Cancel Yarina: causes and consequences


  • you decided to have a baby
  • there were changes in marital status and the need for contraceptives for some time disappeared,
  • you have a fear of the effects of long-term pills,
  • there were health problems
  • You decided to change the method of contraception,
  • you got pregnant.

If you stop taking the pills, synthetic hormones that inhibit the formation of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones and blocking the ovulation process stop coming into the body from the outside. Ovaries begin to work very actively, making up for lost time. The body returns to the former natural rhythm of functioning. This takes some time, during which contraceptive withdrawal syndrome occurs.

How to stop drinking birth control pills

Discontinuation of birth control pills after a certain period of their use is usually necessary in two cases:

  • the first is a complete rejection of hormonal oral contraceptives,
  • the second is the change of birth control pills.

In the first case, the question immediately arises: how and when should the hormonal contraceptive pills be stopped to be consumed so that the cider of contraceptive withdrawal is less painful. To the period of cancellation of oral contraceptive pills was accompanied by a minimum of adverse reactions, three basic rules should be strictly followed:

  • Do not cancel the reception OK without prior consultation with a gynecologist,
  • you can not stop drinking pills without completing the cycle,
  • The discontinuation of contraceptive use should not occur abruptly, but in accordance with the dose reduction plan prepared by the doctor.

If for some reason you just want to change some birth control pills for others, the doctor will tell you how to do it correctly. Never do it yourself. After all, even a doctor is not always able to determine how an organism reacts to a change of drug. Ideally, this question should be addressed to the same doctor who prescribed you previous contraceptives.

In any case, every young lady should be aware that it is impossible to interrupt the course of taking the pills. Having finished a pack of pills, you should take a seven-day break, wait for the menstrual period and only then begin taking other contraceptives. A sharp transition to the reception of new pills is fraught with the following consequences:

  • violation of the menstrual cycle
  • uterine bleeding,
  • the occurrence of pregnancy.

Cancel Jess and Jess Plus

Many girls ask: "How to stop drinking Jess." Gynecologists advise how to stop drinking Jess. The best and most gentle way is to finish the whole package of pills. We note that the hormonal action of the Jes pill, despite the discontinuation of the intake, may persist for another week. There are also side effects. For example, if Jess Plus is canceled, side effects may manifest as a lack of menstruation. If it did not follow or started very late, it means that you need to be examined by a doctor. It is possible that hormonal failure has occurred. The girls are worried about another question: “Do I need a break while taking Jess?”. Doctors-gynecologists recommend once every 3-4 months to take a break in taking hormonal pills.

Zhanin's cancellation - consequences

If Zhanin’s withdrawal is recommended, the consequences may be as follows: the ability to become pregnant may not immediately recover (perhaps 2-3 months after discontinuation of the drug). However, gynecologists do not rule out that the restoration of fertility is possible from the first menstrual cycle after stopping Zanin.

Cancel reception Yarin

The female body always responds to the start or discontinuation of contraceptive hormonal drugs. If Yarina is canceled, the reaction of the body is different. And about this the girls write like this: “After the cancellation, Yarina recovered” or “After the cancellation of Yarina, the ovaries hurt”. This is a signal that the body has failed, so you need to consult a doctor.

What to replace birth control pills

The fact that hormonal contraceptives have no equal in preventing the occurrence of an unplanned pregnancy, no one doubts. Everyone also knows that the most popular among them are tablet forms. However, there are situations when, after prolonged use of birth control pills, it is necessary to replace them with something. It may be:

  • subcutaneous implant
  • vaginal ring,
  • hormonal contraceptive patch.
If the situation is such that sexual relations have become irregular for some period, it is better to resort to using temporary contraceptives in general (for example, spermicidal or barrier contraceptives).

However, we should not forget that only the gynecologist has the right to decide how and what to change the pills used before.

Cancellation of birth control pills: side effects

By and large, birth control pills are a kind of drug that, if canceled (like any other), can have side effects. In medicine, they are called withdrawal syndrome. In some cases, the consequences of the cancellation of oral hormone contraceptive pills can be:

  • depressed
  • irritability,
  • increased or delayed periods,
  • pulling pains in the lower abdomen,
  • headaches,
  • general malaise,
  • nausea,
  • decreased libido.

In a normal situation, after a maximum of three months after the cessation of taking the pill, the body will recover and everything will fall into place.

If the recovery period was delayed for six months or more - this is a mandatory reason to consult a doctor.

Take and cancel: the reasons for refusing the drug

There are many reasons for not giving a contraceptive, but basically there are several good reasons:

  • Career is made, and the financial situation allows you to acquire offspring
  • Age for childbirth comes to a critical
  • Tired of sitting on hormones
  • I broke up with my husband (boyfriend), and now there is no need to protect myself.
  • I want to try other contraceptive drugs
  • There are health problems when you can not drink OK
  • Pregnancy.

In addition to these factors, the woman may have other motives to refuse birth control pills. But it also happens differently when there are all signs that Yarina needs to stop drinking, but the woman continues to take the pills, citing the fear of getting better, getting old problems with hair, skin or a monthly cycle, etc.

But once she decided to stop protecting herself, she wants to do it as soon as possible - preferably in one day. Is it possible to do this, and what will follow in the event of a cardinal failure?

When the emergency refusal of tablets Yarina is justified

The contraceptive is a low-dose drug, since the active ingredients are not small quantities: 30 μg of the synthetic hormone ethinyl estradiol and 3 mg of drospirenone. Therefore, as a rule, the drug is tolerated normally. However, there are diseases in which you can not take birth control pills Yarin. If a patient was not examined before a contraceptive was prescribed or it was done carelessly, then the disease may manifest itself during the preservation cycle. In this case, the continuation of the course can cause serious damage to health, and in some women provoke a death. In such situations, an emergency rejection of Yarina is justified.

Diseases and conditions incompatible with taking a contraceptive include:

  • Pathology of the liver in severe form
  • Diabetes mellitus with vascular damage
  • Lipid metabolism disorder
  • Varicose veins
  • Oncological neoplasms
  • Sharp decrease in sight
  • Surgery
  • Pregnancy.

Also, a quick refusal of Yarina may be necessary if no contraindications were recognized in time:

  • Pulmonary embolism or thrombosis of the veins: the presence at the time of appointment Yarina, as well as existing in history, the existing predisposition and risk factors
  • Migraine with concomitant focal neurological deficit (incl. In the history of the disease)
  • Pancreatitis (including in the past)
  • Severe renal failure
  • Vaginal bleeding that cannot be diagnosed
  • Suspicion of pregnancy
  • Strong manifestation of individual allergy to OK elements
  • Lactose immunity, congenital lack of lactase, GG malabsorption syndrome (due to the presence of milk sugar in tablets).

In all these cases, a sharp rejection of Yarina is justified.

Emergency withdrawal of the drug may also be required if during the appointment of adverse symptoms in the form of:

  • Chest pain transmitted to left arm
  • Inexplicably strong cough, severe shortness of breath
  • Unusually severe headache
  • Sudden loss of vision, impairment of hearing
  • Speech disorder
  • Paresthesia on certain parts of the body
  • Pain in the legs, the appearance of edema.

Symptoms may appear if during the appointment no contraindications were found or the patient did not report for any reason any illnesses or attacks that occurred in the past. Then, during the course, their recurrence is not excluded, which can provoke a sharp deterioration in well-being. Therefore, if the above symptoms have developed, you can not postpone the provision of medical care. To avoid fatal consequences, it is better to call an ambulance.

Possible consequences of an ill-conceived refusal of Yarina

As with any hormonal agent, it is highly undesirable to cancel a contraceptive on your own, without coordinating the actions with the gynecologist, and even more spontaneously. Otherwise, the cancellation of OK leads to a sharp activation of the ovaries, the functioning of which was previously suppressed by synthetic hormones.

The body will no longer receive the usual dose of hormones, and its own production has not yet recovered. As a result, this will cause a shock reaction, the ovaries will begin to make up for their own hormones, and such vigorous work will cause the failure of the usual state of the body and will pull other chain reactions. In addition to an unplanned pregnancy, health problems will arise.

The most striking manifestation of OK syndrome, breakthrough bleeding and relapse of gynecological diseases due to hormonal imbalance.

