Herbal pregnancy: the benefits and harm, methods of use


Culinary tastes of expectant mothers often change. Many women, previously indifferent to salty or spicy foods, enthusiastically absorb the well-known “Herring under the fur coat” salad. But is it worth while blindly following the forbidden desires? Does salted herring harm the health?

The benefits and harm of herring

Herring contains quite a lot of calcium, which is necessary for the proper formation of the musculoskeletal system of the baby. This substance is also present in dairy products, seafood.

In addition, Atlantic herring is a source of vitamin D, protein, phosphorus and easily digestible fats. Experts advise eating boiled or stewed fish during pregnancy.

In turn, the harm of salted herring is usually associated with the following factors:

  • There is an excess of salt in this product. Eating salted herring is especially dangerous in the last trimester of pregnancy. During this period, many women have a tendency to edema. Salt herring significantly aggravates the position of the expectant mother, because it retains fluid in the body. The product gives an additional load on the kidneys, which during pregnancy are already working in intensive mode.
  • When improperly salted in the herring, live larvae of worms can survive. When they enter the body can cause severe bowel and lung diseases. For the expectant mother, the infection is especially dangerous: the larvae of worms can penetrate the baby’s not fully formed body.

Note! Dangerous parasites die if the fish are kept in strong saline for two weeks. With a shorter salting period, the worms larvae can survive.

What if you really want a tasty salted herring?

In pregnancy, it is recommended to buy whole fish, rather than finely chopped preserves. A good herring should weigh about 400 grams. The gills of a quality product are painted a pale pink shade.

Before eating herring in food is recommended to soak it. After that, the fish is cleaned and carefully inspect its insides for the presence of parasites. Before cooking, it is recommended to pour herring milk for a couple of hours. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Important! When the gestational age is up to 20 weeks, salted herring is recommended to eat no more than once a week. In the second half of pregnancy, a woman needs to focus on their state of health and health. In the presence of edema or overweight, salted fish is excluded from the diet.

Boiled Herring Salad

For preparation of some dishes they use not only salted, but also boiled herring. You can use the salad recipe, in which the following ingredients are present:

  • 1 fresh or frozen herring,
  • 1 boiled beets,
  • Bay leaf,
  • medium sized apple
  • 1 pickled cucumber
  • half a red onion,
  • 20 g cranberries,
  • 150 grams of yogurt without fruit filling,
  • 1 tsp. mustard,
  • 1 small ginger root,
  • 3 cloves of garlic,
  • salt - to taste.

Boiled herring salad is prepared as follows:

  1. Herring cleaned and boiled. At the same time add one bay leaf to the water.
  2. From the boiled herring gently remove the bones.
  3. Fish spread on a plate.
  4. Boiled beets, onions, cucumber and apple are cut into neat slices.
  5. Then you need to cook the sauce. To do this, rub the ginger and garlic on a fine grater. In the resulting mass add yogurt, salt and mustard. All the ingredients necessary for making the sauce are thoroughly mixed.
  6. Herring is combined with cucumber, beetroot, onion and apple. The dish is filled with pre-cooked sauce.

Herring Stew Recipe

The fish is good and stewed. It will be an excellent addition to pasta, mashed potatoes, buckwheat porridge or crumbly rice.

For cooking, food is taken in the following proportion:

  • 500 g of herring,
  • 2 onions,
  • small amount of olive oil
  • 15 ml of strong black tea. It is recommended to take a drink with prunes or bergamot,
  • turmeric to give the dish a beautiful shade,
  • salt - to taste.

  1. First, the herring is cut into small pieces, approximately 20 mm thick.
  2. The fish is placed in a cauldron mixed with onion rings.
  3. The resulting mass is poured with a mixture of black tea and olive oil, add turmeric and salt.
  4. Dish should be simmer on low heat for 40 minutes.

You can cook herring in the oven. In this case, the cooking time of fish will be reduced to 30 minutes.

Herring fillet pate

Not only delicious salads are made from salted fish. There are many recipes herring pastes. They have a pleasant, delicate flavor. In herring pastes add a variety of ingredients:

  • processed cheese,
  • carrot,
  • butter,
  • an Apple,
  • boiled eggs,
  • aromatic spices: cumin, dill, oregano, coriander.

