The origin, characteristics and meaning of the name Pauline


Meaning of name Pauline: The name means "sunny", "small", "baby." The origin of the name is French.

The diminutive form of the name Pauline: Polinka, Fields, Polyunya, Polyusha, Polya, Pusya, Pupsik, Pan, Panya, Pasha, Lin.

What does the name Pauline mean: The name Pauline translates as "significant" from Greek or small from Latin. The French meaning of the name Pauline belongs to Apollo. The French name paired to masculine is Paul, which translates as "baby." Polina is sometimes affectionately called Apollinaria, which means "sunny." An impulsive and cheerful girl chooses professions related to physical activity. This is a thoughtful mother and a loving wife, always in her home clean, despite the fact that she does not like cleaning.

Angel Day and patron saints of the name: Name Pauline once a year, marks the name day: January 18 (5) - Rev. Apollinaria the virgin. Prayers performed miracles.

Signs of the name: Polina's day coincides with the eve of Epiphany, the main day of Christmas divination. On this day, the old women remove the snow from the haystacks in full confidence that only he can whiten the entire canvas, throw him into the well in the deep conviction that he will be helped if there was not even a single drop of rain in the summer. The same snow heals various weaknesses.

  • Zodiac Polina - Capricorn
  • Planet - Saturn
  • Color - light blue
  • Favorable tree - poplar
  • Crown Plant - Lotus
  • Patron - Swan
  • Stone mascot named - Selenite

Origin and meaning

The female name Polina is common in Russia, popular among newborn girls. There is a rather lively and diverse interest to its origin and interpretation. The name is associated with the ancient Greek sun god Apollo and give it the meaning of "solar", "dedicated to Apollo". The French version of the origin leads to the names of Pauline (Pauline) - the female form of Paulin (Russian version - Peacock) and Paul (in Russian - Paul). In this case, the name means "small", "modest".

What does the name Polina mean for the girl according to the church calendar

Parents often try to study together with the search for information about the future of the baby, which means the name Polina for the girl on the church calendar. In Orthodox literature, this name is mentioned only once - this is the name of the holy maiden, who devoted her whole life to the glorification of God. Many miracles are mentioned, created only with the help of prayer - Apollinaria brought the dying back to life, helped the poor and needy, healed the word of the hopelessly sick. The saint had a special gift of healing, for everything, as she believed, was the will of God.

How does the church calendar interpret the name of Pauline, the meaning of the name, the character and the fate that awaits the girl? First of all, you need to know that this name in the church calendar does not exist, orthodoxy uses one of its forms - Apollinaria. Most likely, at the baptism of the priest chooses this particular name. You should not worry - little Paul from the very birth will be taken care of by the saint, in whose honor the baby is named. The meaning of the name according to the church calendar is “many-sided”, “significant”.

The patronage of the holy parents will be able to feel from the first days. Baby will grow strong, without health problems. For relatives, it will be a real gift of fate, because with the upbringing there will never be any difficulties.

The secret of the name of Pauline - what parents should know, calling her daughter like that

What secret of the name Polina should be known to adults? You should not worry about the fact that the name may cause any supernatural abilities or unexplained incidents in life - everything will be fine and cloudless for a girl. Some adults believe that it is this name that can trigger the development of the gift of providence in a child, but, as practice shows, most likely this will not happen. If something happens, it is in no way dependent on behalf.

Interestingly, the girl's birthday day has a lot of fascinating take. It has long been noted that fortune telling, which are held on the feast of Saint Apollinaria (January 5), almost always come true. That is why this day is not only old, but now many girls are going to find out their future, try to find answers to their questions.

Older people on this holiday try to stock up on snow, because it is believed that he has remarkable strength. Melted snow can be used to prepare home remedies, watering plants, even just to use to strengthen overall health. It was also believed that it can be used for washing - nothing can whiten laundry as much as the snow collected on the day of Saint Apollinaria.

The origin of the name Pauline and its meaning for children

Should parents know the origin of the name Pauline and its meaning for children? You should not try to find here something inexplicable or strange - it's simple. The origin of his name Pauline is obliged to ancient Greece. Ancient Greek legends and myths tell us that the beautiful Apollo had a fan who was ready to do anything for him. After God pushed her away and chose another woman, the outcast beauty threw herself from a high cliff, having previously killed her rival. It was from here that the name Apollinaria went - “the one that belonged to Apollo”.

