How to transport a newborn in the car from the hospital


  • How to carry a child from the hospital
  • How to meet mother and baby on discharge from the hospital
  • How can you carry a baby
  • - car seat:
  • - insert for babies,
  • - avtolyulka,
  • - the envelope,
  • - a blanket,
  • - 2 undershirts,
  • - blouse,
  • - pampers
  • - 2 diapers,
  • - sliders.

If a woman feels not very well, then you need to carry the baby in the car seat, even for a very short distance. A chair or a cradle can be asked from friends, and in large cities you can even rent it if you are not going to use it often in the future.

Sometimes babies are taken from the hospital in the basket from the stroller, which is placed in the back seat. This is not the safest way.

How to prepare for the first trip of the child in the car

According to the established tradition, relatives from the maternity hospital are transported to their homes by relatives in cars or by taxi. Rules for the carriage of children in a car require the presence of a child restraint. No need to think that this does not apply to newborn babies. Many people think that it is enough that mommy or another family member will hold the child tightly in her arms during the trip, this is wrong and faces a fine of 3,000 rubles. Carry a newborn from the hospital should be strictly in the car seat or a special cradle.

In addition to the special cradle, you need to prepare something else to make the crumbs comfortable:

  • Clothing for the newborn, appropriate to the season and comfortable to use with the car seat.
  • Protective curtains on the windows of the car, so that the sun does not shine in the eyes and did not prevent the child from sleeping.
  • Air freshener for the salon with a neutral smell. Harsh aromas can cause allergies in a child.
  • It is better to wash the car in advance and, if necessary, to dry-clean the cabin. Dry cleaning is done a few days before the discharge of the mother with the baby, so that there is an opportunity to properly ventilate the interior.

How can you transport the newborn in the car?

With the question of how to transport the newborn in the car from the hospital, parents face almost a few days after the birth of the baby. Most often, moms and dads believe that the most secure and convenient way is to be in the hands of a mom who is sitting in the back seat of a car. In fact, this is far from the case: in any emergency, the life of a baby during such transportation will be threatened, because it is very difficult to keep a small bundle in hand, when the mass of both mothers and babies will increase many times during an abrupt stop.

All experts in the field of safety and pediatricians agree that before transporting a newborn in a car, it should be placed either perpendicularly or back while moving. It is in this position that the negative impact on the baby’s body will be minimal. In addition, to transport the newborn, you must purchase special accessories. Best suited for this:

  1. Avtolyulki, they are suitable from birth to six months.
  2. Car seats to transport newborns will need to set a certain angle of inclination and use special liners.
  3. The carriage car seat will allow not only to transport a baby in a car, but also it is convenient to convey or take it to the car.
  4. The cradle of the transformer stroller or the carrycot is not the best option for transporting the newborn in the car, but it will still be better than on the hands.

Consider each of these options in more detail.

How to transport a newborn in a car using a carrier

With this option, the baby is transported lying, perpendicular to the movement of the car, so the fragile vertebrae and cervix are less affected by potholes on the roads and stops near the traffic lights. The avtolyulka itself is securely fastened to the back seat of the car with the help of standard seat belts, and the newborn is additionally fixed with built-in straps to the cradle itself. The advantages of using avtolyulek:

  • in the prone position, the baby is able to breathe fully,
  • the newborn shakes less and he falls asleep better while moving.

The disadvantages avtolyulek include:

  • safety parameters are slightly lower than those of the corresponding age category of car seats,
  • the big sizes, the autolumber will take practically all back seat of the car.

Often, manufacturers of wheelchairs equip removable cradles with special attachments in order to transport them in the car. However, such models, as a rule, are inferior in strength to their specialized counterparts, therefore, their use is better to refuse.

How to transport a newborn baby in the car using the car seat

In order to properly transport a newborn baby in a car in a car seat, it should be set at 30-45 degrees against the travel. To do this, you can use the usual car safety belts or reliable Izofiks fastening. Very often, parents worry that serious load will affect the spine of their offspring in the car seat. In fact, in the position at an angle of 40-45 degrees, the risk of a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system of the baby is minimal.

