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Beer, good and bad for men


Beer is a popular drink in different countries due to its original taste, aroma and low alcohol content. The drink is produced by fermentation of malt - germinated seeds of cereals (barley, rye, wheat, etc.) with the help of beer yeast and the addition of hops.

Nowadays, malt and hops are often replaced by chemicals that allow you to quickly produce and store the product for a long time. Depending on the manufacturer and varieties, the beer contains ethyl alcohol, carbohydrates, carbon dioxide, various food additives, preservatives to increase shelf life, diacetyl to mask synthetic additives and foam stabilizers. It is also possible to add artificial colors, sugar or saccharin, starch.

In the 60s, cobalt was used as a beer foam stabilizer. After many cases of poisoning, including fatalities, cobalt salts were banned for use in beer making.

When drinking large quantities of beer, the negative effect of its components on the body occurs:

A heart. Frequent consumption of large amounts of the drink has a devastating effect on the heart. There are terms such as "beer" or "bullish" heart, "nylon stocking", when there is a strong increase in the cavities of the heart and the thickening of the walls. This occurs through the entry into the blood of alcohol with carbon dioxide, which is saturated with beer. After entering the body, these components fill the blood vessels, expanding their boundaries, which can lead to varicose veins and enlargement of the heart, its sagging and worsening of blood circulation. In men, shortness of breath appears, fatigue, increased pressure, increases the likelihood of a heart attack by 2 times, compared with non-drinkers.

Liver. May not handle the processing of harmful components and alcohol contained in beer. This can cause a different type of hepatitis, as well as provoke cirrhosis of the liver.

Obesity. Beer abuse often accumulates fat. There are two reasons for this effect:

  • Due to the presence in the drink easily digestible carbohydrates. With a large use of beer there is a load on the digestive organs, and they do not have time to process the contained products in it. The metabolism is disturbed, and fat is accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue.
  • Beer stimulates the appetite, which leads to more food intake during or after drinking.

Kidney. Excessive consumption of beer, stimulates the kidneys in the maximum mode for the removal of excess fluid. Useful trace elements, proteins and vitamins are washed out with the products of liquid breakdown through the urine. The kidneys do not have time to cope with the load, they decrease and shrink. At the same time, salt builds up in the kidneys and urolithiasis begins.

Stomach. Beer components, especially unnatural additives and carbon dioxide, irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, which often causes a stomach ulcer, bowel and can provoke cancer.

Brain. Alcohol destroys brain cells, disrupting brain abilities. Headaches begin, memory lapses occur, decreases in the speed of thinking, decrease in intelligence.

Potency. Beer inhibits the male hormone - testosterone, increasing the production of female. Therefore, beer lovers can often observe breast augmentation, growth of the characteristic beer belly, fat deposition throughout the body, rounding of the shoulders and an increase in shape in the pelvis. In addition to external changes, sexual activity decreases, problems with potency begin, and the quantity and quality of sperm decreases.

Immunity. Against the background of the general load on the organs that work for processing and removing beer from the body, there is a decrease in the protective properties of the body. Therefore, beer lovers even with minor infections may have pulmonary edema and cerebral hemorrhage.

Nonalcoholic beer

The history of non-alcoholic beer began in the 70s of the 20th century. At this time, began to invent beer without alcohol. The reason for this step were numerous car accidents under the influence of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic beer is made by several methods:

  • Interrupt fermentation. In the production process, beer is not allowed to reach the last stage, interrupting the fermentation process with the help of cooling.
  • Use special yeast. They do not process malt into alcohol in the fermentation process.
  • Dealcoholization of ordinary beer. Alcohol is removed from ordinary beer. It can be a way of heating when alcohol boils and evaporates, or a membrane method.

The main advantage of this beer is that its use of a person absorbs less alcohol, which means that his body does not experience alcohol stress. (In non-alcoholic beer there is a small percentage of alcohol - about 0.5%).

