How to start a healthy lifestyle and weight loss? How to start a healthy lifestyle?


A healthy lifestyle is the basis of both physical and spiritual health. Many have heard about it, read it, because now it is a trend, but at the same time not all people fully understand what a healthy lifestyle is.

Most people who begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, abandon this venture within a few weeks, and some every other day. Their desire to become healthier and change their lives is quickly fading away and disappears through lack of motivation and the wrong approach.

How often did you give yourself a promise to start a healthy lifestyle from tomorrow?

You started to adhere to a certain regime, eat right, play sports, but you didn’t have enough for a long time.

Or do you have a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle for a long time, but you do not know where to start, you do not have full guidance and ideas on what healthy lifestyle?

When I first decided to lead a healthy lifestyle - I thought it was easy. Then it seemed to me that a healthy lifestyle is the absence of bad habits, not eating after six and playing sports 1-2 times a week. But that's not all!

A healthy lifestyle is a conscious choice of everyone, as you begin to think and analyze what you eat, what you do, you understand what is harmful to your health.

A healthy body is a product of common sense!

You just need to take and start

The media is already crowded with various articles and reports, the purpose of which is to convey to people the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle. However, readers all these attempts are perceived as boring and well-known teachings. They do not believe in success. But experts continue to insist that a correct lifestyle is necessary. Due to it you can maintain your health. It remains only to begin to reckon with your body. But lack of willpower.

Have a desire to start a healthy lifestyle? You should not postpone it until later, on Monday or on some other date. Start to do everything today and now. The main thing is to overcome yourself and begin to translate your desire into life.

What conditions should I read?

How to start a healthy lifestyle? First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the basic conditions that go hand in hand with it. No weight loss, if you strive for it, not just health or energy - nothing will be achieved if you do not comply with the following conditions.

  1. It is required to get up early. But for this you need to lie down much earlier than we are used to. The most sound sleep is the period from 22 to 2 o'clock at night. After that, it is only superficial.
  2. How to start a healthy lifestyle? Movement required. It should be a lot.
  3. It is necessary to take into account the rules of nutrition in their daily life:
  • Eat everything that contains a lot of energy (sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, oranges, eggs, almonds, salmon).
  • It is necessary to eat a little, at the required time and in the right combination.
  • Need to constantly drink fresh water. On the day it should be consumed about 3 liters.
  • Every day you need to remove toxins from the body.
  • You should do a serious business that will benefit you.

What to do in the morning?

How to start the day, choosing a healthy lifestyle? After you get up in the morning, carefully clean your mouth, as well as your nostrils and ears. Use a teaspoon to clean the tongue well. As experts advise, you need about 10 minutes to walk barefoot on the grass. However, not all courtyards have grass, and in winter time this rule will not work. In such a situation, just need about 10 minutes to trample in cold water. You can pour it into the bathroom or in a large enough basin. Reduce the temperature of the water should be gradually. The purpose of this event is to temper the body. After the procedure is finished, wipe your feet dry and put on your socks.

Simple but effective actions

How to start a healthy lifestyle? You can massage your head with your fingers or a nylon brush. This should be done until such time as a surge of heat throughout the body begins to be felt. Wipe your body using a wet towel. After that, you can feel a surge of energy, freshness and vigor.

After all the above steps, you can take a shower. It is necessary to alternate cold jets with hot ones: about 15 seconds to cool water and one minute to warm enough.

Movement required

At least half of the road to work must pass a quick step. And it is best to choose the route where there will be as few meetings with vehicles as possible. Naturally, not everyone can boast of having time to carry out all the above procedures before starting work. However, this requires a healthy lifestyle. How to start it? Plan your morning so that you can perform at least some of the procedures. And if there is still time for gymnastics, then it will generally be good. If not, the set of exercises can be transferred to the evening. Throughout the day, watch your posture.

How to start a healthy lifestyle? You should list the main actions that are definitely not redundant in your endeavors.

Action number 1. Get rid of habits that are not good

You need to realize your bad habits. They can be quite a lot. To them, besides the well-known, can be attributed to the constant lack of sleep, and completely the wrong food, and a rare pastime in the fresh air. The listing will be quite lengthy. It is necessary to recognize that you have such habits. Therefore, do not shift the transition to a healthy lifestyle for later. With age, a large number of restrictions appear, which will negatively affect attempts to change the usual foundations.

How to start a healthy lifestyle? Make a list of your not very good habits. Its name should demonstrate your desire to get rid of all these unnecessary attachments. You should also indicate the reason. You need to understand why you want to give up bad habits.

Action number 2. Where did the not very good habits come from?

It is necessary to determine the reason for your bad habits. There are situations when they appear just from scratch, due to unfavorable circumstances. It is easier to get rid of such habits. But the situation may become much more complicated if they are closely related to the circle of your communication. In addition, a person can be completely sure that without this habit it will be quite difficult for him to live. How to start a healthy lifestyle? You should think about what is more important for you, trying to abandon the usual actions. Do not be afraid. In fact, everything is not as scary as it may seem at first glance. We must try to find alternative solutions, trying to give up bad habits and replacing them with something more useful.