The main advantages of car seats for transportation of newborns:

  • provide better protection of the crumbs during a frontal impact, the body of the baby is affected by smaller loads,
  • occupy less space in the car,
  • You can transport a crumb for a longer time until the baby grows out of it completely.

However, there are also disadvantages to car seats:

  • with improper installation, the baby may have breathing problems,
  • experts say that in order to transport a newborn baby without consequences for its health, you need to try to keep within an hour and a half,
  • for the smallest, you need to use extras to support the head: rollers, rolls of towels.

How to carry a baby in the car with the help of a pushchair car seat or carrying cradle

The stroller car seat is attached with the help of standard seat belts in the same way as a regular car seat for the smallest. However, some models, such as Vinng FooFoo, have a special liner in order to transport newborns. The advantage of such models is that it will be very convenient to put a sleeping child in the car, pick it up, push the wheels and roll it like a pram next to you. To find out all the advantages of car seats, read a comparative review of the two most popular models.

Carriers carry can only serve as a temporary replacement for car seats or car seats, and constantly using them will be very dangerous for the health of the crumbs. They are absolutely not intended for this.

Thus, the child car seat can be considered the safest means to transport a newborn in a car according to the rules. However, provided that it is set at an angle from 30 to 45 degrees and is equipped with special rollers or liners for newborns.

Car seat or cradle?

When choosing a holding device for the baby, you need to decide on the model. There are three options:

  • The car seat 0/0 + / I / II is suitable from birth to 18, 25 or 36 kg.
  • Car seat 0+ from birth to 10 or 13 kg.
  • Car carrier 0+ used from birth to 7-8 months.

The choice is not simple, because you want to ensure the comfort and safety of the child, as well as to purchase a functional thing that will last as long as possible. It is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of each model to finally decide.

Car seat 0/0 + / I / II

  • Most of the models are equipped with an IsoFix system that provides a good degree of security.
  • Can be used from birth to 3-5 years depending on the model and size of the child.
  • Many models have a table, stand for legs, orthopedic back and many other options for the convenience of crumbs.

  • The chair is not removable. The baby will have to be carried to the car.
  • Most quality models are quite expensive.

Car seat 0+

  • Convenient to use as a carry.
  • Can be used at home as a rocking chair.
  • Many of these car seats have adapters for the chassis of the wheelchairs of the respective firms. That is, Mom can not disturb the baby, if he fell asleep, but simply rearrange the car seat on the chassis of the stroller and walk.
  • The price is lower compared to universal car seats.
  • Often, this model is already included in the 3-in-1 wheelchair package.

  • A lower degree of security that can be enhanced by additionally purchasing a base with the IsoFix system. But the price of the car-carrying immediately grow by several thousand.
  • Short time use. In fact, this armchair will last up to 7-9 months. After that, you will have to purchase a model in the next category.

Car carrier 0+

  • The child is provided with a completely horizontal position, which is convenient on long journeys.
  • The visor and sides protect from sunlight and drafts.
  • Good protection in case of a possible accident.
  • Most cradles can be installed on the chassis stroller of the same company.
  • It is convenient to carry the baby in the car.
  • It does not require the purchase of a base, as it is attached with regular seat belts.

  • You can use a maximum of 6 months. Then the cradle will be too small, and the baby will no longer be interested to lie all the way.
  • The cost of such a device is high.
  • The cradle is quite bulky and heavy, takes a lot of space in the car.

Do not confuse avtolyulku and carrying bag! Conventional baby carriers cannot be used to transport a child in a car. Autobullies are made of durable materials, have internal seat belts and accessories for fixing them in the car with the help of standard belts. Simple carrying bags do not differ in these characteristics.

By and large, you can use any model to transport the baby in the car. Each family decides for itself what kind of holding device to buy. But before choosing, you need to weigh all the pros and cons and get the most secure and high-quality model.