You can cook the pate with semolina:

  1. To do this, scroll through a meat grinder 400 g of fish fillet.
  2. Then pour 0.3 l of water into a separate saucepan, add 40 ml of vegetable oil and pour in a pinch of table salt.
  3. The mixture is brought to a boil.
  4. After that you need to add 5 tbsp. l semolina.
  5. Porridge is boiled until thickened, while it must be constantly stirring.
  6. After the semolina porridge has cooled, it should be mixed with minced meat, prepared in advance of herring.
  7. Then in the mixture add one boiled carrot, chopped in a blender, 50 ml of olive oil, 5 ml of lemon juice and a little finely chopped onion.

Herring paste can be spread on bread.

Why do you want herring during pregnancy?

Herring during pregnancy desired by women for several reasons. First of all, do not forget about the increased level of progesterone in the female body. He is able not only to relax smooth muscles, but also to lower the pressure. Salty foods increase blood pressure, therefore, it is not surprising that the female organism intuitively requires salty foods.

The second reason is the lack of calcium. Everyone probably knows that pregnant women often face the problem of teeth. Why spoil your teeth? During the formation of the infant's bone system, he needs a lot of calcium. If this element is not supplied in sufficient amounts into the body from the outside, then the baby begins to pull it from the mother's body. As a result, brittle nails, problems with teeth and hair.

Most calcium is found in dairy products and fish. Therefore, a woman may want herring. In fact, herring is very useful for the female body. There are different varieties of herring, but it is best to use them in boiled or baked form, but not in salt.

Is it possible to herring during pregnancy

First of all, salt retains fluid in the body. Future mothers, especially in the second half of pregnancy, and so suffer from edema. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize the amount of salt consumed so as not to overload the kidneys and not worsen the condition. If in the early stages of pregnancy a woman may well afford several pieces of herring, but in the final stages this is strictly contraindicated.

As you understand, the herring does not undergo proper heat treatment, therefore, along with the fish, the worms that are in it, or rather their larvae, are salting. If the herring is salted incorrectly, without observing the process technology, the larvae can calmly survive after salting. Once in the body, the larvae can immediately begin to harm, causing problems with the intestines and not only. For future mothers, such a neighborhood is very dangerous, because meeting a parasite for a child can be fatal.

At the expense of unsalted fish, do not worry - as a rule, imported herring is frozen, and frozen fish is not dangerous, since parasites die two days after freezing.

If you are afraid of herring, and the duration of your pregnancy allows you to pamper yourself - try not to make a wrong choice. Buy whole fish, not chopped. Pay attention to its appearance, do not buy goods in dubious pavilions, ask your friends where you can buy good fish. And best of all, do not get carried away with it. Agree, it is easier once to suppress your desires, rather than then pay for a minute weakness.

How does digestion change in pregnancy?

The work of all vital systems of the body regulates the neuroendocrine system. The radical restructuring of its functions during pregnancy makes adjustments to the work of the digestive and urinary systems working in the same bundle.

  • Hormone progesterone is a natural custodian of pregnancy,
  • Artificially weakening the muscle tone of the uterus, it prevents miscarriage,
  • But estrogen and progesterone, which in pregnant women enter the blood in an excessive amount, radically affect intestinal function, somewhat weakening the intestinal muscular strength and its ability to promote dietary mass. Against this background, the capacity of the digestive tract is somewhat reduced
  • In such conditions, food goes its way significantly longer than it was before pregnancy,
  • Slower food movement leads to more intense absorption of fluid that occurs in the large intestine,
  • Thus, the stool is compacted, there is a tendency to constipation and edema at the same time (read the article on the topic: Edema of the legs during pregnancy >>>)
  • The hormone estrogen enhances gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid. It is the acidity leaps that result from hormonal changes that often cause nausea or an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth in the morning.

The benefits of herring for the future mother

  1. Herring, unlike large fish, does not have time to accumulate a dangerous amount of salts of heavy metals and other harmful substances during its life,
  2. Any sea fish, and herring especially, contains the optimal combination of vitamins of group B and various trace elements, including calcium and a number of unsaturated fatty acids, in the presence of which only its full digestion is possible,
  3. In addition, most sex hormones are fat soluble, so it is important for the expectant mother to use valuable fish oil.

Sea fish should be present in the diet of all pregnant women.

Know The kid is gaining weight, regardless of mom's appetite, but the child actively consumes the vitamins and trace elements he needs from your body, therefore their timely replenishment is extremely important.

Read more about nutrition during pregnancy and how to do without pharmacy vitamins and drugs, read the book Secrets of proper nutrition for the expectant mother >>>

The safest consumption option for pregnant women will be the purchase of fresh frozen fish and its own salting.

