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  • Spray "Epigen" from thrush
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For many years, unsuccessfully struggling with the dairy?

The head of the Institute: “You will be amazed how easy it is to cure a thrush by taking each day.

Epigen - antiviral spray, which is often used in complex therapy in the treatment of thrush. It does not act as a drug, but the presence of glycyrrhizic acid and some other components in the composition of the spray in combination with antifungal drugs increase the effectiveness of treatment and accelerate the healing process. Epigenom treatment reduces inflammation, relieves itching. The drug is also popular because it does not harm the body - it can be used during pregnancy. To learn how to properly use the spray for thrush, read the article.

Spray "Epigen" from thrush

For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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"Epigen" - a drug of local action, its advantage over similar gels - a complex effect. The tool is characterized by three effects:

  1. Anti-inflammatory.
  2. Antiviral.
  3. Immunostimulating.

This result of use provides glycyrrhizic acid, popularly known as licorice root. Spray accelerates the recovery process of the inflamed mucous membrane of the vagina, relieves burning sensation and other symptoms of the disease, causing discomfort.

When to use the drug?

"Epigen" is assigned as the main or additional treatment of thrush - it depends on the stage of the disease, the individual characteristics of the organism. The instruction recommends using a spray for the prevention of viral infections, as well as against genital herpes of 1-2 types, human papillomavirus. Treatment with this drug is effective if you are diagnosed with:

  1. Chronic vaginal candidiasis.
  2. Bacterial vaginosis.
  3. Nonspecific vulvovaginitis.

With increased dryness of the vaginal mucosa, as well as a means against discomfort during sexual intercourse, gynecologists also prescribe Epigen spray to patients.

How effective it is can be judged by the numerous reviews of consumers, 95 percent of which are positive. According to reviews, the spray helps not only with thrush, but also eliminates other diseases, before which other drugs were powerless.

The composition of the spray

"Epigen" does not contain artificial fragrances, which often cause allergies. The drug against candidiasis includes:

  1. Glycyrrhizinic acid.
  2. Purified water.
  3. The complex of vitamins.

Glycyrrhizic acid is obtained from the extract of the roots of bare licorice by pressing. Acid is produced precisely in the roots of the plant and is valued by the fact that it activates the protective functions of the body's immune system against virus attacks. The spray has a specific hospital smell, its color varies from light brown to deep orange.

How to apply

Treatment of thrush using this drug does not require special treatment of the vaginal mucosa. The instruction recommends that for candidiasis and other diseases listed above, intravaginal treatment is carried out - inside the vagina. Before the procedure, it is recommended that the bladder be free, so that the spray does not go out with urine. "Epigen" is introduced 3-4 times a day, the average duration of the course is 10 days. If necessary, the duration of the course against thrush is increased. The gynecologist may prescribe a re-treatment with an interval of 10 days between the two courses. "Epigen" is completed with nozzles for the introduction of the drug intravaginally. After each use, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the nozzles with soapy water and dry.

If possible, sterilize them in special sterilizers, because they can remain harmful microorganisms - pathogens of thrush. Each time before use, shake the bottle with the drug.

The instruction recommends the treatment of candidiasis in men externally. To do this, spray the spray on the affected area from a distance of 4-5 centimeters, it must be held vertically. Apply the drug should be twice a day, the duration of treatment is the same as in women - 10 days.

Pregnancy treatment

A remedy for candidiasis can be used for pregnant women - the instruction does not contain restrictions for women in the situation. Therapeutic efficacy of the drug during childbearing due to its ability to strengthen the immune system, suppressing the population of microorganisms that cause the disease. Spray - a safe alternative to pills, because it does not cause side effects and does not disrupt the liver, kidneys and other organs. After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, Epigen gel can be used instead of a spray, but for prevention.

Side effects

Side effects when using the drug unit. They occur with intolerance to one of the components in its composition, and manifest in the form of rashes, redness and other allergic reactions. Gynecologists warn patients that with long-term use of the spray against candidiasis, the adrenal glands are stimulated. The condition is accompanied by an increase in pressure, as well as a delayed elimination of potassium and sodium from your body. In the course of treatment, it is recommended to monitor any changes in the state of health, and with sudden jumps in pressure, headache, dizziness and other alarming symptoms, consult a doctor.

