Is it possible to goji berries during lactation?


“Red Diamond”, wonder-berries, the elixir of youth, berries of happiness - these are just a few of the names of the red guest from China, something resembling our dogwood. But not every nursing mommy decides to try goji berries. This is due to the fact that they are debating about the benefits and harms. And everything that even supposedly can do harm is swept away immediately, especially when it comes to the health of the newborn. How is this in reality?

The properties of the wonderful Chinese berries

Goji have a rich vitamin and mineral composition, thanks to which they contribute to:

  • preventing cancer and other benign neoplasms,
  • reduce the risk of diabetes and normalize blood sugar levels,
  • strengthen the immune system
  • stabilization of the nervous system
  • increase sexual activity
  • slowing the aging process,
  • cleansing the liver of toxins,
  • detoxification of the body
  • removal of excess fat and cholesterol,
  • neutralize the negative effects of treatment with chemotherapy,
  • improve vision.

Tell me, is it really not necessary during lactation? Still as necessary! Besides, taking goji is much more natural than drinking chemically synthesized vitamins. Only that they are still “young” for our market is frightening and there is some imaginary danger that accompanies everything alien and not fully researched. That is simply a lack of information.

Goji berries have only relative contraindications. These include: intolerance during the period of treatment with the use of medicines. Since the "elixir of youth" removes harmful substances from the liver, the components of drugs may simply not act on the body. Fortunately, breastfeeding medicines are prohibited, which means that the green light shines for the berries during this period. Of course, unless the baby has noticed negative reactions to the new product.

Scientific tests on breastfeeding women are difficult to carry out for obvious reasons. Until the end of the winter of 2014, there were no studies of the effect of the goji berry on the young mother and the child. Only February was marked by a two-week study within the framework of the Institute of Motherhood and Childhood of the Russian Federation. Mother volunteers were given 5 grams of common wolfberry (another name for the berries) daily, and at the end of the experiment the results were summarized.

  • An increase in milk production was observed in 70% of the participants in the experiment.
  • No changes revealed in the remaining 30%
  • No mother had any side effects, and the children also did not experience any negative effects of food that was unfamiliar to their mothers.

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Ways of using the "elixir of youth" by a nursing mother

As the results of research have shown, goji berries are not contraindicated when breastfeeding a newborn. However, it should be borne in mind that this product is not from our latitudes, besides it has a red pigment, so it should be used cautiously, introducing into the diet in small doses. In general, the daily rate of berries is up to 30 grams. They can be brewed in the form of tea and drink, add to kefir or yogurt, mix with porridge. The easiest way to use the "elixir of youth" is to eat a whole handful in dried form. But this is not interesting at all, is it? In addition, they have a specific taste, so they are best added to the familiar products.

Goji Drinks

  • If you mix a handful of barbarum with water in a blender, you get a vitamin juice, which is nice to drink. Taste can be improved if you take coconut milk instead of water
  • It is useful to drink this tea: brew a tablespoon of berries in a mug of boiling water and leave for about 15 minutes. Attention: if you want to lose the excess weight gained during pregnancy, then you can only drink the infusion, and remove the "waste" berries,
  • It is possible to drink kefir during lactation, adding ground berries there.

Salads and dressings

  • Dereza ordinary will give a specific savory taste to any salad you know made from fresh vegetables. Before adding to the main dish, it must be held in water, soaked to softness (do not drink water),
  • About 50 grams of dried wood bark pour water and boil on low heat for 3-5 minutes. Resist the temptation to drink broth: it is better to drain it, leaving only a couple of tablespoons for the ease of grinding the berries in a blender. In a separate vessel mix 2 tbsp. l lemon juice, half a teaspoon liquid honey and ground base. In the mixture add half a teaspoon of lemon zest and olive oil to a liquid consistency. Salt and pepper put to taste. Remember that with GW you shouldn’t be carried away by pepper! The resulting dressing diversify the taste of "bored" dishes.

