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Psychology and levels of relationships between a man and a woman


The relationship between a man and a woman was and will be one of the most important topics in this life. So arranged by nature that men can not live without women, and women without men. But despite the importance of this relationship, for some reason we are not taught how to build them correctly. Neither at school, nor in other educational institutions, this topic is seriously considered. It is, as it were, secondary to most people. However, because of such a thing, it is not enough to take a serious attitude to this topic, for both men and women, it is sometimes very difficult to build good, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each other. What can I say, about eighty percent of all the problems that people turn to me for help, it is connected with the relationship between a man and a woman. This is not enough, agree. Therefore, let's understand how this should be.

To begin with, let's think about it in general - where, how and from whom do we learn to build relationships with the opposite sex and in general with people? We learn this from the people around us, mostly from our parents, or from those who replace them. It is these people who, by their example, teach us how to deal with other people, how to behave properly with them, how to solve emerging problems in relations with them. Roughly speaking, if your parents give you a bad example - they will constantly quarrel with each other, bekill assault against each other, then most likely you will not have to wait for good manners from you. It is also clear that about men and women, we again, learn from the people around us, both from their words, and on their own example. If we are surrounded by alcoholic men since childhood, as well as women of easy virtue, without self-esteem, then it will seem to us that all men are alcoholics, and all women are easily accessible and can be treated as a thing. Bad examples are generally contagious, and when they also have no alternative, in the form of other, more correct and worthy examples, a person begins to consider these bad examples as exemplary and the only true ones.

In connection with the foregoing, we conclude that without a correct understanding of people, it is impossible to build with them at least some competent relationship. Men are different and women are different, and when it comes to the relationship between them, we must understand that there is no one correct pattern of behavior with different people. Each person needs his own approach, no matter whether it is a man or a woman. All people have their own characteristics that must be considered when building relationships with them. Suppose you are a woman, and you only know about men that you were able to find out about them thanks to communication with some of them, that is, thanks to your experience of communication with those men who surrounded you and surround you. And suppose that you were not surrounded by the best men — liars, tyrants, degenerates. How will you build your relationships with future men? You will see in every man - a liar, tyrant, degenerate, that is, about whom you have an idea. And that means that you will treat all men as liars, tyrants and degenerates. With a high degree of probability, this will be the case. That is, your past experience with men will make itself felt. And how will men react to this? It is clear that is not very good. And normal men will bypass you altogether, because such an attitude towards themselves is completely useless; they don’t want their beloved woman to see them as a liar, a tyrant and a degenerate, and treat them accordingly. That is why many men prefer to build a serious relationship with decent women from good families, they do not want to have problems with inadequate women who are mentally disturbed due to a negative past. And women are often drawn to such men, whom they know and understand, even if they are not the best men. For example, if a woman’s father was an alcoholic, then it’s likely that her husband would also be an alcoholic. With men who know about women exactly as much as they know about them because of their life experience, things are similar. They, too, are drawn to those whom they understand.

So, from the above it follows that if you want to have the best relationship with the opposite sex - rethink your life experience. If you are a woman - find out what men are like in this life, what are their characteristics, what is their behavior, how do certain men relate to women and what attitude do they have towards themselves. If you are a man - find out the same about women. You should know about the people in this world, not only due to your life experience, which is not rich enough to teach you everything you need to know about people, but also through knowledge of them. And if you will cut all the men or all women with the same comb, then your relations with them will be the same. Learn to distinguish people from each other and learn to adapt to the best of them, if you are interested in normal relations with normal people.

In general, of course, the psychology of relationships between a man and a woman is not an easy thing, so that her analysis can be reduced to several simple rules of behavior with the opposite sex, which should be followed when building these relationships. Too different in character and temperament, people can come together with each other, or try to come together so that you can foresee all the subtleties of their relationship and give them universal advice for all occasions. But it is always necessary to take into account the most important points in such a relationship. Let's see what these moments are.