This beer is the lowest-calorie of all types of beer. If it is made from high-quality products and in compliance with all the technologies, and no more than a couple of bottles per week are used, then there is a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and an improvement in metabolism.

There is an opinion of scientists that high-quality beer without alcohol reduces the risk of cancer (malignant tumors).

All studies on the positive properties of beer were carried out laboratory, there are no official conclusions.

In addition to alcohol, all harmful and beneficial substances remain in the drink, therefore, all the shortcomings of alcoholic beer are also non-alcoholic. Frequent use of a large amount of such beer supersaturated the body with preservatives and changes the male hormones. Zero also suppresses testosterone with all the ensuing consequences for the male body.

Unfiltered beer benefits and harm

Filtered is different from unfiltered end-stage production. Both types of beer are made by the method of fermentation of malt using beer yeast with the addition of water and hops.

Ordinary beer is filtered to remove the remnants of raw materials and yeast, pasteurized to extend the shelf life. During filtration and heat treatment, many useful components are also lost.

Unfiltered beer does not undergo such a process, so there remains more flavor and taste in it. Due to the remainder of the yeast in it, the fermentation process can proceed even further, and sediment and yeast flavor are possible in the bottles. Aging occurs in it faster, so unfiltered beer quickly deteriorates.

Despite the greater content of beneficial elements in unfiltered beer compared to normal beer, consuming it in large quantities, men experience all of the above negative factors on their bodies.

Beer alcoholism

It is believed that the effect of a light beer bottle is equivalent to a stack of vodka drunk, and four bottles of beer during the day is equivalent to almost half a bottle of vodka. To verify this, you can carry out simple calculations. Alcohol strength is measured in percent by volume. If you take vodka, then in its 100 grams contains 40% pure alcohol, it eats 40 grams. Strength of common beer 4 - 8% vol., It means that 100 g of this drink contains from 4 to 8 gr. pure alcohol. When drinking a 0.5 liter beer bottle, 20-40 grams of pure alcohol enters the body. Therefore, a person who drinks beer is subject to the same stresses as when drinking strong alcohol. And because of the relatively low alcohol content in beer, it is consumed in large quantities. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide in beer, alcohol instantly dissolves in the blood.

The alcohol content in the drink leads to a gradual addiction to it.

The term “beer alcoholism” does not exist in the official classification of diseases, therefore, it is not used as an official diagnosis.

Heavy drunkenness when drinking beer occurs less frequently, but the risk of alcohol addiction is much higher among beer lovers.

There is an opinion that beer alcoholism is found several times more often than vodka. If every day to drink beer for 3-4 months, in the amount of 1 bottle, there are transformations in the body. Even if you completely give up alcohol, you will need much more time to return the normal functioning of the organs. After regular consumption of beer for six months there is an alcoholic dependence on him.

Beer perfectly quenches thirst

Which of the men does not know about such an advantage, even my son, who is five years old knows it. We are constantly told about it from the TV ...

Yes it is, checked for yourself, it works. But what should it be attributed to: benefit or harm?

Everyone who has tried beer knows about its diuretic property, and this very action can cause some "side" effect.

The very first thing is what the body demanded (in the form of thirst) liquids, we gave him, but she (without thinking twice) "Asked" out. And the lack of water in the body has remained. And the man’s body begins to replenish it from blood, joint fluid, etc.

Also on the go (due to unnatural urination) Calcium and other trace elements and water-soluble vitamins are washed out.

Thanks to beer consumption of vodka is reduced.

When I hear about this “benefit” for men, I always want to laugh.

As I wrote in the article “the harm of beer to men” - more than once I saw how even more vodka were drunk after beer.

Better they drank vodka, and that would be less harm from alcohol! To interfere with everything - drink half a bucket of beer, and then, already in the stage of severe intoxication, add vodka on top.

On that and it intoxicating drink to have in the composition of the hops. Thanks to him - beer has its own unique bitter taste.

And this very ingredient is credited with a lot of usefulness:
• prevents the development of cancer,
• natural antioxidant
• high-grade vitamin complex,
• "bitterness" helps with digestion.