To fully restore all functions, to normalize the menstrual cycle, the ratio of hormones, to eliminate the internal "malfunctions" caused by the hormone jump, all this will take time.

Therefore, it is impossible to stop drinking on your own in any case. If the doctor prescribes the drug, based on the survey data, then it should be canceled in the same way - with the selection of the dosage, replacement means or the appointment of other activities that facilitate the transition period.

Advantages of giving up Yarina according to the recommended scheme

To avoid possible numerous troubles after giving up OK, it is better to consult a gynecologist. In this case, he will calculate the scheme of gradual reduction of the dosage of Yarin contraceptive pills. Smooth cancellation will help the body, without shock, adapt to the gradual reduction of incoming hormones and launch its own “production”.

In this scenario, it will protect the body from the ordeal. During perestroika, he will be able to:

  • Normalize the menstrual cycle
  • Eliminate atrophic phenomena in the endometrium and restore its functioning
  • Reanimate the ability of the endometrium to implant a fertilized egg
  • Return the previous state of the vaginal microflora
  • Restore the normal density of cervical mucus.

If the rejection scheme is calculated and applied correctly, the woman will easily tolerate the rejection of the contraceptive.

But also another scenario cannot be ruled out: until the body considers that it has completely returned functions to the “pre-cell” time, and continues to restore the functioning of the genital organs, various symptoms will appear during this transitional period. This usually happens if Yarin was not taken for contraception, but was recommended for treating various gynecological problems.

Then you can not exclude the exacerbation of undertreated pathologies: a surge of endometriosis, recurrence of uterine fibroids, the return of amenorrhea or dysfunctional bleeding. To eliminate them will require a new prescription of drugs to help cope with the disease.

So you have to stock up on time after giving up Yarina, and of course, periodically checked with a doctor.

How to cancel the contraceptive

The contraceptive effect of Yarina begins with the first pill taken. The whole course is designed for 21 days, during which it is necessary to regularly drink OK in one hour. Therefore, the blister is equipped with just such a number of tablets. After its completion, a week-long break is necessarily taken to stimulate bleeding like menstruation, and then, after a week's respite, proceed to the contents of the next blister.

If the need to abandon Yarina arose in the middle of the course, then it would be better to complete the intake cycle by finishing the remaining tablets in a blister. And after a week break, not to take them.

But what if the reception has just begun, and only a couple of pieces are drunk? And is it possible to throw Yarina after one pill if her action disappointed?

If the reception of OK caused negative consequences in the form of nausea, apathy or other adverse symptoms, then first of all it is necessary to determine the origin of the ailment. It is possible that just a coincidence happened, and the deterioration of well-being happened for other reasons, and not because of Yarina.

Secondly, the flow of hormonal substances from outside wedges into the habitual work of the body, replacing natural substances, and thus causes a response. As a rule, the adaptation period may be delayed for several months. During this time, ovarian functions will be suppressed, and the body will adapt to hormones coming from outside. After he gets used to the new conditions, rebuilds his functions, the painful symptoms will go away.

To understand what really influenced health, can only a doctor after 2-3 months of admission and addiction. Then he will be able to give advice on whether to drink Yarina further.

If, during the course of OA, diseases have developed, side effects that are not compatible with Yarina, then the drug can be canceled immediately, but in order to avoid the development of withdrawal syndrome, it is immediately replaced by another OC.

Gynecologists advise to adhere to the gradual abandonment of birth control pills. This is done in several ways: the dosage is reduced OK: depending on the characteristics of the patient, the doctor may recommend reducing the amount by half or a quarter of the tablet per week. Or replace Yarina with other OK with the same components, but in a lower concentration. In some cases, such a refusal may take several months. Especially this way is justified if the woman took Yarina for many years.

Waiver of Yarina due to pregnancy

If, for some reason, the pregnancy did happen, and the woman decided to keep it, then it is simply necessary to interrupt the reception. And this should be done as soon as the ultrasound confirms the birth of a new life.

It is believed that in the early stages of the pill can not affect the development of the fetus, and besides, all experiments on animals have not yet revealed harmful effects. But completely eliminate the negative effect of synthetic hormones is still impossible.

How quickly and without consequences to cancel Yarina - prompt gynecologist immediately after receiving the survey data.

Do I have to give up Yarina after skipping pills

If during the course there was a hitch with taking another pill, then a woman who is going to refuse OK can be tempted to do this. But gynecologists advise against giving up Yarina, just because the next pill is missed.

To restore the normal course, it is necessary to drink it immediately, if less than 12 hours have passed since the last pill.

In the case of a more serious delay - more than 12 hours - they take the forgotten pill and the next one on schedule (if the time coincides, two are drunk at once). With such a delay, the contraceptive concentration of OC in the body decreases, so you will have to additionally protect yourself with condoms. Will have to use within a week after the completion of the omission.

If closer to the end of the course I had to replenish the concentration of substances with the help of the first or several tablets, then in order to complete the full course, the missing pills will need to be taken from the next blister. Having finished a full course OK, you can refuse it after the break, or discuss with your doctor the features of taking another drug.

Modern contraceptive Yarin protects women from many problems: unnecessary pregnancy, hormonal imbalance and conditions caused by it. But all this is possible only with the correct use of pills, which implies the proper reception and cancellation.

When COC Cancellation is Shown

Modern women have a reliable and effective method of protection from unwanted pregnancy - combined oral contraceptives. Гинекологи указывают на то, что принимать КОК можно непрерывно в течение многих лет и отменять препарат только при планировании беременности. Однако бывают и другие ситуации, когда женщине приходится думать о прекращении приема таблеток.

Показания для немедленной отмены КОК:

  • Наступление беременности.
  • The appearance of severe migraine.
  • Sudden deterioration or loss of vision.
  • Acute hepatic diseases.
  • The development of acute thromboembolic complications.
  • Hypertension, poorly treatable with medication.
  • Immobilization for a long time (the consequences of a limb fracture, etc.).
  • Upcoming scheduled operation.
  • Significant weight gain in a short time.
  • Diabetes mellitus with the development of complications.
  • Detection of a malignant tumor of any localization.
  • Growth progression of uterine fibroids.

  • With the development of serious complications on the background of COC (thrombosis, thromboembolism), you must immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.
  • If there is a slight deterioration, not life-threatening, you should finish the packaging of the drug, but do not start a new one. Medical consultation is required.

A woman can stop taking birth control pills and for quite prosaic reasons: tired, found a more convenient option, the need for protection has disappeared (for example, when parting with a partner). In all these situations, it is necessary to clearly know the rules of drug withdrawal in order not to deal with undesirable consequences of such a decision.

KOC Cancellation Policy

When coming to the gynecologist's appointment, many patients complain that they are afraid of the consequences of the contraceptive withdrawal. In fact, with the right approach, you can quit drinking pills without fear for your health. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

  1. Before you stop taking COCs, you should consult with a qualified doctor. There are situations when the rejection of hormonal contraceptives leads to a deterioration in women's health (if the pill was prescribed for therapeutic purposes).
  2. It is necessary to cancel the contraceptive when the last pill of the blister is over. If there is no indication for emergency drug withdrawal, it is worthwhile to finish the package to the end, strictly observing the interval between tablets (24 hours). It should be remembered that abrupt discontinuation of the contraceptive in the middle of the cycle can be a big overvoltage for the reproductive system. After such a cancellation, severe bleeding often begins.

Why can not abruptly stop taking COCK

Sudden refusal of combined oral contraceptives can trigger the development of such complications:

  • Breakthrough bleeding from the genital tract.
  • Blood spotting.
  • Delayed menstruation.
  • Disruption of the menstrual cycle in the coming months.
  • Deterioration of the skin and hair.
  • Return of symptoms of the underlying disease (if COCs were prescribed for therapeutic purposes).

Against the background of abrupt cancellation of birth control pills, an unwanted pregnancy may occur in the first half of the cycle. It's simple: in the first two weeks, the woman had an active sex life, trusting the contraceptive, and the drug coped with its function - exactly until the moment of cancellation. If you stop taking COCs in the first 7-10 days after the start of packaging, you can trigger follicle maturation. Hormones no longer regularly enter the body, the sex glands "wake up", and the pituitary gland begins to work as usual - to stimulate the growth of follicles, highlighting the dominant among them and ovulation.

