Name Day Rimma


Rima is always an early child, she is ahead of her peers in development, she learns everything early. Often she goes to music or sports clubs, as she is gifted with musical abilities and has an unusually flexible and plastic body. Has success in school, and in the future holds a high position. Rimma knows how to find an approach to different people, knows when and what to say. It may also indicate to a person his faults.

She is looking for a man who would be different from the rest. Rima is very attractive, so the best men are drawn to her. However, her man will approach, who will love her a lot and close her eyes to some of her whims and whims. After getting married, Rimma is not distinguished by special devotion and loyalty. She skillfully cheats on her husband, but he never knows about it. Therefore, her family is always strong. There are conflicts in her family, but almost always she is the initiator of a quarrel. True, Rimma's husband quickly forgives her and does not know how to be angry with her for a long time, since he loves her.

Fate: Rimma is a very rational and practical woman, all shouldering. In the work of a few stiff, scrupulous, from those who trust, but always checks. This helps Rimma avoid many mistakes and losses.

The Saints: Rimma the Martyr (name day 2 February and 3 July).

Congratulations Rimma with name day

Happy angel, Rimma, happy holiday!
Let the Guardian Angel take care of you
Give you let the best gift -
Let the boundless happiness he bring.

Let them appreciate you and let them respect you
Let the sun of good luck warm you with warmth
Let your eyes shine brightly with happiness
Let your home be cozy and bright!

Our favorite Rimma!
You are a sample of a real woman: beautiful, loving, responsive. We wish you to meet a worthy life partner who will make you even brighter and happier. Good luck in everything! Happy Angel's Day!

Origin and Characteristic
behalf of Rimma

Today, Angel Days is celebrated with 11 names:
10 males and 1 females

Angel's Day of Rimma

From the Latin language - comes from the name of the city of Rome. Perhaps the female form of the male name Rimen, among the Slavs, Roman. In general, the Christian history says that the name Rimma was originally masculine and only by misunderstanding became female. Named Rimma 2 times a year.

Since childhood, Rimma has a stubborn and wayward character. She absolutely does not appreciate the opinions and efforts of her parents; she is convinced that they must fulfill all her whims. The desired Rimma can seek scandals and tantrums, endless insults. She will not back down until she gets her way.

To study Rimma does not show much enthusiasm. Learning to her is boring, annoying demands of teachers. It is better to take up some responsible business, take part in a concert or competition. Rimma loves to be the center of attention. She is beautifully gifted: she reads poetry with expression, sings, dances. Rimma always expects praise and encouragement for demonstrating her talents, otherwise she can harbor an insult. Despite the lack of interest in the learning process itself, Rimma is very jealous of his grades.

Adult Rima - observant, selfish and proud. She has a sophisticated sharp mind and unsurpassed talent to “see” human weaknesses. Rimma skillfully manipulates these weaknesses in order to achieve his goals. She always knows how, to whom and what to say. In any situation, Rimma will figure out how to benefit. She is extremely cunning, persevering, quick-witted and lives exclusively for herself. Rimma works with colossal energy, instantly delves into the essence of the matter and makes a permanent decision. To shake her opinion is impossible: she simply does not hear others, her word is “ultimate truth”, and that’s the point.

Rimma does not organically transfer critical remarks to his address. Own failures can thoroughly knock it out of a rut. Mistakes make her angry, blunders annoy her. Rimma is extremely hot-tempered, though she calms down quickly enough. With colleagues at work, she keeps even, but somewhat detached. God forbid hurt Rimma's pride! You will not acquire a more vindictive, intolerant, caustic and intelligent enemy. Rimma will perfectly prove himself as an employee of trade, transport, economy, technical industry, communications. Rimma is able to achieve success very quickly.