20 popular costumes for Halloween: choose your image among the terrible and bold options


The most popular way this year will probably be Harley Quinn. So choosing this outfit, you risk merging with the crowd. On the other hand, what's the difference if you really want to create this particular image of a lady in love and not too mentally normal.

On Halloween, lovers often make paired costumes. However, one can translate into reality a couple of Joker and Harley.

There is a bride at almost every Halloween party. Naturally, in a bloody dress or with a grim make-up.

The corpse of the bride from the eponymous cartoon Tim Burton is a more sophisticated version.

Another variation on the theme of a dark wedding dress is the bride, who carries her beautiful head in her hands.

Sometimes you want to make a costume of a famous frightening character, but at the same time preserve the femininity of the dress. Here, for example, looks like the villain Ugi-Boogie from the cartoon "The Nightmare Before Christmas":

But this evil character could look so luxurious if he were a young witch:

Tim Burton presented to party lovers for evil spirits a multitude of refined images. For example, Jack Skellington. Both women and men can dress up in this character.

This is a common technique when initially a male character transforms into a female one.

If you do not like to embody the images of zombies, skeletons and other not very pleasant-looking personalities, this is not a reason to refuse a costume party. Halloween can be announced in a costume without any hint of any connection with the other world. How do you suit a jellyfish, made of an umbrella and ribbons?

Funny suit "Censorship".

Do you remember this picture, in which Kim Kardashian decided to splash his champagne in a very unusual way?

She served as an idea for a fun costume:

The costume of the girl, which is about to take a hurricane. You can even make it on the last night before the holiday. The main thing - to wear a dress only with the appropriate facial expression.

If the pineapple costume is very cute, then the outfit of a strong independent woman looks like a Halloween scary.

But the costume from the series “when dad invented the outfit”. But this image will not remain unnoticed.

And completes our selection of women's dresses most simple costume!

Men's suits

Halloween costumes are simple - torn clothes, more blood, dirt and a painted face or mask. So ready maniac. You can even fasten a vampire teeth, so that it was completely clear that you are not joking around here.

But if there is enthusiasm, you can show imagination. Again, back to the "suicide squad." And although the Joker is a wild banality, the image looks very impressive.

You can add cartoons to the character. But then you have to get somewhere a mask.

Creepy creepiness - the lid of the tin can, stuck in his hand.

Mummy and some other creature in the hat.

The character of the game Minecraft.

The creator of the costume called him "The Sloth." In fact, when you look at it, you just want to lie down on the sofa and get covered with moss.

The Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Maul.

Spidermen. Father and son.

Here this suit, in my opinion, the most terrible. At a party I would stay away from this person.

Magician. Not scary, but fun.

Slipknot. If you also play something from the group's repertoire at the party, it will be generally cool.

Again characters Tim Burton.

Vincent van Gogh costume.

Stickman's costume, stick man.

Year after year, the Santa Muerte (Holy Death) costume has been popular with girls. But men can create a similar image. Look what a refined gentleman.

We got to the costumes made at the last moment before the holiday. For example, a man with a head on a spring:

Halloween Vampire and Vampire Costume

Perhaps the images of vampires and vampires are among the most popular.

Many participants in the Halloween party are trying to transform and take just such a mysterious image.

In addition, the creation of a costume does not have to be long wise.

A man is enough to wear a white shirt, black trousers belt belt.

Add a cloak, a cane and a real vampire to the costume - Dracula’s Halloween costume is ready.

Girls in the image of a vampire wear short skirts with cloaks, capes, hats and shoes with heels.

Complement the image of the protruding fangs and original makeup with blood stains.

Choosing a demon costume for Halloween

The idea of ​​creating the image of the Demon is not new, but rather original.

To be embodied in a demonic image the original suit will help. Girls dress in bright scarlet, red dresses of various lengths, overalls.

Men should emphasize their extraordinary outfits with striking details, the same red shirt.

Be sure to have the head horns. If desired, you can attach and tail.

Halloween skeleton costume

The image of the skeleton will suit more thin guys and girls.

Buns with bones on a suit look ridiculous. In order to make a suit, it is enough to draw the bones on a dress or shirt, overalls. You will need a marker of contrasting color or paint.

Greater importance in this image is makeup, which will have to work.

Halloween zombie costume - creepy look or original idea?

The walking dead are sure to be present at the Halloween party.

In this case, the guest’s fantasy is not limited to anything. It can be a bride or a photo model, a funny teacher or a clown, an abstruse teacher or a reckless schoolgirl, a president or a janitor.

In accordance with the selected character, which we will transform into a zombie, he selects clothes and accessories

Awesome picture do, aging or tearing robes. And, of course, the emphasis is on make-up.

Think about it, you are ready all mystical night to be an inveterate zombie or a fairly easy transformation of a “beginner” dead man.

What will the werewolf costume be on Halloween?

The male or female costume of the wolf-man will make a splash at a party.

Use just the old clothes. Additionally prepare the fur, cloth pieces, gloves. The ideal option would be to get a werewolf mask. But even without it, you can create a cool costume.

Fur attach on gloves, pass in clothes like pieces of wool. And draw a wolf's face with makeup.

Halloween Costume Ideas

The classic costume of death is a long hooded cloak that will cover most of the face.

Therefore, in fact, the image is impersonal - suitable for both men and women.

The main attribute is the spit. Ideal to take a real braid.

But where to find it in the city. Foil and ordinary mop come to your aid.

Halloween Bride Costume

The idea of ​​bridal costumes is quite popular among girls.

To bring it to life, think about the character that you will depict.

Whether it will be the costume of a dead bride or a crazy killer bride.

Someone will like the idea of ​​the costume of the devil's bride or Dracula's brides.

Or maybe it will be a Halloween costume for the bride's corpse.

Deal with the images of the bride will help the selection of photos.

Halloween witch and witch costume

Can not do on Halloween and without witches.

The image is very loved by both ladies and very young girls.

Magical power along with the mysterious beauty attract girls.

For the witch, you must have a raincoat and a broom. Complement the costume with a pointed hat.

A dark dress can be of any length. Accessories will play a big role here.

Halloween doll costume

Halloween dolls can be scary, evil, and cute, funny.