It takes 6 days for follicles to mature. Spermatozoa live in the female genital tract up to 7 days. Abrupt cancellation of oral contraceptives the day after intimacy with some degree of probability can lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

How does the menstrual cycle after canceling COC

Usually the cycle is restored within 3 months. In the first 1-2 months after discontinuation of the pill, monthly periods may come with a slight delay, be scarce. You should not worry - this is the usual condition after the abolition of birth control pills. After 3 months, the menstrual cycle should recover, and then the monthly will come in normal mode.

Most often, in the third month after the contraceptive is canceled, signs of PMS return: headaches, sudden mood swings, irritability, engorgement of the mammary glands.

The development of amenorrhea is one of the frequent consequences of improper abolition of birth control pills. Menstruation does not come at all, which becomes the reason for the visit to the doctor. Gynecologists warn: after discontinuing KOC, monthly periods may be absent for up to 1.5-2 months. Since the body responds to changes in hormonal levels, and this is considered to be the usual consequence of drug withdrawal.

With delayed menstruation:

  1. Make a pregnancy test or donate blood for hCG.
  2. If pregnancy is confirmed, contact your gynecologist. It should be remembered that, against the background of canceling COC, the ovaries begin to work in an enhanced mode, and the probability of conceiving a child increases significantly.
  3. If the pregnancy is not confirmed, you can safely wait for your period. If the monthly delayed by 1.5-2 months or more, it is necessary to see a doctor. To normalize the menstrual cycle, hormonal preparations and physiotherapy can be prescribed.

COC Cancellation Syndrome: Undesirable Consequences

When a woman takes combined oral contraceptives for therapeutic purposes (for the treatment of diseases of the genital organs or normalization of the menstrual cycle), a withdrawal syndrome occurs on the background of a sudden rejection of drugs. In such a situation, the former manifestations of the disease not only return to the patient, but also intensify.

Most often, women are concerned about the following complaints:

  • The appearance of skin rashes and acne.
  • The development of weakness, irritability or even persistent depression.
  • Decreased libido.
  • The occurrence of breakthrough uterine bleeding.
  • The appearance of acyclic bloody discharge (outside of menstruation).
  • Intensified work of sweat and sebaceous glands with the appearance of acne.
  • The appearance of excessive hairiness.
  • The development of headache.
  • Nausea and vomiting.

If these symptoms appear, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist.

Violation of the menstrual cycle

If there is an abrupt discontinuation of COC, hormonal failure occurs. There are spotting, which the woman easily takes for menstruation. When she calculates the duration of the cycle, it results in an increase in the number of days to almost 50 days. After the drug is discontinued, experts recommend that women start the menstruation period from the first days of full bleeding.

A small part of women, after stopping the use of oral contraceptives, develop amenorrhea - the absence of menstruation. This is believed to be an adverse effect caused by taking COCs. The cause of the phenomenon is the impaired activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary system with subsequent failure of hormone production.

If amenorrhea is observed within 3 months, it is recommended to consult a female doctor and an endocrinologist to find out the cause and select a therapy method.

Diseases of the reproductive organs

Combined oral contraceptives can not protect a woman from genital infections (chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, etc.). If inflammation starts in the reproductive organs, the menstrual cycle is disturbed with a delayed menstruation. To identify the infection, you must be examined by a doctor.

Impaired ovarian and thyroid function

With the endocrine organs pathology, hormone production fails, which leads to a change in the cycle. It often turns out that KOCs were appointed against the background of existing problems. Acceptance of hormonal drugs suppressed the development of the disease, but after the cancellation there was a rapid progression of the pathology. In this situation, without the help of a specialist can not do.

Reload effect

When the patient begins to take COCs, inhibition of the natural function of the ovaries occurs, which consists in preparing the female germ cell for fertilization. This effect occurs due to inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, which with the help of the produced hormones controls the ovaries. During the use of birth control pills, the activity of the sex glands is suspended, and the sensitivity of the receptors to hormones is increased.

If a woman stops drinking combined oral contraceptives, the reproductive system is restored, and hormones are produced in large quantities. This greatly increases the possibility of full maturation and release of the egg, ready for conception, from the follicle. Experts compare this phenomenon with superovulation. This method is especially suitable for patients with endocrine infertility, in which there is no dysfunction of the reproductive system due to lack of their own sex hormones.

Gynecologists prescribe combined oral contraceptives not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also for therapeutic purposes. Short-term use of COC (3-6 months) allows you to activate the ovaries, start ovulation and achieve the conception of the child against the background of the abolition of the drug.

Pregnancy planning after the abolition of birth control pills

The ability of a woman to conceive after discontinuation of contraceptive drugs depends on many reasons:

  1. Age: young girls have a greater chance of becoming pregnant compared with women after 30 years, because the restoration of the reproductive system in the latter takes longer.
  2. The duration of use of combined oral contraceptives: the less time a woman saw hormonal pills, the shorter the recovery period will be. Accordingly, fertilization will come faster.
  3. Folic acid deficiency: long-term intake of COC, impaired nutrition, or an existing pathology of the gastrointestinal tract leads to a deficiency of vitamin B9, which can interfere with the conception of a child.

If the couple is planning a pregnancy after applying the contraceptive pill, you should definitely contact a gynecologist to diagnose the state of women's health and the selection of the necessary treatment. Experts say that immediately after the abolition of COC, the eggs do not always mature fully. That is why, before conception, it will take 3 months to protect itself in a barrier way, and already after the expiration date, to try to become pregnant.

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if Yarin didn’t suit you, nafig you drank for 5 years, you had to look for a lot of them for yourself. And if it was necessary to cancel, it was not so abruptly (at first, after a day to drink, then after 2) The organism gradually reorganizes, but it is different for everyone, for someone for 1 month for someone for 1 year. It took me 3 months, but I had withdrawal syndrome with other consequences, acne and hair loss.

test for hormones.

Bliiin, I, too, have been drinking Yarin for 5 years! I don't want sex at all! MCH is already offended, who will enjoy the long absence of sex? constant weakness, from desires only eat and sleep. I do not know what to do? throw them? and then what will protect themselves? I do not want condoms.

Yarina and I bleated further than I saw. Essay didn’t talk about sex either :))))) Guest 3, there are many other pills in the world. Go to the doctor. Pass on the hormones to the doctor too.

I drank it for almost a year. Gave up, tired. There was also a problem that I was rocked by Yarina in transport, which was never in my life and under any circumstances! And travel a lot!
In general, I quit, the more I have no one for my personal life, the pills were just to improve hormonal levels.
After the cancellation, I recovered by 5 kilograms with the same nutrition!
In this state, I am already the fifth month, so I have not tried to sit on a diet, eat it as before. Need to try.

and even the gynecologist warned me that after canceling OK, you can get very well. On myself, I also experienced it. Recovered after the cancellation, and immediately. somewhere in the first month. and then the weight stabilized and began to decline. somewhere in 5 months after the cancellation, the weight returned to normal.

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if Yarin didn’t suit you, nafig you drank for 5 years, you had to look for a lot of them for yourself. And if it was necessary to cancel, it was not so abruptly (at first, after a day to drink, then after 2) The organism gradually reorganizes, but it is different for everyone, for someone for 1 month for someone for 1 year. It took me 3 months, but I had withdrawal syndrome with other consequences, acne and hair loss.

I also saw Yarina 5 years without interruption. In January, ceased. Of the changes in the body: the first periods came in 35 days, the second was not yet. I lost my appetite. Perhaps in a year from now again I will start to drink something like that. Or glue the patch.

why did not fit. The doctor has appointed, I speak. there were no side effects. except that I was a vegetable. But such a side effect is absolutely from all contraceptives.

Yarina t oesche evil. I am categorically against any *** like pills and IUDs.

7, I drink Janine's true, but I have nothing like that with norms and libido, and with weight and every year I take a break for 3-4 months, the doctor personally told me to do that, but she seems to be normal, the reviews are good, and everyone analyzes I donate a year, which is prescribed at reception OK, and (TTT) during the break, the days go as expected. so they told you right, you need to pick up your pills.

