A friend of 20 years old: what is better to give?


The twentieth is a special date for a young girl. Therefore, the choice of a gift for a girlfriend who turns 20 years, delivers a lot of trouble. You need to go through different shops, see a lot of options and buy something unusual. You can also go the other way. Under it means reading the article on the fact that you can give a friend for 20 years. This is an easy way to pick up a great gift and surprise a person in love.

Original gifts for a friend

What kind of gift can you give to a girl with whom you have friendly relations? The gift should be original, because the banal things of the young lady just do not like. They will drop into the far corner and will never be used for their intended purpose.

To the hero of the occasion came to delight, you need a real surprise. We have gift ideas for a girlfriend for the 20th anniversary, perfect for the anniversary party:

  • key case "Fashionable sentence" - a product made of genuine leather with artistic stamping. It is made in the form of a beautiful vest. For fastening the keys there are several carbines,
  • pop art portrait - a personalized gift for a friend. It is made on the basis of a photo. The finished product looks beautiful and fits well into the interior. His young girl can hang in her room,
  • cool apron "The recipe for a good life" - a gift with a meaning, which shows schematic pictures. The recipes for a good life mean good food, great work, wealth and intimate relationships,
  • photo frame "Emotions in a cube" - a cube on which 6 photos are placed. He is able to rotate. Therefore, a friend will be able to look at the pictures and enjoy what they see,
  • pillow "Sweet dreams" - an original gift for the 20th anniversary. It is remarkable for the fact that inside the pillow there are real candies. With such a pillow, dreams become sweet and unforgettable,
  • decorative plate with text - Another personalized gift for a friend. It depicts a girl and an inscription is made. For example, "Happiness and love", "Bright sky over your head",
  • beautiful wall panel - This is a good decision if the birthday girl pays a lot of attention to the design of his house. You can buy the panel "Moon Cat", "Beauty." The range of decorative products is large, so you will choose the best panel.

A medal with the inscription “Special Purpose Friend” is a perfect addition. This is a small product that will always remind you of a holiday.

Budget, but interesting presents

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, but do not have a lot of money, do not be upset. We offer to choose an inexpensive, but creative gift. For this we have many great ideas. We will share them with you and you will be able to purchase a budget present for the anniversary party.

A great gift for a friend for 20 years is easy to find, because we have ready-made solutions:

  • LED candle for lighting the room.
  • Game "Merry versus merry."
  • Touch transparent calculator.
  • Alarm clock with different backlight modes.
  • Headphones "strawberry".
  • Optical mouse on the finger.
  • Souvenir "Herbal men".
  • Diary "Flowers mix."
  • Mood calendar.
  • Pendulum predictions.

This choice of inexpensive gifts is not limited. You can purchase a mug in the form of a can of condensed milk, a mouse for PC "Ladybird", magic curlers. Another friend would like a house tea house, an ice smoothie glass and a magnetic whiteboard for notes.

Stylish accessories for girlfriend

This is a category of gifts that are perfect for the fair sex. It includes products that are used to form an image. For a feminine image to be impeccable, you need a lot of accessories. You can use it and buy a stylish thing for the anniversary.

When choosing a gift to a friend for 20 years, forget about your preferences. You need to be guided only by the fact that you like the hero of the occasion. By a win-win option is jewelry. This is a pendant, bracelet, choker, pendant, earrings. You can also purchase a kit made in the same style. It includes a bracelet and earrings or beads with a bracelet.

Another friend can give a wallet made of genuine leather or clutch. These are accessories that create a stylish female image. They should be fashionable and modern. Then the present will please the hero of the occasion.

As a supplement to the female image is used a scarf, stole, scarf-LIC. You can pick up things that your friend will like. She will wear them with pleasure and remember you.

The list of the best gifts to a friend for 20 years

The twentieth is the first important date in the life of a young girl. This is an amazing holiday, which should pass fun and unforgettable. One of the main points in it are gifts from loved ones. You should consider buying a present carefully and pay maximum attention to this process.