In the first case, we select an outfit in the style of a dead doll, killer doll or zombie doll. Interesting is the image of a voodoo doll, where various mystical things will be useful.

But a cute doll will be in the image of Malvina, Barbie or another fairy character.

By the way, you will have to work with such a suit no less than with an evil character.

Halloween Cat Costume

The main thing in a cat costume was doing it, namely ears, mustache and tail.

Further work on creating an image of a cat evil, good or sexual. Ears can be attached to the hoop or wear a hat with ears. Self-made costumes of cats and tigresses look pretty nice.

This suit is suitable for both an adult woman and a little cat.

Halloween Nurse Costume

For the nurse, you will definitely need a short robe that is easy to make from a real medical gown, shortening it.

If instead of a suit, you decide to wear a white blouse and skirt, shorts, be sure to draw or sew medical crosses. Think over the headgear of a nurse.

This may be a cap or cap, kerchief. And, of course, medical devices: handbags, syringes, stethoscope.

Halloween nun and monk costume

A man in the form of a monk will need a dark robe and, of course, a fake cross.

And women wear a black long dress with a closed collar.

You can make a white insert, wearing a robe.

Headdress is required, which completely covers the hair.

In the hands of a cross or take a black book.

You can create an image of a modern sexy nun.

In this case, the robe will have to be shortened, and instead of shoes, which are customary for nuns, to wear heels.

Halloween white and fallen angel costume

The image of the angel is created with the help of a white dress, which can be in the floor or shortened.

Also required halo and wings, over which will have to work. For a fallen angel, the Halloween costume must be diametrically opposed.

In this case, dark colors will prevail, but not red or scarlet.

How to make a bat costume for Halloween?

The basis of the suit will be a regular sports suit or socks, leggings, black t-shirt.

To emphasize the image should be the wings, on which to work. You can make them by taking the wire to be sheathed with a dark cloth for the base. Or use the old umbrella, cutting it in half.

Halloween Alice Costume

The bright character of your favorite mystical story will be a great guest on Halloween.

Faddish character girly pass in the costume. To do this, do not feel sorry for the colors, that is, choose colorful details to create an image. Bright flared blue skirt, high leggings or striped stockings, an apron and the image of Alice from Wonderland is ready.

Is it boring Make a bloodthirsty killer or monster out of your heroine, using ideas from unusual Halloween costumes.

Halloween Clown Costume

I liked the idea of ​​dressing up as a clown - think whether he is evil or kind.

Today, not everyone wants to transform into evil characters. Therefore, the image of a funny clown will also be appropriate at the festival. You will need a bright multi-colored jumpsuit, shaggy wig and clown nose.

And be sure to learn how to master a pair of magic tricks so that no one suspects that the clown is not real.

Halloween cop costume

And the image of a policeman can become quite sexy, if you do not focus on a terrifying make-up, and give more importance to a frank uniform.

Add necessarily to the suit handcuffs from the sex shop, which you wear on your belt.

Prepare a sham baton made of cardboard or foam rubber - it will come in handy to bring up negligent evil.

And be sure to take the radio. What a policeman without contact with otherworldly forces.

Halloween movie character costumes

Characters of famous movies and cartoons are no less popular on Halloween than scary or funny images.

Work on the goodies. Consider the ideas of the costumes of Hansel and Gretel, Avatars, Van Helsing, Blade, Goddess of Love, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Cleopatra, Jack Sparrow, Cat Woman, Neo, Iron Man, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, James Bond Good, Transformers, Superman, Spider-Man.

Costumes for the maniac from the movie Scream, Terminator, Freddy Krueger, Kruella Deville, Frankenstein, Joker, Killer Clown, Headless Horseman, Drowned Girl, Alien, Chucky, Hannibal Lector, Predator, Kramer, Michaelle Meyers , Creeper, Blood Countess.

If you wish, you can create any image you like. The benefit of today is the possibility of the festive industry, the availability of makeup allow you to do it without problems. A little imagination, time, zeal and a unique costume to create an image for Halloween will be ready.

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Images for Halloween for girls: great ideas

Creating an image on Halloween is easy, the main thing is to choose it correctly among a wide variety of suitable characters. Every year at the event you can see vampires and witches, zombies, dead, draculas, murderers. However, not only such terrible images are popular among the participants of the holiday.

There are many who want to appear before the public in the guise of an angel, fairy, good animals. To make the image look harmonious and as realistic as possible, it is important that the costume, makeup and accessories are properly selected.

For a girl, the image on Halloween is presented in different ways, it all depends on what role the participant of the feast of all Saints wants to play.

You can use these great ideas to celebrate Halloween:

A porcelain doll.



Image of a porcelain doll for Halloween

Porcelain doll is a scary-beautiful image, not as common as the rest. The costume of the doll can be completely different, you can wear a dress or a fluffy skirt with a t-shirt, ballet flats, and elegant shoes with heels can also be used as shoes. The main role in creating this image is given to makeup. The face should have a pale bluish tint, make it that way with the help of a light foundation and baby powder. With the help of these cosmetics it is important to achieve the effect of perfectly smooth porcelain skin.

When applying makeup to the eyes, it is necessary to give them an inflamed look. To do this, red or pink eye shadows are applied to the lower eyelid and inner corner, as well as the area under the eyebrow. Black pencil, you need to walk well on the lower and upper eyelids, giving the eyes a rounded shape. Eyelashes should be thick and long, like a doll, they can be well painted or used overhead.

The final touch of the make-up for the doll will be puffy doll lips. First they put a base on the skin, then draw a sponge with a pencil: they should be 2-4 mm higher than the natural lines, while being small enough so that they do not extend beyond the wings of the nose, the so-called “bow lips”. Their color may be different, not necessarily red, to give an eeriness to the image it is better to use very pale colors, perhaps with a bluish tinge.

This image on Halloween in the photo below presents several of the most vivid versions of dolls:

Halloween Nurse Do-It-Yourself Image

The image of a nurse on Halloween where she has a scary or attractive look is one of the favorite characters among girls. It is believed that the nurse's uniform is a kind of aphrodisiac, and she, like a magnet, attracts members of the opposite sex, especially if she is wearing a young seductive girl.

