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Men's problems: 14 products that reduce testosterone production


Tired of looking at every pretty girl? Tortured erotic dreams in the morning? And this constant erection both day and night ... When the potency goes off scale, the best way to get rid of problems is to lower the level of testosterone in the blood. Here is a list of the best foods and drinks that will quickly and effectively lower your sex drive:

1. Salt

More salt - everything and everyone. Measure here to anything. And this should be done not at all due to the fact that salt is indispensable for regulating the water balance in your body. It's nothing. The main thing you need to remember: scientists have long proved experimentally that high sodium levels decrease testosterone production.

2. Sugar

A man instinctively reaches for sweets. It is understandable - the body is looking for glucose, which provides sperm motility. But do not try to lean on honey, sweet fruits, vegetables rich in starch (for example, potatoes). So you just stir your libido.

Fool your body - eat only sugar. And not less than 6-8 teaspoons per day. This is the best way to discourage the desire of sperm to move and instill you into amorous adventures.

3. Coffee

Caffeine superbly destroys free testosterone. But the trouble is, it acts in a short period of time and he quickly collapses. Therefore, take the amount - from three cups of coffee a day. Moreover, better soluble.

When natural coffee is brewed, no more than 19% of soluble substances pass into the water. But manufacturers of soluble think more about the benefits. Therefore, almost 50% of the water-soluble substances from the grains are completely removed in the solution. In other words, after the release of 19% of the desired substances, organic acids and other substances that are not responsible for the taste and aroma of coffee, but increase the acidity of this surrogate, begin to be extracted. They stimulate the production of female hormones in your body, while the male ones inhibit it.

4. Meat with hormones

Another invaluable source of female hormones. It is no secret that they are given to animals to speed up their weight gain. Commercial beef, chicken and pork are especially famous for this. Do not feed the hormones of sheep and fish - so leave them sexually preoccupied.

5. Foods with cholesterol

Cholesterol is animal fat. Its main source is fatty meat. You need his excess. The fact is that the male body produces microscopically little testosterone. And for its synthesis cholesterol is used just a little bit - and also very little. Increase its volume, and you are guaranteed to disrupt the work of your personal testosterone production factory

6. Soy

It contains phytoestrogens - vegetable analogues of the female sex hormone. That is, these hormones are opposite to testosterone in action. Small doses of soy will not suit you. It would be nice to completely replace her meat (with the exception of fat). Only in this case, the production of male sex hormones will decrease dramatically.

7. Fast food

The perfect solution! Here is all the lower testosterone production in men, which is listed in the previous five points.

8. Fat milk

Too good, especially natural. Contains natural bovine estrogen. But here the main role is played by quantity. Such a persistent fighter with potency like you, per day for a good result, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of milk with a fat content of at least 3.2%.

9. White bread and pastries

Contains several factors that reduce testosterone: acids, yeast and sugar. But do not try to switch to black and unleavened white bread - so you will not reduce the potency.

10. Vegetable oil

Testosterone soybean, corn and linseed oil reduces most strongly. To a lesser degree sunflower. But “cajoling” yourself should be no less than 7-8 spoons a day. And remember: do not reduce the production of male hormones, olive and peanut oil.

11. Eggs

They contain many different hormones and cholesterol. Excellent "helps" toxic protein film, located directly under the shell. She does not succeed in poisoning, but the childbearing function will suffer. You need to eat eggs every day - otherwise you will not die testosterone.

12. Fizzy Drinks

Effervescent alcoholic beverages contain "hidden" sugar. Tonics are especially effective where they hide it behind the bitterness of quinine. In the fight against the potency of “pops”, besides sugar, they fight with caffeine and other thirst enhancers that dehydrate the body.

13. Smoked meats

They contain liquid smoke. This causes toxic damage to the tissues of the testicles - glands that produce 95% of testosterone in the body. Hot smoked products due to the short exposure time to smoke are unlikely to help. Whether cold smoking is the case - his potency does not like scary.

