What is given for the wedding year: gifts from parents, guests, children's gifts


The first year of living together flew by, and here is the very same day on which the newly married couple a year ago legalized their relationship. Still so fresh in memory! No matter what has changed this year, perhaps the housing issue is coming up in a young family or the housing issue has somehow been solved - feelings are still so new, and passion and tenderness still reign in a relationship.

This day can not be ignored, regardless of whether you are planning a magnificent feast or modest home gatherings. Close people should express their attention and love to each other, giving nice gifts. And if guests are invited to the holiday, they should not come empty-handed either!

We will help you in choosing original and traditional ideas for choosing a gift for your half or a young couple for the first wedding anniversary.

The value of the first joint date

The first wedding anniversary is popularly called chintz. This is not so romantic meaning due to the fact that by the end of the first year of seed life many couples are already acquiring or are about to acquire offspring, and the chintz will come in handy for them "in diapers."

Another version of the origin of this interpretation is related to the fact that chintz is a fragile material, it is easy to break it, as well as relations that have not yet gained strength. In addition, chintz is something ordinary, everyday, like weekdays, into which the first holiday months spent together gradually gradually turn.

There is a third, most frivolous version - it is the chintz that goes to the fabric for bed linen, which probably needs to be replaced by the end of the first marriage year, as the whole year was very actively exploited by loving newlyweds.

If you want to choose a gift, certainly based on the festive symbolism, then you have several ways:

  • traditionally follow the “cotton” direction - not very romantic, but practical and certainly “into the stream”,
  • choose a gift that symbolizes strength and building relationships that are strengthening day by day,
  • to give the newlyweds or their half a person something individual that will allow them to come closer and remind of passion and mutual attention,
  • forget about stereotypes and present just a useful or pleasant gift!

Calico Gifts

As part of the traditional approach, you can purchase gifts for couples related to the material declared to be the symbol of the anniversary:

  • beautiful set of bed linen
  • tablecloth and napkins to match
  • fluffy towels (always useful at home!),
  • Terry sheet of interesting colors,
  • curtains, plaid or other home textiles,
  • fabric or embroidered picture (it is doubly valuable if it was created by the donor himself, but there are also excellent choices among those who are ready to decorate any dwelling),
  • painting on canvas (not exactly chintz, but also fabric), and if it depicts a family portrait, for example, from a wedding photo, then the first family heirloom is ready, which will surely please the couple in love.

"Double" chintz

Such gifts can be made to the newlyweds, giving both husband and wife at the same time: this will further emphasize their unity and hint at strengthening joint feelings. Such gifts can be both useful and funny:

  • paired T-shirts or T-shirts with funny photos, drawings or inscriptions (you can make them to order, then your gift will be also exclusive!),
  • pair apron for husband and wife (nothing brings together more than a time together in the kitchen!), of course, also take care of originality,
  • a pair of bathing or bath robes (not necessarily of the same color, it is possible to observe the general style or embroider commemorative inscriptions on the pockets or at least the names of the presented ones),
  • two cozy pajamas (of course, women’s and men’s) that you’ll wear so nicely and, more importantly, take off each other in a fit of passion,
  • if you plan a very modest gathering, it is quite possible to give calico handkerchiefs (it would be better if you decorate them with embroidery or original appliqué).

Other family gifts

Gifts "for two" are always in trend, because they are presented to the family as a whole. Today, the responsible donor offers a wide range of opportunities to please the young family, giving, for example:

  • wedding calendar - you can order it in the printing industry, using successful photos for sketching, if you can get them (you can only use weddings or expand the range of memo with joint events),
  • paired gifts “for lovers” - it will be nice for a couple to remember those carefree days, weaving hands under a cozy blanket “for two” (with holes for the heads), wearing paired mittens designed to hold hands inside them, or open above you "Double" umbrella
  • cups from the “for two” sets,
  • decoration, divided into two symbolic halves,
  • board game for family fun (today you can order copies with any names or inscriptions on the boxes),
  • multi-photo frame for family photos, which have probably already accumulated a lot,
  • useful gift - household appliances, if the family has not yet had time to purchase it, for example, a meat grinder, coffee maker, blender, high-quality iron, etc.,
  • always “with a bang” - gifts, impressions, for example, in the spa or swimming pool, on an interesting master class, horseback riding, photo session, even tickets to a concert, to the theater or to the cinema. Well, and the top of generosity, for example, parental, can be a tourist trip.