Let's attribute this to the benefits of beer, like any natural product.

Although some scientists “endow” hops with completely different properties - estrogens, hormones that are responsible for sexual characteristics.

In women, there are many of these hormones, in contrast to men - very little. Hops, on the other hand, have a lot of phytoestrogen, which supposedly saturates the male body, as a result of which a man becomes feminine - resembling a woman, and may even lead to impotence.

This is all beer, too, but already harmful for men.

Malt and Yeast

Malt.How much interesting and incomprehensible this word contains for me (more precisely, the recipe for its preparation).

One side (at the beginning of cooking) this is known to all devotees Healthy lifestyle The product is sprouted barley grains.

But what is done later ... I do not know how useful and necessary it is.
And sprouts (who are so helpful) are deleted and used, only what is left (grains), which are dried and ground.

This is how the wort is being prepared, to which brewer's yeast is added.

And it is thanks to these components that beer has such a rich list of vitamins and minerals.

And all would be nothing if it were not for the "by-product" that is formed at the same time - ethyl alcohol. Which so attracts drinkers, but which does so much harm, briefly about it - here .

There is, of course, a “modern” non-alcoholic beer, but it seems to me that, apart from alcohol, there are not all those useful substances inherent in the present.

So, what is the use and harm for men?

The cardiovascular system

Daily consumption of a small amount of beer reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is due to a small amount of ethyl alcohol in the beer, which supposedly helps the body in small quantities.

But other scientists argue that even a small dose of alcohol is harmful to the body.

Bones and brain

The beer is silicon in a form that allows it to be very easily absorbed by the body.

Due to this, when drinking foam, the risk of osteoporosis and brain atrophy is reduced.

Critics of this opinion disprove this, explaining this in the following way - we need silicon so small that its organism is received with plenty and in prosperity from other, though few containing products: bran, oatmeal, radish, sunflower seeds, sour milk and t .P.

So, you need not to drink beer, but to eat variously.


Due to its composition, this drink (naturala) positive effect on digestion.

I do not know whether this is true, but if you drink it in large quantities (as is customary), then only digestive harm remains!

This is a huge amount of liquid and carbon dioxide in the stomach - all this needs to be recycled, pumped, withdraw.

The stomach swells from a large amount of fluid and carbon dioxide, the kidneys work wear-out, removing all this, etc., etc.

Beer "calms" the nerves

As part of this drink, there are psychoactive substances that have a calming effect on our state.

Everyone knows about this "relaxing" effect - who does not like to sit idly while sipping a beer near a TV set ...

But over time, the body gets used to such a “stimulator”, and without beer it will be very difficult to relax.

And now the use has turned into harm ...

As I wrote above - beer is a potent diuretic.
Some put it, it is his merit. Perhaps this is so - if you have problems with the removal of fluid from the body.

In other cases, I think only one action - washing away all that is necessary and unnecessary from the body.

Well, let's draw conclusions. What we now answer the question - "beer, benefit and harm for men?"

From this whole heap, I, personally for myself, concluded: beer we do not need, like other bad habits.

But if you are a passionate lover of this drink, and you can not live without it - what to drink, but!

Not more than a bottle in 2-3 days (purely my opinion).

Find a good brand (if there is one) that makes real beer, which brews it, and not “batters”.

Or learn how to make beer yourself, like this guy.

And I think that so, you do not harm much health.

And I have everything. Drink water, not alcohol and you will be healthy.

Historical facts

In antiquity, the benefits of beer for men were beyond doubt.

They were treated with many diseases, among them:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Slow growth
  • Poor health,
  • Depletion
  • Renal failure
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • Bronchial asthma,
  • Skin problems

When cholera raged, doctors prescribed a foamy drink as a protective drug. Later, the effectiveness of beer against cholera was confirmed by Robert Koch, who proved that cholera vibrios die after being treated with a heady drink.

