite decreased. In vain spent money.

What to remember

Do not think that the dietary supplement Liprin - a miracle cure for weight loss. A beautiful and slim figure is a daily work that consists in proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Liprin can be used as an additional food supplement to reduce appetite (at least, no one has yet canceled psychosomatics).

This drug is safe and clinically tested. However, one should always remember about contraindications and side effects.

Have you taken any dietary supplements for weight loss? Share in the comments! On this I end, friends. See you again!

Liprin Tablets - Composition

The manufacturer claims that the composition is safe and environmentally friendly. These diet pills include vitamins B1 and B6 and chromium picolinate, but the main part of the preparation is Hoodia gordonii cactus extract. It is he who should reduce his appetite. Vitamins are designed to improve metabolic processes, and chromium picolinate to regulate sugar levels.

Liprin tablets - instruction

Take this dietary supplement can be 18 years old. The course of treatment is a month, you can repeat the course in 2-4 weeks at will. If your BMI is already normal, the reception should be stopped (no matter how many kilograms you want to weigh).

Take the pill half an hour or 40 minutes before meals twice a day. The daily dose is 4 tablets, distribute them to meals, it is believed that in the evening you need to increase the number of tablets (for example, 1 in the morning and 3 in the evening), because the appetite at this time is higher, and because overeating in the evening has a stronger effect on weight.

The manufacturer also reports that it will effectively combine Liprin with a low-calorie diet (1200 kcal if the weight is less than 90 kg and 1500 kcal - if more than 90 kg) and plenty of mineral water, as well as standard restrictions (not eating late in the evening, not just before bedtime, and so on).
While taking the pills is not recommended to drink alcohol.
Packaging should be stored at a temperature not higher than +25.

Liprin tablets - side effects

Allergies (vitamins or cactus extract) are possible. It is impossible to foresee this precisely, because in everyday life the inhabitants of our country do not eat plants similar to cactus. If you want to know it for sure, it is best to consult a doctor - this, however, is important for any means that you decide to take, whether it is a medicinal pill, dietary supplement, or just vitamins.
It should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation, as well as diabetes.

The question of diet pills is always controversial, even if they are indicated only as dietary supplements. Specifically, Liprin is present in the radar directory in the section of dietary supplements, that is, at least recognized in Russia as a dietary supplement (in comparison with other "popular" or former such means - for example, Chinese diet pills are banned because of the harm that they cause the body). The manufacturer asks to combine taking pills with an active lifestyle and diet, and weight loss speaks like a correction, honestly not promising miraculous changes. Reviews also report that this dietary supplement is maintaining a diet and active work on your weight, not a magic tool.

In fact, these pills only affect the appetite - it decreases, at least in a sufficient number of people in the control group. This can help in losing weight in the case when the reason for gaining or keeping unwanted weight is incontinence in eating habits, high calorie intake of food and so on, in all other cases (for example, hormonal weight gain, some other disorders) they will not bring effective effect.

The principle of action and effectiveness of Liprin for weight loss

Liprina - one of the few drugs recommended for weight loss without additional requirements in the form of grueling diets and long classes in sports halls. Manufacturers guarantee that with a minimum of efforts, it will be possible to lose about 7-9 kg of excess weight in a month. There is such an incredible impact on adipose tissue due to the natural components that work only in problem areas, not accumulating in important organs.

Liprin tablets - a real find for losing weight women, because even doctors recommend using this composition without health complications. Feature means - simultaneously with the burning of fat active ingredients reduce appetite, which allows not to worry about the further accumulation of fatty tissues. Even after the end of the course overweight is not returned.

Do you know?Liprina underwent numerous tests that proved that even a low-active lifestyle does not interfere with weight loss. The components begin to act immediately after they enter the body, regardless of what exactly a slimming woman does - sleep, rest or work.

And what is part of Liprin?

The uniqueness of the tablets that have managed to produce a real sensation in the world of nutrition - in the composition. Unlike many drugs for weight loss, consisting of combinations of chemicals harmful to the body, the components of the product are completely natural. Exposure to plant components allows you not to worry about the consequences - negative reactions or lack of results are extremely rare.

Liprin tablets contain:

  • Cactus Hoodia Gordon (extract). It burns fat cells, prevents the accumulation of new deposits, helps reduce appetite, gives a feeling of saturation.
  • Vitamins B-group. Enrich the body with useful elements, tidy up the metabolic processes, have a beneficial effect on the skin - after a rapid weight loss, the skin does not sag, cellulite is excluded.
  • Chrome picolanate. It reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, improves the general condition, prevents the accumulation of fatty tissues.