Be careful with such gifts!

The first, the initial meaning of calico jubilee - “for diapers” - today should not be taken literally. Young spouses have a different attitude to childbirth than was customary in earlier times. Therefore, gifts that hint at the completion of the family, it is better to do with caution, and if in doubt it is better to choose other options.

But if the young wife is already pregnant or has just recently given birth, then a gift related to her new role as a mother may well please her, if appropriate.

Do not give children's clothes - most prefer to choose it themselves, and besides, many still have strong prejudices about the pre-acquisition of things for the newborn. But the children's blanket or blanket may well come "to the court." The original night light may also be useful in the future, perhaps an air heater, clothes dryer or other useful household accessory.

Such gifts are better not to make a “surprise” if you are not a very close family person.

What to give to her beloved husband

If the wife wants to please her soul mate with any “thematic” gift on this momentous day, she will not have to wrestle with her head for a long time. We offer a wide range of possible surprises for the “husband with a one-year experience”:

  • if we talk about tradition, then on this day the wife presented her husband with a shirt, once sewn with his own hands, now, of course, you need to purchase your favorite model that will fit your spouse,
  • Named gadget (depends on what your man is committed to), today you can choose from a variety of options, ranging from a flash drive with his name in various designs, a named external battery for a computer or a charger, ending with a case on his smartphone, made to order,
  • comic “reward”: a medal, a statuette, a diploma with an inscription, the meaning of which will be understood by you two more than anyone else
  • useful technical souvenir (men love all kinds of instruments), for example, a thermometer, pedometer, barometer, compass, etc. original design,
  • a gift that will remind you of your beloved while he is in the office: a beautiful fountain pen with his name (so that no one accidentally assigns!), a notebook or diary embossed on the cover, a pencil with an interesting engraving, an individually created organizer folder, an original press Dad,
  • will always remind of your care with love the chosen lunch box in which the loving hands laid lunch "snack"
  • if your man is a dandy, then please him with beautiful cufflinks or a pin for a tie,
  • An interesting gift can be a bottle of champagne or beer with a personalized label made especially for your loved one,
  • It is always a pleasure to receive as a gift a key chain, a watch, a purse or another men's accessory.

What to please on this day his beloved wife

First of all, attention! Many women, as experience and numerous questions show, are even inclined to be offended by a too practical and utilitarian gift from a loved one, but for the attention shown to her feminine essence are willing to forgive many past and future offenses! Give your wife:

  • one of the new things: a woman is not indifferent to new and beautiful clothes! Traditions talked about the cut off by the spouse for a sundress, but modernity dictates other norms.. In such situations, “surprise” may well give way to relevance: even if you go to choose clothes together, the wife will be happy, and you are spared the problem of choice and possible failure with size,
  • beautiful lingerie: it is your interest, let her seduce you in anything,
  • jewelry: a win-win option on any day, it can be a ring, a bracelet, new earrings or a set (and if you make a personalized engraving, the spouse will be smitten!)
  • if the spouse has a lot of jewelry, donate an original organizer for her jewelry,
  • if the budget is more limited, sweetness can be an excellent choice, just present it in an original way. Today, you can order a personalized chocolate wrapper with a portrait of your beloved, a box of custom-made chocolates, a tea pack with an original picture or lettering, or even a caramel with a precious name,
  • beautiful lamp with a name engraving,
  • There will also be relevant new "clothes" for her smartphone, tablet or e-book,
  • flowers: if not a bouquet, then a blooming flower in a flowerpot,
  • poems of his own or written to order (to issue such a gift can also be original).