Needs of men and women in a relationship

Both men and women need to understand each other’s needs and strive to satisfy them. A woman should understand what a man needs and try to give it to him, and a man should try to satisfy the needs of a woman. In some cases, this is not just done, but it is necessary to strive for this. That is, this should not be when everyone should each other and no one owes anything to anyone when everyone lives for himself and does not think about his partner. And all the more there should not be such when a man and a woman try to hang a lot of obligations on each other and insist on their execution. If a man and a woman decided to parasitize on each other - they will not succeed in any normal relations. But scandals, quarrels and recriminations will be enough. So even trying not to build something with such an approach to relationships. You either change and cease to be an egoist, an egoist, or be content with those relationships in which it is simply impossible to live comfortably. Therefore, look closely at the goals and desires of your partner, to understand what he or she wants from you and what you should expect from him or her. It is possible that in addition to basic needs, your man or your woman still needs a lot from you. And think carefully about your goals and desires in order not to demand too much from your partner, but try to get from him only what you really need. I am not talking now about the desires and dreams of a man and a woman who must be tried to satisfy, for the desires of people are infinite, and it is impossible to satisfy them all. But about the normal, natural needs of each other, be sure to think about it - think about how to satisfy them. Let not all your expectations from the relationship are justified, but if you are an intelligent person - an intelligent woman or an intelligent man, you will not make excessive demands on your partner, partner. But I repeat once again - the minimum needs of people must be satisfied! Otherwise, there is not much meaning in serious relationships. Serious relationships are a responsibility, and not everyone is ready to take it upon themselves. And if people do not want to take responsibility for each other and do not plan to do something for each other, then their relations will be fragile, unstable, and generally meaningless. Why build a relationship with a person if you are not going to do anything for him, and if you expect from him what he or she cannot give you? You can do without a serious relationship in this case, to do. To meet the same need for sex, the relationship is, in principle, optional. As for other needs, for the satisfaction of which men and women build relationships with each other, they will be discussed below.

One of the basic human needs is the need for communication. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to communication with each other when you build a relationship with the opposite sex. Without communication a person is not a person. Communication between a man and a woman should be frequent and deep, and it generally should be. Very often, people just do not notice each other, from the moment they begin to live together, not to mention some kind of rich communication, through which a man and a woman maintain an interest in each other. Understand the main thing - communication is necessary for a person. And it is better if your woman or your man will communicate with you, and not with other people. Communication will bring you closer, and his absence will distance you from each other. Let your interests be different and your views on life differ in something, no big deal, you still need to find something in common that is interesting for both of you, and communicate on this topic. I recommend that women give up on this issue to a man, finding something interesting for themselves in his interests, and communicate with him on this subject as often as possible. So communication, like sex - if it is, and it is normal, then everything will be fine with the relationship, and if it is not there, wait for problems.

Partnership between a man and a woman

This is a very important point, to which not all people pay attention. And to you, dear readers, I recommend to pay your attention to it. This is a partnership between a man and a woman. Whatever relationships you have with the opposite sex, if you want them to be serious, strong and durable - they must include yourself a partnership between you and your man, a woman. Many people, I repeat, do not attach importance to these relations, but I think, relying on my experience, that a man and a woman, especially if they are husband and wife, must necessarily be partners, apart from everything else. They are one team that should have common goals and agreed ways to achieve these goals. Therefore, a man and a woman should support each other, should be at the same time, should support each other and help each other in difficult situations. So there should be a common cause, there should be common goals, so that people - a man and a woman - have the most in common, that they are interested in each other and are useful for each other in many issues. A man and a woman should understand that together they are power, and they need to use this force as a binding agent in the foundation of their relationship. In general, the life of a man and a woman should be shared, and not so that one lives his life and achieves his goals, and the other, the other, his own. Common interests, common goals, common views on many things, albeit not all, but many - that is what makes a relationship strong and strong.