To facilitate the task, we offer several product options that can be presented to a friend for 20 years. These include:

  1. Projector ocean waves to create a harmonious environment.
  2. A ticket to a concert of your favorite musical group or performer.
  3. Large jewelry box "Queen".
  4. Collage of photos on canvas.
  5. Gift set "Glamor fashionista."
  6. Lava-lamp.
  7. Honey with gold for food.
  8. Decorative mirror "Dog".
  9. Puzzle puzzle "Globe".
  10. Table fountain "Pines".

Give a lover of unusual decorative items a picture of Swarovski crystals “Lilies of the Valley”. This is an exquisite thing that will be a worthy decoration of any interior.

What to give for beauty?

Young girls pay great attention to their appearance. They want to be attractive and stunning. Therefore, as a gift, you can choose a thing designed to maintain beauty. Such a gift will be accepted with great gratitude. A twenty-year-old girl will use it to create the perfect look.

On the anniversary of 20 years, a friend can give different items. We list the main options:

  • comb with ionization for hair - A simple device that provides the best hair care. It refers to the improvement of the epidermis, the destruction of bacteria and the restoration of the hair structure,
  • manicure set - A useful gift that should be at the disposal of every girl. The set includes nail scissors, nippers, tweezers. All the necessary elements are placed in a beautiful case.
  • makeup mirror with LEDs - a practical product, widely used by representatives of the weaker sex. The mirror is folded into a little book. For applying makeup, it is completed with LED-lights,
  • photoepilator - a device designed to remove unwanted hair. Its action is based on the use of pulsed light technology. To improve the functionality of the photoepilator has a UV filter to protect the skin,
  • styler - A useful device, through which provides complete hair care. Included are tips for a smooth hairstyle, creating horizontal curls, increasing volume,
  • diamond vacuum peeling device - an innovative device designed to care for your face. It restores healthy skin color and removes impurities. Additionally, traces of acne are removed and pores are narrowed,
  • hair dryer - a functional device, which successfully combines a brush and a hairdryer. It is used for drying hair, curling hair ends and straightening hair from the roots.

A rotating disk is suitable for maintaining a beautiful figure. With it you can adjust the problem areas and make the waist thinner. If your girlfriend has problems with the figure, buy her a useful thing.

Do-it-yourself gifts for your best friend

If you like and are able to make beautiful products with your own hands, create a masterpiece for your girlfriend. This does not require large amounts of money. Here you can do with improvised materials.

We have great gift ideas for a girlfriend on her 20th birthday. They can make their own hands. Popular options include:

  • scent pad, inside of which are fragrant herbs: sage, lavender, mint,
  • Photo Framedecorated with beads, rhinestones, coffee beans, seashells,
  • a tasty cakecooked according to a special recipe
  • exclusive handbag, stitched from denim and decorated with stylish elements,
  • T-shirt with appliquedecorated in oriental style
  • slingbus, made of wooden beads, tied with thread,
  • natural soap with a pleasant scent in the shape of a rose,
  • necklacewhich is made of foamiran.

A close friend on the 20th anniversary can be handed a mug decorated with coffee beans. For the manufacture of such a gift you need a cup, hot glue, acrylic paint, thread and cotton pads. At the first stage, cotton pads are glued to the surface of the circle. Then the cup is wrapped with thread and covered with paint. At the last stage, coffee beans are used. They are glued so that no empty spots can be seen on the cup.

20 years is a holiday that your girlfriend is waiting for. To make the birthday party like the hero of the occasion, pick up a unique gift. Complement it with pleasant words that will give the person warm feelings. You can also make a slide show and show it to the girl, as well as all the guests present.

"My light, mirror, say ..."

In 20 years, girls are always beautiful. And the best option for a gift is to help the birthday girl to become even better. Another bonus of this age - you can wear everything, and it will be beautiful. When else can you wear plastic earrings or a business suit with sneakers, and at the same time it looks harmonious? They give a lot of time to appearance, so for a birthday you can choose this gift:

  • bright, fashion accessory (clutch, neckerchief, wallet),
  • jewelry (even jewelry, but also fashionable shiny, noticeable),

  • cosmetics (if you know what colors and brands the birthday girl likes),
  • certificate to the beauty salon (changing the image is a wonderful gift),
  • perfume (fragrance is a continuation of the image).
  • Surprise - so surprising!

