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Children's wall with a table


Currently, there are many different tables for the student, but to choose a particular model is not so easy. In most cases, the benchmark for purchase is the price and dimensions. Parents often forget about some other things, no less important than the cost and size.

Features and requirements

The usual rectangular shape of the school home countertop is rarely purchased by parents. Now you can buy a table that is completely different in both form and functionality from the original one. Consider the positive and negative aspects of such an acquisition.

  • First, the arbitrary shape of the table top is undoubtedly an interesting option. But this fact can develop a wrong posture in the student, because it is only being formed.
  • Secondly, the most suitable and economical option in the nursery is to buy a corner school desk. This is especially true for small apartments. After all, in addition to the working area for lessons, a teenager will also have a sea of ​​space for other, equally important things. For example, he can put his textbooks and notebooks no longer in the work area, but in the locker. He will also like retractable shelves, where you can hide the most secret.

From the requirements for such a table, the following aspects can be distinguished:

  • The convenience of the corner model for the student will be guaranteed if its length is not less than 1 m. Moreover, there should be free space on the left and right of the working area, which can be used as a computer, for example, or a cell phone. The student’s elbows should not hang down.
  • Also pay attention to the width. For a first grader, 60 cm is usually enough, for older students - 80 cm. When installing a computer, the width should be even larger - about 1 m.
  • It is worth paying attention to the height of the school desk. The best option would be the distance from the floor of 70-90cm. Otherwise, the child is expected to have constant pain in the back area, since it will be inconvenient to study at such a table.
  • Another equally important point is the absence of sharp corners. Otherwise, the corners will be all shabby, and the child may be injured.

For girl

The appearance in the children's room of a table for a girl is a continuation of a previously invented fairy tale. The new attribute should be perceived with joy and serve as a kind of game subject. Continuing to disassemble the toys, the little girl will gradually begin to get involved in the learning process, and playing with the school will help her in this. After all, here she can act as a teacher and set homework for her animals and pups.

The best option for arranging a table for a girl is a low tabletop, a chest of drawers or a bedside table with notebooks and toys, on top is a shelf and again with toys. The choice of colors - the taste of the parents. And it does not have to be pink tones. The table can be chosen for the interior of the room. The main thing that this attribute was not gloomy: it is desirable to use a light color palette.

For boy

Furniture for lessons is all for later. First, the first grader will place a garage for typewriters in the desk drawers, the worktop will serve as a springboard for assembling the newest model of starship, and shelves for books can be used for the airfield. And, of course, you can put a designer under the table or put big equipment in the garage.

Gradually, different stationery will replace the typewriters, and half of the working space will be occupied with notebooks - the main thing is to prompt the child in time so that the process of learning about the study does not drag out.

For two children

Consider examples that can help equip the workspace of a children's room with two children. Do not forget that every workplace, in addition to constant access and excellent lighting, must be equipped in accordance with the individual needs of each child.

  • If the size of the room is not too small, then you can create two independent jobs for each of the guys. A pair of interior with the same school attributes - the best choice for a large room. After all, each child should have their own personal space. It is advisable to place tables from different sides, so that the guys do not interfere with each other to do their homework.
  • A long rectangular table can be placed along the wall and divided into two working areas with a shelf. This choice is suitable for children who do not bother each other.
  • The third product model for two children looks like a long table top with a divider in the form of a partition or pedestal. In this case, for each child is to adapt a separate shelf.
  • For a large room, the best option would be a tabletop with a length of 1.6m, which would divide the room along the window into two halves.
  • Long L-shaped option. Children can be placed at different ends of the table so as not to interfere with each other.

For a teenager

The child grows up - he needs more space. A computer appears on the table, which requires space for the system unit, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

Also, a high school student needs a place for textbooks and books, and a schoolboy keen on a hobby is for his subjects.

The girls at this age most suitable tables with secret drawers and secrets. Here they will be able to keep the most intimate: notes, diaries and more. Unforgettable and about cosmetics - it can also take up most of the space intended for study, if, of course, there is no option to install a dressing table.

There are several ways to determine the correct height of a children's study table for the home:

  • The height of the tabletop and the solar plexus of the child should be on the same level.
  • The distance between the seated student’s elbow and the lower part of the tabletop should be 5 cm.
  • If a sedentary schoolboy puts his hands in front of him, then the shoulders should be in a natural state.
  • Between the bottom of school furniture and your knees, the most comfortable distance varies from 10 to 15 cm.