Well, what can I say - sex is sex; without it, it is difficult to imagine full-fledged relations between a man and a woman, unless we are talking about friendships that do not imply escalation into more serious relations. But friendship between a man and a woman, you know, is a rare phenomenon in life in general, and not because this friendship is somehow wrong, but because people of different genders are not always perfect for such friendship. So how not cool, and sex is our everything! Therefore, there should not be a shortage of sex, one of the basic human needs must be constantly met. And it is necessary to satisfy this need beautifully, qualitatively, interestingly. But all sorts of nonsense to commit, I do not advise. There are women who blackmail their husbands with sex. These are friends, very stupid women who themselves do not understand what they are doing. By their rash actions, they destroy the basis of family relationships - undermining self-confidence, showing disrespect for a man, for whom a woman’s denial of sex is a great insult and causing hostility in her own home. No blackmail, even sex, even divorce - for a normal relationship is not allowed! If you do not want to live in a constant state of war with your partner, eliminate all blackmail from your life. Otherwise, do not rely on the unfortunate fate when you find yourself at the “broken trough” to which you will lead yourself. Normal, regular sex between a man and a woman is a prerequisite for a normal and lasting relationship between them. No need to idealize sex, as do people with sexual disorders, sex is not the main thing, it is one of the main conditions for normal relations. Therefore, consider each other's desires how much you can do this, and try to satisfy them in a timely manner. Whoever said something there, and in most cases, problems with sex, inevitably turn into problems in the relationship between a man and a woman, no matter how developed and advanced people are. Consider this fact in your life.

Scandals should be avoided by all means! And for this - you need to stop getting pleasure from them. What do you want to say that you do not get any pleasure from scandals, that they happen, due to various objective reasons there? Do not be fooled, and especially me. I am an experienced person, I know that for a scandal, not a reason is needed, but a reason. It's just that some people do not always realize that they themselves provoke quarrels and scandals in relationships, because they want them to happen, because thanks to these scandals and quarrels people feed on negative energy and spill overwhelming their aggression on their partner, instead of pacifying her. . People who are not burdened by moral and cultural education, as well as intellectual development - need to express aggression. A person is an aggressive creature, so if he, let's say, is not completely intelligent, not intelligent enough - he needs somewhere, somehow to spew out his aggression. Suppose that you are one of such people and it is difficult for you to catch up with what has been missed, it is difficult to become less aggressive and more patient with other people. Let it be so, it doesn’t matter, to hell with it, with this upbringing and intelligence - try to at least just not splash out your aggression on those people who are truly dear to you. And I understand that your beloved man or your beloved woman is still a dear man for you, who clearly does not deserve to growl at him or her. Close people should be holy to you! No need to make scandals with those with whom you are in the same boat. There are so absurd situations in which people scandal each other for no reason, and having a little understanding of these situations, you understand that you don’t need a jigger egg problem, and there is so much anger around it, so much hate, so much negative emotions and aggression as if about the opposition of the worst enemies to each other, and not about people who actually have to love each other. In general, dear readers, please note: it’s not the problems in the relationship that provoke scandals, but the scandals that cause problems in the relationship between a man and a woman. As soon as you begin to approach the question of scandals from this position, and not from the position - who is right and who is guilty, you will many times reduce their number in your life. But do not forget that you will not be able to avoid scandals completely, so do not strive for a non-existent ideal. A pinch of pepper should be in any relationship - it gives them a taste.

