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5 week of pregnancy


5 week of pregnancy - significant in terms of fetal development. It weighs only 3.5 g and looks like an arched tube 4-7 mm long, but not only the head and tail, but also the rest of the body and organs are visible: the rudiments of arms, legs, fingers, eyes, mouth and nose crevices , auricles, upper respiratory tracts, liver and pancreas begin to form.

At week 5, the neural tube partially closes, from which the spine, spinal cord and brain and the entire central nervous system will be formed. This is facilitated by the intake of mom folic acid. It is very important to avoid stress during this period; each experience can be reflected in the baby. On days 20-22 after conception, just this week, a small, primitive heart performs its first strokes.

The first blood vessels of the embryo are formed, and he himself is surrounded by an amniotic fluid: from 5 weeks the metabolism between the mother and the future child is adjusted, now you are fully responsible for it, and it entirely depends on you, your nutrition, mood, actions.

Interestingly, you can already determine the blood type of the fetus. And at the 5th week of pregnancy, gonads, eggs and spermatozoa are formed - the sex of the unborn child was determined at the time of conception.

From this week, the uterus begins to increase noticeably in size, although outwardly this is not yet visible. Now it is shaped like an egg and can bulge from the side of the ovum, that is, it increases asymmetrically. Gradually, from the elongated it will become spherical. At week 5, the uterus is already enlarged enough so that an experienced gynecologist can feel these changes by touch and suggest the development of pregnancy.

Ultrasound in the 5th week of pregnancy

Accurately establish the size of the uterus and confirm the "diagnosis" will be able to ultrasound at 5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, they will tell you exactly how many fruits are developing inside you, exactly where they are attached, and they will also assess the condition of the uterus and, if necessary, make the necessary predictions. At the 5th week of pregnancy during an ultrasound, a good specialist with good equipment can already listen to the first heart rhythms of the embryo - more likely towards the end of the 5th week. This indicator, together with the motor activity of the fetus, will be used by the uzist to assess the life of the baby.

At the 5th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound scan will not show the expected weight of the child, or other parameters. Instead, the diameter of the fetal bladder is measured, and the CTE is the coccyx parietal size, that is, the length of the embryo from crown to coccyx. It is this “growth” of the fetus will be indicated during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, and after it will begin to measure in full growth - from crown to heel.

Signs and symptoms

The increasing uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder, so from the 5th week of pregnancy you will start to run to the toilet more often. This symptom, along with other signs, may suggest a woman about a probable pregnancy. Yes, and menstruation seems to have started a long time ago ... And then the chest aches, and the stomach, and the nausea became somehow stronger, but also the smells are all so sharp ...

In the 5th week of pregnancy, taste preferences may change, appetite may increase or disappear altogether, toxemia often begins to manifest itself, including vomiting that has begun - hormones are actively working.

Among the first signs and symptoms in the 5th week of pregnancy, a woman is also worried about headaches, weakness, fatigue, fatigue. She becomes more irritable and inattentive. These signs can manifest all together, only selectively or not at all to be felt - this is someone as lucky. But the most reliable and characteristic sign of a probable pregnancy is undoubtedly a delay in menstruation: it’s time to do a pregnancy test.

Changes that start in the body at the 5th week of pregnancy will certainly affect your breasts. It can only be a slight tingling sensation or irritation in the mammary glands that irritates you. As if there is something interfering. Breast on the 5th week of pregnancy can already itch and hurt, nipples become especially sensitive, which all together only increases your nervousness.

Some women already darken nipples in the early stages: do not worry, all these changes are passing, and when the time comes, they will disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

In addition, a venous mesh may appear on the chest - this is also the norm. But there is also some good news: from the 5th week of pregnancy, the breasts will gradually begin to round and grow in size - your husband will like it.

Despite the fact that there may be a large number of signs and symptoms in the 5th week of pregnancy, many women, if they experience them, more often expect delayed menstruation. Although, if there was a reason or hope to expect a pregnancy, then they observe, as a rule, almost all the symptoms at once.

Feelings at the 5th week of pregnancy can be very different: from happiness and joy to confusion and confusion. But if we talk about physiology, then, most likely, you will not feel in the best way. Most of all, fatigue and fatigue, constant sleepiness are noticeable, sometimes it even seems to a woman that she is about to get sick, and the temperature seems to be high. This condition is normal in early pregnancy. If you have already begun to annoy toxicosis, then there is nothing left but to learn how to deal with it and to suffer - by the 12th week the condition should improve. However, with frequent vomiting, a doctor should be consulted immediately!