The benefits of beer for men

The use of moderate amounts of frothy drinks has a beneficial effect on the male body:

  • It has an anticarcinogenic, antibacterial and tonic effect,
  • Stimulates coronary blood flow, providing a man with protection against heart attack,
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • It increases the level of good cholesterol, which also has a beneficial effect on heart activity,
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • Reduces the effects of stress to which men are so exposed
  • Improves metabolism
  • Increases immunity
  • Normalizes the intestinal microflora.

All of the above has a positive and stimulating effect on male potency, which proves the benefit of beer for men. The main thing is to use it in moderation, preferring fresh "live" beer.

Beer - Alcoholic Drink

First of all, you need to understand that beer is an alcoholic drink. And let the share of alcohol in it is relatively small, yet the beer contains ethanol - a substance that can cause addiction of the body. This is what causes the development of alcoholism. Among lovers of frothy drink, the opinion that when drinking beer can not be afraid of the emergence of addiction is very popular. However, like any alcoholic beverage, beer can cause a person to develop a corresponding disease. And the result is truly terrible - the complete degradation of the individual, the loss of human appearance, antisocial behavior, etc.

In the case of beer, the danger is that alcoholism starts unnoticed. Regular use of small amounts of frothy drink is not perceived by most of us as something terrible, and when problems become apparent, it is often too late — the destructive mechanism is already running, and not everyone can stop it.

Beer and the risk of impotence

But besides promoting the development of alcoholism, beer can have an effect on the human body, which at first glance may not seem so destructive, but over time leads to equally serious problems. This must be remembered when considering the benefits and dangers of beer for men.

For example, excessive use of a frothy drink over time can be the cause, perhaps, of the most terrible punishment for the strong half of humanity - impotence. Вызвано это тем, что у любителей пива, как и других алкогольных напитков, наблюдается перерождение семенных канальцев и разрастания соединительной ткани в яичках, что может стать причиной половой слабости и бесплодия.

Similar effects are the result of exposure to alcohol in general; however, it is beer that is much lighter than other drinks from this category penetrates the hemato-testicular barrier into the glandular tissue of the testicle, thereby triggering the process of fatty degeneration of the glandular epithelium.

Naturally, similar effects become reality only in case of excessive consumption of beerthat, most often, combined with the wrong destructive way of life. Lack of movement, lack of proper physical exertion, gluttony, the presence in the diet of high-calorie foods, etc. In this case, regular consumption of beer becomes an additional factor that accelerates the development of negative trends.

Beer and stomach problems

Excessive consumption of beer can cause changes in the digestive system. Thus, the smooth muscles of the stomach with its overflow can stretch. If this happens regularly, the size of the stomach gradually increases. In principle, the same effect is observed with constant overeating, but if you drink several liters of beer every evening, the expansion of the stomach will become inevitable, and this will entail more serious problems and consequences.

On the one hand, the enlarged stomach puts pressure on other internal organs, first of all, the liver, which begins to bulge, and in especially glaring cases literally fall out. At the same time, the stretching of the stomach walls is accompanied by a violation of the nervous regulation - food stays in the stomach longer than it should be and does not enter the intestine in a timely manner. It causes a feeling of heaviness, nausea, heartburn and vomiting. But these are the most harmless consequences, the development of gastritis and gastric ulcer, as well as diseases such as esophagitis, is quite possible.

Beer and heart problems

Addiction to beer affects not only the appearance, but also affects the condition of the internal organs. First of all, beer adversely affects the human cardiovascular system.

Doctors who deal with this problem even introduced a new term - beer heart. The fact is that with the constant and excessive use of beer, the walls of the heart are excessively thickened, and fatty tissue forms on its outer surface in large quantities. In addition to this, carbon dioxide overflows the blood vessels, provoking their varicose dilatation. Such a heart is not able to normally pump the necessary volumes of blood, a person has shortness of breath, there is rapid fatigue.

Pros and cons for the body: what is useful and dangerous, how and what affects

Like any alcoholic drink, beer is a danger to humans. But also its certain useful properties at the use in a small amount are known.

