What to give to the director on February 23? Useful tips


The motivations of women choosing a gift for a manager on February 23 are different: some want to please their boss to get a promotion, others dream of a reciprocal award by March 8, and still others just want to make a pleasant surprise to a respected person. One thing unites them all - the desire to buy an inexpensive and useful gift.

Gifts for the chef from the company

A good tradition to give - gifts from the team, simplifies the task of employees, but complicates the lives of those who are entrusted with a responsible mission. For money collected, the boss can buy something useful for his office, for example, an automatic coffee maker, an original wall clock, a small fountain for relaxation, an energy-saving desk lamp of unusual design, a picture in a beautiful frame or a picture with light, a desk set for stationery, stand for pens with a clock or electronic photo frame.

If the head of the organization drives a car, then the gift question can be solved by buying a kettle that works from the cigarette lighter, a massage cushion, a set of tools, a polisher for the body, a comfortable table for a laptop or a powerful flashlight that is always needed on the road.

Of course, you can not ignore the gifts, reminiscent of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. This may be souvenirs of a military theme: stands for bottles in the form of guns, decorative flasks, piggy banks in the form of tanks or helmets. It’s not a bad idea to order a big and beautiful cake in the shape of an armored vehicle or a cap with a congratulatory inscription for the chef.

What to give to the director from the man

Men also give gifts to each other. February 23 is the day when you can not do without a small present for the chef.

The simplest and almost win-win option is to give the boss alcohol. Middle managers, if there are a lot of them, can buy small bottles of brandy or vodka as a gift, which is sold in glasses with lids. The director of the company is better to choose something more impressive, for example, brandy or whiskey. Usually, before the holidays, manufacturers complete drinks with free glasses - such a set will look great as a gift.

If the relationship with the leader is friendly or the boss is not particularly strict, then you can choose gifts with a humorous bias, for example, a broom or hat for a bath, a beer mug in the shape of a grenade or a passport cover with a joking lettering. A car hanger, an organizer for disks on a sun visor or a splitter for a cigarette lighter for several exits will be suitable for a car as an inexpensive and useful gift.

What to give on February 23 to the head of a woman

Women looking for an inexpensive gift for a chef on Feb. 23 can buy a beautiful mug or tea pair, a small French press to brew coffee in the workplace, a stylish business card holder or an original photo frame in which the director will gladly put a family photo.

A useful and non-binding gift is a can of good coffee or tea. On the eve of the holiday gift sets appear in supermarkets, which include coffee cups, teaspoons, sugar bowls or small souvenirs - this option will look quite solid.

If you want to associate a gift with the theme of the holiday, then the head can be handed a pen in the form of a miniature rifle, a sharpener in the form of a military helmet, a small flask, a glass of camouflage colors or a magnet with a humorous picture that congratulates the Defender of the Fatherland.

Initial tips

1. If your director is a woman, then do not give her a gift for February 23, and better for March 8 (just kidding)!

2. Find out if your superior served in the army or is he a pacifist at all. This will help you avoid some awkward situations.

3. Learn more about the director’s hobbies and hobbies, and then present a gift depending on them.

Drinks and sweets

When thinking about what to give the director on February 23, you need to take into account the most win-win option - a sweet gift. Candy bouquets are very popular now. Do it yourself or order from the master (it will cost more). Fashionable to make a bouquet in the form of a sailboat or a dollar sign. Alcohol is also suitable, but prestigious, expensive (for example, brandy or whiskey). But if your boss leads a sober lifestyle, cares about health or does not like sweets, then your gift most likely will not work and will be even inappropriate in this case. But if your chef loves sweets, you can please him.

Tea and coffee

Discussing with the staff a gift to the director for February 23, you can offer a selection of elite tea or coffee - a win-win! Provided that your boss is an avid coffee lover. You can also donate accessories for holding a tea ceremony or drinking coffee. They can be very expensive. Here it is necessary to proceed from the degree of love to the authorities and the size of the means available.

Practical gifts

If you know well the habits and hobbies of your manager, it’s time to think about what to give to the director on February 23. So, the present can be:

- an exquisite book in a binding with beautiful illustrations, design, quality paper,

- organizer made of genuine leather with embossed and expensive prestigious pen,

- spinning or fishing rod of a well-known company, if the boss likes fishing and everything connected with it,

- the bag is original, brand.

