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Chest cough elixir: instructions for use

Parents often face such a problem as coughing in children. Some of the moms and dads immediately run to the pharmacy for advertised medicines, which should “immediately get rid of annoying cough,” but a large part of adults want to use not natural products for the treatment of their karapuz, but natural remedies. One of such effective medicines is “Chest elixir.” Can we give it to children and how to do it correctly, we will tell in detail in this article.

What it is?

The drug called "Chest elixir" is a combination. It contains both natural ingredients and chemical compounds.

The main component of the tool is licorice rhizome extract. This plant is a well-known "fighter" with cough and is part of many mucolytic drugs.

Licorice effectively destroys many types of bacteria, has anti-inflammatory effect, has a relaxing effect on the bronchi, strengthens the immune system. It contains a specific substance - glycyrrhizin, which promotes active secretion of the upper respiratory tract, thus, at a faster rate, the mucus forms in the bronchi, which we call sputum. Together with it, when expectorating, the pathogenic microorganisms, which caused the disease, are “evicted” from the body.

The second most important component of the “Chest elixir” is anise oil. This is a pleasant taste and smell product derived from anise seeds. It has a systemic anti-inflammatory effect, having a beneficial effect not only on the respiratory organs, but also on the whole organism. Anise is an excellent sedative, a natural anti-depressant that improves mood, gently soothes the nervous system and makes the child’s sleep more sound and healthy.

Anise seed oil in the composition of the elixir acts as a faithful assistant licorice root. It contributes to the formation of bronchial secretions, and anise - to its liquefaction and rapid withdrawal outside.

At this plant components end and begin chemical compounds. In the composition of the drug is ammonia. It is not used in its pure form, therefore, the substance was introduced into the “Chest elixir” in the form of a 28% solution with liquid ammonia. This mixture is able to stimulate those areas of the brain that are responsible for normal breathing. Ammonia is a strong antiseptic, so the pathogenic bacteria can not resist, in addition, it irritates the bronchial epithelium, nerve endings, which is an important incentive for removing the formed and already liquefied bronchial secretions.

In addition to the main active ingredients, in the "Chest elixir" there are auxiliary. Nothing extra, just ordinary purified water and ethyl alcohol.

When is appointed?

Instructions for use prescribes to give this tool for various respiratory ailments. The drug shows high efficacy in laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis of various forms (including chronic). The tool is also prescribed in combination with the main therapy in such conditions as tuberculosis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis. The drug significantly alleviates the manifestations of asthma.

Usually "Chest elixir" is recommended for dry cough, when it is important to start the process of formation and discharge of sputum as soon as possible. In some cases, the drug is prescribed to patients with a productive wet cough, if the sputum is too thick, and its discharge is substantially difficult.

Many parents cannot immediately determine the nature of their child’s cough. In order not to be mistaken and not harm the crumbs, it is best to show the child to the doctor who will listen to him and decide on the appropriateness of prescribing a “Breast Elixir” for this particular child.

"Chest elixir" is equally respected by both pediatricians and parents of frequently ill children. This remedy can and should be given to children for coughing. True, if they have already turned 2 years old. Till this age the medicine is not prescribed. The fact is that during the neonatal period and up to 24 months the human bronchi are weak, the diaphragm is imperfect, and therefore the increased secretion can lead to the fact that the child simply chokes on his own sputum.

In addition, the drug contains alcohol, which is undesirable for young children. And licorice root and anise can cause a strong allergic reaction in infants.

Mode of application

"Chest elixir" is available in the form of a thickish sweet solution for oral administration. The product is sold in glass bottles, the lid of which acts as a measuring cap, which is convenient for dispensing the product:

  • Children from 2 years to 6 years give no more than 15 drops of the elixir three times a day.
  • For children from 6 years to 10 years a single dose can be up to 20 drops, the multiplicity of the reception is the same.
  • Adolescents from the age of 12 are prescribed an adult dose, which ranges from 20 to 40 drops per dose three times a day.

This method of use is specified in the official instructions to the drug. But quite often doctors recommend determining children's dosage, starting from the age at the rate of one drop of money for each year of life after 2 years. For example, if a child is 3 years old, he should be given 3 drops at a time, if 5 years - five drops, etc.

