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Frigidity in men - what it is and how


Many have heard of such a concept as frigidity in women. It is the representatives of the weaker sex who are credited with such a state of coldness, indifference to sex. But, no less rare is frigidity in men. In this case, the young man does not show, does not feel sexual desire. In medicine, male frigidity is called alibidemia. Increasingly, this pathology is diagnosed in men and women of middle and young age. Why it happens? And how to cope with this sexual disorder?

What is male alibidemia?

Male frigidity is a condition when sexual desire either decreases greatly or disappears altogether. Today, physicians are actively studying this problem. The concept of masculine frigidity is little known. But at the same time, there are more and more young people, married couples who show complaints of low sexual desire.

Because of stereotypical thinking, constraint, and bashfulness, most men experience the problem on their own. In the absence of timely assistance of a specialist, low sexual activity can lead to impotence, prostatitis, prostate adenoma. Doctors claim that alibidemia is not a sentence, and early stages are easily treated.

According to the degree of sexual activity, all men are divided into the following groups:

It is the first, with weak sexual activity, men suffer from frigidity. This may be a congenital feature, a genetic predisposition, or an acquired pathology. It is important to determine the root cause of the sexual disorder. With its elimination - the normal sexual life will be restored.

Causes of male frigidity

In most cases, all sexual disorders in men, especially of young age, are acquired. Genetic frigidity is rare. Approximately 2% of all cases of frigidity in men is a congenital abnormality. As a rule, such young people up to the age of 25-30 have no experience of sexual intercourse with a woman. At the same time, they do not even have a desire to masturbate. In other cases, there are clear reasons for frigidity.

Nervous tension

The modern rhythm of life daily exposes the nervous system to stressful situations. This is especially true for men. Stress awaits us everywhere: at work, at home, with friends. Constant nervous tension provokes temporary erectile dysfunction, and even frigidity. Also, the following factors can cause frigidity:

  • Insomnia,
  • Increased fatigue
  • Physical and mental fatigue,
  • Lack of proper rest,
  • Depression.

General health

There are psychological and physiological diseases of the male body, which can provoke frigidity in young people. Among psychiatric disorders, depression, neurosis, and schizophrenia lead to the loss of a male libido. And the organic reasons for the lack of sexual desire may be: diabetes, diseases of the genitourinary system in men, atherosclerosis, and alcoholism. To get rid of this kind of frigidity, in the first place, you need to cure the underlying disease.

Age changes

Male power can not be maintained throughout life. Already at the age of 40-45 years, there is a decline in sexual activity. The libido of such a man will be significantly lower than the young guy. But, to put an end to intimate life is not worth it. In the case of the development of frigidity due to age-related changes, the doctor may prescribe special drugs. They will resume sexual desire, increase potency. Simply ask for help from a specialist.

Congenital low sexual activity

There are cases when a man by nature has low sexual activity. This state does not give him discomfort. But, to show complaints about intimate life can a woman partner. In this situation, a qualified sex therapist can help cope with the problem so that both partners are as comfortable as possible.

The fate of women in male frigidity

Very often women are blamed for male frigidity. After a statistical survey, it was found that 60% of the surveyed married couples lose their sexual desire because of their long stays together. About 50% of men complain about the loss of the partner’s attractiveness, a change in her character, sexual inactivity.

A large number of men experience oppression, psychological trauma at work due to female leaders. Communication with successful, self-confident girls, careerists reduces self-esteem, the confidence of young people. Subsequently, this will lead to frigidity. Male frigidity is often accompanied by hormonal disorders. Thus, the level of endorphins and serotonin in the blood decreases. While maintaining a normal erection, the frigid man does not make love, but performs "marital duty." Relationship with his wife does not bring him pleasure.

How to treat male frigidity?

Of course, male frigidity must be treated. Fortunately, pathology is easily amenable to correction and therapy. Sexologists and urologists are engaged in the treatment of frigidity. It is important to remember that therapy should be comprehensive. In nature, there is no miracle pill, which in a moment will get rid of pathology. The work of not only men is important, but also his female partner. If the spouse will support her husband to help him in everything, sexual activity will resume very quickly.

A sexologist prescribes a treatment regimen for each patient individually. Depending on the signs of the disorder, moderate physical activity is required. Some men are assigned bed rest and care. Very often for the resumption of sexual activity and desire such measures are required:

  • Long vacation
  • Holidays by the sea,
  • Car tour of the protected area,
  • Holidays in the forest, ecologically clean area,
  • Extreme vacation.