Action number 3. Be aware of your goal completely

You need to clearly understand what you need. You will also need to develop a plan to achieve your goal. It should be quite detailed. Proper lifestyle should begin with ongoing personal planning. It is very important to carefully think through and analyze the goals of your life, regardless of whether they are short-lived or not. Try to develop a detailed plan, which will describe how exactly they should be achieved. Think carefully about how your life can be more joyful and prosperous. There may be such that some plans should be postponed for later for the sake of more important actions.

So, the beginning of a healthy lifestyle should fall on the process of writing a list of goals, plans to achieve them. You can create an algorithm of actions that will be designed for several years. A plan is also needed in which actions aimed at a transition to a healthy lifestyle will be described.

Action number 4. Expanding your interests is important.

It is necessary to expand the range of their interests and communication. Do not expect that in the transition to a healthy lifestyle with you will remain absolutely all your friends. There are those who will cease to fully communicate with you in the absence of more common interests. To get out of this situation, you need to expand the circle of your friends. First of all, you should really get carried away with something new. Gradually, new acquaintances will begin coming to life who will fully share your interests. In the end, life is completely transformed, becoming more vivid and interesting.

Action number 5. What problem do numerous reviews indicate?

Healthy lifestyle - where to start? Feedback from those people who were able to achieve this goal suggests that it is necessary to be aware that not everything can be achieved without a hitch. Some things should be done gradually. From all bad habits immediately get rid of it will not work. You just need to start adding something new and useful to your life. In one fell swoop, life cannot be made useful. If you do not have the strength to abandon the old habits, replacing them with something more useful and new, then you need to think about the reasons for this behavior. You should try to find a compromise without forcing yourself. First of all, you need to switch to something that is not relevant to the issue under consideration. For example, you can always buy comfortable walking shoes.

Action number 6. Development must be regular

It is necessary to constantly improve, while continuing to improve your life. We must constantly analyze how you behave every day, your habits. Try to improve by finding the best solutions for emerging issues. It may be possible to detect a bad habit, the existence of which you did not even think. Immediately try to analyze the situation and destroy the identified deficiencies.

The importance of proper nutrition and drinking

Healthy lifestyle - where to start? Food should be right. After all, you - this is what you eat. And if you want to be healthy and feel cheerful even in advanced years, then you need to eat only healthy food. You should familiarize yourself with the following components of a healthy diet.

  1. Food should include 15% protein. You can eat beef, chicken, seafood, etc.
  2. In the diet should be about 35% fat. This element is in everything except liquid, fruits and vegetables taken separately. The daily rate of vegetable oil should not exceed 20 grams, animal fat - not more than 10 grams.
  3. In the food should be about 50% of carbohydrates. 40% of them must be complicated. To do this, eat vegetables, cereals and fruits. The remaining 10% comes from monosaccharides. Under them should be understood juices, soft drinks, pastries, bananas.

Some experts say that about 40 milliliters of liquid should be administered per day for 1 kilogram of body weight. Half of this dose falls on solid food, the rest - on drinks. If you feed yourself correctly, you can look fresher. However, you should not get involved.

Sport - the best way to lose calories

If you have a question about how to start a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, then you should think about sports. Remember that one gram of fat contains 9 calories. And in order to deal with a hundred grams of unnecessary substance, you should put at least 900 calories.

Half of the work is simply to start. If you have not yet entered the sporting path, then you should start from a small one. In the morning you can do gymnastics. It is also worth considering the use of stairs, rather than an elevator.

It is important to control your emotions.

Learn to manage your own emotional state. Do not be upset and explode on a variety of trivia. You should try to deal with emerging issues with a philosophical approach. Be friendly towards others. And this in combination with the above actions and recommendations will help to find harmony with the world. Yes, and the physical condition will be just great.

Without the right motivation, the dream will remain a dream.

Summarizing all of the above, we should note one simple factor, without which it is unlikely to be able to cope with the task. Do you want to later tell your friends, children or grandchildren stories about "How did I start to lead a healthy lifestyle?" Then learn how to motivate yourself correctly. Without the desire to achieve a healthy lifestyle will remain just a dream.

There are a variety of ways to motivate. These are images with perfect forms for you, and the presence of a dress that will be several sizes smaller. Or maybe you have a loved one for whom you can achieve your goal? It is very important to find a good incentive that will be effective and will not allow eating chips lying on the couch instead of jogging. If you wish, you will be able to achieve your goals, regardless of complexity. Good luck with your intentions!

Why can not change life

For many, the desire to start a new life remains a dream - there are excuses, the start is postponed for a day, a week, a month. Why it happens? Among the main reasons, psychologists point out a "sharp start". For older people, a sudden lifestyle change can lead to a stressful situation. A sudden change in the life schedule - training, proper nutrition - will only cause a feeling of fatigue, lack of confidence in the correctness of actions and their own success. As a result, a person quits what he has started and returns to his usual life.