    What to give a friend for 20 years, so that such a gift to her just remember? You can get together with your friends at midnight, when it's your birthday, call the birthday girl, call her to the window and launch colorful fireworks under the windows. After all, who said that celebrating is only worth the day, not the night of birth? And you can:

    • to announce that a beautiful girl has a birthday on her beloved radio,
    • have a surprise party
    • go to the new cinema with the effect of presence (many options - from 4DX to 7D),
    • buy concert tickets
    • buy certificates for courses, such as pottery, decoupage or painting on stained glass - even if this skill does not attract, soon the impression changes dramatically.

    Tip! The longer the time before the concert, the more pleasant the waiting for the event. Moreover, it is better to buy tickets for upcoming concerts of world stars in advance, otherwise you can go without them.

    Practical gifts - always "yes!"

    And they may not be expensive at all. A mug with the author’s humorous text, funny headphones for a mobile (tablet, other gadget) or a new book by a favorite author will deliver no less joy than expensive presents. You can give the following gifts for your birthday:

    1. certificate in the store of underwear (every girl will like it),
    2. certificate to your favorite clothing store or shoes (shopping is the best entertainment),
    3. a subscription to the fitness club (if the birthday girl had been gathering for a long time, but so far she has not even reached the reception),
    4. warm pajamas or slippers (even homemade things want to be not only warm, but also beautiful),

  • favorite book in the collector's edition (I want to reread such a thing again and again),
  • theater tickets (pleasure for the soul),
  • A new case for a mobile phone or tablet (or better, several to choose according to your mood).
  • a certificate for make-up courses or fashionable hairstyles (this is much better than watching master classes online, because a professional teacher will help you choose exactly those options that are best suited to the shape and type of face).
  • Flowers: to be or not to be?

    Sometimes girls wonder if there is nothing to give a friend for 20 years, but is it worth it to add flowers to a gift. Of course, a bouquet of 20 red roses looks luxurious. But you can use other, no less interesting ideas. For example, buy not traditional roses, but bright wildflowers or daisies, crocuses, tulips.

    Tip! Choosing flowers, you need to be sure that the birthday girl does not have allergies on them, otherwise the birthday can be spoiled.

    But you can give flowers in pots - flowering Saintpaulias or orchids will be a worthy alternative to garden flowers. Or even a citrus tree or crassula (the people still call it the money tree). So it will turn out and instill a love for home plants, if the birthday girl does not yet have its own flowers in the vases.

    Bouquets do not necessarily have to be from flowers. Why are only the compositions of small soft toys or, for example, sweet bouquets? They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also enjoy the tasting. Especially if the composition combines the candy that most loves the girl, whose birthday is celebrated.

    It will not be difficult to please a 20-year-old girl for a birthday, if choosing a gift is guided not by the cost, but by the emotional value of the gift.

    Natalia Andrushko

    Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website

    picture by numbers)))))))

    certificates to various shops, concert / theater tickets, the quest you can go together, just perfume / cosmetics

    picture by numbers)))))))

    Who gives perfume and cosmetics? A decent woman has her favorite fragrances and her own brand of creams, lipsticks, etc. I would not use unknown cosmetics. And if I was given what kind of perfume I got, I gave them away or sold them: why should I stifle what I don’t like.

    Who gives perfume and cosmetics? A decent woman has her favorite fragrances and her own brand of creams, lipsticks, etc. I would not use unknown cosmetics. And if I was given what kind of perfume I got, I gave them away or sold them: why should I stifle what I don't like.

    Give her a certificate in a large department store and do not worry. Only a single coupon for a large amount, and a few for small ones.

    Related topics

    I was given a certificate for Thai massage. It costs 1000-1500, like.
    Loved it.
    I advise)

    Who gives perfume and cosmetics? A decent woman has her favorite fragrances and her own brand of creams, lipsticks, etc. I would not use unknown cosmetics. And if I was given what kind of perfume I got, I gave them away or sold them: why should I stifle what I don’t like.