On average, it is enough to go on vacation twice a year so that the frigidity does not overtake the man, does not return again. In this case, the nervous system receives a full rest, unloading. Positive emotions completely relieve a man from stress. And how to get these emotions every young man chooses himself. Someone enough to soak on the warm sand by the sea. And someone needs extreme sports in the form of skydiving.

Herbal healing baths have a positive effect. For their preparation, you can use the grass zamanihi, chamomile, lavender, nettle. Also, in order to prevent a decrease in libido, a sexologist may recommend taking herbal remedies, tinctures of ginseng root, zamaniha or Aralia. Take should be 20 drops three times a day. The course of such treatment lasts 1.5 months.

All men, both healthy and frigid, sexologists advise to regularly engage in sports. It is enough to visit the gym 2-3 times a week to maintain the hormones of the male body. Also, sport is a great way to relieve stress, get rid of stress after a hard day's work. To adjust the functions of the nervous system, to resume a healthy sleep, to help increase libido helps swimming.

Diet to get rid of frigidity

To preserve and exaggerate the male power, it is very important to eat right. The state of potency and libido is directly dependent on the quality of nutrition. Thus, the body of a young person should receive daily zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, a complex of vitamins to complete the work of the reproductive system. Therefore, in the daily menu should be present such products:

  • Nuts
  • Seafood,
  • Dairy products,
  • Honey,
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits,
  • Garlic,
  • Greenery,
  • Meat,
  • Chicken, quail eggs.

Prevention of male frigidity

Even if a man has not encountered such a pathology, it is important to follow preventive measures. So, doctors advise 2 times a year to undergo the procedure of vacuum massage. They are held in clinics, in private clinics, and at home. Massage will avoid stagnant processes in the pelvic organs, increase potency.

For the treatment and prevention of frigidity, it is equally important to bring color to the relationship with the spouse. It can be hikes on dates, as at the very beginning of a relationship. Also, go on a romantic trip together, change the atmosphere. If the first signs of a decrease in sexual desire have arisen for a man, it is advised to immerse yourself in your favorite work, hobby, and sport. Distraction to a class that brings pleasure, will resume the functions of the nervous system, therefore, the libido will also return.

As a prevention of frigidity, you can perform the following set of exercises:

  • Starting position is sitting on the floor. Legs and back should be leveled as much as possible. It is necessary to move forward with the help of berries, and flexion-extension of the legs.
  • The original position does not matter. A man should take the maximum breath. Breathing is delayed for 10-12 seconds, expanding the stomach. On the exhale, the abdomen as much as possible is drawn into itself. Run to 9-10 repetitions.
  • For the next exercise, you will need a small tennis ball. The man sits on the ball, clamps it with muscles located between the anus and the testicles. In this position, you need to get up and hold the ball for 5 minutes.

In this regard, I am always surprised by large families, which, moreover, are also disadvantaged. Husband, sometimes with his wife, drinks, rarely one of them works, at home - dirt, screams, swearing, a lot of children! And not a single complaint about the lack of potency! Can someone explain this fact?

Who would doubt: men blame women for their frigidity! And someone, at least sometime, asked how a woman reacts to the "aroma" of men's legs, sweaty, shaggy armpits, the smell of tobacco from her mouth. The section "How to treat male frigidity" finally killed me - a vacation 2 times a year, trips, rest, fresh air, sea. A wife, causing frigidity, will bring her husband on the road, print pies and stay at home with the children. End of the world!

This is a life without worries and troubles, lack of stress, pofigizm in life. Modern man hard career, lack of money, the achievement of a dream. From there and constant stress, nerves, lack of sleep. My husband had so much drinking Effex Tribulus, I tried not to worry him, I solved household problems myself. Massage did. Over time, things got better.

My husband does not have frigidity, rather erectile dysfunction. It all started in 2002. Most likely this is the result of stress and work behind the wheel - he works as a sales representative. Recently, an erection completely disappeared, can not and does not want sex. The doctor prescribed treatment, but for half a year the problem did not go away. I decided to try to treat with folk methods - I began to make compresses, gave broth. And recently, a neighbor advised me of eroprostane - she helped her husband from impotence. We have been treated this month already. An erection almost recovered. Felt beloved for the first time in the last year.

Other frigidity factors

Among the factors provoking the pathology are the following:

  • the presence of a physiological disease, which includes atherosclerotic vascular disease, diabetes, any urological pathology that can cause sexual indifference,
  • therapy with potent drugs
  • excessive drinking and substance abuse
  • systematic stressful situations and emotional stress
  • concomitant mental and nervous disorders (schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.),
  • depression (including seasonal),
  • age factor (reduced sexual desire as they grow),
  • the presence of a mental trauma that is related to the sexual sphere.