14. Alcohol

This poison for the testicles. When the blood alcohol level rises, the amount of testosterone decreases at the same time. Drinking alcohol in quantities that can cause a hangover reduces the level of the hormone within 12-20 hours by 20%. From such a blow, the testicles are never fully recovered. But if you want to hit on your potency “from two fronts,” drink beer. In addition to alcohol, it contains phytoestrogens - female sex hormones. Choose the dose yourself, but you should not know the measures in beer.

Meat grown with hormones

It is not a secret for anybody that during industrial production of meat, growth of farm animals and birds is spurred with the help of female hormones. As a result, beef, pork and chicken, sold through retail chains, contain high doses of substances harmful to men's health.

To avoid the negative effects of the use of such products is possible by reducing their share in the diet. It makes sense to enrich the menu with dishes of lamb, fish and rabbit meat: hormones are hardly used in the production of these types of meat.

Foods with a lot of cholesterol

Cholesterol performs many important functions in the body, but it requires very little. And the consumer of meat products receives this substance more than it can be disposed of in the process of metabolism. No wonder: even the leanest meat is 30% of animal fat, which is a source of cholesterol.

An excess of cholesterol in the blood threatens atherosclerosis of the vascular walls, deterioration of the heart and liver, obesity, etc. The reproductive system suffers: the balance of sex hormones is disturbed with a shift to the "feminine side". To maintain men's health, it is important to limit the proportion of animal fats in the diet, it is better to switch to lean meats.

The composition of soybeans is a complete protein, largely replacing animal proteins. However, representatives of the stronger sex should not choose an alternative diet with an excess of soy: this product is rich in phytoestrogens - a vegetable analogue of female sex hormones. Once in the male body, they inhibit the production of testosterone.

Fast food and convenience foods

The fast-food outlets with a varied assortment of burgers, sandwiches and other such meals attract many working men. It is convenient to have a snack on the go in the middle of the day, and not to waste time on long cooking in the evening: you only need to reheat semi-finished products.

Unfortunately, most fans of fast food, sooner or later on themselves are convinced of the harmfulness of such nutrition to health. Semi-finished products (and fast food is prepared only from them) are oversaturated with substances that suppress testosterone production: salt, “fast” carbohydrates, and animal fats. In addition, fast food chains, seeking to maximize profits, flavor their products with flavoring agents that change the consumer's food habits. Lovers of burgers and pizza only these dishes seem attractive, and other food is perceived as fresh and tasteless. The results of regular fast food (especially with a lack of physical activity characteristic of modern citizens) usually become overweight and hormonal shift, unfavorable for sexual life.

Fat milk

Among adult men there are lovers who are ready to drink up to 1.5 liters of whole cow milk daily. In such volumes, this product is harmful. Whole milk contains a certain amount of hormones, according to the effects on the body similar to female estrogen. The stronger sex is not recommended to use more than 0.5 liters of milk per day in order to avoid hormonal disturbances.

Bread and pastries made from wheat flour contain refined carbohydrates, yeast and organic acids. The excess of these substances reduces the production of testosterone. The man should prefer whole grain or rye bread, as well as buns and pies baked from yeast-free dough.

Vegetable oils

The use of flaxseed, corn, soybean and rapeseed oils has a negative effect on the production of testosterone. Sunflower oil in this sense is less harmful, and nut and olive are absolutely safe.

When using vegetable oils it is important to adhere to the norm: for an adult man - 6 tbsp. l in a day. Of course, the oil used for cooking is included here.

Eggs are a unique product that contains many of the components necessary for the body, but it is worth using them with caution. Egg white is replete with hormone-like substances, and the yolk - cholesterol. For men, the protein film that separates the eggshell from the liquid contents is especially harmful: there are substances in it that inhibit testosterone production.

Opinions of experts about the daily rate of consumption of eggs vary greatly, but according to recent studies, 1-2 eggs per day probably will not harm the reproductive system of men.