On Halloween's day, a nurse looks a little different than in the walls of medical facilities. It’s quite easy to make a costume for such an Halloween image with your own hands.

To do this, you need the usual medical white gown, a red ribbon to create a cross, and as an accessory it is enough to purchase a stethoscope. It is better to replace the medical cap, which is an obligatory element of the nurse's uniform, with a stylish white tablet-hat with a red veil.

For those girls who want to have a more relaxed and seductive look, a frank nurse suit will do. Such an outfit consists, as a rule, with stockings with garters and underwear. As shoes, you should prefer elegant shoes with high heels, preferably red.

A bright make-up will help to complement the image of a nurse, which emphasizes both the lips and the eyes at the same time. The hairstyle can be different - hair can be collected, or dismissed on the shoulders, making seductive curls.

If you wish to look scary and creepy on your face, you can make drawings imitating cuts, scratches or marks indicating the otherworldly origin of the nurse.

The image of an angel on Halloween: the embodiment of goodness and love

The image of an angel on Halloween is the embodiment of goodness and love; it is chosen not only by girls, but also by children. It is very simple to get the angel's appearance: it is enough to put on any outfit of white color, preferably a dress of a free cut, length in floor, to buy wings and a halo.

If the girl wants to look sexy and even defiant, she can wear a short dress consisting of two parts - a corset strapless and fluffy tulle skirt. Дополнением к наряду станут чулки в крупную сетку.

В ночь Хэллоуина на улицах можно увидеть и падших ангелов. Они отличаются черным одеянием, ярким макияжем, придающим облику вульгарности. Mandatory attribute of such an angel are small horns on his head.

The image of a cat on Halloween: mysticism and mystery

Another bright female character of this holiday is the image of a cat on Halloween. This character is the embodiment of mysticism and mystery, it has long become traditional for the Day of Saints in all countries of the world.

You can create a costume for the cat yourself, using items of female wardrobe. As a rule, the cat accompanying the witch, has a black color, so you need to choose dark clothes. Leggings and black golf are suitable for the costume, it is desirable that the bottom be made of leather. If possible, you can buy in leather fancy dress stores. It remains to attach the ears and tail - and the costume is ready!

It is important to remember about the creation of cat makeup, it should be applied, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • the catwoman's look should be full of mysticism, so the eyes should be made as expressive and dark as possible with long black arrows and big eyelashes,
  • eyebrows should be black and wide, it will give the look of insight and mystery,
  • do not forget to draw a cat snout: you need to put black paint on your nose or use black eyeliner, draw a circle and from it long lines imitating cat whiskers,
  • from the nose and to the upper lip also need to draw a thick black line,
  • Sponges can be made bright red, so that the catwoman has not just a mystical, but also quite seductive look.

High-heeled boots are best for shoes. You can also wear shoes.

The image of the villain Harley Quinn on Halloween

Dressing up for the feast of all the Saints, girls and women are eyeing the characters of many popular films. For example, the image of Harley Quinn on Halloween will appeal to anyone who was fascinated by female villains from Batman.

Those who want to appear on the day of All Saints in the guise of the legendary villain Harley Quinn should choose the following elements for their costume:

  • short shorts
  • t-shirt
  • panty hoses,
  • black shoes with heels.

Instead of shorts you can wear leggings, preferably withstand a suit in black and red colors. It is important that one half of the suit was black, and the second - red. As accessories, choose gloves of different colors: one - red, the second - black.

Applying makeup is an important moment when creating an image of Harley Quinn:

  • Using foundation and powder, give the face a white color.
  • Black shadows and a pencil make a black make-up for eyes.
  • Lip up with black or blood-red lipstick.
  • Apply a little red blush on your cheeks.

Wenzday Addams Halloween Image from Adams Family

This character is known from the Addams Family movie. The image of Wanzey Addams on Halloween is chosen by young girls. To have the appearance of this heroine, you need to braid two pigtails, put a little white powder on your face, put on a black dress with a white collar or an outfit, completely made in black. Creating a make-up, it is enough to slightly bring eyes, giving them an indifferent look.

Collected the best bright images for girls on Halloween in the photo below:

Among them, each woman will be able to choose for themselves an impressive character for the feast of all Saints.

Halloween Scariest Images: Death and a Vampire

Lovers of horror and mysticism should look at the characters, which are the embodiment of fear.

Scary images on Halloween are represented by the following characters:

Death. The image of death on Halloween at the festival is one of the most honorable places along with vampires and witches. To create it, you will need a black cloak with a large hood, white gloves, a white mask and a braid.

Vampires. Creating an image of a vampire for Halloween is not difficult. It is enough to put on any dark clothes, put a dark cloak on top and put on the appropriate makeup. The face should have a livid color, dark eyes, bright lips and fangs.

Witches. Almost every woman wants to appear with the appearance of a witch at Halloween. It is known that sorcerers possessed great magical powers, in addition, modern witches are even endowed with unsurpassed beauty.

Zombies, dead people, ghosts, famous killer characters - Freddy Krueger, Jason, Hannibal Lecturer, Joker, all of them are honored guests of Halloween parties.

Not sure how you can edit the face for Halloween images? It is enough to have on hand special makeup tools and know the features of make-up for the appearance of each character separately.

What stock up to create an image for Halloween?

Halloween makeup is very different from standard make-up. Therefore it is necessary to use much more cosmetics. Basic tools, of course, will also be needed: foundation, lipstick, shadows (it is best to have a large palette with several dozen shades like Born To Run from Urban Decay), eyeliner, fixing spray.

If we talk about additional beauty products, then it’s good to have on hand either professional makeup or cream pigments like SFX Créme Color from NYX Professional Makeup.

Loose pigments and glitter can be useful (one of the most popular options is Face & Body Glitter of the same brand). As for shades, you need to build on the image, although there are universal ones - draw blood with red, and with the help of white they create the effect of deathly pallor.

Make-up means everything you need is hardly limited. Most likely you will also need such things as bandages (tinted in red, they will become part of the nurse's costume) and threads for the image of "wired" wounds and cuts, false tusks (without them, vampires), lenses with white, red or black pupils. To not be at the right time without the necessary props, the image must be thought out in advance.

