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10 ideas how to meet your beloved wife from the hospital in an original way


An extract from a maternity hospital is an exciting event that not only new parents but also all close people are eagerly awaiting, but grandparents, close family friends.

Everyone wants to see a new family member in his usual atmosphere, to get to know him.

To separate the long way of carrying, giving birth and staying in a maternity hospital from a new life with a baby in your apartment, you should make an extract a joyful, memorable event.

Immediately exclude some of the attributes of the celebration, which would be very inappropriate for this event:

  • Salutes and fireworks that scare the little one and all the inhabitants of the maternity hospital.
  • Song and dance excerpts.
  • Long greetings and speeches.
  • Screams: Congratulations! Loud sounds are not appropriate in any manifestation.

These things are appropriate for other joyful events. An extract from a maternity hospital is a delicate matter, show tact and understanding.

A woman who has recently suffered childbirth needs rest and safety:

  • She should know that a man is grateful and happy.
  • Make sure that the house is tidy, the bed is installed, everything you need for the child is purchased.
  • Take the trouble to arrange a vacation in the first days after discharge. A woman will need help.
  • If the husband must continue to work, talk to his wife’s mother or mother-in-law, there must be a person who will help the mother in the first days.

Important! The moment of help immediately after discharge is a mandatory item on the husband's list. The woman is not fully recovered after giving birth physically.

The main thing that needs to be done is to surround it with support. Just talk to her, if there is a strained relationship between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law, such help can do a disservice.

Coordinate all the decisions, surprises are good at other times, here they are inappropriate.

Depending on the tastes of the spouses, their material condition, choose the option of meeting the couple from the maternity hospital.

Men who want to make a nice lady who gave birth to a child will get the best ideas for discharge from here.

Ideas for meeting the beloved woman from the hospital:

Video and photo project

Each of the girls likes to be photographed and work on the camera. How not to capture the exciting moment of discharge of the beloved from the maternity hospital, the more it will remain not only in memory, but also on film all his life, and when the baby grows up, he will also be able to see his first days in this life.

Alternatively, you can shoot yourself and edit the video clip later, starting from the moment your wife leaves for the maternity hospital, home training and discharge from the maternity hospital. After all, sometimes the services of professionals are very expensive, but it is really worth it to spend money on. Tears come to light after watching such video clips. Now many maternity hospitals have already foreseen the function and are practicing their videographers, and at the output they give out ready, assembled material for a small amount.

Organization of flash mob

One of the original options for meeting his wife from the maternity hospital will be an organized flash mob. You can ask for help close friends and relatives who are unlikely to refuse. It can be accompanied with joyful shouts, music and songs from the heart.

Fireworks and Fire Show

Why not diversify the holiday with fiery accompaniment? But only professionals of this business will be able to conduct the show safely. On the Internet you can find a lot of options, who organizes beautiful fireworks.

Radio, tabloids, television, posters around the city, and if all this is recorded on video, how they were pasted, how they were printed and prepared. The wife just will not remain indifferent. Words of gratitude for the born child, declarations of love, congratulatory texts and quotations - all this can be reflected in the advertising format.

To invite from agency of holidays life-size puppets. Let it be for the birth of a son such as animals from the Jungle or athletes, and for the birth of a daughter - a princess or a doll. The world of the child must begin with a fairy tale, with its magic in every year of life. They can entertain guests also at home and arrange a concert performance.

Arrange a circus performance

And why only life-size puppets, if you can invite circus performers, acrobats, who will take with them a couple of small and cute animals. This will be a real celebration for the invited guests.

Let this day be beautiful weather outside, and the heart of everyone invited and present reigns love and mutual understanding. Watching the formation of a new, full-fledged family is very cool. Let the heart of the newly-made father tell him how to meet his wife from the maternity hospital beautifully and in an original way so that the extract remains in the memory for the rest of his life and the most touching moments could be told in the future to an already grown up child. A girl's love would be nice if she was met in this way.

We meet his wife from the hospital: unusual tips

Finally, it happened - a small miracle was born. Special thanks and all the love should be directed this day to the mother - the wet nurse and just a beautiful woman. To make this event unforgettable, you will not need to wrestle with your head for a long time and think about how to meet your spouse from the hospital. Here are some useful tips that will help you turn the birth and discharge of the child into a real celebration.

Who are the women do not like flowers? Any mother will be delighted with such a gift. Give your lover a gorgeous bouquet of white roses, symbolizing purity, freshness and innocence.