If you still do not know about your pregnancy, but against the sensations described above, you want to sing, then cry, and beat dishes, and an irresistible desire to eat lemon gives way to a herring (even if it is smelly!), You can immediately go to a gynecologist - what is there already to spend on the purchase of the test.

Temperature at 5 weeks gestation

Weakness in the whole body and drowsiness may be accompanied by an increase in body temperature at 5 weeks of gestation to subfebrile marks - 37-37.2 C. This is a normal phenomenon associated with the active work of hormones. If your overall condition is satisfactory, then a low temperature at the 5th week of pregnancy should not be a cause for concern. The temperature increase is referred to as early pregnancy signs, although it is far from being observed in all newly pregnant women.

If the temperature rises to high elevations, and at the same time you observe other signs of a cold (cough, runny nose, headaches, sore throat), then you should immediately start to act: be careful, in the first trimester not only drugs but also many are prohibited folk remedies.

You may notice a change in your libido. Here, hormones behave very unpredictably: while in some women the attraction to a man completely disappears, others just think about it all day. If you do not see any signs that threaten your pregnancy (bloody discharge with nagging pains in the abdomen), then do not deny yourself intimate with your husband. Now the rule is: everything that does not harm and gives pleasure, is only for the benefit of you and the unborn child.

I have a stomachache

Another thing, if you feel pain in the lower abdomen, as if before menstruation. They indicate an increased tone of the uterus and the threat of abortion. Do not panic, many women experience this in the early stages. But you still need to take care: try to rest more, and in a horizontal position, do not be nervous, refuse to wear high heels, and also for the time being, provide yourself with sexual peace.

Perhaps the source of pain is not the uterus at all, but the intestines: it is such pains that intensify after prolonged sitting and squeezing of the abdomen. It is also possible that the sore pains on the sides of the abdomen are associated with the growth of the uterus and the tension of the muscles holding it. But if at the 5th week of pregnancy the stomach hurts as during menstruation, and these pains are accompanied by brown or bloody vaginal discharge, then it is a threat, and the situation requires the participation of a doctor.

The loin hurts

Such threatening lower abdominal pain may be accompanied by back pain or back pain during the 5th week of pregnancy. In addition, a brownish discharge usually appears from the vagina, as if menstruation begins.

If a woman does not yet know about the conception that took place, then, most likely, she will perceive such signs for the beginning of a new menstrual cycle. But if you already know, then do not pull: pain in the lower back and back in the 5th week of pregnancy is an alarming sign.


If you have a stomach ache and back in the 5th week of pregnancy, and vaginal bleeding suddenly begins, then there is no doubt that this is a miscarriage that has begun. Urgent travel to the hospital is necessary in any case: and if you want to keep the pregnancy, and if for some reason you will not do it. You must understand that a favorable outcome depends on how you now react to bleeding at 5 weeks of pregnancy. The odds of saving it are 50 to 50.

Note that the risks of abortion at 5 weeks are especially increased in women with high levels of male hormones (with a male-like physique, enhanced body hair growth or overweight) - this is recommended to be registered as soon as possible.

Monthly at 5 weeks gestation

However, the bleeding that does not always start is associated with abortion. More than 20% of pregnant women continue to have menstruation in the first months. They argue a lot about this, and this bleeding is called differently, but the fact remains. Sometimes a woman finds out about the onset of pregnancy already at 4-5 months precisely for this reason: every month, on the date of the expected menstruation, she has spotting, similar to menstruation. In obstetrics, this phenomenon is called "ablution of the fetus" or "color pregnancy."

However, in normal menstruation in the 5th week of pregnancy no longer occur. This is prevented by a high level of progesterone in the body of a woman.

So, we found out that any bleeding at the 5th week of pregnancy is not the norm and should attract attention. Stinging brownish discharge warns about the threat of abortion, bright red bloody discharge of varying intensity - about the beginning of miscarriage. Seeing a doctor in this case is a must!

You should also tell the gynecologist if you are seeing strange or unusual vaginal discharge. Yellow, green, grayish discharge can be a sign of infections and venereal diseases. If at the same time they cause you obvious discomfort - itching, burning, swelling and irritation of the genital organs - then the fact of the disease is evident. During pregnancy, thrush often worsens - this symptom is even counted as an early sign of pregnancy.