What clothes for the baby will be comfortable in the car seat

Many parents care about how to take the baby home: they buy a chair, wash and clean the car, but forget about the selection of comfortable clothes for the crumbs. Not all envelopes and blankets are suitable for use in a car seat. In most of them, the child cannot be fastened with seat belts. In this case, the restraint loses its meaning.

Modern parents know that the main thing is the safety of the child. Therefore, acquire an envelope on the statement based on the fact that it was intended to be worn in a restraint. To do this, the product must have a special cut or slot for a seat belt.

You can pick up both winter and demi-season version of such outerwear for the crumbs. Color solutions are very different, which will suit both boys and girls. Yes, these models are not decorated with bows and lace, but they are high-quality, comfortable, versatile and will last the entire season, and not just a few hours during discharge.

In the summer, you can limit cotton slip and fleece or velor overalls, depending on the weather.

Tip: No need to wrap the baby in blankets: this is the last century and has long been irrelevant! In addition, such equipment for the baby - a direct threat to its safety during the trip by car.

How to prepare if you have to go by taxi

Unfortunately, not all taxi services provide child restraints. Therefore, parents of a newborn child should think about this. You can buy a car seat or a cradle, rent it or ask your friends.

Even if there is no car in the family, buying a carrier will be a good idea. It is sure to be useful for taxi trips to the clinic. In the first year of life, visits to the pediatrician and other specialists will be frequent. In addition, the car seat is convenient to use at home as a deckchair or rocking chair. With her you can walk on nature, relax in the country - the child will always be comfortable and convenient. There is no need to take a bulky stroller.

And it would also be useful to ask the taxi operator to send a car with a clean, unprotected cabin and a sober responsible driver. If in big cities all these conditions are not a problem, then in small towns, where there are many private traders in private cars, one has to be vigilant.

To solve the problem of how to take a newborn from the maternity hospital, it is necessary even before the birth of the crumbs, while there is time to prepare everything without haste. And then the meeting of relatives and mothers with the baby will go smoothly and joyfully without any troubles in the form of fines or accidental drops of the child in the car.

What is transporting newborns from the hospital? ↑

The way to transport the baby in your arms is dangerous because the baby is almost defenseless in front of a sudden movement of the car, and the most unexpected might happen on the road. Hope that all the scary stories about accidents involving babies, will bypass you, do not, it is better to be safe and do everything for the safe transportation of infants in the car.

  • Since the head of a newborn is large enough, and the muscles do not yet have the strength to hold it, at the time of danger the head may be thrown back in the mother’s arms and this will lead to serious injury. Proved that sudden braking, even at a speed of 40 km / h, will not allow the mother to hold the baby, and it flies to the windshield.
  • You can transport a small person using two types of devices: a cradle and a car seat. Many envelopes and overalls for newborns are equipped with special straps with which they are fastened in devices. This should be considered even when you are just buying a dowry for an infant to be discharged.
  • It should be understood the difference between the cradles carrying, which are combined with baby strollers, and cradles specifically designed for transportation in the car. Although the first ones are equipped with special straps for fastening in the car, to a lesser extent they ensure safe transportation of the child during movement.

Much more practical those that are designed specifically for this purpose. True, they are cumbersome and calculated only until the moment when the baby is about six months old. But it can be purchased from the hands, then the purchase will not be expensive. Such a device is installed on special runners, easily removed and transferred.

Another option for transporting a baby is a car seat. There are special, designed for babies. In them, the baby feels protected, and the parents with such a device are confident that the baby is safe. It is important to make the right choice of chair and fix it in the car.

How to transport a newborn baby in the car ↑

If you decide to purchase a cradle, you have made the right choice. Even if it lasts only a few months, the baby will feel comfortable in such a device. In it, he can lie in a horizontal position that is natural for him on his back.