I have everything ok, I drink Yarina 3 years)

I also want to say about Yarina that I’m kind of drinking and everything is fine. I don’t want to get excited about sex and I’m not excited for a long time. I’m really worried about it. I don’t drink other pills because I’m afraid to get better with them. I will not type.

I don’t know how I get drunk from Yarina from Marvelon for 4 years, I don’t drink ice with libido either (((Well, I feel like wanting, but somehow I’m too lazy)))) 50 (((, BUT, as she quit lost 3 kg, and then again began to nachila recovered by 5 kg ((((Now I quit again and will not drink any more - we will do Lyalka)))))

I did not understand at first why I added 4 kilos so quickly ((
Then I juxtaposed - literally after a couple of weeks after the abolition of Yarin ((I am on a diet, I went to the gym - hrenushka (
What to do? Summer is coming.
I understand that this is fluid retention - I began to drink a diuretic. It seems to stop gaining, but does not lose weight (

It is not known when your body will return to normal. I drank Yarin 4 years and 5 months without interruption. After the cancellation, hair began to fall out strongly, poked acne on both the face and back. Monthly there were 5 months. My body still has not returned to normal. Doctors say that everything is individual. But within a year everything should be restored for everyone.

I will sell 1 blister of oral hormonal contraceptives "Yarin" (purchased in a package - 3 blisters) due to the fact that she switched to other contraceptives and did not start the last pack. Expiration date until 05.2013, purchased in February.
St. Petersburg. 400 rubles
My account vkontakte -

Saw Yarina 3 months, I have hormonal failure (and in life they would not have drunk), hair falls out very strongly, only because of this saw Yarina (she is anti-androgenic). I can’t agree, when I took it, the skin on my face was just super, it was normal before the reception, but not so smooth and without a single pimple, I can say by the hair that they were not so fat. So after the cancellation, I had acne (when there were no them before, very rarely), the fat content returned, and recovered after the cancellation by 3 kg. The girls draw conclusions.

I drank Yarin 4 months to improve the condition of the hair. I do not understand why trichologist insists on this drug and how it helps. Hair did not get any better, only worse, thinned, it seems that I don’t have any fluff on my head ((((I don’t drink a month, I don’t have any changes in my hair condition. I haven’t had acne yet, I haven’t noticed any changes in weight either. But my chest has grown, so I have a lot, and in 4 months I have added more size, but I can’t wait for menstruation.

20. Lanka | 12/08/2011 13:52:14
Hair did not fall down at you? I have thin hair and fall out, I do not drink Yarina for a long time, the gynecologist says the hair should recover.

I climbed well, not bundles, but very noticeable. Everywhere at home lay my hair. Everything will be restored, do not worry, but for three months I, for example, continued. Now everything is fine again.

Hello. Help me, please, I don’t know. What do I do. I’m 16 years old. About 2 years ago I had acne on my face, I thought it was age, and that it would pass quickly. In general, I have clear skin from birth, my mother said that I've never had acne. The main thing is that I have only on my cheeks, my forehead, nose and chin are clean. We went shorter with mom to the doctor and I was told that these were comedones, and that she allegedly launched her face, prescribed to drink Yarinu. Well, I started and here is the third day I already drink it, and after it I feel terribly sick in the morning (I drink at night). This morning I vomited. I asked the doctor, with they said that it’s impossible to stop drinking Yarin, otherwise there will be hormonal disruption, monthly periods can go 2 times a month, and this is a big stress for the body. And I don’t know what to do, the doctor says to continue drinking, but I'm afraid. I don’t want to spoil my body at such a young age.

Masha, hello!
Based on my own experience and reading, I would advise not to throw Yarina in half of the package, complete the cycle and then stop. It seems to me that this was what vrapch meant, and not that Yarina should not be thrown at all.
And about acne - read where the thread, each zone on the face is associated with a particular organ. It is clear that the rash on the chin depends on gynecology, but the cheeks - you need to look.
Не расстраивайтесь, со временем все нормализуется.

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Пила Ярину какое-то время, около года, сейчас бросила уже как месяц. My head was constantly aching, my hair was falling off, my nails were breaking, I couldn’t lose weight (I didn’t gain weight, but I didn’t lose weight, but I wanted to throw it off after childbirth, not in any diet or sport). After the cancellation (month) - the condition of the hair has clearly improved, they no longer climb in packs, headaches are gone, only the weight has crawled up (((Damn, what for we are we poisoning ourselves.

Hello ladies! I sit reading what you write and sob. I do not know what to do. Has passed tests for hormones androstenedione 24.3. The doctor advised Yarina to drink. Well, this is the third month and on the 15th day of the cycle the daubing began. And the worst thing is that to me in April on the protocol on IVF. Yes, and the doctor in consultation said an urgent throw, ekoshniki say that it is possible to go to the protocol with Yarina. Here I sit and cry, I do not know what to do

Dear VULKANCHIK! I am absolutely not strong in the intricacies of IVF, but in your situation I would listen to IVF specialists, and not a doctor in consultation. Firstly, they know better, and secondly, the first trimester of pregnancy (if one occurs) will put everything in its place.

Dear VULKANCHIK! I am absolutely not strong in the intricacies of IVF, but in your situation I would listen to IVF specialists, and not a doctor in consultation. Firstly, they know better, and secondly, the first trimester of pregnancy (if one occurs) will put everything in its place.

I drink Yarinu 5th month, pain in calves, heaviness and swelling. the most terrible, appeared cellulite what ever was not. onset, because acne also got oily skin, oily skin has noticeably decreased, pimples are extremely rare and small. I got used to Yarina for a long time, I felt sick, a terrible appetite, now it's better. but the legs are very disturbing, summer is coming, and it is terrible to wear a short skirt. and this despite the fact that I have always played sports and there is no tendency to be overweight, I always ate everything and at any time and was thin.

I'm here for 5 days I quit drinking this city but! Monsters and no, libido not, from the touch of a pier. people it turns me back, it certainly makes me happy, but this is not in any frame! I drank only 2 months. My head ached, daub the whole first month, the skin dried out and began to peel off like that and still doesn’t go away, I walk like a leper, at first I didn’t lose weight by kg, but my sides disappeared and my tummy became smooth and taut! And right now, everything is as before as the tummy is so loose, not much, but even so, the sides are back. And this is only 2 months of admission and after cancellation. I’m not talking about those who take for years while they drink - everything is perfect, how you cancel, all B. has arrived! All sleeping sores are active and new! That's when right now the month will come? and whether it will spread? It became scary!

I was yesterday at the gynecologist, it turns out when you drink any hormonal contraceptives, it is necessary to do breast ultrasound annually in order to. "time to notice pathological changes." That is such a high percentage of such terrible side effects that the point is not that it can happen at all, but when it happens. It is done on days 7-9 after the onset of menstruation, at other times, the ultrasound is not informative.

I'm 31, drank yarinu 8 months, after the abolition of the month. never came, appointed Femoston, and I'm afraid to drink, because there are a lot of side effects from it. What to do?

Girls so how to get off them so that not so sharp? 5 years saw. The cancellation effect is scary after all. Can half drink at least? I really look forward to your advice

Julia, I can only advise simultaneously with the discontinuation of taking pills to change the water regime. Drink more, but be sure to just clean water. It is better to start the morning with dried apricots infusion (I stuffed 8-10 fruits with a glass of boiling water in the evening, drank some water in the morning). You can connect light diuretics. I am not a doctor, I will make a reservation, it is only from my own experience. This is if the swelling will be. If there are violations of the cycle - I can not advise anything here, I have not had one.

Saw Yarina 4 months with a break for a week after each pack of 21 pills. Has added 14 kg. Weighed 49. in height 170. was underweight. Now the odds :) Now it's time to stop drinking them. She set me hormonal balance. And the cycle. I hope after the cancellation everything will be fine.