How much can this tragic fate of the ancient Greek beauty affect the life of Polina? Do not worry - it will not play absolutely no role in the girl's life. Parents will be happy to bring up the baby, because she will not give them any problems or troubles. The girl will listen carefully to the opinion of adults, fulfill all requests, strive for knowledge. Since childhood, she has been accustomed to achieve everything by diligence and diligence. Learning will be easy, although some subjects in school will force a lot of time to sit at textbooks.

The nature of a girl named Pauline

What negative and positive traits will differ the character of a girl named Pauline? Of course, the merits of the baby will be a lot:

  1. patience and resistance to adversity
  2. restraint,
  3. ability to achieve your goal
  4. goodwill
  5. caring for loved ones
  6. a responsibility,
  7. the pursuit of knowledge.

From school, the girl will not cause trouble to parents or teachers. Already at this time, Poli will have preferences and hobbies that will help determine his future profession. Adults should certainly closely monitor their daughter's success in order to help them choose a specialty.

Along with a considerable amount of positive qualities, the girl will show some negative character traits. One of them is melancholic, which will not be so rarely found. Parents need to try to distract the child, otherwise the girl may grow a little more closed in the future.

Another drawback of Paulie, which can manifest itself from time to time - unreasonable fears. The girl will be afraid to sleep on her own, and her parents will have to put a lot of effort into teaching her to fall asleep in her crib.

The fate of a girl named Pauline

What troubles or pleasant events will abound the fate of a girl named Pauline? Since childhood, she will please her family with a penchant for creativity. Baby is well gifted:

  1. beautiful draws
  2. talented to play different instruments
  3. has a beautiful voice.

If the relatives do not miss these talents and contribute to their development, then it is quite possible that an artist or a famous musician will soon appear in their family.

Polina is also well-versed in business. In management positions, she will certainly make incredible efforts to increase profits, increase productivity. If it fails to advance high on the career ladder, Fields will not get upset and will devote all her efforts to finding the second half and arranging the family nest.

In love, Polina is constant - if she has already found her chosen one, she will even stop looking at other men. For her, the goal in life will appear - to do everything so that the children and the husband will not lack anything - neither in love nor in care.

Polina, the meaning of the name, character and destiny for girls - this will certainly interest the little ones who wish for her only a cloudless future. You certainly need to carefully study the features that are sure to be necessary help in raising a daughter. The forum has more information in the subject. name Pauline, reviews, we invite you to share your opinion here, an interesting experience for everyone.

After a year

In childhood, Polina is a wonderful child. She is calm and obedient, easy to make contact and loves communication. The girl prefers all kinds of recreation - she can easily spend the day reading an interesting book or take active games with her peers.

Due to the innate modesty and charm of the Future of Fears, it will become the soul of the company, will gather around itself children with whom it will feel free. It is worth noting that only a respectable and open person can attract her.

Polina does not like mean and deceitful people, which is why her selectivity in communication is conditioned. She is inherent in sociability and kindness, charm and laughability.

In adolescence, Pauline is distinguished by her love of study and a penchant for the humanities. Knowledge is easily assimilated by it, there is a desire for them, and not for good grades. Congenital sociability allows her to make friends and learn new things from communication with them.

Fields does well at school. Because of this, she has no problems at school. The choice of future profession will depend mainly on the environment, and not on the personal preferences of the girl, as Polina is able to become an equally good doctor and actor.

Polina is extremely calm emotionally. Quarrels and squabbles are unfamiliar to her, false and unscrupulous people are unpleasant, which is why the circle of close friends is chosen very carefully by her. The young lady is endowed with a good sense of humor and loves to laugh.

Kindness makes Polina an excellent mother and a caring wife. Polinka is attentive to her loved ones and never forgets about their comfort. Due to early emotional maturity, she easily resolves conflicts and does not allow quarrels over trifles, being the keeper of the family hearth.

In adulthood, Fields will become a completely self-sufficient woman, inclined to self-criticism a little more than is required, but confident and calm. This is reflected in her communication with loved ones, the ability to support in difficult times and take care of the family hearth, not forgetting about their needs.

Due to her qualities, Polina is an excellent listener, able to support with advice and sincerely rejoice at other people's achievements. There is no envy and malice in it, which makes it truly kind and sympathetic, which some people can use for mercenary purposes.


Polina is a charming, contact, proud and very capricious woman. In judgments - independent, able to dictate and coerce. It seems to be impregnable, such a lady with big “complaints”. He hides his feelings under the mask of indifference and cold observation. She absolutely does not know how to argue, rarely trusts someone, she is quick-tempered, aggressive. It treats itself very critically, can engage in samoedism.

