Pregnancy: how to understand that the stomach goes down


Most women who are in an interesting position have the same question: why and for how much does the belly sink before giving birth? Of course, to find the exact answer to this question is quite difficult, because every pregnancy, like every human body, is unique. Nevertheless, there are average data that will help the expectant mother to determine the approximate date of birth.

By the 38th week of pregnancy, the baby is considered fully formed and ready for birth. An organism of an unborn person can already function independently. The lungs of the child have completed the process of formation, after birth, with the first breath, they will open and begin to work fully. The heart, like the entire cardiovascular system, is ready to support the vital activity of the body. The baby's digestive tract is already capable of digesting food and removing digestive waste from the body. Thus, starting from the 38th week, the organism of the future mother will gradually be prepared for childbirth. The process of such preparation is often accompanied by the fact that the belly drops.

The timing of the change in the position of the abdomen and the determination of the date of birth

Usually, at 37-39 weeks, the belly of a pregnant woman begins to fall, and this is primarily due to the fact that the baby, turned head down, takes the correct position, and the amount of amniotic fluid decreases at the end of the third trimester. Despite the decrease in the volume of water, they still continue to be updated, but already much more often and faster.

So, the stomach went down, after how many childbirth? Timing depends on many factors. For example, whether the woman gave birth before or not. When the belly drops in primiparous women, it is assumed that the moment of birth comes in 2-3 weeks. In women, who have already experienced all the delights of motherhood, a lowered belly may indicate that there is very little left. Just a week before delivery. Nevertheless, it is practically impossible to determine the exact date of birth by the position of the abdomen.

Does the belly of a pregnant woman always go down?

Quite often, gynecologists and obstetricians are faced with the fact that the belly of a pregnant woman has not lowered, although the birth is already close. There are many reasons for this. For example, multiple pregnancies often prevent the stomach from dropping. And this is understandable, because there are not so many places for mommy in the womb for two babies.

It is noticed that in future mothers who were not friends with physical activity, both during pregnancy and before its onset, the stomach may not fall at all. Weakened or underdeveloped muscles are not able to support the uterus in a tone, so the contraction of the walls of the uterus begins only during the birth process.

Sometimes a high belly in a pregnant woman may indicate the development of pathology. Therefore, never neglect the advice of a doctor and visit a pregnancy specialist on time.

How to understand that the stomach falls and giving birth soon?

If you go to any women's forum dedicated to pregnancy and maternity, you will definitely find a lot of entries about how to understand that the stomach has fallen during pregnancy. And now let's talk about it.

For some mothers, this process is accompanied by a number of positive factors, such as:

  • reduced activity of the baby. Mom has little space in her stomach for the little man, he becomes cramped, so the number of movements is reduced. The child as if calms down and prepares for the difficult process of birth,
  • the disappearance of heartburn in a pregnant woman. In the process of growth and development of the fetus, the size of the uterus increases in the abdominal cavity of a woman, thereby squeezing the internal organs. The descending abdomen allows the stomach to regain its usual volume and begin to function normally. As a result, heartburn in the expectant mother passes or is minimized,
  • frequent urination. If the mother's stomach now feels great, then the bladder has a hard time. And this is understandable, because a few kilograms are weighing on top of him: the weight of the baby and the amniotic fluid. Therefore, future mothers are increasingly experiencing the need to visit the ladies' room,
  • decrease or stop in weight gain due to changes in the quantity of amniotic fluid.

Verification method

We have already talked about how to understand that the stomach is dropping, now let's talk about how to check it. One of the most reliable ways to check the height of the abdomen is with the palm or fist of a pregnant woman. No, you do not have to measure your belly with your palms, as in a cartoon about a boa, or threaten the gynecologist in order to elicit the exact date of birth. All you have to do is put your hand or fist between your belly and chest (stomach area). If your hand fits without any problems and it is easy enough for you to take a deep breath, then this indicates that your tummy has dropped. A little more patience and you will finally be able to meet your future son or daughter.

Calm, only calm!

Your belly is lowered, and the date of birth is rapidly approaching. What to do?

First of all, you need to calm down and overcome the inner excitement, perhaps your own fear. Remember that childbirth is a natural process that is currently under the control of experienced doctors. Restore the inner harmony. Do what brings you pleasure. Do you like walking? Feel free to go to the city park and enjoy the fresh air. However, remember that labor can start suddenly. Leaving the apartment, take with you all the necessary documents: an exchange card, an insurance policy, a contract with the clinic (if you give birth for a fee). Your gynecologist, who leads the pregnancy, will tell you about the necessary documents. When leaving for a walk, do not forget to bring along a charged mobile phone. So, in the event of a birth, you can call an ambulance.

Many expectant mothers love to buy things for the baby. If you do not believe in omens, then prepare a dowry for the baby before it appears. Great mood you guaranteed!

From the 37th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother is strongly recommended to prepare the bag at the maternity hospital. Recheck everything several times. It is best to make 3 lists on which you will fold things. One list will contain everything you need for your stay in the hospital. In the second list, write everything you need for the baby in the first few days (clothes, care products for the newborn). The third list is devoted to discharge from the maternity hospital. After collecting 3 different packages, do not forget to show the place of their storage to your husband or person who will visit you at the hospital!

Enjoy the pregnancy!

Just a little bit and you will become a mother. Your pregnancy is coming to an end. Ahead of you are waiting for childbirth and a meeting with the baby. Very soon you will remember your belly with a smile. Perhaps you will be telling a friend who is expecting a baby how to understand that the belly has dropped during pregnancy. Therefore, enjoy plenty of your position. Tune in to the best. Imagine how soon you will take your baby in your arms, how you can hug him and whisper about your infinite love. Even during childbirth think about the baby, try to support him with your positive attitude and then your birth will pass quickly!