Some of the above personal gifts can be purchased at the links below.

MEN REMEMBER! A woman will appreciate not so much the amount of money invested in a gift as personal attention given to her. Give the choice and the process of presenting a gift quite a bit of time, and believe that it will pay off a hundredfold.

And never, never, and especially on the first family anniversary, do not hand over a few half bills to the younger half with the words: “Buy yourself something”. And so forget to bestow the beloved woman, especially on such a day, a direct path to discord in a relationship. Let love and mutual understanding always reign in them, and gifts in such a business, along with everything else, are also quite good “glue” connecting loved ones.

How to celebrate a calico wedding?

The first year of marriage is devoted to the arrangement of its “nest”, its lapping to each other. The young spouses learned a lot of new things for themselves, something pleased them, but something disappointed. Joint life has a little rallied them, but already there was a desire to return that wonderful holiday - their solemn wedding. And now, after 1 year, they had the opportunity to go back and remember how it was. A table is organized for a chintz wedding, close relatives and friends are invited. Be sure to invite witnesses to the marriage. Spouses need to think about entertainment, you can arrange thematic contests, which should be played with chintz fabric. The bride can dress her wedding dress again, organize dances. If the celebration is held outside the house, you can order the decoration of the hall using chintz paraphernalia. Traditionally, young people should have two bottles of champagne from the wedding day, one they open for a gauze wedding, the other on the occasion of the birth of a child. A bottle of champagne must be drunk with the guests, accompanied by toasts and greetings.

Another custom says that the bride and groom should eat to the last crumb what they have in their plates, so that there is always prosperity in the house.

One year after marriage is the first and foremost holiday of the bride and groom. Whether they will celebrate subsequent anniversaries is unknown, so this wedding should be made as fun as possible. You can hold an event both at home and in the country, depending on the season. The procedure is devoid of strict marriage ceremony and gives vent to fantasy. Many contests are held. So, for example, if the bride was abducted at the main wedding, then you can steal the bridegroom and demand ransom for him. Challenge contests with calico ribbons, towels and suits of calico fabrics.

Anniversary Gifts

Gifts for the first anniversary should be made of chintz or fine cotton fabric. According to the custom, it is customary to give each other calico handkerchiefs on which the spouses tie knots as a sign of loyalty and strength to family relationships.

What to give a husband for a print wedding:

  • embroidered shirt
  • t-shirt
  • shorts,
  • cotton pajamas
  • a rag heart with words of love embroidered on it
  • double bed linen.

Wife husband usually gives:

  • beautiful linen
  • tablecloth,
  • curtains
  • summer dress or sundress.

From parents, young people receive congratulations and parting words from gifts: household appliances, bedding, curtains, blankets, bedspreads. All that is necessary for a young family in everyday life.

If young people have a child, then a good gift can be clothes for the baby of their cotton fabrics.

When friends want to avoid traditional gifts, they choose something original, there are no obstacles to this. Enough to accompany an unusual gift with a set of calico scarves.

Recently, fashion for handmade toys has appeared. This is an interesting and unusual gift, it is easy to pick it up to the theme of the wedding. At the celebration presented with a pair of soft toys of bright colors, personifying the family. Such toys can be made by funny patterns of cartoon characters.

Gifts from children

If young people already have children who participate in a wedding celebration, it is necessary to invent entertainment for them. Soap bubbles, balloons, cartoons.

Playing hide-and-seek or puzzles (collect a photo of mom and dad) will amuse both adults and children. It will be interesting for a child to play a trickle, tug-of-war and other folk fun.

Children will definitely want to congratulate their parents themselves. A gift made by hand will be carefully kept by mom and dad. Depending on age, a child may:

  • make an application of colored paper with photos of parents,
  • create a drawing "My Family",
  • to mold from plasticine figures of parents or a heart,
  • tell a poem
  • Sing a song,
  • play a musical instrument.