Do you know?For many years, the Hoodia Gordon cactus has been carefully hidden by African tribes. They knew that this plant allows for a long time to do without food, increases physical stamina, and has a beneficial effect on well-being. Before long transitions, warriors stocked up only with these plant raw materials, which completely replaced food, gave a charge of vigor and energy for a long time.

How to take Liprin tablets?

The duration of the course Liprina - just a month. If necessary, you can repeat the reception, but always after a short break - up to 2 weeks. It is not recommended to use the drug for prevention - it is better to revise the daily diet, introduce healthy foods, exclude dishes abundant in salt, fats, spices.

Take daily need 4 tablets of Liprin. To achieve the maximum effect in the morning you should use one, in the evening - 3 tablets. It is recommended to make the reception half an hour before the meal - the active ingredients begin to act immediately and significantly reduce the appetite, not allowing to consume a lot of food.

Take Liprin tablets with plenty of fluids. Чай, растительные отвары, соки или газированные напитки использовать в этих целях не стоит – чистая прохладная вода принесет больше пользы.

А вы знаете?During the course of application for slimming Liprin tablets, it is recommended to drink up to 3 liters of liquid - this will help improve the results.

Doctors reviews

If you carefully examine the opinions of doctors about the drug Liprin for weight loss, you can see that experts trust the tool and are often prescribed for obesity. Doctors recommend not limited to the reception of the composition on the basis of the African cactus and review the daily diet, to engage in simple sports. Such actions have a beneficial effect on the figure - to cope with the fat folds will turn out in a short time.

Victoria Valerievna (dietitian, work experience 14 years):

“I recommend the drug Liprin for patients suffering from obesity. This is one of the means that does not cause adverse reactions and is completely eliminated from the body. No one has yet complained about the lack of results - the pills effectively cope with excess weight and prevent the accumulation of new sediments. ”

Evgeny Olegovich (Dietitian, 10 years work experience):

“I fully support my colleague, but I also want to remind you that without revising the diet and the simplest sports activities, it will not be possible to achieve quick results, although manufacturers guarantee something else. I recommend my patients to exclude harmful fatty foods from the menu, to start the morning with jogging and charging - this will allow you to notice the first results during the first week. ”

Lidia Bogdanovna (dietitian, work experience 17 years):

“I am ashamed to admit, but even knowing a lot about diets, I often allow myself to get carried away with junk food. This immediately affects the state of the figure. I lose weight simply - I take the course of the drug Liprin. This remedy is distinguished from many drugs for weight loss due to safety, natural composition, good effect "

Reviews using tablets Liprin

Before you apply against hateful extra pounds of Liprin diet pills, it is recommended to examine the real reviews. Opinions of women and useful experience will help prevent mistakes and quickly deal with fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs.

Real reviews of women will confirm that the drug really works - it quickly reduces appetite, burns fat deposits, prevents new fat accumulations. Pleases women one more feature of means - it is not necessary to exhaust themselves with different diets, immediately sign up for classes in the gym.

Where to buy Liprin

Having learned about the drug for weight loss Liprin, you should not go to the pharmacy or a specialty store - to get the pills will not work. The only way to make a purchase is to contact the official representatives. There are several reasons and one of the main reasons - in the pharmacy the mark-up will be so high that not everyone can buy the drug.

Another reason for the lack of pills in retail sales - frequent cases of fraud. Often on the Internet on suspicious sites offer Liprin at low cost. No need to be seduced by an attractive price, even if a friend or friend bought the composition on this site and happy with the results. Buying and using fakes will affect not only the wallet, but also health.

Buying on the site is the only way to purchase an original tool that really works. A nice bonus for customers - “tasty” discounts, regular promotions, fast delivery and payment by mail.

Liprin tablets, as confirmed by numerous reviews - an effective way to cope with excess weight, improve overall health, physical endurance, activity. The only requirement that should not be forgotten during the entire course of weight loss - drug abuse can cause unexpected consequences. Only strict adherence to the recommendations will help to cope with extra pounds and forget about fatty deposits for a long time that are not amenable to diets and sports exercises.