However, a change in the nature of the discharge at the 5th week of pregnancy does not necessarily indicate a bad one. During this period, the number of whites in the norm may increase. Increased production of vaginal mucus is associated with changes in hormonal levels. Just pay due attention to intimate hygiene, using only natural hypoallergenic products and cosmetics.

Thrush affects a woman because of the reduced immunity that occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy. For the same reason, future mothers are often vulnerable to viral and colds. A cold in the 5th week of pregnancy is a very undesirable phenomenon. Drugs can not be taken now, and it is undesirable to get sick: the severe course of a cold may not be the best way to affect the baby, because now such important processes in its development begin! So take care of yourself. And at the first sign of a cold, begin to drink vigorously warm liquid, gargle, flush your nose. But with the means, be careful: traditional medicine during pregnancy can also be dangerous.

Alcohol in the 5th week of pregnancy

If 2 weeks ago you could drink alcohol, because you didn’t know about pregnancy yet, and this “got away with it”, now alcohol should be excluded from your life. On this occasion, discussions between scientists, doctors and ordinary people do not stop. But the following remains unchanged: the embryo is already connected to you by the blood vessels and starts receiving from your body everything that goes there, including alcohol, at the 5th week of pregnancy. Can you calculate the safe dose for him. Of course, drinking a glass of wine is not a reason for abortion, but if we are talking about a conscious choice at this time, we recommend that you completely exclude any alcohol. By the way, pharmacists say that even alcohol-based drugs for pregnant women are prohibited. But there the amount of alcohol in general is scanty.

Nutrition at 5 weeks of pregnancy should undergo correction and changes in the direction of health. A change in appetite and taste preferences will sometimes force you to eat far from unhealthy foods - take it easy. If you "found" and you want something like that, then do not suffer, bring down the edge. But only a very small amount, just to soothe the soul and body. In general, your diet should consist of healthy foods and products: a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, greens - but certainly for the season. Be sure to ensure that on the table regularly appear fish, meat, cottage cheese, milk. Get a steamer - just an indispensable thing in a family with young children. Try to eat as little as possible fried, and also limit spicy and salty, so that in the future there will be no problems with the kidneys.

Nutrition in the 5th week of pregnancy must include foods containing folic acid, which must also be taken alone or in combination with other vitamins.

And do not limit yourself in the water - this is no longer advised for pregnant women.

Usually in the 5th week of pregnancy, a woman only learns the news from the test results. Not everybody runs to the gynecologist right after that, and in most cases they are not yet registered so early. But if there is a threat of abortion, as well as when registering tests at 5 weeks of pregnancy will be mandatory. This is a general analysis of urine and blood, the determination of Rh factor and blood group, hemostasiogram (test for blood clotting), tests for the detection of infections (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis) and others. With the existing threat, a quantitative analysis of urine for hCG can be assigned.

However, the level of hCG can be determined for diagnostic purposes - to confirm pregnancy. Already on day 12 after conception, the analysis will show an increased serum hCG concentration, although by the end of week 5 it may already be enough in the urine to determine pregnancy with a simple home test, but this is not at all necessary.

Another significant analysis with the threat of interruption may be the determination of progesterone level. This hormone creates favorable conditions for the preservation and development of pregnancy, in particular, relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus. When its amount is lowered, pregnancy is at risk.

Obstetric and Fetal Term

To determine the duration of pregnancy, one must understand the differences in obstetric and fetal terms.

  • Obstetric - term, calculated from the first day of extreme menstruation. In medicine, counting, relying on this system,
  • Fetal - the period of fertilization. The countdown begins with the day of conception of the child.

Under the 5 obstetric week of pregnancy means the third week of pregnancy from the moment of conception. Since the beginning of the last month is exactly 5 weeks.

The fifth obstetric week of pregnancy is the period when pregnancy is easy to detect with the help of hCG.

Signs and sensations

What happens in the 5th week of pregnancy, what are the feelings accompany the girl? What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

In previous weeks, the symptoms could have been implicit, without bringing any discomfort. In the fifth week, all signs become aggravated.