Bloody halloween images

For those who, in their normal life, suffer from delicate makeup in pastel colors, on Halloween they often want to depict something frightening. Do not restrain yourself: the benefit of the range of "bloody" images is quite wide.

The standard version is makeup with a “bare” skull painted on the face. It will be more creepy to make-up with the effect of skin on the face: this result can be achieved with the help of red cosmetics, which is used to simulate the appearance of blood.

  • Vampire

The vampire theme is a classic of Halloween. By the way, it allows girls to remain feminine - to make cat eye arrows, make up lips with red or burgundy lipstick. But this does not exclude the deathly pale skin tone, blood stains and smudges, colored lenses and fangs.

  • Zombie

A distinctive feature of this image is the unnatural tone of the blue-green color, the “clouded” look (again lenses will be needed), makeup with torn wounds and grin with bloody stains. There may be many options - so, zombie makeup can be combined with skeleton makeup or a dead bride. For inspiration, watch a couple of horror movies about the zombie apocalypse, or try to create an original image, not focusing on ready-made ideas from the horror.

A dead bride

This holiday heroine is characterized by a pale face with bleached lips, empty eyes and sunken cheekbones. The bloody tracks, which make the image truly scary, also have a place: they can be left on the face with red lipstick, smearing it with fingers. To enhance the effect, the same traces can be left on the veil and white dress. In contrast, tender details will play well - for example, flowers.

Step-by-step instructions for creating interesting Halloween images:

Beautiful Halloween Images

Despite the fact that Halloween masquerades are held for fun, not everyone is happy even for a joke to turn into a drowned woman or, for example, a victim of a zombie invasion. In this case, try to choose an image that will allow you to look attractive. Magnetic sorceresses, villains, heroes of fantasy - it is not difficult to reincarnate them even with the help of ordinary cosmetics.

  • Nurse

In Halloween, there is no need to wait for help from the nurses - their images are complemented with bloody bandages and syringes, and sometimes with saws / axes. It is these “accessories” that are important when choosing such a character. As for make-up, red lipstick and arrows, which create the effect of a “cat” look, are enough to inspire fear; the nurse will need red lenses - this small detail will immediately make the girl dangerous.

  • Geisha

Put on a kimono and tighten the hair in a high beam, whiten the face, black eyebrows, and red lips - and the image of a geisha is ready. It remains only to bring it into compliance with the requirements of Halloween. You can not do without blood: add make-up with red spots. And to explain their appearance, arm yourself with the likeness of a samurai sword.

  • Doll

On All Saints' Day you rarely meet a charming doll with big eyes and folded “bow” lips. A much more common option is a broken porcelain doll or, say, a mad-eyed doll in which an evil spirit has infused (remember Annabel from a popular movie).

Do not be afraid to add frightening accents - again, using imitation of bloody stains and wounds.

You can also complement the image of eye makeup in the style of Harlequin.

However, if you make make-up with lipstick, arrows and false eyelashes, it is quite possible to preserve attractiveness. Detailed instructions for creating a doll make-up can be found in this video.

Add to the image of the riddle will help face art. You will need a complete makeup with a change in skin color to blue, purple or, for example, turquoise. Against this background, the scales are drawn using an unusual life hacking: they apply mesh fabric to the skin, and then either powder it with colored powder or apply a more dense and resistant paint over it.

The image is also decorated with shells, pearl stickers and sequins that look like scales, glitter and other decorative elements.

  • Nun

Even the image of a nun on All Saints Day does not look the most traditional way. On seeing this character on the skin should run goosebumps. Crosses, the image of wounded wounds, bloodstains, bruises, white pupils or, on the contrary, completely black eyes - this will turn the pacifying image into a terrifying one. Many try to give it more sexuality, replacing a long dress with a mini one - it is worn in combination with mesh tights and high heels, and makeup is complemented with bright or very dark lipstick.

Cool Halloween Images

Becoming for one night the heroes described above will not be difficult - there will be enough available means for that. These images are typical for Halloween. But you can think about a larger reincarnation, but in this case you will need a costume that is not so easy to make up from what is usually in the wardrobe.

Black mantle with a hood and braid - the basis of the costume. Make-up can be done in different ways: ominously whiten the skin or, on the contrary, paint the face with black so that you can not see anything from under the hood. Black lenses in this case will be the way - the result will scare anyone.

  • Black Swan

A ballet costume with a bundle and pointe black (you can also add wings) sets the tone for the whole image. Suitable makeup is gothic: with pale skin, black accent on eyes and burgundy, black or dark blue color.

  • Calavera

The word "kalaver" is translated as "sugar skull". This is one of the main symbols of the Mexican Day of the Dead. There he is considered a kind and bright holiday, during which he remembers his loved ones who have died. Therefore, colorful klaveras, as a rule, look not so much terrible, but beautiful. Skulls, decorated with patterned patterns with flowers from the glaze - a traditional treat at a dinner on the Day of the Dead, and more recently an inspiration for Halloween makeup.

And if you like animal themes, then you will find a couple of ideas in the video below.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Are you preparing a beautiful or scary image? Write more in the comments.

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Fashion trends and ideas

Initially, we must pay attention to the venue of the party. If the meeting is planned at home, you can even afford an image in a humorous style. For a party at the club mostly choose spectacular, frightening images.

You can make a costume yourself, it will not be difficult. But if time is limited, then professionals will come to the rescue, looking in the thematic shop, you can easily find an option to buy or rent. When choosing, it is worthwhile not only to be content with your own preferences, it is better to first get acquainted with fashionable novelties and trends. For many years now, the main characters have been catwoman, vampire, nurse, witch, zombie, and so on. The list is endless. However, not every girl knows how to properly assemble an image and not miss important details.

How to create a full image

To create a complete image, it is very important to focus on the smallest details of the kit. Attire must be carefully thought out, and even better to make a plan. And you can just use the valuable advice on the correct drawing of the image. Consider in detail some of them:

Funny and obscenely simple costumes for girls on Halloween

For girls with a great sense of humor, the best costumes are those that make others smile. A great option for witty beauties, for example, to dress up in Minion. The idea comes to life easier: put on a yellow hat, in tune with sneakers and denim overalls. Oh yeah, do not forget the glasses. These must be glasses of the same shape and color as that of the cartoon character. Done! The costume will cause a storm of positive emotions, you'll see!

