How to write a form of refusal of vaccinations in the hospital and how does it threaten?


If you still got to the hospital, and did not begin to give birth at home in the water, as our ancestors did, then:

In accordance with federal law No. 157 “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases”: citizens have the right to refuse vaccinations (link) (article 5), and vaccinations to minors are carried out only with parental consent (link) (article 11). But sometimes in maternity hospitals, contrary to the law, not only do not ask for consent, but they don’t even inform about the vaccination of the child! So be on the alert, going to the hospital. Your task is to protect the just-born baby from dangerous interference with the tiny organism ... By the law "On Immunoprophylaxis ...", vaccinations are given to citizens who do not have medical contraindications (article 11), but it’s obviously impossible to determine the presence of these contraindications 12 hours of child's life! For the first time after birth, the child’s state of health remains unclear, there is an adaptation to life outside the mother, perhaps a manifestation of unnoticed immediately after birth, trauma, intrauterine infection, etc. A vaccine made in such a situation can have very serious consequences.

How to protect your children? Even in the maternity hospital, this is quite realistic, since from now on all vaccinations, and indeed from any medical interventions that are not suitable for you, can be refused by law. Write in advance an application for refusal of vaccinations (in duplicate) and attach it to the card issued at the antenatal clinic, which you will take with you to the hospital. A second copy of the application must be in your hands when you are in the postpartum ward. Do not expect that the maternity hospital staff will subsequently ask for your permission to carry out this procedure.

So that your application is not “lost”, you should write with red paste directly on the front page of the card: “I refuse all vaccinations to the child, I attach the disclaimer” and put my signature. It is very desirable that the signature of the father of the child should also be on the card and on the application. Do not forget to warn the doctors about your refusal also verbally, and upon admission to the hospital, and after childbirth. Do not be afraid of a bad attitude to you during childbirth due to the refusal of vaccination, vaccinations are not engaged by obstetricians who take birth, but by pediatricians with whom you will be dealing already after.

For our medicine is characterized by one-sided presentation of information. After all, the pros of vaccination "shout at every" okolomeditsinsky "corner, aggressively imposing their position, and the same persons prefer to keep silent about the minuses. Trying to find out the reasons for such a tough position from doctors, I was surprised to learn that the local doctor receives an award for "vaccination coverage of the population" and the implementation of the plan. That is why many health workers are so aggressively fighting not for your health at all, but for their blood wages. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, you are not obliged to vaccinate yourself or your children. However, given the current situation, you may try to impose a different position. And you can defend your rights.

Remember that medics descend from above the so-called “vaccination work plans”, for which non-fulfillment various sanctions follow, so they will try to persuade you to agree to vaccinations. For this, certain tricks can be used:
- In no case do not sign any papers offered to you by the maternity hospital staff without having read them completely.

There have been cases where among all sorts of medical interventions during childbirth, to which you are asked to give consent, the child’s vaccination is also listed. Cross out this item from the list.

- Be prepared for the fact that a very tough psychological pressure can be exerted on you, you will be sophisticatedly intimidated with hepatitis B and tuberculosis. It is better not to enter into arguments with the medical community, and this hassle is no good for you, and it’s still pointless for them to prove anything, since vaccination is an integral part of their official duties. If you still decide to argue, you can use the following arguments: in our family allergy, hepatitis B vaccine is done with a genetically modified vaccine, BCG is a live vaccine, which guarantees that my child is okay with immunity and will not have complications, and t .P.

- You can also be told that they have no right to discharge you from the maternity hospital without BCG. This is a gross violation of the law! In the hospital you are not allowed to hold! If you wish, you can at any time, even immediately after birth, take the child and go home, the maximum that doctors can do is ask you to give a receipt that you take responsibility for the consequences of your care. Refer to the Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of the health of citizens ”, Article 33 guarantees you the right to refuse medical intervention. Remember that the provision of medical care or hospitalization against the will of the patient is possible only by court order and only if the patient suffers from especially dangerous infectious diseases (such as the plague or atypical pneumonia) or mental illness.