Less commonly, a decrease in libido is affected by trauma to the sexual organ, which is also associated with emotional experiences.

What symptoms characterize frigidity

The initial symptoms of frigidity in men are a gradual decrease in the desire for a partner, weakening of erection. The representative of the stronger sex quickly tired, especially after taking an alcoholic beverage. Emotional perception of sex changes: there is an uncertainty in providing a woman with comfort, amenities during sexual intercourse.

Such clinical manifestations can still be eliminated if treatment is started at this stage of the pathology. The doctor prescribes medication, increasing the potency, the use of erotic stimulants.

One of the unpleasant manifestations of male frigidity is not the lack of desire for sexual intercourse with a woman, but the lack of pleasure during it. A man has sex, but does not receive satisfaction. There is a lack of orgasms, leaving an erection a few minutes after the onset.

Due to a decrease in libido, the production of each male hormone decreases. Representatives of the stronger sex are predisposed to stressful situations, irritability increases, and a decrease in efficiency is observed.

An experienced sex therapist can determine the level of imbalance with the correct diagnosis and prescribe therapy. In many ways, the forecast affects the infusion of men. Not everyone wants to treat this condition, writing off a banal fatigue, which will soon pass. If you wish, you can get rid of the pathology. One benefit comes from the correction of physical activity, the other - the observance of passive rest.

In any case, the specifics of treatment are determined by the doctor individually.

How to treat

It is recommended to start the treatment of male pathology at the initial stage of sexual disorder. To this end, it is worth referring to a sex therapist, rather than prefer traditional means of therapy. Only a doctor can diagnose such a pathological condition.

How to treat a pathology depends on the reason that promotes the appearance of:

  • If the pathology has occurred against the background of a mental disorder, a stressful situation, prolonged depression, it is recommended to visit a psychologist or psychotherapist who will determine the method for correcting the emotional background,
  • if the pathology has occurred on the background of a violation of the regime of work and rest, it is recommended to bring back to normal, taking to sleep at least 7-8 hours, taking periodic breaks during the labor process,
  • in the complex, it is recommended to adhere to proper nutrition, to attend sports activities to maintain the body in physical form (this will normalize the production of sex hormones, which reduces the risk of intimate pathologies),
  • you should not turn away from your sexual partner, but you need to express desires, anxieties and problems in sexual terms,
  • It is forbidden to conduct therapy with drugs, in particular, untested, which cause an increase in libido (only a doctor should prescribe them).

Every physical problem in a person affects the mental state. Due to the weak emotional background of the representatives of the stronger sex (when compared with women), they suffer from pathologies associated with emotional disorders, more often.

When diagnosing frigidity at the initial stage of the course, correction of physical exertion, adherence to the correct diet, normalization of the mental state helps. At the advanced stage, therapy with special drugs, vitamin complexes, and massage is required.

At the stage when the pathology is accompanied by erectile dysfunction, psychotherapeutic sessions with a partner are useful.

What are the chances of recovery?

In most cases, male pathology is a favorable prognosis. In 95% of cases, when the recommendations of the attending physician are fulfilled, the person recovers: the sexual attraction to the woman recovers or rises to the maximum.

To prevent a decline in erectile function, it is important to adhere to some recommendations:

  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • adherence to work and rest,
  • balanced diet,
  • complete elimination of associated diseases that affect libido,
  • correction of psycho-emotional state.

What can lead to alibidemia?

Experts are sure: frigidity is not transmitted at the genetic level, and if such cases occur, they are extremely rare. But it should be borne in mind that not all men have sexuality (as well as temperament), by nature the same: it is weak, medium and strong. It is those who fall into the first category (and there are only 3%) who are usually subject to frigidity, although they look beautiful, successful, and interest the opposite sex.

But usually the loss of libido occurs due to external factors:

  1. Physiological diseases - urological, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc. lead to sexual indifference.
  2. Use of certain medications.
  3. Alcoholism and drug addiction.
  4. Regular stress, nervous tension.
  5. Schizophrenia and a number of other mental and nervous disorders.
  6. Depression.
  7. Old age - male power, unfortunately, fades away over time.
  8. Mental trauma, associative or directly related to the sexual sphere.
  9. Problems in relationships, fear of emotional intimacy.
  10. Injuries to the genitals.