An interesting and unusual costume is no less simple to implement - a Voodoo doll. Just pick up in the wardrobe an unnecessary T-shirt without a print or dress. It's great if there is an old bag, you can make an especially realistic costume from it.

Draw a heart on the left side of the dress and stick a bunch of colored pins into it. If you have time, mix the corn syrup with food coloring and paint bruises under your heart to enhance the effect. Complement the image with a bundle of hair with the same pins (you can substitute Japanese chopsticks stylized for them). But with makeup you can dream up. All sorts of bright spots, complemented by a stitched mouth and a scar on the cheek, will look great.

A very simple and cool ghost costume is created as follows. To dress up you don't need almost anything except a sheet or a white blanket. Choose unnecessary, make slits for eyes and mouth. Draw different inscriptions or pictures for naturalness and that's it - the costume is ready for release. In this dress you will remain unrecognizable, and it is worth a lot! And most importantly, its production will take a maximum of half an hour.

If you want something interesting and at the same time so that you don’t bother and lose time, choose a mummy’s dress. However, the outfit - it is too much said. The mummy in this case will consist only of bandages.

Prepare in advance a few skeins of wide medical bandage. Wind it around your neck, arms, legs and body (use the help of a friend or girlfriend). It's all. Wrap bandages and shoes for credibility. The mummy costume is ready. Not too bright and seductive, but simply and original. Oh yeah, face. There are two options: wrapping bandages and stylish makeup for the mummy using theatrical makeup.

Simple cool costumes - heroes from horror movies. For example, it will cost you nothing to dress up in Wanzey Addams from the famous family of monsters. Just put on a black prim dress with a snow-white collar and cuffs, black tights. It's all. The last detail: two neat black braids on the parted side and a pale face. As you can see everything is extremely simple. In such an image cute young creatures with fragile figures and big eyes will look harmoniously.

Angel costume: how to make

Easy, convenient and original - an angel costume. Practically nothing is needed except white stockings, a white dress (easily replaced with a white nightgown) and white shoes. All of this, complete with wings and a halo, is quite enough for those around you to be convinced of your holiness. Wings are easy to make from feathers, paper, tulle, as well as nymphs. And even easier to buy these attributes in the store fancy accessories.

DIY Devil Costume

In contrast to the angels for women with a peppercorn, the image of a real devil. The convenience of attire in the absence of clear rules for creating an image.

There are main attributes: tail, pitchfork and horns. Everything else is chosen at the discretion of the heroine. These could be leggings, pants or a skirt with a red top. It is important that the tissues are poisonous red. The look of the spectacular long coat is also red.

Horns and tail just do it yourself.

  1. The first ones are made of plaster bandages and a papier-mâché frame, for example. Alternatively, the horns can be made of soft plastic, cardboard, wire with a stretch of fur, leather or fabric, etc. Here you can fantasize to infinity.
  2. The same applies to the tail. You can weave it from unwanted threads, leather, cut off from an old soft toy, make from wire and not forget about a fluffy brush.
  3. Вилы легко сделать из хозяйственного инструмента, для безопасности закрыть острые части ватными наконечниками, задрапировать тканью, мехом или бумагой.

Кто в итоге получится: жуткая дьяволица с хищным лицом или симпатичный чертенок с красной кожей и склоченными волосами под рожками? Решать вам.

Наряд вампира

Костюм вампирши на Хэллоуин не новое, а скорее традиционное решение. Naturally, outfits without problems can be rented and do not waste time on a homemade costume. But it will not be as interesting and certainly not as original as if you think about the outfit to the smallest detail and try to bring ideas to life at home.

Vampire costume options are many. Which one to choose depends on the domestic stock for the base. Left a corporate skirt short skirt and a corset? Wow, clothes will go well for “vampire”, if you add stockings, gloves and a raincoat. Also fit a long dress to the floor, skirt and even pants, if you add them with a raincoat with a stand-up collar and a characteristic make-up.

A raincoat can easily be redone from an old curtain of red or black color, a silk robe or a bedspread. It remains the case for makeup. Carefully whiten your face, highlight your eyes, bright lips and do not forget about the thin trickles of blood in the corners of the mouth with vampire jaws inserted.

The image of the dead bride: Halloween classics

For women and girls the dress of the dead bride was and remains out of competition, regardless of age. And all because dressing up in a wedding, even if it is bloody and dirty, seems especially fascinating to many.

If you do everything right, the image will turn out to be sweet, soft, and at the same time creepy and mystical.

You can fantasize here indefinitely. Some people like to be smeared green and depict a bride with half-rotten skin and open wounds, while others only allow fleeting pallor with a torn dress and a blackened bouquet of roses.

It is important to feel the image and do everything as you see it. First, pick up a wedding dress and give it the look of an old, who has been underground. If there is no wedding, you can find just a white long with lace, silk, or even take an old peignoir as a basis.

And then turn on the fantasy.

  • Think of what you can make a veil, a bouquet of wilted flowers.
  • Take care of the "wounds" and "scars" on the body, blood stains on clothes, twigs, cobwebs and leaves in the hair.
  • Especially scary image is obtained if you use red or white lenses for the eyes.

Woman Pirate: Interesting Ideas

If you make a pirate costume for Halloween, then the dead, with a sunken ship. So it will be much more interesting and worse. The image of the seaman who has risen from the bottom of the sea-drowned pirate differs from the image of the ordinary pirate with makeup and the “integrity” of the dress. At the heart of all the same:

  • cocked hat,
  • loose white blouse
  • gloves,
  • boots
  • trousers, breeches, etc.

The difference is that all these attributes must be badly dented, sometimes stained and torn. For the entourage on the blouse can paint algae, shells, jellyfish. Suitable themed brooches. Pirates' hair should be disheveled, with a “wet” effect, stuck in them with mud and other sea “garbage”.

Special attention should be paid to makeup. It is better to cover the face with blue or green paint, and gray shades will do. Lips discolored, or make up eerie black or plum lipstick, on the hands to depict the knuckles. For credibility, you can insert white or red lenses.

And do not forget about the pirate attributes: carry a tube and a flask of rum, defiantly drinking pirated songs.