Sweet carbonated drinks

Producers and sellers advertise fizzy drinks as the most effective and harmless means of quenching thirst. These statements are untrue: the only harmless ingredient of such products is water, and even then only when it is conscientiously cleaned. The list of ingredients hazardous to health (including for the male reproductive function) is very wide. Each serving of this drink in various combinations contain:

  • sugar (from 50 to 70% of the daily requirement in 1 glass),
  • phosphoric or citric acid,
  • taurine,
  • caffeine,
  • cola leaf extract
  • aspartame or other artificial sweeteners
  • synthetic flavors and dyes,
  • preservatives,
  • aggressive carbon dioxide.

The composition of the so-called sports drinks, in addition, includes plant extracts, whose effect on the body is generally poorly understood, and manufacturers of energy drinks are added to this explosive mixture of ethyl alcohol. It is not surprising that people who regularly consume sweet carbonated drinks quickly lose their health.

Smoked meat

Products belonging to this group are safe only if prepared using the natural smoking method. Hot smoked fish, meat and poultry are considered the most harmless, as they are exposed to minimal exposure to harmful components of smoke.

Unfortunately, there are few such products on the domestic shelves. In the manufacture of the main mass of meat and fish smoked meat, the so-called extract of liquid smoke is used - an extremely harmful substance that has a detrimental effect on the testicular tissue, producing testosterone.

Gourmets have a way out: give up the use of smoked “consumer goods” and find a reliable supplier who respects the technique of natural smoking products.

Testicular tissue suffers greatly when it enters the blood alcohol. It was established that after taking 100-150 g of strong alcoholic drinks, the level of testosterone in a man’s blood drops by 20%. Restoration of the normal concentration of the hormone can take from 12 to 20 hours, but at the same time a certain number of testicular cells die.

Addiction to beer is fatally reflected in the male reproductive sphere. In addition to alcohol, this drink contains female phytoestrogens, which cause hormonal failure in men, and refined carbohydrates that contribute to obesity. In addition, the use of beer rarely goes without a snack, rich in salt, elements of liquid smoke, trans fats, cholesterol and flavorings. Beer lovers very often suffer from low libido and other disorders of sexual function.

Nutrition seriously affects the production of testosterone by the male body. Fortunately, everyone can control this factor independently. It is only necessary to track negative habits in time, correct your menu and adhere to the rules developed, not too often succumbing to food temptations.

What is dangerous in reducing testosterone in men?

From 25-30 years, the level of steroid hormone in men begins to decrease and the risk increases:

  • heart disease, 2
  • obesity and muscle mass reduction 3
  • diabetes, 4
  • sexual dysfunction, 5
  • reduced physical activity
  • premature death.

What is dangerous in reducing testosterone in women?

A decrease in testosterone levels in women occurs after 20 years and is fraught with:

  • obesity - due to the imbalance between this hormone and estrogen,
  • slower metabolism
  • brittle bones,
  • changes in muscle tissue.

Low testosterone levels can be normalized naturally.

Exercise and weight

Exercise exercise is the most effective way to increase testosterone levels and prevent diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Important facts about the benefits of exercise:

  • in older people, as well as young people, occupations increase the level of androgen and increase life expectancy, 6
  • obese men lose weight and testosterone secretion rises faster than just diet food, 7
  • weight lifting and squats increase this hormone most effectively, 8
  • high intensity interval workouts increase testosterone well, 9
  • by incorporating caffeine and creatine supplements into the complex, testosterone production can be increased.1011

Full diet

Food affects the amount of testosterone. Permanent malnutrition or overeating violates hormone levels.12 Food should have a balanced composition according to:

  • for proteins - their sufficient level helps to lose weight and maintains a healthy level of hormones. The link of proteins with testosterone can be traced with proper adjustment of protein in diets aimed at normalizing weight, 13
  • carbohydrates - to maintain testosterone levels during physical training, 14
  • fats - unsaturated and saturated natural fats are useful.

