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Weight Loss Pills for Men and Women


These are substances that form a protein that the body needs for the normal maintenance of growth and recovery functions, the synthesis of antibodies and hormones. Complexes of amino acids are preparations for the regulation of catabolism, recovery process, mental activity. In bodybuilding, amino acids are taken as an additive BCAA, consisting of isoleucine, valine, leucine. The complex contains 35 percent of the total number of amino acids present in muscle tissues, which have a direct impact on anabolic and restorative processes.

This harmless sports supplement increases muscle mass, anaerobic endurance, strength. The drug plays an important role for human life, which is comparable to the function of fats, carbohydrates, proteins. Creatine, which is present in muscle fibers, is a direct participant in energy metabolism.

Anabolic steroid

AU (anabolic steroids) are considered the most effective drugs that provide high muscle growth. They imitate the mechanism of action of testosterone - the main sex male hormone. Use steroids exclusively professional bodybuilders. This is due to the fact that drugs of this class have side effects.

The anabolic effect of steroids is manifested in the following indicators:

  • increase in muscle mass up to 10 kilograms per month,
  • increase endurance and strength
  • strengthening bone tissue
  • reducing body fat.

Taking steroids can lead to the following side effects:

  • masculinization
  • prostate hypertrophy
  • virilization
  • testicular atrophy
  • hair loss.


The choice of drug for the growth of muscle mass depends on the ultimate goal. Amateurs who do not plan to take part in competitions should limit themselves to taking the BCAA complex, such additives as creatine, gainer or protein. Bodybuilders who have the intention to do bodybuilding on a professional level need to pay attention to anabolic steroids. The main thing is to comply with the dosage and reception regimen of the AU, recommended by a specialist. In addition, you need to remember that steroids are not recommended to take up to 25 years. This applies to both men and women.

Review of effective drugs for weight gain in men and women

Some drugs for weight gain contain milk and egg proteins, vitamins, creatine. Others include hormones, so you need to consult with an endocrinologist and carefully choose the drug. Many of the tools that increase appetite and contribute to the collection of missing kilograms are sold in pharmacies without prescriptions.

  • Diabeton. The effect is achieved by increasing the production of insulin. Diabeton promotes weight gain, according to the effect on the body is equal to anabolic steroids. At observance of a dosage and recommendations about food of side effects does not arise.
  • Potassium orotat. Strengthens appetite, normalizes protein metabolism, stimulates regenerative processes. the effectiveness of the drug will increase vitamins B, C, E, glutamic acid, riboxin.
  • Oxandrolone. It activates the synthesis of growth hormone, helps to form rigid muscles, strengthens bones. The drug does not retain water in the body, harmless to men and women, it is recommended for recovery after a serious illness.
  • Dexamethasone Tablets are used to treat many diseases, but also cause many undesirable effects, including weight gain. Therefore, the tool is popular in power sports. In addition, Dexamethasone strengthens the ligaments, reduces inflammation in the joints.
  • Potassium orotat. Strengthens appetite, normalizes protein metabolism, stimulates regenerative processes. the effectiveness of the drug will increase vitamins B, C, E, glutamic acid, riboxin.
  • Peritol. In addition to the main antihistamine effect, the pills increase appetite, therefore they are prescribed to cancer patients and HIV-infected people to prevent weight loss. Peritol rarely causes side effects, but is contraindicated in lactose deficiency. Athletes take pills to gain muscle mass.
  • Brewer's yeast. The supplement contains vitamins of group B, irreplaceable amino acids. Brewer's yeast contribute to the absorption of food and weight gain, increase immunity.

Proper diet

Tablets for weight gain will have an effect only with high-calorie diet. Need to increase the number of meals. Eat foods with a large number of complex carbohydrates (50%) and protein (30%). Give preference to meat, fish, cereal and pasta, dairy products of medium fat. Take vitamin complexes, which include vitamin C, E, pantothenate, retinol, folic acid.