Where to buy, what is the cost

The manufacturer of the amusing drug, which has already attracted many representatives of the fair sex, is an Italian company, in the range of which there are many other products designed to maintain the health of the body. All products are tested and approved for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation, including “Liprin” for weight loss. The goods are not shipped abroad, but the Russian market fully ensures the company's livelihoods.

The cost of the drug is more substantial than the price of its analogues, but this is offset by an advantage in the effectiveness of the action. You can purchase products at a price of about 900 rubles (plus or minus 100 rubles).

One pack contains 60 capsules, which should be consumed within a fortnight, that is, within 15 days. So, for a month you need to buy 2 packs of the drug, which will cost 1800 rubles (plus or minus 200 rubles).

The composition of dietary supplements "Liprin"

"Magic pills" are nothing more than a dietary supplement that filled the market for weight loss products. Whether it differs from its fellows is a difficult question, but the answer to it has already been found. You can get it, carefully considering the composition of the product.

"Liprin" for weight loss consists of 3 main components:

  • vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine),
  • chromium picolinate,
  • Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Extract (Hoodia gordonii).

As you know, these vitamins are not able to directly affect weight, but their role in losing weight is still important. Thiamine and pyridoxine improve metabolism, namely, normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as participate in the formation of adipose tissue and increase the body's sensitivity to the presence of glucose.

Chromium picolinate is a natural mineral, without which the creation of another drug for weight loss also does not cost. Its advantage is that it is able to regulate blood sugar levels, thereby reducing cravings for sweets.

The main active ingredient in the tablets "Liprin" is the extract of pulp from the stem of the cactus "Hoodia Gordonii", grown in the African Kalahari desert. This element of natural origin suppresses hunger and appetite. This effect causes the available glycoside P57.

With each taking of pills, the desire to eat a large portion decreases several times, until a person begins to consume as much food as the body itself requires.

So how does “Liprin” for weight loss differ from its analogs? Content of cactus extract. In this preparation, 650 mg of the substance is concentrated in 1 tablet, while other manufacturers use only 10-50 mg per 1 capsule. As a result, the effectiveness of analogs is put under great doubt, and Liprin goes into the front ranks of the most effective and safe means for weight control.

Dosage, Contraindications and Side Effects

Instructions for use of the drug is attached to each pack of tablets. After reading it, you can learn about some important points in the use of "Liprins" and choose the necessary dosage:

  • pills should be taken 30-60 minutes before meals 2 times a day, namely, at lunch and in the evening (in the morning the body does not require a lot of food, so there is no need to use a drug that soothes hunger),
  • The daily rate of cactus extract is 2.6 g, so you need to take 4 tablets a day, washing them down with two glasses of pure water,
  • the dosage depends on the feeling of hunger, that is, it can be adjusted for yourself, but to start from the recommendation: lunch - 1-2 capsules, dinner - 2-3 capsules,
  • taking the drug is allowed for at least 30 days,
  • after the end of the course of the use of pills, you must take a two-week break before the second course.

The manufacturer warns that with the inclusion of the drug "Liprin" for weight loss in the daily diet may occur drowsiness, and sometimes episodic instant sleep. It is recommended not to drive the car while using the product. Also possible:

  • allergic reactions to the components of the drug,
  • feeling tired, dizzy,
  • heart arrhythmia,
  • abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, lack of appetite,
  • pressure drop
  • loss of control over movements
  • development of stomach ulcers.

The above side effects have not occurred in people participating in the testing of the drug "Liprin", but experts allow them to occur due to the individuality of each organism. A high probability of their occurrence is observed in people with hypersensitivity to the constituent elements of bioadditives, with marked impairment of the kidneys, with pheochromocytoma of angle-closure glaucoma.

It is contraindicated to take dietary supplements also in diabetes mellitus, children (without consulting a doctor), pregnant women and during lactation. People who consume large doses of alcohol and smokers will not feel the effect of the drug.

Recommendations for the daily diet

As mentioned above, for weight loss pills "Liprin" must be combined with a diet, for example, with a low-calorie, as well as with physical exertion. First of all, it is necessary to limit the daily intake of kilocalories in the body: with a weight below 90 kilograms - up to 1200 kcal, and with a body weight greater than 90 kilograms - 1500 kcal. Gradually, it is recommended to switch to proper nutrition, for which it is necessary to control the presence in foods and dishes of the daily ration of 20% of proteins (vegetable and animal), not more than 30% of fat, 50% of carbohydrates. Dinner should be minimal and, preferably, at 6 pm. Consumption of salt and sugar is not welcome.