The first dose of the drug is better to make half the required dose. This will make it possible to see if the child has an allergy to the components of the Breast Elixir.

The course of treatment is determined by the doctor, but on average it is from 5 to 7 days. Take the elixir should be 30 minutes after a meal or an hour before it. Children are encouraged to dilute the drug in a small amount of water or unsweetened tea (not milk!). After the baby swallows the medicine, let it drink with enough water.

Possible side effects

Only optimists and poorly informed adults are sure that herbal preparations do not harm the children's organism. In reality, this is not at all the case. Instructions to the "Chest elixir" indicates a few points that are desirable to avoid when taking the funds. One contraindication - intolerance to any of the substances in the composition.

There are several possible side effects:

  • Digestive disorders. Against the background of admission, indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting may develop, the child may begin to complain of abdominal pain.
  • Allergy. If, after a dose of medication, the child began to develop a rash, itching, coughing, a burning sensation in the throat area, then a mouth, tears began to flow, breathing was difficult.
  • Edema. If the drug is taken longer than the deadline indicated by the doctor or it is done uncontrollably, whenever it pleases, accumulation of fluid in the body tissues may begin.
  • Heart rhythm disorder. Such a consequence can occur when an overdose of the drug or the simultaneous use of "chest elixir" and other cough remedies based on licorice rhizomes.

In all these cases, you should immediately stop taking "Chest elixir", inform your doctor.

If an allergic reaction with a respiratory disorder is developing rapidly, angioedema is possible, you should immediately call an ambulance for your child. You should do the same if your child has an arrhythmia.

The drug should be given with caution to children with impaired brain function, liver and kidney diseases, if the child has recently suffered a cranial injury.

"Chest elixir" can be taken simultaneously with antivirals, with antibiotics. However, it cannot be combined with taking corticosteroids, as well as antitussive drugs with codeine in the composition, the task of which is to “silence” the signals from the cough center in the brain, to reduce the cough reflex. The remedy we are considering will form sputum, liquefy it, and another drug will forbid the child to cough. There will be no secret, will begin a strong inflammatory process - pneumonia.

It is not necessary to simultaneously take the tool with other cough preparations, mucolytic. This can lead to excessive bronchial secretion.

To recover quickly, it is usually recommended to use different cough remedies at different times. For example, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the afternoon, you give your child to drink “Breast Elixir” in the prescribed dosage by age, and at night just before bedtime you give the expectorant “Bromhexin”. In this alternate way, you can combine a cough elixir with "Mukaltin."

"Chest elixir" refers to the category of inexpensive drugs available to all segments of the population. The average cost of a bottle in Russian pharmacies for 2017 is 20-30 rubles. In addition, the drug is available in online pharmacies, where its price starts from 16 rubles.

Many of the adults “Chest elixir” have been familiar since their childhood, because it was with this drug that our grandmothers and mothers treated us. Over the past decade, little has changed, the tool continues to be popular. Most of the reviews about it are positive. Only an insignificant part of mothers complains about small allergic manifestations in a child and stool disorders.

Some parents, according to reviews, have difficulty trying to get a child to drink medicine. Licorice, indeed, has a peculiar smell and cloying taste. In this case, you can dilute the medicine with a child’s favorite juice or fruit compote.

Do not trust the numerous reviews on the Internet, in which it is proposed for a stronger effect "to mix" Chest elixir "with the tablets" Mukaltin "or effervescent" ACC ". Above we have told why this can not be done.

See the transfer of children's doctor Komarovsky, from which you will learn the rules of cough treatment in children.

Composition and pharmacological action

The chest elixir is made in the form of a brownish liquid with a specific odor. The release form - bubbles from glass on 25 ml. The main components of the drug are anise oil, aqueous ammonia solution, and licorice extract. The therapeutic effect of the drug due to the combination of its active ingredients:

  • Licorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid, which promotes expectoration, regenerates the mucous surfaces of the bronchi, alleviates cough spasms, and also has antiviral and immunomodulating properties.
  • Anise oil has a calming effect, reduces inflammation, disinfects the mucous membranes, stimulates sputum liquefaction, activating its smooth excretion, and also relieves bronchospasms.
  • Aqueous ammonia has a powerful antiseptic effect, irritating and stimulating the nerve endings in the brain. Able to normalize respiratory function.