Daily need of an adult

Consumption rate for women: Medium physical activity Strong physical activity

  • Proteins 78-81 g 84-87 g
  • Fat 85-87 g 98-102 g
  • Carbohydrates 372-378 g 432-452 g
Consumption rate for men: Medium exercise Strong exercise

  • Proteins 93-96 g 106-110 g
  • Fat 108-114 g 132-136 g
  • Carbohydrates 426-440 g 518-504 g
With little exercise and after 40 years, the need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates is reduced.

Sports nutrition

Protein-carbohydrate supplements are recommended for people of thin build and for those who are hard at work. To increase the weight you need to choose only easily digestible gainers. Proteins promote weight gain, restore and form muscle fibers. Glutamic acid does not cause side effects, stimulates the immune system and the production of growth hormone. High carbohydrate bars contain at least 400 calories and about 15% of the daily dose of the necessary substances for the body. They can replace one meal.

Weight Loss Pills for Men

In addition to pharmacies that can be taken by men and women, testosterone preparations have been developed for the stronger sex.

  • Andriol. Regulates protein metabolism, accelerates muscle growth, strengthens the libido.
  • Methyltestosterone. Synthetic analogue of the male hormone increases weight due to water retention. But the drug is toxic to the liver, increases blood pressure.
  • Dianabol Increases appetite, stimulates protein synthesis and strengthens the skeletal system.
Before choosing drugs, it is necessary to take into account that each of them has contraindications and can cause undesirable side effects: edema, enlarged liver, digestive disorders.

Drugs for women

  • Duphaston. An agent for hormone therapy may have a side effect in the form of weight gain.
  • Chloe. Eliminates acne, androgenic symptoms can add a few extra pounds.
If there are no other indications for use, it is better for women to refuse pills with such a dubious "markup" in the form of weight gain. It is better to replace them with safer brewer's yeast, Oxandrolone, Peritol.

The use of injections

  • Alvezin. Contains several essential acids that stimulate protein metabolism. It is administered intravenously.
  • Boldenone. Recommended for men only. It helps build muscle without fat deposits.
  • Omnadren. Increases appetite, accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Nebido. Increases lean body mass. The drug is not prescribed to women.
  • Elkar Healthy tool improves overall tone, appetite, normalizes metabolism and improves the absorption of food. Elkar for injection can be replaced with a solution for internal use.
Relief figure will help create injections with growth hormone. They are suitable for men and women, combined with sports nutrition.

Useful information

Tablets for weight gain can disrupt hormones. Therefore, before applying it is better to consult a doctor. With a mass deficiency, it is necessary to check the functioning of the liver, pancreas, to correct problems with digestion and psychological problems. Pharmaceutical preparations will help to gain weight only in combination of high-calorie diet and exercise.

Calcium glycerophosphate

In medicine, this drug is used in the treatment of dystrophy and excessive fatigue. It increases the degree of absorption of protein and speeds up metabolism. During the period of taking this remedy, appetite is significantly increased, which means that the consumption of fat, fried and flour should be reduced. As much protein sources should be added to the diet. As you already understood, in relation to the sport, this pharmacy drug contributes to a set of muscle mass, and this has earned popularity, including among bodybuilders.

Pharmacological group: macro and microelements.

Active substance: calcium glycerophosphate (English: Calcium glycerophosphate).

Pharmachologic effect: the drug enhances anabolic processes (protein synthesis), has a restorative effect, compensates for calcium deficiency.

Tasks in sport: The drug is used to gain muscle mass.

Composition: 1 tablet contains 0.2 or 0.5 g of the substance.

Indications: as a tonic and tonic (enhancing the activity of the body) remedy for poor nutrition, fatigue, exhaustion.

Contraindications: not identified.

Side effects: not identified.

Interaction: often prescribed with preparations - sources of iron.

Mode of application: orally

Overdose: no cases were observed.

Release form: tablets of 0.5 g, in a blister of 10 pieces, in a pack of 2 blisters.

Analogs: not identified.