- In case of refusal from BCG, you may be asked for a certificate from the TB dispensary about the absence of tuberculosis patients registered at your residential address. This requirement is illegal! If once there were such instructions of the Ministry of Health, then due to the law “On immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases”, all of them, as contrary to federal legislation, have lost their force. Of course, if you have the time and desire, you can get such a certificate in the TB dispensary in advance and take it with you to the hospital. But be prepared for the fact that doctors, wanting to vaccinate your child by all means, will reject this certificate, finding fault with the details of its design, for example, the stamp is not there, the wrong doctor signed, and so on. etc. Therefore, it is better not to waste time, but to insist in the hospital on compliance with the law. Pay attention to the enclosed letter of the Committee on Health of St. Petersburg, which says about the prohibition of the requirement of certificates from tubal dispensaries in maternity hospitals.

You cannot be asked for additional certificates and documents on the subject: “But do patients with tuberculosis live in your apartment?”, “But bring her husband’s fluorography, etc.”. Enough your written refusal of all vaccinations. You are not even obliged to argue. In case of pressure, refusal to discharge you or a child, you need to urgently write an application addressed to the head physician of the medical institution where you are, and a copy to the district prosecutor's office. In the application, indicate who and how put pressure on you, prevented you from being discharged, what consequences you intimidated and indicate other violations of the law, surely your name, address and contact phone number, if any. The application to the prosecutor's office must be sent by registered mail with a delivery receipt, and write the application to the head physician in two copies. If you refuse to put a stamp and the date of acceptance on your copy, it should be sent in the same way - by registered mail.

If you give birth for a fee, under the contract with the maternity hospital, request the following clause to be included in this contract: “The health care provider (maternity hospital) undertakes not to vaccinate the child against hepatitis B and tuberculosis (BCG), and at the same time guarantees unobstructed discharge of the mother and child from the maternity hospital without requiring any references from the TB dispensary. " If you hesitate whether to vaccinate a child or not, try to at least protect it from the introduction of a low-quality vaccine, from ignoring medical contraindications to vaccination, and from leaving the medical profession in case of, God forbid, post-vaccination complications. Let them sign a letter of guarantee confirming that the vaccine has a certificate of quality, that the child has been examined and there are no contraindications that in the event of a complication the doctors will be liable.

Unfortunately, there have already been quite a few cases where the parents of a child who became disabled as a result of vaccination and in need of very expensive treatment remained without any help from the state, and the doctors who forced them to take this vaccine turned out to do nothing. Well, what to do if your child was vaccinated in the maternity hospital without your knowledge and consent? First, stop and prevent further introduction of a genetically modified poison to it (recall, the hepatitis B vaccine is introduced three times - after birth and at the age of 1 and 6 months). Do not listen to the assurances of incompetent doctors that "you can not interrupt the chain of vaccinations." In principle, there can be no harm to health. The sooner you stop, the less poison your child will receive. Secondly, be sure to write a complaint to the prosecutor's office listing the laws violated by the staff of the maternity hospital, and send it by registered mail. You have a minimum of trouble, and those who vaccinated with vaccinators have a certain amount of trouble. So, you see, and think about the observance of human rights, and this arbitrariness and violence committed on people for their own money, in the form of considerable taxes for financing the system of medical services, will cease.

You become a mother, which means you must be ready to fight for the interests of your child. Now it will become an integral part of your life, and, of course, not only in relation to vaccines. It must be borne in mind that strangers, including medical professionals, are not at all indifferent to the interests of your child, and, moreover, may even contradict their own. Remember that staying in the maternity hospital is only a week, and for the sake of preserving the health of the child, rudeness and the threats of the medical staff can be tolerated, while the cowardice that you show and the minute weakness can be very expensive for your baby. After all, the poison, introduced to him precisely when his fragile organism is so vulnerable and defenseless, cannot be pumped back.

Anti-vaccination package of documents attached at the end of the article.