So, choosing what to give to the boss on February 23, it is necessary to use his enthusiasm and preferences with might and main. The main thing that the gift turned out prestigious and appropriate.

Original gifts

Sometimes it will help out a simple but very original gift. It does not have practical benefits, but it raises the spirits and makes everyone smile kindly. Try a stylish desktop clock, anti-stress toy, a funny computer mouse or keyboard, a “snapshot” photo, or a reproduction of a famous artist, where your director’s face is inserted instead of a face. What to give the boss on February 23? Making a choice is not so difficult! The main thing is still worth remembering that you do not need to give banal things: shower gel, soap, deodorant. If you decide to donate a mobile phone or a camera, then certificates are also required.

Top five most successful gifts

What to give to the director on February 23?

1. PR-article about your boss in the media. Employees can order there a commercial article about the company and its manager, of course.

2. All sorts of gadgets, high-tech: mini DVD player, DVR, etc.

3. A good gift is a theater ticket to the premiere, to the concert.

4. Dear notebook, prestigious pen, business card holder, paperweight.

5. Works of art (only originals are recommended, albeit inexpensive ones).

Top five most unsuccessful gifts

1. Cosmetics and perfumes (because it is quite intimate gifts).

2. Unnecessary things of gigantic sizes: a huge floor vase, palm tree, hetman's pood mace. Because of their size, these things will simply have nowhere to go!

3. Bottle holders, corkscrews, ionizers for wine cellars.

4. Poor-quality, albeit expensive, reproductions of famous paintings.

5. Doubtful kind of souvenirs, frivolous jokes (may not understand).

In general, there is an unwritten rule: to give what they themselves would like to have. Then everything will fall into place, and your strict boss will most likely be satisfied.

Summing up

Now you will not wrestle with what to give to the director on February 23 (at least, the basic rules and laws of donation are clear to you). If you are friends with your chef, you can give a bath besom and a stylish beer mug. But in no case do not forget about the chain of command! Practical gifts - electric coffee maker, car lamp in the car, massage cushion, laptop table, navigator. We add that all of the above is not a panacea, but rather an incentive for free creativity, which undoubtedly is the choice of a gift for your boss! Good luck!

Gifts boss on February 23

Alcohol.A connoisseur of elite spirits will appreciate the true value of a bottle of expensive whiskey or brandy. It will decorate the festive table.

Clock. A solid wrist or floor watch will pleasantly surprise the boss. They will help you navigate in time, as well as become a stylish accessory or original interior decoration.

Cufflinks. Cufflinks made of gold, silver or metal alloy will serve as a great gift idea for a manager on February 23. They will emphasize his status. When choosing them, it is necessary to take into account the tastes and style of the chef's clothes

Gift of interest. The man will be delighted with the present, which is connected with his hobby. A collector will be pleased to receive as a gift a new exhibit for his collection. Fisherman will cheer up quality spinning or inflatable boat. A lover of outdoor recreation will not leave indifferent a picnic set, a grill or a mini-smokehouse. Car enthusiast can be given seat covers, a heated thermocup from the cigarette lighter, and a leather cover for auto documents.

A piece of interior. A fountain for relaxation, an energy-saving table lamp, a picture with light, a pen holder or a set of stationery will appeal to the boss. The interior will decorate the office.

Tea or coffee set. A lover of hot invigorating drinks will enjoy a selection of elite varieties of tea or coffee. Such a gift can be personalized. The manager will be happy when he sees his name on the package.

Themed gift. A bottle cannon stand, an original flask, a lighter-revolver, a cake in the form of a tank, a pistol or other attributes of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland will pleasantly surprise the boss. A military-themed souvenir will create an atmosphere of a men's holiday.

Accessories for computer or laptop. Computer accessories - the right thing for a person who works in the office. Wireless mouse or keyboard, laptop bag, webcam, laptop stand, USB drive will bring pleasure to the manager.

Purse. Purse - a necessary thing for a business person. When choosing such a gift it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material. It is better to buy a purse made of genuine leather. It will attract attention with uncommonness and rich appearance, as well as easily accommodate money, documents, passport.