A calico wedding is another opportunity for young spouses to feel like a bride and groom. This holiday is full of congratulations and wishes, here, as well as at the wedding, there is a place for beautiful words and toasts, rich table and humorous competitions.

Why chintz?

In the first year of marriage, the family celebrates a calico wedding. In Russia, it was believed that the decoration of the bed of the young during this time comes to complete disrepair. It was customary to expect the appearance of grandchildren, so the young were presented with cuts and scarves from bright calico. Bed linen, diapers, clothes for future children were sewn from the fabric. The newlyweds gratefully accepted the gifts, and at the ends of the scarves they tied knots so that the family would be strong and live together.

We follow the traditions

Now these gifts are regarded as symbolic. Clothes and diapers in advance to sew or buy among expectant mothers is not accepted. But if you want to follow traditions, pick up things that emphasize the significance of the first family holiday:

  • bedding set,
  • blankets and pillows,
  • decorative pillows, blankets,
  • covers and bedspreads for furniture,
  • curtains
  • tablecloths, oven gloves, aprons,
  • a set of napkins for serving the table,
  • terry towels,
  • bathrobes.

Chintz speaks of modesty and unpretentiousness, therefore gifts for a chintz wedding do not have to be expensive. When making a choice, consider the tastes and desires of the young:

  • Being a guest of the newlyweds, think in advance how your gift will fit into your home furnishings, if you want to present any of the interior items,
  • When choosing bathrobes or T-shirts, find out whether the clothes you have looked after suit you in size, style, color.

Practical gifts

A young family is improving its life. It is possible to buy everything at once in the house to create complete comfort and coziness, it is possible only with the help of a magic wand. If you become such a lifesaver for children, your newlyweds will be very grateful. Scout for what is missing in the house. A simple trifle in everyday life for your children may be the most necessary at the moment:

  • set of pans,
  • cutlery,
  • lockers, storage boxes,
  • tables, chairs, stools,
  • ironing board,
  • shelves and coasters
  • electric dryer, electric heater,
  • a chandelier or a pair of night lights.

Household appliances - the best gift for newlyweds. You will not only save the budget of young owners, but also save them from the problems of finding and choosing the right thing.

Ideal options:

  • fridge,
  • television,
  • plate,
  • Washer,
  • Dishwasher,
  • computer,
  • a vacuum cleaner.

Если глобальные покупки для дома уже сделаны, подарите технику, которая не является предметом первой необходимости. She will give comfort and free time that spouses can devote to each other:

  • microwave,
  • multicooker,
  • bread maker,
  • food processor,
  • multifunctional blender
  • stationary steamer for things.

It is not necessary to give one gift for the whole family. If you know what your daughter or daughter-in-law needs, what your son or son-in-law dreams about, make a gift for everyone. Call for help from your matchmakers. Make a joint gift that will be doubly pleasant to the newly-made spouses:

  • husband, a jack of all trades, you can give a set of tools and keys, electric drill, jigsaw, hammer drill, screwdriver,
  • Wife, needlewoman and craftswoman, present a sewing machine or overlock,
  • For those who like to bake, confectionery tools, molds, professional mixers, a rotary table for decorating cakes will be useful.

If the house of young spouses is a full bowl, you can make original memorable gifts. Especially good for this case, handmade products:

  • photo frames and photo albums,
  • original candle holders
  • pictures,
  • portraits of newlyweds,
  • embroidered wall panels
  • souvenir toys made of chintz: decorative pillows, hearts, love-dolls in the form of a cat and a cat, birds, a pair of horses,
  • jewelry boxes
  • towels and t-shirts with the names and photos of the couple in love.

Give children modern gadgets. Anyone will be happy with the new phone, e-book, tablet. The camera deserves special attention. The first pictures taken by him on the calico wedding will be included in the treasury of family relics.