For a zombie girl: scary and funny options for reincarnation

The image of a zombie can be creepy to shiver or funny and even feminine. Choose what you like. In any case, the zombie costume is one of those that should not be rented. Everything you need for him there in the house of every girl.

Start simple: pick up unnecessary old things and once again artificially make them old with scissors, dirt, stains of fake blood. In the end, should get the clothes of a dead man, who lay underground and finally decided to show the world. The more holes and dirt on a zombie suit, the more believable.

Make-up - that will determine the mood of the image.

  • Funny and original zombie with a green or gray face, blood leaks and bruises.
  • Terrible - with an ax in his head, a knife in his chest, a half-rotten face, a bare skull and terrible bleeding wounds with worms creeping out of them.

In general, fantasize and implement the most daring ideas. Halloween is the day when you can allow yourself to be really scary or ridiculous without judging others.

Image of a nurse for a holiday

About the image of a nurse on Halloween is difficult to say "well, this is something new." Nevertheless, if you add a little devilish peppercorn to the costume, it will be interesting and unusual.

By itself, the image of a nurse, no matter how terrible, he was not one of the sexiest and magnetic. He is usually chosen by bold, bright and outspoken girls without complexes. But, even if you are not like that, Halloween is a great opportunity to go beyond the usual framework and get used to a new role.

What you need: classic stockings with white mesh or nylon, medical cap with a cross, a short white robe and a stethoscope on the neck. This is enough for a regular nurse costume. And then the fun begins. Work on the extravagance of the dress: in some places stain the dressing gown and hat with fake blood, tear off the stockings, make an eerie makeup with wild white lenses instead of eyes. If it is a zombie nurse, there will be torn wounds with medical instruments stuck in them, scars and dirt stains on clothes.

Policeman on guard

A halloween policewoman doesn't look as scary as a zombie or a devil. The image is more suitable for girls who want to stand out from the crowd, attracting the attention of sexuality and originality outfit.

Traditionally, the policeman’s costume is made in the likeness of the image of “cops” from American films. Achieving maximum similarity, it will be possible to recreate the vivid image of the lady responsible for the rule of law on a festive night, it is interesting to beat him at the party on your own. Distinctive features of a policeman from the West:

  • dark color shape
  • icon,
  • cap,
  • handcuffs,
  • bludgeon (can be replaced with a flashlight-shocker for fear).

For the entourage add to the image can wear sunglasses and a walkie-talkie. As for the color of the form, it is desirable to follow the rules here, but not necessarily. You can also replace traditional dark colors with bright ones, because Halloween is primarily a carnival, and there is always a place for grotesque holidays.

How to make a suit:

  1. Choose the right color for a skirt or pants and a blouse. On the shoulders, make stripes in the form of epaulettes of cardboard or felt, decorate with stars of foil and a golden marker.
  2. Make a wide belt, the buckle to match the shoulder straps can also be cut out of thick fabric or cardboard.
  3. Wear shoes or boots on your feet, depending on the weather.
  4. It is easy to make a cap from an old beret with a cardboard visor, covered with gloss paint.

Attributes of a policewoman are easy to buy at a toy store. Handcuffs, a baton, a walkie-talkie: it's all just taken from a policeman's plastic kit. There is also an icon. Fix it on clothes with double-sided tape or put it on superglue, if you don’t mind spoiling your blouse.

Liked it goes super-costumes for girls on Halloween? Tell your friends about them and have fun this fall together from the heart! Be sure to subscribe to be the first to receive news. See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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Who to dress up for a Halloween girl?

Of course, there is a great variety of costumes for celebrating the Night of All Saints. Girls can please themselves and others with both magical and eerie images.

For a start, it is worth deciding what kind of party is expected: home party, club invasion or a romantic (erotic?) Date. For the first option, all sorts of humorous images will come down: from pajama bows to funny minions and even ... Voodoo dolls!

A voodoo doll

You ask how to make an image of a voodoo doll. And ask! We are happy to answer: very, very simple. Take a plain T-shirt / dress, draw a large heart on the left and cling to it many, many colored pins (preferably English ones, so as not to hurt yourself with simple sewing and not to damage your friends). On your head you make a regular bundle in which you place as many wooden sticks as possible, stylized as needles and pins (sushi sticks will do).

Make-up is at your discretion, but different memes, depicted on closed eyelids of your eyes and lips, look original (you can “flash” your mouth with black paint or black contour pencil if you wish). That's all the tricks!

Image for Halloween in the club

In the club you can dress up according to your goals and desires. If you are in search of your soul mate, then you can safely try on the enchanting images of fatal temptresses, fairies, pupae, kitty girls and wizards.

Moreover, it will be quite fun if you dress in the opposite style to your character: a soft, gentle girl may well appear in the image of a sexy police girl or a mind-blowing devil. Thus, this night you will be able to open yourself completely from the other side — after all, Halloween - the night of reincarnations and magic.

If you are accompanied by a cheerful company of girlfriends and friends, choose creepy and blood-disturbing Halloween costumes. You can have fun with makeup, makeup and hairstyles. Just imagine what memorable pictures you can make in the process of reincarnating you, your friends and girlfriends! Still, collective fantasy creates real wonders and masterpieces.

In the original costume you can dress up at home on a romantic date. Undoubtedly, seeing a seductive nurse with a glass of wine, the young man obviously wants to continue. A minimum of clothing, a maximum of theatricality - and your evening will be unforgettable.

Where to find an interesting suit?

Sure, you absolutely will not be difficult to make an image on Halloween with your own hands. For those who do not like to create with their hands, or who have a catastrophically lack of time for “handicrafts”, there are ready thoughtful options: on the eve of the holiday, you can profitably buy original costumes at specialized sites, wander around the shopping centers or simply ... shop of intimate goods. Sellers in such establishments are friendly and will gladly help you solve your problem with the upcoming event.

It is important to remember that the main image of the whole by and large is makeup. The way in which you “decorate” your face will largely determine the choice of costume. Do not be lazy, rehearse in advance, apply make-up or make-up, put your hair in - maybe you change your mind or want to add something later.
It may even happen that you want to wear a nice dress of a kind fairy to make up the skeleton makeup ... What is not an original costume for a girl? Bright and unexpected. Well, now we offer you the top ten most popular images. What kind? Read below!