Sample vaccination and bioassay

Biological tests - these can be punctures. There is such a fashion to take punctures from the viscera of the child. For example, spinal cord puncture for research. This pierces the body with a thin tube and takes a sample of the substance of the spinal cord to sample! You may not know about it, like we doctors know better what your child needs! After this, sometimes they become disabled, you can search the net for yourself by keyword. The word "biologic tests" must be written.

Refusal of vaccination (with changes and additions):

The head physician of the maternity hospital (polyclinic, tuberculosis tuberculosis dispensary, school director) No. __ ._______ (city)

I, _______________________ (full name), as the legal representative of my young child __________________ (full name), ________________ year of birth

I declare that I refuse to vaccinate my child against ________________ (necessary to write: tuberculosis, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, flu, etc.) on the basis of:

1. Federal Law "On the Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation" of November 21, 2011 N 323-ФЗ:

Article 20. Informed voluntary consent for medical intervention and for refusal of medical intervention.

1. A necessary prerequisite for medical intervention is giving the informed voluntary consent of a citizen or his legal representative to medical intervention on the basis of complete information provided by a medical worker in an accessible form about the goals, methods of medical care, the associated risk, possible options for medical intervention consequences, as well as the expected results of medical care.

3. A citizen, one of the parents, or another legal representative of the person specified in paragraph 2 of this article shall have the right to refuse medical intervention or request its termination, except as provided for in paragraph 9 of this article. The legal representative of a person recognized as legally incapable by the law shall exercise this right if such a person is unable to refuse medical intervention. ”

2. Federal Law “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases” of September 17, 1998 N 157-FZ:

Article 5. Rights and obligations of citizens in the implementation of immunization

1. Citizens in the implementation of immunization are entitled to:
- receiving from medical workers complete and objective information about the need for preventive vaccinations, the consequences of abandoning them, possible post-vaccination complications,
- free prophylactic vaccinations included in the national calendar of prophylactic vaccinations, and prophylactic vaccinations for epidemic indications in state and municipal health organizations,
- social support in case of post-vaccination complications
- refusal of preventive vaccinations
2. The absence of prophylactic vaccinations entails:
- a ban on citizens from traveling to countries whose stay in accordance with the international medical and sanitary rules or international treaties of the Russian Federation requires specific vaccination,
- a temporary refusal to admit citizens to educational and health institutions in the event of the occurrence of massive infectious diseases or the threat of epidemics,
- refusal to accept citizens for work or to exclude citizens from work whose performance is associated with a high risk of infectious diseases.
3. In carrying out immunization, citizens are obliged to:
- comply with the requirements of medical professionals,
- to confirm in writing the refusal of preventive vaccinations.

Article 11. Requirements for conducting preventive vaccinations

2. Prophylactic vaccinations are carried out with the consent of citizens, parents or other legal representatives of minors and citizens declared incapacitated in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3. Prophylactic vaccinations are given to citizens who do not have medical contraindications.

Article 19. State lump-sum benefits

1. In the event of a post-vaccination complication, a citizen has the right to receive a state lump sum in the amount of 10,000 rubles.
The list of post-vaccination complications entitling citizens to receive state lump-sum benefits is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on the proposal of the federal executive body in the field of health care.
2. In the event of the death of a citizen, due to post-vaccination complications, the members of his family have the right to receive a state lump sum in the amount of 30,000 rubles.

Section 20. Monthly Cash Compensation

A citizen recognized as disabled due to a post-vaccination complication has the right to receive monthly monetary compensation in the amount of 1000 rubles.

Approved by the Government Decree of August 2, 1999 N 885 LIST of post-vaccination complications:

1. Anaphylactic shock.
2. Severe generalized allergic reactions (recurrent angioedema - angioedema, Stephen-Johnson syndrome, Layel syndrome, serum sickness syndrome, etc.).
3. Encephalitis.
4. Vaccino - associated poliomyelitis.
5. Central nervous system lesions with generalized or focal residual manifestations leading to disability: encephalopathy, serous meningitis, neuritis, polyneuritis, as well as with clinical manifestations of convulsive syndrome.
6. Generalized infection, osteitis, osteitis, osteomyelitis caused by the BCG vaccine.
7. Chronic arthritis caused by rubella vaccine.