    I was given a certificate for Thai massage. It costs 1000-1500, like.
    Loved it.
    I advise)

    Give her a certificate in a large department store and do not worry. Only a single coupon for a large amount, and a few for small ones.

    Money! The best gift. And flowers, let him take pictures in instu

    Are you sure this is your girlfriend? If you ask strangers, I even gave my blouse, and she wears them, because I clearly know what styles, they like the color, I pretend to myself and although the figures do not quite look alike, I can figure out what it looks like. And, of course , I know what perfume she likes, what tone and firm lipstick and perfume prefers

    Who gives perfume and cosmetics? A decent woman has her favorite fragrances and her own brand of creams, lipsticks, etc. I would not use unknown cosmetics. And if I was given what kind of perfume I got, I gave them away or sold them: why should I stifle what I don't like.

    Who gives perfume and cosmetics? A decent woman has her favorite fragrances and her own brand of creams, lipsticks, etc. I would not use unknown cosmetics. And if I was given what kind of perfume I got, I gave them away or sold them: why should I stifle what I don't like.

    Author, money and flowers / candy. This is the best gift.

    I think you can give cosmetics, but well-known and branded. For example, Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, theBalm, HudaBeauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, beautyblender.
    Another good option would be to give adult coloring, rare sweets.

    The figure on the cupcakes can be changed http: //пироженка.рф/kapkeyki-sovershennoletie/ The set is quite versatile and fits your requirements :)

    Certificate for photoset or boutiques, lessons for something, a ticket to a concert or a show, also a certificate for massage, spa procedures, a makeup stylist for a hike, makeup. I'm not fussy at all, and I personally always welcome any gift. For 20 years I was given cool pajamas, a bag, cosmetics, flowers, and also often were given koshnlki and clutches. Addition to the gift will be-inflated figures 20, cupcakes, just balloons, a poster, horushki and fun! Well, here the choice will fall depending on the nature of your girlfriend.

    bag tablet leather women from bigbrown) I think will like

    Give a stylish bag. I bought in the online store Delivery is fast, quality exceeds the price! I was pleased!

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    Universal Gifts

    This kind of surprises will suit any girl of 20 years, because they will always be relevant.

    • Gifts for keeping fit and beauty. What girl in 20 years does not want to look attractive? And this can help her as a good makeup, and sports equipment. For example, a disk with a set of exercises, yoga mat, massager. To this category can be attributed subscriptions to a fitness club and certificates to a massage or SPA-salon.
    • Invite a girl to belly dance courses. It would be nice for a friend not only to feel like an oriental beauty, but also to burn those extra calories.
    • Certificate of cosmetics. If you have concerns about making a mistake when choosing cosmetics, it is better to present a certificate, using which the girl will be able to buy everything she wants.
    • Combs with an ionizer just will not lie idle if you give them to a friend for 20 years, because they have a positive effect on the body and are in great demand.
    • Set for a manicure is useful to any girl. It is advisable to choose a small set that a friend can always carry with them.
    • A stylish wallet is not just an item in which you can store money. It is a complete accessory, so you need to choose the most fashionable and original and present to a friend.
    • Cute clutch. Small women's handbag - a must-have addition to the image of a girl. When choosing a handbag, it is desirable to take into account the color preferences of a friend.
    • A small housekeeper is what is needed for girls who have difficulty finding keys in a large bag.
    • Umbrella - a gift that is always useful. It is better to give a small umbrella so that a friend can carry it in her purse.
    • Bedding - a gift is quite intimate, so you need to give it only to a close friend, relying on her tastes when choosing. It is desirable to select the material natural.
    • It is great to give a warm bathrobe to a friend who is freezing all the time. And you can supplement your friend's birthday gift with soft slippers and warm socks.

    With the most universal and desirable gifts, of course, are those that are associated with a person's hobby. Therefore, after analyzing your hobbies, you can find a suitable surprise.