Due to the successful combination of the components, the medicine can be an excellent alternative to expensive pharmacy remedies against cough.

Indications for appointment

The drug is prescribed for all sorts of diseases of the upper and lower ENT organs, accompanied by cough reflexes. Chest elixir with dry cough is used in identifying the following diseases:

  • Colds, flu,
  • inflammation of the bronchi and lungs,
  • tracheobronchitis,
  • inflammatory processes in the pharynx,
  • pulmonary tuberculosis,
  • inflammation of the larynx and trachea,
  • chronic obstruction of the lungs.

In addition, the medication is allowed to use when productive cough with difficulty in the release of sputum.

How to take chest cough elixir

The dosage for adults and children is set by a specialist. Before use, the bottle is shaken.

Chest cough drops are taken as prescribed by the doctor 30 minutes before meals or one hour after meals, for 7-10 days. In some cases, allowed to increase the duration of therapy, as well as a second course.

The optimal dosage for adults and the elderly is 20-30 drops, which must be diluted in a small amount of boiled water. Drink the drug should be 3-4 times a day.

Pediatric dosage is determined by age. Chest cough elixir for children is prescribed as follows:

  • from 2 to 6 years give one drop for each year of life,
  • from 6 to 12 years - 15-20 drops,
  • over 12 years old dose is 20-40 drops.

Take drops 3-4 times a day. Duration of treatment for children under 12 years is not more than 1 week, over 12 years - 7-14 days.

The drug is taken by mixing it with a small amount of water or juice.

A potion is not prescribed to children under 12 months due to their inability to cough.

Restrictions on the use of

The drug is contraindicated if patients have:

  • hypersensitivity to substances in its composition,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum in the acute stage,
  • inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

The mixture is used with caution in alcoholism, liver pathologies, skull injuries and diseases of the central nervous system. Not applicable in children younger than two years.

Do not use the remedy for diarrhea, as it has a slight laxative effect.

Prolonged use can lead to swelling and fluid accumulation in the internal organs.

Breast elixir is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to insufficient knowledge of its effect on the child. However, sometimes it is permissible to use it on the recommendation of a medical professional.

Side effects

According to the instructions, the tool can provoke negative effects from the gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as allergic reactions in the form of a rash, urticaria and edema. In addition, there may be negative consequences from the central nervous system - overexcitement or apathy.

If these symptoms appear, you should cancel the treatment and consult your doctor.

The drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and work with complex mechanisms.


When uncontrolled and prolonged use over 4 weeks in patients may experience the following symptoms:

  • heart rhythm disorder
  • hypokalemia,
  • blood pressure disorder.

In this case, you must stop treatment or reduce the dosage. In addition, symptomatic therapy will be required.

Drug interaction

Typically, this tool is assigned as an adjunct to essential drugs, but it plays an important role in the treatment. Due to its constituent components, the drug successfully dilutes stagnant mucus, facilitating its evacuation, reduces the number of cough attacks, and also improves the general condition of the patient.

The drug can be combined with various antibiotics, but it is contraindicated to be taken in conjunction with other drugs that block the cough reflex (Sinekod, Stoptussin, Libeksin), designed to eliminate unproductive cough. This combination can cause stagnation of mucus, progression of infection, increased inflammation, and trauma to the bronchi.

Chest elixir can be combined with these tools only when used alternately. For example, the medicine is used in the morning or in the afternoon, and substances that block the coughing urge, at night.

It is not allowed to combine the drug with other means containing licorice: simultaneous use may cause potassium metabolism disorder.

With cough pills

Such a budget therapy option will quickly get rid of an unpleasant symptom and improve well-being.

The preparation will require ordinary cough pills, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Tablets contain thermopsis and sodium bicarbonate (soda). Due to its simple composition, the drug:

  • improves the function of the bronchial glands,
  • reduces the viscosity of pulmonary secretions
  • beneficial effect on the respiratory center.