Medical verdict

The manufacturer of products says about reducing the weight index for 30 days to 10%. For example, with an initial weight of 70 kilograms after a month, a person will lose up to 7 kilograms. But it is worth remembering that such a result is real only with a combination of the drug "Liprin" with a low-calorie diet and physical exertion, which is confirmed by the reviews of losing weight. But the opinions of doctors here are different - some say that the consumption of the drug will not do harm, but will only help in the process of losing weight, while others believe that dietary supplements are another method to extort money from people, leaving them with nothing. Which of them is right, can only learn losing weight.

Dreams of a slim figure

If you want to lose those extra pounds without making any effort, then we hasten to disappoint you. It just does not happen. Even using expensive drugs with promising advertising, you can not lose weight while continuing to eat cakes for dessert. The use of junk food and the absence of movement is a guarantee that you will keep the same dimensions, and maybe even increase them. Is no exception, and the drug "Liprin" for weight loss. There are different reviews about it, but today we will try to consider the big picture and form our own opinion.

Is there any reason

This occurs to every person before buying weight loss products. Indeed, without diet and sports loads, they do not work, while limiting the diet and increasing activity, you can quickly lose those extra pounds without spending extra money on unnecessary medications. Today we are interested in dietary supplements "Liprin" for weight loss. Reviews of nutritionists still relentlessly argue that the composition can not burn calories consumed and the more fat already accumulated in problem areas.

Then why are they needed? There are two points here. The first is motivation. After paying money for the packaging of the drug, you want to get the result. This means that you will create all the conditions for this. That is, unwittingly, you will begin to adjust the diet, refuse fatty and fried at dinner, walk home from work. And as a result you will begin to feel the desired changes. Of course, all the laurels will receive the drug "Liprin" for weight loss. The feedback left by you has encouraged others to exploit, that is, marketing will do its job.

The effect of taking pills

So, you should not hope that by drinking one pill, you will immediately become slim. By itself, the drug will not do anything with fat reserves, which the body has managed to accumulate. Moreover, no drug in the world can cope with this task. If this were possible, it would be a gross interference in the work of metabolism. Such experiments can end very sadly. Moreover, if you want to eat a cake and, having eaten it with a pill, to remain slim, then Liprin will not help with this in losing weight. He can only satisfy hunger and reduce appetite. If the willpower is too weak and you can’t get past the counter with sweets, then this is just your option. It helps a lot when you are on a low-calorie or other diet.


The manufacturer of the drug is the Italian company Farmlife. These are not Chinese capsules, which are made of unknown means from which they were imported into the country illegally. In Russia, the drug has been officially registered since 2006; it has undergone all the necessary procedures. But there are some nuances: it is not a drug, but a dietary supplement, that is, its components, their number and degree of influence on the body are not checked. But pleases a vegetable origin: the organism will not receive any chemistry.

The drug for losing weight "Liprin" reviews jokingly called tequila, pointing to its original components. Indeed, it is made from an African cactus. This plant has been known for a long time among Bushmen. It helps to survive long transitions. Bushmen use it as a way to quickly quench hunger and thirst. It is these qualities and allowed to use the cactus for the production of means for losing weight. As already mentioned, the main property is a decrease in appetite.

Issue price

The loud name of the manufacturer suggests that there really is nothing harmful in the composition. This and liked the fair sex drug for losing weight "Liprin." Reviews emphasize that for the first time it was decided to buy it only for the reason that all the products of this manufacturer are tested and approved for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation. Nowhere else the goods are exported, apparently, the manufacturer has enough work in Russia.

The cost of the drug is quite substantial, and surpasses almost all existing analogues. But this is offset by an advantage in the effectiveness of the action. You can purchase products at a price of 900 rubles. As you can see, not the cheapest pleasure is "Liprin" for weight loss. One pack contains 60 capsules, it is only 15 days of admission. That is, a month will need 1,800 rubles. This money is enough for a healthy diet and a gym membership. Are you sure you still want to buy pills?