Male headship

Perhaps for someone my opinion, suffered through years of working with people, will seem old-fashioned, but I believe that the primacy of a man in a family should not be challenged, it should be welcomed and supported in every way. A man should be the main one in any serious relationship with a woman, and a woman from this male domination will only get better! Equality is equality, but in the relationship between a man and a woman a man must necessarily dominate. It is not about the fact that a woman should fully obey a man and not have the right to vote, and in general be a thing for him. No way. But the head of the family must be a man! And not because I want it this way or all men want it to be so, but because nature has it that way - every man is a leader, a warrior, a hunter from birth. И если женщина хочет иметь рядом с собой нормального мужчину, с которым выгодно поддерживать близкие отношения, она должна помогать ему быть тем, кем он является с рождения, а не превращать его в размазню. И без того большинство мужчин уродуют и всегда уродовали, преимущественно на работе, когда вынуждают их безропотно подчиняться начальнику, который всегда и во всем бывает прав.I don’t even speak about improper upbringing, often incorrectly educated men are not able to build relationships with a woman at all, and this is a big problem for them. So, if it so happens that a man is not a “lion” in the big world, let him be at least in his own family. Therefore, referring to women, I want to say - do not drive a peasant under a heel, do not make of him something that makes you sick. If a man adapts to a woman, if he is afraid of losing her, if he tries to please her in everything, not paying attention to her attitude to himself - he will cease to be a man and most likely will lose his woman. Well, what will a woman get from such relationships, in which she will dominate, and not her man, can be understood by numerous examples from life when relations between people are not in the best way. A man should feel himself a leader, and even better be him in life in order to function normally, so to speak. Otherwise, there is little sense from him, so, to take out the garbage, and replace the tap in the kitchen, will fit.

Caring for each other

When a person really appreciates something or someone, he takes care of it. We protect what is dear to us! And we don’t feel sorry for losing only what we don’t need or have in our life a lot. Therefore, if we need a person for a serious relationship, we cannot but take care of him. When a man makes a woman work from morning till night, when he doesn’t take care of her at all - he doesn’t care about her! He does not appreciate her! With such an attitude towards a person, it is simply impossible to talk about any serious relationship there, even if he gives her flowers from time to time and buys expensive flowers. And in the same way, things are with a woman, which makes her husband work more and more, not paying attention to his health, if only he would bring home a lot of money, which she spends mainly on herself. Such a woman does not care about her man, she does not appreciate him! Often, women do not even give a damn about the fact that their man gets drunk, just to work. Well, is this a normal relationship? Yes, this is not a relationship at all - it is parasitism. Without caring for your woman or your man - do not count on any normal relations with this woman or man. Such a house of cards will surely collapse.

And finally, her majesty love! You know, dear readers and readers, I could still tell you a lot about the relationship between a man and a woman, but in this article let's finish the discussion of this topic, still the most important thing - love. If she - love, is, then all of the above and much more, on which the relationship between a man and a woman depends, will be in perfect order. If you love a person - you will try to do everything for him! And if not, then no advice will help you. No psychologist will be able to help, let alone make you love a person, love originates in your heart and then comes to your mind. Therefore, you should not only feel, but also understand whether you love a person or not. If you love, then this is good, it means that you will do everything for your relationship with him, all the best you can do. As for him or her, let them decide for themselves how to respond to your love. You can’t forcibly be nice, so don’t demand from people a reciprocal love for themselves. And in general, listen to the advice of a wise man who once told me that the main thing is not to love, but to love you! If you are loved, then you will love someone who truly loves you - bright and pure love, provided that you will love not only with your heart, but also with your mind. And also on the condition that you are able to love someone other than yourself. For true love, friends, you need to grow. After all, an immature, essentially, children's mind is egoistic, whereas a mature and developed mind is able to think not only about itself, but also about others. We are too selfish beings, therefore when we are not developed intellectually, it is not natural for us to think about other people, we only think about ourselves. Relationships based on this egoism will not be strong, they will not have enough real love - sacrificial love. But when you, with your heart and mind, appreciate the other person's feelings for you and will be able to love him because he loves you - then you will have true, great love that will allow you to create strong and durable relationships. Is this not happiness, friends?

It is this kind of relationship based on pure and bright love, but not without natural flaws - I sincerely wish you! I understand that this relationship will never be perfect, because both men and women, as already mentioned at the very beginning of this article, are different. Each person has his own shortcomings, on which his attitude towards other people will inevitably depend. And in each case, the relationship between a man and a woman will have its own characteristics. Nevertheless, by adhering to the advice given to you by me in this article, you, dear readers, will be able to avoid many unnecessary errors, due to which you or your relationship may suffer. Man and woman are different parts of a single whole. And living together they must complement each other. Then their relationship will be strong, like steel!