If you have a baby born in winter, you can buy him a special jumpsuit, from which the child can be easily removed, if it is warm in the car, and you go on a journey for many kilometers.
Car seat is a more familiar way to transport a baby. Designed for the smallest passenger, it is installed in the direction of the car behind one of the front seats. It is important to properly strengthen the device, it is best to choose it, trying it on to your car, since the seat attachments do not always coincide with those that have seat belts in the car to which the seat is attached.

This device should be tilted at an angle of 40-45 degrees. If the degree is greater, its safety decreases. With a greater bending forward, the baby, who does not know how to hold the head, will not be able to hold it. For better fixation of the head of a newborn, special rollers are provided. But it is strictly forbidden to use homemade rollers.

How to choose a car seat ↑

Choose the device should be based on the weight of the baby. There are chairs designed for newborns from three and a half kg. They can be of different shapes, it is better to choose those that are deeper if you intend to use the device in the winter time, because the child will have a fur envelope or overalls. Choose a device with a removable cover, it is easily washable, and the child can soil it often enough. Well, if the chair is equipped with an orthopedic back, comfortable armrests. Moms increasingly prefer armchairs that have a protective table and leg support.

The chair should not emit a peculiar plastic smell. If you feel it, no matter how you like the device, it is better to refuse the purchase. It is not known how this smell will affect the smell of the baby. As for the style and colors of the chair, this is the choice of the mother, however, it is better to give preference to calm colors.

Many parents prefer to purchase a universal car seat, motivating their decision by saying that such a purchase will be cheaper than purchasing two devices for different ages of the baby. Indeed, the universal chair can be used for 3-4 years. But according to the criterion of safety, they are much inferior to what is intended for children of a certain age, for example, for infants, in whose chair they are marked “0+”.

The factor of how often you are going to travel by car with the baby is important. Если вы не намерены перевозить новорожденного, опасаясь за его безопасность, возможность заразиться, то приобретать автокресло для самой маленькой категории детей, вряд ли целесообразно.It is better to wait for the baby to grow up and, in accordance with his physical characteristics, to make a choice of a chair.

What does the legislation say

A regulatory legal act establishing requirements for the transport of children, including infants, is paragraph 22.9 of the Russian Federation Traffic Regulations. It speaks about the need to equip vehicles and transport only in the cab of the trucks and the passenger compartment of cars.

Safe is the design of the chair, equipped with ISOFIX fixation system, which is shown in the photo:

At the same time retention means:

  1. Must have a quality certificate, made in accordance with the standard GOST R No. 41-44 of 2005 (UNECE Regulation No. 44).
  2. They should be applied before the age of 7 years, that is, for newborns they are also mandatory (for changes in the traffic rules of July 12, 2017).
  3. Without a seat, it is possible to drive only after 7 years, but with fixation by regular seat belts and in the back row of passenger seats.

Before you buy the right device, you should read the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. For infants, the parameters are indicated from 0 to 6 months.

Rules for the transport of newborns in the car

A baby is considered a newborn in the first month of its life. After this comes the period of breastfeeding, which usually lasts up to a year.

For children in this category, special restraint systems have been developed - auto-folding cradles, equipped with special safety belts and fasteners that hold the system.

Increased attention due to the lack of strength of the body, the fragility of the joints, weakness of the muscular system.

It is also important that the stress state, when everything is new for the child, and sudden jolts can, if not injure, then scare. Even additional wrapping in bulky blankets cannot insure against this.

Rules for the transportation of infants:

  1. Protect the car interior from drafts, remove fragrances, do not smoke.
  2. Disable air conditioning.
  3. Think over baby food.
  4. Provide silence.
  5. Avoid simultaneous travel with animals.
  6. If the trip is planned in the winter, before landing the baby, the car should be warmed up to 20 ° C.
  7. The driver should drive slowly, without abrupt maneuvers, braking.
  8. It is useful to stick a special warning sign that there is a small child in the cabin.
  9. As the child grows up, you should use toys that hold attention while moving. It is useful to talk, changing intonation, to look out the window, but at the same time, without distracting the driver.
  10. During long trips, it is necessary to make stops, to give an opportunity to rest from the trip.
  11. Consider where the baby will look with his head:
    • the cradle is located close to the passenger seat in the back, but in the opposite direction compared to the child seat or head in the opposite direction of the vehicle,

Important! Keep in the hands of an infant can not. In order to preserve life and health, rules have been introduced that oblige to transport children in special restraints.