The following signs are characteristic for the 5th week of pregnancy:

  • Lack of menstruation,
  • Slight deviation of body temperature from the norm
  • Pulling sensations in the abdomen, most often below,
  • Increased sensitivity and odor intolerance,
  • Fatigue,
  • Slight increase in breast volume.

Referring to this list, most likely you will correctly recognize the body prompts. But also the absence of any signs at this stage is possible You can get around so toxicity and fatigue so hated by all women. Toxicosis becomes uncommon in the 5th week of pregnancy.

On the 5th obstetric week of pregnancy important events occur for the formation of the baby. Symptoms of pregnancy are also detected in the later periods, or do not appear at all. The body's response to increased hormones can be unpredictable: a mother can feel both a breakdown and high tide.

Changes in the body

На 5 неделе беременности происходят перемены в связи с растущим плодом. На этом этапе можно наблюдать повышение массы тела. При сильном токсикозе вес снижается.

Базальная температура на 5 неделе беременности остаётся повышенной с момента зачатия. При угрозе выкидыша температура начнёт снижаться, поэтому важно её измерять.

Allocations become more abundant, but do not worry about this, if they do not cause trouble: this is the norm. The main thing is that the discharge should be light or transparent, but definitely not bloody. In this case, consult a doctor immediately. Blood discharge at 5 weeks gestation can signal the possibility of miscarriage and bleeding. Do not be afraid: bleeding may also be due to the fact that the monthly is still going on. Consult with the gynecologist.

Brown discharge at 5 weeks gestation informs about the chance of an ectopic pregnancy. Greenish discharge, similar to mucus, speaks of genital infections. This can badly affect the fetus.
Pink spotting and daubing at 5 weeks of pregnancy are accompanied by a change in the structure of the tissues of the vagina and cervix.

During pregnancy, the hormones progesterone and estrogen are produced - they smooth out the tone of the uterus and prepare the mammary glands for milk production. In this regard, the breast may increase slightly or in several sizes. Among other things, the breast at 5 weeks of pregnancy becomes sensitive. Unpleasant sensations usually pass, the chest stops hurting, but it is possible that the rez in the chest will last the entire pregnancy. The areola may darken, and the veins on the skin will become clearer. At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases. Because of this, there is a pulling feeling above the pubis, the urge to the toilet is increasing. The uterus is pressing against the bladder.

On the stomach often manifested pigmented band. All these changes may occur at a later date.

Fruit and its development

Despite the little pronounced changes, the fetus is quickly formed. At the 5th week of pregnancy, the organs of the unborn child are laid in it. The embryo at obstetric week of pregnancy is a small arc of not more than 7 mm. Its mass is about 4 grams. The fetus has organs that ensure its comfortable existence inside the uterus and in later life.

Fetus in the fifth week of pregnancy is not a simple set of cells, it is the birth of a small person with emerging limbs, parts of the face. Formed upper respiratory tract, liver, spleen, the spine also begins to manifest itself (the main skeleton is laid). Genital cells are produced, which then move to the baby's genitals and are divided into eggs and sperm.

In the future child in the fifth week of pregnancy, blood vessels appear in which blood flows, and around the twentieth day the heart beats. Stem cells are formed inside the blood vessels.

At this time, the fetus feeds on substances coming from the maternal organism. This week will form a valuable bond between the child and his mother. A primary placenta appears, which provides the fetus with all the useful nutrients it promotes the growth of the baby and its healthy development.

To confirm pregnancy, should be tested. At this time you can undergo an ultrasound. The abbreviation stands for ultrasound examination of the body using special waves. The possibilities of ultrasound in the 5th week of pregnancy are quite broad: it can directly reveal not only the fertilized egg, but also the yellow sac in it.

At the end of the 5th week of pregnancy, the baby becomes like a small thin strip about two millimeters in size. The heart of the child is already beating, which means it is possible to follow its ripple.

Most often, it is during this period that women find out that they are pregnant. With this help determine pregnancy tests. You should not be limited only to them: it is better to go for an ultrasound. Tests can show a positive result in ectopic pregnancy, and this carries a great danger.

The examination is carried out using a sensor that is inserted into the vagina. It helps to better view the uterus and eliminate ectopic pregnancy. Girls usually undergo an ultrasound for the first time when pregnancy is suspected. Do not be afraid of infections: a condom is put on the sensor.