So, proven benefits of drink for hypertensive, which is explained by the presence of potassium in its composition and the almost complete absence of sodium.

Also it is a good sleeping pillbecause hops include soothing ingredients. A glass of beer before bedtime can help you forget about insomnia.

Also contains minerals and vitamins of group B, beneficial for the body, salts of citric acid, providing a diuretic effect and there is the most prophylaxis of kidney stones. And phenolic compounds reduce the risk of heart disease.

It is believed that drinking beer in small quantities contributes neutralize the toxic effects of aluminum. And silicon in the composition helps to strengthen the bones.

If you take the same vitamins and minerals, then to saturate the body with their daily rate, you need to drink a lot of this alcoholic beverage.

Then the consequence will not be recovery - and alcohol intoxication, and with regular abuse - alcohol dependence.
The harm of beer is much greater than its benefits., and the main feature lies precisely in the fact that due to the small amount of alcohol in it, many people do not even consider it alcohol.

Although ethanol in the intoxicating fluid is not so much, it is present there, and it may well provoke the addiction of the body, and later alcoholism.

The fact that beer cannot lead to addiction is a myth, and very dangerous. In the case of this drink, alcoholism can just start unnoticed.

Regular consumption of large quantities of drink seems harmless, especially in comparison with strong alcohol, and gradually addictive.

The mechanism is already running, and a person can become aware of his addiction when it is too late, and the personality begins to actively collapse.

The program “Live healthy!” Will tell you about the beneficial properties of the drink and why beer is harmful, especially for men:

Also harm beer for men's health is as follows:

  • deterioration of potency. Substances in the composition of beer contribute to a decrease in the amount of the hormone testosterone in a man’s body, which is responsible for male strength and potency. And the more alcoholic drink, the worse the effect,

  • deterioration of the internal organs. The reason is that regular consumption of the hop drink contributes to the accumulation of fat around the internal organs,
    • blood sugar jumps. The drink contributes to constant jumps in the blood sugar index, which increases the appetite, and the probability of gaining excess weight increases significantly

    frequent urination. Body fluids are present in the body. Beer tends to slow down their work, which is why fluid is actively excreted through urine and sweat,

    negative effect on the cardiovascular system. It is known that in men the heart and blood vessels are weaker than in women. Regular abuse of liquor affects the cardiovascular system extremely negatively and can lead to serious heart problems.

    problems in the gastrointestinal tract. This drink weakens the walls of the digestive organs, so the processes of digestion slow down and deteriorate. It is fraught with gastritis, ulcers and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract,

  • aesthetic problems. Besides the fact that beer is harmful to health, it leads to excess weight. Especially among men, the problem of the characteristic “beer belly” is topical, which, as one is attracted to frothy drink, will only become larger.
  • The potential harm of beer differs depending on the age of the man using it:

    • for young men under 40 The problem of preserving men's health Abuse of frothy drink can cause a terrible nightmare of any representative of the stronger sex - impotence, as well as infertility,

    the older the person, the more side effects alcohol may have. So, after 40 Many men are beginning to gain weight, and beer, being a high-calorie product, and even containing yeast, actively promotes weight gain,

  • and for people over 60 Alcohol abuse is completely unacceptable, as it puts additional stress on many organs and systems of the body, including the heart, which, in old age, does not work in the best way. Therefore, it may simply not withstand, and the importance of moderation in the use of alcohol increases several times.
  • There are many different myths about the effect of beer on the body of athletes. Some substances in its composition can have a beneficial effect, but, again, only with moderate use of the drink.

    Besides if the purpose of playing sports is a beautiful body, the abuse of this alcohol can nullify all efforts, since the body will be constantly saturated with female hormones with phytoestrogens, and you will hardly be able to find an attractive relief.

    Therefore, athletes should, if not exclude foam liquid from the diet at all, then at least reduce its consumption to a minimum.