A great gift - indoor flowers. They not only decorate the interior, creating an atmosphere of homely warmth, but also benefit.

Violet, geranium, myrtle tree, ficus, sansevieriya are symbols of family happiness. These plants actively absorb harmful substances and saturate the room with oxygen.

When purchasing a plant, find out if the spouses are allergic to such flowers.

We give a holiday

A calico wedding is not customary to celebrate magnificently. Only relatives and close friends of the young are invited to the celebration. But this will not prevent you from preparing a pleasant surprise for the spouses.

  • Book a table in the restaurant where the newlyweds dreamed of visiting. Order your favorite dishes, live music, give spouses the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner together.
  • If your children want to celebrate the first anniversary brightly, invite the actors of the original genre. An explosion of impressions and emotions will bring the heroes of the occasion and the guests to the bartender show. Sand show will give a romantic mood, recreating the touching love story of a young couple. Very young newlyweds and their guests will like the show of soap bubbles or dancing extravaganza.

  • Embody the most insane dream of spouses in reality. Give them a flight in a hot air balloon, paraglider, parachute or wind tunnel. This can not be forgotten. Two loving hearts, lightening with delight, for many years will retain the impressions of such a gift, and their feelings will become stronger.
  • A trip for two is a great gift. Take your kids on an exciting trip or cruise. Every day spent together will be a holiday for them.

Cherished envelope

Among the many options it is difficult to make a choice. In this situation, the best solution is to give young people money. It doesn't matter where the young family spends the amount you donate. You can give your fatherly advice to children, but the freedom of choice should be left to the spouses.

Do not reproach the newlyweds, if they have not disposed of money as you would like. The main thing is that your generous gift will be highly appreciated and will help your spouses become even happier.

When buying a gift for the first anniversary, remember that the relationship between the young is still very thin and delicate, like a calico handkerchief. Try to understand what they want, what they think, your newlyweds dream. So you will never make a mistake in choosing, and you will joyfully meet with your children not only a calico, but also a golden wedding.

How beautifully to congratulate in verses of newlyweds, you will learn from the following video.

Practical and useful: home appliances

Parents have more solid housekeeping experience, so they can easily figure out what useful things the newlyweds do not have at home.

The surest option is a technique that celebrants will surely be happy about.

Suitable for both home and digital:

  • television,
  • music Center,
  • food processor,
  • coffee machine
  • microwave,
  • a vacuum cleaner,
  • hair dryer
  • computer or laptop.

A practical gift for children on the first anniversary of their parents

Some items from this list may already exist in the newlyweds house. But they are unlikely to be upset if they get a new powerful computer to replace the old one.

By the people chintz symbolizes modesty and simplicitytherefore, it is not necessary to give expensive items for the first anniversary. However, if finances allow, you can buy one of the proposed options. Some couples at the beginning of living together do not immediately acquire important items of equipment due to its high cost.

If there is no refrigerator or washing machine in the house of the newly-made family, you can save the newlyweds from taking loans, the parents of the husband and wife can throw off and buy a common gift. Let it be only one, but valuable and very relevant.

Practical and inexpensive gifts for calico wedding

If children are provided with all necessary equipment, it is more rational to present more economical options for a modest chintz anniversary.

There are inexpensive things that will definitely be useful for newlyweds in everyday life.

Here are just some of them:

  • bedding sets,
  • pillows, blankets, blankets,
  • vacuum bags for clothes,
  • kitchen utensils: dishes, “fancy” electric frying pan, a set of knives or spoons,
  • bath amenities: towels, bathrobes,
  • curtains or curtains,
  • chair, stool, another relevant piece of furniture.

A cheap gift for children to get a print wedding - a set of bed linen

If you find a missing item in the newlyweds' house, such as a stepladder, do not rush to run to the store for her. First, consult with the "competitors", suddenly the matchmaker also noticed that the children had no stairs, and decided to fix it. Conversation with the matchmaker and the matchmaker will avoid the purchase of identical gifts.