Causes of pathology

Thrush can occur when transmitting from a sexual partner or with a combination of factors that allow the fungus of the Candida family to multiply excessively on the mucous membranes. These factors include:

  • Reduced immunity
  • Long-term use of antibiotics
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with a fungus carrier,
  • Hypothermia

  • Secondary infections
  • Mikrotravmy mucous membranes,
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Diseases of the reproductive, endocrine, immune systems,
  • Acceptance of hormonal drugs.

The immune system plays a special role in the regulation of microflora. If the immunity is not weakened, it regulates the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microflora, not allowing pathogens to multiply. Therefore, the prevention of candidiasis is aimed at both the prevention of these causes and the strengthening of immunity.


Discovering the first symptoms, which are still mild, women take prophylactic doses of anti-mycotic drugs, considering that this is enough. In fact, even with the disappearance of symptoms, the disease can return after a few days in a more acute form with the appearance of:

  • Itching, burning of the vaginal mucous membranes,
  • Abundant white discharge with a sour, putrid odor,
  • Fever, chills, headache,
  • Pain when urinating,
  • White thread lumps with urine,
  • Edema of mucous membranes, their hypersensitivity.

It is possible to remove the symptoms of a single vaginal suppository or antifungal pill, but no cure for thrush. This requires a systematic approach and careful observance of all regulations. Prescription of treatment and prevention of thrush is possible only after a full diagnosis.


Many preparations for thrush have a number of contraindications, so a preliminary examination before their appointment is necessary. Most antimycotics are prohibited during pregnancy and during feeding, because they penetrate the placental barrier and into the milk of a nursing mother. A number of drugs are prohibited for use in patients with liver and kidney disease.

Therefore, the diagnosis includes the following methods:

  • Bacteriological seeding - allows you to determine a specific fungus of the Candida family for the purpose of accurate treatment,
  • Complete blood count - allows you to detect the inflammatory process in terms of ESR and leukocyte concentration,
  • Urinalysis - determining the presence of fungus in the urine, and thus in the urethra,
  • A blood test for sugar - when a high sugar, pre-diabetic or diabetic condition is detected, treatment will be directed specifically at this disease, and only then - at thrush, as a complication of diabetes,
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy - during pregnancy strictly prescribed medications for thrush are prescribed, moreover, during pregnancy, thrush appears more often and requires prophylaxis.

Examining these indicators, the doctor may decide on a scheme for the treatment and prevention of thrush.

Preventive measures

For prophylaxis, the same drugs are used as for treatment, but in different concentrations and according to a different scheme. For example, candles for treatment use from one to three pieces per day, while candles for the prevention of thrush are administered every 5-7 days.

In addition to suppositories, antimycotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunostimulating pills are used. When prescribing antibiotics, drugs are required to maintain the intestinal microflora and vitamin complexes. These drugs can both be treated and prevent the development of thrush.

The drug is available in the form of a cream for vaginal use. It is actively used in the treatment of vaginitis, including - mycotic etiology. For the purpose of treatment, 5 g of cream is introduced deep into the vagina - a special tip is provided for this. The introduction is carried out once a day on the eve of sleep. The duration of treatment with Batrafen is no more than two weeks.

For the purpose of prophylaxis, the same amount of cream is injected, but once in three days. The drug may cause allergic reactions, is not recommended for lactation and gestation, because in these cases requires prior consultation with a doctor.


The drug is produced in the form of candles and a cream for vaginal use. Used in infectious diseases with a pronounced inflammatory process. Effective against both fungi and against the simplest bacteria.

For treatment, use the scheme: one candle per day, no more than three days. Then make a break for a week and repeat the course, if necessary. The course of treatment with the cream also lasts 3 days, during which it is necessary to use the entire tube of cream, treating the affected surface once a day. Side effects: dryness, itching, burning, peeling. During pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated.

The drug in the form of vaginal tablets. Prescribed for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases in the reproductive system. Effective against the simplest microorganisms and fungi.

Treatment regimen: one tablet per day, which is placed deep in the vagina at bedtime. The duration of treatment is 10 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated after the break. As a prophylaxis, one vaginal tablet is administered per week.

The drug in the form of suspensions, capsules and solution. Has a pronounced anti-fungal effect. In the first three days of treatment, 100 mg of the drug is prescribed, then doubling the dosage.

Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, can cause such side effects as:

For prophylaxis, an initial dosage of 100 mg every two weeks is used.

Substance trade names:

All of these drugs are similar in action. Forms of release - cream, tablets, solution. A pronounced antifungal effect, exhibits a therapeutic effect against staphylococcus and streptococcus.