    • Girlfriend likes to draw? It would be nice to give her an easel, a canvas or a drawing set for 20 years.
    • The girl photographer will appreciate the nice little things in the form of a lens cleaning kit, filters, or inexpensive accessories.
    • Book lovers can get new editions of popular authors or timeless classics.
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    Impression Gifts

    This type of gift can leave behind very strong and vivid emotions, which is especially important for girls of 20 years old, for whom such feelings are simply necessary.

    • The most popular surprise from this category is gift shopping. You can supplement shopping with an original, hand-made certificate, which will indicate the amount that a girl can count on.
    • It is unlikely that at least one person will be able to refuse if he is presented with a photo session from a professional photographer. This will not only ensure a good mood throughout the entire process, but also leave the memory in the form of beautiful photographs.
    • Riding will be a great experience not only for lovers of riding, but also for those who try it for the first time.
    • Does your girlfriend love extreme? In this case, a parachute jump - what you need!
    • Recently fashionable gifts are master classes. And if this is an invitation to an event related to a friend's passion, then such a surprise will have double value. These can be workshops on decoupage, drawing, cooking, etc.
    • Trips to another city, to the sea or to the mountains will give unforgettable impressions to a friend, therefore they will be especially appropriate as a surprise for 20 years.
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    Handmade gifts

    Such cute things, made by yourself, will bring more emotions and pleasure than any others, because they are created with special love and for a particular person.

    • You can give a friend for 20 years jewelry, handmade. By itself, this gift is original and unique, except for the presence of the second such thing from another woman. But the most remarkable effect is that every time, looking at this decoration, a friend will remember you. With all this, making jewelry is easy and not very expensive. The necessary materials for the creation of such jewelry can be both bought in a store or ordered online. And after that, to call for help all your imagination and create a masterpiece in the form, for example, of earrings in the shape of a butterfly, a cute bracelet or even a whole set consisting of beads, a ringlet and earrings.
    • A wonderful and useful option for a surprise is an aromatic pad, which can be presented even to the most capricious friend. Its size can be different, as well as the shape. First, a pattern is created, transferred to the fabric, after which it is cut and stitched. Ready "bag" is filled with any kind of herbs: sage, lavender, mint.
    • It's a good idea to give your friend a photo frame for 20 years, but not bought, but made by yourself. When creating such a gift, you can use any colors and materials, different types of pebbles, beads and ruches. The frames decorated with pieces of plastic cards or pictures will look especially original. However, it is desirable to stretch a dense fabric on the base of the product in order to strengthen it.
    • And if you give a friend a fashionable T-shirt with appliqué, the girl will definitely be delighted - such a gift is not only original, but also practical. Of course, you should not sew a T-shirt by hand, it is easier to buy it in any store. The main thing is to choose a thing in accordance with the fashionable preferences of the person. And after that, an application of any color is created, using beads, rhinestones, ruches and sewn on the fabric.
    • You can surprise a person in another way - to give a delicious cake. The recipe for this you can choose even the easiest. It is only advisable to first prepare such a dessert at home, in order to avoid mistakes when baking a cake for a gift to a friend.
    • For girls fashionable suit exclusive handbag made of denim and buttons. In addition, the handbag can be linked if you have the necessary skill.

    Gifts can be very different, most importantly, when choosing to take into account the character of a person and his hobbies. And if this girl is especially close to you, then there are hardly any doubts about giving a friend for 20 years. It is necessary only to remember that giving a gift should be with sincere feelings, and then the girl will be delighted even with the most uncomplicated gift.

    Gifts for beauty and health

    At a young age, any girl looks after her appearance, health and beauty. To help her, specially prepared gifts that can be found in different categories (cosmetology, home appliances, etc.) can support. What to look for in this case? Among the best options worth considering:

    • scales,
    • foot massage bath,
    • manicure set,
    • aroma lamp with a set of oils,
    • a book for writing recipes in the original design,
    • Thermocup (so that a friend can take her with her and keep warm on cold days).