Before ultrasound in obstetric week of pregnancy, be sure to drink about one and a half liters of water. Diagnosis is carried out with a full bladder. You can not drink this amount of water if the sensor is inserted into the vagina. Women with various diseases need more frequent ultrasounds than healthy ones.

During pregnancy, hormone is produced by chorion tissue after embryo is attached on about the eighth day of fertilization. This hormone is one of the most significant for determining a healthy pregnancy. Chorionic gonadotropin, abbreviated hCG, begins to be produced from the first hours of pregnancy and grows rapidly. The hormone secretes the placenta.

The hCG test at 5 weeks gestation is a more reliable pregnancy detection test than others, and helps determine fertilization of an egg at a very early period. This hormone is an indicator of the presence or absence of abnormalities in the developing fetus. The norm for hCG at the 5th week of pregnancy is 7650 - 229000 mIU / ml.

A blood test for this test should preferably be given on an empty stomach.

Nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition in the 5th week of pregnancy should be correct and balanced. What you need to eat? Fried dishes should be replaced by steam, because they retain more nutrients.

Do not give up stews. To the maximum excluded from the diet should be salt, sugar and sweets. In a balanced diet should be meat. Healthy fats can be obtained from nuts, which are preferable to eat in the morning. They will give energy for the day.

Also important are fruits and vegetables that contain the necessary nutrients. No need to give up dairy products.

Food should be varied, so that all the beneficial substances enter the body. For the healthy development of the fetus products should contain folic acid, vegetable proteins, fresh greens.

The body in the fifth week of pregnancy must be obtained in the right amount of iodine and magnesium, they are contained in bananas and sea kale. Some foods can be replaced with vitamins. For example, chimes are often prescribed during pregnancy: it saves the life of the fetus if the mother is diagnosed with placental insufficiency. This drug has positive reviews.

If you want to eat something sweet - do not limit yourself, otherwise it will lead to unnecessary stress.

Sex on the 5th week of pregnancy

Can I have sex on the 5th week of pregnancy? If sex is not contraindicated by a doctor, then it will bring a positive effect, because endorphins are produced.

Contraindications for sex can be abundant secretions, possible detachment of the embryo and low placentation. It is impossible to harm the fetus during sex - at this time it is located far from the cervix.

Before deciding to have sex, consult your doctor.

Bad habits

Women often learn about pregnancy at this time. At week 5, the foundations are laid for changing a child. This period is extremely significant for the baby. Alcohol will hinder the healthy development of the child. After all, he already formed the original organs, and even the heart beats.

Smoking often leads to miscarriage, it is harmful to the respiratory system of the fetus. Do not once again risk the health of the child.

Miscarriage is spontaneous interruption of gestation for up to 22 weeks. Miscarriage at week 5 is considered early.

Causes of miscarriage at this time:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system,
  • Genetic diseases,
  • Hormonal disbalance,
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Impaired immunity.

Symptoms of miscarriage are cramps and abdominal pain, bleeding, dizziness and fever.

There is also the risk of a frozen pregnancy: this is the death of the embryo, but without miscarriage. For the body is dangerous infection. To provoke a miscarriage in the 5th week of pregnancy is possible by folk methods: bay leaf, iodine. In addition, there are drugs.

At week 5, an ectopic pregnancy is dangerous, and its consequences can be bleeding. In this pregnancy, fetal attachment occurs outside the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous to health, it can lead to death.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy at week 5:

  • Bleeding,
  • Cramping pain
  • Chills.

Various diseases can be a risk for pregnant women. If you have a toothache at the 5th week of pregnancy, you should go to the dentist. It is recommended to treat teeth from the sixth week.

What is fraught with herpes in the 5th week of pregnancy? Transmission of herpes to a child is rare. If herpes is inflamed in the early period, childbirth will be normal. The virus during pregnancy is not transmitted to the fetus.

When diarrhea at 5 weeks of pregnancy is important to calm down, excessive nervousness increases diarrhea. All actions should be aimed at stabilizing the state. If diarrhea at 5 weeks of pregnancy manifests with toxicosis, then it does not require taking any important measures.

A cold in early pregnancy is dangerous. When she is at the 5th week of pregnancy, it is necessary to immediately take measures: be vigilant, not only most of the pills, but also many traditional methods are prohibited in the early stages.

When diagnosing polyps at week 5, pregnancy is conducted according to a special tactic. Your task is not to ignore the symptoms.