Interesting research data of specialists who wanted to understand what causes alibidemia. Были опрошены половозрелые женатые мужчины, не имеющие интима. Результаты таковы:

  • 22% респондентов больше нравится смотреть фильмы для взрослых, чем заниматься сексом самим в реале,
  • 38% of the reasons for the lack of sex with spouses called the loss of former attractiveness last,
  • 44% do not want to engage in sexual intimacy with their second half, as they have a bad temper,
  • 48% do not have sexual intimacy, because they do not have the strength and money for it,
  • 68%, again, were accused of having no sex for their wives, since they do not show any activity in the process of copulation. Their passivity led to a loss of interest in sexual intercourse in general, since it did not bring pleasure to their husbands.

Such results can be called not only sad, but also strange, however, as they say, we have what we have!

Symptoms of frigidity in men (description)

Immediately it is worth making a reservation: it is impossible to name cases of episodic or temporary unwillingness to enter into an intimate relationship, even if this was repeated several times. The “culprits” of such episodes are more correctly considered as not corresponding to the preferences of the partner, or a feeling of boredom in the process of sex (this can also happen).

Frigidity is also not considered the absence of sexual activity in the family, if the husband experiences sexual attraction and the wife or other women, masturbates and gets pleasure from it. Here, rather, there are questions to his wife. But men themselves can be involved in the loss of interest in his wife to marital sex.

So a man should not panic, if he did not want sex once. Indeed, fatigue, feeling unwell, quarrels can be implicated in one-off reluctance. However, when such "bells" appear again and again, that is a reason to think.

As a rule, the symptoms of alibidemia are barely noticeable at first, but they grow like a snowball:

  • interest in sexual intercourse disappears, causing erectile dysfunction during foreplay or already in the process of sex,
  • due to a weak erection, over time, self-doubt and fear of illness begin to appear,
  • sexual intimacy is not a pleasure, it becomes a heavy duty, stress,
  • mechanical sex is not fun, which leads to the absence of orgasm,
  • a decrease in libido leads to a decrease in the production of the hormone testosterone, irritability, bad mood, performance decreases to “no”,
  • that it is necessary to have sex, it strains, it can even cause panic,
  • there is dislike for the sexual partner.

The disappearance of desire reduces the quality of life of a man, therefore, if he has the above mentioned signs, it is necessary to consult a sexologist or sexologist of our Center. Only a professional will correctly diagnose and develop treatment tactics.

Remember that alibidemia, although it can be treated at any stage, is better not to postpone the visit to the doctor “for later”. As for self-treatment, this is a very bad idea, as is the case with other diseases - it will not help, but only exacerbate the problem.

Nuances of treatment

First of all, the specialist finds out the causes of male frigidity, which must be eliminated. It depends on them the methods that are used to get rid of sexual dysfunction. Also takes into account the lifestyle.

In the presence of alibidemia, the consequence of which was a somatic disease, then its treatment is in the first place, and only then everything else.

If the problem arose in an elderly person, then special preparations that enhance the potency, of which there are now quite a lot, will help bring in new colors to his sex life and bring back his old strength. Which of them to take, the doctor will prompt, based on the individual characteristics of the patient. Possessing low libido men, too, is suitable such tactics.

In addition to drugs, to eliminate male frigidity in the forces of phytostimulants: lemongrass and Eleutherococcus. Good results are demonstrated by mummy, as well as phytohormones and various vitamins.

Drug addicts and alcoholics who complain about alibidemia should first of all get rid of their addictions - sometimes this is quite enough to restore male power.

Nervous frigidity will help to cope with active sports, relieving tension, a favorite activity, avoiding stress, long walks in the fresh air, physical work, yoga, changing the situation, good rest away from worries. However, all this is shown to other men suffering from alibidemia.

Methods of treatment are selected strictly individually. Quite often, a psychiatrist is involved, who has his own “arsenal” of means. He will help the patient to cope with stress, to understand himself, to find harmony with himself.

Psychologists believe that sexual imbalance can be the cause of a failure that occurred in a representative of a strong half of humanity when they are immersed in work. It is enough to distract from her, and to pay more attention to the family, to arrange a romantic trip or dinner for your soul mate, that is, to revive old feelings. Experts say that quite often such measures allow you to quickly return to normal and restore normal sex life without any pills.

In severe stages of frigidity, which is already accompanied by erectile dysfunction, joint psychotherapy helps well. In this case, both partners are present in the session.


To avoid sexual dysfunction, we advise you to follow these expert recommendations:

  1. Special attention should be paid to food. Products such as meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts, milk should be included in the diet of men.
  2. Carry out 2 times a year vacuum massage.
  3. Many walk, play sports, keep yourself in good physical shape.
  4. Fully relax every day.
  5. Use dietary supplements (nutritional supplements) and vitamins.
  6. It is easier to respond to stressful situations, and if you can not avoid them, do not take them to heart.
  7. Do not take libido-enhancing drugs without consulting a doctor.
  8. Do not have bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs).
  9. He is in close spiritual contact with a partner, talking about problems, anxieties, everyday life, desires.

