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Aster. What would seem to be common between this flower and the stars? It turns out there is something. The name of this flower goes back to the Greek word aster, meaning star. The flower was so named for its shape, resembling a star, and the Greek word is present in our language in such words as astronautics, astronomy, astrology, astrophysics.

aster, later borrowing of it. Aster from the Greek ἀστήρ "star", as these flowers are star-shaped, see Kluge-Goetze 26.

Aster. Borrowing in the XVIII century. from fr. or him. lang where aster, Aster

Encyclopedic dictionary, 1998

genus of herbaceous, mostly perennial plants of the compositae family. St. 250 species, in the North. and South. America, Africa, Eurasia. In the horticulture, the aster is also called the one-year Chinese callistephus from the same family. More than 4000 varieties with flowers of various shapes and colors are used as decorative.

Great Soviet Encyclopedia

The name of two genera of plants is ≈ Aster and Callistephus ≈ of the compositae family. The only species of the genus Callistephus Chinese, or one-year, A. (S. chinensis) - an annual with large single baskets of flowers. Wildly grows in China and Japan. Ancestor of ornamental annual terry and non-terry A. In the culture, about 4 thousand varieties are known, which differ in the shape of the inflorescence, the color of the reed and tubular flowers, in height and branching of the bushes. In the form of inflorescences and flowers, annual A. are divided into groups (more than 40). Of these, the most common are: pompons, rose-like, peony, comet, ostrich feather, triumph, American beauty, Californian. The height of the bush is distinguished from stunted (15≈25 cm), used for borders, medium (30≈50 cm) and high (60≈80 cm), suitable for planting on lawns, as well as for cutting. Cut plants stand in water for 10-20 days. In the middle belt of the USSR, annual A. are grown by seedlings or sowing seeds in open ground.

The genus Aster - perennial herbs with alternate leaves. Flowers in baskets, collected mostly in brushes or shields, rarely solitary. There are about 200 species, distributed mainly in the North. America, as well as in South. America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In the USSR, there are about 30 species growing from tundra to the steppe zone in the meadows, in the steppes and in the light deciduous forests, and also in the mountains in the alpine meadows. Many authors distinguish a number of independent genera from the genus Aster. The culture uses A. alpine (A. alpinus) ≈ in the Altai and the Caucasus, A. European (A. amellus) ≈ in the middle and southern zones of the European part of the USSR, in the Caucasus and in Zap. Siberia. Most garden forms of perennial A. has branchy, erect bushes from 20 to 150 cm high (depending on the type and variety). Flower baskets for most varieties of non-double, reed flowers they have purple, white, pink, red or bluish, tubular flowers are usually yellow, less often painted the same way as the marginal ones (in the so-called terry varieties). By the time of flowering, there are early varieties (end of May ≈ beginning of June), medium (July ≈ August), late (end of August ≈ end of October). Perennial A. differ in cold resistance (endure frost 4≈7╟C). Used in clean and mixed plantings. Low-growing varieties are used in the borders, tall - for planting near ornamental shrubs and for cutting. Propagated by dividing the bushes, offspring, cuttings and seeds.

Lit .: Stroganov, T.P., Astra, 2nd ed., M., 1960.

N. A. Bazilevskaya.

«Aster"- Romanian football club from the city of Giurgiu, serving in the Romanian League I. Founded in 1934. Home matches are held at the stadium "Marin Anastasoviki", accommodating 7,000 spectators.

Aster - the river in Russia, flows in the Penza region, the Republic of Mordovia, the Nizhny Novgorod region. The mouth of the river is 19 km along the right bank of the River Nor-Lomovka. The length of the river is 10 km.

"Aster" - a series of communications satellites of the European company SES, based in Luxembourg.

In 1988, the first satellite, the Astra 1A, was launched. Now in the position of 19.2 °. D. operates 4 satellites "Astra". To organize digital broadcasting in Western Europe, SES began to master the second orbital position - 28.2 ° c. In 1998, the Astra 2A satellite was launched into this position.