Form and style

A variety of children's tables for classes now will not surprise anyone. However, you can create an original image of the nursery, and the training table will play a big role in this.

There are several variations of this attribute, which can be found below.


Reminds school desk. If its dimensions are not very large, it is suitable for a small children's room.

This kind of children's furniture has several features. For example, a table model is most often equipped with shelves and niches below, thereby leaving the tabletop free. Superstructures are allowed, but only at the corner, in order not to close the luminous flux. The location of this table near the window will be optimal - you will get something similar to a children's corner.


There are three main options for this table:

  • Classical.
  • Oval or semi oval.
  • Triangular or angular.

Most of the models in this category are equipped with a variety of additions: retractable shelves, footrest, multi-level mini-shelves. Here you can place notebooks and stationery. And there will be enough free space not only for a computer, but also for an MFP or printer. However, if this is nothing, then parents still have to purchase a desk.

Experts do not recommend planting a child to do homework at a computer desk for two reasons: due to the limited working space and the constant distraction of the child from classes.

In order to have enough space for educational material and not only, to the table for classes often acquire additional attributes: shelves, racks, cabinets.

Suspended shelves are convenient - because now everything is at hand.

Our proposals for the children's wall

Before you buy our furniture, take measurements of the nursery and compare them with the dimensions of each module, they are on every page in the catalog. Choose which color you like - both the buildings themselves and the facades. Please note that in almost every headset there are mattresses for beds: durable and comfortable.

In the cabinets 2 department. One - clothes, so you can hang clothes on the "coat hanger". Another - with a lot of shelves. There are options with dressers and drawers with drawers, which gives a great opportunity to accurately arrange all things in their places.

Well and the important module of the whole set of the wall is a desk. In height (from table top to floor), all tables are standard - 900 cm. You will only need to choose the right chair so that it can be customized to fit the height of the child. On the table, you can conveniently arrange a flat monitor for the computer, and it will not hinder the child in doing his homework. The curbstone on the right side is convenient for storing textbooks, notebooks and stationery. Below the table is a shelf for the processor. There you can store a school backpack, if the processor is not needed.

With superstructure

The original version of the furniture, which includes an equipped workplace with attached drawers or shelves that are part of the training space. This design solution will fit well into a small room.

The original design allows you to mask the table inside the cabinet, thereby saving space for something else.

Paying attention to the materials from which the furniture is made, focus on its safety, ease of care and durability.

Below is a list of materials from which a variety of school desks are currently being made.

  • Chipboard - The best option for those parents who value quality at a great price. Due to its reliability, this option of furniture will not only serve you faithfully for many years, but will also surprise you with its variety of colors and shapes.
  • Chipboard - such material is cheaper than chipboard. However, it is not necessary to look closely at it for two very good reasons. First, after some time, it begins to emit harmful toxic substances, which is not safe for those sitting at such a table. Secondly, over time, such a table loses its presentable appearance. When buying, ask the seller for a security certificate.
  • MDF - Furniture from this material is pretty good. Firstly, it is cheaper than a wooden counterpart. Secondly, it has a huge amount of positive properties: excellent quality, presentable appearance, durable, durable, safe and easy to clean.
  • Natural wood or solid - This option is better to buy for high school students, because they are more accurate than primary school students. The material is reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. However, such a copy is quite expensive.
  • Plastic - The option of furniture from this material is rarely on sale. But if, nevertheless, you found such a copy and decided to purchase it, then ask the seller for a quality certificate for the goods. Make sure it is safe and the quality of the material is good.
  • Combined table category - at production of this type of a children's table-top the metal framework and a table-top from a wooden component is used. In this case, special attention should be paid to how the metal parts are painted, and in what condition the fittings and other details are located.

Plastic has very tangible flaws: it is not durable, after a short period of time it will show scratches and other flaws. Therefore, this table is suitable only for first-graders, and after a while replaced by something better.

Any children's table for classes should have its own functionality: a set of compartments for storing school accessories, a shelf for a satchel, and a place for legs.

In addition to this, it is useful to have a built-in shelving for literature, an angular recess for the monitor and a special section for the system unit. This approach will help to rationally use the free space, and parents will no longer need to purchase an additional set of furniture.