Men need to remember that problems in sexual life have a huge impact on him, and, above all, on his psyche. No need to be shy and nervous when they appear - the beginning of treatment at an early stage will allow you to get rid of it faster.

Why does

Frigidity in men can occur at any age, be transient in nature or be a constant, growing in time condition. The causes of development are associated with many factors, two are considered the main reasons. It:

  • Genetically determined low sexuality.
  • Acquired reduction in male sexual activity.

Not all men are born to be Lovelace and "macho." Nature has rewarded with different sexual energy, which can be both strong, moderate, and weak. This does not affect the external manifestations of masculinity. This is about 3% of men who, at the age of 25 years, have no experience with women, do not masturbate, and are not interested in the opposite sex. Transient causes can be in this case, strict education, stay in the same-sex team (military schools, seminaries).

Later attempts at sexual intercourse have different outcomes - from normal relationships to their complete denial. A man with a weak sexual energy can be quite successful in work, life, marriage. His rare bursts of sexual desire are enough to reproduce offspring.

Satisfaction with the sexual life of such an event depends largely on the partner. If her temperament is close or corresponds to frigidity, then complete satisfaction with the situation is possible.

Lack of sexual desire, the desire to have children provoke such partners to artificial insemination or adoption. A high degree of sexual activity of the partner causes conflict situations, becomes the reason for marital infidelity, the breakup of marriage.

Male frigidity is not associated with diseases of the genital organs. A person may be satisfied with sexual intercourse. He does not want to initiate them, or the need for contacts is sharply reduced. Long sexual abstinence in the presence of attraction (celibacy - the vow of celibacy, barracks conditions of military service) are not referred to male frigidity.

Frigidity may be due to genetic factors.

How to acquire and manifestations

The most common cause of frigidity men are stress. They can accompany a person for life. Low resistance of the nervous system to stress leads to impaired sexual function. Sources of stress:

  • Labor activity.
  • Negative experience with the opposite sex.

Work for a man is a factor of self-assertion, self-realization. Taking all the time, thoughts, forces, she leaves no chance for full sexual activity. This is observed when a man has an average level of sexual energy. Even with a high level of sexuality, it is rather difficult to withstand constant, working stressful situations. There is so little strength left that “inspiration” for feats with a lady is visited less and less.

Unmarried and family men react differently to such situations. A convinced bachelor may not notice the appearance of libido disorders. The family man becomes the object of attention of the spouse, often experiencing dissatisfaction with the husband's passivity in bed. Certain cases of impotence (situational impotence) are increasing. Honest explanations are not always accepted as truth, tensions appear in the relationship.

Making attempts to relax, men resort to the help of alcohol, drugs, stimulants of sexual function. These measures further deplete the nervous system, require increasing doses. So provoke the development of alcoholism, the use of stimulants sexual function. The result of such actions is formed gynecophobia (fear of women) or disgust. Very rarely, the causes of male frigidity are:

  • Mental illness (schizophrenia, depression).
  • Elderly age.

Mental diseases are treated, however, long and hard. The period of remission (subsidence of symptoms) may be accompanied by normalization of libido. Older age is not the cause of the termination of sexual relations. Prolonged abstinence at this age is the cause of impotence, frigidity, and the development of depression. Treatment can help a sexologist with the choice of suitable drugs.

Most often, frigidity in men occurs on the basis of stress.

Why are women to blame

Many authors believe that women in married couples are the cause of the development of frigidity partner. Polls clarify that more than 60% of spouses lose interest in sex because of the passive attitude of partners. About 40% associated with the unattractiveness of women, which appeared during the period of living together. Most of the men surveyed receive severe psychological trauma, communicating with successful, confident, attractive women at work.

Successful business activity of women, their emancipation traumatize the psyche of men that attract, but force to suppress the desire. Domestic nagging, constant criticism, dissatisfaction with the spouse are a contrast that does not improve well-being. According to the observations of sexologists, the symptoms of situational impotence disappear in 90% of cases after erotic stimulation. Even with a sufficient erection, the frigid partner "performs duty" mechanically, without enjoying the process.

Symptoms of frigidity are accompanied by hormonal changes. The level of serotonin and blood endorphins decreases. The mood is constantly reduced, life prospects, according to the descriptions, are bleak. Symptoms decrease testosterone production - muscle weakness, lethargy, muscle atrophy. The level of performance, dedication associated with the concentration of testosterone, progressively reduced.