Most often, tablets are prescribed for diseases of the upper ENT organs accompanied by an increased formation of mucus. This medicine is not used if the patient has:

  • allergies to one of the ingredients
  • ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract during exacerbation,
  • children under 12 years.

Side effects include allergic reactions and nausea.

The combination of the two means leads to an excellent result:

  • in their totality, they affect not only the upper, but also the lower parts of the respiratory organs,
  • the ingredients in both products enhance each other’s effects,
  • combination of drugs contributes to the dilution of pulmonary mucus and its early extraction,
  • due to the reduction of inflammation in the bronchi and trachea, the effect of therapy occurs much faster,
  • the simultaneous administration of drugs usually does not lead to serious side effects, and has a minimum of contraindications.

The recipe for cough with chest elixir and cough pills is very simple and does not require significant financial investments. On ¼ cup of heated water will require 2 tablets and 1 tablespoon of medicine. The composition is mixed and taken at once. Per day requires 3 receptions. The course of therapy is 5-7 days.

Если по истечении времени не наблюдается положительной динамики, следует обратиться к специалисту за дальнейшей диагностикой.

Thoracic elixir with cough pills can be taken by adults and children over 12 years old. This method of treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

With Mukaltin

Mukaltin is a universal remedy that can be used for both dry and wet coughing.

The content of Mukaltin includes medicinal marsh and auxiliary components, due to which the drug:

  • enhances the synthesis of sputum,
  • reduces viscosity of bronchial secretions,
  • contributes to the transition of unproductive spasms into productive,
  • relieves inflammation
  • improves expectoration
  • beneficial effect on the function of the bronchi,
  • protects the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs by gently enveloping their surfaces and restoring damaged tissues.

The dosage for adults is 1-2 tablets three times a day, for children from 3 to 12 years old - 1 tablet each, from 1 to 3 years old - 0.5 units each.

The tablet can be kept in the mouth until it is completely absorbed, or crushed into powder and filled with water.

Mukaltin and the chest elixir showed excellent results together. Both drugs are made on a plant-based, and perfectly enhance the expectorant properties of each other.

For a quick onset of therapeutic effect, use the following recipe. In a small amount of water add the right amount of drops of elixir and 0.5-1 pill of Mukaltin, wait for the tablet to dissolve, then drink it in one gulp.

This composition must be taken three times a day. The course of treatment is not more than 5-7 days. Before use, you should consult with your doctor.

Among the large assortment of chemist's preparations, Chest elixir is one of the most popular. This affordable and effective remedy on a natural basis can be a great help in the fight against cough.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Chest Elixir is an expectorant with combined action, the effectiveness of which is manifested due to the effects of its active ingredients.

Thick licorice extract characterized by its expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects, due to the presence in it glycyrrhizinstimulating effect bronchiand tracheaon cell function ciliary epitheliumas well as increasing mucosal secretion upper respiratory tract.

Irritant effect of aqueous solution ammoniain the upper respiratory tract, triggers the excitatory mechanisms of sensory nerve cells and reflex stimulation respiratory center.

Thanks anetholecontained in anise oileits expectorant effect, as well as the effects of reflex breath stimulationcell activity enhancement ciliary epithelium and increase tracheal mucosa secretion, larynx and bronchi.

Indications for use

Thoracic Elixir, as an expectorant, is used for painful conditions of the respiratory tract of infectious and inflammatory etiology, which proceed with the formation of sputumsuch as: pneumonia, tracheitis, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, tracheobronchitisand so forth

Chest Elixir, instructions for use

Instructions for use of Breast Elixir recommends that adults use oral administration of 20-40 drops 3-4 times in 24 hours.

Children, at one time, are shown the number of drops corresponding to their age category (for example, 7 years = 7 drops) dissolved in water.

The duration of the drops, usually - 7-10 days. The further intake of the Breast Elixir, as well as repeated therapy, can be prescribed only by a doctor.


If necessary, you can use the drug in parallel with antibiotics and other drugs.

Before drinking Chest Elixir should be abandoned. antitussivesbecause their reception makes it difficult coughing.

special instructions

In the case of taking the drug, it is necessary to consider the content in it alcohol.