This DISCLAIMER is a deliberate and balanced decision, made on the basis of a detailed and comprehensive study of issues related to vaccination, personal experience, the experience of other parents and fully complies with current legislation.

“.. on the forum to write reluctantly, and I will tell you my technique of failure. If you want, you can post my story. I had a planned cesarean section, I went to the hospital in advance (the hospital at GKB 7). In the admissions department she said about the refusal and that I have a statement. They tell me that I still have time to declare my refusal, they don’t invest anything in the card, because it’s pointless - anyway, “interested” people will not see this statement. Not that I believed them, but did not insist. The day before the operation, while going around the doctor, I again "remembered" about refusing vaccinations. And again they tell me that I will still have time to tell the pediatrician about this after the operation. I had to show perseverance, the arguments are as follows: Hepatitis B vaccine is put on for 12 hours, and at this time I will move away from anesthesia, who knows what condition I will be in and whether I can even ask for something. She said that we are very afraid of post-vaccination complications, because our dad is allergic. И показала заявление — вернее, 2 заявления, от меня и от папы. Врач слегка оторопела и попыталась было сопротивляться, но после фразы «я консультировалась с юристом», заявления забрала и пообещала вклеить в карту. Чуть позже я в этом убедилась.On the day of the operation, the surgeon's assistant asked me about vaccinations, and again I used my father's allergy as an argument (in general, if my husband were not allergic, it would be worth thinking up. Lying on the operating table, I always remembered the need to remind you of the refusal, but it didn’t happen: as soon as the child was born, someone’s voice uttered wonderful words: “refusing vaccinations.” I only saw my daughter the next day, she didn’t have any signs of vaccinations. From the third day she was with me all the time I already could not be afraid that someone from rarely or by negligence injecting a child a vaccine. The only danger was the morning hours when the child had to be taken to the nursery for examination, but I unobtrusively reminded all nurses and doctors of the refusal. On the 4th day after birth, the nurse brought their own form of refusal of the vaccine against hepatitis B, I signed it and just in case asked to paste in my children's card my two statements (copies of those that were glued to my card). Regarding BCG, they did not ask to sign individual statements. This is how we saved ourselves from vaccinations! ”(THIS MOTHER HAS BEEN HAPPY, besides, she showed enviable persistence. Do not relax for a minute about vaccination of a newborn. Brigades are changing, they have a head full of their own problems, do not trust anyone! Constantly remind how this mamma, it’s better to constantly say that papa has the strongest allergies, and it can be a shock to vaccinate a child. They don’t need it. ”

Form of refusal - state model (from the clinic)

Appendix №4
Approved by order
Federal Office
from 29. 01. 2004. №13 s


Refusal of medical intervention I, (FULL NAME) _________________________________________________ _____________________________ year of birth, residing at ____________________________________

being on treatment (examination, delivery) in the ward _________________________________________________________ I refuse to carry out treatment / medical intervention

- I, according to my will, are given complete and comprehensive information on the nature, severity and possible complications of my illness (health of the person being represented), including data on the results of the examination, the presence of the disease, its diagnosis and prognosis, the methods of treatment, the associated risk, possible options for medical intervention, their consequences and the results of the treatment,

- I explained the possible consequences of my refusal of the proposed treatment. I am aware that refusing treatment or medical intervention can adversely affect my health and even lead to an adverse outcome.

Possible consequences of failure: __________________________________

-I am familiar with all the points of this document, the provisions of which are explained to me, I have understood and voluntarily, using the right provided for by Article 33 of the Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on the Protection of Citizens' Health, I refuse treatment / medical intervention.