Foods that contain cholesterol increase testosterone.

Minimizing Stress and Cortisol

Constant stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol. Its high level can quickly reduce testosterone levels. These hormones are like a swing: when one rises, the other falls.

Stress and high levels of cortisol can increase food intake, which will entail weight gain and obesity of internal organs. These changes may negatively affect testosterone levels.17

To normalize the hormonal background, you need to avoid stress, stick to a diet based on natural products, exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sun Bath or Vitamin D

Vitamin D works as a natural testosterone level enhancer.

Sunbathing or regular intake of 3000 IU of vitamin D3 per day increases testosterone levels by 25% .18 This applies to the elderly: vitamin D and calcium also normalize testosterone levels, which reduces the death rate.19

Calm quality sleep

A good restful sleep is important for health.

Duration of sleep is individual for each person. If it is per day:

  • 5 hours - testosterone level is reduced by 15%, 21
  • 4 hours - this level is reduced by another 15% .22

Accordingly, an increase in testosterone occurs when lengthening the sleep time: at the rate of 15% per hour.

That is, 7-10 hours of night sleep allow the body to relax and maintain a healthy indicator of testosterone. General well-being can depends on what time you go to bed.

Use of natural amplifiers

  • with infertility - increases the level of the hormone by 17%, the number of sperm by 167%, 23
  • in healthy men, it increases testosterone by 15% and reduces cortisol levels by about 25% .24

Ginger extract has the same properties: it increases testosterone levels by 17% and increases the level of other key sex hormones in people with a deficiency of these hormones.25

Salt is one of the foods that contribute to a significant decrease in testosterone production. Unfortunately, men do not follow the amount of salt consumed and very often exceed the permissible rate several times. It is known that salt is differently called sodium chlorine and it belongs to chemical inorganic compounds and does not have leakage contact with substances of an organic nature. A negative effect on testosterone production occurs as a result of an increase in pressure. The use of large amounts of sodium chlorine leads to the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the body and the heart begins to work harder to cope with it.As a result, there is a sudden increase in blood pressure and an overload of the heart muscle, which leads to the appearance of associated pathological conditions and various diseases. In addition, there is a malfunction of the blood circulation in the glands, which are located in the testes, and these changes provoke a deterioration of testosterone production and reduce erection.

In order for the production of the male hormone does not decrease, it is recommended to use no more than 3 grams of salt per day. Despite all this, it is very difficult for representatives of the stronger sex to refuse to use such a product. It seems to them that unsalted food is not enjoyable and has no taste. At first it may be so, but after a while the body begins to get used to it, in addition to this, the products can be seasoned with other spices, and seasonings that do not reduce the production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Sugar (+ video)

The second important product that helps to reduce testosterone is sugar. The use of large amounts of sugar leads to an increase in blood glucose levels and provokes an increased insulin production. Insulin, in turn, confronts testosterone and as quickly as possible reduces its level and production in the body. As a result, more than 11 billion testosterone cells, which are produced in the body in its normal state, simply cease to be produced. A huge number of men loves sweet and can do nothing with it. It is known from biology that glucose is the fuel for male sperm, it is precisely this that forces them to active movement. This factor encourages men to consume large amounts of sugar. The fact is that sucrose is not glucose at all, but a completely different carbohydrate. In this regard, men fool themselves into thinking that they eat sugar, and their sperm cells become more mobile and active, and everything happens the other way around.

In addition, sugar helps to increase the synthesis of the hormone - cortisol, which, in turn, also, like insulin, is an implacable opponent of testosterone and provokes the occurrence of various diseases of organs and systems including the reproductive system.

In order to not decrease the level of testosterone production, you should stop using large amounts of sugar. The average statistical data indicate that one man consumes 12 tablespoons of sugar per day, while the permissible rate is 6 teaspoons.