I have been drinking Yarin for three years, I haven't taken breaks, I haven't missed pills, before that there were terrible periods, the cycle was intermittent, then 27, 43 days and so on, I had a terrible sickness and so on, I was prescribed by a doctor as a means of contraception, never Yarin didn’t let down, the first year there was no libido, there was no lubrication, then everything returned to normal, I jumped on a young man only this way, there were no sideways, the skin both had and remained with imperfections, the hair and nails didn’t get better, but the cycle was normalized, pains disappeared, menstruation became less plentiful, earlier and by 8-9 days and very much, Now it’s 5, everything suits me, but I’m afraid for health, they all write differently, I have to take a break, someone says that it is contraindicated - it’s extra stress for the body, and now I’m thinking and I’m afraid, is it necessary? still three years
I did not gain weight, I was always thin, I'm afraid what will happen after the cancellation? wait a terribly painful menstruation for half a year? scary .. I'm 22 years old, I don't know what to do
the doctor did not take tests from me when she wrote me out, only on the basis of a long-term in-person consultation, but I can say that I always felt great with them, now there are no side effects, I just read about the lazy ovaries and the impossibility of getting pregnant while I am not planning a child, the next six months - year, is it necessary to throw? or is it worth now to restore ovarian function? I am afraid of changes in appearance and health ..

a year ago there was an ovarian cyst treated. cyst has resolved. there was a strong hormonal failure, prolactin was 1800, at a rate of 600. then she miscalculated, miscarriage. the doctor explained the high levels of this stupid hormone. appointed Yarin. Saw 3 months. threw in may. after 3 months, it was HUGE to lose hair. thyroid checked, everything is normal. I am going to take hormones in 10 days. hair was 2.5 times less. There are strong bald spots. in front, everything is terrible. Every wash- I wash my head 1 time in 2 days turns into a nightmare. they fall like damned with bulbs. The gynecologist said that after Yarina it happens. but when it ends, no one knows. I also tried all-around remedies, masks, shampoos, vitamins, vishy ampoules. what to do?

Girls! Be very careful! I drank yarinu 7 years. Prescribed by a doctor, without doing any tests. Every year I went to the doctor, I thought that I needed a break. The doctor said to continue drinking without taking a break. Last fall, she quit drinking herself. Consequences: 1. Monthly disappeared altogether. I am 36 years old. Yarin suppressed ovarian function completely. Even another gynecologist predicts that it is very difficult to treat my condition, they can put me on hormones for life. Convulsively looking for professors, homeopaths, any opportunity to recover.
2. Weight plus 10 kg.
3. There were terrible problems with the skin. Pink lichen. This is such a thing, arising out of nowhere, dermatologists do not cure it in any way. Just say, wait for it to pass.
4. Hair problems.
It is a pity that in our country it is impossible to punish doctors, under whose control I became a sick person.

I saw Yarina exactly 4 days, I don’t know how you girls, but I couldn’t - vomiting, constant nausea even with Hofitol, 1 time, terrible weakness, I don’t want to live at all, I throw on my husband like a dog, don't give a damn about a child, ringing in my ears , the change of taste did not feel sweet at all, only very sharp or salty, during the day an eerie state of stomach overflow even though I didn’t eat anything, and at night there was a terrible jerk with a growl at the fridge, in general I looked at myself from the outside and it became scary to live like that two weeks and quit, now three days I do not drink, I began to sleep normally at night, respectively, there are sylis for the family, only nausea still remains, the gynecologist said that if it does not work, then it’s not Yarina and pritenzy not to her and in general I have the first such case, allegedly Yarin, is well tolerated.

I was Yarin-dependent for six years. All doctors were asked to take breaks once a year and a half by three months. As soon as she stopped drinking, acne started all over her body and terrible pains during menstruation reached fainting. And I started to drink again, with shaking hands, I was drawn to the packaging like an addict. Swallowed pill and zashib again. Recent blood tests were not very good, too thick. Asked to stop for a couple of months. I had to give up Yarin. I reassured myself that it was not for long, that I would soon drink my miracle pills, and again there would be happiness for me. But an incredible thing happened (there was no such thing before): I began to get excited. Constantly everywhere from everything. I got a lubricant. I have a good mood). This is something incredible. I can not believe that she herself deprived herself of this every day. Now I want to extend this state as long as possible. Did someone have it? Tell me that the lubrication and desire will not go anywhere))).

I was Yarin-dependent for six years. All doctors were asked to take breaks once a year and a half by three months. As soon as she stopped drinking, acne started all over her body and terrible pains during menstruation reached fainting. And I started to drink again, with shaking hands, I was drawn to the packaging like an addict. Swallowed pill and zashib again. Recent blood tests were not very good, too thick. Asked to stop for a couple of months. I had to give up Yarin. I reassured myself that it was not for long, that I would soon drink my miracle pills, and again there would be happiness for me. But an incredible thing happened (there was no such thing before): I began to get excited. Constantly everywhere from everything. I got a lubricant. I have a good mood). This is something incredible. I can not believe that she herself deprived herself of this every day. Now I want to extend this state as long as possible. Did someone have it? Tell me that the lubrication and desire will not go anywhere))).

I drank yarinu 4 years, without a break. There are no side effects, the periods go by the clock, if necessary, they let them through in general, their weight is normal, everything is super! But then I started having problems, menstruation went on for 2 weeks and persistent clots, went to the doctor, the verdict was like this, the body requires a break in taking the pills. I had to take a break. And here, too, she noticed that desire returned, began to be excited much faster, and in general remembered what it means to be a woman. BUT. for 2 months, the kilogram recovered by 4, or what I don’t eat properly, depression begins, she began to read forums, who, like after the cancellation, all write that they are recovering greatly. I sit in a panic. On the one hand, intimate life is getting better, but on the other hand, I am Thicker and that does not help. I bought already reduxine, I'll try with it. But if it does not help, I don’t know what to do, it is terrible to start drinking again, it will have to quit sooner or later. What to do

I am begging you .
Very seldom anyone gets better, they usually write here those who have the withdrawal syndrome, everything is normal, only the cycle does not get up right away
And the fact that "your body required a break," is nonsense, look for internal problems, there was a harmonious failure, along with taking pills and not the fact that it was due to taking ok

girls, it seems to me, you are just very suspicious and impressionable. I drink Yarin for half a year, and he doesn’t turn me back from a young man, as always. and if you cancel, nothing has fallen anywhere, you need to drink the vitamins and everything will be fine.

Hello. Saw Yarinu five years, business breaks for half a year. The first time after the cancellation recovered by 5 kg. Started drinking kg. left. The second time I quit because of the planning of pregnancy, after canceling I gained 10 kg, the whole acne was covered (I remembered the transitional age). So there is no mood, I eat a lot less, and weight is growing, amid this depression. About sex, everything was fine, and with hair too :))

I'm shocked. Only I drank the first pill and after reading your comments I don’t know what to do next, to drink or not to drink, Yarinu was appointed by the doctor

Hello! Saw Yarina for 2 years and 2 months, quit due to lack of libido. There are no problems with hair, pimples appeared on the skin in large numbers (there were no pills before), the most terrible, health problems started, persistent dizziness, faintness, I go as in a dream. Doctors say, nothing can be done, it is necessary to get used to it .. Maybe someone had something like that?

about the weight, while the saw was constantly changing then +2 then -3 kg, right now it seems to be normal, as it was before the pills. Has thrown 5 months ago.

I accept Yarina more precisely her western counterpart Yasmin for more than 10 years. Break once a year for a month. As the cancellation, the inflammations on the face return, I can not get out of the house. Sit back. No kids. I can not afford to live with a terrible, inflamed face. I tried to endure it. During the reception did not get better, the weight fluctuations were, but it is from overshooting). Veins did not get out, the libido did not fall. Since I did not have time to buy Yasmin, I bought Yarina in Russia. Begin to stir up. Maybe we sell a lot of fakes? Or the wrong cleaning contraceptives? And about the fact that the organism is under stress, and the work of the ovaries is suppressed, so it depends on which hormones to suppress. I have Yasmin suppressed production of DGTS, during the break I always donate a smear and ultrasound, there are no problems.

Question: how to stop taking Zhanin?

Hello! I am 22 years old. Treated ademiosis - 5 months saw janin - 3 months continuously and 2 with 7 day breaks. Made an ultrasound - healthy. But the doctor said that the last 6th month of janin will not interfere with drinking. I drank 2 pills and very badly endure it — varicose veins on the face, cellulite, weight gain, but most importantly this mood = I swear, I cry. Can I stop taking it since I was cured? and what will happen if I give up taking drink 2 tablets?