Fundamental differences

In addition to the obvious physical differences, there is a significant gap in the mental sphere in men and women. Representatives of both sexes think differently and perceive the world around them. For men, it is important to cope with difficulties on their own, without asking for help and not showing their feelings about it. A woman needs to discuss the problem with loved ones, openly expressing her emotions, to be listened and understood.

Men are more pragmatic, rational, logical than women. This is the result of the evolution of humanity and the struggle for survival. Since childhood, boys are forbidden to show emotions, weaknesses, they demand to be strong, persistent, self-confident. The girl, on the contrary, should be modest, gentle, sensitive and to some extent dependent on the representative of the stronger sex.

The secret of a successful relationship between a man and a woman is the complementarity of each other. A man is focused on results, goal achievement, which is why business is traditionally a male field of activity. A woman tends to concentrate on the process: raising children, needlework, caring for flowers and animals, etc. With this distribution of marital roles conflicts are minimized. If psychological problems are transferred to the partner, the couple is doomed to parting.

Harmony in the relationship between a man and a woman is to maintain the delicate balance between logic and emotionality. He seeks to distance himself from emotional relationships, to maintain independence, and she is ready to dissolve into a partner.

Unfortunately, harmonious relations between a man and a woman are quite rare today. The reason for this is the change of gender roles: the weaker sex is increasingly becoming a breadwinner, while husbands are at home with their children. No matter how different a man and a woman may be, the psychology of relationships is such that crises either strengthen ties and take them to a new level, or contribute to the separation of the couple.

Often, the boy and the girl enter into relationships only to satisfy their needs. But this path is wrong, because each of the partners is fixated on itself, does not see the other and is not ready to overcome the difficulties that arise. Such motives are not conducive to the establishment of strong ties. Sooner or later, such a union breaks up due to dissatisfaction of both partners.

Types of relations between the sexes

Having set a goal to build a strong family union, one should know what are the relations between the representatives of different sexes. It is not necessarily marital or intimate relationships. The diversity of human relationships leads to various forms of interaction - from friendly to professional or spiritual. In the relationship between a man and a woman there are a number of shades and nuances.

The types of relationships between a man and a woman can be as follows:

  • friendly relations - people recently met or occasionally meet in a common company,
  • friendship - many and often communicate, turn to each other for help and support,
  • love - the presence of strong feelings and a desire to constantly be near,
  • relationship of spouses - partners live together and maintain a common household,
  • spiritual - love and mutual respect, personal development in a pair.

The difference between friendships and friendship is in a deeper level of interaction, degree of trust and openness. The most solid is the union in family ties, when partners become kin to each other, and relations will develop in the future.

The relationship of girls and boys can begin for different reasons: love, awareness, logical choice, etc. In any case, the union should bring joy and pleasure, a feeling of happiness and moving forward. If a couple is focused on development and creation, then it has a bright future. A man is warmed by women's attention and warmth in the event that she provides her partner with protection and cares for her. Jointly overcoming difficulties, crises and solving problems will provide a strong link.

Working on relationships implies that everyone is willing to invest time and energy in them, openly discuss emerging issues and look for a solution that satisfies both. Respect, love, the desire to hear and listen to each other - the key to the success of the future or already established family.

The development of love relationships

Psychologists distinguish the stages, or levels, of the relationship between a man and a woman, each of which is characterized by its own characteristics. Having successfully completed all the stages, the union of two loving hearts becomes strong and unbreakable.