Manufacturers: Open Society "Lugansk HFZ" (Ukraine).

Shelf life: 5 years.

Storage conditions: dry out of reach of children at room temperature.

Summary. A unique drug. Having an anabolic ability to enhance protein synthesis, it has, firstly, no contraindications or side effects, and secondly, it has no analogues. And since calcium is almost paramount in bodybuilding, among other minerals, as it is the main mineral that performs muscle contraction, it is for this very reason that calcium glycerol phosphate has gained high popularity and is one of the best drugs for muscle growth. in bodybuilding.

Potassium orotate

Metabolic agent that regulates and stimulates the flow of biochemical processes. Used as a drug that has an anabolic effect in disorders of protein metabolism. Strengthens appetite (which helps when working "on the ground"), increases urination (which helps to get rid of excess fluid in the body), activates the processes of tissue regeneration (which speeds up the recovery process). Potassium Orotate is a mineral salt that is found in all living organisms. Each substance molecule consists of orotic acid and potassium molecules. Orotic acid is a biochemical substance necessary for the synthesis of DNA and RNA. This pharmacy drug is widely used in sports to gain weight and increase power performance, even taking into account the fact that its effectiveness is relatively small.

Pharmacological group: drugs that stimulate metabolic processes.

Active substance: Orotic acid (English: Orotic acid).

Pharmachologic effect: has an anabolic effect in violation of protein metabolism. It also has a diuretic and activating regeneration effect.

Tasks in sport: general anabolic (enhancing protein synthesis) action. The drug helps to grow muscles and recover faster after workouts.

Composition: 1 tablet contains 0.5 g of the substance.

Indications: diseases of the liver and biliary tract caused by intoxication other than cirrhosis with ascites. Myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, heart rhythm disturbances, etc.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects: allergic dermatosis.

Interaction: simultaneous use of drugs - sources of potassium is not recommended.

Mode of application: orally

Overdose: extremely rarely there is inflammation of the renal tubules and their death. Hormonal shifts are possible. Long-term use causes weakening of the heart muscle.

Release form: tablets of 0.5 g per pack of 30 pieces.

Analogs: Dioron, Potassium Orotovy, Orotsid, Oro-Pur.

Manufacturers: Aveksim OJSC (Russia), Pharmstandard OJSC (Russia), Dalkhimpharm (Russia), Irbit Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant (Russia), Akrikhin (Russia), PFC Renovation (Russia), etc.

Shelf life: 4 years.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place inaccessible to children at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

Summary. Numerous experiments (in rats) have shown that, in combination with other drugs, Orotate potassium does shorten the recovery time, however, no anabolic effects have been identified. In this regard, it is believed that its use in sports is ineffective, and in bodybuilding is almost meaningless. However, the facts speak for themselves. The drug is not the first decade, is very popular in sports, and, precisely among bodybuilders. Is it possible to consider experiments on rats comparable to the reaction of an athlete to a drug? Hardly. Would he be so popular if he were not effective? I'm sure not. The facts speak for themselves. Among the pharmaceutical preparations for weight gain, Potassium orotate gained an honorable reputation.

Drug regulating metabolism. Able in the shortest possible time to fill the deficit of potassium and magnesium in the body, as well as stabilize the electrolyte balance. The drug facilitates the transfer of potassium and magnesium into the cells, which contributes to the improvement of efficiency, and as a result, helps to build muscle mass faster. Magnesium, which takes part in protein metabolism, and supplies energy in this process, gives the athlete, in the process of training, the ability to effectively build muscles. The versatility of this pharmaceutical preparation consists in the fact that it can be used not only for weight gain, but also for weight loss with a properly adjusted training and nutrition regimen. In addition, Asparkam prevents the occurrence of seizures and significantly increases endurance athletes.

Pharmacological group: antiarrhythmic drugs in combinations.

Active substance: potassium and magnesium asparaginate (English: Potassium aspartate and magnesium aspartate).