What is in the composition

This is another biologically active food supplement, which is a huge amount on the market today. What is the "Liprin" for weight loss is different from most analogs? The answer can be obtained if you carefully examine the composition of the product:

  • Vitamins of group B. In particular, it is B1 and B6.
  • Chromium picolinate.
  • Cactus extract

Of course, vitamins are not directly related to the process of weight loss. But it’s not for nothing that nutritionists constantly insist on the need for nutrition. Thiamine and pyridoxine have the ability to improve metabolism. First of all it concerns carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Therefore, it is very important that the body receives a sufficient amount of all vitamins every day. In this regard, nutritionists have their own opinion. They say that vitamins are really involved in metabolism, but they have no effect on body weight.

The second component is chromium picolinate. It is a natural mineral that regulates blood sugar levels, which reduces cravings for sweets. Incredibly useful property that can help in the fight against obesity. However, the fact that the use of chromium contributes to weight loss is not scientifically proven. Despite this, the component is very popular, it is used by almost all known dietary supplements.

Main component

The description of the drug "Liprin" for weight loss comes down to the fact that the basis of its effectiveness is an amazing cactus. This is not just a desert plant, but an extract of “Hoodia Gordoni”, which is grown in the Kalahari. According to the manufacturers, this natural element helps to suppress hunger and appetite. This effect causes the glycoside it contains.

How does it work and what do reviews say about it? The drug "Liprin" for weight loss each time reduces the desire to eat a large portion of food. This continues until a person learns to eat as much as he really needs to maintain normal functioning. Cactus extract uses other dietary supplements, but judging by the information in the instructions for use, one tablet contains 650 mg of active ingredient, while others use no more than 50 mg per capsule.

Mechanism of action

For this, we had to thoroughly dig up specialized literature and look for reviews of doctors. "Liprin" for weight loss has become such thanks to the steroid glycoside, which is part of this cactus. The remaining components are added only to add value in the eyes of customers. Therefore, we briefly reviewed them above.

The drug "Liprin" for weight loss refers to the group of anorexigenic. In simple terms, it reduces appetite. При этом в метаболизм он не вмешивается. По сути, препарат просто заставляет нас соблюдать диету. Больше нет голода, желания постоянно таскать конфеты, ночных вылазок к холодильнику. То есть рацион снижается на 500 или 1000 ккал в сутки, причем это происходит без насилия и испытания силы воли.

Таблетки для похудения «Липрина» работают следующим образом. A person experiences a feeling of hunger when his blood glucose level decreases. That is, the receptors of the vessels themselves determine that it is time to replenish the blood with nutrients. In this case, the brain receives the appropriate signal. In fact, the active ingredient of the drug is close in its structure to glucose. That is why he can fool the receptors of blood vessels. They perceive it as an energy sub-extract and send a signal to the brain that nutrition is sufficient. But the steroid glycoside is not. It turns out an interesting mechanism. The level of glucose in the blood falls, but the signal to the brain from the receptors of blood vessels is not received. The feeling of hunger does not occur, and the process of losing weight goes on.


Will a person get the expected result if he takes Liprin for weight loss? The instruction says that already in the first month you can throw off 10% of the initial body weight. Most likely, the drug will not work so quickly, figures of 2-3 kg per month will be more reliable.

Despite the fact that the drug did not undergo reliable clinical trials, it can be assumed that the mechanism of action is correct and there is no deception on the part of the manufacturer. Glycoside is a compound of carbohydrate with a non-carbohydrate component, which allows it to mislead the vascular receptors.


The description of the drug "Liprin" for weight loss and reviews primarily indicate that despite the low speed of the process of losing weight, this dietary supplement can be considered very effective. Especially considering that the majority of similar drugs do not work at all or cause terrible side effects. Therefore, a stable weight loss of 2-3 kg is a very good result.

Another important point is that "Liprin" over time forms the correct eating behavior. This is what provides lasting, stable effect. Now, body weight does not return to previous figures. The safety of the drug bribes the first time. Of course, the tool is prohibited for use in children, pregnant and lactating. But he has no side effects, and the BAA has no contraindications.

Each pack comes with instructions for use. After reading it, you can learn how to choose the correct dosage. It is recommended to take tablets at lunch and in the evening. Required one hour before meals. If the working day ends at 18:00, then before leaving you can drink an evening pill. In the morning the body does not require a lot of food, so it makes no sense to take a drug that satisfies hunger.

The maximum daily dose of cactus extract is 2.6 g. Per day you need to take no more than four tablets, you can take less if the effect you are satisfied with. That is, the dosage depends on the feeling of hunger. It is recommended to take 1-2 in the afternoon and 2-3 capsules in the evening. The course must be at least 30 days, then you need to take a break for two weeks.