How to help

This list of unpleasant symptoms of male frigidity implies a mandatory appeal to a sexologist. Only he can evaluate the symptoms professionally, help with the right treatment. In all cases, we must remember that the "magic pill" that alters the symptoms during treatment does not exist. It is necessary to make maximum efforts to treat both partners. If a loving woman accompanies a man through life, the success of the treatment is assured.

If symptoms of frigidity are observed, it is worth referring to a sexologist.

The sexologist chooses an individual mode of physical activity, taking into account the symptoms, the causes of frigidity. Some men need bed rest for several days, sensitive care, good nutrition. Subsequently, they are recommended frequent breaks from work or long vacations with a change of atmosphere. Rare advice is a change of activity or place of work. Other men need active rest, sometimes extreme.

There are many types of extreme “treatment”. It is necessary to choose what is in the interests of the patient. For example, long car trips to natural reserve areas. Not bad, if the spouses are involved in this treatment at the same time. Some people have enough of the sunny coast of any sea with a good cuisine twice a year, when the symptoms of depression disappear as a reason for the decrease in libido.

Men to unconventional ways of recreation (hunting, fishing). Some people are familiar with the Altai panto-treatment centers near Biysk, Belokurikha, where in the July-August season they are treated with baths of red horns. The results of such treatment inspire the repetition of procedures annually. Often the symptoms of impotence, frigidity disappear for 6-9 months.

A sexologist may prescribe phytostimulants - eleutherococcus, devil, aralia. Tinctures of these drugs are prescribed by a doctor for 10-30 drops three times a day. The duration of admission is usually 1-1.5 months, after which they take a month break, resume admission. Twice a year, a vacuum massage is recommended for a man.

In the process of treatment, the sexologist advises to refresh the relationship with romantic memories or new details. You can always increase your libido if you want. All treatment is reminiscent of sports training moments with different levels of success in sex, which any person achieves if he does not want to give up.

Men's frigidity: how and what to treat

It is not only possible, but necessary, to treat male frigidity.

After the causes of frigidity have been clarified, they should be addressed.

To begin with, a man should get rid of stress, try to find harmony with himself.

Yoga, sports, walking and other physical activities can help in this.

Also, it will be useful to change the situation, for example, a vacation or a weekend in the country.

Treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor! Improper self-medication can only aggravate the problem.

However, in addition to drug treatment, there are also natural remedies for facilitating and eliminating male frigidity. One of the most popular phytostimulants used for this problem is Eleutherococcus and Schizandra.

It is also recommended to take vitamins (for example, Vitrum) and phytohormones for men. To cope with the male frigidity will help and reception mummy.

No wonder they say "You are what you eat." A man who wants even the word "frigid" to fall out of his vocabulary should carefully monitor his diet. In the men's diet must be present nuts, dairy and meat products, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits.

If we talk about the procedures, then every six months, experts recommend attending a vacuum massage for the prevention and treatment of frigidity. This procedure allows you to maintain the overall sexual tone of men.

In order to get rid of male frigidity, it is also worth refreshing your relationship with your partner, for example, to arrange a romantic evening or offer to implement long-standing sexual fantasies. Sexual stimulation will also be worthwhile: long foreplay, erotic massage, erotic films in combination, aromatherapy and much more.

Possible complications and prevention of male frigidity

Male frigidity, like any other disease, if you run it, gives complications. In this case, they will be more psychological than physical, but this does not make them less dangerous for men.

Frigidity makes a man lose confidence in himself, and this inevitably affects his career, character and communication. He becomes irritable, hot-tempered, experiencing constant stress.

If a man is frigid for a long time, he may begin to be afraid of the opposite sex. This fear is also found in people without problems in the sexual sphere, but frigidity can be its main cause.

Exercises for the prevention and treatment of male frigidity

  • Take a deep breath, swelling up your belly as much as possible, hold your breath for 12 seconds. Exhale by pulling in the belly. Repeat 9 times.
  • Sit on the floor, legs and back straight. Move forward, simultaneously bending and bending your legs.
  • Circular movements of the legs, while clenching the buttocks with his hands. Repeat for each leg 10 times.
  • This exercise will require a tennis ball. Sit on it, clamp it in the gap between the testicles and the anus, stand up. The ball must be held for five minutes.
  • Данное упражнение следует делать на твердой поверхности. Необходимо из положения лежа поднять таз и ноги таким образом, чтобы нагрузка была на шейном отделе. Поддерживайте себя руками и оставайтесь в таком положении в течение трех минут.

