How to restore health after childbirth?


The long-awaited moment in the life of every woman is approaching - the birth of a baby. The future mother, regardless of the experience behind her and the number of children in her family, thinks in advance about her health and the recovery period of the whole body after the labor-intensive generic process. Most women understand that after the birth of a small family member, a lot of physical strength and moral stability will be required. After all, care for the baby takes away all the free time from the newly-made mother and requires tremendous dedication! This article contains the most useful tips and recommendations for restoring health in mothers in the postpartum period.

Top 10 recommendations for postpartum health recovery in women

1. Walking in the fresh air is the best medicine for the mother.

Every woman giving birth is of varying complexity, with varying degrees of complications and health effects. But, if a young mommy feels the strength to gradually move away from bed rest, then it’s time for her to go for a walk in the fresh air. Walking on foot is great to help recover from childbirth, surgeries and the effects of taking medications in the hospital. It is not surprising that the first steps on a walk can seem like a difficult test, in which you can feel pain in your body. However, this feeling will soon pass away, giving way to physical activity and an influx of strength and energy. After some time, the newly-minted mommy will understand that it was the walks that became the key to a quick recovery of the body after childbirth.

At the same time during the first walks after birth do not forget about their own safety. You can take care of non-slip comfortable shoes and supporting walking sticks in advance. It is important to remember the main rule of the recovery process of the body after childbirth - to walk must be gradual, not too zealous. Regardless of how the process of childbirth proceeded (either naturally or with a caesarean section), the woman should listen to her inner feelings and her own body.

2. Do not resist and do not be lazy to take medications!

Do not resist the appointment of a doctor and monitor your health - another main tip in the list of recommendations after childbirth. In spite of your love or dislike for medical preparations, it is very important for your health to follow the doctor’s prescriptions and take medications. Many mothers after childbirth are very difficult to restore the body on the physical plane without the necessary medication. Do not forget to consult with your doctor, do not be afraid to ask questions and be sure to talk about your health after taking medications. This will help to get better soon and health and physical activity will return to you sooner.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the general well-being of the newly-made mother affects the nutrition of the newborn baby. Breastfeeding is quite a complex physical process for a weakened mother's body. In addition, not all babies feed themselves with their mother's milk with great appetite from birth. And if a nursing woman refuses to take the drugs and does not follow all the advice of the attending doctor, and at the same time feels weak, and is not recovering, this can equally badly affect the health of the mother and baby.

3. Do not forget about rest for your body.

Rest in the postpartum period is the main rule for all mothers! If, after giving birth, the young mommy did not get any complications and the general health background is normal, then the woman can easily ask the medical staff not to disturb her at night during sleep. For example, for minor procedures - measuring body temperature. Naturally, a woman will feel broken and not rested, if you have to wake up every three hours to measure the temperature with a thermometer. But a healthy sleep without anxiety will help to quickly return to normal rhythm and restore the body in the postpartum period.

4. Do not be afraid to ask and talk about your difficulties.

In any cases where you can not independently deal with some questions relating to your baby, do not be afraid to seek help from specialists in the hospital. It is in the hospital that the newly-made mothers will be helped to cope with all the difficulties that have arisen and will explain in an easy way how to properly care for themselves and the baby after the birth. Take advantage of the moment and consult with the medical staff about all the issues of interest: proper breastfeeding, bathing and hygiene of the baby, swaddling and a healthy sleep regime. Do not be afraid to ask questions and ask for the help of medical specialists. All of them will be happy to help you and share their rich experience!

5. Do not shut yourself in and talk about what worries you!

The process of childbirth is a difficult and rather difficult stage in the life of every woman in labor. And any fears and excitements of women during this period can not be ignored and avoided. A new mother can be concerned about various issues, bother some complications and upset the various symptoms or effects of childbirth on the body. In addition, women in this position can be located to "postpartum depression", which can adversely affect the health of the mother and baby. In this case, a woman should not become withdrawn into herself, her fears and inner experiences. It is necessary to talk frankly about what worries you with specialists in the hospital: your doctor or psychologist. Family support can also help. Talk to your husband, mother, sister, or other person close to you that will allow you to speak out and dispel your own concerns about various issues. Together you will find a solution to any problem, get the necessary support after childbirth, and inner fears will not seem as big as before!

6. Structure the schedule of visits to the hospital for relatives and close friends.

Avoiding unnecessary care, curiosity, and attention from numerous relatives is as important as monitoring physical health after giving birth. It is necessary to discuss in advance with close relatives the schedule of their visits to the maternity hospital. Perhaps you are too conservative and do not want to see a large number of acquaintances and family members at your chamber. Calling all relatives in order to see a baby born or to transfer this pleasant acquaintance for later is a personal matter of each family.

You are fully entitled to leave the opportunity to enjoy family peace in the delivery room with your baby and husband. The main thing - do not forget in advance to gently explain to relatives that you do not want undue attention and unnecessary worries immediately after the birth of the baby. In addition, you can combine the useful with the pleasant, and ask the parents or other close family members who have appeared in the ward to take care of the child while you are resting and gaining strength. The timing of your discharge from the maternity hospital and the body's recovery process will largely depend on how you think in advance about all the details of your hospital stay.

7. Take care of personal hygiene.

After the birth process, any woman is faced with such a frequent occurrence as bleeding. This condition in each woman lasts in different ways: for some for quite a long time, for other mothers it passes very quickly. However, in order not to jeopardize your own body and not to get an infection in the hospital, you should stock up with clean underwear (disposable puerperal pants) and packing special puerperal pads in advance. Do not use wipes or other unreliable hygiene products that cannot completely protect you from bleeding.

Experts advise changing gaskets every 2-3 hours or as needed to avoid the formation of harmful microorganisms. Also, after giving birth, a young mother can use tissue pads or diapers for hygiene. Thanks to this, it will be easier for doctors to monitor the nature of the discharge and to detect a pathology in a woman in time, if such a problem occurs.

If during the period of labor the woman underwent surgery on the perineum (episiotomy), special hygiene should be observed and only clean water should be used for washing. Doctors are advised to do the cleaning after each use of the toilet, and also if possible in the morning and before bedtime. After hygienic procedures, the skin should be wetted with a towel or a cotton diaper set aside specifically for intimate areas.

In addition, it is important to choose the right means for intimate hygiene, which would be well cleaned and deodorized skin, did not cause allergies and irritation. Many experts advise to use baby soap in the postpartum period. As a rule, this soap is made from natural ingredients. Special gels, foams and anti-bacterial soaps with neutral pH and anti-inflammatory protection for the skin of the parturient can also be suitable.