Aster, Astra :

  • Aster .
  • Garden Astra - name in floriculture callistefus Chinese.
  • Astra is a divine supernatural weapon in Hinduism.
  • Astra - Russian award in the field of fashion and style.
  • Astra is a privately owned radio station in Cyprus.
  • Astra is a Russian rock band.
  • Astra is a Romanian football club from the city of Giurgiu.
  • Astra is a brand of Soviet and Russian cigarettes.
  • Astra is a brand of automatic pistols by the Spanish company Societa Unceta y Cia.
  • Astra is a brand of reel-to-reel tape recorders produced since 1960 by the Leningrad plant Tekhpribor.
  • Astra - Russian military airship, built in 1913 in France ("Astra-XII", "Red Star").
  • Astra is a series of telecommunications satellites owned by SES Astra.
    • Astra 1A
    • Astra 1B
    • Astra 1C
    • Astra 1D
    • Astra 1E
    • Astra 1F
    • Astra 1G
    • Astra 1H
    • Astra 1L
    • Astra 1M
    • Astra 2A
    • Astra 2E
    • Astra 4A
    • Astra 5A
  • Astra - a series of Soviet military radio stations R-105D / 108D / 109D.
  • 2S8 "Astra" - 120-mm Soviet experienced self-propelled mortar.
  • Astra is an aerial platform for aerial launch of a UAV.
  • Astra is a river in Russia, it flows in the Penza region, the Republic of Mordovia, the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Aster - genus of herbaceous plants of the family, including more than two hundred species, widely distributed in culture as ornamental plants with beautiful buds, baskets of various colors.

It should be borne in mind that the plant, known in floriculture under the name "garden aster", now refers not to the genus Astra, but to its related family, the correct name of this plant is.

"Aster" (from 1920 - a red star) - Russian military airship, built in 1913 in France and bearing the name "Astra-XII". Soon the airship acquired Russia. During the first world made 6 combat missions, of which 3 night. The only Russian airship that made a successful combat flight. In 1915, after damage, it was hardly exploited. In 1920, the airship was restored and began to wear the name "A red star". In the winter of 1921, during the next flight, the airship crashed.

Examples of the use of the word aster in the literature.

Heavy boots were trampled thin asters and fat agaves, plucked pegs of climbing vines and wisteria, became flail in customary hands.

In front of the huts in the front gardens, merry marigolds were burning out, white-smelling sunflowers bloomed asters - as if there was no grief and death around.

Atey, Belozer, Belous, Cornflower, Veronika, Dianthus, Horus, Elecampane, Bellflower, Cuckoo-colored, Burnet, Potentilla, Buttercup, Madder, Mylnyanka, Mint, Trenchhok, Witch-Talk, Bedstraw, Plantain, Plakun, Heart, Sickle -kha, Sivets, colza, stalnik, susak, tavolga, horsetail, chastuha, sneezing grass, hellebore, miller, sorrel, bedrusha, bor-shchevnik, geranium, gorchak, oregano, sweet clover, yellowcone, beast-battle, strawberry, various clovers , salsify, mullein, euphorbia, cornflower, cyclone, violet, chicory, sage, adonis, immortelle, nursing home, gryzhnik, backache, qsin, chabr pepper, sparrower, hemlock, aster, cross, man-zhetrov, Zubrovka, swimsuit, celandine, snort, motherwort, centaury, yasnotka, orchid, lyubka, lichen, Valerian and many, many different wonderful herbs.

In the flower beds withered and moisture-loving astersand weeds flourished.

Currant bushes nodded Tastes of ripe berries to us, And sad asters flourished, In the grass mottling here and there.

He keeps them in the house, in a metal net, and feeds chestnuts, steamed rice, raisins and - in the form of a special delicacy - with violets or asters.

No less frequently encountered flowers in Japan are also numerous varieties of peonies - tuberous and stem, ornamental azaleas from the heather family, bulbous narcissus with odorous flowers, tulips, fragrant hyacinths from the lily family, asters, decorative dahlias, reaching thirty centimeters in diameter, dahlias such as cactus, an endless variety of roses, hydrangeas - semi-shrubs of the Kamenelomkovy family with round leaves and umbellate flowers, saffron, etc.

She wore a blue canza, and her thin hand squeezed a bunch of withered asters.

After levkoev, Aken grew a huge amount of terry astersfuchsias and oleanders, and our greenhouses were full of them.

It had the same autumn flowers: pink asters, white, yellow, pink chrysanthemums, blue-lilac lobelia and roses in various shades.

They did not have time to finish drinking when Tsvetukhin and Shepherds appeared in front of them - in evening dresses, with white asters in buttonholes, smoking unusually long cigarettes.

And at the very top of the hill, hidden under tall trees near the ground itself, but also ascended above all forest space, in the midst of centenarian mosses, on the side wall are yellow autumn leaves. asters - There was a forest hut promised by Anastasia, unknown to whom, when and why was wedged into such a strange place.

Coming to a distance of direct communication with the Earth, Terai sent a radio request for landing at the spaceport Aster in Texas, where was the main base of the Bureau of Xenology.