Now you know how to understand that the stomach goes down, what it means and how long to wait to see the baby. Let your birth be easy and fast.

The formation of the fetus and the abdominal prolapse

Throughout the pregnancy, the child grows and develops. During scheduled examinations of a pregnant woman, the doctor must record such an indicator as the height of the bottom of the uterus. With the normal development of the fetus VSDM steadily increases. In simple terms, the child needs more and more space and goes up. At the end of pregnancy, shortly before birth, the fetus rushes down, taking a comfortable position for childbirth. It is this movement that is called "omission." Medical is the correct term for this phenomenon - the formation of the fetus. How to understand that the belly drops during pregnancy? In fact, it is quite difficult for the expectant mother to miss this moment. Consider the most significant signs of the formation of the fetus.

Is the belly down? Visual inspection at home

Sometimes, future mothers will learn about the omission of the abdomen during pregnancy from their relatives. And indeed, if the "tum" is large enough, you can notice the changes with the naked eye. How to understand that the stomach falls in a pregnant woman? All future mothers love to look at their figure in the mirror and be photographed in profile. For most women, for most of the pregnancy, the belly resembles a ball and starts almost immediately under the breast. After dropping the fetus, the shape of the figure changes. The abdomen becomes like a pear, an expressive distance appears between it and the chest.

What does the future mother feel?

If you believe the statistics, the majority of women during pregnancy stomachs fall during sleep. Very often, after awakening, the future mother notices any changes in her own body. The child no longer puts pressure on the lungs and ribs. But, having sighed deeply, a woman may feel unusual discomfort. Painful sensations in the lumbar region, sacrum, and perineum are popular complaints of pregnant women. Often, in the last weeks of pregnancy, the legs begin to ache and swell.

How to understand that the stomach sinks before childbirth and the baby is preparing to be born? In the last weeks of pregnancy, the fetus puts pressure on the bladder, for this reason, urination becomes noticeably more frequent, and sometimes urinary incontinence can be observed. The problem of constipation may be exacerbated before childbirth, as pressure is also exerted on the rectum. One of the symptoms of lowering the abdomen and approaching childbirth is increased vaginal discharge. Normally, they can be transparent or whitish, with no pronounced odor. The appearance of discharge is not a cause for concern, but still it is worth informing the observer about it.

Home observations of the pregnant belly

Some pregnant women are afraid to miss the moment when the stomach drops. If you want to watch the development of your own baby at home, we offer you a simple way. Find a flat vertical surface, such as a door jamb. Lean on her belly and mark the level at which the navel is located. Take “measurements” daily. How to understand that the stomach goes down on the level of the navel? Everything is quite simple - once you notice that the mark should be put a few centimeters below. Sentimental future mothers are advised to purchase a beautiful height meter and take measurements on it. Subsequently, this family heirloom can be saved for memory without spoiling the interior of the house.

Medical examinations

The gynecologist will tell you how to understand that the stomach sinks to the birth. During each reception of a pregnant patient, he conducts an inspection and makes the necessary measurements, allowing to understand that the baby is developing normally. Most often abdominal prolapse occurs at the 35-40th week of pregnancy. Experts urge future mothers to talk about all the new sensations and the changes that occur with them. A descending belly is often considered a harbinger of imminent labor. In fact, it is rather a delusion. The formation of the fetus occurs in each woman in each pregnancy purely individually. The stomach may sink a few weeks before the birth or just a day. Omission up to the 35th week is considered too early, in this case, the expectant mother should see the doctor as soon as she has noticed the changes. Constant monitoring throughout the course of pregnancy by a competent specialist is a guarantee of the health of the woman and her unborn child. Do not be lazy to visit an observant gynecologist in time and follow all his recommendations.

Dropped belly - give birth tomorrow?

The omission of the abdomen during pregnancy is considered by many to be one of the most striking signs of an approaching birth. And indeed, moving down, the child is preparing for his birth. Having noticed a lowered tummy, the future mother should mentally and physically prepare for childbirth. But still do not expect them in the coming days. Only an insignificant number of women have a lower abdomen 1-2 days before giving birth. If you have noticed this symptom in yourself, then it is time to collect the “disturbing” bag in the maternity hospital and check your own medical records, after which you can devote time to rest or preparing a dowry for your baby if you are not superstitious.

When does the belly sink during first and subsequent labor?

Experts have noticed that the moment of abdominal prolapse often depends on what kind of pregnancy occurs in a woman. In mothers who bear the firstborn, the formation of the fetus is usually observed 2-4 weeks before childbirth. But other women can notice exciting changes only on the eve of childbirth.

You already know how to understand that the belly drops during pregnancy. We will try to figure out what factors influence this process. Much depends on the physiological characteristics of the body structure of a woman and the anatomical size of her pelvis. The number of bearing fruits and the way of his / their presentation also affects the time when their omission will occur. Assessing the totality of all these indicators, an experienced doctor can roughly predict the duration of pregnancy, on which the stomach drops.

The stomach does not fall - is it bad or not?

Knowing how to understand that the stomach is going down, a woman is looking forward to this moment and can be seriously puzzled if she does not notice the changes in her body “on time”. What to do if the shape and sensations of a pregnant woman do not change at a late term?

In fact, the stomach before childbirth falls far from all future mothers. Discuss this feature should be with the supervising physician. We hurry to calm you down, there are no reasons for panic - this is just an individual feature of your body. It is likely that the desired changes will occur immediately before the baby is born. And best of all, Mom will not miss them. After all, she knows how to understand that the belly drops before the birth.

Photos of expectant mothers before and after the formation of the fetus can be found in our article. We wish you a pleasant pregnancy and easy delivery!