Waking up early in the morning, men do not always feel cheerful, energetic and other positive emotions. In order to eliminate this condition as quickly as possible, they drink a cup of strong coffee or tea, without realizing that a brain trick is taking place. Caffeine contained in coffee or tea contributes to the active production of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which cause a surge of energy. In combination, these two hormones contribute to reducing the body's need for testosterone and its synthesis.

Due to the fact that caffeine has a strong diuretic effect, it does not retain the liquid, but rather quickly removes it by dehydrating while the male body. This condition leads to hormonal failure, which entails the emergence of various diseases. Excessive abuse of caffeine-containing beverages helps reduce blood circulation in the brain and testicles for several hours. In the case of caffeine intake before bedtime, sleep disturbance occurs. Everyone knows that it is during healthy sleep that active testosterone production occurs.

While caffeine affects the body, testosterone and sperm production are slowed down, but to great happiness, its effect ends a few hours later and the synthesis of hormones resumes. Therefore, in order for testosterone synthesis not to stop, it is recommended to drink plenty of instant coffee and tea throughout the day.

It's no secret that alcohol adversely affects the human body and leads to disruption of the health of organs and systems, as well as the subsequent occurrence of diseases. In addition, alcoholic beverages have a toxic effect, as well as:

  • affects the spermatogenic epithelium of the testes,
  • destroys brain cells
  • toxic to the heart,
  • leads to mental disorders
  • malfunction occurs in the normal functioning of the pancreas and liver.

When the above described pathological conditions occur, there is a decrease in testosterone and sperm production. Beer drinks in their composition contain a huge amount of estrogen - steroid female sex hormones, which actively inhibit the formation of testosterone.

In the case of prolonged consumption of beer, men begin to appear signs that may indicate a decrease in testosterone production, namely:

  • grows "beer belly"
  • diminished in size testicles,
  • an increase in the mammary gland occurs.

All these changes should strongly alert the man and make him think about the further use of alcoholic beverages.

Chicken eggs

A huge number of men give their preference to chicken eggs, not for a minute, without thinking that they can negatively affect the production of testosterone in their bodies. Studies have made it possible to determine that the egg itself does not have a harmful effect if it is cooked. But if you drink raw, there is a danger of consistent damage to the reproductive system. Under the shell of the egg there is a thin protein shell and it is this toxic effect on the reproductive system not only in men, but also in women.

In this regard, the eggs need to fry or cook. During the heat treatment process, this toxic protein film is neutralized, and it completely loses its negative properties. There are special rates of consumption of eggs:

  • 2 quail eggs per day,
  • 1 chicken egg in two days,
  • 1 ostrich egg per week.

Meat with hormones

All meat, which is produced in large quantities, is stuffed with hormones. This is done to ensure that animals gain muscle mass as quickly as possible and bring profit to manufacturing firms. There is such a pattern: the more firm, the more meat contains hormones. This is justified by the fact that small industries and rural residents do not have the financial ability to purchase special hormones that help animals gain mass. In this regard, when buying meat from such people, you can protect yourself.

In addition to meat, they also grow fish, feeding them with special hormonal additives, which enable them to grow quickly and gain weight.

But still there is a horned animal, which is not fed hormones this sheep. Its only drawback is not particularly pleasant smell of meat, but if you soak it and properly prepare the smell will disappear.

The main hormones used for rapid mass gain of cattle are:

  • Zeranol,
  • synthetic estrogen
  • progesterone,
  • Melengostrol,
  • demand,
  • estrogen.

All the above described hormones belong to the female type and it is extremely dangerous for men to eat such meat for men. As a result of the use of such a product, there is a decrease in the production of androgens and spermatozoa in men. This fact does not mean that a man should completely abandon meat products, he should just learn how to choose and cook him correctly.