  • Althea syrup,
  • Bronhikum,
  • Gedelix,
  • Bronchipret,
  • Herbion,
  • Dr. Mom,
  • Chest collection,
  • Linkus,
  • Mukaltin,
  • Pertussin,
  • Prospan,
  • Licorice Syrup,
  • Evkabaletc.

The drug is prescribed only by a doctor, in doses according to the attached instructions.

Breast Elixir Reviews

Numerous reviews of the Breast Elixir position it as a cheap and fairly effective expectorant, which practically does not cause side effects.

Recall that you should not use the drug for more than 7 days, and you should strictly adhere to the recommended children's dosages and take into account the content of ethanol in the drops.

pharmachologic effect

The composition of the elixir includes anise oil, licorice extract, aqueous ammonia. All of these components in the complex contribute to the dilution of sputum and expectoration. In addition, licorice extract has an immune-stimulating antiviral, anti-inflammatory, restorative effect.

The tool relieves bronchospasm, softens dry cough, promotes rapid recovery.

Instructions for use of chest elixir

Chest elixir for children with 12l and adults are prescribed to take 20-40kap. three or four a day.

Children under 12l. Elixir is given at the rate of one drop for 1 year of life.

Take the elixir for 30 minutes. before meals (possible one hour after). The required amount of elixir immediately before use is dissolved in water.

The duration of treatment with a Chest elixir is usually set by the doctor.

Contraindications to the use of chest elixir

Do not prescribe a chest elixir to children and adults with the patient's individual sensitivity to its components.

There are no categorical contraindications for the use of Chest elixir during pregnancy, lactation, but still, due to lack of data, it is recommended to discuss the possibility of its use with the supervising doctor.

It is not recommended to take an elixir for expectoration at the same time as cough reflex blocking agents (for example, stoptussin, terpincode, codelac, synecod, libexin), which are prescribed for the treatment of dry cough. This can cause stagnation of sputum, reproduction of pathogens, and as a result - increased inflammation, damage to the walls of the bronchial tree.

Combined therapy with the participation of these drugs is possible only with their alternate use. For example, chest elixir is drunk during the day, and at night, once a day, they take cough blocking drugs for a more peaceful sleep.

When storing the product, sediment may appear in the vial, which does not affect the effectiveness of the elixir.

Before taking the medicine, it is recommended to shake it.

Chest elixir, if used according to its intended purpose, does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and other complex mechanisms.

Chest elixir: prices in online pharmacies

Chest elixir 25 ml

Chest elixir solution 25 ml

Information about the drug is generalized, is provided for informational purposes and does not replace the official instructions. Self-treatment is dangerous to health!

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The bioavailability of the chest elixir was low. For example, after a single oral medication, its concentration did not exceed 1600 mg / kg.

In turn, 18P-glycyrrhetinic acid is detected in plasma blood extremely quickly. Her maximum plasma concentration was observed 12 hours after taking the medication. Acid is able to establish strong bonds with serum albumin. It can pass through the boundaries of the placental barrier.

With oral administration of the drug, glycyrrhizin with the help of intestinal bacteria is converted into 18P-glycyrrhetic acid. If this substance was injected into a vein, then due to the effect of lysosomal pD-glucuronidase in the liver, it turns into 3-mono-glucuronide 18p-glycyrrhetic acid. The pathway of the metabolite is as follows: it moves into the intestine with bile, where it becomes 18p-glycyrrhetinic acid due to the bacterial flora. Such an acid can subsequently be absorbed back into the mucosa.

Glycyrrhizin pharmacokinetic data is variable and reflects non-linear behavior. 18p-glycyrrhetinic acid is distributed throughout the body by volume, its half-life takes a large amount of time. The acid circulates a lot inside the liver. Therefore, it is additionally recommended to take potassium chloride (high dosages) in order to speed up the half-life of the acid.

Purification of plasma from substances depends on the accepted dosage and method of administration. Slow clearance is recorded in patients who suffer from liver diseases: cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis C.