All storage areas should be easy to open if necessary and be always available.

Special features

As a rule, a children's room is a room where repairs are often made. This is due to the maturing of the child and the change in his tastes and needs. First of all, the repair concerns wall and floor coverings, and the furniture is not changed so often, only if the child has outgrown it. That is why walls for teens should initially be bought, even at an early age for your baby, so that they have a simple, discreet design.

This furniture should be very functional. This quality is manifested in the fact that such a thing should not take up too much space in the room, but at the same time be very roomy and comfortable. That is why the walls, which include a whole set of furniture, are great for young schoolchildren and teenagers. These are usually products with a wardrobe, a table, or even two tables, as well as shelves for textbooks and books. Some children's walls include computer workstations and a large number of drawers for exercise books and other necessary items.

A feature of this wall is that it allows you to use the space to the maximum. In one area of ​​the room is placed immediately many elements of furniture. Manufacturers also offer mini-walls, as well as corner models, which take up very little space in the room, allowing you to occupy the rest of the space with a sleeping or play area. Such furniture is usually purchased for many years, because on the table you can put not only a computer, but also a TV. This table can be just written.

Such furniture is distinguished by its versatility. As a rule, parents purchase products with an interesting design, but in soothing colors. Choosing a wall with a table and a closet, you can find both youth and children's model for the student. Also, manufacturers are models for boys and girls.

A wall with a table and a closet is just what is necessary for the proper organization of the workplace of a teenager.


Buying such functional furniture as a wall with a table and a cabinet has a large number of advantages. So, this piece of furniture is very roomy, but at the same time compact. This piece of furniture can be placed absolutely anywhere in the room: in the corner of it or along the wall. There are even models that assume placement near the window.

By organizing the workplace of the child in this way, you will be able to give him the opportunity to independently monitor the location of all the things he needs. The kid will learn to lay out their belongings from an early age. So you can accustom him to order.

Most often, these walls are made of wood. Therefore, they, like many items of children's furniture, are completely environmentally friendly and safe for the health of the child. Usually they serve for a very long time until the child is completely mature. For such a wall is very easy to care for. It is easy to use and versatile.


As a rule, a children's wall with a table and a wardrobe includes in its design several rather large-sized elements. First of all, this furniture set includes a large closet and a written or computer desk. Also, some manufacturers include beds that can be located on the first or second tier. As for the cabinet, it is quite roomy and has hangers for clothes, as well as shelves and drawers in which you can put all the personal belongings of your child.

The design of the cabinet can be any. This may be a wardrobe or a more classic design with hinged doors. Also, manufacturers usually complement this bundle with shelves, which, as a rule, are located above the desk. Moreover, the entire wall may have a conventional rectangular or angular structure.

The design of such products can be very diverse. They differ both in the shape of all the lines and in color. These can be multi-colored models for children of different gender and age and more classic designs for teenagers. They may have round shapes or strict angles.

Usually the table and small drawers are located on the same side of the wall, and a wide wardrobe continues this design on the adjacent one. There are very unusual models in which cabinets folding beds are hidden. This product with a folding berth, which is located inside the cabinet. It can be located both above and below.

Usually in the closet even equipped with steps to climb up. This is a great solution for a small child. This design can also replace an extra bed for your baby’s friends.

As for the table, it is usually a fairly wide work surface on which you can install a computer or put all the necessary things to study. Drawers and shelves for a computer or keyboard are built into the table. Such walls are usually made of wood, and chipboard and MDF models are also very common. They are very reliable and durable. Such furniture is able to ensure the complete safety of your child.

How to choose?

Помимо того, что детская стенка должна быть удобной и функциональной, она, в первую очередь, должна отвечать требованиям безопасности. Очень важно учитывать, из каких материалов она изготовлена. Preference should be given to wooden models, since they are completely environmentally friendly. It is also necessary to check how smooth all surfaces are. They must be completely flat.

Any uncovered corner or other dangerous place could hurt your baby. If you still have a small child, it is better to give preference to models whose corners are rounded. It is also better if all the drawers are equipped with stoppers. This design will prevent pinched fingers of the baby, with which many parents face. The design allows the drawer or doors to slowly close.