If you want to relax during pregnancy and fly south, check with your doctor. Without contraindications flight in the 5th week of pregnancy is allowed.

5 weeks gestation is an important time for healthy fetal development. Try to be less nervous and sad, and your baby will definitely please you!

Methods for calculating the duration of pregnancy

In gynecological practice, an obstetric method of counting is used - the duration of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation. The embryonic method has a discrepancy with the obstetric technique in 2 weeks, and considers the gestation period from the day of ovulation, approximately from the middle of the cycle.

Some women are counting their pregnancy from the day they delayed menstruation, when they received visual confirmation of their pregnancy.

If we take into account all these techniques, then the fifth week from conception is equal to the seventh obstetric week of pregnancy. The fifth week from the date of delayed menstruation is equal to the ninth week according to the obstetric technique. The following information for the most part focuses on the medical point of view.

Exact Definition of Pregnancy

Now the pharmacy test will show the exact result.

To study passed in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, there are several rules:

The definition of pregnancy is carried out at any time of the day, but most accurately the morning study.

The second strip may not appear immediately, but after a short period of time, so it makes sense to temporarily remove the test strip in the box.

It is desirable to repeat the result obtained after 1-2 days, you can do it twice.

Hormones and analyzes

The yellow body of the ovary at week 5 produces the most important hormones of pregnancy - estrogen and progesterone. Reduced concentration of progesterone can put the pregnancy in danger of being interrupted, as this hormone prevents the uterus from contracting, relaxing its muscle layer. The chorion, or fetal membrane, actively produces a specific hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin.

The determination of hCG in the urine or serum will confirm the presence of the pregnancy with 100% accuracy. If the repeated blood test showed a decrease in the concentration of hCG after its preliminary increase, this may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

If a woman is facing the threat of termination of pregnancy, or she has decided to register with the antenatal clinic, an obstetrician-gynecologist will prescribe the following tests:

General blood analysis,

General urine analysis,

Determination of blood type and rhesus factor

Analysis for the determination of blood clotting (coagulogram).

With the threat of miscarriage, they add quantitative urine analysis for hCG.

How the fetus develops - the size and functioning of the organs

At this stage of pregnancy, the tiny embryo crosses an important frontier - it begins separation from non-embryonic organs. Outwardly, it looks like a small tadpole or a tube curled by an arc. The rudiments of the limbs and fingers and toes are already marked, the head is outlined with eyes, mouth opening, pits instead of ears. It is on the 5th obstetric week that the reproductive organs and germ cells are laid. Depending on the sex of the embryo, which was determined at week 4, these are future sperm or eggs.

Embryo tissue layers for organ formation:

Ectoderm (outer layer) - medullary or neural tube, giving rise to nerves, brain, spine, as well as skin, hair, tooth enamel, sweat and breasts,

Mesoderm (middle layer) - heart, circulatory system, bone skeleton, muscles, cartilage, subcutaneous tissue,

Endoderm (inner layer) - lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland, urinary system.

The fetus has its own blood group, begins to develop its circulatory system. The embryo, which has only 2 mm in length, already has a heart beating. Clearly, the heartbeat can be heard only at 7 weeks of gestation, while still uneven and irregular beats are indistinguishable by the most sensitive equipment. The formation of the primordia of the liver and pancreas, larynx, and trachea began.

Significant changes occur in the neural tube of the fetus - the prototype of the future central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. Its middle sections are closed, and sections of future muscle and bone tissue are formed and differentiated throughout the neural tube. An important role in the proper formation of the nervous system is played by a sufficient amount of folic acid, obtained by the future mother. Its lack in the future may affect the development of the child’s intellectual and motor function, causing developmental defects.

At the 5th obstetric week, the placenta is formed, through the umbilical cord and the baby’s place where the fetus will receive food until the birth, and waste products.

It is important to maintain a positive emotional attitude, because there is already a connection between the mother and the child, for whom positive emotions are only beneficial. There are research data on the development of desirable and unwanted children, for whose mothers the news of pregnancy has become negative. The desired children, since the period of intrauterine development, developed more actively, had a minimum of developmental pathologies, and the birth was less traumatic.

Video about the development of the fetus at 5 weeks of pregnancy:

Feelings of a pregnant woman in week 5

At this period, significant mood swings can be felt - from euphoria on the most insignificant occasion to irritability over trifles, turning into a depressive state. The physical condition of each woman is individual - some do not notice any changes, while others constantly want to sleep, get tired quickly, it is not easy for them to concentrate.