  • Goji in combination with a liquid can not only drink, but also eat! It makes interesting dishes, such as chicken soup. To do this, boil several chicken thighs (and at this time soak dry berry, 5 tbsp. L.), Add mushrooms, cut into thin slices, and ginger root to taste. Improvise: add potatoes and noodles to the soup, fresh or toasted onions and garlic. Soaked "elixir of youth" put at the very end of cooking, when you remove the saucepan from the heat,
  • Liver soup is easy to cook. To do this, the liver is pre-washed and soaked, then cooked over low heat. When the by-product is slightly baked, you should add a handful of miracle berries (about 50 g), vegetables, salt to taste to the broth and boil it until tender. This soup is not only very useful for blood, but also relieves fatigue.

Wonderful properties of goji berries

Due to its unique composition, these berries:

  • normalize blood sugar levels
  • contribute to the prevention of diabetes,
  • prevention of benign and malignant tumors,
  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase libido,
  • normalize the nervous system
  • clean the liver
  • slow down the aging process
  • promote splitting and removal of excess fats,
  • neutralize the effects of chemotherapy,
  • improve vision.

Nursing mom and her baby will have all this very useful. It is much more useful to take goji than to drink synthesized vitamins from a pharmacy.

What do doctors say about goji berries

Doctors do not agree on the use of goji berries during pregnancy and lactation. Some sing the ode to the magical fruits, while others provide irrefutable evidence of their harm.

In early 2014, clinical studies were conducted for the first time to study the effect of goji berries on a nursing woman and her baby. The study was conducted by the Institute of Maternity and Childhood of the Russian Federation. As a result, it was revealed:

  • in 70% of subjects increased production of breast milk,
  • 30% of women did not feel any change
  • no mother or child had any side effects.

It was experimentally proved that goji berries do not bring harm to nursing mothers. As a result of research of the endocrinologist-nutritionist Emelyanova M.Yu. it was found that goji has virtually no side effects and have a positive effect on the figure.

On the other hand, most doctors do not recommend the use of Chinese fruits by nursing matters. In addition to the possible allergic reactions of the mother and baby, goji can trigger intestinal distention, which will predominantly affect the child. For children under 3 years old, these fruits are contraindicated, which means that you should not consume them with mother's milk.

All nursing mothers who are planning to start taking goji berries and care about the health of their child should consult a pediatrician and carefully study all the information on the product. Goji berries benefit and harm are not fully understood, so be careful when using them.

Possible side effects

Overdose of berries causes insomnia, so goji is best eaten in the morning.

  • Berries can cause nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain. However, these symptoms occur only with the consumption of fresh fruits that are poorly absorbed by the human body. For recovery, it is recommended to take dried berries.
  • Nursing women with low blood pressure, goji consumption is contraindicated. They contain a substance lowering pressure. With hypertension, you can eat them.
  • These fruits thin the blood, so if a woman is prone to bleeding, they should not be taken.
  • When taking berries, consider individual contraindications - intolerance or allergies.

Goji berries - use during lactation

If the pediatrician gave the go-ahead to the goji berries, you can gradually introduce the fruits into your diet. Allow yourself to start 1 berry per day, listen to your body and watch the baby. If you have not noticed any side effects, then after 3 days you can increase the number of berries up to 3 pieces. The maximum amount of goji that a nursing mother can eat per day is 5-6 pieces.

Goji is a useful dietary supplement that has a beneficial effect on the entire body, helps to increase the amount of breast milk and strengthens the immune system of the baby. However, nursing mothers need to be careful and not to make a decision on the inclusion of berries in the diet on their own, without consulting a doctor. There are cases when their use is undesirable or directly contraindicated.

How to brew goji berries

  • In a cup of boiling water add a tablespoon of berries, brew, and insist for 15 minutes. To lose weight during lactation, it is recommended to drink only broth, removing berries from it.

Goji Berry Drinks

  • Grind a handful of berries in a blender and add 400 ml. water. Get a nice vitamin juice. The taste of the juice will be richer, if you replace the water with coconut milk.
  • Crushed berries can be added to kefir. This drink is useful for breastfeeding.