"_____" __________________ 200 ___ g. Signature of patient / legal representative ___________

Signed in my presence Medical worker (name, position) _______________________ (signature) ________________

A citizen or his legal representative has the right to refuse medical intervention or to demand its termination. It is not allowed to refuse treatment or medical intervention of persons suffering from diseases that pose a danger to others, persons suffering from severe mental disorders, or persons who have committed socially dangerous acts, on the grounds and in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In case of refusal of medical intervention, the possible consequences should be explained to the citizen or his legal representative in an accessible form. Refusal of medical intervention with indication of possible consequences is made out by a record in the medical documentation and is signed by a citizen or his legal representative, as well as a medical worker.

If parents or other legal representatives of a person under the age of 15 years or legal representatives of a person recognized to be legally incapable of refusing medical care necessary to save the lives of these persons, the hospital has the right to go to court to protect the interests of these persons.

Do you have the right to force vaccinations?

Refusing vaccinations is allowed by law both in the maternity hospital and in any other institution where they will offer the service. In the maternity hospital, it is better to prepare in advance two completed refusal forms, which are glued to the exchange card. Do not hope for an oral agreement.

Vaccination in the Russian Federation is an optional procedure, so any healthy person can submit a statement refusing vaccination. If such a decision was made, you will have to resist the onslaught of doctors, who will insist on vaccination.

All disputes arising concerning the refusal are regulated by the law of 1998 of the Russian Federation with amendments of 2010 “On the prevention of infectious diseases”.

In addition, the current legislation does not provide for any consequences as a result of disagreement on the conduct of the Mantoux reaction. The statement indicates that the sample is not accurately measured, and the data are evaluated without accurate indications of error. The injected drug is harmful to health, and false-positive results are the reason for visiting the TB dispensary and the X-ray.

Legal basis for vaccination

The Law on Immune Prophylaxis of Infectious Diseases clearly indicates that citizens can make their own choices. The same article mentions that the rejection of any preventive vaccinations carries with it a number of restrictions.

Under the law “On the Prevention of the Spread of Tuberculosis in the Russian Federation,” the vaccine is administered only after written consent. Without such paper, vaccine only those who are sick with this disease.

If it became necessary to write a written consent, then, among other information, it is necessary to note references to the articles specified in the law.

  • Article 32 warns that medical intervention should be carried out only after obtaining permission.
  • Article 33 states that a citizen can voluntarily interrupt or completely abandon all medical manipulations.
  • Article 34 includes an exception, without the consent to vaccinate a patient who is a threat to society.

Sometimes there are cases of compulsory vaccination of a citizen. It concerns people with infectious diseases dangerous to people around them. In this case, the decision is made by a consultation of doctors.

Who can refuse?

All medical procedures must be carried out with the permission of the citizen, vaccinations also apply to medical manipulations. An application for refusal of vaccinations may be:

  • every healthy person is over 15,
  • Responsibility for making a decision for children under 15 years of age is the parent.

If vaccinations are not delivered, this is not a reason for refusing to enroll a child in an institution. The law does not consider any liability for refusing vaccinations. But without putting a vaccine, you need to be prepared for the fact that:

  • departure to countries where it is prohibited to stay without vaccination, will be refused,
  • there will be a ban on going to school or kindergarten during an outbreak of infectious diseases,
  • an adult may not be allowed to work.

The question of vaccination of themselves and their children, each decides on their own. Important: according to medical records, every year thanks to vaccination, many serious diseases can be avoided.

What should I write on the rejection form?

In the maternity hospital they put on BCG and inoculate against hepatitis B. If parents do not see the expediency in this procedure, they make a written confirmation in two copies. The form for filling in the form can be arbitrary, a sample of the form of refusal can be found on the Internet, and sometimes the hospital itself provides the forms for filling.

The application contains such data, name, address, age and other information. After the maternity hospital, they are transferred to the polyclinic for control, where two copies of the refusal document are also left. Since there are many vaccinations and they are all different, the names of those vaccinations that are discarded are necessarily listed. For the weight of the content written, the articles of the legislation indicate that the procedure is non-coercive.