The drug is represented by the following composition:

  • The active components in the form of a thick extract of licorice root (from 6 g to 10 g), a concentrated solution of ammonia (from 0.4 g to 0.7 g).
  • Auxiliary components in the form of ethyl alcohol 90% (from 6 ml to 10 ml), anise oil (from 0, 1 g to 0.2 g), purified water (from 30 to 50 ml).

It is noted that glycyrrhizic acid is present in the composition in an amount of not less than 3 mg.

Release form

The drug is presented on the pharmacy counters liquid for internal use. The medicine is stored in 25 ml dark glass bottles.

Inside the bottle is a brown liquid. It tastes sweet. As the drug is stored at the bottom of the vial, a precipitate may form in the form of small flakes. This is not a deviation - the medicine is usable.

Instructions for use of chest elixir for children and adults

The size of the dosage is always determined by the attending physician. It is recommended to shake the bottle a little before taking the medicine.

Adult patients or elderly patients is determined by a dose of 20 to 30 drops. This is the volume of a single dose. Drops are taken orally and pre-diluted in a small amount of distilled warm water. It is required to use medicine up to 4 times a day. Drops are drunk to choose from:

  • half an hour before meals,
  • after eating an hour later.

The duration of use of the drug is about 2 weeks. Longer reception is coordinated with physicians and is developed in an individual order.

In case if any reception of the drug was missed, the dosage is not increased, but continue to adhere to the prescribed regimen.

In childhood, the medicine is applied in this way.:

  • Children over 12 years old, receive in the amount of from 20 to 40 drops. The number of receptions per day: up to 4 times.
  • Preschoolers (from 6 years old) and schoolchildren can be treated with a dosage of 15 to 20 drops. The maximum number of receptions per day - 3.
  • Small children from 2 years and up to 6 years are assigned to receive from 10 to 15 drops three times a day.

For children from 12 years old, the drug is prescribed for 1-2 weeks, for preschool children - not more than 1 week.

Compatibility with other drugs

The simultaneous use of chest elixir with other drugs can cause such medicinal effects:

  • with diuretics (thiazide, loop) - increases the risk of hypokalemia,
  • with cardiac glycosides - the toxicity of the latter increases,
  • with glucocorticosteroids - the half-life on the part of cortisol is significantly increased,
  • with antitussives - aerodynamics and oxygenation get worse,
  • with antibacterial drugs - the appearance of disulfiram similar action.

Indicators and shelf life

The storage temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. The drug is usable for 3 years from the date of release. After the end of this period, the further use of the tool is prohibited.

Have a similar therapeutic effect:

Although the chest elixir is released in pharmacies freely, however, before the purchase, coordinate the reception of the funds with your doctor. It will help you to choose the right dosage and avoid side effects.

Composition and release form

The chest elixir is released in the form of a brown liquid with the smell of anise oil and ammonia. Elixir is available in 25 ml orange glass bottles. In one carton box - 1 bottle.

The composition of the breast elixir includes the following active ingredients:

  • Licorice extract thick - 20.7 g,
  • anise oil - 0.34 g,
  • concentrated ammonia solution 28% - 1.38 g

Ethyl alcohol 90% (20.41 ml) and water (up to 100 ml) are used as auxiliary components in the preparation.

Pharmacological properties

Chest elixir is a herbal medicine that allows you to get rid of cough. Its components have the following properties:

  • Licorice extract thick - has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiviral, immunostimulating and antispasmodic effect,
  • Ammonia water - acts as a local irritant,
  • Anise oil - has an expectorant effect.

The chest elixir has a restorative, immunostimulating, antiviral, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect on the human body, relieves spasms in the smooth muscles of the bronchi, softens dry cough, liquefies and removes sputum, which contributes to the speedy recovery.

Analogues Chest Elixir

The drug has certain analogues by the mechanism of action:

  • Althea syrup,
  • Bronhikum,
  • Gedelix
  • Bronchipret,
  • Herbion,
  • Dr. Mom,
  • Chest collection
  • Linkus,
  • Mukaltin
  • Pertussin,
  • Prospan,
  • Licorice syrup,
  • Evkabal, etc.

Attention: the use of analogues should be agreed with the attending physician.

The average price of chest elixir in pharmacies (Moscow) is 20 rubles.