An excellent option would also be red roses, which, without a word, will show your wife your passion and recognition.

Today the tradition of giving a woman as many flowers as has passed since the conception of a child is very popular. Usually it turns out about 265 days. If it is you who will take the mother with the child from the maternity hospital, be sure to give her such a gift.

  • "Fireworks" of balloons

Balloons are a great way to remind you of your feelings once again, and also to thank your wife for the appearance of a small miracle. The original discharge from the hospital will pleasantly surprise any woman. Make her a small holiday - buy a lot of balloons and make a few bundles.

Colors can choose according to your desire. A combination of blue and green will look great.

A huge bunch of red balls will also be able to surprise the chosen one. You can purchase them in the form of hearts and thus remind your wife of your feelings again. The original way will be a personalized ball with a greeting or a card attached to it. It will be very effective if such a gift comes down to the maternity hospital.

  • Show of life-size puppets

Want to please not only his wife, but all around? Then order a show of life-size puppets. Funny clown, Mickey Mouse or a kind fairy will help you to plunge into the world of fairy tales and feel the magic. A woman will know how much her husband loves her - fairy-tale heroes will tell her about this. And how many children passing by will receive a drop of joy and fun on this day!

We meet the wife from the maternity hospital: budget options

  • Car decoration

If you do not know how to meet your wife from the maternity hospital in an unusual but easy and not expensive way, pay attention to the decoration of the car. This option is very popular and common. For him, you do not need a huge financial investment and a wide imagination. If you are going to meet your wife yourself, you just need to buy materials for decoration - ribbons, balloons, stickers. Decorate the car as you like, write nice words for your darling and child. You can draw a big heart on the back window of the car and make a romantic inscription. Such a small but pleasant surprise will delight and touches any woman.

Not very costly, but, of course, a beautiful version of congratulations will be decorating your home. This small corner of comfort and happiness will help you to remind your beloved about your feelings. In this case, good preparation is important - first of all, you should buy a banner on the wall with pleasant words. You can make it yourself or hang a bright poster with congratulatory words on the wall. The inscription can also be made on shiny balloons - this option will look very romantic. “Thank you for the daughter,” “I love you,” and other nice inscriptions will cheer up any female. Add to this bows of ribbons or shiny paper, hang a few balls. If you already have children, you can ask them to help with the preparation - let them make mommy small gifts: draw pictures or complete applications. Finishing the composition, scatter the rose petals on the floor.

Women who have a sweet tooth will definitely be delighted with such a gift. You can not treat the child for now, but his beloved wife - easily. Choose healthy desserts, such as homemade nuts and dried fruit candies. Put them in a beautiful box decorated with themed appliqué. Such a greeting will be remembered by the mother for a long time.

Do your own original and memorable thing - a touching collage or video clip from your shared photos. Remind your wife how you love her - complete the present with funny pictures, pleasant words and wishes. Believe me, any girl will be sincerely glad to such a modest but interesting gift.

How else to please his beloved wife?

First of all - do the cleaning. Vacuum the carpet, water the flowers, wipe off the dust. You can turn your home into a cozy nest with additional decorations - posters, balloons, rose petals. Be sure to hand your wife a bouquet of flowers - it has long become a tradition.

You can also buy gifts for the child. Let it be the necessary items of clothing, toys or a new bed.

If you have a great imagination and have some talents, show them. The joy in the eyes of a beloved woman will be caused by a beautiful picture painted by you in a poem dedicated to her.

Gather relatives, let them bring with them small gifts for mother and baby. You can take your wife and child from the maternity hospital with their participation. Together with your relatives, consider a special collective greeting for your wife. It is not necessary to give your beloved dear surprises - after all, it is only your attention, care and love that is important to her. So tell us about your feelings on this joyful, solemn day!

We are going, going, going ...

Many fathers and grandmothers are ready to do a lot for a spectacular show at the entrance to the maternity hospital, to please and thank mommy, I will list a few tricks (they all make an impression on those who watch from the side :-)):

We decorate the car! Now you can easily order ready-made sets of stickers for the car: “I'm going for my son”, “I'm going for my daughter”, “Darling, thanks for my son”, etc. Pictures are pink or blue, themed (flowers / cars). Easily mounted on glass, quickly removed without consequences.

You can decorate the car with balloons with helium (a cloud of balloons) or fresh flowers.