Goji berries and breastfeeding

In February 2014, the Institute of Maternity and Childhood of the Russian Federation conducted studies on the effect of goji berries on breastfeeding. During the study, lactating women were given 5 grams of dried berries every day, for 2 weeks.

The study revealed the following: 70 out of 100% testers were identified increase the amount of breast milk. The remaining 30% showed no changes. Also not revealed side effects and negative effects on children. ”

Conclusion:Eating goji berries during breastfeeding increases the amount of breast milk, as well as helps strengthen the immune system of the child. However, do not forget to talk with your doctor before including goji berries in your diet.

Can I breastfeed and take goji berries?

According to recent studies, it is safe to say that eating goji berries is safe for breastfeeding women or their children. In February 2014, goji berry was included in the list of products recommended for use during lactation.

If a nursing woman chooses goji berries as a dietary supplement, it is extremely important that she choose a quality supplement from reliable supplier.

Talk to your doctor about goji berries

In any case, before consuming any supplements (this applies not only to goji berries), it is best to discuss their interaction with breastfeeding with your doctor. The situations of each woman are different, and only your doctor understands your position better than anyone. After you tell him what you want and expect, as well as knowing your current health situation, together you can come to a common decision regarding goji berries and breastfeeding, which is ideal for you.

Goji berries - and I did not pass by

As far as I can remember, I have always been unhappy with my weight, and from the age of 17 I could be called “ever losing weight”. By the age of 25, I weighed 58 kg, ate mostly dried fruits and vegetables, and felt great.

My acquaintance with the cherished berry happened six months after giving birth, when the scales showed 80, outside was gray February without a hint of sunshine, and I constantly wanted to sleep irritably. Having thoroughly studied the information on the Internet, I decided to make this purchase - The main “pros” is that breastfeeding is not a contraindication to the use of berries. Well, let alone the fact that they are rich in amino acids and vitamins, and there is no need to say - the Internet is replete with similar advertisements.

The big plus is that I know English, and I read a lot of information and reviews on foreign websites, because in Russia berries were turned into a super profitable business with not always fair advertising. By the way, in America they are already familiar with berries for 15 years, it is especially popular among athletes and those who regularly attend fitness clubs. On the forums, many of them praised Goji for increasing speed-strength endurance, a kind of doping for runners and weightlifters.

Elena Malysheva herself made a review about Goji berries and repeatedly mentioned them in her program - according to the results of their research, they help the liver to get rid of excess fat. Know that it is extremely dangerous, excess fat is a catalyst for the onset of diabetes - in my family two people suffer from this disease, this is a very heavy dependence on expensive drugs.

I can’t say that I was counting on short-term weight loss, but I really hoped that they would improve metabolism and reduce my appetite. At one of the sites, I also read that Goji has a positive effect on vision, and it would also not hurt to raise my short-sightedness minus 5.

My expectations

So, I expected Goji berries to help me:

  • To lose weight, which appeared during pregnancy. According to reviews of slimming goji berries help to do this,
  • Get rid of the feeling of hunger in the evenings and from periodic zazhora,
  • Normalize the stool. This is a very important point, I will tell you more about it - it turned out that my son was born ahead of time by an emergency caesarean section. In fact, this is an abdominal operation, after which a trip to the toilet became a real test of the appearance of constipation. Applied laxatives immediately fell to the child with milk, and they had to be abandoned. Judging by the reviews, the berries have a laxative effect - this is what I need!
  • Fill the body with vitamins and microelements, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails,
  • Will raise your spirits and help overcome postpartum depression,
  • Will help improve vision and get rid of the "sand in the eyes."

How and with what are the berries?

A cherished bag with a berry in front of me - the fruits resemble barberries from the label of the same name candy. They have a neutral smell, taste distantly similar to raisins or candied fruits. The touch is not solid, it is easily crumpled and cut with a fingernail. Inside there are small seeds, I even tried to plant them in a pot, but the sprouts did not appear - I did not succeed in the business with Chinese berries).