For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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The duration of treatment is 6 days, may show local reactions in the form of itching, burning, redness, hyperemia. Not recommended for lactation and pregnancy.

McMiror Complex

The drug for the joint treatment of both partners, as well as for the prevention of recurrence of thrush. Available in the form of oral tablets. Effective with fungi of the Candida family, trichomonads, staphylococcus.

In the treatment of McMirir take one tablet three times a day. For prophylactic purposes, a reduced dosage is prescribed - one tablet per day, taken every other day. During pregnancy and feeding the child to use the drug is prohibited.


The solution for washing the affected areas. Effective against inflammatory foci, as well as chlamydia, genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and candidiasis.

From side effects note burning. Reduces the effectiveness of parallel taken antibiotics. Allowed during pregnancy, but only after consulting a doctor.

General recommendations

To prevent thrush, you must observe the following rules in everyday life:

  • Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene, carry out hygiene procedures every day,
  • Use only high quality hygiene products,
  • Avoid perfumed intimate hygiene gels, fragrance pads,
  • Wear loose, cramped, made from natural breathable fabrics,
  • Do not supercool, and keep warm the hip area, legs, arms, neck,
  • To have sex with one partner,

  • Do not abuse antibiotics and, moreover, do not prescribe them yourself, without first consulting with your doctor,
  • To take hormonal drugs, if necessary, strictly according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor,
  • Undergo a medical examination every six months,
  • All infectious and inflammatory processes are stopped immediately, without delaying the treatment,
  • Do not abuse sweets and flour products, eat balanced.

These simple recommendations for the prevention of thrush can help protect not only the development of the fungus, but also strengthen the general condition, improving immunity - the best protection against pathological changes in the microflora. Non-pharmacological prophylaxis is usually sufficient. If prophylaxis is carried out to prevent recurrence, the preventive medication is chosen by the attending physician.

How to get rid of the disease to pregnant women and children?

Often in the period of carrying a child due to hormonal adjustment in women there is a fungal infection. The disease causes discomfort, is able to spread and affect other organs. To avoid complications, infection of the child during childbirth, for women recommend safe treatment with Miramistin. The active substance gently affects the body, does not harm the prenatal development of the fetus.

But it is important to consult with your doctor, because the structure of the drug does not allow it to be fully absorbed, which can lead to an overdose. Therefore, for pregnant women need to see a doctor. It is also forbidden to douche with a solution in order not to harm the baby.

If a woman has candidiasis, it is important for men to take preventive precautions, so both partners need to treat thrush.

In children, thrush occurs more often in the oral cavity, infection occurs during childbirth or upon contact with an infected mother. When a child is ill, it is better to use a spray that is used to treat the mucous membrane after feeding. This procedure is not difficult, quickly save the baby from discomfort. To make sure that the child is completely healthy, it is necessary to show him to the pediatrician, this will help to get rid of serious complications.

You can use the spray during electrophoresis, this method is recommended if the disease is severe.

The advantage of antiseptic

The specialists have only positive reviews about the drug, it has advantages among analogues:

  • does not cause allergies
  • no toxic substances, therefore it is allowed to use for pregnant women, children,
  • no irritation of the skin, mucous membranes,
  • strong antiseptic broad spectrum effects
  • convenient to use, dispensed without a doctor's prescription,
  • has anti-inflammatory effects.

The tool is used for a long time, throughout the time there were no cases of side effects, proved its effectiveness in thrush and other diseases.

To get rid of the disease, to avoid re-manifestation, it is necessary to consult with doctors. An experienced specialist will establish an accurate diagnosis, prescribe the correct effect on the fungal infection.

And you should also follow the following rules:

  • do not increase the dosage specified in the instructions
  • If allergic reactions are observed due to the individual intolerance of the active ingredient, the medication must be replaced,
  • burning when douching does not require cessation of therapy.

Antiseptic can be used for gynecological diseases in women, urological diseases of men. And also for the prevention of sexually transmitted, fungal infections.