With an unstable menstrual cycle, some women still may not be aware of their “interesting” position, writing off the menstruation delay to its fluctuations.

However, most often, such signs of pregnancy appear that are hard to miss:

Loss or increase in appetite

Increased salivation or "runny nose pregnant"

Breast swelling and darkening of the areola of the mammary glands,

Acute smell perception,

A clear selection of strips of skin from the navel to the pubis.

The reason for all these changes is the hormonal alteration of the female body.

Video about symptoms and sensations at the 5th week of pregnancy, about possible pains and preparation for the visit to the doctor:

Toxicosis of pregnancy

Early toxicosis does not have to manifest with debilitating vomiting or persistent nausea. Most often, these are minor manifestations, intolerance to odors or certain products. This category includes protein foods, fried foods, fast food. If the latter two categories and so are not recommended for feeding pregnant women, then the lack of proteins can adversely affect the development of the fetus.

Meat, poultry, eggs can be temporarily replaced with nuts and legumes. Another option is to introduce proteins in a small amount so that the smell of meat, for example, overlaps with the flavor of the garnish. Milk can also be part of unacceptable dishes, although it is an important source of calcium. In this case, it is worth trying to replace it with fermented milk products, or vegetable and fruit juices, salads.

Rules of nutrition in toxicosis:

It is advisable to have breakfast without getting out of bed,

The morning meal should contain juice, juice, fruit such as a banana or an apple,

After breakfast, you need to lie down for a while, not getting up right out of bed,

It is advisable to carry a light snack in the form of cookies, a piece of cheese, in order to use it in case of symptoms of toxicosis.

Indomitable vomiting in case of early toxicosis is a reason for going to the doctor and treatment in the hospital. Nausea with early toxicosis can last up to 11-12 weeks with singleton pregnancy, up to 14-16 weeks with a multiple variant.

Еще один яркий симптом раннего токсикоза – это изжога, возникающая из-за снижения тонуса гладкой мускулатуры. Этот симптом обусловлен гормональной перестройкой, действием прогестерона на тонус матки и всех внутренних органов. The muscles of the esophagus and stomach are weakened, a small amount of gastric juice is thrown into the esophagus. This symptom disappears in the 4th month of pregnancy.

Video about early toxicosis at the 5th week of pregnancy, about the features of fetal development:

Vaginal discharge - norm and pathology

The high level of progesterone in the 5th week of pregnancy makes it impossible for other eggs to develop, menstruation does not occur, which is an endometrial rejection. Any bleeding in this period is a reason for medical consultation. Some women observe a slight discharge, red or brown, against the background of pregnancy. If the threat of ectopic pregnancy is excluded, this discharge may indicate a deficiency of progesterone. Normally, in the 5th week of pregnancy, vaginal discharge is similar to thick, transparent mucus, which stands out a little more than the normal rate.

Cheesy, in the form of flakes,

Yellow or greenish,

With an unpleasant smell.

It is possible that these are signs of thrush, or vaginal candidiasis, which arose against the background of hormonal adjustment and reduced immunity. She is treated on an outpatient basis with a sexual partner. If thrush is excluded, such vaginal secretions can be a sign of sexually transmitted diseases and require immediate treatment.

Pain in the abdomen and lower back

In the 5th week of pregnancy, the uterus may periodically be in good shape. Women feel this condition in the form of a pulling pain in the lower abdomen. If such manifestations occur frequently or are accompanied by bloody discharge, the risk of miscarriage should be excluded. With timely treatment to the doctor, pregnancy can be maintained.

Another cause of lower abdominal pain may be an increase in the uterus. It changes its location, becomes spherical, puts pressure on the internal organs: the intestines, the bladder. Shifting the center of gravity causes lower back pain. It is desirable during this period to rest more in the prone position, not to wear shoes with high heels.

Pregnancy hormones exert their influence on the internal organs, in particular, the outflow of bile from their gallbladder is disturbed, which can also cause abdominal pain. Attaching a temperature to a painful symptom in the lower back indicates the onset of pyelonephritis. If the pain is localized on the right or left of the abdomen, it is possible to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, below in the projection of the uterus - missed abortion. These conditions require immediate examination and treatment in the hospital.