The girl Paul attracts attention with exceptional accuracy, carefree and cheerful character. Her friends trust her secrets, the boys show attention. Polina is a congenital woman of fashion; she has a developed sense of perception of the beautiful. He is engaged in music, writes poetry, loves movies. This is a comprehensively developed personality. She loves luxury, convenience, seeks to marry successfully, improve social status.

The secret of the name of Pauline is that a girl, depending on her upbringing and environment, can receive different directions for the development of life priorities. Arrogance and arrogance, as pronounced traits of character, always interfere with the achievement of the goal. A woman trusts only the logic of her judgments. Intuition in this name is missing. Her friendliness and responsiveness are valued among friends. It can be sharp and straightforward, but sincere. Does not refuse to help, understands and does not condemn.

Hobbies and hobbies

Most often, children's passion for fashion turns into a real hobby or even a profession. Polina is a sports fan, loves television shows, takes part in various events, competitions, exhibitions. She has a delicate taste, so many influential people listen to the girl's opinion. She is seriously interested in collecting, knows a lot about the intricacies of this work.

Profession and business

Calculation, caution and purposefulness are the main driving forces of a girl's career. Polina seeks public recognition, therefore she is looking for personal recognition. In this great help her education, ability to adapt, stand out. Successful for her is considered to be the profession of a designer and an expert in the field of art. Success brings the work of a television presenter, actress. Professions of the animator, florist, hairdresser, jeweler, photographer bring such a woman pleasure.

The achievement of the goal and self-realization in a career is most often hindered by marriage and affection for the home, the usual environment.

Polina's health is poor. Depends on nerve loads, stress, physical fatigue. She is contraindicated in homework, gambling, diets. Cold and dampness are the first enemies of the health of such a woman.

Name feature

A woman who bears the name of Fields is sufficiently pleasant, sociable, charming in communication. Fields in absolutely any society behaves perfectly, able to keep up a conversation on various topics. Communicating with the woman bearing the name of Polina, you immediately notice in her eyes the hardness, balance, sometimes even the feeling that she is indifferent.

However, Fields is a very inexperienced, but vulnerable woman, in no situation extolling her own "I". The character of Pauli is characterized by the presence of such a trait as selflessness, for this reason, she is like a small child, able to enjoy a simple trinket. Attention is the most important thing for Poly. It is this meaning of the name Pauline that makes her character universal.

Polina with real sincerity empathizes, sympathizes with another's grief. Such women almost always find an excuse for even the most unpleasant actions of other people. The only drawback of Poly, which greatly complicates her life is her straightness. Paul is able to tell the whole truth in his eyes, sometimes without softening the expression.

A woman who bears the name of Fields in communication prefers intelligent people, identifying herself to them. He looks down on illiterate, uncultured people. Women named Pauline differ simply fiery temperament, not able to hold a grudge. Fields are an unimportant arguer, because they always strive to impose their own opinion without sufficient argument.

Such women treat themselves with a certain criticality, only occasionally putting on a mask of indifference, even arrogance. Fields are periodically exposed to melancholy attacks, sometimes giving way to gratuitous anxiety, fears. Pauline has no sentiment at all, looks at the life around him with a realist's look. When choosing between love or wealth, most often prefers financial well-being.

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Describing the meaning of the name of Pauline, it should be noted that she is subject to a subjective life outlook, to try everything on herself. Sometimes she is able to get carried away by digging into herself, which causes depression. Fields are characterized by poor intuition, so they do not trust her. A woman named after Pauline is characterized by her character, who is able to move sharply from considerable seriousness to uncontrollable fun.

Nevertheless, these women absolutely always believe in their own abilities, while not trusting the people around them. Polina prefer coziness, comfort, and also look great. The time of communication, activity is replaced by the desire to simply relax alone. The field is able for a long time to isolate itself from the surrounding to replenish mental strength. In general, Polina has a problematic character, but she lives a full, fascinating life.

Polina child

Consider now the meaning of the name Polina for a girl in her childhood. As a child, Fields is characterized by excellent appeasability and charm, only occasionally quarreling with her parents. The girl prefers fun games, is active, and helps her mother with great interest. In her school years, Fields is an activist of the whole class, a diligent student.