  1. Love. Begin a relationship with dating man and girl. A kind of attraction arises between them, a spark flares up, passion flares up. The duration of this candy-bouquet stage is relatively small (1-1.5 years), but it is the one that is most attractive for people. Emotional rise, hormonal surge with time pass, and the next stage begins.
  2. Stability, satiety. A sense of reality, calmness returns to the partners. Beginning rapidly, the union grows stronger and becomes permanent. The person realizes that besides the partner there are a number of interesting people and things. The distance increases slightly, and personal space appears.
  3. Rejection At this stage, a comprehension of all the advantages and disadvantages of a partner occurs, the effect of hormones ends, rose-colored glasses fall off, and the reality sometimes looks quite shocking. Increasingly, disagreements and quarrels arise. You need to have a lot of wisdom and patience to cope with disappointment and work further on relationships, and not run away from your partner and look for a new one.
  4. Tolerance. The partner is accepted with all its advantages and disadvantages as an integral person. The value of this stage in the sober perception of reality, the absence of illusions and the mature position of the individual. Mutual respect and acceptance contribute to the development of good relations.
  5. Service. At this stage, the partners not only accept each other, but also strive to develop the personality of the other. Love becomes unconditional, requiring nothing in return. Characteristically, the desire to share with a partner everything - care, feelings, thoughts.
  6. Mutual respect, deep true love. Trust grows, partner’s individuality becomes value. After going through a series of crises, the couple finds soul mates. This is the highest meaning of relationships between people.

The main thing in the relationship between a man and a woman is mutual respect and partnership, taking into account the interests and needs of everyone, and not just one side. If the balance is disturbed, one sacrifices himself for the other, obeys, and the second dominates - this is a signal that it is worth reconsidering the established roles in the family.

Secrets of the perfect union

Ideal relations between a man and a woman arise and develop when the partners have a common goal - personal growth. Everyone has their own interests and hobbies, on which they work (career, hobby, friends, etc.), and do not focus completely on each other. At the same time, the desire to develop a partner, the creation of conditions for this. The simultaneous development of two individuals unites them and contributes to the development of the couple as a whole.

The psychology of relationships between men and women moves to a new level, two personalities complementing each other, by joint efforts reach such heights that are practically unattainable alone. The highest level of development of the couple - conscious relationships. They are characterized by the following features:

  1. The priority of the development of each partner before the personal benefits of relationships, respect for equality. What matters is the personality of both men and women, their individual needs and desires. The partner is not obliged to meet the expectations, you need to recognize him, understand and accept as he is. Speaking of relationships of this kind, if a couple manages to build them, then everyone feels free and happy.
  2. Partners do not transfer old problems from past relationships to a new union. They decide them beforehand, since unhealed spiritual wounds inevitably remind of themselves. In the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman, weaknesses can be the following: when negative feelings arise that provoke a quarrel, the partners believe that they should break up. However, negative emotions are most often caused by our beliefs, unjustified expectations, i.e. the root of the problem must be sought in oneself.
  3. Sincerity, trust and acceptance are key components of a conscious relationship. Without masks, false modesty and other falsehood partners appear before each other.
  4. Love is like traveling and exploring each other. Mutual respect leads to its strengthening and development, and this is the best reward for everyone.

Psychology considers the most harmonious relationship of a conscious relationship between a man and a woman. They contribute to a strong union of husband and wife for many years.

Psychology of conscious relationships

So what is a conscious relationship?

I focus on what I am talking about the growth of the personality of a woman as a woman, and the personality of a man as a man.

This goal is common and at the same time personal. It unites loving people in a pair.

Currently, most people start a relationship only to meet their needs (material, sexual, and very rarely - spiritual).

Moreover, the modern psychology of men in relationships is not very different from women, no matter what they say. Women even more often than men give birth to relationships in which they seek benefits. I think here you will not argue with me.

But such a motivation can be the cause of the existence of a relationship for only a few years, and, in the end, comes the feeling of dissatisfaction with them.

When a man and a woman unite, inspired by the common goal of personal growth, the relationship begins to lead to something much more than just getting pleasure.

The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman is improving, thanks to which two individuals who complement each other can achieve much more than they do alone. As a result comes the moral satisfaction that can accompany all life.

Is this what you dream about? Feel the need to transfer your relationship with a man to a new level?

Below are tips that reveal the 4 required signs of a conscious relationship that you need to implement.

1. Development of each partner

This means no fantasy about what your relationship should be in the end.

Spend time on personal growth (development) in a pair, rather than trying to make the relationship “work” in a way that benefits you. Your personality is important, His personality is important.

When a couple is trying to control or demand that the relationship meets personal expectations, conflict cannot be avoided. For example, sometimes women, girls sacrifice themselves, their interests in relationships. They think they will influence the chosen one.