8. Health and recovery of the body depends on proper nutrition.

In the postpartum period, while in the maternity ward, do not forget to monitor your diet. You have a lot of business and care for the baby, but this is not a reason to forget about your health. It is necessary to use a lot of liquid, preferably pure water without gas, weak green and black tea. Also should eat right! Your diet should contain a lot of protein and carbohydrates, so that your body recovers faster after childbirth. In addition, a healthy and balanced meal is necessary for nursing mothers in order for a newborn baby to grow and gain strength. Do not forget also that your diet during lactation should be safe and not affect the health of your baby. It must meet all the needs of the body of a nursing mother, contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If hospital food is not suitable for your diet, a home menu will help you to maintain proper nutrition. Contact your medical staff for advice on how to eat nursing mothers and ask if you can bring homemade products to the hospital.

Meat must be included in your diet. It can be chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey, lean pork or fish. From the fried it is better to refuse. Products must be boiled, stewed, steamed or baked in the oven. It is better to refuse sweets, in spite of the fact that many mothers really want to pamper themselves with chocolate or pastries. Sweet is better to replace baked apples, bananas, galetny cookies, bagels, dried fruit. At the same time, fruits with a high content of acid should be avoided: grapes, citrus fruits, strawberries, etc. Also it is useful to add vegetable soups, porridges on water, vegetable stew from stewed vegetables to the diet. It is better to abstain from raw vegetables of a nursing mother at first.

9. Do not miss the small pleasures in the hospital.

The young mother should not forget that the time spent in the hospital consists of small pleasures. During this period, a woman can not only physically recover, get stronger, but also get some rest thanks to the care of medical staff. After you arrive at the discharge and cross the threshold of the maternity hospital, there will not be caring nurses in your house who help you monitor your child. All responsibilities for the care of the baby will be fully laid on the shoulders of the newly-made parents. And, of course, most of all physical strength and patience will be needed by the mother, who will no longer close her eyes over the baby's cradle. Therefore, do not miss the small pleasures in the hospital and, taking advantage of the position of the woman in labor and the care of the hospital staff, enjoy the time allotted to you. Relax, sleep, spend more time watching your baby.

During this period, mothers are also advised to start a postpartum diary if you do not already have a pregnancy diary. Write down your thoughts and impressions, intentions and ideas. In addition, in the diary, you can mark your observations about the health of the baby, write about how he is gaining weight, height and how you get to know him. Also in the notebook you can write down the planned affairs, purchases that you did not have time to make, and the advice of hospital specialists.

Also in the postpartum period, experts advise new mothers to smile more, listen to good music, read interesting positive books, and dream. All this ultimately affects your postpartum condition and the recovery of your body after childbirth. In addition, breastfeeding a baby and milk flow from the mother depend on a good mood and a good rest. These tips will be the key to your quick recovery after childbirth. And after discharge, you can give all yourselves to your newborn baby and pleasant mother cares.

10. Selfies uplifting after childbirth.

Oddly enough, the restoration of the physical strength of a young mother directly depends on her emotional and psychological state. If a woman is in good spirits, and she is in harmony with herself, then the process of recovery after childbirth will be greatly accelerated. Do your favorite thing, take memorable photos with yourself and your baby. So do not forget to grab a charger for your phone or camera to the hospital.

Your smile and good mood will help you and your baby feel healthy and full of energy. And the first group family photo or the first photo of your baby in a hospital crib will make your stay in the hospital pleasant and leave a good impression in your memory. In addition, if you are not superstitious, you can post your first photo with your child on the social network, taking kind and warm wishes from friends and close relatives. You can also ask to capture your joyful moment on the camera. To do this, seek help from a medical staff. They will be happy to photograph you with the newborn baby, adding another photo to the family album. Hold the child to yourself, smile and hurry to remember a joyful moment that will not happen again!

Take care of your health, restore strength and pleasant moments of motherhood!

Andreeva Svetlana Alekseevna

Psychologist, Crisis Counseling. Specialist from the website

Donate blood (general analysis)

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Well, you sleep hoo th. 3 months I slept ro 4 hours. Hemorrhagic proctologist. Cyst - to the mammologist. Eat right. And yes, health reasons are not flowers. Many fly health

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The author, what do the doctors say about your condition? I gave birth less than two months ago. I cope alone, but like this kind of extreme is not observed. What do the tests show? At least common?

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I understand you. The first pregnancy occurred in 20 years. There were no problems. But the second is for 25 years and now the child of 7 months that during this time happened:
1) Immediately after the delivery, they let me go home with stitches on the 3rd day, they told me to come back after 2 days. I came and took everything off, and the next day, the seam broke, bleeding started, they did not consider it necessary.
2) the uterus did not contract at all, as the oxytocin injections were injected at home
3) began after 2 months of M, although HB but these were flowers, they went twice a month for 3 months, I suffered even though I went to the hospital, did the ultrasound it was normal.
4) severe abdominal pain began, an ultrasound scan made the polyp again, removed a vacuum without anesthesia and tolerated a course of antibiotics. Everything seemed to be fine. M once began to come. I went to re-ultrasound
5) found the remainder of the polyp said to be scraped with hysteroscopy under general anesthesia. Ate that day survived. Everything seems but NO.
6) at the last reception before she wanted to put the Navy sent for colposcopy they found thrush due to the large number of antibiotics.
Now I have treated her today, I have passed tests with a smear and blood from the UAC finger. I hope now everything will be fine and I will put a spiral in January.
And you say whether this is what happened in 7 months, I’m probably getting old))))

Because of what disappears libido after childbirth

Most women are exposed to health problems not only during pregnancy, but also after the birth of a child. К ним можно отнести депрессию, появление лишних килограммов, а также снижение либидо после родов. Последний фактор встречается чаще всего. Для решения этой проблемы необходимо знать мотивы её появления, а также основные методы борьбы с ней.

Нарушение гормональной активности

During all periods of pregnancy, a woman produces a large amount of a hormone called prolactin. It greatly hinders the physiological development of menstrual cycles, which is a factor in preventing pregnancy.

To put it in simpler words, this hormone contributes to the restructuring of the woman’s body to care for the baby. This period does not last long: after the completion of breastfeeding, the increased level of prolactin decreases and sexual desire returns.

Fear of severe pain

The birth of a child is a very complex physiological process, which can become a strong stress for the newly-made mother. Also, childbirth is accompanied by pain. Thoughts of a woman about sex can be based on the fact that she will be in pain when she contacts her penis and vagina.

And this is so, because for some time after birth the state of the genital organs has not stabilized. In this case, you need to adhere to the instructions of specialists who do not recommend sexual intercourse for the first two months.

Physical aspects

Most women, within a few weeks of having a baby, suffer from extreme fatigue and frequent sleep deprivation. This is one of the main reasons for not wanting to have sex.

The loss of male potency is also associated with this factor. It is necessary to rest as often as possible and protect yourself from unnecessary things.