Pharmachologic effect: The drug eliminates electrolyte imbalance, magnesium and potassium deficiency, improves metabolism in the myocardium and coronary blood supply.

Tasks in sport: improves performance and endurance, helps fight cramps. The drug is used as a set of muscle mass, and for weight loss.

Composition: 1 tablet contains 175 mg of potassium aspartate and 175 mg of magnesium aspartate. 1 ampoule of asparkam 10 ml contains 0.45 g of potassium asparaginate and 0.4 g of magnesium asparaginate.

Indications: prescribed as an adjunct in chronic circulatory failure, as well as in cardiac rhythm disturbances caused by a deficiency of potassium and magnesium.

Contraindications: acute and chronic renal failure, hyperkalemia, hypermagnemia, myocardial dysfunction, severe myasthenia gravis.

Side effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, flatulence, dry mouth, reduced pressure.

Interaction: with the simultaneous use of asparkam with potassium-sparing diuretics or ACE inhibitors increases the risk of hyperkalemia.

Mode of application: oral, intravenous drip, intravenous bolus, or using an Infuzomat dosing device.

Overdose: hyperkalemia and hypermagnesemia, which is manifested by facial flushing, thirst, neuromuscular connection disorders, arrhythmias, seizures.

Release form: tablets - 10 and 50 pieces per pack. Ampoules - on 5 or 10 pieces (on 5, 10 or 20 ml) in a cardboard pack. Glass bottles of 400 ml solution for infusion.

Analogs: Panangin, Asparkam-L, Potassium and Magnesium Asparaginate.

Manufacturers: Aveksim OJSC (Russia), PFC Renovation (Russia), Irbit Chemical Factory (Russia), Pharmapol-Volga (Russia), Health Club (Ukraine), etc.

Shelf life: depending on the form of release, about 2 years.

Storage conditions: Store in a dark place, out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Summary. Asparkam also contains aspartate (aspartic acid), a carrier of potassium and magnesium ions through cell membranes. Often, athletes increase the daily dosage above 6 tablets, but this does not lead to any significant increase in results. Excess potassium ions are excreted by the kidneys with urine. With all its versatility, the drug has no anabolic effect. Nevertheless, this pharmaceutical preparation is quite suitable for gaining muscle mass, but only as part of a course, in conjunction with other drugs. However, even in itself, it is quite popular among bodybuilders, and among representatives of many other sports.

The drug activates biochemical processes that, among other things, have a positive effect on the heart of an athlete. It has antiarrhythmic, anabolic and other beneficial effects. By increasing the strength of the heartbeat, it helps to increase the stroke volume. Riboxin in its essence improves both the blood supply to the tissues of the whole organism, and the heart in particular.While taking the drug, there is often an improvement in energy metabolism, the activity of many enzymes and metabolic processes in the myocardium. Another positive effect of its reception is an improvement in the regeneration of muscle tissue. But, despite all its positive qualities, Riboxin as a reducing agent is not the best choice, for this reason, for the purpose of building muscle, this pharmacy drug is recommended to be taken in combination with potassium orotate, which acts as a kind of amplifier.

Pharmacological group: drugs that affect mainly the processes of tissue metabolism.

Active substance: inosine (English: Inosine).

Pharmachologic effect: the drug has an anabolic effect, is involved in glucose metabolism and activates metabolic processes in the myocardium.

Tasks in sport: inosine is the precursor of ATP - the most important energy source in bodybuilding. It improves blood circulation, energy metabolism, and muscle tissue regeneration.

Composition: 1 tablet of the drug contains 200 mg of inosine. Ampoules contain 20 mg / ml of the active substance - inosine.

Indications: coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disturbances, heart defects, coronary atherosclerosis, cardiac pathologies, liver cirrhosis.

Contraindications: gout, hypersensitivity to the drug, increased uric acid in the blood.

Side effects: in some cases, allergic reactions may occur: itching, urticaria, skin flushing. Rarely there is an increase in the content of uric acid in the blood.

Interaction: when used in combination therapy, it enhances the effect of antianginal, antiarrhythmic and inotropic drugs.