Gift Certificate. Money certificate for the purchase of household appliances, visiting entertainment events, training, master classes and lessons, a photo session, SPA procedures will be a pleasant surprise for the boss. With his choice is to take into account the interests and needs of the chief.

A gift to the head of Fatherland Defender’s Day should be original, interesting and useful. Make it better in a business style.

What can you give to the authorities on February 23?

We have already found out that it is not worthwhile to present something that closely echoes the theme of the holiday - the importance of this day can be easily noted with a greeting card. But to emphasize the position and importance of the head must be. Therefore, when deciding what to give to your boss on February 23, remember that this should be something not cheap and original. But there is no need to overdo it, otherwise he may take a chic gift for trying to get its location.

  • Alcohol can greatly please the bestowed, provided that he is not sober. Therefore, before choosing a beautiful bottle with expensive content, try to figure out the boss's attitude to alcohol. If everything is in order and he allows himself to relax sometimes, feel free to donate a bottle of good whiskey or brandy.
  • What can add credibility and weight in a society better than stylish and "clever" accessories? Dear and stylish wireless gadget, new mobile phone model, the best car navigator - all this will allow you to see the contented smile on the face of the boss.
  • Why not send a dear and beloved boss to get some rest? No, it will not be a question here of sending it to distant islands (although it is also an option), it means men's SPA procedures. Yes, the pleasure is not cheap, but it will be nice to see in a couple of days a rested and happy boss, distributing awards to the right and left, and weekends at the expense of the company!
  • If the boss is a man with a sense of humor, then especially talented members of your team could write a congratulatory speech for him, better with laudatory notes, and read it as a supplement to the main gift.

The main thing, choosing what to give to the director on February 23, is not to harm yourself by presenting what he may not like or cause irritation, and in some cases anger.

Rules of choosing a gift to the director for February 23

A gift to the director for this holiday must meet the following rules:

  1. Should not be expensive. Jewelry and cash sums are categorically inappropriate,
  2. Should not be personal. Perfumes, ties, shirts, belts - all this is not an option,
  3. Should not be too formal. It is not worth giving the fifth office set and the sixth fountain pen, even if it is expensive, even if these gifts are consecrated with the ancient office traditions.

What then to choose? There are plenty of ideas that will help you solve the problem of a gift for guidance.

Gifts for a bright personality

Your director is a charismatic person, he has a lot of flaws, but they forgive him because of the mass of merits? Does he have an extraordinary character and extraordinary hobbies? Then and A gift on February 23 for him choose a non-banal:

  • Picturewhere he is depicted as a famous historical figure. If this gift is too expensive for you, then you can print a pre-processed photo on canvas. It will turn out not worse at all!
  • A gift that fits his hobby. A sailing ship model or a maritime picture will suit the yachtsman; you can give a personalized game bag to the lover of the hunt; an electronic dartboard or a desktop version of his favorite game, carried away by martial arts, a tabletop rock garden, can be presented to an athlete
  • Deluxe edition of a good book. For example, N. Machiavelli "Sovereign" or "The Art of War" Sun Tzu. Let the book be in a beautiful leather-bound. Such a gift will emphasize the uniqueness of the personality of your boss.

Gentleman's gifts

Your director looks stylish and modern, never raises his voice, and there’s no need for him. Just one cold look and a quiet note, so that all the errors are coped instantly. Such a director can donate for February 23 Gifts stylish, ripened in a strict classical taste:

  • Alcohol Kits. Decanter for wine, brandy heated, silver set for strong drinks, gift set cooling shirts for different types of spirits. Just like that, no corkscrew openers,
  • Aromobar. Move away from the usual tradition of giving a bottle of brandy or whiskey. Let it be an aromabar in a stylish package. This is a nice gift. What is important, it can be purchased for quite sane money, as there are aroma bars for a different number of flavors - from 12 to 60,
  • Semi-Precious Stones. A stylish typesetting panel or chess made from ornamental stones, a globe made of jasper of different shades, or a business card case inlaid with black agate. Such a thing will appeal to even the most sophisticated connoisseur,
  • Notebooks, business card holders, handmade leather bound books. Such things exist in a single copy, therefore their value for the expert is undoubted.