Many people are friends with her, and teachers like her for always being willing to help and take the initiative. Поле характерны такие отличительные черты, как отзывчивость, доброта, однако родителям нужно будет прилагать все силы, чтобы перечисленные качества в процессе взросления Полина не растеряла.

На девочке сказывается в значительной степени влияние мамы, которое следует за ней на протяжении всей жизни. Все Поли наделены каким-нибудь талантом, который необходимо заметить во время, а также должным образом развить. Вообще, имя Полина значение имени и судьба которого описывается, является судьбоносным для ребенка.

Здоровье Полины

As a child, Fields often fall ill with a cold nature, for this reason it is advisable to give the girl to play sports in a sports section. A woman who bears the name of Paul is tired, tired very quickly, as a result of which she needs considerable time for rest and sleep.

For such women, healthy, sound sleep plays the main role, otherwise Fields will not feel well. It should be noted that Fields does not have good health, for this reason it must be preserved from childhood. Recurring attacks of self-criticism, as well as melancholy, can cause prolonged depression.

Poly sexuality

The woman Polina, whose character is described, can slightly idealize a man who impressed her, which sometimes ends in disappointment. Poly prefers a trustful, respectful attitude on the part of a partner, which is the reason for her lack of transient novels.

This woman has the best qualities of the weaker sex, which contributes to the constant attention of the masses of fans. However, her feelings are smoothed, openly this woman does not show sympathy, and sometimes it seems impregnable, cold. In bed, this woman prefers the submission attitude, giving all the initiative to a man.

She is, without a doubt, not an ideal partner for sex, which explains the difficulty in provoking passion. Such a trait in some way contributes to the separation of men from her or is a reason for treason. However, her husband can be firmly convinced that Fields will not lead a man on the side under any circumstances.

Compatibility, family, marriage

A woman with that name is a dream wife. The most important thing for her is the family, for whom Fields will sacrifice a successful career. She has no desire to dominate the spouse, but quite the contrary, keeps him loyal, obeys in everything.

Contrary to obedience, Fields is a support, a heart for all relatives, she is loved, they listen to her. To the spouse shows condescension, forgiving his weakness. Fields is an economic spouse who cooks well and waits for guests with great joy.

Polina does not separate the concept of marriage and children, because she does not think of happiness without a child. She devotes most of her personal time to her children, sometimes forgetting about her needs. When searching for work, stop at the place that will be near the house so that you can rush to the child at any moment. Today Polina, the meaning of the name, whose character and fate we describe, is picky in men.

A woman named Pauline can count on a happy marriage with Anatoly, Gleb, Dmitry, Egor, Rodion, Robert, Nikolai, Boris, Arkady. One has to side with Nikita, George, Oleg, Stanislav, Fyodor, Andrey, Anton, Alexander.

Career, business

All women with this name are active natures, one more they are interested in family, and not success in their careers. Paulie has no business ambition at all, but there is diligence and hard work. Sometimes it is subjected to ruthless exploitation, and its merits are not sufficiently evaluated.

A woman who bears such a name needs intensive work, monotonous, painstaking work is not her. Fields can be an excellent journalist, teacher, lawyer, salesperson, manager, or advertising agent. For such a woman a great option - a fashion designer, stylist, artist, or actress.


Summing up this article, it should be noted that Fields should be called girls only when you want a good family life for your girl. A woman with such a name is a beautiful mother, a faithful wife. In childhood, the girl is very mobile, as a result she loves to play outdoor games.

Having become an adult woman, from Pauly can turn out to be a wonderful creative person, if the parents developed her talents in her childhood. Today, the name Pauline, whose origin and meaning we have described in detail, is becoming increasingly popular.

The origin and history of the name of Pauline

Pauline is a name with French roots. So consider modern scientists. Although there is a second version of the origin of the name. It indicates that Polina is a Latin name. "Like Apollo" - so it can also be interpreted.

In the Christian tradition, it is not customary to honor St. Pauline, therefore girls are baptized in the name of Apollinaria. Nameplaces at Apollinaria once a year - the eighteenth of January. Polina are very pious and sincere women. They put a lot of effort into the well-being of the family and do not consider it worth pride.

The origin and history of the name of Pauline indicate that the sign of the zodiac that patronizes the girl is Capricorn. That is why she is so stubborn, but rectilinear. It is difficult to find a compromise with it if you are wrong. Polina always has her own point of view.

The planet that leads its life events - Saturn. She determines that in the life of a woman there will always be a place for some kind of struggle. Whether fighting against enemies, or fighting against oneself. This is not important for Polina. She's just always ready for anything new.