    Do you know what is the use of dates for the human body? The answer to the question, look in our article.

    About contraindications to receive lingonberry leaf can be found in this publication.

    This article describes the diet of Kim Protasov, as well as the menu for every day.

    Harmfulness, contraindications, expected effects if you drink a drink every day

    Beer may be completely contraindicated when diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, high blood pressure. It is not recommended to use it with obesity.

    Adolescent youths, whose body is still developing, are absolutely not recommended. drink no alcohol, because it can provoke pathological processes of organs and systems that are not fully strengthened.

    Excessive drinking of beer among other things can trigger colon cancer.

    Due to the increased load on the liver, its cells begin to die, and cirrhosis appears - one of the most dangerous consequences of alcohol abuse.

    In this video you will learn why you can not drink beer for men, than the dangerous use of frequent frothy drink:

    The rate of admission per day

    Everything is good in moderation, and, despite all the danger of a foamy drink, it is possible to use it within reasonable limits for the stronger sex.

    But to use such doses of beer every day is not recommended. It is better to limit to 1-2 glasses no more than a couple of times a week.

    In practice, not every man can stop after the second glass. Therefore, everything is individual. If a person does not know the measures, it is better for him to abstain from alcohol altogether.

    Additional tips

    Today beer is offered to us in a wide range. and in shops and bars. It differs in composition, preparation method, amount of alcohol and cost.

    The choice is largely determined by personal preferences, but There are general rules that will help you choose a quality drink.

    It is believed that beer that is stored in barrels is better than pre-packaged beer, since its storage conditions are better.

    Pay attention to how the drink foams. If it meets all quality standards, then a foam should be formed not less than three centimeters in height. For her, density and elasticity are important.

    The color of the liquid may be different. and determined by its variety. Filtered drink can be almost transparent, light variety - golden, and dark - brown.

    The taste and aroma of the drink can also help in choosing, but to a greater extent this is determined by personal preferences. A light variety usually has a characteristic bitterness, but a dark one, as a rule, does not have bitterness, and it leaves an aftertaste of pure malt.

    Keep it recommended in the refrigerator or in a dark place with low temperature. Moreover, the lower the percentage of ethanol in the product, the lower the storage temperature should be.

    Valid shelf life can be found on the packaging. Depending on the processing method and grade beer can be stored from 4-12 months in sealed form.

    Now you know what the effect of beer is on the organism as a whole and on the potency of men in particular, is it harmful to drink beer every day and why.

    Of course, as in any alcohol, the benefits of beer are few. There are more negative sides to its use. However, if you like to pamper yourself with a glass of this drink, it is not necessary to forbid yourself this.

    But it is important to know the measure and not abuse them, remembering all the negative consequences of this.

    Tell friends:

    Beer is the oldest beverage that has become incredibly popular these days. A strong half of society nourishes a particular passion for this type of alcohol, because it is pleasant to spend time with a bottle of intoxicating drinking in the company of friends. Few people think that the benefits of beer for the body of men is minimal, but the frequent drinking of such a drink leads to quick addiction.

    The benefits of live beer for men's health

    Despite the harm from beer, which such products are for men, the drink has a lot of useful substances.

    For example, vitamin B1 contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, while B2 strengthens the thyroid gland and normalizes hair growth. In addition, phenolic compounds present in beer products will protect against heart attacks, normalize lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol levels.

    A bottle of intoxicating drink before bedtime will help to relax, getting rid of insomnia. Such a "medicine" is useful only in the case of rare consumption of beer, for adult men and in small quantities. For young men with a young growing body, even a small dose of alcohol will be harmful.

    Benefits of unfiltered beer

    Of particular benefit is a live beer, which in certain doses improves blood clotting and is recommended for men with high blood pressure.

    In addition, a similar type of alcohol:

    • improves appetite and breaks down proteins
    • is a febrifuge
    • It is an excellent prevention for colds,
    • cleans the kidneys from toxins and slags.
    This drink also helps to relieve stress after a hard day's work. Malt, which is a part of beer, enriches the body with amino acids and acts as a source of energy. Useful unfiltered beer and hair, nails and skin of men.