In this situation, given the fact that you took only two pills of the contraceptive, you can stop using the drug already in this menstrual cycle, without waiting for the completion of the started pack. You can read more about the contraceptive drug Janine, the rules for its use, indications and contraindications for use, as well as the effect of this drug on the reproductive system of a woman, you can read in our medical information section with the same name: Janine.

On November 18, an endometrial polyp was cleaned which formed after an abortion, on November 22, the doctor allowed to start taking zhanin (although menstruation did not go well, but smeared) 4 days after cleaning. I feel pregnant. My chest aches, I take it before bedtime, and the next day I feel sick, razdrozhitelnost, I want to sleep, my head is spinning, smears brown daub. I have ultrasound adenomyosis. I regret starting the reception at all. Can I stop drinking them today ??

Contraceptive drug Janine you assigned correctly, as it contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels. You can learn more about the principle of action, indications and contraindications for taking hormonal contraceptives from the thematic section of our website by clicking on the link: Hormonal contraceptives. In the event that you are in doubt about the absence of pregnancy, I recommend that you do an analysis for hCG, which allows you to diagnose pregnancy at the earliest time - 7-10 days after conception. You can learn more about this from the relevant section of our website: Analysis for HCG

Only the first cycle I drink Janine. There was an abortion at the end of October of this year for a period of 13 weeks, in November they cleaned the endometrial polyp (which was formed after the abortion) adenomyosis by ultrasound. If I drink Janine for three months according to the schedule 21 7.21 7.21 7. Everything needs to wait for three months to plan for pregnancy after Janine? I also drink Elevit vitamins. Or maybe even ask for a month and get pregnant, is it possible? After all these cleansing a little time has passed. Husband really wants and I really want. Previous pregnancy was desirable, but it just happened.

I do not recommend you stop taking the drug Janine ahead of time, because the body must recover, hormonal levels normalize, and in addition to plan a pregnancy after an abortion is undesirable earlier than 6 months. Read more about pregnancy planning in the thematic section of our website: Pregnancy Planning.

Hello. I am 23 years old. After the birth, Janine began to drink, and she did not breastfeed and her period returned after 2 months. In this cycle I started to drink pills from the wrong day, I forgot to buy it. And drank the next day 2 pieces at once. And now I feel very bad: nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea! I associate these phenomena with the reception of OK. I drank 6 tablets and all these days I’m not at all! Can I just quit taking ok ?! Thank.

In this case, you did the right thing - you took both the missed pill and the next one at the same time. In this case, in case of violation of the regimen, discomfort may occur, but you should not stop taking it - finish the packaging so as not to provoke hormonal disruptions, after which you can stop taking Jeanine contraceptive if you do not plan to take it anymore. You can receive additional information on the question you are interested in in the thematic section of our website by clicking on the following link: Hormonal contraceptives

Hello! Tell me please, I want to stop taking Janine, I have been cutting for 5 months, since the doctor prescribed it for me to treat a cyst on the ovary. The cysts are gone. Side effects today are cellulite, which did not exist before, +3 kg per month and excessive sweating with a terrible odor (this has never happened before!). Now I'm in the middle of a pack. The question is: do you need to finish the pack until the end and only after menstruation do you not drink anymore? And will my condition recover (normal perspiration, odorless and lack of cellulite)? I am 23 years old.I did not give birth, there are no oborts. thank

In this situation, it is desirable to finish the started packaging, so as not to provoke a hormonal failure in the body. After finishing the pills from the current pack, you should use barrier methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Within 2-3 months after the cancellation of the hormonal contraceptive, your condition should recover on its own. You can receive additional information on the question you are interested in in the relevant section of our website by clicking on the following link: Hormonal contraceptives

Hello, I took a pill ahead of time (janin) what to do ?? Continue to drink or wait for the right time,?

In this situation, you should continue to take the hormone contraceptive agent Jeanine according to the following scheme: take the next pill after 24 hours and then take all the remaining pills at this time. You can get more detailed information on the question you are interested in in the thematic section of our site by clicking on the following link: Jeanine. Additional information can also be found in the following section of our website: Hormonal contraceptives and in a series of articles: Contraception and contraceptives

Good day! For three years, Janine saw, almost without interruption, felt fine, but problems with the veins (varicose veins) started and pigment spots appeared on the face. 2 months ago, she stopped taking Zanin and recovered by 3 kg. Is this a hormonal failure? What other consequences can appear?

Hormonal restructuring of the body against the cancellation of hormonal contraceptives can lead to changes in body weight. I recommend you to take a blood test for sex hormones and personally visit the attending gynecologist for an examination. You can get more detailed information on the question you are interested in in the thematic section of our site by clicking on the following link: Jeanine. Additional information can also be found in the following section of our website: Hormonal contraceptives

Tell me please, and varicose veins and pigmentation are the consequences of Janine?

Varicose veins and hyperpigmentation can be one of the side effects of hormonal contraceptives, including Jeanine. If such side effects occur, it is recommended that you stop using contraceptive medicines and switch to barrier contraception. You can get more detailed information on the question you are interested in in the relevant section of our website by clicking on the following link: Hormonal contraceptives and in a series of articles: Jeanine. Additional information can also be found in the following section of our website: Contraception and contraceptives

When do women decide to stop taking OK?

The cancellation of contraceptives usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • The family's financial situation improved, and she decided to be happy with the child.
  • Personal life has collapsed, and now you do not need to be protected. Love, at best, only dreams.
  • You are afraid to take hormones for a long time.
  • There are serious health problems.
  • You decide to switch to another type of contraception.
  • Despite all the precautionary measures, pregnancy occurred.

When it may be necessary to stop taking OK?

With a small amount of hormones, modern contraceptives are well tolerated by the female body. But you should know that if you have detected the presence of serious common diseases, then perhaps your gynecologist will decide on the abolition of the drugs taken and will offer you other methods of protection.

Canceling birth control pills is necessary for the following health problems:

  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Lipid metabolism disorders
  • Varicose
  • Cancer Diseases
  • Serious visual impairment
  • Intracavitary operations

Are there any negative consequences when canceling OK?

The results of a study conducted in the departments of obstetrics and gynecology by the medical faculties of several medical universities are interesting.

Cancel contraceptives dramatically increases the activity of the ovaries. This hyperactivity causes many side effects. However, it can be used for good. Modern OK can sometimes be assigned to speed up conception. Since after the abolition of contraceptive ovaries begin to work more actively, it increases the chances of getting pregnant.

As established, the cancellation of OK is accompanied by long-term troubles only if the drug is misappropriated. Selection of a hormonal contraceptive should be made by the gynecologist strictly individually.

How is the restoration of reproductive function?

After discontinuation of the use of contraceptives, the following is observed:

  1. The course of the secretory phase of the cycle (menstrual) is normalized.
  2. The restoration of temporary atrophic changes in the endometrium begins.
  3. The ability of the endometrium to implant a fertilized egg is restored.
  4. The vaginal environment chemism is changing.
  5. Viscosity of mucus (cervical) decreases. Consequently, spermatozoa that have got here becomes easier to move.

As long as these changes occur in the body, there is a delay after the cancellation of contraceptives.

What threatens to stop taking contraceptives?

If before the beginning and during the reception of OK you were completely healthy, after two, maximum, three months, the body will begin to work as before. That is, before you drop contraceptives and after changes in your state of health, you will not notice at all. Canceling OK does not threaten healthy women.

In the case when oral contraceptives were prescribed not only for protection, but also for the treatment of endometriosis, fibroids, amenorrhea, uterine bleeding dysfunctions, etc., discontinuation of the drug is threatened with exacerbation of diseases that had not previously been treated. In this case, only your doctor can answer the question of how to stop taking birth control pills. Also, to restore the normal functioning of the ovaries, you may need to replace the drug.

For whom the contraceptive cancellation is undesirable?

For a number of women who take oral contraceptives for a long time, their cancellation may be completely undesirable. This is due to different reasons: age characteristics, the possibility of exacerbation of certain diseases, as well as the type of drug.

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Therefore, before abandoning hormonal contraceptives, they should weigh everything in as they should and get advice from your doctor who decides whether it is possible to stop taking contraceptives.