There are times when men do not have the opportunity or simply do not have time to eat at home. In this regard, they go for snacks at fast food, where they cook fast food. It is in this food that there is a huge amount of the above-described food products, which in combination contribute to a decrease in testosterone productivity, such as

Products from fast food do not contain in their composition useful macro and microelements and not only do not benefit the person, but can also greatly harm, provoking not only a decrease in testosterone production, but also the development of various diseases.

Linseed oil

Lyon also belongs to foods that reduce testosterone levels. Today, products containing flax are very popular due to the fact that they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In order to determine how much is the decrease in testosterone production in men, a special study was conducted. During the month, 40 volunteers were given 30 grams per day of flax. At the end of the test, it was revealed that testosterone production was reduced only by 10% from the initial level. Based on this, it was concluded that flax seeds have the effect of reducing testosterone and it is not recommended to abuse this product.

Peppermint is a plant that has an expressive odor and has a strong biological activity. As part of mint contain amino acids that our body can not independently produce. Mint has a calming effect and helps to relax muscles and normalize breathing. In its composition there are phytosterols and phytoestrogens - these are hormone-like substances of plant origin, which by their structure are alcohols that do not dissolve in water.

Phytosterols in turn slow down the activity of the adrenal cortex and seed glands, while reducing the synthesis of the male sex hormone - testosterone. As a result, there is a decrease in the quality of seminal fluid, and spermatozoa become inactive. In addition, there is Ursulic acid in the mint, which helps to reduce sexual desire.

In the case of the use of a moderate amount of mint in the body, there are also positive changes, namely:

  • walls of blood vessels become stronger,
  • toxic substances are removed from the body,
  • normalization of the nervous system,
  • growth of cancer cells is slowed down.

In this regard, doctors recommend to use mint only in moderation. In the case of mint daily for three months in a row, there is a decrease in the concentration of the male sex hormone.

Testosterone and its role in humans

This hormone performs various functions, participating in important processes of the body:

  • sperm production,
  • development of bone and muscle tissue
  • development of secondary genital organs,
  • development of male genital organs.

He also actively influences the sexual behavior of both sexes.

To find out the causes of hormonal level disorders in men, scientists have conducted thousands of experiments. As a result, scientists have concluded that it is influenced by:

  • unhealthy diet
  • physical activity,
  • lack of healthy sleep,
  • bad habits,
  • psychological factors
  • physiological causes.

With a decrease in the potency of a man should consult a doctor and check the level of testosterone in the blood. At lower levels of sex hormone, synthetic testosterone is used for hormone replacement therapy for treatment.

Symptoms of Testosterone Reduction

Closer to fifty, the production of the male sex hormone decreases, and men’s health problems appear:

  • depressed mood
  • reduced potency
  • insomnia,
  • apathetic condition,
  • loss of muscle mass

  • accumulation of body fat
  • hair loss all over the body,
  • osteoporosis,
  • impaired urination,
  • hemoglobin drop.

This is mainly age manifestations. But they are often observed in thirty-year-old men. In this case, young men should immediately take care of their health.

Products that reduce testosterone in men

Some foods affect the hormones. They contain substances that enhance the synthesis of androgens, release or distribute testosterone in the body. Experimentally revealed a group of products that lower testosterone.

  • Salt. A man can consume no more than three grams per day. It increases blood pressure and retains fluid in the body, which adversely affects men's health.
  • Various fast food products (fast food) have a high content of transgenic fats and salt, which lower the level of male sex hormones.
  • Any carbonated drinks are harmful for men's health: mineral water, various soft drinks, Coca-Cola, energy.
  • All these factors enormously reduce the level of testosterone in men.
  • Caffeine, entering the bloodstream, stops the production of sperm, that is, for some time, kills testosterone molecules. In addition, throwing adrenaline into the blood, it weakens the nervous system. In order to avoid caffeine-containing beverages, you should drink no more than two cups of coffee or three cups of tea per day. Drink only natural coffee. In soluble add components that weaken the male sexual functions.