    When dosed using the drink will reduce the number of rashes on the face, giving the skin a beautiful, healthy tone.

    The benefits of dark beer for the body of men

    The main distinguishing feature of this type is the preparation of a drink from dark, caramel malt varieties, using the method of roasting raw materials. This gives it a special piquancy with a taste of light bitterness.

    Among the beneficial properties of dark beer for men are:

    • the richness of the drink with vitamins and minerals, thanks to the cereals from which it is obtained,
    • saturation of the body with free iron, thus normalizing metabolism,
    • a decrease in pressure, which is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.

    Dark beer, in addition to its benefits, also brings significant harm to men who abuse drink. It disrupts the endocrine system, liver and kidneys, and also contributes to the appearance of excess weight.

    The harmful effects of beer for men

    What is the harm from beer for men and how real is it? In addition to quick addiction, this “harmless” drink adversely affects the health and appearance.

    The most common hazards from frequent consumption of beer beverages are:

    1. Threat to the heart. It is known that the volumes of drunk beer are measured in liters, bringing a huge load on the "central engine". Drunk alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the blood, increases pressure and leads to a hypertrophied left ventricle of the main organ. This anomaly is called “bullish” or “beer heart”. As a result, a truly masculine drink leads his lovers to ischemia, angina pectoris, heart attacks.
    2. Danger to the stomach. Beer fermentation products irritate the walls, which contributes to the development of gastritis, ulcers and even cancer. According to sad statistics, gastric cancers in the male population are among the top 5 most common ills, and the harm from the misuse of beer plays an important role here.
    3. Potency. For this part of the benefits of the drink is also very sad and doubtful, but the harm from regular consumption of beer can become a real nightmare for the intimate life of a man. The production of testosterone decreases, the desire decreases, the quality of seminal fluid becomes worse, from which the direct road to infertility. In addition, the appearance of a strong half is undergoing changes. As a result, shoulders are rounded, the belly and chest grows.

    Excessive consumption of beer "inhibits" the development of a career, creative self-realization, reduces activity, and the slight benefit from the components does not override the damage and harm to the social and personal life of a man. Even the periodic consumption of alcohol interferes with the stable functioning of the body, and uncontrolled beer fun leads to inevitable degradation of the individual.

    Is it worth it to stop pouring the next mug or to think only about the benefits of beer for men, everyone decides for himself. Most importantly, we remember the golden rule: "Moderation is the best feast."

    The benefits and harm of non-alcoholic beer

    The drink is almost no different with other types of beer. The main difference lies in the amount of alcohol, which is contained in the foam. And the taste is completely identical to the "degree" drinks.

    Nevertheless, it is important to take into account that even in non-alcoholic beer there is a proportion of alcohol. Simply, it is not so big - about 0.2-1.5 degrees. Foamy drink is obtained by evaporation, the composition does not have time to ferment.

    1. The main advantage is considered to be the ability to quench your thirst in the sultry summer heat. Moreover, if you come to a picnic by car, you will still think sensibly and do not get drunk from 1 bottle.
    2. The value of non-alcoholic foam is noticed by categories of people who, due to certain circumstances, cannot afford to be drunk. Most often this is due to an unstable psyche or other external factors.
    3. The benefit of beer is the fact that a person has the opportunity to obtain all valuable substances (mineral compounds, acids, etc.) from the composition of the drink, without resorting to the help of alcoholic raw materials.
    4. Drink with a low degree is an excellent prevention of the development of cancer diseases. Всё дело в способности пива перекрывать доступ крови к имеющимся клеткам рака и профилактировать злокачественные опухоли в дальнейшем.
    5. Безалкогольное пиво обладает особенностью повышать обменные процессы всего организма. This allows overweight people to consume the drink and lose weight. The main thing is to know the measure in everything.