    Taking care of the health of a young girl, you can offer her as a gift a purchased subscription to a fitness club, as well as:

    • certificate to a beauty salon (with a choice of available procedures),
    • several massages,
    • pool membership,
    • gift certificate for aerobics classes.

    All these gifts are among the best in order to keep the body in good shape and good mood.

    Useful gifts

    No matter how beautiful a gift to a friend for 20 years, it is better if it combines several advantages. The main one is its usefulness. On her twentieth birthday girl, most likely, is a university student. Then she will definitely like to get a gift:

    • diary
    • set of pens,
    • a set of blocks / notebooks,
    • new pencil case
    • alarm clock,
    • certificate to the bookstore,
    • original bookmark for the book (or the whole set),
    • pencil stand,
    • wall map of the world.

    Useful for a friend can be:

    • smartphone case
    • large wall calendar,
    • photo frame (where you can insert your joint photo in advance).

    If you do not take into account the scope of the young girl and just look for a useful gift that she would like, you can stop your choice on:

    • business card holder
    • housekeeper,
    • keychain (not to lose keys),
    • safe,
    • stand for laptop,
    • original mug
    • big mirror
    • decorative box for storing small items,
    • new headphones,
    • Usb drive

    Serious Gifts

    On the day that turns 20, a new responsibility appears. What to choose by analyzing the best gift options? The “serious” category will include:

    • beautiful rose bud from crystal,
    • florarium,
    • smart watch,
    • minicode for decorations
    • glowing plasma ball
    • vase in the Byzantine style,
    • An interesting book (“Women are legends” is perfect in this case or something similar),
    • woolen blanket

    To a serious category of gifts can also include technical devices. For example, good options in this case may be:

    • new tablet
    • MP3 player
    • eBook,
    • new phone,
    • netbook
    • a laptop.

    And various accessories for them.

    A gift to your friend

    A gift made by yourself and presented from the bottom of your heart really deserves attention and respect. What can you cook yourself? How to surprise a girlfriend on her birthday? Among the most leading options may be:

    • homemade postcard
    • knitted toy,
    • assembled puzzle,
    • painted picture
    • stained glass
    • embroidered picture
    • bracelet (or any other beaded jewelry),
    • hairpin,
    • Handmade soap.

    Perhaps the subject of a gift for a friend's birthday will be the result of some kind of hobby. For example, if there is a predisposition to sewing, you can give your friend a stitched thing. If it turns out well cooked, then the dishes of the holiday table will be even tastier and more appetizing. A soulful performance of a song or poem will be a good gift.

    Budget gifts

    How to be in a situation when you need to make a gift, but financial possibilities are limited? In this case, things will come to the rescue from the following list:

    • live flower in a jar
    • poster on the wall (favorite movies or heroes),
    • nail polish,
    • pomade,
    • wooden hair comb
    • little cosmetic bag
    • passport cover,
    • photo frame clock
    • pendant,
    • brooch,
    • suspension,
    • unusual pizza knife (there are many options)
    • pillow,
    • toy antistress.

    On the one hand, all these gifts will save money, on the other - they will certainly bring joy to the young girl.

    In addition to the chosen option for a friend's birthday, you should buy her a small bouquet. Bright, beautiful, fresh flowers will cheer up and charge you with positive energy for a long time.

    Surprise - so full!

    What to give your beloved friend for 20 years, so that the gift will be remembered by her for many years?

    You can gather all her good friends and acquaintances, and at midnight, on the birthday of a 20-year-old girlfriend, call her and launch bright fireworks through her windows. Moreover, no one forbade starting to celebrate at night.

    In addition, you can:

    • Congratulations on your favorite radio that your beautiful friend on this birthday and order her favorite song.
    • To arrange a festive party on the occasion of the anniversary.
    • Go to the water park or cinema with 4, 5 and 7D effects.
    • Buy a certificate for pottery or stained glass painting courses. Believe me, even if the girlfriend had no craving for this, the first classes will change everything and give you the opportunity to get a new hobby.
    • Order a professional photo session from a good photographer as a gift to your girlfriend. No one will refuse such a gift, because
    • If your girlfriend loves nature and animals, then there will be nothing better than a horse ride.
    • But if the girlfriend is still that extreme, then a parachute jump or a hang-glider flight will be the most unforgettable gift of all!