Obligatory line in the written desire is a mark about taking all responsibility for the condition of the child to himself. It also takes note that the citizen does not have any claims to the medical staff in the event of a disease.

The statement must necessarily put the date, signature and its transcript. Without a name, the application will not be considered. Both copies must be shown to the management of the medical institution. The secretary must put a stamp with the serial number of the application. After that, one copy of the document remains with the management, and the other is taken away with them.

What documents are required?

The official form for filling out the vaccination refusal was drawn up by public health in 2009. It is offered to everyone for refusing or parental consent.

The application is written most often in the name of the head physician of the hospital where vaccination is supposed to take place. There are two forms of non-vaccination in the maternity hospital, kindergarten and school - oral and written.

It is better to issue a decision in writing, it will protect the child from the vaccine at the time of the absence of an adult.

If the decision was made during pregnancy, it is better to prepare in advance all the documents and glue to the exchange card. In the maternity hospital, the neonatologist and nurses can be additionally warned about their decision.

An exemption statement can be written about the conduct of the Mantoux test. The law does not establish any punishment in case of refusal from it. Departmental documents that contradict this law are not subject to review and execution.

Difficulties entering kindergarten and school

The consequences of non-vaccination are also spelled out in the rulebook. The law discusses options for possible consequences. Sometimes there is a problem with the enrollment of a child in an institution.

You need to know that the child care institution has the right to refuse to accept a child into the group only if there is a massive spread of any infection in the region. It is temporary until quarantine is lifted.

The absence of Mantu is also not a reason not to take the child to kindergarten or school. Mantu is not a vaccine, so a separate statement is written for this procedure, referring to Art. 33 legislation. She informs that every citizen has the right to refuse any medical intervention.

The main consequence of non-vaccination is infection with dangerous infections. Natural protection against one or another pathogen is produced during drug administration.

What to do if a vaccination is given, despite the refusal?

If a child has been vaccinated or a Mantoux test, despite signed statements about the refusal of vaccinations, you need to write a statement to the prosecutor's office with a request to consider the fact of illegal conduct of medical procedures. Another copy of the document is sent to the Department of Health or Education.

When the prophylactic vaccination is not caused complications and adverse reactions, you can recover the administrative penalty from persons involved in non-compliance with the requirements of the parents (this can be a teacher, educator, nurse).

In the event that harm is caused to the health of the child, a criminal case is initiated with subsequent compensation for moral and material damage.

It is better to fix the decision to refuse all or some vaccinations in writing. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the medical staff of the children's clinic will discourage the decision, we must confidently make it clear that the decision is final.

When applying for a kindergarten, you do not need to make a fake certificate of vaccinations. All data is checked, besides the turn of new vaccinations will come, and again it is necessary to dodge.

All requests and complaints must be made in several copies. This will allow you to track the adoption of the document for consideration and in which case it will become an evidence base.

Influenza vaccine is considered mandatory in any children's and adult institution. But you can write a waiver of flu vaccines. In many secondary schools, a vaccination agreement form is distributed to children on the eve of the procedure.

The refusal of the Mantoux test and fluorography according to the law of the Russian Federation does not bear any legal consequences. Therefore, it is not necessary to take tests and collect additional information.

Sample (form) of a statement refusing vaccinations in the hospital

Head of the maternity hospital № ____

I, _________________________, declare the refusal of vaccinations against
hepatitis B and tuberculosis (BCG) (and any other vaccinations) to the baby born to me.

This refusal is considered and based on the following norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation:

1. Articles 32 (consent for medical intervention) and 33 (refusal of medical intervention) of the “Fundamentals of the Russian Federation Law on the Protection of the Health of Citizens” dated July 22, 1993 No. 5487-1.

2. Articles 5 (rights and obligations of citizens in the implementation of immunoprophylaxis) and 11 (on vaccination of minors only with the consent of their legal representatives) of the Law on Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases of September 17, 1998 No. 157 - FZ.

In the case of vaccination, despite this refusal, I reserve the right to act in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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