Especially nice if such a car can be seen from the window of the hospital. There are all such sentimental ... I appreciate, I guarantee!

Do not forget about flowers, although with them there is only one trouble. We have to put it in the trunk, so as not to irritate the baby’s tender nose with a strong odor.

Effectively looks launch balls. In this case, there may be options: individual balls in the grid, which opens at the right moment (there is a special cord) or just a bunch of balls, which are called clouds. Call us if you are in Moscow, we will organize :-).

Ball decoration

If you need to decorate the yard, look at the ideas in the pictures (there are listed those elements from which you can choose the most suitable, don't be confused by the wedding name of the article :-)):

  • helium chains
  • figures of balls (giant toys)
  • letters and numbers from balls (initials of the baby or his date of birth)
  • fountains and bouquets

At the entrance often balloons with helium are tied along the railing up to 2-3 floors, if the house has no elevator. Then these balls can be brought home "under the ceiling" or distributed to the guests for launching from the balcony with wishes.

Foam letters

They should be ordered to decorate the courtyard of a private house. It turns out a wonderful memorable photo session. Most often, this is the name of the baby, but sometimes the words “Thank you for the son,” “You were born!”, “This is your home,” “We have been waiting for you ...” and so on are chosen.

However, the letters can be from different materials, here are a lot of examples.

Baby room

Pompons are very beautiful paper clouds that you can hang over the crib. It is better to choose pastel colors (a combination of white and pale blue or peach color). Pompons are suspended at different heights: small - lower, large - higher. You can buy all this paper beauty in online stores of goods for a holiday.

Just list the appropriate items, more about decorating the room with balls I HERE:

  • balls with beautiful ribbons "up to the ceiling"
  • fountains of balls to the right and left of the crib
  • helium chain over the crib
  • bouquet or figurine from thin balls-sausages
  • you can put a few balloons with ordinary air in the crib, then just scatter on the floor

Baby's name on the wall

I advise you to order letters from wood (production no more than 2-4 business days, you will have time to discharge from the hospital). Call if you are in Moscow. Let's discuss the font, color and size of the letters, immediately launch into production.

By the way, this decoration of the baby's room is the most durable. It can hang on the wall for many years and remind of the most memorable day :-).

Welcome party in honor of the newborn!

It is good when there are many helpers on such a day, and you boldly entrust the preparation of treats to responsible relatives. By the way, you can show them my article with simple recipes for a buffet table in pictures.

If you are afraid to get caught up in the bustle, order a buffet with delivery or the services of our chef who will prepare interesting snacks from your products at your home (you will have a list of products in advance). Call if you are in Moscow.

Cake for meeting the kid

Here, of course, I can not demonstrate all the pictures of cakes that modern pastry chefs prepare for the meeting from the hospital, since this tradition has been for many years, an immense collection.

The emotions of guests looking at and trying such a cake are always very bright, I advise you to think about it!

Cake can be replaced by fun and delicate cupcakes or pop cake.

Very popular and fashionable sweet table, which will be decorated precisely in honor of your baby. Details HERE, now only the picture:

This, of course, loudly said, I will not offer now some kind of consistent plot in verses with jokes, I will simply list several organizational moments that will be remembered by the baby’s parents and guests.

Beat date of birth

I tell you how to do it the easiest way. Come on There is a calendar on the left in which you find the date of birth of the baby and carefully read everything about this day.

Guests are usually so interested that they ask to tell interesting facts about their birthday.

So here. Information from this resource can push you and everyone present on interesting ideas. You will see how much more varied the toasts and wishes of the newborn will be. Some facts can be used to decorate an apartment and order personalized souvenirs.

Carefully note all professional and calendar holidays, historical events, unusual holidays, birthdays of great people.

For example, how many interesting things can be thought of if the baby was born on “Smile Day” (September 19) or on “World Kiss Day” (July 6). Great! Here I have listed unusual holidays.

And how nice to be born on the same day as Leonardo da Vinci, for example ...

The fact that on any day of the calendar you will find something interesting, I have no doubt, since there are also religious holidays and holidays around the world. All numbers are busy! 🙂

What's in your name

If you are serious about horoscopes and the “mysteries of the name”, it is quite possible to read the guests about what usually Vladimir or Olga are. All this is also in

Then you can find out who is also a “lion” and “rat”, as well as our baby. For some reason, even the most passive guests liven up.