Немного статистики

Специалисты провели исследования, чтобы лучше понять причины мужской фригидности. The target audience were those men who are married, but do not lead a sex life.

  • 68% of previously active men who chose a passive partner for marriage lost interest in sex as such, saying that it does not bring them pleasure.
  • 48% stopped having sex because they do not have enough strength or finances.
  • 44% of men stopped experiencing sex, explaining that their wives have a bad temper.
  • 38% no longer have sex with their wives because they have become unattractive.
  • 22% prefer adult films to real coitus.

What it is?

Frigidity - the complete absence or reduction of sexual desire. At present, this term is considered obsolete, a new word, hypolibidemia, has appeared instead. But the essence remains the same - this is a problem of a sexual nature, which has many reasons and, accordingly, many solutions.

First of all, it is worth knowing that masculine frigidity is a very frequent phenomenon, though not as advertised as feminine. Most men because of shyness, education or fear of being ridiculed, do not talk about such things to anyone and do not consider it necessary to contact the specialists.

There are many clichés that begin with the words “a man must,” and here the most painful moment is precisely sex: a man must always want and always be able to. No, it should not! Frigidity is not a sentence, but an incentive to constructive action.

Jean Michael Biho

How not to miss a moment

Every man has different desires and possibilities: the number, frequency and duration of sexual acts - there is not and there can not be an established norm. Therefore, it is not always easy to notice when changes begin. People tend to deny the problem, and this is where stress, problems at work, the wrong partner, stomach aches and other pretexts come to the rescue. In the end, changes in libido cause fear and fear that all this may result in impotence.

The terrible word "impotence"

Impotence and frigidity: where is the line? These two terms have much in common:

  1. Both disorders are sexual dysfunction.
  2. In both cases, the cause may be both a psychological factor and a somatic illness.
  3. Both diseases can subsequently cause fear of sex or hostility to sexual intercourse.

The most important difference is that frigidity is the reluctance of sexual intercourse, sometimes even with an erection, and impotence is the absence of an erection even with the desire for sex.

Fact! In some cases, impotence is irreversible, while men's frigidity can be treated.

Jean Michael Biho

Provocateurs frigidity

There is no need to panic and look for a problem at the first reluctance of sex. There are temporary factors, such as severe physical fatigue or a quarrel with a partner. But if the lack of sexual attraction becomes permanent - it's time to think about the source of the problem.

There is no universal reason for pathology, but one can identify the main groups of prerequisites:

  1. Stress becomes a prerequisite for a huge number of diseases With regular stressful situations, the body gets tired of nervous tension and tries to protect itself from any, even positive emotions, including sex.
  2. Health problems. Mental, physical illnesses and medications can cause a decrease in craving. Alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and diabetes mellitus are particularly strong.
  3. Genetics. A small number of men have less sexual desire than the average. This rare form of frigidity, which occurs in about 3% of the male population and is also treatable.
  4. Mental injury. Any psychologically traumatic event, explicitly or associatively related to the sexual sphere, can cause a decrease or a shift in libido. The trauma can be fresh or activated by conscious or unconscious associations with the past.
  5. Relationship problems. It can be a relationship with a particular person or a close relationship in general. Very often, the cause of frigidity (in men and women) is the fear of emotional intimacy.

Do not confuse frigidity with the temporary or episodic reluctance of sex, even if it appears repeatedly. The cause of sexual dysfunction may be a feeling of boredom during sex or the choice of a partner not in accordance with their true preferences.

Nuance! Lack of sex in the family is not an indicator of frigidity, provided that the man has sexual attraction to his wife and / or other people, and he enjoys masturbation.

Jean Michael Biho

Signals and Symptoms

Symptoms, like causes, may be different. In most cases, the symptoms appear incrementally:

  1. For any of the reasons, interest in sexual intercourse is lost, sometimes it provokes erectile dysfunction before or during intercourse.
  2. Further, there is self-doubt and fear of the disease.
  3. Sex gradually ceases to give pleasure and becomes a duty, orgasm disappears.
  4. The need for sexual intercourse causes nervous tension, in rare cases - panic.

It is important to catch the moment in time and take action. Frigidity is treated at any stage, but the sooner it is noticed, the more unpleasant consequences can be avoided.

In severe cases, the reluctance of sex entails dislike for the sexual partner and intimacy with him.

Jean Michael Biho

How to treat?

In the event of anxiety symptoms, the main thing is to pay attention to them and recognize the existence of a problem. There is no one right decision, but there is one right advice: the help of a specialist is needed. Frigidity diagnoses only a doctor!