But what is the result? Begin to feel a sense of depression. Or, on the contrary, they are trying to remake a partner to fit their needs, as was the case with one of my students, who was able to change the situation in time:

The psychology of relationships, built on this approach leads to the conclusion in his own hand-created "cell" that you want to leave as soon as possible.

The couple, which was able to build a conscious relationship in which everyone feels comfortable and free, appreciates development most of all.

2. Solving your past relationship problems

Conscious couples know that everyone can have spiritual wounds in the past. They understand that these wounds will inevitably remind of themselves in a new relationship, if they are not worked out.

Most still believe that if there are bad feelings, disagreements in the pair, then something has gone terribly wrong. And we need to urgently do something. Most often this leads to aggravation of the problem.

Мы не в состоянии увидеть в этой ситуации, что неприятные чувства проистекают из нас самих. Они не вызваны нашими партнерами, она вызваны нашими убеждениями и ожиданиями.

Осознание этого оставила в отзыве одна из прекрасных женщин, которая была на моем тренинге:

Психология отношений между мужчиной и женщиной осознанной модели дает обоим партнерам понять, что проблемы из прошлого вполне могут стать проблемами теперешних отношений. And all of them need to be solved in advance, putting the responsibility for it on their shoulders.

If you once again come across the old “rake” and again decide that “all men are goats”, it’s probably time to think about the reason for repeating this.

Perhaps you are placing too high demands on your partner, want to change it, build a profitable relationship model for you.

Understand yourself and give a similar opportunity to your man. It will be more difficult for him to do than for you (this is how the psychology of men in relationships is arranged)

But if both of you decide to do this, you will be able to take a huge step through a whole “stack of rakes” and will no longer be distracted by trifles, which in the past seemed like serious problems.

3. All feelings are welcome and no one will be convicted.

In a conscious relationship there is a place of trust and acceptance, where you can express any feelings and fantasies to your partner. But at the same time, do it from the perspective of female psychology in relationships with men.

It is very rare to be completely honest with your loved one about who you are.

Psychology of sexual relations is also often based on hiding not always pleasant secrets of the past. Indeed, during the creation of a relationship I want to put all the best.

And when these secrets begin to appear slowly and “creep out”, disappointment in each other comes.

Therefore, now try to be completely honest in the relationship. But remember that there are questions that sometimes just do not need to ask. If your man wants to share his secret, he will.

You may not like what you hear from him. It may also be unpleasant to some of the things that you tell. But in the end you will know that each of you is REAL.

I repeat a bit: we are accustomed to adjust, pleasing our other half, because we are afraid of losing it. But it destroys relationships.

The only way to preserve true love is to be honest. Reveal all that is most unpleasant in yourself, put it in line with your partner and allow him to do the same.

This leads to a sense of insight and understanding - a combination that automatically enhances love.

4. Relationships as a place for true love

Love is ultimately an experience. The experience of accepting, being present, forgiving, receiving heart wounds.

Sometimes we treat love as the ultimate goal. We want to always feel it to the maximum. And when this feeling weakens or disappears altogether, we cease to like what our relations turn into.

Love is a journey and exploration, during which various variants of relationships come across.

Also, from time to time there will be a question: “What do I want at the moment?”. So, the answer in each moment of this path will be different. The reason is your development, your personal growth, which should never stop.

The psychology of relations of conscious couples is arranged in such a way that, based on devotion and experience, love appears and strengthens, and relationships become such that no one even dreamed of.

Instead of summing up, I would like to ask ...

Are you ready for such actions and changes?

After making at least one of the listed proposals, your man can shut himself off, close himself in "his shell" or "flare up and start to vomit and toss." And this could be the beginning of the end of a relationship. But you will understand whether he really is exactly who you need.

That is how the relationship between a man and a woman is arranged - when there are real feelings, it is not so difficult to make changes in the relationship.

Thank you for your patience in studying my thoughts on the psychology of relationships. I will try to continue to delight you with advice on such burning topics.
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