We distribute small pieces of paper, ask the guests to write their name and make predictions about the color of the eyes, hair and the estimated weight of the baby in a year (how the child will change in 12 months, it is almost impossible to guess).

So be it:
Grandma Tanya: his eyes will be gray, brown hair, weight - 9 kg 300 g

We put all the notes into an empty beautiful bottle (decorate with all sorts of ribbons) and close with a cork. In a year we will see and reward the best predictor ... By the way, here is my popular scenario of celebrating the first birthday.

Sign the poster

I roughly sketched a layout, everything is very simple. The yellow sun with the inscription "Our Sun" and white clouds, in which guests enter their names or good wishes to the newborn. All this can then be framed in memory of the discharge from the maternity hospital and all those who were involved.

Another version of the poster - "The birth of a new star named Vova." Тут рисуем или приклеиваем одну большую звезду в центре и много маленьких вокруг. Снова вписываем имя малыша и собираем подписи всех свидетелей торжественного момента. В рамочку, на память!

Here is another good idea! On the left - a simple and pretty application - a stork, a baby and a cloud of balloons. Guests sign on each ball. On the right, I cite the wedding picture as an example, but it’s not so difficult to exchange a young couple for a newborn. In this case, the balloons are the fingerprints of everyone present. Everything is done with the help of comfortable finger paints on foam pads.

Named souvenirs in memory of the event

It is quite expensive, but how nice it is to distribute guests mugs, calendars, wall plates, posters on the wall or chocolates, which will be the date of birth and the name of the newborn.

Such gifts can be ordered in almost every city in Russia, production - 1-2 days. Just send the baby's name or the first photo with your mom to present an unusual personalized souvenir.

Hope, fantasy played out! Let your baby grow healthy and happy!

What to take the child from the hospital?

Many new dads do not know what to take the children from the maternity hospital. Clothing set depends on the season.

In addition to the envelope will need such clothes:

  1. Cap made of thick cotton or fleece lining.
  2. Undershirts in the amount of 2 pieces.
  3. Sliders.
  4. Diapers.
  5. The costume is based on the season of the year.
  6. Diapers.

If the discharge occurs at the end of spring (in May) or at the beginning of summer, then it is better to buy clothes for the baby from cotton fabrics that let the air through. If the baby was born in the cold time of the year, then most of the outerwear should be knitted or with insulation inside.

Today ready-made kits for sale in 2 colors are sold:

  • Pink is for girls.
  • Blue for boys.

When choosing clothes, pay attention to size. It is indicated based on the growth of the baby. For newborns, clothes ranging in size from 52 to 62 cm are purchased.

Preparation for discharge

Initially, dad must clean the apartment / house. This is a prerequisite, because the crumb must be kept clean and not in unsanitary conditions.

Would need:

  • Wash the floor in the living area.
  • Tidy bathroom.
  • Wipe the dust.
  • Arrange things in places.
  • Clean in the fridge.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Ventilate the room.

When cleaning you should not use chemicals that can cause allergies to the baby or mother. For washing more suitable baby soap.

You will also need:

    Buy the necessary things for the baby, if it has not been done before. Many future mothers believe in omens, according to which it is prohibited to buy clothes for the crumbs in advance.

But the era of this omen has passed a long time ago. It is worth remembering that today is the 21st century and the purchase of clothes is not related to the well-being of the baby, so you can not be afraid to update the wardrobe of a little miracle before it is born.

  • Provide the nursing mother with the necessary food. After returning from the maternity hospital, all the foodstuffs permitted for it (apples, bananas, kefir, boiled chicken fillet or veal, nuts, cereals, biscuits, vegetables) must be present in the refrigerator.
  • Collect bag mothers. Mom is also a woman and she wants to look decent on discharge. Therefore, ask what she needs to deliver to the hospital so that she can put herself in order.
  • Provide a car to accompany the wife and baby home.
  • What to do if there is no one to meet from the hospital?

    Often there are such situations when the husband cannot meet the beloved with the baby from the maternity hospital. Do not be upset in this situation. Even under such circumstances, you can please your beloved.

    If a new mother is picked up by one of her relatives from the maternity hospital, her relatives can order artists for a meeting. Today in each city there are special agencies for organizing events. The staff of these agencies will help to organize an unforgettable celebration for the parturient.

    Table: ideas for a meeting, when there is no one from the family to take from the hospital.