  • Men (as well as women) are harmful to any food that contains a lot of cholesterol: fatty meat, butter, sausage, as well as fried foods and smoked meats.
  • There are some products that are particularly unhealthy for the male hormonal background, which contain female hormones - estrogen. These include: meat with hormones and products containing soy. As well as any alcoholic beverages, in particular - beer, "beer belly" in men - this is female-type obesity.
  • Any vegetable oils - corn, sunflower, linseed reduce the level of the male sex hormone.
  • The combination of yeast, margarine and sugar in baking helps to reduce testosterone in men.

How can you increase testosterone levels?

To enhance the male power there are medications. But we can not exclude the beneficial effects of men's health of various products. Their beneficial effect on the potency is determined by important trace elements.

Calcium. It is contained in the following products:

  • cheese,
  • sesame nuts,
  • red fish
  • various seafood,
  • legumes,
  • mackerel,
  • cereals and bran,
  • green vegetables,
  • chickens
  • veal.

Potassium. High content of potassium in such products:

  • cocoa,
  • dried apricots,
  • dried grapes
  • almond nuts
  • potatoes,
  • various fruits: banana, melon, apples, oranges,
  • cereals: pearl-barley, wheat, buckwheat,
  • mushrooms

Magnesium. This useful item is rich in:

  • lean meat (beef, pork, chicken),
  • dried fruits,
  • nuts,
  • vegetables (broccoli, carrots),
  • herring,
  • beans and bran.

Zinc. To maintain the required amount of zinc in the body, a man should eat:

  • cocoa products
  • pork, mutton and beef meat (lean),
  • sesame and peanut nuts.

A lot of zinc is found in oysters.

Of course, the male body needs protein, which is rich in:

  • meat products (lamb, beef, meat liver),
  • poultry and rabbit meat,
  • various sea fish,
  • dairy products: cheese, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream.

Vitamins are vital for maintaining men's health - without them, the hormones of the male body will be weak. All important natural vitamins are found in such products:

Food products that reduce testosterone levels in men

Proper nutrition is one of the main factors affecting health. An unbalanced diet can lead to a decrease in the level of male sex hormones. To avoid this, you need to remember which foods lower testosterone levels in men. This will help to adjust the menu that supports androgen in a normal amount.

When ingested sugar in the body dramatically increases the amount of glucose in the blood. In response, the pancreas produces insulin, which inhibits androgen production.

If the body is not subjected to heavy physical exertion, it does not waste most of the “fast” calories and lays them in fat reserves. Reducing sugar intake, as well as starch, is a very effective measure that helps preserve testosterone. It is necessary to limit the consumption of "white powder" to 6 teaspoons during the day and to abandon sugar-containing products, especially sugary drinks and confectionery.

It is best to give preference to berries, vegetables, fruits, honey. They are natural suppliers of glucose.

Caffeine gives the body energy and vigor, but after a cup of a drink, you mislead your brain and get not real energy. Caffeine increases the production of the hormone adrenaline and cortisol, which makes you feel a burst of energy. However, the body's need for androgen and its synthesis are reduced.

The diuretic activity of caffeine leads to dehydration, which affects the hormones of a man.

After you indulge yourself with strong coffee, the blood supply to the testes and brain will decrease for a few hours. It is undesirable to drink a strong drink at night - it will be hard to sleep. Only in the phase of deep sleep is the development of androgen. In order to have good sexual activity, a man needs to drink coffee in minimal doses.

It is the main source of chlorine and sodium, which regulates the water-salt balance in the human body.

On the day of an adult should consume 10-15 g of salt. But in many products that are subjected to industrial processing (canned goods, sausages, fish and meat cooking) and so high salt content. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the use of "white poison" to 5-7 g per day in its pure form.Sodium chloride provokes fluid retention in the body, which is why a person may suffer from high blood pressure and an overstrain of the heart muscle. This leads to impaired blood circulation in the glands of the testes, to reduce erection.