Even an extra hour of sleep will bring many benefits, with the result that her sexual desire will return to the woman.

It is also worth remembering about the violations of the psycho-emotional state of the mother. These include:

  • insomnia
  • postpartum depression
  • disorders on the background of dissatisfaction with body forms after childbirth,
  • frequent stresses that are associated with child care.

There is no doubt that the presence of these factors adversely affect the sexual desire of women. To protect family life and return the former libido, you need to know how to solve this problem.

Libido stabilization methods

Before exploring options for the return of normal sexual desire after childbirth, it is worth waiting for a certain time. In this case, haste will not lead to anything good.

It is necessary to help the woman's body recover itself. The average duration of this period is about six months.

If within this period the desire has not returned, it is worth resorting to some simple recovery methods.

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First you need to normalize the diet. It is through a balanced diet that women can become the standard of sexuality. To achieve this goal, you need to eat food that is rich:

For this you need to include in the diet the following food:

  • fruits,
  • some seafood,
  • fresh vegetables,
  • dairy products,
  • meat.

But it is important to remember that when breastfeeding most foods should be consumed in limited quantities. Therefore, you can make a complete menu with a doctor.

The principles of the return of sexual desire in women after childbirth include the following.

  1. Normalization of new mother's sleep. To do this, you must use the pauses in child care, as well as use daytime sleep if possible. Separating the places of rest for the child and the parents is also an important point. In this case, you can use the baby monitor. This factor is very important for the return of libido.
  2. Careful attitude to your body, without unnecessary self-criticism. Most women after childbirth begin to complexes about the presence of excess weight. It is important to remember that in this case, those extra pounds are completely normal and easy to remove. Only this should be done after stabilization of general health.
  3. Mandatory condition for the return of libido in women can also be called the correct distribution of responsibilities. This means that it is necessary to decide what a man should do during this period and what a woman should do. It is important to eliminate any heavy physical exertion for the mother, as well as help to carry out her part of the duties. This will significantly speed up the restoration of normal sexual desire, as well as improve the overall condition of the woman.
  4. You can not silently repel a man with his natural desire and burden to his beloved wife. It is necessary to talk with him and make it clear that the libido was not lost at all because of him, this is a temporary phenomenon and his guilt is not there. This is very important, since most quarrels in the family arise because of all sorts of understatement.

Despite this, specialists often use the medical method of treatment of this physiological process. For this you need to consult a doctor.

Drugs for frigidity

Since declining libido is a fairly common problem in medicine, pharmacists have invented many medicines that will allow a woman to easily cope with this pathology. It is important to remember that the prescription should be done only by the doctor, since only he knows how to increase the libido without consequences.

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Among the most common drugs emit:

  • Angelika Forte,
  • Viardo Forte,
  • female Viagra.

The first drug contains in its composition of substances that are based on natural ingredients and vitamin complexes. It stimulates the woman’s arousal system, as well as relieves feelings of tension and fatigue.

The main side effects of this tool include:

  • the appearance of allergic reactions to the components of the composition,
  • bouts of insomnia and irritability.

The use of Angelika Forte is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • high excitability
  • hypertension,
  • atherosclerotic changes in the inner walls of blood vessels,
  • acute renal or heart failure.

The drug Viardo Forte is discharged in the case when sexual desire is completely absent. This remedy is rich in vitamins A and E, unsaturated fatty acids and various trace elements. They are used as substances that increase the libido of girls.

Use Viardo Forte is not recommended in the presence of an allergy to the components, as well as during pregnancy.

Female Viagra can be considered the strongest simulator, but it should be used very carefully. This is especially true for women who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Before using these drugs, the doctor must check for contraindications. If their absence is confirmed, you can safely begin treatment with medication.

Husband's influence

The support and understanding of a woman whose signs of sexual attraction disappear are very important. Awareness of the situation allows you to get rid of the unpleasant sediment that can appear during a long absence of sex.

A man is able to help his woman during the restoration of her wishes. In this case, the use of medicines will not be a necessity.

Since normal sleep is one of the most important factors in the return of libido, it is the man who should spend more time at night for the child to get a good sleep.

He also sometimes needs to leave the young mother alone at night and sleep in another room if he suffers from insomnia or has a restless sleep.

Then you will notice that she feels much better and the tiredness will completely leave her.

A man is also worth taking to the execution of some household chores. He can do the cleaning while the woman walks with the baby, or the laundry, which in the modern world does not cause trouble due to the special equipment. As a result, the load on the young mother will decrease and it will be noticeable as her sexual attraction to the second half increased.

In the forces of men, the opportunity to create the conditions for a romantic atmosphere around a woman who has given birth. Over time, he will begin to see the signs of frigidity disappear and his beloved is once again ready to conquer new sexual heights.

Libido after childbirth: why it was lost and how to return sexual desire in women

Low libido after childbirth is an absolutely normal condition that every woman faces. This is due to both physiological and psychological factors. Normally, sexual desire gradually returns within a few months, and is fully restored after cessation of lactation. If this does not happen, the body needs help with the help of special tools.

Causes of decreased libido

The causes of decreased libido after childbirth can be divided into physiological and psychological. Physiological factors:

  • hormonal changes,
  • transferred heavy load during childbirth,
  • fatigue in the first months
  • chest pain due to lactation.

The main reason for declining libido after childbirth is hormonal adjustment. In the process of evolution it was important that the mother did not abandon her newborn child.

This led to a change in the hormonal background of women who gave birth in such a way that they were absorbed as much as possible by the child. Plus, there is a natural defense mechanism of the organism itself.

Repeated pregnancy for several months is impossible, and therefore the level of hormones responsible for the sensation of sexual arousal decreases.

Another factor is the heavy load on the body during childbirth. Natural childbirth is an excruciating pain and tremendous stress.

In the following months, no woman can even think about sex, while the memories of the torment are fresh.

In the case of a cesarean section, it is impossible to have sex for the first 2 months for medical reasons, so as not to damage the newly imposed sutures and the organs that have not fully recovered after the operation.

Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep do not contribute to sexual desire

In addition, the first few months a woman is not up to sex. All attention is taken by the newborn, who must be fed by the hour. If mastopathy appeared at the same time - only thoughts about intimacy with her husband hurt.

As a rule, physiological factors as an excuse for low libido are relevant only in the first 2-3 months after birth. Then the body is gradually restored and sexual desire, ideally, should return to normal. However, psychological reasons for declining libido come into play:

  • postpartum depression
  • chronic sleep deprivation,
  • body dissatisfaction
  • lack of proper rest.

According to women who first became mothers - in the first six months after the birth of the long-awaited first-born child, I don’t want sex, but sleep. This is due to constant fatigue and the inability to relax for a moment. Cases of increased libido after childbirth are very rare precisely because a woman simply does not have time to meet sexual needs.