Strengthen your back muscles with the help of physical therapy.

Pregnancy and miscarriage

The state when the embryo stops its development, and placental detachment and rejection of the ovum does not occur is called missed abortion. It is accompanied by bloody or succinic secretions. Pregnancy may pose a risk to the life and health of a woman, as there is a high risk of infection of the pelvic organs. When confirming the diagnosis, the doctor takes steps to remove the ovum.

An unviable fetus with malformations at week 5 may cause miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion.

Violations of the hormonal background of a woman

Genetically caused diseases,

Female infections

Somatic diseases incompatible with pregnancy

Emotional overload, stress,

Side effects of drugs

History of abortion

Overheating in the bath, sauna.

Women with higher levels of male sex hormones, overweight and male-built physique, as well as overweight women are more likely to be at risk.


Unwanted pregnancy can be interrupted by the following methods:

Medical abortion - taking medications to stimulate miscarriage, applies up to 6 weeks of pregnancy

Mini-abortion, or vacuum abortion - abortion through the use of a vacuum suction under the control of an ultrasound, is applied up to 5 weeks of pregnancy,

Surgical abortion - curettage of the uterus, used up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

For the period of 5 weeks, the first two methods are most often used. Vacuum abortion is performed under the action of an anesthetic drug for 10 minutes. Rehabilitation after a mini-abortion occurs fairly quickly, with a minimum of complications.

Medical abortion is carried out under the supervision of a physician, and is considered to be the safest method to date.

Diseases in the 5th week of pregnancy

A slight rise in temperature due to the action of progesterone. If a small hyperthermia is not accompanied by signs of a viral disease, this is normal. Due to a temporary decrease in immunity, a woman at week 5 may feel signs of other, truly dangerous pathologies.

Diseases - treatment tactics:

Cold, colds, acute respiratory infections - it is undesirable to take medications, you need to drink plenty of water, rinse the nose with sea water, gargle with herbs and soda solution. Selection of folk remedies carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Viruses can cause abortion.

Diarrhea - it can be caused by poisoning, gastrointestinal diseases, infections of the digestive tract, helminthiasis, lack of digestive enzymes, disorders of the regulatory function of the nervous system. Accurate diagnosis of the cause of the diarrhea and treatment is required.

Herpes - the herpes virus is activated by reducing the immunity of a pregnant woman, manifesting itself in rashes on the skin of the face and body, on the mucous membranes. For the treatment using local antiviral drugs. If a herpes infection occurs during pregnancy, the risk of a virus penetrating through the placental barrier and the appearance of fetal malformations increases. Herpes present in the mother before pregnancy will not harm the embryo protected by the maternal antibodies.

Runny nose - a frequent occurrence in pregnant women, its type - vasomotor rhinitis, occurs due to hormonal changes of the nasal mucosa. It passes on its own after childbirth. The viral variety of rhinitis is not treated with vasoconstrictor drops due to the risk of capillary spasm of the placenta and the occurrence of fetal hypoxia. The nose is washed with infusions of herbs and preparations with sea water. (See also: Runny nose during pregnancy in 1, 2 and 3 trimester)

Air travel

At this stage of pregnancy there are no serious contraindications for the prohibition of air travel. If this journey does not give negative feelings to a pregnant woman, flying on an airplane is not dangerous. However, it must be borne in mind that a long flight of many hours can cause an abortion. The effects of toxicity after exercise during takeoff and landing may increase. In this case, the individual characteristics of the organism should be taken into account.

Recommendations for the formation of a diet

The main direction of building a diet is the desire to saturate it with healthy and healthy products: fruits and vegetables, fresh greens, fish, and dairy products. It is better to replace sweets with marshmallow and marshmallow, to compensate for the lack of fruit with dried fruits, not to use soda and foods with dyes and sweeteners.

If the body requires unusual products, which is often the case at this stage of pregnancy, do not give up those desires. Most often, the minimum portion of the "unhealthy" dish is enough to satisfy the food whim. Such an amount of food will not lead to health problems, but will become a kind of psycho-emotional support.

It is most important to use folic acid and vitamin B during the formation of the central nervous system.9. Selecting a vitamin-mineral complex, it is worth, based on the recommendations of the doctor of the antenatal clinic. Modern tools with a full range of vitamins and minerals will be a significant support in the formation of the motor and intellectual abilities of the child.