The color that suits her more than the rest is blue. And indeed, the girl likes to often look at the sky and gaze into its beauty. The tree that will become a guardian for the girl is a poplar. The plant that will be cherished for her is the lotus. The stone from which you can make a talisman, keeping Polina from adversity - selenite.

The nature and fate of Pauline

Polina's character is quite tolerable and pleasant.

The girl is endowed with a huge number of positive features:

In her life, Polina is guided by common sense and has become used to relying on herself from an early age. Polina often laughs and rejoices around. The value of the name Pauline defines its fragile forms.

She is really pretty petite. It seems to many that Polina will remain in her heart forever as a young child. At the same time, it is quite reasonable. From early childhood, she gets used to taking care of others, giving them her love.

Polina is open to communication and has a huge number of friends in childhood. Unfortunately, not everyone understands such an openness of the girl, and not everyone accepts her. Sometimes Polina is sad, but she does not submit about this kind. Hides more emotions in itself.

Polina also has negative traits:

• Traction to loneliness.

If the family of Polina has a rather strained relationship, her parents often quarrel, swear - the girl grows up nervous, secretive, withdrawn. It can scare and ruffle any little thing. She often cries for no reason.

Therefore, it is so important for parents to create the best living conditions for Polina. That she was not drawn into their family problems. The girl's mother may consider her too independent and increasingly entrust her with complex tasks that require increased responsibility.

This should not be done, even if Polina has a joyful and carefree childhood - then she will grow up to be a truly kind and loving daughter who is able to give love, affection and care to her family. Polina trembles with her grandmother, who loves to sing songs with her and bake pies. This is exactly what Polina lacks in adulthood - home comfort and peace.

For her family, she will strive to create exactly comfort and coziness. She would really want to please loved ones with her presence, her attention. Polina has a rather docile temperament, but sometimes she washes seem impregnable, tough. Relatives will not be able to understand why the girl behaves in this way, why she shows with all her manifestations that she does not need anyone?

She does not like to argue and does not know how to do it. Therefore, Polina has to hide her sincere and vulnerable nature for indifference. It seems to her that in this way she will protect herself from interfering in the lives of other people.

Polina is a very faithful friend and rather quickly attracts people to herself. But to be friends with her is more comfortable with men than with women. Men seem to her more sincere and fair.

She does not tolerate gossip, and therefore does not tell anyone about anything, honestly keeps secrets. But there is a lot of gossip about Polina. She initially treats them with a certain apprehension, then gets used and simply does not react, believing that only those who simply have nothing to do gossip about.

Polina has many shortcomings, she herself thinks so, therefore, she can also critically treat others. She may demand conformity to herself, but if she can calmly explain to her that her demands are incommensurable with reality, Polina quickly calms down and stops pestering her.

Polina is hard to understand why people around are constantly trying to encroach on her territory. In fact, they are not trying to do anything. They are only determined to advise her to know her better. But, too close to her Polina does not admit. She prefers a narrow social circle, does not allow anyone in it.

Polina has many detractors just because she can be fairly honest with others, therefore, it is difficult for her to play games with others, it is difficult to betray. She says what she feels and feels with her soul.

Polina and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: The name of the union is favorable with Anufriy, Arseny, Vavila, Valery, Veniamin, Vissarion, Evstignei, Epiphanius, Zinovy, Izot, Kupriyan, Naum, Paisius, Paramon, Potap, Severyan, Spiridon, Philo. The name is also combined with Frol, Harlampy. Difficult relations of a name are probable with Abraham, Karp, Kuzma, Longin, Miron, Parfen, Prokhor, Thomas.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Polina? Fields attracts the opposite sex with her charm and beauty, although at the same time her lack of strong feelings is alarming to her partners.

Attaches great importance to sex. The girl named Fields does not separate sex from love. However, she is very sexy and sensitive, although she wears a mask of indifference. She likes not all men, and it is rather difficult to meet her ideal. The woman named after Polina is very caring, but she is cold to economic matters. However, he knows how to create comfort and coziness in the house. He is happy to receive guests, in the company he is witty, sociable, but also proud, he can demonstrate his superiority. Fields most often beloved wife.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Professional path can be thorny. She will strive to gain experience, accumulate knowledge, to constantly expand the horizons of her "I", to spiritual and emotional maturity. The girl is by nature a psychiatrist, an astrologer.