Reduced sexual desire or libido after childbirth may be associated with postpartum depression. This is a serious condition of the violation of the nervous system, which is faced by every second woman. In this case, a woman should not look for ways to return her libido after childbirth, but contact a specialist who will help get rid of depression.

Another important psychological reason that hinders normal sexual activity is dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance after the birth of a child.

The body undergoes changes in the process of carrying a child, and time is needed to restore the former form.

Some women return the same skin tone for a couple of months, but in most cases the physical form is restored for about six months.

Thus, libido after childbirth is reduced due to changes in sex hormones, as well as a number of reasons that are somehow related to the appearance of the baby. Doctors say that in the first six months there is nothing to worry about.

Low sexual desire in this case is absolutely normal and should not cause concern.

The problem begins only if 7 or more months have passed after the childbirth, and the intimate life of the couple has not resumed.

How to increase libido without medication?

If libido disappeared, some time should pass after delivery, after which you can talk about the problem. In the first six months, the problem as such does not exist, since a decrease in libido is an absolutely normal reaction of the body to the tests that have been transferred.

Those who want to know how to regain libido in women after childbirth should be patient and not in a hurry. Recovery of libido after childbirth is a long process and at the initial stage it is only necessary to push it a little. Drugs are recommended to postpone until at least 1 year after delivery.

Several non-drug methods that will help both raise the mood in the postpartum period and increase libido, and make the woman dumb happier.

  1. Nothing will help restore libido after childbirth, as a good rest. A man who wants to return to marriage a full sexual life, must learn to give a woman a day off. On this day, only the father is engaged in the child, and the mother is given the opportunity to finally relax in the company of girlfriends, go to a beauty salon or just visit your favorite coffee house.
  2. It is important not only to “unload” a woman, but also to help her feel welcome again. It should be remembered that the rejection of sex is likely due to dissatisfaction with his own figure, which can save only a few compliments and attention signs.
  3. To stimulate the libido you can use food. A romantic candlelit dinner with an abundance of seafood, spices, aromatic coffee and natural chocolate is a real stimulator of female arousal, which works almost always.
  4. The restoration of sexual desire and female libido after childbirth is also promoted by aphrodisiac essential oils such as ylang-ylang, patchouli, and tuberose. These smells set the woman in the desired fashion and effectively relieve stress.

These methods will help both increase libido in women after childbirth, and make a touch of romance in family life. Periodic use of these methods can be a secret weapon in the hands of every man, if necessary, to tune a woman in the desired fashion.

If the young father takes care of the baby himself, the relationship will benefit.


If it was not possible to solve the problem on its own, and more than a year has passed since the birth, it is time to use medications with stimulating properties. Despite the fact that after giving birth the libido disappeared, not a single woman will go anywhere if she starts taking one of the following medications:

  • female Viagra,
  • Spanish fly,
  • Angelika Forte,
  • Silver fox.

Female Viagra acts in the same way as a similar drug for men. It can be taken only when the problem is physical, but not psychological. If a woman does not feel even the slightest attraction to a partner, this drug will be useless.

Shpanskaya Mushka is a natural aphrodisiac. It stimulates the brain centers responsible for stimulation and provides blood flow to the genitals. The tool must be taken literally 5 minutes before sex.

Angelica Forte is a natural remedy with stimulating properties. The composition is based on plant extracts, bee products and vitamins. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system, helping to relieve stress.

Silver fox is a female pathogen, consisting of natural aphrodisiacs and red pepper extract, stimulating blood flow to the genitals. The tool acts quickly, increasing sexual desire. It must be taken 10 minutes before intercourse. The peculiarity of the drug is that it enhances the feeling during sex and allows you to achieve a bright orgasm.

Any drugs to enhance female libido can begin to take no earlier than one year after childbirth. All of the funds listed are prohibited to be received while carrying a child.

Who said that curing prostatitis is hard?

Any doctor will offer you a number of ways to treat prostatitis, from the trivial and ineffective to radical

  • You can regularly take a course of therapy with pills and rectal massage, returning every six months,
  • you can trust in folk remedies and believe in a miracle
  • go for an operation and forget about sex life ...

The first weeks after birth

At first, health and well-being become more important than appearance. And rehabilitation itself is more likely to restore the functions of the body that have changed during pregnancy. It is also important to establish lactation, because it is not only a condition for the healthy development of the baby, but also help in the return of breast shape, body volume.

A woman must control:

  • Vaginal discharge. At first they will be copious, but with a tendency to decrease and lighten color. These lochia are signs of uterine cleansing. If they are not reduced, go with clots, you need to consult a doctor before the prescribed period of examination.
  • Emotional condition. Women after childbirth are often worried about despondency, desire to cry. Это пройдет быстрее, если наладить режим, высыпаться.
  • Состояние внутренних половых органов. Они скорее заработают в обычном режиме, если женщина не будет залеживаться в постели. Важно наладить лактацию, это тоже способствует нормализации баланса гормонов, а значит, обеспечит очищение матки, восстановление цикла после родов. He will be changeable at first, with frequent feedings the absence of menstruation for several months is possible.
  • Stitches, if any. The first time they will ache. The seams on the perineum can interfere with urination, causing discomfort, or disturb during bowel movements. When they are especially important to avoid constipation, that is, follow the diet (eat prunes and drink plenty of water). You can take "Paracetamol" to relieve pain.

We help the body recover

As you feel better, in the problem of how to recover from childbirth, appearance becomes more important. There are several aspects that may be disturbing. But the problem must be solved comprehensively, without forcing events.

Bandage after childbirth

Even if a woman has not gained excess weight for pregnancy, her stomach may remain bulging after giving birth. This is natural, because the muscles are stretched and weakened, the same thing happened with the skin. And you can not seriously engage in sports to pull them up.

Rescue wearing a bandage. This device can be worn immediately after delivery. If other volumes of the body remain the same, or the weight has grown by less than 12 kg, the size of the bandage should correspond to them. In the case when a new body mass is above this value, the device needs to be chosen with a larger value. They wear a bandage for 8–10 hours a day, taking them off for the night, during the first 2 months.

Restoration of the abdomen after childbirth is ensured and proper breathing. This gymnastics is useful only to those who have given birth naturally. When inhaling, the stomach is protruded, while exhaling, it is absorbed into itself, for example 10-15 times in a row. Exercise is allowed to do from the first days several times a day.

Sometimes the volume is not removed due to diastasis, that is, muscle divergence. You can check for a problem in the supine position with your legs elevated, feeling the distance between the edges with your palm. In this case, to remove the bulging belly will help special exercises or surgery.