Universal Gifts

What if the director doesn’t particularly show his personality traits, you don’t know anything about his hobbies and habits, or is he just recently in office? You will come to the rescue general purpose gifts:

  • Office Desktop Souvenirs. A globe-mobile or a traveler's globe, a box for automatic winding, an art-sculptor or a neo-cube will please almost any person whose activity takes place in the office,
  • Gifts with symbols. Now gifts with state symbols are very popular. A set of glass in a cup holder with the emblem of the country will surely please the older generation, and a panel with the same symbolism can be presented to a boss of any age. Moreover, the theme of the holiday is very favorable for such gifts!
  • Alcohol Kits. This gift is considered to be universal for any category of managers. Make sure that brandy or whiskey is original, it is better to purchase them in specialized stores. Add a large slab of bitter chocolate to cognac, a set of candied fruit to whiskey (fruit to whiskey is an English tradition), and to vodka - a jar of red caviar. Do not forget about the beautiful and stylish packaging and greeting card.

Choose a good gift is not so difficult. Common sense and tact will always come to your aid. Let the gifts you have chosen will always be original, relevant and pleasant for the recipients!

What the secretary to give to the head on February 23

According to the ethical rules for national holidays, which include Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is customary to give approximately the same presents both employees and managers. Но это правило соблюдается далеко не всегда. В России руководителям дарят подарки более респектабельные и дорогие, чем сотрудникам — это негласная традиция. Подарки часто поручают готовить секретарю.

What to give the boss on February 23?

Presents need to purchase in advance. A gift to the boss on February 23 should raise his spirits, emphasize his masculinity, intelligence, courage, importance and strength. It can be good alcohol and related items, interesting gadgets, car accessories, watches, etc.

A gift for a manager on February 23 should not be: useless and unnecessary, intimate, funny, banal, unethical.

Examples of gift ideas for February 23 chief

Table. What to give to the head on February 23? Gift Ideas

Gifts for February 23

Business and leather accessories

Leather folders, tie cases, wallets, fountain pens, diaries, table or wrist watches.

Leather bags, wardrobe trunks, travel bags. Compasses, traveling hours, traveler's purses, plaids.

Events, impressions, activities, adventures

Tickets for two. It can be:

  • city ​​boat trip,
  • horse ride,
  • night walk in the footsteps of the Master and Margarita,
  • Museum of Soviet slot machines.

Gift grocery man's basket

Approximate composition of baskets:

  • Cognac, olives, capers, champignons, cucumbers,
  • whiskey, cheese, salted fish, caviar.

Alcohol, alcohol and smoking accessories

Good brandy, whiskey, collection wine, original glasses for spirits, brandy, ashtrays, guillotine for cigars, case for cigars.

Plaquettes, paintings, etchings, table sets

What a gift for February 23 can be made from the whole team

The temptation to pay homage to the patron on a festive occasion is difficult to overcome. Still material present boss on February 23 goes against corporate etiquette. Employees who distinguish themselves against the background of the collective in this way acquire the reputation of sycophants, and the authorities embarrass and oblige such signs of attention. This applies, among other things, to secretaries and assistants.

Is there an alternative to an individual gift for the head of a man on February 23? You can write a personal letter on quality paper and put it in a concise envelope. Write the text of the message by hand, enough 5-10 lines. Focus on how you value being part of a team under the leadership of your boss. Do not focus on his personal qualities.

If calligraphy is not your thing, print the text. on the computer. Do not forget about the stylish font: for example, the Book Antiqua font looks intelligent in Cyrillic. Write the name of the addressee and the sender's signature on the envelope by hand. The letter can be accompanied by a modest and stylish floristic composition.

Helpful advice

High-quality printing is always better than a low-quality accessory. If your budget is up to 500 rubles. - buy a designer postcard and complement it with heartfelt congratulations

A gift to the male leader from the team of etiquette welcomes. If, for example, the board of directors consists of several people, then presents each of them must be in the same price category. Variants of collective gifts to the male chief for February 23:

Canvas, matched to the interior of the office. We do not recommend acquiring reproductions of famous paintings or buying paintings in the subway crossing - contact an art dealer - an expert in matters of artistic value. You can purchase a print by Andy Warhol with a certificate of authenticity or an original poster for the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany” of 1961. Take care of a decent design of the gift - mat, frame and glass.