Business and career: Excessive prudence and caution, which later becomes an obstacle to a successful business, are of particular importance to it.

Health and energy

Health and talents named Pauline: "November" Pauline is very restless in infancy. Gases can flow away badly from her, so she should be given dill water. With age, she becomes calmer, goes to everyone in her arms. The fields are located to infectious diseases, as well as to the nephritis disease. Vaccinations should be done only in consultation with the doctor.

The "August" Poly has a predisposition to cholecytes. Sometimes she has flat feet, with this you need to turn to an orthopedist. By the age of seven, Fields is a healthy girl, but sometimes she has an acute respiratory infection, which is why she misses school.

From early childhood, Polina's body is weakened, she has a weak immune system. It should be protected from any diseases. She may have otitis, pharyngitis. Externally, Fields is balanced and calm, but passions are raging inside, her nervous system is weak. It is necessary to carefully monitor the work of the stomach. She often suffers from infectious diseases. If in childhood she can be saved from them, then at a mature age she can have rubella and chickenpox.

The girl does not like to go in for sports, she should join her to sports since childhood, then many illnesses can be avoided. Polina may have defects in diction, for a long time she may not pronounce some sounds, you need to consult a speech therapist as soon as possible. Poor mockery, which is difficult to avoid with the wrong pronunciation.

It reflects badly on her already weak nervous system. In the "March" - after a fright may be enuresis. In adulthood, Fields is located to skin diseases, she may have acne on her face, and the intervention of a beautician is necessary. "Autumn" Polinochka poorly tolerates pregnancy, there may be cases of ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

The owner of the name Pauline needs a calm atmosphere in the house, a long sleep, fresh air. Disturbances in the nervous system make themselves felt with age.

Pauline's fate in history

What does the name Pauline mean for women's fate?

  1. P.Annenkov (1800–1876), nee Gebl, is a Frenchwoman, the wife of the Decembrist Ivan Alexandrovich Annenkov. When Annenkov after December 14 was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress, P. Gebl was his bride. After Annenkov was convicted to Siberia for hard labor, she discovered extraordinary energy to alleviate the fate of her beloved. She ensured that Emperor Nicholas I personally accepted her petition and, touched by this devotion to the convicted person, allowed her to follow him to Siberia and ordered her to be given a travel allowance. With the ascension to the throne of Alexander II, Praskovia Egorovna (this was the name of a Catholic after Orthodox baptism) with her husband and a large family returned to Russia.
  2. P. Viardo Garcia (1821-1910) - the famous French singer. Her extraordinary personality caused admiring surprise of her contemporaries. Her husband, Louis Viardot, a journalist, art historian and republican, for a long time “blocked” her way to the Paris stage with her political reputation, and distant Russia became a country where artistic fame came to the singer. The years spent in Russia were decisive in the artistic life of P. Viardo. Was friends with I.S.Turgenev all my life.
  3. P.Geble (1800 - 1876) - in marriage - Annenkov Praskovya, wife of the Decembrist I.Annenkov, who followed her husband into exile in Transbaikalia.
  4. P. Astakhov (1936 - 2005) - the Soviet gymnast. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1960).
  5. P.Kumanchenko (born 1910 - Ukrainian actress.
  6. P. Dashkov (born 1960) - his real name is Tatiana Polyachenko, a Russian writer. She debuted as a poet. It was printed in the magazines “Rural Youth”, “Youth”, “Origins”, the almanac “Young Voices”. Widespread fame gained as the author of detectives. Her first book, The Blood of the Unborn, (1996) brought wide popularity. He does not use his real first and last name during the interview, as it is prohibited by the terms of the contract.
  7. P. Strepetova (1850-1903) is a famous Russian theater actress.
  8. P. Barskova (born 1976) is a Russian poetess.
  9. P.Zhemchuzhina (1897 - 1970) - the real name is Pearl Karpovskaya, a Soviet party and state leader, the wife of Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov.
  10. P. Kutepova (born 1971) - Soviet and Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2004).
  11. P. Macabies (born 1986) - French biathlete.
  12. P.Fedotova - Russian pianist and musical teacher, soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, Associate Professor at Moscow University and Moscow Conservatory, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, winner of international competitions.

Polina in different languages ​​of the world

Translation of a name in different languages ​​has a slightly different meaning and sounds a bit different. The meaning of the name Pauline in English is translated as Pauline, in Spanish: Paulina, in Italian: Paolina, in German: Pauline, in French: Pauline.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.