Thrush is a common disease that many people suffer from. Miramistin is an effective remedy that will help to quickly get rid of the problem without causing harm to the body. The price of the solution depends on the volume of the bottle and ranges from 250 to 800 rubles.

general information

Means Miramistin has a strong antiseptic and disinfectant action.Consists of the active component benzyldemityl-myristoylamino-propylammonium dissolved in water. Available in:

The composition of the ointment includes additional components:

  1. Proxanol 268 is used to stabilize emulsions. It interacts with the biomembranes of the cells, enhancing the destructive action of the active components on them.
  2. Disodium edetate is used as an additional preservative. Manifested as a strong antioxidant and a substance capable of binding and expelling heavy metal ions. Blocks the development of cancer cells.
  3. Propylene glycol has replaced traditional beeswax in ointments. It is used as a solvent and preservative. Unlike natural wax has large molecules that do not penetrate through the skin inside the body. Holds the other components of the ointment outside. It prevents rapid evaporation of the active ingredient.

If you are allergic to any component of the medication, treatment should be discontinued in order to avoid complications.

The active component of Miramistin destroys the outer membrane of bacteria, dissolving it. The contact is made by irrigating the sore spot, applying a compress and applying ointment. After that, the biological fluid evaporates, and the bacterium dies.

A distinctive feature and value of the drug in its selective action. Destroying pathogenic fungi, it does not react to the bacteria of the intestinal flora and others that are useful for the vital activity of the body. Therefore, Miramistin is introduced into the composition of drugs taken by mouth for the treatment of viral and venereal diseases.

When used externally, it does not penetrate the skin and mucous membrane. It has a strong effect. It is applied strictly dosed. When candidiasis Miramistin is applied to the external genitalia, lubricating them. On purulent wounds and burns impose a napkin soaked in the composition for 30–40 minutes 3 times a day.

An aqueous solution of benzyldemite-myristoylamino-propylammonium is used as a prophylactic against the possibility of contracting venereal diseases and treatment:

  • Laryngitis.
  • Stomatitis
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Tonsilitis
  • Postoperative suppurations.

Irrigate damaged surfaces and cavities, injecting Miramistin into the inside of the affected cavity and outside.

Miramistin has received widespread use as an effective therapeutic agent for thrush in women and men.

Treatment for thrush

The moist environment in the vagina promotes the development of bacteria and germs. Candidiasis often affects the internal organs of women. In men, it develops extremely rarely, only in the urinary canal. It occurs in infants.

  • Severe itching.
  • Small rash.
  • Unpleasant smell and whitish thick discharge, like milk or curd mass, for which he received the name - thrush.

In all cases, the treatment of thrush Miramistin is recommended. The aqueous solution is available in bottles (colorless liquid) or as a spray with removable nozzles.

How is the treatment carried out?

  1. Douching Miramistin is used as an independent antiseptic substance that kills fungal microflora. At the first signs of a lesion, wipes are moistened with Miramistin solution in a ratio of 1 part of the preparation to 20 parts of water as a tampon. The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.
  2. In the treatment of candidiasis, Miramistin is injected into the vagina with a special nozzle. For the convenience of self-use device has a dispenser. Women perform the procedure lying down. One irrigation consumes 10 ml of solution. After 3-5 minutes, you need to get up and let the excess drug flow out. Gaskets should be used. It is necessary to continue the treatment for 10 days, even if the signs of thrush disappear after the first procedures.
  3. Men are recommended to use narrow nozzles for the introduction into the urogenital canal of 7 ml of solution. The procedure should be carried out standing. Repeat for 7 days. At the first infusion, a burning sensation may appear at the outlet, which lasts a maximum of 15 seconds. His need to endure. Treatment is not interrupted.
  4. In order to increase the effectiveness of treatment for thrush and prevent an increase in the affected area, it is recommended to wipe the external genitalia and thighs with a cloth moistened with Miramistin solution. Such a rubbing is advised to do as a preventive measure of the disease to both sexual partners with an unconfirmed lesion of one of them with thrush.

With the running form of candidiasis, a complex treatment is prescribed with medication drugs taken orally - through the mouth. In parallel, appoint syringe Miramistin. If the rash is on the outer lips and the inner side of the thighs, then ointment is applied to the affected areas of the body, in a thin layer, without rubbing. The first 5 days of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse.

In the case of drug treatment of viral diseases, it is possible to use the drug as a catalyst, enhancing the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. Getting rid of infections goes much faster.

During pregnancy

Miramistin during pregnancy has no side effects on the body. But it is necessary to treat thrush carefully. When a woman douches, he can accumulate inside, penetrating the church secret - mucus in the cervix - and irritating the placenta. Therefore, pregnant women can only make lotions using wipes moistened with Miramistin solution, inserting them into the vagina.