I didn’t like to eat berries just like that, so I began to look for various uses in cooking for them. Many people drink tea with Goji berries, the reviews about it are mostly positive. That's why I most often saw an infusion of berries - pour a handful (stuff 20) with hot water, wait about 10 minutes. The drink is sweetish, like a compote of dried fruit with sugar. My mother received a bag of berries from me as a gift, her taste seemed too intrusive, and she preferred to brew goji with green tea, ginger and honey.

The usual oatmeal with berries turned out to be delicious, I added them to pilaf with dried fruits, and even to curd casseroles and cheesecakes. Despite the fact that for three months the berries were daily present in my diet, they weren't fed up with a drop, and they added zest to familiar dishes. Homemade with pleasure ate them with me, and my friends did not realize that I added not only the usual thyme and mint to the festive delicious tea.

My results

In May last year, I finished fighting overweight. The most important result - yes, I lost weight))), but I think that Goji berries have nothing to do with my victory. Let's return to the list of goals that I set for us with a berry:

  • For three months I lost 12 kg. But I’m sure that it’s not the great Chinese berries that helped me, but good nutrition with eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and going to the gym twice a week,
  • Yes, Goji berry tea helped to forget about sweet and forbidden, but not better than regular green tea or kefir - but the last two times cheaper than super fruits,
  • Here is my applause for the idea that he thought of supplying Goji to the Russian market. Three times a day I drank the infusion plus I definitely ate the berries in some kind of dish - and about a miracle, after three days I forgot about constipation. Toilet trips became daily and painless, and most importantly, the child’s chair remained unchanged,
  • Her hair was not bent, nails began to break a little less (I think that as a result of regular use of cottage cheese). But the skin has avoided dryness and spring avitaminosis, although it had previously just exfoliated in March and April. Some foreign ladies added powdered berries to shampoos and creams - but I decided not to use these methods,
  • Not a trace of depression remained. Считаю ли я, что ягоды Годжи мне помогли с ней справиться? Конечно нет, хорошее настроение пришло с весной и улучшалась по мере избавления от лишнего веса: влезла в старые джинсы или платье – и улыбка целый день с лица не сходит,
  • Мои минус 5 так и остались при мне. The miracle did not happen, the vision needs to be restored either by charging or by radical methods. But from reading and from the computer, the eyes used to quickly blush before - and after Goji they stopped, and at the same time they didn’t apply or do anything extra,
  • From the unexpected and pleasant. Remember, I wrote about fats in the liver - and so, my husband regularly checks blood sugar levels - he dropped significantly, and that provided he drank the infusion with me only in the evenings.

On a note

Responsibly it is necessary to approach to the purchase of berries - I have repeatedly read in the messages about Goji berries on the forums that when ordering via the Internet on an advance payment they did not send Goji, but rosehip or barberry. I always bought berries in a vegetarian store - it was more expensive, but without “surprises”.

Conclusion - there is no panacea for weight loss and recovery, I can compare the goji berry to dogrose or sea buckthorn - there is a good immune modulator, but only with regular consumption. But to lose those extra pounds, you need to eat the right food and go in for sports - and the Goji berries will be an excellent addition to the above! Those who are looking for "stimulus", "helper", "sign from above for weight loss" - urgently start to use Goji!

Will I buy berries again? Yes, because at the moment they help me to solve the problem with constipation. After the end of breastfeeding, I will most likely look for other ways of fighting the stool, but a bag of dry berries will always lie in my kitchen like a stick - a wrist.

Is it possible to goji berries nursing moms

People who are prone to such manifestations of food allergies, such as rashes, hives, itching, should use these berries with extreme caution. For those with intestinal problems, goji berries can also cause trouble: abdominal pain, gas, nausea and diarrhea. Most often this is due to the use of fresh berries that are poorly absorbed by the human body.

The harm of goji berries for pregnant women has not been proven, but when they are used, one should be sensitive to the condition of the body. In the first months of breastfeeding, it is better to refrain from their use, and then enter into the diet no more than two pieces per day. With a negative reaction of the child from the berries should be abandoned.