So, we must take into account the following facts:

  1. Cancel OK in women with anemia, will increase the volume of blood lost during menstruation
  2. Cancel OK reduces viscosity of mucus, and this increases the risk of inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.
  3. Cancel OK during menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis.
  4. Cancel OK with anti-androgenic properties will increase the growth of hair on the face and body
  5. Cancel OK deprives protection from ectopic pregnancy
  6. Cancel OK can reduce sexual desire, because woman will have a fear of unplanned pregnancy

Typical cancellation symptoms: cycle failures

After the cancellation of contraceptives, you may notice some oddities. For example, the cycle may be lengthened or vice versa, shortened. Recall that a regular cycle with a duration of 21 to 36 days is considered normal.

Sometimes there is a delay after the abolition of contraceptives for two or three cycles. This time is used by the body to return to its natural mode of operation. Then the cycle becomes regular. If you have previously lost the cycle often, after stopping the reception of OK, the violations may resume again.


When birth control pills are canceled, the effects can manifest as abnormal vaginal bleeding. Moreover, they are unpredictable and may begin at the most inopportune moment.

To prevent such sharp reactions, the refusal of contraceptives can be done only after waiting for menstruation. Those. Complete the package completely.

If the stomach hurts after the abolition of contraceptives

If the ovaries are too active in the lower abdomen, there may be pain after the abolition of contraceptives. They must pass quickly. If the pain persists for a long time, you need to contact a gynecologist. It can be caused by hypothermia or genital infection, bowel malfunction.

Canceling birth control pills side effects:

  • Depression
  • Skin rashes
  • Delays
  • Increased menstruation
  • Malaise
  • Increased irritability
  • The work of the sweat and sebaceous glands is increasing again.
  • The appearance of comedones (black dots on the face), eels
  • Sometimes, lower abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Loss of sexual desire

If the consequences of the cancellation of contraceptives do not go more than six months, the symptoms listed above prevent you from living, you must contact your gynecologist.

Is it dangerous?

If hormonal contraceptives are canceled, the consequences are inevitable. Is it necessary to fear for your health, if your body reacts to the cessation of oral contraception rather sharply? As such, it does not pose a serious threat to health and only causes a number of troubles.

The contraceptive withdrawal syndrome is the body's usual reaction to stopping the supply of a drug. These conditions also arise when you stop taking many other common medicines. For example, after discontinuation of the use of antihypertensive drugs that have long helped to maintain normal blood pressure, the pressure rises, with the abolition of antianginal drugs angina increases, etc.

Everything that happens after the abolition of contraceptives, will pass if you again begin to take OK in 2-3 months. If you do not plan to re-take them again or the withdrawal of the pill lasts too long, your gynecologist will prescribe you the appropriate drugs or hormonal corrective remedies.

When is it better to get pregnant after stopping OK?

Normal ovulation after the abolition of contraceptives is established in two to four months. At this time it is better to wait with the pregnancy. Although it should be understood that the period of the return of the body to normal functioning strongly depends on the concentration of hormones in the preparation and on the individual characteristics of your body.

The existing myth that taking hormonal drugs in the future will prevent a woman from getting pregnant is not confirmed by medical practice. On the contrary, very often in women taking OK, there is an increased ability to conceive due to increased ovarian activity.

How to throw reception OK?

The question of how to cancel birth control pills, avoiding adverse reactions, interests many.

In order for a woman to stop drinking contraceptives correctly, we recommend that you follow three rules:

  • Before you quit, consult your gynecologist if you can stop drinking contraceptives at the moment. The discontinuation of birth control pills is done only after assessing the state of health, as OK is often prescribed not only for contraception, but also for mild hormonal correction.
  • It is safe to stop taking contraceptives only after finishing the pack. If you abruptly quit drinking contraceptives in the middle of the cycle, health problems cannot be avoided. Such a sudden cessation will cause a dramatic hormonal imbalance and most likely provoke uterine bleeding. It is better not to experiment with your own body.
  • Stop taking birth control pills, strictly following the scheme drawn up by the doctor, ensuring the gradual and safe interruption of taking birth control pills.

Do I need to take breaks with oral contraception?

Many women are interested in the question, after what time it is necessary to stop taking contraceptives. This is due to the fact that the reception of previously produced OK definitely needed to be interrupted after two years. A break was recommended for a period of two to three months, and it was necessary for the restoration of the reproductive system. For this period they advised to use mechanical methods of contraception, which is not always convenient.

Modern drugs do not have such strict limitations. Contraceptives of the new generation can be taken continuously and without any harm for up to 35 years. They are very low in hormone levels. In addition, if you stop taking the pill, and then start drinking again, we will create unnecessary stress to the endocrine system.

Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to stop taking contraceptives is ambiguous. You can, but why? Many women are prescribed OK not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to correct the endocrine system. Modern drugs can be taken for a long time without interruption, if there are no contraindications. However, twice a year, a visit to a gynecologist and a breast specialist is mandatory.

Only a gynecologist, assessing the condition of your endocrine system, can tell you how to stop drinking birth control pills without serious consequences. He will compile detailed instructions, give competent advice to avoid a prolonged uncomfortable state.

Why can not sharply throw contraceptives?

The withdrawal of birth control pills can lead to the appearance of symptoms that have eliminated this drug, and sometimes to the emergence of new conditions. As a rule, the faster OK is removed from the body, the more severe the withdrawal syndrome manifests itself.

If a woman abruptly stopped drinking contraceptives, then bleeding could begin, severe pain would occur, and the cycle would break. In this case, the menstrual cycle will recover much longer. What will happen if you do not finish the package?

The question whether it is possible not to finish up the contraceptive should be given a positive answer only in case of serious health problems: with manifestations of severe hypertension, persistent headaches, all sorts of bleeding, dizziness and other complications. Ie, not to finish the pack until the end is possible only in emergency cases.

If a woman did not finish a pack of contraceptives, this means that the use of contraceptives stopped suddenly, and this, as we have said, will inevitably cause withdrawal syndrome. The remaining tablets must be drunk for a certain time, gradually reducing the dose. The reduction scheme should be calculated by your doctor.

Is it possible to recover after the abolition of contraceptives?

The complaint that the woman recovered after stopping the contraceptive is very common. In fact, the reasons for this are completely different. If a woman has endocrine disorders, then weight gain is not associated with taking or stopping contraceptives. Perhaps this period coincided with other serious events. Excitement and stress cause many women to eat uncontrollably.

A slight increase in weight, by contrast, can only occur at the start of taking some contraceptives. This is due to the fact that they contribute to the retention of a small amount of water (no more than two liters). Therefore, when you stop taking the drug, you not only do not increase your body weight, but you can lose weight by about the same 2 kg.

Thus, before you stop drinking birth control pills, you need to get advice from your gynecologist. His opinion should be decisive, since only a specialist, assessing your condition, will be able to decide whether you should refuse to accept the OC, at what time it is better to do it and offer an individual scheme. This will minimize the possibility of adverse reactions, will allow to discontinue taking the drug correctly and without damage to your health.

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Endometriosis: Description

Endometrium is called the membrane in the uterine cavity, the main function of which is to ensure the correct attachment of a fertilized egg. When conception did not happen at the right time, the formed tissue is rejected by the body and goes out in the form of menstrual bleeding.

Under certain circumstances, endometrial cells also attach to the tissues of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and other organs. Part of the endometrium passes through the uterus to the area of ​​the peritoneum, where its utilization takes place. In medical practice, there were cases when parts of the endometrium fell into the kidneys, liver or lungs and took root there.

After the endometrium enters the tissue that is located outside the uterine cavity, it begins to work under the influence of the hormones produced by the woman’s ovaries. Such a pathological process, caused by the appearance of foci of a “working” endometrium in atypical places, is called endometriosis. The main signs of pathology are spotting, appearing outside menstrual bleeding, as well as pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes, on the background of endometriosis, uterine bleeding occurs.

Если не проводить своевременное лечение патологии, эндометрий начинает бесконтрольно разрастаться и распространяться по организму, что способно привести к серьезным последствиям, спровоцировав бесплодие или наступление беременности вне матки.

Women often ask: "What is better -" Yarin "or" Janine "for endometriosis?".