    Apartment preparation

    The first months of life the baby's body adapts to the environment and is susceptible to any external influences. The day before the arrival of his wife and child home, you must perform a general cleaning of the apartment. Be sure to vacuum all the upholstered furniture and carpeting, clean the floors, wipe the dust. If the furniture and some things for the baby have already been purchased, engage in the arrangement of the children's room or a separate zone in the parents' bedroom. The controversial question: "How to meet my wife from the maternity hospital, if she basically did not agree to buy a stroller and a crib before delivery?" In this case, it is probably better to consult, since children's furniture and transport - the acquisition is not cheap. You can offer your wife to choose suitable items in the catalog while she and the baby are still in the maternity hospital, and buy them yourself before discharge.

    Choosing transport and company

    Think in advance exactly how you will go home from the hospital. If you have a private car, you can immediately buy a special baby seat. Consult the shop sellers and feel free to choose any model for newborns. If your vehicle is not, pre-order a taxi for a certain time. You can rent some kind of luxury car, even a limousine. Most likely, the newly made grandmothers and grandfathers and closest friends will also want to drive up to the maternity hospital on the day of discharge. Decide on your own to agree on such a meeting option or not. For one family, the birth of a child is a large-scale holiday, for another - an event that I want to celebrate in a narrow circle.

    Holiday menu

    On the day of discharge, it is possible to limit tea and sweet treats for guests. In honor of the holiday, you can serve champagne or wine. Snacks are also appropriate - canapés, tartlets with filling, mini sandwiches and various cuts. If the young mother has no problems with lactation, take care in advance about filling the refrigerator with healthy products. When breastfeeding necessarily lean meat (beef or chicken), fresh vegetables and fruits with a pale color, low-fat dairy products, cheeses and cereals. Organizing a meeting from the maternity hospital will take less power if you ask someone to help. The best option - the closest girlfriend or sister. You can entrust this woman with a lot, ranging from preparing treats for guests, ending with the purchase of cosmetics and personal care products for a child and a young mother. If there is no such reliable assistant, food can be ordered in a restaurant with home delivery.

    Home preparations for the meeting of his wife

    In order for the spouse to truly feel happy when she returns to her home, her husband will have to take care of putting things in order in advance. And this is not only swept away dust and washed floors - you will need to carry out this general cleaning. The mood of the woman will depend on how carefully the husband pays attention to the details. After all, any trifle is important for her, especially after the hospital conditions of the maternity hospital.

    In fact, there is nothing difficult in a thorough cleaning. To the newly appeared dad did not forget anything, you can advise him in advance to make a list of necessary cases.

    It will include the following items:

    • Wash kitchen utensils and dishes,
    • Tidy up the fridge,
    • Clean the bathtub and toilet
    • Put all things into place,
    • Clean the floors
    • Vacuuming floor coverings and carpets,
    • Water the homemade flowers.

    Before the arrival of the child, it is also necessary to completely deal with the dust - it is advisable to carry out wet cleaning of the shelves and cabinets, because dirt and small dust particles can cause an allergic reaction in the newborn.

    For the same reason, you should not use cleaning and detergents with chemical composition for the floor and wiping, especially since they can provoke poisoning. It is best to use ordinary water with a small amount of ordinary baby soap or soda.

    Surely the house has a washing machine, so a man will not be difficult to wash dirty clothes, and a woman will appreciate such diligence of her husband. When washing, it is recommended to use special children's powders that do not cause allergies.

    Necessary purchases for the return of the wife and child

    In addition to the guidance of purity, the spouse will need to replenish stocks of products, so that for the first time a woman would be spared from the experiences about this. However, it is worth considering that now she is a nursing mother and can not eat everything. If there are no problems with breast milk, the young mother will need to eat right, thinking about the quality of milk and the benefits for the baby. Therefore, the spouse can pre-purchase products such as:

    1. Oatmeal, buckwheat,
    2. Fresh vegetables,
    3. Lactic products,
    4. From fruit - sweet apples, bananas,
    5. Juices from fruits growing in the area of ​​residence
    6. Dietary meat - chicken, veal, turkey or rabbit meat.

    You should know that citruses should not be bought, such fruits are undesirable until the child is 4 months old. The main thing is that all products are of high quality and fresh.

    Returning to the question of how to meet a wife from the maternity hospital beautifully, you can give one simple advice. To please a woman, you can cook a few simple dishes - fresh squeezed juice, ordinary mashed potatoes and baked chicken are easy to prepare, but the spouse, after exciting events and roads, will be truly grateful to her husband for such a surprise.