Another good option from the fact that parents give young people on the first wedding anniversary is clothing. In order not to miscalculate with the size, it is better to give preference to the pair of T-shirts or sweatshirts, sports and beach costumes.

You can do quite practical and completely rid yourself of the risk that the gift will not like the recipients. Give money! Let it not the most original gift, but certainly useful.

Decorative gifts

Quality decorative things will surely be a good gift. For a calico anniversary You can give children a beautiful vase, a floor lamp, a night light or a desk lamp, a wall clock, a statuette, a picture.

Wedding Anniversary Parent Gift - Wall Decor

A great option would be joint portrait of a young couple. You just need to select a photo and give it to the artist. Before you finally determine the choice of photos, gently ask both spouses whether they like themselves in this image. Then the portrait, most likely, will suit them.

Original gift for 1 year of wedding from the parents

There are many gift options that are not only pleasant, but also unexpected. It is easiest for parents to surprise the heroes of the occasion, as the older generation usually doesn’t think long to give a wedding anniversary to the children. They prefer bedding, electric kettles, money and other standard gifts. If you want to surprise the newlyweds, you will have to abandon these options and go beyond the usual.

A romantic evening for two, arranged in some unusual place, will be a pleasant surprise for a couple in love.

Can reserve a table in a restaurantwhich is located on one of the last floors of the high-rise. In this case, the beloved will be able to enjoy delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere and a magnificent view from the window.

How to originally congratulate children with calico wedding - a romantic dinner

A good option would be tickets for an interesting event: a musical or a humorous concert, a film show, a performance, a festival, or even a football match. The event should be interesting for both spouses, so it is important to find out in advance their general preferences.

Another way to surprise a gift - do it yourself. Author's most unique things, in addition, carry a particularly warm energy. In the manufacture of pads, handkerchiefs and other souvenirs, it is logical to use chintz, so you can also keep up the tradition.

Any gift should have a beautiful design - gift wrapping, a ribbon with a bow or other decorative elements. Ideally, the gift should be supplemented with a bunch of flowers.

Signs - do they have a place?

Traditions and festivals are an integral part of humanity and their life, therefore, it is sometimes necessary to proceed from ancient traditions when choosing gifts.

What to give to the children on the first wedding anniversary, so as not to offend, not to reproach and do without hints:

  • The sign says that the name “calico” goes back to the times when it was customary to donate such material for diapers. The first year of the wedding is also called "mother's tummy", when replenishment is expected. But now the times are different, therefore it is possible to adapt to the tradition, but not too strictly.
  • The concept of calico is expanded to textiles, so fabric gifts are appropriate.
  • It is not forbidden to donate clothes, bed linen or tablecloths.

Below we present more modern ideas of the presents, turning them to the traditions. After all, the holiday is done according to the customs of the ancestors, and in no case should the chintz rules be canceled.

According to tradition, a young family needs to give cloth gifts, namely, napkins and table decorations.

The custom is this: if the spouse does not stain his napkin at a festive dinner with lipstick or wine, then the family will not be strong. Ladies, blot your lips with napkins for the strength of family life.

Previously, he was given on the first wedding night, and in the morning guests were waiting for evidence from the girl that her husband was the first and only man. Do you understand what this is about?

Today it is not fashionable and uncivilized, but referring to the traditions, a set of linen is a real right gift for a chintz wedding to children from parents. Their number is not limited - everyone can personally congratulate the young family.

The first year of the wedding timed to the birth of a child, and many in the old days gave pillowcases for the crib, blanket and sheets. Mom was presented with dozens of diapers, there were no diapers. Custom tight ass in the modern world - even give souvenir sheets.

Pair gift that is appropriate to make for the family. The main thing is not to break the pattern, and the gift is not necessary then to use. This anniversary is more thematic in nature than is useful for the cause.