Breast recovery after childbirth is directly related to lactation. A woman who feeds a child under 1 - 1.5 years old, rather, will return her a good form. This will happen with the least loss for the breast and the condition of the ligaments, skin, if:

  • do contrasting water procedures for the mammary glands to stimulate blood circulation,
  • to care for the skin to avoid stretch marks, cracks on the nipples with the help of special cosmetics,
  • do a soft massage so that there are no seals, pain, milk stagnation,
  • perform exercises to strengthen the muscles.

When asked where to start recovery after childbirth, you should first pay attention to nutrition.

It affects lactation, general well-being, metabolism, the work of internal organs, and hence the appearance. A rigid diet is completely excluded.

It will weaken the body, lead to the loss of milk and poor health. Nutrition for weight loss of a newly born woman should comply with the following principles:

If you comply with these conditions, the excess weight will slowly but steadily go away.

A problem with hair is an intense fallout. This is to blame the balance of hormones, leading to a weakening of the bulbs. The lactating ones suffer less, their balance of substances comes to normal more smoothly. Return hair density will help:

  • food with enough protein and vitamins of group B,
  • a short haircut that lightens the load on the bulbs,
  • firming masks (raw yolk + 1 tsp. butter, hold for half an hour).

We recommend reading the article on hair restoration after childbirth. From it you will learn about the causes of hair loss, how to restore them, the effectiveness of traditional medicine recipes.

Exercise stress

Full-fledged sports in the first weeks after childbirth are, of course, unacceptable. The load is limited to walks with the baby, household chores. But after 6 - 8 weeks, you can do exercises for recovery after childbirth:

  • Lie on your back, bending your knees and pressing your palms to your stomach. Exhale by sucking in the stomach and pressing it slightly. Slowly inhale, releasing the abdominal muscles. Repeat 10 times.
  • Lie, as in the first exercise, but the hands should be behind the head. Raise the pelvis up, linger so for 2 - 3 seconds, slowly lower. Do 10 repetitions.
  • Stand on all fours, strongly leaning on the palm and foot. Raise up the pelvis, straightening the legs and arms. Repeat 10 times.
  • Lie on its side, leaning on the palm, arm straightened. Separate the pelvis from the floor and slightly rise, lingering. Do 10 repetitions on both sides.

Vitamins for Mom's Health

Vitamins for recovery after childbirth are needed not only from products. The body needs to replenish the missing substances with drugs.

Now the young mother needs vitamins of group B, K, E, C, PP, A, many trace elements. They will help strengthen the hair, nails, improve the condition of the skin, blood vessels, normalize the reproductive system, digestion and metabolism.

There are special complexes for moms:

Which composition to choose, you should ask your doctor.

When there is a small child in the house, it is very difficult to make time for yourself. But with the right mode it is possible and even necessary. After all, appearance care is an element of health and well-being.

8 tips on how to restore health after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth - a large load on the woman's body, and it may take time to recover and return to its usual form.

Meanwhile, the newborn requires a lot of attention, care and strength, and the main burden of caring for the crumbs falls on her mother's fragile shoulders.

But maintaining good health after the birth of a baby is not that difficult, and our recommendations will help you with this.

Tip 1. Carefully follow the rules of intimate hygiene.

The state of health of a young mother after birth directly depends on how the postpartum period goes, how quickly the reproductive system of the body is restored and returns to its normal, “pregenerational” state.

One of the manifestations of this process are lochia - specific bleeding from the genital tract, which normally can last from 1.5 weeks to 1.5 months after childbirth. In the first days of lochia they can be very abundant, with clots, then they become more scarce and light and gradually subside.

During the entire time that these discharges continue, the young mother still has a high risk of developing infectious complications, therefore the rules of intimate hygiene are especially important during this period.

- After childbirth, use a bidet or shower instead of toilet paper after each use of the toilet and with each change of sanitary napkin. - Use only special gynecological (“postpartum”) intimate pads and change them regularly (every 3–4 hours).

- If there are seams on the perineum, regularly (at least 2 times a day), treat them with antiseptics (brilliant green, iodine or a strong solution of potassium permanganate), and as they dry, use anti-inflammatory agents that accelerate healing (for example, containing solcoseryl or dexpanthenol).

- During the rest, several times a day, spend the air baths of the intimate zone (lying in bed, spread an absorbent diaper under the buttocks, remove the laundry and lie down for a few minutes with your legs bent at the knees).

Tip 2. Help your body get back in shape after childbirth

The main criterion for the recovery of the body of a young mother after birth is the rate of involution of the uterus. This term means the return of the uterus to normal size, the state of the muscular and mucous layer, which is characteristic of her outside pregnancy.

The uterus involution occurs due to its periodic contractions, due to which the uterus is reduced in size, its cavity is cleared of excess mucous membranes formed during pregnancy (they form lochia), the orifices of the vessels close on the damaged mucosa, which prevents the development of postpartum hemorrhage, accelerates placental healing sites (wounds left in the place of attachment of the placenta to the uterus). You can help the process of involution of the uterus as follows:

  • lie more on your stomach - in this position, the muscles of the abdominal muscles are tense, which is transmitted to the muscles of the uterus (myometrium) and stimulates its contractions,
  • empty the bladder regularly - when it is full, it prevents the uterus from contracting and clearing of lochia,
  • apply the baby to the breast on demand, every 1.5–2 hours (during sucking in the mother’s body, oxytocin is produced - a hormone that stimulates the contraction of the uterus).

Tip 3. Review diet after childbirth

After the birth of the baby, the mother should be very attentive to their diet. First, it is connected with the start of breastfeeding: the composition of breast milk, which feeds the baby, depends on the diet of the nursing mother.

However, breastfeeding is not the only reason for a serious attitude to your menu: such an important factor of well-being directly depends on it, as regular bowel work.

During pregnancy, the mode of his work could vary significantly due to the pressure of the growing uterus.

After childbirth, the pressure in the abdominal cavity decreases sharply, the uterus gradually decreases in size over the course of a month - and the intestine again has to adapt to the changes that have occurred. To improve the work of the digestive system, after childbirth, it is recommended to follow simple and effective rules of nutrition:

  • frequent split meals throughout the day (6–8 times a day in small portions),
  • drink at least 1.5 liters per day (water, weak tea, fermented milk drinks),
  • eating only natural home-made products, with a gentle heat treatment (steamed, baking, boiling and stewing),
  • uniform distribution in the diet of proteins of plant and animal origin,
  • prevalence in the menu of fruits, dried fruits, berries and vegetables,
  • daily consumption of dairy products,
  • don't forget about cereals
  • Do not eat 1 month postpartum baked goods, fatty, spicy and spicy foods.

Tip 4. Careful about breast care.

To avoid complications during breastfeeding, care should be taken to care for the mammary glands:

  • shower twice a day with detergents (baby soap, hypo-allergenic shower gels),
  • after a shower, apply a means to prevent cracking on the nipple and areola,
  • wash your hands with soap and rinse your breasts with running water (without using detergents) before each feeding
  • use a separate towel for the chest and change it daily (you can use disposable paper towels).