Self-treatment and attachment of the plantain to the penis at best does not help, at worst - harm.

Jean Michael Biho

Universal prevention methods

First of all, you should avoid the causes of frigidity:

  1. It is impossible to completely remove stressful situations from everyday life, but you can learn to respond more flexibly to them.
  2. It is necessary to accustom yourself to a full daily rest, make adjustments to the diet and, if possible, keep the body in good physical shape. The normal production of male sex hormones is the prevention of disorders in the intimate sphere.
  3. It is important not to lose contact with your partner, talk about desires, anxieties and problems.
  4. You can not use drugs and, especially, untested means to increase libido without consulting a doctor.

Physical problems in sexual life have a great influence on the human psyche, this is especially pronounced in men. Do not forget about it!

Jean Michael Biho

What is included in the treatment

A professional sex therapist diagnoses the disease and prescribes an individual course of treatment. For the initial stage, these may simply be self-care recommendations: exercise, a special diet, and so on. In more severe cases, special preparations, vitamins, massage are connected. At that stage of frigidity, when erectile dysfunction has already arisen, psychotherapy with a partner gives a good result.

Questions from readers

Psychologist Vasilisa Rusakov and sex coach Evgenia Surgutskaya helped readers answer some of their troubling questions.

Question: Can sexual abuse experienced in childhood cause frigidity?

Evgenia: Violence is always stress. In most cases, violence experienced in childhood is the cause of mental problems, such as aversion to sexual intercourse or to any sexual intimacy. Unwillingness to have sex is a natural reaction to violence at any age. In such cases, psychological help is needed to eliminate the root cause of frigidity.

Vasilisa: Yes, of course. Experienced in childhood sexual abuse affects the development of sexuality, determines the characteristics of this sphere. Depending on how the psyche copes with traumatic experience, the consequences of sexual abuse can be expressed in the following states:

  • bias sexual attraction to certain objects instead of sexual intercourse (fetishism),
  • to safer forms of sexual intercourse - like attraction to children or animals (pedophilia and bestiality),
  • on sexual pleasure from cruelty (sadism, sadomasochism),
  • in the sense of fear of sex reaching panic attacks,
  • in large-scale repression of sexuality with the lack of a pronounced attraction to someone or something, including the absence of masturbation (asexuality).

Sexual abuse experienced in childhood is always a serious psychological trauma that inevitably affects the development of the individual as a whole. Regardless of how much time has passed since the rape and whether it was a one-time act or a long-term trauma, the consequences can be corrected in psychotherapy. Of course, the earlier you go to a specialist, the more effective the therapy will be.

Question: Does the course of treatment make sense if you aim to get rid of it? (Anon, please)

Evgenia: The course of treatment is always individual. The duration of the course depends on the degree of frigidity, its causes, as well as the susceptibility and adequacy of the patient. If you go to a doctor at the initial stage, when the first symptoms appear, the first results may appear after a few days.

Jean Michael Biho

Question: What is asexuality? If I never want sex at all - is this normal?

Vasilisa: What is “normal”? If you ask if asexuality is different from other people - yes, it does. If you ask if you are sick - rather, no, you are healthy. If you never want sex at all and do not suffer from it, then this can hardly be called a disease.

This is your individuality, an important part of the personality that deserves respect. While socially, asexuality certainly delivers some inconvenience in finding a partner or partner for close relationships, as well as how the environment responds to your orientation.

And if this all becomes a real problem, then you can work with sexual attraction in psychotherapy, find out the underlying causes of asexuality and work through them. Especially it makes sense, if there is, for example, the pleasure of masturbation, but there is no attraction to people. That is, if sexuality is not completely absent, but only partially repressed or displaced.

Question: What if I take sex as a problem? My girlfriend loves me, I love her, but I feel good without sex, and she needs him. What do i do? I do not want to torment her and do not want to leave.

Vasilisa: First option: to find some kind of utilitarian solution that will suit both of you: for example, a form of sexual contact, during which intercourse does not occur, but a girl can enjoy it (variety of modern sex toys is amazing, by the way).

The second option is if you are ready for serious work on yourself and to psychological changes for the sake of maintaining relationships, then you can turn to a sexologist, psychologist or psychotherapist, try to find out the reason for lack of interest in sex and "fix" your libido.

In any case, it is very important to maintain honest and open communication with the girl - to talk about what is happening between you, what feelings arise, what solutions can be. Parting is only one of many ways to solve a problem, so you have every chance, the main thing is not to ignore your needs and hear each other.