It should be remembered that with sudden braking according to the law of inertia, a person can fly through the windshield or seriously injured. The weight in this case increases many times, which is beyond the power of the person holding the child in his arms.

Is it possible in the cradle or carrying

The cradle is a special restraint designed for children up to 10 kg. For convenience, it is equipped with a portable and holding handle. Some models have wheels, can be transformed into a stroller. Houses also use it as a swing.

It is the cradle recommended to use when traveling from the hospital home. Such a place is considered safe, it closes well, and inside there are holding straps for babies.

The disadvantage of such a purchase is the period of use and dimensions. Already at 6 months, when the child will sit, you need to make a replacement for a chair.

Considering the possibility of using the bag for transportation, it should be said that the instructions for their use do not indicate the possibility of using it for transportation in the car.

It does not have the necessary restraints and tight protection. Used solely for the purpose of carrying a baby at home or on the street.

What restraints are designed for babies?

As already mentioned above, cradles are used to transport newborns and infants. Only from 6 months it is possible to use the chairs. An important point in determining the option for purchase is the presence of the Isofix system.

These are special metal fasteners, which are connected to the clips of the passenger seat. The system is officially recognized as the safest and most convenient for fixing the chair.

Important! When placing the cradle in the front seat, the airbag must be turned off to prevent injury during an accident. How this is done should be found out in advance.

Some parents carry children in the cradle from the stroller.

They have the necessary fasteners on top and bottom, but they cannot guarantee safety. The rules also say nothing about them.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the presence of an adult who will be nearby during the trip and look after the baby.

Special chairs for babies are made using:

  • forms that take into account the anatomical features of the body,
  • protective rollers for the head and sides,
  • fasteners that allow the fixation of regular seat belts, brackets.

When choosing avtolyulki experts advise to pay attention to such factors:

  1. Age. For category 0+, labeling is appropriate.
  2. Material. It is better if they are breathable, and the cover can be washed. Plastic must be durable.
  3. The angle of the back should be within 30 - 43 degrees.
  4. Need side protection.
  5. Special locks will not cause accidental unbuttoning, which is important when traveling long distances.

What device is more suitable for the delivery of infants from the hospital

Different manufacturers offer means for transporting children including and additional options. The most popular models allow their use for different ages.

Universal types do not require periodic replacement of the entire device, which will be cheaper. Buying a chair, you should make sure that it is intended for newborns.

Read about the rules of organized transportation of a group of children by bus here.

In this case, it will be an excellent gift to newly minted parents immediately upon discharge from the hospital. Developing a system for transporting children, many well-known and reputable companies perform crash tests.

Knowledge of their results will allow to make a choice. If the quality certificate has an ECE or ISO mark, then it meets the requirements of European countries and Russia, as can be seen in the photo.

Some types of car seats are designed for the transportation of newborns, when the child is reclining with a back to the course of movement. In terms of crash tests, they will be safer compared to the cradle.

In the latter, it will be easier for the child to sit in a horizontal position, breathe easier than in a chair. Minus - takes a lot of places.

To decide on the choice of car seat, pay attention to the following points:

  1. It is better to buy a more spacious seat, then in winter there will be more space.
  2. Useful availability:
    • armrests,
    • orthopedic back,
    • footrest,
    • table.
  3. The material should not shed, emit unpleasant odors.
  4. Removable covers will not cause problems with care.

Table 1. Correspondence of chairs of different weight categories and features of fixing children under one year old.