Similarities and differences of drugs

Both drugs are made on the basis of hormonal substances. They are produced in Germany and are intended to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Which is better - “Yarin” or “Zhanin”?

As for the composition, the main active ingredient is identical for both drugs - ethinyl estradiol, the amount of which in one tablet is 30 μg. However, both drugs combined and an additional active component each has its own. Dienogest is a part of Janine, and in Yarin an additional component is represented by drospirenone. Excipients also differ, including their dosages.

Another difference drugs - dosage form. If "Janine" is produced in the form of coated tablets in the film, then "Yarin" is a tablet preparation.

"Janine" for the treatment of endometriosis

And what is better for endometriosis - "Yarin" or "Jeanine"?

The main purpose of oral contraceptives is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The combination of active components in Zanin in the totality of its properties allows to achieve this goal. Ethinyl estradiol is a synthesized analogue of natural estrogen. Its action is similar to the original substance, it inhibits the production of gonadotropins by the brain, as well as the function of the ovaries during the synthesis of hormones, which leads to thickening of the vaginal secretion. However, in the first place, the hormone blocks the growth of endometrial tissues.

Feedback on the use of "Zhanina" mostly positive.

Dienogest as part of the drug is a hybrid substance that has the properties of nororstosterone and progestins. The substance has an anti-androgenic effect, as well as a positive effect on the amount of lipids in the blood, preventing the development of hormonal disorders.

The scheme of application of "Janine" depends on the purpose of therapy. To achieve a contraceptive effect, the drug is taken for three weeks with a seven-day break between courses. During a break, withdrawal bleeding occurs, resembling a menstrual one.

This is confirmed by the instructions and reviews to "Zanin."


The main advantage of Zhanin over other hormonal contraceptives is that it is allowed to prescribe this drug at various stages of endometriosis, both at the first signs and in advanced cases. At the same time for each patient therapeutic scheme is selected individually. Most often, pills are prescribed for 63 days without a break, one pill per day at the same time. Next is a break of seven days, during which the withdrawal bleeding occurs. The start of discharge depends on the characteristics of each organism. Further drug treatment is determined by the doctor, but in most cases the described course is enough to stop the growth of the endometrium.

If we are talking about the treatment of advanced and difficult cases of endometriosis, the doctor may prescribe 84 days of continuous administration, after which a break will be made for withdrawal bleeding.

Adverse reactions

"Jeanine", like any other drug, can cause a number of adverse reactions. In general, the drug is well tolerated by patients, but in some cases the following conditions are possible:

  • Violation of psycho-emotional stability, manifested by nervousness, depression and irritability.
  • Soreness and tension in the mammary glands.
  • Headache.
  • Disruption in the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, etc.
  • Weight gain

Adverse reactions occur both at the initial stage of drug treatment, and after the end of the course.

"Janine" or "Yarin" - what is better for reviews? About this at the end of the article.

"Yarin" in the treatment of endometriosis

"Yarin" is a combination drug that is distinguished by a reduced hormone content. The action of the drug is due to the properties of its main components - ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone.

The contraceptive effect of "Yarina" is due to several processes. While taking the pills, the process of ovulation is inhibited, and at the same time the structure of the cervical secretion changes. The mucus thickens and becomes viscous, so the sperm are unable to get into the uterine cavity. In addition, like "Janine", "Yarin" inhibits the growth of the endometrial layer.


Drompyrenone in the composition of the drug has an anti-mineralcorticoid effect, it prevents weight gain, as well as the accumulation of excess fluid. Such properties of the hormonal component in the "Yarina" help to remove the severity of PMS symptoms.

The main difference of "Yarina" from other contraceptive drugs is its beneficial effect on the appearance of the woman. Antiandrogenic properties of tablets help to fight acne, as it reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

For therapeutic purposes, tablets are taken to normalize the cycle of menstruation, including to reduce the duration of bleeding and its intensity. In addition, the drug is used to treat anemia of hemorrhagic type, which occurs in a chronic form, as well as to eliminate pain during menstruation.

"Yarin": instructions and adverse reactions

The drug is considered one of the most effective hormonal medications for the treatment of endometriosis. Yarin has the following effect:

  • Inhibition of pituitary gonadotropic production.
  • Suppression of the production of hormones of the reproductive system by the ovaries.
  • Neutralization of proliferative endometrial changes.

Acceptance of "Yariny" helps prevent cyclical processes, and during prolonged use of the drug can achieve atrophy. Thus, the work of endometrial foci is suppressed.

"Yarin" is made in packs of 21 tablets. The regimen to achieve a contraceptive effect is no different from Zhanin. The drug is drunk for three weeks at the same time, then a seven-day break is taken. To start taking pills should be on the first day of the new cycle, that is, when menstruation begins. During the break, withdrawal bleeding occurs. On the eighth day, the reception of a new package of the drug begins.

Also available for sale "Yarin plus." Its application is exactly the same. The only difference is that the supplemented drug additionally includes calcium levomefolat, which is a biologically active form of folic acid. This medicinal substance is intended to eliminate the folate deficiency in a woman’s body.

If the tablet was missed for some reason, it should be taken as soon as possible. If after the time of reception more than 12 hours have passed, you should protect yourself for one week with barrier methods.

In the treatment of endometriosis, doctors prescribe the continuous reception of two cycles of Yariny. That is, as soon as one package ends, the next day you need to switch to another. Thus, it is possible to achieve the relief of growth of endometrial tissues. In addition, treatment with these pills helps prevent blood from entering the peritoneum area and the growth of endometrial foci.

You should read the reviews of women about “Yarin” in advance.

The doctor himself determines how many continuous courses the patient must pass. It depends on the severity of symptoms of endometriosis. However, the maximum duration of admission is six months. If after this period there was a re-proliferation of endometrial tissue, do not re-use the drug. The specialist selects in this case another drug.

The most common adverse reactions to the reception "Yarina" in the form of pain in the head, pain and swelling of the mammary glands, as well as the following symptoms:

  • Nausea.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Mood swings, state of depression.
  • Migraine.
  • Bleeding
  • Thromboembolism of arteries and veins.

People often ask what is better - “Jess” “Yarin” or “Janine”. Preparations “Jess” and “Dimia” practically do not differ from “Yarina”, except for the amount of ethinyl estradiol in them - not 30, but 20 μg.

Contraindications to taking these drugs

Before you start taking contraceptives, you need to take into account that there are contraindications to any of the hormonal drugs. Restrictions for taking oral contraceptives are the same for all drugs and consist of the following conditions:

  • A history of thromboembolism or a tendency to form blood clots.
  • Diabetes.
  • Neoplasms in the organs of the reproductive system or mammary glands, regardless of their origin.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Dysfunctional disorders of the kidneys and liver.
  • Tendency to develop depressive states.

At the consultation with the doctor, the patient should be told about all the existing diseases. This will help to avoid unwanted reactions from the body and the serious consequences of taking a hormonal drug.

Tips for choosing

Before you choose a drug, you should consult with your doctor. He will tell you what means to give preference. You should also focus on your own feelings, if there are any adverse reactions to taking the medication or no effect, then you should replace it.

Consider the reviews of doctors. What is better - "Yarin" or "Zhanin" in their opinion?

Specialists characterize them as ambiguous preparations, possessing both undoubted advantages and significant shortcomings. Reviews of women on drugs are pretty good. Many are satisfied with taking just one pill a day to achieve a contraceptive effect. It finds positive responses and antiandrogenic properties of both drugs. Some talk about improving the quality of the skin while taking OK.

There are reviews of women about "Janine" and "Yarin", which tells about a good start of taking the drugs, but after a while they observed side reactions in the form of frequent migraines, mood swings and weight gain.

Doctors note a positive trend when using contraceptive drugs for the treatment of endometriosis. Thus, it is possible to suppress the growth of endometrial tissues and reduce the risk of developing some complications against the background of the pathological process.

As for the withdrawal of drugs, then there are no complaints from women in this matter. Menstruation in most cases comes on time. Many women are concerned about the possibility of conception after a long reception of “Yarina” or “Zhanina”. Experts recommend planning a pregnancy no earlier than six months after the end of the reception OK. The choice of the drug is often left to the woman, since there are no fundamental differences between them.

We considered what is better - “Yarin” or “Zhanin”.