A gift is only for a spouse, and in principle, men should not be given anything on this anniversary. All attention must be given to the woman, hinting at the continuation of the race. Such a gift for the wedding anniversary can be presented by the husband as well, so that the wife should not be embarrassed by the hints of the relatives who are forced by tradition.

This may be a double present, but according to tradition, the spouse puts on calico white items for general cleaning. After thoroughly washing the furniture and walls, a white cloth checks the cleanliness of the objects and the "cleanliness" of the performed troubles.

But some parents believe that a gift, despite its history, should bear the benefit. Therefore, modernity does not recognize some customs, if it is not gifts and gratuitous reasons for gathering guests.

Calico echoes in presents

What to give to a print wedding for children, and how to please them with simple fabric gifts? The chintz should be present at least as a decor, so that you can say: “yes, there is a chintz here, so the present is relevant”.

For mother or daughter (if you have children) a gift would be appropriate. A calico dress or outfit that has sleeves, collars or cuffs made from calico - everything goes to work.

Calico souvenirs can be given in any quantity. If you want to choose a toy, look at the animals. They say that if a souvenir toy with four legs appears on the first anniversary of the house, then no horseshoe at the door is needed to attract good luck and luck.

Aprons, scarves and gloves will be useful in the kitchen, which means they bring benefits to the hostess of the house. Do not forget that you can give fabric surprises to a chintz wedding, coinciding with the meaning of "chintz is fabric".

Thin summer pajamas for both spouses bears a sense of lightness. Cloth sets for sleep are a symbol of peace, weightlessness, and it is pleasant to fall asleep in thin underwear in the hot heat.

Cloth-covered shoes will also be a relevant gift. Even on the anniversary of the wedding what to give - cloth slippers, rag sneakers, ballet flats and so on.

Give the male half of the family sneakers. It is unlikely that you will find elegant shoes from the material to the color of the sock.

A typical gift for a young wedding, and at the very celebrations. If you do not have time with the choice of colors and inscriptions, donate for the first anniversary, do not lose.

By the way, in such a convenient case, you can make a gift with your own hands, because it is so easy to make a beautiful thing out of fabric. But we will come up with a fantasy to such an issue, and the instructions are attached to the ideas.


  • Symbolic rituals.
  • Gifts to husband, wife.
  • Parents give.
  • Gifts from guests.
  • What is not worth giving?
  • Fun at the party.

A year ago, the stormy wedding fun thundered and 365 days of young life together passed. Is it a lot or a little? It is enough to fully enjoy each other and for the time being not much to finally get used to each other.

  • The chintz symbolizes that the sheets were up to gauze on the bed of the young in the year of violent passions and that the relations between them are still fragile, like cloth. Probably for this reason, the wedding anniversary is also called gauze wedding.

So all in order!

Symbolic rituals.

Unlike other celebrations, the table should be covered only with a chintz tablecloth. In the old days, the bride herself embroidered a tablecloth for the anniversary. Now she can decorate the tablecloth with colored buttons, put flowers on the table.

A chintz napkin is prepared for each guest. Later you can put more paper.

The feast does not make a magnificent, more time is given to the presentation of gifts, wishes and competitions.

From the wedding of the young store 2 bottles donated champagne. One young uncork now and treat all the guests. According to another version of the holiday, the spouses themselves drink this champagne.

The second bottle - will wait for the first child.

Gifts to husband, wife.

Let the guests taste the champagne, eat some snacks and continue the evening giving presents to each other. This is part of the ritual, and it will create a general mood at the party.

Earlier in the first year of marriage, the couple gave calico handkerchiefs. Then, right on the triumph, knots were tied on them, which meant a declaration of love and loyalty. The husband and wife swore an oath, while their handkerchiefs were hidden in a secret place and kept for life.

Do not discard this symbolic ritual, do everything as written above, say the words of love and loyalty and let the handkerchiefs be kept until the golden wedding.