    By the way, in the near future, a nursing mother will not be able to eat smoked meat and other delicacies, so a man should be ready to support his second half and be in solidarity with her in this matter. However, if you wish, you can come up with no less tasty dishes from authorized products, and then everyone will be happy.

    Diapers, baby's undershirts and much more

    It may happen that in addition to products, the young father will have to deal with more serious purchases. Some parents tend to believe in various signs, and are afraid to buy children's clothing and furniture for the child before he is born. Therefore, sometimes the head of the family is charged with buying everything you need before the woman arrives from the hospital.

    Here you will not get to anywhere - the man will have to run around the shops in order to adequately meet the long-awaited child.

    Need to buy:

    • Bed linen for the newborn,
    • Warm blanket
    • Mattress and bumpers (how to choose the right baby mattress here),
    • Diapers - thick and thin at least 6 pieces of each variety (many babies sleep better and stronger when they are swaddled, how to properly swaddle a newborn baby in a diaper, read here)
    • Sliders, vests, socks, caps - thin and warmed.

    If the furniture has already been purchased, the pope will have to gather his courage and correctly assemble all the structures.

    It is necessary to take care in advance of purchasing accessories for bathing your baby, a special first-aid kit for infants, as well as various small things that you will definitely need when caring for your child:

    • Cotton swabs, sticks, discs,
    • Bottles for milk (which mixture is better to choose for feeding and feeding the newborn can be found in this article),
    • Nipples,
    • Dummy (how to quickly teach a child to the nipple, if he refuses to read here),
    • Pampers for newborns (about which diapers it is better to choose for a newborn, read here, how many diapers a newborn needs per day we wrote in this article),
    • Rattles for baby cots.

    Means for washing, such as soap, shampoo must necessarily be marked “0+” - they are safe and designed specifically for infants.

    In addition, we must not forget to collect the necessary things for the parturient and the child things that need to be brought to the hospital, it is:

    • Clothes in which the spouse wants to change clothes,
    • Clothes and a festive "envelope" for the baby (a special, elegant blanket with clasps).

    The blanket must be selected according to the season so that the child does not freeze.

    It is worth considering the question of how to get home with the replenishment. If you have your own car, you should buy a special baby seat for newborns. But you can stay on a more solemn version - order a beautiful car with a personal driver. It all depends on how solemn the event will be. If at a significant event only the closest people are present, you can think of something wonderful, but more modest.

    How to meet your wife from the maternity hospital is beautiful

    1. On the eve of a trip to the maternity hospital, a man should carefully fold all the prepared things, not to forget about the gifts to the doctor and the medical workers who took birth. In such cases, they thank the candy, flowers, expensive alcohol.
    2. In addition to a beautiful bouquet for a young mother, you can also place flowers in the apartment, decorate it with balloons, smart Chinese lanterns, hang some original garlands on the walls. But around the crib should not have anything extra, as it is unsafe - a little daughter or son, and so feel the festive atmosphere associated with their appearance, and rejoice with their happy parents.
    3. Of course, if there is an opportunity you can arrange a large-scale holiday with the invitation of artists, launching fireworks and pigeons, but even the most modest bouquet and a simple sand cake made with your own hands will help bring the faithful and grateful love of her husband to the heart of a woman.
    4. You can buy your beloved wife a gift, dear or not, and not forget about the baby. After all, this will be the first thing that his father gave him.

    Car decoration

    A beautifully designed car, in which you pick up your wife with a newborn from the maternity hospital, is one of the important elements of this event. Car decoration today is becoming increasingly popular, it brings a lot of joy and delight to a young mom. For the above purposes, you can use multi-colored balls or red, depending on whether one is born - a boy or a girl. Such cars are decorated with ribbons, ribbons, you can also use cardboard figures of a stork or soft toys, placing them on the roof of the car. Holiday car windows can be decorated with stickers "Happy Dad", "Thank you for your son or daughter."

    The fantasies of the newly-made father are limitless, so apply all your knowledge and skills using the unique idea of ​​decorating a festive car.

    Video and photography

    To capture the exciting moments of the release of the mother with the child from the maternity hospital, the happy face of the young father and the relatives that they are met, it is advisable to videotape and take a series of photos. After several years, parents together with their children will be able to enjoy watching these unique shots.