Ideally, fish should be purchased in large shopping centers, where there are all the necessary quality certificates. In fact, most women buy herring in small retail outlets from proven vendors.

Possible harm to salted fish

  • Even a normal pregnancy is often accompanied by small swelling,
  • Salty food causes an increase in gastric acid production by the stomach and stimulates an increase in gastric acidity,
  • Sodium, being more active chemically, replaces more useful potassium in the body and binds the fluid,
  • A full course of all metabolic processes and the assimilation of water-soluble vitamins is impossible without a sufficient, individual amount of fluid for each person,
  • Against the background of a decrease in the activity of the digestive system, as I have already told you above, the uninterrupted function of the urinary system is of particular importance.

Attention! Edema, alarming doctors, lurk in the last trimester of pregnancy, when the pressure inside the abdominal cavity increases significantly, and salt metabolism is difficult, due to the limitation of physical activity and increased load on the kidneys.

In addition, a significant increase in the volume of the uterus changes the mutual position of the abdominal organs and urinary system, squeezing them.

Depending on the severity, swelling can be a real test and cause for stress, because they increase the load on the cardiovascular system of a woman

However, self-administration of diuretic drugs, even of plant origin, can cause uncontrolled dehydration of the body (for this question, read the actual article: Lingonberry leaf during pregnancy >>>).

Important! A sharp decrease in the amount of fluid affects the total volume of circulating blood and can lead to a lack of blood supply to the fetus and other vital organs.

The task of every pregnant woman is to maintain the equilibrium water-salt balance of the body, without which it is impossible to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

Reasonable physical exertion, as a rule, helps to avoid big problems.

For more information on how to behave in the third trimester, to prepare for childbirth on time, see the online seminar. Five steps to successful childbirth >>>

Provided you feel well and have an adequate weight gain, you should trust your feelings and eat everything that is useful and does not cause disgust.

Pregnancy is not a disease.

A small piece of spicy fish a day does not hurt, but, on the contrary, will help to overcome the morning lightness and the unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth.

Determining the ratio of the benefits and harm of salty foods, including herring, we must be aware of whether there is a tendency to edema. If there is, then remove the salted fish from the food, so as not to create problems for the future.

Harm of herring during pregnancy is associated with two factors:

  • When a fish is consumed, a woman gets an excess of salt, which is very dangerous in late pregnancy, when there is a tendency to edema.
  • In the herring, with improperly salted, the larvae of worms may remain alive. It is proved that more than 80% of the herring population is infected with various types of worms.

Regarding the salt content, the following should be noted: there is only 6 grams of salt in one fish. 1 gram of salt retains 100 ml of water. If you eat whole herring, the body will certainly linger at least half a liter of fluid. In the first trimester it is not scary, the main thing is not to overdo it, you can afford 2-3 slices of herring once a week.
Concerning the second point, traditional medicine is protesting, where salted herring is used ... for the treatment of worms. It is part of some recipes for the expulsion of tapeworm in combination with pumpkin seeds and lingonberries. If we talk about the possibility of keeping the worms alive in herring, then this is quite possible if you violate the rules of salting.
Anisakid larvae live in meat and river, and sea fish, and when ingested, cause damage to the intestines, lungs. Often, doctors mistakenly diagnose tumors in humans, and the cause of a neoplasm is invasive worms. During pregnancy, such infection is even more dangerous, with the flow of blood the larvae can get to the fetus.
Any larvae of worms die when fish are salted in a strong salt solution for at least 14 days. Less time salting or salted recipe keeps this living creatures alive. However, there is one positive point in all this. The fish is frozen on board the fishing trawler and it is in a state of deep freezing for a long time before it reaches the processing plants and is on sale. If you freeze fish for only 2 days at a temperature of -18 - - 20 degrees, worms die (note that the temperature in the freezer of a domestic refrigerator is 5 - - 8 degrees, and if you freeze the fish at home, it will not work to kill the worms!)

Why do you want herring during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period of various changes in the body that pass without the knowledge of the woman. All processes are aimed at keeping the baby in the womb. The first step is increased levels of the hormone progesterone. It reduces the activity of the muscular muscles of the uterus so that it does not contract and does not provoke a miscarriage. But at the same time, progesterone lowers blood pressure, which is why a woman in the early stages constantly experiences weakness, apathy and drowsiness. However, the body requires its own and in order to increase the pressure, it needs sodium, that is, the woman pulls on something salty. That is why in the early stages of pregnancy, the future mom leans on pickles and herring.