Tip 5. Follow up after childbirth

After the birth of the baby, the young mother should look after her health with double attention - after all, well-being, full lactation and the ability to care for the baby directly depend on it. At the slightest signs of indisposition, it is necessary, without delay, to consult a doctor. The following symptoms should alert:

An increase in body temperature above 37.5 ° C may indicate a cold, a stagnation of breast milk, or an infectious complication of the postpartum period. Late access to a doctor often leads to deterioration and requires hospitalization.

Cough, runny nose, sore throat - a manifestation of influenza, acute respiratory viral infections or other respiratory tract infections, which, against the background of a general weakening of the immune system after childbirth, can cause severe illness and dangerous complications.

Nausea, vomiting, upset stool may indicate an enterovirus infection, food poisoning, or other disorders of the digestive system. Such diseases are more severe during this period and are dangerous with complications (disruption of the liver and pancreas).

Abdominal pain can be a manifestation of the inflammatory process or delayed blood clots in the uterus, with late consultation with a doctor threatens the development of metroendometritis (purulent-septic inflammation of the mucous and muscular layer of the uterus).

A sharp cessation or enhancement of lochia, the appearance of an unpleasant odor may be associated with a delay of blood clots in the uterus, its low contractile ability. This condition is dangerously high risk of uterine bleeding and the development of inflammatory process in the uterus.

Pain, bloody or purulent discharge in the area of ​​the sutures is a possible symptom of divergence, infection and suppuration of the sutures.

Chest pain and impaired milk flow is a sign of the development of lactostasis (milk stagnation in the mammary gland) and the threat of mastitis (inflammation of the mammary gland).

Tip 6. Avoid significant exercise after birth.

By the time of discharge from the maternity hospital, the physical strength of the young mother should be fully restored. And, most likely, immediately after returning home will have to return to normal household duties.

Theoretically, there are no special restrictions on household chores - washing, ironing, cleaning, cooking - and if desired, the young mother can deal with these concerns herself, the main thing is little by little. The only thing that must be firmly abandoned in the first 6 weeks after birth is weight lifting (up to 5 kg).

After operative delivery, heavy bags and home physical exertion (washing the floor with hands, hand pressing clothes) will be necessary for 2 months - such restrictions are associated with the risk of divergence of postoperative seams.

Tip 7. Return the tone to the muscles

The first and easiest way to provide the body with adequate physical activity after childbirth is walking. And to implement this sports project under the force of any new mother. In your "postpartum" life, a new, very important duty arises - to walk with the baby.

If you want to regain the harmony, remember: going outside with a stroller, you should not sit on the nearest bench! Go for a walk for real, twice a day for a couple of hours - and the result will appear in two weeks.

By the way, the position of the arms, rolling or pushing a pram with a baby in front of you, is an excellent exercise for biceps and chest muscles! Two weeks after giving birth, when the bleeding will decrease and the lochia will become more scarce and pinkish, you can start restorative gymnastics.

For this period all exercises recommended during pregnancy are suitable.

The recovery complex includes a consistent warm-up of all parts of the spine, exercises for tension and relaxation of the pectoral muscles, turning to the side, bending, stretching, pelvic rotation (element of “belly dance”), walking on toes, heels, inside and outside of the foot. If perineal tissue breaks have occurred during childbirth, you will need to refrain from stretching the perineum until the sutures are completely healed, which the doctor must confirm during the examination. The remaining exercises can be performed in the usual volume.

Before embarking on any physical activity after delivery, you should consult with a specialist. Depending on the course of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, your doctor will be able to give individual recommendations for physical activity.

Tip! After 3–6 weeks after giving birth, all women are recommended to visit a gynecologist.

Tip 8. Rest and sleep are priorities

This is the main and most important rule of young mother's behavior, on which depends not only the restoration of physical strength after childbirth, but also general health, reducing the risk of postpartum complications, strengthening the immune system, establishing full lactation, the state of the nervous system, mood, and even the baby’s health and behavior ! Indeed, after the birth, the baby is still very closely connected with the mother psychologically and emotionally. Therefore, the most frequent cause of concern for the child is not his own bad state of health, but the nervous, exhausted state of his mother.

The second most frequent risk factor associated with a lack of sleep and overwork in a young mother is insufficient milk. Indeed, against the background of exhaustion of the nervous system, the amount of prolactin (a hormone that controls lactation) decreases.

Of course, to follow this rule is not so simple: the kid often needs attention, he needs to be fed, changed, walked with him, bathed, and in between has time to redo the usual household chores: wash, iron, buy and cook food, tidy up and that. P. And yet the young mother should make time for herself to rest.

For this rule to be achievable, it is very important to set priorities correctly. It is necessary to learn not to grab at all things at once, to divide responsibilities into necessary and minor ones, if you feel unwell, to give up any business that can be postponed for another time or another day, feel free to ask for help from your husband and loved ones.

Despite the seeming abundance of daily affairs and responsibilities in the life of the newly-made mother, only three fall into the category of affairs that cannot be canceled: feeding, dressing up the baby and giving him attention on demand.

Everything else - cleaning, washing, walking, bathing and other duties - no doubt, are just as important, but still not more important than the health of the young mother, and if necessary, they can and should be sacrificed in favor of a little rest! В противном случае, если на фоне переутомления у мамы начнутся серьезные проблемы со здоровьем – эти обязанности точно придется выполнять кому–то еще! Так что берегите себя, и восстановление после родов пройдет быстро и без проблем.

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Что делать если после родов пропало желание к мужу?

Most often, the libido and sexual activity of a woman after giving birth is influenced not by changes in the hormonal background, but by the formation of a new dominant.

Nature has taken care of that the newly-made mother with full responsibility approached the care of the newborn, since her body is still weak and defenseless. That is why a dominant is formed in the cerebral cortex of a woman, controlling the motivation, aspirations, goals and desires.

Sexual impulses recede at the same time to the second, and sometimes to the third plan, so it is not surprising that many women complain that the desire for a husband has disappeared after giving birth.

In addition, the woman is forced to take on a greater burden of household chores than before. During the day, she spends much more physical and emotional strength to preserve the health of the baby, as well as maintaining comfort and order in the house. A lot of worries, intermittent sleep, chronic sleep deprivation leads to the fact that by evening there remains only one desire - to fall on the bed and have a good sleep.

And what about hormones?

Fitness helps after childbirth to restore tone and sexual activity

Of course, the hormonal background during pregnancy varies greatly. After giving birth, he continues to undergo changes, exerting a strong influence on the woman's libido.

During breastfeeding, the level of the hormone prolactin increases, which reduces the power of sexual attraction, thereby participating in the formation of the new dominant "child care", but the instinct and dominant of the "continuation of the family" are suppressed.