If sodium in the body is in excess, testosterone production occurs slowly.

  • Meat with the use of hormones.

In the industrial production of meat for the growth of agricultural birds and animals, female hormones estrogen are used. Therefore, it is important to know that in such chicken, pork and beef a large percentage of substances that are harmful to men's health. Having tasted such meat, a man can decrease the production of spermatozoa and androgens. Reduce these products in your menu, and include in the diet dishes from rabbit, fish and lamb (in their production there is practically no use of hormones).

The method of natural smoking is the safest. Hot-smoked poultry, meat and fish are considered to be products that are not harmful, as they are least affected by the harmful constituents of smoke.

Industrial smoking is considered very dangerous, because fish and meat cooking products are prepared with an extract of liquid smoke, which is an undesirable component (carcinogens are formed). This is fraught with toxic damage to testosterone testicular tissue.

  • Carbonated sweet drinks.

Products that lower testosterone include fizzy drinks. They are very destructive to the body (especially for the male reproductive function). They contain only one harmless component - water (if it is well cleaned). This carbonated liquid contains many, including harmful components:

  1. Preservatives,
  2. Caffeine,
  3. Sugar (about six teaspoons per glass)
  4. Taurine,
  5. Cola leaf extract
  6. Citric and phosphoric acid,
  7. Artificial sweeteners,
  8. Aggressive carbon dioxide,
  9. Dyes and synthetic flavors.

Alcoholic energy is called "explosive mixture" because of the addition of ethyl alcohol. Sports drinks are “rich” in plant extracts, the effects of which on human health have not been studied. Consumption of these effervesses dehydrates the body, impairs the distribution and transport of androgen molecules. Also - these are huge calories.

In pastries made from wheat flour, a high content of organic acids, yeast, refined carbohydrates, which reduces the production of testosterone. It is better for men to eat unleavened pies and buns, rye bread or whole-grain bread.

Such "semi-finished products" are supersaturated with "fast" carbohydrates, salt, animal fats, flavor enhancers, which inhibit the formation of a male hormone.

The product does not bring any benefit, but only harm in the form of excess weight and hormonal imbalance, which is bad for sex.

Consists of high-grade protein, allegedly replacing animal proteins. But soybeans are rich in phytoestrogens (a kind of female sex hormones). When ingested, men slow down the production of androgen.

Turns testosterone into estrogen. Alcohol with constant abuse violates the synthesis of the male hormone and weakens its effect.

If you drink about 150 grams of alcoholic beverages, the level of androgen will drop by 20% and recover not earlier than in 12-18 hours. At the same time, testicular cells die in a small amount.

How to reduce testosterone in the fair sex

The reasons for the increase in testosterone in the female body can be very different. Therefore, you must carefully monitor the hormonal level. The most important thing is to correct the diet. The interval between meals should be 3-4 hours, since a long break leads to an increase in the amount of the hormone.

Consider which products lower testosterone in women:

  • Soy products,
  • Vegetable oil: corn, flaxseed,
  • Cabbage: especially cauliflower and broccoli,
  • Dairy products: cream, full-fat milk, cottage cheese, sheep cheese,
  • Sweet fruits: dates, apricots, apples,
  • Honey,
  • Cereals (wheat, oatmeal), white bread, potatoes,
  • Protein foods: chicken, fish, meat,
  • Green tea,
  • The list of food products can still be supplemented with beer and coffee. But of course, it is undesirable to abuse them.

It is better to abstain from vegetarian cuisine and reduce the consumption of animal fats.

Folk remedies that reduce the amount of testosterone:

  • Peppermint Infusion
  • Oat kernel kissel,
  • Flax seed infusion,
  • Tea with licorice powder,
  • Carrot and celery juice (freshly squeezed)
  • Blooming Sally,
  • Broth angelica, sage, nettle, red clover.

They, too, may have their contraindications, so consult with your doctor in advance.

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