Mode of application: orally, injections, intravenously (drip or jet).

Overdose: cases of drug overdose in clinical use is not registered.

Release form: 20 mg tablets, in a blister pack of 10 pieces, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 blisters in a pack. Solution for injection 2%: 10 ml of solution contain 200 mg of inosine, in a package of 10 ampoules of 5 or 10 ml.

Analogs: Inosine, Inosine-F, Riboxin-Vero, Riboxin-Darnitsa, Riboxin-LekT, Riboxin-PNITIA, Riboxin-UWI, Ribonosin.

Manufacturers: CJSC Binnofarm (Russia), Irbit Chemical Factory (Russia), Dalkhimparm (Russia), Borisov Medical Preparations Plant (Belarus).

Shelf life: depending on the form of release, about 3 years.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place inaccessible to children, hidden from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Summary. Riboxin, due to its anabolic properties, is widely used in sports. Many sports supplements are also made with it. Nevertheless, some clinical trials have shown that the use of Riboxin in sports does not lead to an improvement in performance and an increase in muscle mass. But again, the tests carried out do not call into question the pharmacological effect of the drug, which means that if it possesses all the stated properties, then why should it be considered ineffective in sports? Tests are always carried out under strictly defined laboratory conditions, in reality, the conditions of training and the factors influencing it are different for each person, therefore the effectiveness of the reception will be different. But to say that the drug is useless in sports, I think it is not quite correct. Of course, we will not question the results of clinical trials, just as they do not question the pharmacological effect of the drug, but you think they caught the point. All you need to know is that among bodybuilders using this drug to gain weight, Riboxin is widely popular. It would hardly be possible if the drug were a dummy. Draw conclusions.

The drug is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. The main beneficial components of fish oil are Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A and D. Fish oil is key in bodybuilding. Without sufficient intake of Omega-3 in the body, it is quite difficult to achieve the desired results in gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. With a lack of essential fatty acids, the results and achievements of an athlete will always be lower than they would be if they consumed fish oil. Accordingly, the course of drugs for weight gain must necessarily be supplemented with sources of fish oil in any form of release.

Pharmacological group: vitamins, vitamin-like substances and drugs that affect mainly the processes of tissue metabolism.

Active substance: fish oil (English: Fish oil).

Pharmachologic effect: lipid-lowering, anti-aggregative, see summary below.

Tasks in sport: accelerating the growth of lean muscle mass and reducing body fat, improving overall tone and endurance, enhancing the production of hormones, including testosterone.

Composition: depending on the manufacturer, 1 capsule contains 100/250/500/790 or 850 mg of the active substance. Capsule shell: gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, water.

Indications: for the prevention and treatment of hypo-and avitaminosis. As a general tonic, to accelerate the healing of bone fractures.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

Side effects: Gastrointestinal disorders - nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea.

Interaction: without features.

Mode of application: orally

Overdose: indigestion

Release form: transparent gelatin capsules of 10 pieces in a blister, 5, 7 or 10 blisters in a pack.

Analogs: fish oil from cod, pike, crucian carp, perch, catfish, haddock, blue whiting, makrurus.

Manufacturers: Teva (Israel), Teva Private Co. LTD ”(Hungary),“ Del Rios ”(Russia).

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Summary. As we have said, Omega-3 fatty acids have a wide range of positive effects that are of fundamental importance in bodybuilding. Here are some of them: an increase in metabolic rate, accelerated growth of muscle mass and a decrease in the amount of adipose tissue. Increase insulin susceptibility, improve blood circulation. The drug improves overall tone and increases stamina, reduces catabolism and speeds up recovery. Improves brain function, improves mood. The brain substance is 60% fat, and especially in need of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is an excellent source of energy that does not create the risk of increasing fat tissue. It enhances the body's production of hormones, including testosterone, which is the most important bodybuilding, and at the same time, prevents the secretion of harmful cortisol. Fish oil as a drug for muscle growth is of paramount importance. It can rightly be called magical, and if you want a miraculous substance, which is of great assistance in the process of building muscles.