Service for the bar in the office or coffee service. It is important to carefully approach the selection of quality products and purchase the full set if you are counting on your gift to be proudly used.

A basket with delicacies, fruits, berries, flowers and a bottle of good cognac is a gift option for February 23 for the head of work. Learn the rating of drinks and the formulas for combining them with snacks. Pay attention to the design style of the gift composition.

How to determine the prestige of a watch and its category

The watch on the boss’s hand is more than just an accessory that should match the color of the case with a belt buckle and cufflinks. A watch is the only men's “jewelry” allowed by all dress codes, besides a wedding ring. A decoration that will be approved by friends and colleagues. But almost always it will be a tacit approval.

Is only Swiss watches the most expensive and status

Let's open a big secret: 100% of Swiss watches are very few. Their literally units, even in the luxury segment. Glasses, straps, cases sometimes made in China. To get the cherished inscription Swiss made, the mechanism must be assembled in Switzerland, to pass the final test by a Swiss manufacturer. It should also consist of Swiss parts, the cost of which is not less than 60 percent of the cost of the whole mechanism.

There is at least one German luxury brand - A. Lange & Söhne and another premium brand - Glashütte Original, which is located in Germany. They are marked "Made in Germany." Premium brand Panerai - Italian origin. This is a massive watch, almost always with a black, dark blue or brown color of the dial. But their production has long been moved to Switzerland. The Hamilton brand is of American origin, they are now also collected in Switzerland.

Separately stand the Japanese. In the 1970s, Japanese manufacturers staged a “quartz crisis” and almost destroyed the Swiss watch industry. The most famous Japanese brand is Seiko. The accuracy and quality of these watches are not inferior to the Swiss. A pleasant fact for the owner: Seiko - 100 percent handmade.

By what external signs can distinguish expensive watches

When there was a stable demand for watches, not only as a time meter, but also as a matter of prestige, just making a watch was not enough. We had to increasingly surprise customers by offering new features. And the race began, which continues to this day. Watches with the largest power reserve after one plant, self-winding watches, the thinnest in the world, mechanisms that will work under water at a depth of 100, then 1000, 6000 m. The watches are becoming more and more complex and expensive. Any additional functions are called complications. For example, the date window is the simplest hourly complication. What are some more complications? We list the most expensive and famous.

Tourbillon. This classic and the most expensive watch complication appeared at the beginning of the XIX century. It is used to compensate for gravity, which affects the accuracy of the hourly stroke. Tourbillons never occur in economy class hours and almost never in middle class watches.

Repeater and jacquereds. Repeater is a function that reports the exact time through sound signals of different tones. The complication created a sensation in the XVII century: it was possible to find out the exact time in pitch darkness. Repeater is the oldest watch complication that has survived to our days. By the way, Eugene Onegin had Breguet brand watches with a repeater, because they could “ring him for lunch”.

Jacquemar - moving figures of people or animals, visualization of the repeater. After pressing a button, a scene occurs: it seems that the signals reproduce exactly the figures on the dial. The classic scene when two blacksmiths beat their anvils with hammers.

Perpetual calendar. Difficult and most practical hourly complication. Such mechanisms determine the number and day of the week, month, year, and also distinguish between leap year and normal. The perpetual calendar can be distinguished by numerous additional arrows and windows that show the above information.

How to choose a watch as a gift to the boss

“I want a watch like u. ". Your strict chief does not admit this, but he has or once had idols, for example, heroes of movies and books. Almost all the "cool guys" from the movie are watches of a certain brand. Impeccably dressed British intelligence secret agent saves the world and seduces another beauty with Omega on hand. Superhero, billionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark from the Iron Man series of films changes his Jaeger-LeCoultre for a few thousand euros to a basket of strawberries in order to give her to her lover. Or maybe your boss is the chief engineer in the company? The Ingenieur IWC series would suit him simply because of the name.

"I want a watch not like everyone else." If the history of the watch brand does not matter, it will be a model from modern designers. For example, sold mechanical watches with built-in slot machine - a gaming machine. There are entire watch collections where the very principle of displaying time is unusual. For example, in Urwerk it is not immediately possible to understand that this device on the hand is a wrist watch. Pragmatic Swiss have a sense of humor: in the Gerald Genta watch, instead of the hands, the characters are shown by Walt Disney.