But, as the doctors told you, over time, everything should return to its original state. Priorities and desires that prevail before pregnancy and childbirth return and begin to dominate again.

If this does not happen, you should be examined by a gynecologist and an endocrinologist. Gynecological disease can change the level of hormones in your body, so adequate treatment should eliminate the problem and contribute to the normalization of hormonal levels. Blood tests for hormones will detect possible deviations from the norm and, if necessary, correct them.

How to speed up the process and quickly return libido after childbirth?

Here are a few recommendations that can help quickly return a lost desire:

  • No bad habits. If you smoke, be sure to quit. Excesses with alcohol also do not contribute to the return of desire, although a glass of wine at the weekend after dinner can help to establish contact with your soulmate.
  • Rest at the slightest opportunity. If the child falls asleep, then you should not immediately redo all the chores, better lie down and sleep with the baby.
  • Ask your husband to take some of the household chores (albeit at first glance women's). You will have more opportunities to do yourself.

Tea with chamomile, verbena or ginger helps restore lost libido

  • Engage yourself and your body after childbirth will definitely have to. We recommend to balance your diet and do fitness. Moderate exercise will allow you to change activities, stimulate the metabolism and help the body recover from fatigue.
  • Appetite comes with eating, so have sex even if you don’t want it. This will benefit not only your libido, but also the relationship with your husband.
  • Make time for intimate communication with her husband. This can be done in the evening, as soon as the baby falls asleep, or half an hour in the morning. Do not let your husband doubt that he is desired, and you need his care and caresses. Ask him to give you a back or foot massage.
  • Diversify your intimate life. Try new poses, role-playing games. Create the appropriate setting in the bedroom. Experts recommend aromatherapy as a way to restore desires after childbirth: use rose oil, geranium oil, ylang-ylang oil, nutmeg oil, grapefruit and orange essential oils.
  • Enrich your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. We recommend adding nuts, cheese, eggs, figs, rice, basil to the menu. Celery and bananas help to restore attraction, because they are aphrodisiacs. Spicy spices have a positive effect on libido: pepper, garlic, horseradish. Fish and seafood are a source of high-grade protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, provide the body with important plastic materials necessary, including, for the synthesis of hormones.
  • Traditional medicine, too, was not stingy with the means of restoring lost sexuality: teas from raspberry leaves, chamomile flowers, verbena, as well as ginger tea will help to return the attraction.
  • American scientists recommend that women walk barefoot on grass and sand to restore sexuality. In this case, in their opinion, there is a natural foot massage, on which biologically active points are located, which can affect the hormonal background and return the libido after childbirth.
  • On the restoration of the figure after childbirth

    The first months - at least 6 weeks after birth - strong physical exertion is contraindicated, because the body of the mother is very depleted, and the baby needs to be given a lot of time. In addition, the taste of milk during the exercise of strong physical exercise may change.

    Download the press in the first 6 weeks is impossible, because there are restorative processes in the uterus, and the abdominal wall should not be given an extra load. It is best to do gymnastics after 6 weeks after birth. If you had a caesarean section, therapeutic exercises should be done in the first days immediately after birth, to prevent abdominal adhesions, and also to walk in the fresh air for at least an hour 2 times a day with the baby.

    After cesarean section, postoperative bandage must be worn. It is necessary for muscle recovery after childbirth. It is worn for several weeks after giving birth, then it is removed, because the muscles must work.

    If there was an episiotomy, then it is necessary not to sit down for 2 months, so that the seams do not go apart, and exercises during this period should be done only for the upper half of the body. Intimate hygiene in the area of ​​the seam is important in the prevention of infections. It is necessary to wash away from front to back, and also after each toilet. Wear the gasket only after drying the perineum. Moderate physical activity accelerates the recovery of stitches. And also you need to avoid constipation, take Duphalac, if necessary, to soften the chair.

    In general, intimate hygiene in the period of postpartum discharge should be said that in the first 6 weeks after birth, errors in it can lead to infections of the reproductive organs of the woman, then the recovery period after birth will be significantly delayed.

    Very important in postpartum recovery. sleep and rest young momma. It is worth talking about this with the relatives of the woman, asking them to help with the baby in the first few months especially if possible. Healthy sleep is necessary to restore the nervous system, and also it helps to restore immunity, to establish lactation in sufficient quantity. If mommy is exhausted psychologically, the baby feels it and starts to worry.

    Recovery of the spine and various muscles after childbirth

    Many women during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth complain of lower back pain, as well as in the cervical spine and shoulder girdle. Low back pain associated with an increase in the load on the abdominal wall during pregnancy, due to this, the lower back muscles become thinner, and the young mom often lifts the baby in her arms, this is also an additional load on both the lower back and shoulder girdle. As a result, discomfort appears in almost all parts of the spine.

    To restore the spine, you need to do special exercises:

    • Sit down straight with arms folded. Make 10 turns of the body to the right and left.
    • In the sitting position of the arms to connect to the lock behind the neck. Make 10 turns of the body to the right and left.
    • In the sitting position, the arms are stretched out in front of them and joined. Without uncoupling your hands, raise them above your head to the maximum allowable height. Hold for 10 seconds.

    It is also necessary to strengthen the posture. In the correct and beautiful posture, the state of the rhomboid muscle plays a role, which is attached from the spine on the right and left to the inner corners of the scapula. And also the condition of the lumbosacral part is very important, for strengthening of which a special exercise “Stretched nerve” is necessary:

    • Take a starting position - lying on your stomach. Pull your arms forward. Stretch yourself into a string. Slowly pull the upper body off the floor. Without sudden movements, as far as you can. Keep your arms above your head. Then do the same with the lower body. And finally: simultaneously raise both your arms and legs. Repeat each exercise 10 times.

    In addition, to restore the muscles of the back and neck after childbirth is useful massage, you can use a massage pad for this. Massage can be done only after 2-3 weeks after birth. Massage improves the performance of the muscles, it allows you to restore their tone after childbirth.

    Abdominal exercises walls, the so-called "Breath of a cat":

    • Being on all fours, bend your back up and perform in this position diaphragm breathing (2 cycles). Further, the lower back bends down, but you need to ensure that there is no protrusion of the abdomen. Hold the position of the 2 cycle of breathing. Make at least 10 times.

    For strengthen the muscles of the perineum It is necessary to use Kegel exercises: to compress and relax the muscles of the perineum, which will allow them to recover and avoid such complications as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

    Restoration of internal organs after childbirth

    About 1.5 months after birth, there is an involution of the uterus, which is accompanied by bleeding, lochia. This is accompanied by contraction of the uterus and pain. During this period, the puerperal, if necessary, even prescribe antibiotic therapy and reducing means, to avoid infection, as well as to accelerate the process of involution of the uterus.