    1. Do not blindly rely on the positive qualities of non-alcoholic beer. It also has some harm. Often, these drinks give rise to alcoholism. The man believes that he is not addicted to beer, but all is far from it.
    2. It should still be clarified that beer, even non-alcoholic, should not be consumed by persons under 18 years of age. Many unscrupulous sellers neglect the requirements, putting at risk the health of the young.
    3. Harm is inflicted on the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Thinking that this type of beer does not pose a threat, men begin to consume foamy in large volumes. Hence, the body produces more female hormones than male.
    4. Non-alcoholic beer is considered the most dangerous because it contains cobalt. This substance is responsible for pennost. Cobalt is classified as toxic minerals. Its negative impact extends to the liver, heart muscle, the entire gastrointestinal tract.

    What beer is healthier: light or dark

    Light beer. In the manufacture of this kind of drink filtering is applied. As a result of the process, free iron is retained in the beer. It is a light variety that contains a small amount of a chemical element. Spanish scientists are of the opinion that it is better to drink dark beer. Since the drink is rich in iron, which is necessary for blood formation.

    Dark beer. The benefits of this drink is obvious because of the more saturated composition. It is important not to abuse beer, otherwise a number of unpleasant diseases develops. The iron contained in the dark variety of the drink accelerates the synthesis of organic compounds.

    Myths about the imaginary benefits of beer

    Many people justify their addiction to beer with some aspects that are legends.

    1. Beer is a weak drink. Far from it. Yes, there is little alcohol in it, but foam is obtained by fermentation. Aldehydes and other harmful substances accumulate in the drink. In addition, scientists have proved that they get used to beer 5 times faster than vodka.
    2. Beer - vitamin cocktail. Of course, in the drink there are some useful substances, but do not assume that everything is so simple. In the process of fermentation, the amount of vitamins is reduced. Therefore, canned foam does not carry much benefit.
    3. Beer is the perfect drink for the heart. Foamy does not stimulate the heart, but on the contrary, blocks blood access to it. Over time, the body begins to malfunction, there are serious ailments.
    4. Beer - replacement vodka. It's a lie. As mentioned earlier, the probability of being addicted to vodka is 5 times less than the frequent desire to drink frothy. From here develops alcoholism.

    1. It is forbidden to use the drink in any quantity for problems of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys and hypertension. Refrain from taking beer with a tendency to obesity.
    2. The use of alcoholic beverages in adolescence severely harms the development of the body. When taking such beverages, potential pathologies of internal organs and all systems develop.
    3. Abuse of frothy drink develops colon cancer. Also, the composition is detrimental to the liver cells, they die, cirrhosis is formed. The disease occurs when drinking any alcohol.
    4. If you regularly drink beer, soon it will affect the health of men. The potency significantly worsens, the substances in the drink suppress testosterone, synthesizing it into the female hormone. A large amount of alcohol greatly harms the person.
    5. Beer is not the best way reflected in the activities of all internal processes. The systematic consumption of hop drink provokes the formation of adipose tissue around the organs. Thus, excess weight is quickly gained, work of cardiovascular activity worsens, cholesterol rises.
    6. Abuse of the composition threatens to jumps in blood glucose, which increases the appetite and the risk of diabetes. Beer provokes frequent urination, harmful substances are retained in the body.
    7. Such a phenomenon adversely affects the activity of the heart muscle. This causes frequent health problems, increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Work of a gastrointestinal tract is broken, the ulcer, a gastritis is formed.
    8. In addition to serious health problems, excessive intake of intoxicating drink provokes the growth of a beer belly. From an aesthetic point of view, obesity in this form, to put it mildly, is not beautiful. Beer consumption in this case is directly proportional to the growth of the abdomen.

    Depending on the type and type of foamy drink, the positive properties are manifested differently. In any case, alcohol abuse is not the best effect on human health, sometimes the results are deplorable. The benefits of bottled beer are not worth the wait. The beneficial effect on the body has a real welded composition, especially live and unfiltered.