    You can use the services of professional photographers, inviting them to carry out this work. Today, videographers work in many maternity hospitals who assemble the footage quickly and efficiently. Affordable cost is one of the main advantages of such a service.

    Subsequently, it is desirable to issue a family album, where to place children's photos of parents and their baby.

    Bright holiday posters

    Meeting your wife with a child will be bright and unforgettable if you, along with your relatives and friends, pick up colorful posters on which words of congratulations will be written. To date, such greeting attributes are available in retail or online stores. They are characterized by a huge variety of words of gratitude and admiration. Using the help of your friend, you can make a poster of this kind on your own, showing a little fiction and creativity.


    The meeting of the beloved and the baby from the maternity hospital with a multi-colored cloud of balloons will be unforgettable. Over the years, such an event remains relevant and fun. Take a helium balloon along with a floral bouquet. Congratulating your wife on having a baby, release these balloons to the sky. This will cause laughter, delight and great joy. Pick up balloons with kind words of congratulations, on each of them you can also write the name of the newborn and mother. It will be spectacular and unsurpassed!

    The meeting of the wife from the maternity hospital with flowers, without which no extract can do, will be beautiful and unforgettable. Such a familiar event can be made original and one of the best. Creative bouquets of children's accessories (booties, rattles, nipples) are gaining unprecedented popularity. But unchanged remain flower bouquets. Knowing the preference of your wife and her favorite flowers, present a bouquet of such flowers on this solemn day. This may be gorgeous roses or ordinary daisies. Any of them will emphasize your love, respect for your wife and gratitude for your newborn son or daughter.

    To create a festive atmosphere, invite close relatives to wear T-shirts with the appropriate status: “grandmother”, “grandfather”, “sister”, “brother”, “uncle” and “aunt”. Choose the most colorful T-shirt with large letters "DAD". The wife, seeing you in the maternity hospital in such a dress, will be happy to tears. Such t-shirts can be made to order or purchased in the online store.

    Children's room decoration

    Prepare a room for your baby. It must be carefully removed and aired. Try to decorate the crib of a newborn beautifully according to the sex of the child. На стене можно прикрепить плакат с надписью «С Днем рождения, малыш!». Для удобства и практичности создайте идеальный интерьер, где все предметы мебели находятся на своем месте для удобства и практичностью.

    Торт для новорожденного

    Сладости и торт,скорее всего, угощение для гостей, но не для мамы и малыша. The cake will be appropriate during the tea party, which will take place after arriving from the maternity hospital. All relatives will be pleasantly surprised if the drawing from the cream on this sweet dish symbolizes the birth of a new man - your son or daughter.

    Best gift to wife

    The birth of a child is a great miracle and a great holiday for parents. A grateful, attentive and caring husband will always give his wife a gift in honor of this event. Try to buy the thing you need and practical. Knowing the tastes of your spouse, get a gold or silver jewelry, and maybe she herself will tell you what gift you would like to receive. In order not to be mistaken, consult her and buy the most necessary thing together.

    Surprise for a newborn

    Preparing for the emergence of a new person in the family lasts more than one month. Everything you need is purchased. After returning from the hospital with the baby, your other half will be pleasantly surprised when they see that you bought an unusual shape rattle, a car, a doll or a beautiful soft toy. It will take a little time, and your child will play with enthusiasm with them.

    Musical gift

    If you prefer to surprise your beloved one, arrange with the musicians who organize a mini-concert for the young mother by playing her favorite melodies. This gift will be an unforgettable show for her.

    Emotional state and indescribable joy accompanies every young father. You are able to work wonders and give your beloved unforgettable moments of the holiday. Organize fireworks in her honor, invite actors to play a puppet show for her. Together with her and the baby you can plunge into the atmosphere of magic and fairy tales.

    It is advisable to organize all the events listed above independently so that this becomes a real surprise for your wife and the best day in your life.

    Meeting the wife from the hospital: video

    There are a lot of options on how to meet your wife from the maternity hospital, very much, the main thing is to invest your soul in everything you want to do. The husband, preparing for a meeting with the woman who gave him the baby, already thinks like a loving father and educator. To congratulate the beloved on the birth of a new man is not as difficult as some men think. But the woman met with tenderness and attention will be able to confirm the long-standing truth: the most important contribution to the upbringing of the child is the correctly chosen dad. Is this not the highest gratitude for love and understanding?

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