A dead bride

Yes, this is probably the most popular image among girls of all countries and ages. That year, the costume of the dead bride with the light hand of Tim Burton ranks first among the other "evil". Soft, gentle, sweet, slightly detached ...

And while cunning, creepy and impressive. And how many options to create your own "raisin"! Of course, the “dirty”, torn wedding dress, a bouquet of blackened, faded roses, fathomless eyes on the bluish-gray background of the face and the make-up of translucent bones on the hands are classics of the genre.

Choosing a dress

If you still feel that this image is infinitely yours, and you are determined to create a Halloween costume with your own hands, while obviously you are not going to buy a wedding dress, you can easily do with any other dress. It is desirable old and monophonic (white, gray, blue, pale pink, menthol, etc.).

Details of the image

Do not be lazy to arrange it appropriately: wash the ruffles from lace or guipure trimmings, crystals, or simply attach beautiful brooches, cut off or tear partially the hem of the dress, sleeves. Take care of the presence of the same torn veil in the color of the dress (guipure, taffeta, mesh, and even ... tulle will do) and do not forget about the hair ornaments (tiara, wreath of artificial flowers, etc.).

"Creepy" entourage

Make out the background of the dress the way you like it better: it can be “bloody” handprints, it can be “earthy” stains all over the dress, woven twigs and dried leaves in lace and torn holes of the dress. An unusual costume for Halloween is almost ready.


Bridal bouquet can be made independently of artificial plastic flowers or even paper. It all depends on what material and budget you have.

Makeup and makeup of the dead bride

Make the tone of the face either deathly pale, or earthy gray (the blue color on the face is also not forbidden). Add more dark background on the cheekbones and eyelids. Lips can make a blue lipstick or draw a "grin" of the skull.

Do not forget to cover the open parts of the body: neck, arms, chest. Professionals advise to fix makeup and makeup with regular hairspray. So you will save your acquaintances with whom you want to cuddle, from multi-colored smudges on clothes ... Although, everything depends on the force with which you hug them

Does not hand over the position and costume devilish nurses. Sexy, charming, alluring and attractive. An image for a bold and frank girl. Even if you are an inveterate shy girl, take advantage of the chance to impress your friends with such a seductive outfit. We are sure that all the compliments of this evening will “arrive” for you. Classic stockings, dressing gown and a cap with medical symbols.

The main details of the image

To make such a Halloween costume is the simplest. Get white stockings (any white stockings will come off), look for a white tunic or a mini robe (by the way, your boyfriend’s shirt will fit, the main thing is to cover your fifth point of the Halloween adventure) and a light headdress like kerchief, bandanas.


Buy 3-4 meters of red satin ribbon. With this ribbon you can make a bandan with a medical cross, make stripes on a tunic / shirt, stockings, use it as a belt and garter. You can leave the gown clean white or splash blood. If you use gouache as stylized blood, be extremely careful: gouache does not wash well.


Make-up again depends on the style of the nurse: a clean shape requires neat makeup, artificial cilia, bright red lips and nails. If your nurse is “a little” crazy, wrap her face with “droplets of blood”, you can even paint them in the corners of your lips, a little smeared mascara and “bloody” makeup of the hands. You can hunt in a pharmacy for a syringe such as Jean and fill it with tomato juice: horror and fear in the eyes of others will be provided to you * victory *

Yes, the West definitely affects our values. Thanks to all the famous movies, the vampire style is extremely popular. Girls are happy to try on this image. This Halloween costume is original and easy to make by yourself. The image is sexy, enchanting and pretty cool. Options - a great many.

Image Basics

Take a look at your dressing room: you can use latex, leather, lace, ruffle, satin, velvet. Classic: corset, short skirt, stockings, lace gloves and satin cloak. Tones are designed in a red and black tones. The make-up is quite simple - bleached tone of the face, bloody lips and smoky eyes. By the way, any gothic image is perfect vampire.


False eyelashes, hairpins in the form of spiders, long nails, of course, welcome. Decorative fangs can be bought at any mall. With a good imagination, the image of a vampire can be truly fascinating.

In the image of the witch you can enter not only the costume of the sorceress, but even the costume of Baba Yaga, fortune-tellers, oracle. Pretty concise and classic Halloween costume for girls. According to tradition, the charming witch appears in a black cap, a black long / short skirt and a corset.

Clothing and Attributes

The preferred materials for the costume are velvet and lace. Attributes are a magic wand, a crystal ball, playing cards, skulls, frogs, spiders, and all that your imagination will tell you.
However, it is not recommended to take raw chicken legs and other perishable animal products. Unless you are going to do an exorcism public ritual


Makeup should be pretty bright. If you decide to “draw” an elderly witch on your face, do not forget to draw wrinkles and bags under your eyes. Only here warts are not worth drawing. Try to make them from foam balls. They are perfectly tinted (they need to be tinted in advance, until they are fixed on the face) and are attached to the skin with the help of transparent glue for false eyelashes. Of course, you can use real makeup. By the way, quite safe make-up can be purchased at large children's art shops.


Hair shampoo for volume, blow-dry, head down, scrape, spray with varnish. It is appropriate to use colored mascara for hair. Are you a brave and eccentric girl? Then you have clearly decided which Halloween costume to choose, haven't you?

Contact lenses

Feel free to use color and fantasy contact lenses in the image.For girls who have not previously worn lenses, the online magazine "" strongly recommends to practice beforehand. At the same time, check yourself if you are comfortable in them, whether there are allergies and other inconveniences.

Prerequisite: the lenses need to be worn and removed only with clean (!), Dry hands to avoid conjunctivitis. For storage of lenses special containers and solutions are used. To eliminate discomfort when wearing lenses, there are special drops. Therefore, in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, it is better to buy any contact lenses (even without diopters and one-day ones) at a trusted store, in consultation with an experienced ophthalmologist.

Catwoman and other animals ...

And not only female cat, but also female rabbit, female reindeer, female mouse and other representatives of the female fauna.


The basis of all images is approximately the same: bright stylized makeup. The spout, the antennae must be drawn, and the eyes and lips are emphasized in a special way. Used mainly black contour pencil. Magnificent arrows will add a special attraction to your kitty image.