By what signs can you recognize a fake

Watches forge as often as French perfumes. And just a careful comparison of watches with images on the official website of the manufacturer is enough to reveal a fake. Pay attention to all marks and divisions, the font on the dial and the company logo. They must be applied extremely neatly and evenly. Other signs of a fake: paint smudges on numbers, traces of glue, gilding on the sides of the watch case - it quickly erases and it will be seen.

Never, under any circumstances, buy a fake as a gift to your boss on February 23, no matter how tempting the proposal may seem. Quality copies of Swiss watches do not exist. Remember, a wristwatch for a manager is the case when you have to be, and not to appear.

Type 5: "Careerist"

This type of manager is not so rare. Usually, this is quite a young man who sets high career goals. Ideally, plans to move to "kings." It is desirable in the shortest possible time.

The current place of work, as a rule, is considered as a next step up. He attentively and reverently treats any comments from higher-level managers, executes orders quickly, prepares reports with high quality and beautifully.

He likes to create presentations for any reason and show them to the team and leadership. Subordinates by name does not know all. What to give to the director of the “careerist” on February 23? First of all, something that will emphasize its success and exclusivity.

It can be a collection dagger, an expensive pen of a famous brand, a gold commemorative coin. Also, it can be elite alcohol, which, by coincidence, is preferred by its supervisor or shareholder.

"Careerist" can give tickets to the premiere of the acclaimed performance, which will be attended by the entire city beau monde.

Perhaps the “careerist” will be happy with practical gifts, for example, a projector for presentations or another fashionable device.

The main thing is that the gift for February 23 to the head should emphasize his personal status.

Type 6: "Athlete"

More and more modern leaders appear, leading a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, sports and active leisure activities are becoming priorities.

Such bosses like to organize sports teams from the employees of their organization, to take an active part in various corporate tournaments and competitions.

Such a manager can be presented with diagnostic electronic floor scales, a fitness bracelet with a built-in clock, a wireless headset, a set for office golf, and books on the favorite sports theme of the boss.

As a rule, "athletes" are optimistic and funny people. Therefore, such a boss can be presented with a boxing punching ball-antistress, you can arrange a playful tournament on office volleyball named after the chef. What sports competitions are easy to hold in the office, you can see in the video in this article.

Also, a sports manager can be given a gift certificate for his favorite outdoor activity: extreme driving or parachute jumping, participation in a quest or a paintball battle. Tickets for the game of your favorite football or volleyball team will also be a good gift.

Type 7: Own Boyfriend

This is perhaps the most comfortable type of manager for subordinates. It is easy to take time off from him early to pick up the child from kindergarten.

He is sympathetic to poor health and disgusting mood of employees. "Your boyfriend" is aware of the details of the personal life of the staff.

He always knows who, with whom and against whom in the team is friends. As a rule, he himself rose to leadership positions, passing through all the steps of the career ladder, starting with line posts.

Such leaders are usually loved in a team. These are favorite bosses. And when choosing a gift, your favorite boss can be allowed to turn around fantasy.

Of course, you can give him everything mentioned above. But often, for such managers, the price of a gift is of secondary importance.

Much more important is human warmth and companionship. You can give your boyfriend a funny video about the life of the team or make a collage using his photos. You can make a gift, given his hobby. This can be a chic bath kit, a good spinning set of tools.

You can give funny gifts to your favorite boss: mugs, T-shirts with funny inscriptions and photos, anti-stress devices. They are very uplifting and in fact relieve stress.

A gift for “your boyfriend” can be made with your own hands. This is exactly the case when it will be perceived very positively.

If the boss loves the foamy drink, you can give him his favorite beer in a fun design. Instructions: take the pasta butterflies, paint them in any crazy colors, stick the butterflies on the bottle. Beer for the gentleman is ready.


What to give to the head on February 23? Today, the choice of gifts is so wide that you can just get confused. The proposed frivolous method for determining the psycho-type of a boss can seriously help to resolve this issue.

In fact, there are much more different types of managers. What type is your boss? Just take a closer look ...