You will need to check and in what condition are the mechanisms of such cabinets, as well as door hinges.

After you make sure that the furniture is completely safe, you can already pay attention to other indicators. So, when choosing and buying, the growth of your child should be considered, since the shelves and drawers he needs should not be high for him. All things should be easily accessible for the child. Some shelves may be high, but there you can remove less needed items, such as bedding, pillows and other items.

The growth of the child is important to take into account when choosing the height of the tabletop. There are models in which you can adjust its height. They are very comfortable and will last much longer. You must also take into account the length of the tabletop, since such a table will be more functional. It can accommodate a computer or TV.

If you have two children, you must buy a larger and more spacious furniture. This can be a joint wall with two tables or any double-sided model. Many people use the latter option for zoning a children's room for two children. There are even models with wide cabinets that have a twin construction. Their doors open from both sides at the sides.

Necessary furniture for a school corner

Even if the family has two children, it is necessary to select furniture for the organization of the workplace, taking into account all the nuances. The corner should be ergonomic and functional. Its location depends on whether the child is comfortable at the table.

Elements that usually include when arranging work space:

  • writing table, or its computer counterpart. Often parents combine these two options into one, which is an outlet for small children's rooms. The table can be both stationary and placed in the wall. The shape of the table also depends on the dimensions of the room, it is rectangular or angular,
  • The furniture of the schoolboy corner implies the presence of a chair or chair. If you use a computer, then choose a height-adjustable chair with a soft, but elastic back, to form the correct child's posture,
  • storage space for textbooks and notebooks. Usually allocate shelves, upper cabinets, shelving,
  • Sometimes the school sector contains a bed: this applies to sets of modular furniture, or products of transformers, when the bed is skillfully hidden behind a false panel that imitates a wardrobe.

If there are two children, they live in the same room, then you can make furniture to order. It would be appropriate to place two desks in one wall, which will also be equipped with a set of shelves where children can arrange accessories and stationery.

Components of construction, taking into account the age of the child

If the child has just gone to school, he will have enough minimum surfaces and sections for storing textbooks. Teens require a more thorough approach to space planning. There is no longer the usual desk, and standard school corners will not work, as a mandatory attribute will be a computer or laptop. We propose to consider various configurations of workplace furniture for a child according to age:

  • children from 7 to 11 - when school time is just beginning in a kid's life, he becomes interested in the whole world around him. Parents acquire many encyclopedias, educational books and accessories for schoolwork. Here you may need a place under the globe, book stands, colored pencils and rulers. The table in this case requires a wide, but shallow, so as not to block the light of the baby. In addition to school supplies, the child will want to put some of the toys on the shelves, take care of this in advance and make the shelves roomy. To compactly fit the furniture in the room, it should be made in the form of an angular headset for the workplace,
  • children from 12 to 16 - adolescence is marked by a small interest in learning, but at this stage, children tend to get involved in new hobbies. You may have to hide all the books and materials in the drawers, the side panels of the furniture will be hung with posters. At this time, the child needs a personal space, so be sure to purchase a table for the computer. The chair becomes more serious, it has a high back and convenient adjustment. On the shelves, the child can place his achievements in science and sports, photos with friends, so having a large number of shelves of different height will not be superfluous.

The design features of the corner are selected based on the needs of the child, his hobbies and desires. Photos in this article demonstrate the rich variety of models and configurations of the workplace.

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With a desk

The best solution for children from three years old is a children's wall with a table in the form of a small tabletop or narrow plate. It does not clutter up space and at the same time allows you to engage in creativity with convenience.

For the student, the table is complemented by an inclined mechanism and resembles modern desks with an inclination angle of 30 degrees.

The cost of such models exceeds the standard countertops, but their value is invaluable. Inclined tables form the correct posture, which is so important during the growth of a young body

With a computer desk

The computer desk with the mass purchase of laptops today is in second place, however, some models with its participation are still popular. The table here is a small but roomy tabletop and sliding shelf for the keyboard. Below it has a number of sliding shelves, as well as a large open shelf for the system unit.

With a corner cabinet

Unfortunately, the children's room is often limited in space, and therefore every detail of the wall should be chosen with some zest. So, many do not even suspect how compact, and at the same time roomy corner cabinet can be.