Important details

If the prototype takes exactly the image of Halle Berry, do not forget to wear the same cap-mask with ears. Then the makeup has the right to be neutral. Manicure is especially important for such a Halloween costume. You will attract the views, so the most responsible approach to the issue of manicure cat-woman.


You do not have a mask, but there is a classic bezel with cat ears? Then try on the black leather trousers of the narrowed cut (latex leggings from an intimate goods store will also fit), a leather jacket with the same color and jack-up boots. If you do not have such pants, or the lines of the figure are not as perfect as we would like, use a black straight skirt, narrowed down, and the length of the knee. The narrowed skirt will slightly hamper your movements, respectively, you will move smoothly and slowly in it, shaking your hips a little. What is not a cat walk, m? * kiss *

Zombie girl

We agree, the image is completely unprofessional, but cheerful. When preparing this costume with friends, you can have a good time. And even blow off steam, throw out negative emotions. How? And very easy!


Zombie costume consists of torn things: torn trousers, shirts, stockings. Of course, you can bring old rags from the summer house and put them on. But if there are things that you can’t ruin at all (for example, your old things connected with negative memories, or the forgotten things of your ex-friend), then tear them together with your best friends! Why keep all the negative in yourself: it is useful and pleasant to "let off steam" outside. After the holiday, you with peace of mind will be able to eliminate them altogether in the nearest garbage can.


So the more holes on your suit, the better. Blot the suit with red paint. On the skin, peeking through the holes, you can depict "rotting" or "bloody" wounds. And then the bones.


The same can be said about make-up: an earthen gray face, blackened eye sockets. A part of the face can be left untouched, and a part can be made up under a bare skull. Such images are the most spectacular.


Hair can comb, and you can make a very sloppy tail. Cover hands with red and black paint and boldly go shake hands with all friends - let them wash themselves afterwards

Alice in Wonderland

We all remember the cute fairy tale of Charles Dodgson, right? Yes, yes, Lewis Carroll is just the pseudonym of the above named writer. However, this does not change the essence. Why do not you reincarnate for one night in a wonderful cute girl in a blue dress, white apron and striped stockings? Wonderful bow on the head - and the image of the "girl-pridevochki" ready.

Too boring, do you think? In this case, bold individuals can try on a more unusual version - Alice - Alice costume from the mirror. Moreover, on the Night of All Saints, you yourself invent your Wonderland, or ... the opposite side of the kind and sweet Alice. Intrigue and surprise the surrounding image of bloodthirsty killer Alice. How to create such an outfit for Halloween? Much easier than Alice classic.


Your hairstyle should be perfect: lay your hair well, fasten the hairstyle with a beautiful lush bow.


Make a "doll" eye makeup using false eyelashes, thick and long. In this case, the lower part of the face should reflect the "type of activity" of the bloodthirsty Alice. Make your lips pale, with blood leaks around the corners, you can also draw “blood splatters” on your face.


The dress is better to choose the same blue hue as in the original, but shorter length. Dress can be slightly torn. White apron must be stained with “blood”. Striped stockings / socks should not be too tight: different lengths are much more interesting.


Pick up a stylized plastic knife (of course, stained with “blood”) or a wooden mallet. In general, take in your hands any stylized instrument of "murder and torture." And our sweet Alice is ready!

Elvira is the master of darkness

Perhaps this is the sexiest image. Everyone knows and loves this fatal seductress. A win-win classic option. Making such a Halloween outfit is easy.

Long fitting dress in black, preferably with a slit from the hip and deep cleavage, stockings on a wide openwork elastic band, tall heels, obligatory bouffant on long black hair (perfect image for long-haired skinny brunettes!) And make-up bright and breathtaking.

Eyes should be thickly made up, eyelashes should be shamelessly long, and lips - seductively red. The perfect image for the club and a romantic date. At the same time, cute girls, remember your personal safety in public places. If you are not ready for obsessive attention from young people, choose more modest images.

Pirate sunken ship

The image of pirates and pirates is still relevant. But! The image of a dead pirate is also original. Yes, a three-cornered hat, a stylized gun, a blouse with ruffles remain. It is necessary only to smudge all this, wet, tear.

Important details

You can paint seaweed, evil fish or shells on your blouse. You can not draw, and attach such a very unusual brooches. Fortunately, their choice is great now.

In any case, your outfit should remind you of the ship’s crash and the number of years that vessel you think lay on the ocean floor.

Makeup and makeup

Halloween pirate costume for girls is not only in dilapidated clothes. Make-up for such a suit can be borrowed from the image of a zombie: a “half-rotten” face of a bluish-gray shade, bleached lips and painted knuckles.


Hairstyle can be any: from loose hair with a wet effect to braided slightly disheveled braids. Most importantly, do not forget to curse through the word, you can even light a pipe (only electronic) For smoking is harmful and dangerous even for the health of the "half-dead" pirate.

Annabelle Doll

A terrible child's toy that turns the life of all mortals into hell. This can also include the bride Chucky and other horrific images of dolls, monsters.

The basis of the image

The image of this terrifying toy is quite suitable for long-haired blondes. It is important to braid two braids and tie them with red ribbons. Dress should be long, to the floor, with ruffles and a red belt.


A separate discussion deserves the makeup of Annabelle pupa. Her face is pale, with a doll-pink blush on her cheeks. Lips are made up of a fuchsia lipstick, however, red lipstick will also disappear.

Annabel's eyes are unnaturally large, wide open. You can draw them up to the eyebrows - or use contact lenses that increase the area of ​​the iris. On the face of the doll can draw bloody smudges, and black cracks on the glaze (typical - on the chin and the back of the nose). And the image of a bloodthirsty doll is ready!

If you do not accept cruelty in the image, dress up as a Barbie doll. Remember about beautifully laid hair, neat makeup and short skirt. Still, the main advantage of Barbie - slender long legs. Well, it is desirable to think over the entire outfit in pink. Otherwise, what is Barbie? 
We have tried to choose for you the most popular images, easy to perform and available to any girl with any budget. Be creative, change, reincarnate! And let this most terrible night of the year be for you the most magical and delightful!