A product known to us from childhood, which many took for the usual delicacy. It is made from dried blood of cattle, and is successfully used to prevent iron deficiency, restore metabolic processes, stimulate the formation of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the body, and among other things, is a source of essential amino acids, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Due to such a rich composition, this drug can be used very well for weight gain, especially considering that all of these components are in the hematogen in a state close to that of our blood.

The blood that is used to prepare the hematogen is processed to exclude infections and defibrated: the fibrin protein falls as fibers from the blood when it is shaken. Defibrated blood does not clot, and red blood cells remain in the serum in suspension. To impart taste to the product add condensed milk, molasses, sucrose and vanilla.

Pharmacological group: Dietary supplements - products of plant, animal or mineral origin.

Active substance: hematogen (eng. haematogenum).

Pharmachologic effect: the drug increases the hemoglobin content in the blood and improves the morphological characteristics of red blood cells.

Tasks in sport: used for weight gain, as a source of fast carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and amino acids in an optimal ratio for the body.

Composition: the active substance is ferrous sulphate iron (sulphate iron hepathydrate). Also food black albumin, condensed milk, molasses, sucrose, vanillin.

Indications: used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for malnutrition, low blood hemoglobin, after serious infectious diseases.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, carbohydrate metabolism, diabetes, obesity, anemia.

Side effects: nausea, diarrhea.

Interaction: It is not recommended to combine with other drugs - sources of iron.

Mode of application: orally

Overdose: see side effects.

Release form: Bars, chewing candy, 50 or 30 g, divided into 10 or 6 plates.

Analogs: Hematogen C (as part of vitamin C), Hematogen L (as part of lysine).

Manufacturers: Pharm-Pro (Russia), Fakel-Design PKP (Russia), Siberian Health 2000 (Russia), Gemakon (Russia), Geness LLC (Russia), Revival and Development (Russia ).

Shelf life: 6 months

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Summary. This product (or pharmacy drug) is very popular in sports in general. With regard to its use in bodybuilding, the fact that the hematogen is a source of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, of course, suggests that in this sport, in terms of gaining muscle, it is especially relevant. Everyone will make conclusions about the expediency of its use, but taking into account the fact that even children's forms of hematogen are produced, it is not only safe for use, but rather, strongly recommended, again, if all conditions for its administration are met.

And a little about the secrets.

Can't gain weight?

Read what Elena Malysheva advises for people with weight problems. Our readers have already confirmed that using this method quickly solves problems with Weight. It turns out everything is simple, you need to start with what is removed from the body.

Too thin people, when trying to gain weight, make a big mistake when they take sweets and flour products. Fast carbohydrates will add a few pounds, but the fat mass will accumulate on the stomach. Tablets for weight gain, combined with proper nutrition and sports activities will help you quickly achieve the goal, form a harmonious figure and relief muscles, improve health.

How to quickly gain weight girl

Excessive thinness is not just a lack of shape. Lack of muscle and fat body mass can be the cause of many problems - from difficulties in conceiving a child to the development of various chronic diseases, including immunity, food allergies, digestive disorders. If such a constitution is not hereditary, but acquired, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as this may indicate the development of cancer.

To learn how to gain weight girl, it is best to have a doctor. That he will be able to determine the causes of weight loss, and recommend the necessary diet. Since the consumption of high-calorie and fatty foods in most cases does not bring the desired result, you need to start with measures aimed at increasing appetite.

There are various ways to increase the natural desire to eat a lot and with pleasure. The easiest and most effective - spend more time in the fresh air. After a walk, a healthy appetite usually arises, and with this, the metabolism necessary for a more complete assimilation of food improves.

If there is not enough time for a walk in the fresh air, then before a meal it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh natural juice or red wine. In this case, you need to eat at least 5-6 times a day, snacking on what you most want at this time - with fruit, a glass of kefir or nuts.