Another reason for the unbearable desire to eat fish is the increased need for calcium. The growth and development of the child takes a huge amount of calcium from the woman’s body, this deficiency is trying to fill in every possible way. Most calcium is found in dairy products and fish. Hence the craving for fish products. Herring itself is very useful, it contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. But boiled or stewed fish is useful, not salted herring, which can be really dangerous.

Is it possible to eat champignons for pregnant women?

What is the danger of herring for a pregnant woman?

Польза термически приготовленной рыбы очевидна – в ней много витамина Д, который необходим истощенному беременностью организму. Кроме этого, сельдь содержит огромное количество микроэлементов и витаминов, в ней много полезных омега-3 жирных кислот. Однако после засолки большая часть ценных веществ теряется, в чем же риск употребления соленой селедки?

  1. First of all, the harm lies in the huge amount of salt in the composition of the snack. So that the fish is well salted and does not start to fade, it is placed in a brine with a large amount of salt. An excess of white venom leads to the strongest edema, which already tortures a woman in late pregnancy. Salt - this is an additional burden on the kidneys, which during pregnancy work at the limit of possibilities. Excess salt - this is the severity of the body, swollen legs, to move on which becomes more difficult, especially after 30 weeks.
  2. Another big risk of consuming fish is the lack of heat treatment. Under the influence of salt, all possible pathogenic microflora dies, but the larvae of parasites remain, especially if salting was short-lived. It is estimated that more than half of the fish that is sold on store shelves is contaminated. Sometimes the larvae leave the human body naturally. But often the parasites begin to grow and develop in the intestines, enter the bloodstream, infect the lungs and other tissues. This can lead to quite serious consequences even in a healthy person, not to mention the body of a pregnant woman. This is dangerous not only for the mother, but also for the child, since the parasites through the blood and the umbilical cord can get into the fetus.

In order for the fish to bring only benefit, it needs to be eaten moderately - no more than three pieces of salted herring at a time, 1-2 times a week. In late pregnancy, salty foods should be discarded; they may aggravate the swelling. If you so want fish, it is better to eat red caviar. It contains not only the whole palette of fish vitamins, but also a huge amount of vitamin E, which protects the skin from stretch marks.

is it possible for pregnant pickled mushrooms

What kind of herring is during pregnancy?

It is best to buy not a ready-made herring fillet, but a whole fish. You will be able to examine her condition before she gets to your table. Good fish has an even color, shiny scales without damage, pink gills, hard back. When cutting, carefully inspect the fish for larvae. Visually you can see a few worms on the surface of the fillet. Even if you have not noticed anything, you need to soak the fish in milk for 2-3 hours, this will help protect against parasites. By the way, even if the fish infected with larvae is left for 10-12 days in salt water, it will become safe for consumption. But if you are pregnant, it is better not to risk and abandon this product immediately.

Salted herring is a great appetizer for boiled potatoes or pasta. Herring can change the taste of any, the most simple and lean salad. But we often buy salted fish for the famous salad "Herring under a fur coat." From the point of view of proper nutrition, this is not the most harmful dish, because it does not require the additional use of salt. In addition, the salad has healthy boiled vegetables and eggs. And if you replace mayonnaise with oil or another dressing, then the dish will not be equal in quantity of valuable substances!

Herring is a tasty and healthy product that can decorate and complement any table. But during pregnancy, this is not exactly what the future mom needs. Eat herring only if you want it insanely, and then in moderation. If you do not have a special quivering love for salted fish, it is better to give up the product until better times.

Is it possible to eat mayonnaise for pregnant women?

Harm of herring during pregnancy, two factors:

  1. Excessive salt content in fish causes strong thirst and water retention in the body. Therefore, if in the last months of pregnancy a woman began to have edema, it is better not to use herring.
  2. If the herring is not properly salted, live larvae of worms remain in it. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and your baby, it is better to use it only in boiled and fried form.

We can not say about the salt content. In fish of medium size contains about 5-7 grams of salt, that is, speaking of another way, 1 gram retains 100-110 ml of water in the body. Therefore, if you eat the whole mudflow, at least 700 ml of water will linger in the body, which is “not good” in the second and third trimester. But if you are only at the very beginning of the journey, you can eat fish, though in moderation - 2-3 slices a week will be enough.