Corner models can be located in the center of the wall, allowing you to use the free space on both sides of the corner. Also, the cabinet can be located on the side, which is a good solution if the corner of the room is small.

It should be noted that with the available squares in the nursery, a high cabinet for a laundry or a wardrobe model can be a continuation of the corner cabinet.

Distributing the space and wardrobe in this way, you can forget about the cluttered mezzanine with seasonal clothing.

With loft bed

If the task of arranging a nursery becomes maximum compactness, then an effective and multifunctional solution will be a “bed-attic + table + wardrobe” wall.

This design is not suitable for children up to 4 years old, inclusive, even in the presence of high sides.

Stopping in more detail on the design of the bed, it is worth noting its special structure. Each of these models has protective sides. Well, if they are high enough and made of durable materials.

A connected bed with a wall always has a ladder, sometimes combining drawers for storing things. The best option is a sloping staircase, however, space does not always contribute to its placement.

Cabinet in such models can be angular, opening in the direction of the writing or computer desk. Sometimes the wardrobe can go out on the front side of one of the side walls of the bed. In the latter case, it should be borne in mind that this design requires additional space.

With a wardrobe

Continuing the theme of cabinets, it should be noted that there is not always a place in the apartment for opening the doors. And here the wardrobe comes to replace the classic wardrobe. It is very popular not just because its appearance is very aesthetic, and the doors can serve as the basis for children's photo prints.

Images of cartoon heroes, princesses and animals, as a rule, adorn most of the walls with a wardrobe.

With classic wardrobe

Classic wardrobe with doors does not hurry to stay in the shadow of modern coupe models. Its democratic value and attractive appearance bribes parents.

A significant advantage of its use is the ability to install anywhere, for example, in the center of the wall.

With folding table

Walls in the mini size can have in their arsenal a good combination of a folding table and beds hiding behind it. The table here is a small narrow countertop, which is difficult to use as a desktop.

Despite this, the model is great for everyday use by a preschooler or teenager spending a short amount of time at a computer or writing.

Color palette

The design of the wall for a child's room may be unexpected, especially provided that the room is used by two children. The best way to find the best option is to find out the preferences of the children and to correlate them with fashion trends.

For girls

The furniture color palette for girls is characterized by delicate pastel tones. The choice of such shades is quite justified, because the wall in the nursery should not disturb the emotional background of the child. So, one of the most popular shades is white. It can be gloss or imitation of wood, universal in the selection of bright details. For girls, pink, peach, mint and violet palettes become a frequent companion of white.

Among the patterns on the cabinets and internal surfaces stand out floral designs and lush buds, it is not uncommon to paint. Young crumbs parents pick up images of magical princesses and mysterious fairies.

For boys

The boy's wall is traditionally decorated with blue and blue tones. They combine well with the color of natural wood and white palette. However, today manufacturers are gradually trying to move away from these colors, listening to psychologists and their negative opinion about the use of cold tones for sleeping. Yellow and lime paints are replacing the cold tones, as well as the perfect combination of a white base with red and blue strokes.

Among the frequently used prints in the nursery boy you can find images of the popular characters of the "Cars" cartoon, Spider-Man and all kinds of cars. Geometric figures are also relevant and are used in more conservative interiors of children's rooms.

How to choose a baby wall

Unlike the room for adults, the nursery should be equipped with more versatile furniture. After all, the child should sleep in it, play and learn. In addition, there should be an area for storing clothes, books, toys and other things. When choosing furniture, safety and convenience should also be considered. Of course, you can buy a separate wardrobe, bed, desk and shelves, but this will not solve the problem. Modern production of children's furniture is aimed at spaciousness and compactness, therefore, children's walls are produced, which are equipped with everything necessary.

What is a wall

A wall for a child usually consists of several elements. As a rule, the wall comes with a wardrobe and a desk. You can meet with a bed on the second tier or on the first. But, nevertheless, a place to rest should be located away from the computer and the gaming zone. The wall can be made in different colors, which allows its use for any age and for different sexes. For example, a girl can buy pink, yellow or beige furniture, and a boy can buy blue, green.

Cabinets consist of several shelves and drawers for storing clothes and toys. The doors can be hinged or sliding, which is especially convenient for a child. Above the desk are shelves for books and notebooks. The table itself is also equipped with drawers and bedside tables for convenience. The wall can be rectangular or angular in shape, with clear, strict or smooth lines.