A wife can give a husband a shirt, and a husband a wife a sundress or a calico tunic. You can leave and change into donated clothes, then proceed to receive gifts from guests.

Options in the video

Parents give.

Parents have a special mission, they should hint to their children with their gift that it is time to multiply the family and present the grandchildren. Traditionally it is believed that they should give something from the fabric for the unborn child, as our great-grandmothers did.

In ancient times, clothes for babies were prepared in advance. Because it was necessary to make a fabric, process it, sew clothes by hand, and such a gift was very much appreciated. The family was created for the continuation of the clan, the children in the family were “as many as you like.

Now times have changed, in young people, sometimes other priorities. Many consider the early purchase of children's items a bad omen.

Therefore, parents can give a cut on the diaper or a set of bed linen and at the same time hint that they are waiting for an addition to the family and are ready to help with the baby. This is a symbolic part, the second part most likely has already been donated during the year or you can coincide with a large purchase for the wedding anniversary.

The mother-in-law gives the daughter-in-law a beautiful print dress, which means her blessing for the further happy life of her son's family. The original mother-in-law gift is a picture embroidered on fabric.

Often parents give a symbolic horseshoe made of any material to attract well-being to the house.

The mother-in-law can knit a sweater for her son-in-law, and for her daughter a scarf of the same material, thereby emphasizing the unity of the spouses.

Any jewelry for the young - paired pendants with their names, pendants with the number one.

Parents strongly support the financially new family and any valuable gift will be a good support for them.

Presentation of gifts occurs with numerous wishes from parents.

Gifts from guests.

Название ситцевая свадьба говорит само за себя и приоритетом при дарении являются вещи из любых тканей, в настоящее время не обязательно ситцевых.

For a year of living together, the family did not have time to settle down completely, and curtains, towels, bedspreads, kitchen aprons, potholders, bed linen, T-shirts, home clothes will fall in place — all this will be useful in the household.

Fabric items can be hand embroidered, which is very much appreciated as an exclusive copy. This gift will appeal to newlyweds.

Do not really buy a set of beautiful bed linen from chintz, as it quickly fades, preferably silk, calico, satin or now fashionable linen with bamboo fiber.

Paired T-shirts with drawings or inscriptions for young spouses. They will be happy to wear them at every opportunity.

On this first anniversary, a gift for a young couple must contain something of the above, as a symbol of a holiday that reminds the young that the most difficult year is over.

If the symbolic gift turned out to be inexpensive, add something of the more valuable things for the new family. It can be any household appliances, furniture, dinnerware, certificates, holiday vouchers ...

Do not forget to prepare a congratulatory speech, it is possible in poetic form and put them on music. A video greeting, albums, posters, collages, photos in the original frame will do. Make a moment of congratulations with a small performance!

What is not worth giving?

There are many options, a young family needs a variety of things, but some prefer to give money. This is permissible only if you discuss this option with the spouses in advance. Otherwise, such a gift is considered not respect, you did not want to spend time searching and buying the desired item.

If the newlyweds have a high income, then the money is by no means irrelevant.

You should not give any personal items - underwear, perfumes, cosmetics.

Fun at the party.

You can arrange a print art workshop. It is necessary to buy better t-shirts for everyone, fabric paints and stencils for applying drawings and inscriptions. Such an activity will delight the guests, and the pair will get “masterpieces” as a keepsake.

Photoshoot for guests will long remind everyone of this event. Let the guests not just removed, and come up with interesting compositions for photos.

Invited offer to tell interesting episodes from the wedding, all rush of memories.

Competition among the guests for the correct answers to questions concerning the young. Since the guests are the closest, there will be no difficulty for them with the answers.

A small review film from the wedding is prepared by the young and shown to guests at the end of the party. They thank the guests for their attention to the young family and make a promise for the next year to strengthen their union even more.

How did you celebrate your first family anniversary? Do not be greedy - share below.