Considering the second point, it can be noted that it is better to salt herring at home and buy at the store than with the hands of grandmothers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Home salting is the confidence that everything will be fine with health.
  • When herring is salted in a strong salt solution, the larvae of any worms die only for 15-16 days. Other quick recipes keep animals alive, which can harm human health.
  • Buying fish from your hands you are very much at risk for your health and future baby. After all, if you settle in your body the larvae of worms, they can easily be transmitted to the baby and harm its health.
  • The fish, which is sold in the store also has its advantages. Before it enters the processing plants and shops, it is stored on board a fishing vessel in a freezer at -19 degrees for several days. During this time, the larvae of worms die.

But to freeze the fish in the home refrigerator, get rid of parasites and their larvae will not work, because the temperature in it is only (-5) - (-7) degrees.

How to choose a salted herring?

When buying salted herring during pregnancy, it is best to give preference to whole fish, salted in ordinary saline. So you will see the quality of the fish offered to you.

The ideal herring is a fish, weighing 300-350 grams, with a thick back, light pinkish gills and shiny blue skin.

It is better to refrain from buying fish, if its gills are not pinkish, but brown, the peel is covered with white or any other colored coating.

Salty fish

Fish is included in the menu of a balanced diet, as it is an excellent source of proteins, digestible fats, vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium. Of all the representatives of the seas and oceans sold in the store, Atlantic herring is recommended as a dietary product, which, even with heat treatment, does not lose its taste.

You can buy fresh fish, frozen or salted. The latter can be found in several variants - just salted whole or marinated with spices, as well as pieces in preserves. Herring in oil, packed in jars, it is better not to buy - it will be difficult to understand its condition.

If you really want salty, then you want to give preference to the usual salting, especially since it is easier to determine the quality of the fish. Choose fish with pale pink gills, shiny blue skin, bulging red eyes. At the same time, the back of fish that are not stale on the shelves must be tight. It is not recommended to buy a product that has a white patina - this is a sign of various impurities.

Can pregnant eat salted herring? If you really want to pamper yourself, you can buy a small fish, paying attention to its appearance. But it is necessary to take into account the timing and condition of the pregnant.

When can salt

A pregnant woman will definitely pull on salty. This requires an organism undergoing hormonal changes. But when it is possible to eat herring during pregnancy, and when it is impossible, the supervising gynecologist will tell you. In the first trimester, a woman can not deny herself the satisfaction of such desires. Fish even helps some to cope with toxemia.

From the third trimester, the body begins to have difficulties - it is becoming more and more difficult for the kidneys to cope with the situation, and the woman becomes puffy. It is caused by a poor output of salts from the body. If salty foods are added to the diet at this stage, the health problem will worsen - this may contribute to the development of hypertension.

1 g of salt that has entered the body is able to delay the withdrawal of 100 ml of fluid. If you eat 1 herring, then 500 ml of water will remain in the woman, manifesting edema. Increase the amount of amniotic fluid, which is not desirable for the normal course of labor.

Therefore, from week 18, it is better to gradually remove such products from your menu. But even if a woman eats herring during early pregnancy, she should do it properly and not get too carried away with this dish.

Recommendations for use

In the first few months of an “interesting situation”, pregnant herring should be eaten in small portions, while correctly preparing the product for consumption. But this must be preceded by the choice of fish (as described above). You should not make purchases from questionable sellers, so that in addition to herring do not get harmful parasites that can hide inside.

How to prepare fish:

  • when bringing herring home, it should be examined, paying special attention to the entrails - if improperly salted, the larvae of worms persist,
  • then the fish is cleaned, the skin is removed and washed,
  • the herring needs to be soaked in cool water for 2 hours so that the salt is gone,
  • Now you can cut it into pieces, which are soaked in milk for another 2 hours.

The herring is ready to eat, but it is recommended to eat no more than 2-3 pieces of fish per day. You should not eat herring daily - it will be enough to treat yourself 2 times a week to bring down the hunt.

Pregnant herring can be combined with vegetables - they will smooth out the negative effects of salts on the body. Therefore, a woman can safely cook herring under a fur coat - and tasty and healthy. But herring in vinegar is better left for the future, when you can afford it.

From the above, a conclusion is suggested: it is possible to use a salted herring for pregnant women in the early stages if it does not contain parasites that, once inside a woman, are easily introduced into the fetus and cause various pathologies. To avoid such a risk, it is recommended to buy frozen fish and salt it yourself. In the later periods, boiled herring is offered to pregnant or baked in the oven as a source of useful components.