For convenience, use the usual hygienic tampons for critical days, wetting them in the drug, and inserting inside. At the same time irrigate the external organs.

Duration of treatment:

  1. With a strong lesion treatment lasts 2 weeks.
  2. With preventive prenatal preparation, the procedure is carried out 3 times a day. The course duration is 3-5 days at the discretion of the gynecologist.
  3. If the predisposition of the pregnant woman to candidiasis, the frequency of tampons can be assigned to 10 minutes every 2 hours.

Do not reuse wipes. Pregnant women are simultaneously prescribed medications containing Miramistin.

After childbirth

In the hospital after childbirth, the perineum of women is treated with brilliant green in case of gaps and excision. The rest of the first day is washed away with a solution of Fukartsin. But in principle, mommies should take care of themselves. Hygiene in the first days after birth is especially important.

Experts recommend in the postpartum period to wash off after each visit to the toilet and douche with Miramistin solution. It not only removes possible fungal formations, but also contributes to the rapid recovery of uterine tissue and the birth canal. Miramistin helps relieve inflammation, restore normal microflora in the vagina. This is especially important in the presence of seams.

Killing microbes, the drug eliminates suppuration and inflammation. The process of tissue healing takes place without complications. Scars are resolved.

If the hospital did not have the opportunity to carry out a full course of prophylaxis, this should be done at home after discharge in two weeks.

Some features of the treatment:

  1. From sexual intercourse to the full restoration of all organs should be abstained.
  2. External Miramistin is not absorbed into the blood, and can not affect the development of the baby during lactation.
  3. Reception inside a small amount of Miramistin is allowed.

Observations on the nursing and their children did not reveal side effects on the child. However, in order to avoid overdose, it is possible to use Miramistin only in extreme cases when prescribed by a doctor.

Drug for children

A newborn often has signs of thrush on the skin. He gets the disease by inheritance from a mother who has a latent or non-treated form of candidiasis.

How are children treated?

  • For babies apply external treatment of the rash. The affected areas are wiped with a cloth moistened with Miramistin solution.
  • Additionally they use folk methods. During bathing, add a decoction of the string to complete cleansing of the skin of babies. The herb has a strong antiseptic effect, removes diathesis rashes and fungal. Then move on to the decoction of pharmaceutical chamomile, a strong anti-inflammatory effect of which is known. Until the navel is completely healed, it is treated with brilliant green and sealed. In the presence of whitish acne, half an hour before treatment, wipe it with Miramistin.
  • When signs of candidiasis appear in children older than 6 months, topical use of Miramistin is recommended. Irrigation of the external genital organs and affected tissues around the aerosol form of the preparation is possible for girls. Boys are advised to wipe with a 5% solution. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day. After treatment, a pediatrician should be examined and a blood test should be given.

Miramistin is used in the treatment of candidal stomatitis and rhinitis in children. Used spray. Children older than 3 years can be treated with purulent tonsillitis with a rinse method. Preparing an aqueous solution in the ratio of 1:10. Remains of the composition spit. After that, for 20-30 minutes it is advisable not to give the child to drink and eat. When prescribing medical treatment by a pediatrician, coordinate the dosage with him.

The effect of the drug on infants has not been studied. Conducted observations of a negative reaction did not reveal.


Sexually transmitted diseases: bacterial, viral, fungal. When running the form of Miramistin prescribed as an auxiliary drug that promotes rapid deliverance from germs and fungi that cause the disease. Its ability to inhibit sources of infection is used for self-prevention.

After casual sexual intercourse, even if a condom was used, measures should be taken to prevent possible infection. Within a maximum of 2 hours after the act, a woman should:

  1. Conduct active vaginal douching 15 ml solution.
  2. Make irrigation of the external genitalia.
  3. Wipe pubis, hips, lower abdomen.

A man must inject a member of the 7 ml solution. Rub the genitals outside. After that, it is advisable for both not to urinate for 2 hours.

It is necessary to carry out a preventive procedure as soon as possible. The maximum time is 2 hours from the start of intercourse.


Like many modern drugs, Miramistin has its own contraindications. In particular, it is:

  • Intolerance to the individual active component benzyldemythyl-myristoylamino-propylammonium and related components.
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin, irritation, acne, age-old acne.
  • Orally can not be used for exacerbation of diseases of internal organs: liver, stomach, intestines.

Contraindications to the use may be a blood disorder.