Doctor Aster supported him, and Verbena raised her eyelid with her finger, looking at his pupil.

Tomorrow, the sisters will cut all the flowers in the garden to your Kazan banners: dahlias, asters, golden crimson marigolds.

Source: Maxim Moshkov Library

Transliteration: astra
Back to front it reads like: artsa
Astra consists of 5 letters

Meaning of the name Astra

Astra, the Russian post-revolutionary - a flower.

A very original and rare name, invented, obviously, by a man in love with this autumn, resembling a star, unpretentious in appearance, but surprising with its dim catchiness flower.

Asters are found in a variety of colors, and the character of the girl with that name is different in the same color. She is hot-tempered, but easily appeased, somewhat arrogant and arrogant, but kind.

She is in love, is popular with men, surrounded by fans, but she gets married late. He does not know how to adapt, always expresses his point of view and at the same time is easily amenable to outside influence.

She is all visible: if trouble happens, Astra is unable to hide her bad mood and “lead” all of her household. Itself very lively, fast and decisive, does not like slow people. Everything is on fire in her hands - she will take up any unfamiliar business and will certainly bring it to the end.

Hospitable and hospitable hostess, in the house she necessarily lives a dog or cat. Astra has many friends, but she doesn’t need to break even the oldest friendship with her without regret.

With the mother-in-law can not get along. Astra is somewhat exalted, keen on the predictions of astrologers. To find out your fate, can go to the fortuneteller. Loves long trips.

Numerology named Astra

The number of the name 5 means freedom and independence. The Fives seldom listen to advice from the outside; they are used to relying on their own experience. They tend to try, rather than ponder. "Fives" love adventure and travel, sitting on the ground is not in their nature! They are gamblers and adventurers, the thirst for risk and excitement accompany their whole life journey. The elemental element of the “fives” is bargaining, in any trade affairs few compare to the “fives”. It is worth remembering that the "five" by all means avoid responsibility.

Number of hidden spirit: 2

Planet: Venus.
Element: Air and water, heat and humidity.
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra.
Color: Green, yellow-blue, pink.
Day: Friday.
Metal: Copper, Bronze.
Mineral: Emerald, aquamarine, beryl, chrysolite, sapphire, carnelian.
Plants: Periwinkle, lemon balm, forget-me-not, lady's slipper, non-predatory orchids, iris, cauliflower.
Beasts: Dove, bull, cat, rabbit, seal, doe.

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The meaning of the word aster. What is aster?

Aster (lat. Aster) is a genus of herbaceous plants of the Astrovae family, or Compositae (Asteraceae), including more than 200 species widely distributed in culture as ornamental plants with beautiful flowers.

ASTRA, a genus of mainly perennial herbaceous plants of this. asteraceae. Includes St. 250 species, many of them are ornamental plants. Distributed in North and South America, Eurasia, Africa.

Aster, the name of two genera of plants - Aster and Callistephus - the family of Compositae. The only species of the genus Callistephus Chinese, or one-year, A. (S. chinensis) - annual with large single baskets of flowers.

Astra 1A is a telecommunications satellite, the first satellite of Luxembourg and the Astra series. It is intended to retransmit radio and television programs in analog and digital formats by a European company SES, based in Luxembourg.

Astra 1B is a European telecommunications satellite of SES. It is intended for retransmission of radio and television programs in analog and digital formats.

Astra 1C is a European telecommunications satellite of SES. It is intended for retransmission of radio and television programs in analog and digital formats. This satellite was ordered by industry leader Hughes Space & Communications, model HS-601.

Astra 1H is a European telecommunications satellite of SES. It is intended for retransmission of radio and television programs in analog and digital formats. On the Astra 1H satellite, two Ka-band transponders were mounted.

Astra 1L is a telecommunications satellite of SES. It is intended for retransmission of cable digital television channels throughout Europe.

Astra 1M is a telecommunications satellite of SES. Satellite 1M (36 transponders) is designed to transmit high definition television, Internet and other data in Europe and North Africa.

Astra 2A is a European telecommunications satellite owned by Societe Europeenne des Satellites (Luxembourg, Betzdorf). It is intended for retransmission of radio and television programs in analog and digital formats.

Astra 4A (name at launch: Sirius 4) is a Swedish telecommunications satellite owned by SES Sirius AB. It is designed to provide television broadcasting, broadcasting, and Internet access.

Astra 5A (eng. Astra 5A, until 2008 Sirius-2 (eng. Sirius-2)), the Swedish communications satellite of the Sirius series, is the largest European communications satellite.

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