    Practicality - first of all!

    By the way, not always the girl wants something unusual, ephemeral.

    Sometimes she wants to get something as a gift. uses. Moreover, such gifts do not have to be expensive.

    Let's say it will be a mug with the author's text of congratulations, cool headphones or a new book of her favorite writer. Such gifts from the heart deliver no less joy than some expensive gifts.

    And you can donate this:

    • Certificate for the purchase of underwear (any girl will appreciate, because sometimes she simply doesn’t have enough money to buy such a bra or panties necessary for her wardrobe)
    • Certificate for the purchase of clothes or shoes in her favorite store (all girls love shopping)
    • A subscription to a fitness center (especially important for those who, because of the financial possibilities, simply cannot buy such a subscription, but really want to do it).
    • Warm pajamas or a terry robe. Such a gift will be practical, show how the birthday girl will be dear to you and will not lie on the shelf. And in addition, you can give beautiful slippers of the same color.
    • Favorite book from the collection edition will not leave indifferent a lover to read.
    • Ticket to the theater or concert e favorite band

    • A new case for a tablet / smartphone, or a laptop bag, if the birthday girl often has to take it with him.
    • Certificate of professional makeup, which the birthday girl will be able to visit before an important event or simply consult what type of makeup will be the most optimal for her face.
    • If your girlfriend was called Rapunzel more than once, then most likely she would like such a gift as a comb with an ionizer. These combs have a very positive effect on the body.
    • If you live in St. Petersburg or just in the area where it rains - the guest is frequent, then present a good umbrella to your friend. Of course, the umbrella cane will be stronger and more durable, but it is better to give a small umbrella so that it can be put in a handbag.

    Handmade: from heart to heart

    Among the gifts that we have sorted into categories, we can distinguish one unusual category - gifts made by hand.

    If you like to make something yourself or would like to try, then here is a small list of what a girl of 20 years would like to receive as a gift:

    DIY jewelry.

    As often happens, we like what is on sale in our city no or it is very expensive. Much better would be such a gift made by hand.

    Such a gift will be original, and every time a friend puts on this piece of jewelry, she will remember you. In this case, as a rule, jewelry is not very difficult to manufacture and accessories are not so expensive.

    And what to do - earrings in the form of a bee, a beautiful bracelet or even a whole set - it's up to you!


    If your girlfriend likes pleasant scents or for life in perpetual stress, then the next gift will be the very thing. This is a handmade aromapodushechka. You only need to choose a fabric, make patterns and cut the pieces for stitching.

    Fill the finished bag with fragrant soothing herbs: lavender, mint and sage.

    Photo Frame

    To create a memento, you can present a photo frame as a gift. Yes, not simple, but made by hand. On the Internet there are many workshops on the creation of such products that will benefit you. And in the frame you can insert a joint photo with a friend, and then the gift will be a symbol of your friendship only.

    You can give a sweet cake to a sweet tooth, and especially if it is a favorite birthday cake. Believe me, she will appreciate it!

    Flowers: everything about them and whether to give a friend?

    Often the girls wonder, but not about what to give a friend for 20 years, but is it worth it to attach a bouquet of flowers to the main gift.

    Of course, a gorgeous bouquet of 20 roses the color of Burgundy wine will delight the girl. But let's leave such gorgeous bouquets for her boyfriend.

    Favorite girlfriend can give beautiful wildflowers, or beautiful multi-colored tulips.

    And you can give flowers in pots - orchids or Saintpaulias will look gorgeous, and please the eye of a friend. And you can even give her an orange or lemon tree - to grow such a plant would be a pleasure and a kind of surprise.

    Bouquets do not have to be only from flowers. Because now so popular are bouquets of candy, toys.And they are not only pleasing to the eye, but also give pleasure from the sample.

    Especially if in such a composition will be the most favorite birthday candy.