The manufacturer warns that, as in the case of all other medications, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before buying even such a safe dietary supplement, as "Liprin" for weight loss. Negative reviews most often indicate the absence of effect. But here you need to understand that if the appetite at the level of the physiology of the drug and suppresses, then with a psychological dependence on sweets, he can not do anything. Therefore, if a person is accustomed to seize stress, then he will habitually reach for a sweet bun, experiencing excitement.

Possible side effects

Instructions for use reports that drowsiness may occur when the drug is included in the daily diet. Therefore, it is not recommended to drive vehicles. In addition, allergic reactions, feeling of tiredness and dizziness, arrhythmia, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting are possible. This drug is designed to reduce appetite, but it can be a complete absence. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor. When the drug was tested, there was not a single case of such a reaction. But experts allow their development due to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Instead of conclusion

Data on the drug and reviews of those who have already tried it on themselves, make it possible to judge that it is a fairly safe and effective dietary supplement. It allows you to quickly cope with excessive appetite and give up endless snacks, save your time and money, and also put on your favorite dress again.

Price in pharmacies

Food supplement Liprin supplemented the line of products intended for weight correction.

This tool can be freely purchased at pharmacies in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other regions.

The cost of one package is low about 400-500 rubles .

Indications for use

Nutritionists classify the feeling of hunger into 2 types - physiological and hormonal. A strong desire to eat sometimes develops amid an imbalance of hormones. This condition is often caused by a decrease in blood sugar concentration.

As a result, a person is in constant search for something to drown out hunger, and does not always choose healthy options. People with low levels of glucose draws on pastries, baked goods, sweets, fatty and salty dishes.

It is proved that the diet of people with obesity almost half consists of simple carbohydrates, animals and modified fats. As a result, overweight increases over the years, and getting rid of it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Hoodia Gordonii, as a source of suppressant appetite, which is assigned the number P57, levels and stabilizes the concentration of glucose in the blood. Due to the presence of glycoside in the composition of Liprina, bouts of hormonal hunger are dulled, or do not occur at all.

In the main meals a person realistically assesses the quality and quantity of food consumed, the total caloric intake is significantly reduced. Liprin host says that even a minimal portion causes a full and long-lasting feeling of fullness .

As a result, a person loses weight while continuing to lead active and healthy life activity. At the same time, energy consumption occurs due to fat deposits, and not muscle tissue. It is important that the interlayer on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks is primarily reduced.

Reviews real buyers

Reviews on the Internet help navigate the choice of a consumer product. The same applies to various dietary supplements, which often appear on the shelves of pharmacies.

Reviews losing weight, which really bought and tried Liprin action on yourself:

Veronika 24 years old, city of Ufa:

Exit was found by chance. In the pharmacy, I saw a pretty tutu with a graceful and slim girl. Asked the pharmacist, it turned out that she herself uses Liprin for weight loss. Now it’s not hard for me to lose weight, I took a pill and forgot about food for a long time, even in the evening. I advise all slimming people!

Antonina, 37 years old, city of Vladimir:

On the Internet I saw an advertisement for Liprina. I thought - inexpensive, natural, worth a try. Weight moved from dead center. For the week minus 5 kilograms. Good result, go further. Negative changes have not yet noticed, I feel fine.

Violetta 54 years old, the city of Penza:

After the last examination, the doctor said that I have a prediabetes, I urgently need to lose weight. I took it upon myself, but I did not have the strength to cope with the evening increased appetite. Liprin helped. It is this remedy that the doctor advised me.

I lost 10 kg. Now I continue to adjust the weight, trying to do without drugs. I wish you all good health!

The main characteristics of drugs, expressed in suppressing appetite, increasing energy consumption due to fat reserves, provides glycoside P57.

It is isolated from the fleshy part of the stems of the succulent Hoodia Gordonii.

Unlike drugs with a similar composition, the concentration of an important component in Liprin is exceeded several times. This allows people to keep under control their own diet, which means weight and health in general.

Existing analogues with a similar composition:

  • Hoodia Gordoniya,
  • Hoodia Complex,
  • Hoodia Extract,
  • Hoodia Slim.

The plant with the telling name Hoodia is a natural fat burning stimulant. Drugs that contain the extract of the famous cactus are suitable for people who want to lose weight and control their weight.

A natural remedy is safe and effective, the reception is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.