If there are mirror elements in the wall, make sure that there is a protective film.

Children's models are made mainly from MDF or particleboard. If there are mirror elements in the wall, they are always covered with a protective film for safety. In the case of contact with the surface of a heavy object (for example, a ball), the mirror does not shatter into small pieces, but keeps them on film. It should be noted that these materials are environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are completely harmless to the child's body.

The merits of the walls

Using a wall with a cupboard and a desk has several advantages:

  • high degree of roominess
  • compactness, thanks to which the furniture takes up minimal space
  • possibility of placement along the wall or in the corner,
  • environmental friendliness
  • safety when using
  • simplicity in daily care,
  • opportunity for the child to independently arrange all things, which helps to accustom to the order.

How to choose the wall

When buying a wall with a wardrobe and a table for a child, many factors must be taken into account. The main one is the growth of the baby. Furniture should be such that the child can freely reach the required shelves. Of course, the uppermost zones can be filled with baby bedding or off-season clothes, but the middle and lower elements should be as accessible as possible. An important factor is considered and age features that affect the needs. For example, for a preschooler a desk can be small and simple, but for a student it is better to choose a table that can be equipped with a computer / laptop.

It is desirable that the cabinets have many compartments, since children have many different knick-knacks. Be sure to check the condition of the sliding mechanisms and all hinges. Surfaces should be perfectly smooth and flawless. Otherwise, the child may be injured. For kids, it is important that the fittings have rounded, safe shapes, and there are stoppers in the boxes. Thanks to this, not a single piece of furniture will shut off at lightning speed and will not pinch a finger.

If you have 2 children in one bedroom, you need to take a large-sized wall. Today there are even double-sided models that can be used for zoning. In such a wall, the cabinet doors open from 2 sides. In any case, there is enough space for things for everyone. Walls are produced and modular, so you can select the necessary elements. For example, buy only a wardrobe, a table and a pencil case. You can even purchase them in different color shades, which will complement the room with bright colors. It is mandatory to take into account the overall design of the child’s room and the child’s personal preferences.

What style to buy a wall

Children's furniture and especially the wall is not so different from adult. The only thing that catches your eye is bright colors. In fact, such furniture completely copies the style of ordinary models. In addition, as mentioned earlier, you need to maintain the design throughout the room. So, what kind of baby wall to choose for a particular style:

  1. Classic has long been considered the most used. Furniture in this case is selected in strict forms and simple designs. For the child you can buy bright colors. Note that this style involves the use of large space.
  2. Modern style involves the use of a variety of bright colors, but the wall design should be simple. Most often, in this case, models are acquired transformers. That is, during the day it can be a wardrobe and a table, and at night - a bed.
  3. Many parents prefer to make out an apartment in ethnic style. So why not buy a child the same wall? Moreover, it allows you to get closer to the cultures of other religions and countries, which will help in the development of the baby. East involves the study of Feng Shui, which can be an interesting topic for a child. The wall in this case is acquired intricate shapes and decorated with exotic pictures. On racks and shelves you can arrange mysterious figures, symbolizing the east.
  4. All beloved country suggests furniture extremely light shades, as close as possible to white. In general, this style conveys the simplicity and tranquility of the village. Therefore, the child will feel at peace.

Types of cabinets and tables

Children's wall can have different designs of cabinets. Например, угловую. В этом случае шкаф станет отличным продолжением стенки. Особенно востребованы подобные комплекты для небольшой комнаты. Шкаф-купе тоже позволяет экономить пространство за счет того, что дверцы имеют раздвижную систему. Тем более что такой шкаф обычно оснащается зеркальной поверхностью.Therefore, it is not necessary to install an additional mirror. There is also a wardrobe, which is transformed into a bed. Or there are models with a built-in bunk at the top of the closet. To climb up, the cabinet is set up on the side with steps that can serve as shelves. The table has different sizes, so you need to choose according to age.

Helpful advice

To diversify the children's room and give it the most modern look, you can equip the wall with lighting spot appliances. By the way, this can be done independently. To do this, you need to purchase an LED tape, rip a piece of paper from it and stick it on the surface of shelves / racks / cabinet with a sticky side. It is very convenient when the working area is illuminated with similar devices. But in this case it is necessary to connect electricity.