    There is the establishment of lactation, and the woman must take care of herself, so as not to get sick with mastitis, inflammation of the mammary glands. At first, after delivery, the immune system is weakened, and the risk of infection, both the mammary glands and the uterus, increases.

    You must carefully follow the recommendations of the doctor, as well as sleep / wakefulness and diet for nursing mothers with enough fluids and vitamins to successfully complete this difficult postpartum phase with the baby.

    Pregnancy and childbirth affect the position of the intestines, which often leads to constipation. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of fiber, and you can also use the drug Duphalac already mentioned by me, it contains lactulose, the necessary nourishment for intestinal bacteria

    Changes in the cardiovascular system after childbirth

    Before childbirth, the coagulation system of the woman begins to work actively in order to protect the woman during childbirth from excessive blood loss. This can cause a risk of blood clots after childbirth, as well as pain in the legs, swelling, and discomfort when walking. You can use compression stockings, as well as herbal creams, if mommy feeds. It is advisable to consult a specialist.

    After birth may appear liver problems, especially after the error in the diet. It is necessary in this case to pass a biochemical blood test: ALT, AST, ALP, bilirubin. And do an ultrasound of the liver and bile ducts. If there are no stones, and you are breastfeeding, you can drink choleretic herbs: corn silk, yarrow (start with a small dosage and monitor the manifestations of allergy in your baby). As well as a good drug Hofitol, and of course follow a diet for nursing moms.


    The growing uterus, even during pregnancy, puts pressure on the internal organs and impedes the outflow of blood from the veins of the rectum, after childbirth the problem is exacerbated and there may be bloody discharge during an act of defecation. A sparing diet is needed to protect the rectal veins, and you can also use very popular Relief candles.

    Restoration of the body depends entirely on many factors: on the woman's age, on her state of health before pregnancy, on how the pregnancy proceeded and how the delivery went. If a woman is young and healthy, then giving birth will only strengthen her health, they provide the hormonal surge necessary for the proper functioning of the female body, its reproductive system. If a woman was ill before giving birth to a chronic illness, then both pregnancy and childbirth can worsen her condition somewhat, and she will recover in a few years.

    In conclusion, I would like to once again note that young mom should sleep at least 8 hours a day, walk in the fresh air at least two hours a day, do gymnastics, drink plenty of fluids (at least 2 liters), eat meat, fish of some varieties , vegetables, fruits for food. And communicate only with positive people, avoid any negative, incl. view news. It would not hurt the doctor to conduct explanatory work with relatives, to tell how important it is to support the young mom for the first year or two until the baby is older.

    Author: General Practitioner Kuznetsova E.A.


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    Activity and load

    Day after day after birth, your well-being improves. Vigor and endurance will replace fatigue and general exhaustion. It takes about two months to return to the previous state. Activity and load all this time, add gradually, step by step. First, resume gymnastic light exercises, then gradually increase the load and time for training. All physical activities begin only after the doctor gives you permission to do so.

    A balanced diet will allow you to maintain your strength in good condition, help to establish productive lactation. Nursing mothers require a large amount of energy, so do not miss the meal time, making sure that your menu has all the useful components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. The amount of liquid drunk per day should be at least 10 glasses, this will ensure the normal production of milk.

    Remember that all the nutrients that come to you with food, get into the milk after 3 hours. If your baby is suffering from colic or the taste of milk is unpleasant for him, you can, on the basis of simple calculations, understand what product he has caused a negative reaction.

    We advise you to continue taking vitamin complexes after childbirth. There are special vitamins for nursing mothers.

    Seam care

    The stitches after childbirth will gradually dissolve, it is not required to remove them But hygiene is important especially during the healing period. Dryness and cleanliness are the main requirements for this. After each visit to the toilet, wash this area with warm boiled water and dry it with a soft cloth.

    After cesarean section, the stitches are removed before discharge, and cosmetic seams will resolve themselves. Keep the suture area dry and sterile by treating them with antiseptics. If redness, pain or swelling appear - see a doctor immediately!

    Get a pair of comfortable nursing bras that will support the breasts after childbirth and conveniently unbuttoned when feeding. Convenient use of disposable inserts in the bra, which will provide you with comfort and does not stain clothes with milk. Cracks in the nipples, often occurring in the first days of the beginning of feeding, can be smeared with special creams, such as "Bepanten." Do not squeeze the chest during sleep to prevent lactostasis.

    Before discharge or when visiting a pediatrician, find out the following questions from him:

    • Does your baby get enough milk
    • When to introduce prikorm, what products to start with,
    • What medications are allowed to receive during breastfeeding.

    Problems with lactation, pain and nipple cracks - do not postpone consulting a doctor. Also, the reason for the visit to the doctor will be the appearance of lumps and tenderness of the mammary glands, especially when the body temperature rises. Mastitis begins with these signs.

    Finishing breastfeeding, limit fluid intake so as not to stimulate lactation.

    Postpartum discharge lasts no more than eight weeks, gradually losing intensity and color. Tampons during this period are prohibited so as not to impede the outflow of lochies. Sex life can be resumed after the end of the recovery period in order to avoid infections.

    Constipation after childbirth can help with the use of fluids and foods rich in fiber. In particularly advanced cases, mild laxatives will help: Duphalac, Guttalax. With increased gas formation - espumizan and activated carbon. Disturbed hemorrhoids - cream "Ascleans", glycerin candles.

    Depression after childbirth

    Anxiety, irritability, tearfulness, fatigue are not uncommon guests in the postpartum period. Hormonal changes and sleep disorders make themselves known by such manifestations. Важно сохранять хорошее настроение, для этого выкраивайте время для общения с родными, побольше гуляйте вместе с малышом на свежем воздухе. Если депрессия после родов получила затяжной характер, без помощи врача не обойтись.

    Визиты к врачу

    Полмесяца спустя после родов вам нужно показаться к врачу, который выяснит, как проходит инволюция матки и других органов, и общее состояние в целом.

    The reason for the immediate visit to the gynecologist after birth are the following cases:

    • Heavy bleeding,
    • Increased body temperature over 38 degrees
    • Soreness and compaction, as well as breast redness, combined with fever,
    • Redness, soreness and discharge from the suture,
    • Discharge with an unpleasant smell.

    The key to harmony after childbirth # 1: patience

    If you have become pregnant in normal weight and gained from 10 to 14 kilograms during the carrying of the baby, then after the birth these kilograms will smoothly disappear. True, provided that you follow the diet and do not begin to ignore regular exercise. If, on the other hand, you were overweight and before pregnancy, or you gained more than you need in nine months, then it will take at least a year to go back to a good figure.

    Many experts say that active measures to lose weight: a noticeable reduction in caloric intake, strengthening the training program - should be taken no earlier than six months after childbirth.