Many doctors, answering the question of how to gain weight to a girl, advise not to fuss after a meal, but to rest for about half an hour. For thin people, this is a good way to improve digestion, which will allow all useful substances to be absorbed as much as possible.

Since it is not easy for a girl to gain weight, you need to adjust your diet, giving priority to protein and carbohydrate foods. It is necessary that at least half of the proteins accounted for eggs, meat and fish. Poultry meat is considered useful - it is lean and nutritious, and the protein contained in it will allow you to quickly build muscle for the desired relief of the body.

Daily consumption of low-fat dairy products will also contribute to the improvement of digestion, and, therefore, improve metabolic processes. Fat cottage cheese with a small amount of home-made sour cream or an energy cocktail consisting of a glass of heavy cream, 100 g of cottage cheese and a few tablespoons of jam or honey is quite suitable for breakfast.

When choosing a diet and deciding how to gain weight for a girl, you need to remember that the body needs fats, for which you need to use olive and soybean oil for salad dressing. They are rich in vitamin E, which gives the vessels elasticity and has a rejuvenating effect. Also, for the rapid increase of subcutaneous fat, one should not neglect products containing carbohydrates - macaroni, potatoes, white bread, sugar and various sweets.

I lost weight. How to gain weight?

Quite often you can find a discussion of the situation: “I lost weight. How to gain weight? Is it just enough for this diet? ".

According to many doctors, after passing examinations confirming the absence of the disease, for a quicker weight gain, simply keeping a diet is often not enough. Performing aerobic and strength exercises with dumbbells helps improve metabolism and at the same time build muscle.

Usually, coaches, advising how to gain weight to a girl, in the first month do not recommend overloading themselves with physical activity. During this time, the body will have time to tune in to the new mode. Subsequently, it will be possible to increase the weight of the dumbbells and the number of repetitions of the exercises. You can do it yourself according to the program chosen by the trainer or at a fitness club. At the same time, such trainings should be combined with swimming in the pool, roller skating and cycling, and active games. If after a few months the body weight ceases to increase, it is necessary to change the program and diet.

What pills to gain weight

Lack of weight is not an independent symptom, but a consequence of various problems from both physical and mental health. Learning from the doctor what pills to gain weight, you need to clarify with him and a list of possible effects that they have on the body.

When deciding how to gain weight to a woman, you need to understand that any hormonal drugs interfere with the body's work, destroying some of its systems. Moreover, in some cases, it will be almost impossible to restore it.

Among the pills that the doctor may recommend, may be hormonal drugs, most often - oral contraceptives. Weight gain is a fairly common side effect. Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives according to the results of many studies will lead to a steady increase in weight, but doctors say that getting rid of it will be quite difficult. Before advising how to quickly gain weight for girls aged 13-15, you need to take into account all the possible consequences and relate the benefits and the existing risk.

Many women, discussing which pills to gain weight, recommend drinking beer yeast. Their action is aimed at regulating metabolic processes due to replenishing the deficiency of vitamins of various groups (especially group B, necessary for the nervous system) and essential proteins and fats. In addition, brewer's yeast contribute to:

  • Strengthening of the vascular walls,
  • Reducing the amount of harmful fats in the blood,
  • Enhance immunity and performance,
  • Removal of toxic metabolic products from the body,
  • Improving the body's resistance to the effects of many adverse environmental factors,
  • Improve overall well-being.

Discussing how to gain weight to a woman, many say that brewer's yeast is a good addition to diet and exercise. Thanks to the normalization of the intestinal function, they improve the appetite and contribute to a more complete absorption of food. In addition to weight gain, many note and improve well-being and mood.

Before you decide how to gain weight girl, you need to find out the causes of the weight gain. In many cases, weight loss is associated with psychological trauma and problems that can be solved by a psychologist. Even if you do not seek help from professionals, you need to know that many of the problems in the body are directly related to the psychological mood. Therefore, following the recommendations of the doctor, do not forget that you need to love yourself with all the flaws.