It is important! To succeed and truly make a difference in life for the better, it is important to begin with psychological preparation and the search for motivation. The concept of "healthy lifestyle" should not be a simple set of words, but the principle of existence.

Where to begin? Psychologists recommend using such a technique as visualization - imagine yourself updated - beautiful, healthy, happy. This will be the first step to a new world.


Take a piece of paper and a hand, write down all the points of your own transformation - internal and external, select for each stage a certain time - this stimulates.

Audiobook "Time Drive" by a leading time-management specialist Gleb Arkhangelsky will undoubtedly get your attention if you seriously decide to organize your time.

  • make a list of habits to get rid of,
  • instead of each bad habit, invent a new hobby or hobby,
  • paint a new daily routine, but change it gradually, be sure to take time to relax and sport.

It is important! The most important success factor is the right emotional attitude. Believe that everything will work out and the goal will be achieved.

Proper power system

We recommend to get acquainted with the work of the psychotherapist Dr. Mirkin. He believes that in order to start living - you need to quit .... there is! Interesting research, supported by experience.

A healthy lifestyle for older people depends largely on what is included in the daily diet. In this matter, you need to change the attitude to food. Make a menu in such a way as to find a compromise between healthy and tasty dishes. Already after a few months the code will become cleaner, the extra kilos will melt. Read more about healthy eating here.

The last meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. The maximum interval between meals is 6 hours.

It is important! Do not make a common mistake - start starving, it will lead to physical and emotional exhaustion.

The human body gradually gets used to a certain rhythm of life. The question is how to start a healthy lifestyle and make the body rebuild?

First of all, write down on paper - what an ideal day should be for you:

  • to wake up and eat at the same time every day,
  • sleep should be at least 7 hours
  • Be sure to take the time to communicate with your family and favorite hobby.

Remember that after a hard day of work must end with psychological and emotional relaxation. What could it be? Consider combining a pleasant vacation with a healthy sport. Get a subscription to the pool, tennis club or go bowling with friends.

It is important! Many, wondering how to start a healthy lifestyle, mistakenly believe that this is, above all, a rejection of pleasure. Success can be achieved only by feeling the pleasure and enjoyment of new sensations and rules. New daily routine should not be a burden.

Read more about the daily routine of a successful person in this article.

Get support

It is much easier to change when you are supported by friends, relatives. There are much more chances to “break off” when people from the inner circle do not support, but on the contrary - persuade them to abandon the diet, drink at the festival, skip the workout.

How to start a healthy lifestyle when there are such people around? First of all, it is necessary to temporarily limit communication with them, until the new regime enters the habit. Научитесь культурно и вежливо отказывать и одновременно с этим – благодарить за поддержку. О секретах межличностных отношений читайте в этой рубрике.

It is important! Постарайтесь найти группу единомышленников и старайтесь проводить в их обществе как можно больше времени.Here you will be offered moral support and will be prompted - how to transform life and yourself as quickly and easily as possible.

Spiritual balance

Give yourself a word that you will no longer be upset over trifles. Take life philosophically - if the situation cannot be changed, then you should not worry about it. Try to find something positive and good in each event.

It is important! It is much easier to rebuild and build a new life, taking everything with a positive and a smile. Psychologists advise to "grow spiritually," that is, learn not to succumb to a bad mood.


Be sure to set aside time for caring for yourself - visit the spas, indulge yourself with beauty treatments, massages, take a relaxing bath. This is necessary not only to maintain external attractiveness, but also for spiritual harmony and tranquility. Looking after his appearance, a person is distracted from worries, relaxes and calms down. Be sure to follow the purity of hair and hands, because external purity entails internal purity and organizes thoughts.

It is important! Make it a rule to go to the sauna - this is an effective and pleasant way to prevent various pathologies and a full, relaxing stay.

Disease prevention

If we are talking about a healthy lifestyle, we should not miss such an important point as physical fitness. It is much easier to prevent the disease than to spend time, effort and money on its treatment in the future.
First of all, if possible, protect yourself from external negative factors and give up bad habits. Ventilate the room regularly, even in winter, practice hardening, but do it gradually, starting with rubbing. Strengthen immunity. Excellent disease prevention - yoga. This Eastern practice supports physical and emotional health, but in this matter you need to be attentive and find a good trainer who can push you to self-development and uncover the internal energy resources.
A new way of life is a whole philosophy, the purpose of which is to make yourself better, to achieve personal growth. Start today to see and feel real results tomorrow.
Practical recommendations - how to change a life - look at the video.

Justification # 1. Before I go on a healthy lifestyle, I need to plan everything

Yes, some really need a clear plan, because they are accustomed to acting exclusively on a schedule. And there is nothing bad in it, because if your schedule is scheduled by the hour, and diet - by the days of the week, you will definitely not miss anything.

The problem is a bit different. The fact is that such planning for most is a banal procrastination. And all this can be delayed. Until next Monday, if not until next New Year.

Try to start small - with a simple walk, which can gradually turn into jogging or walking to the nearest gym. Starting with something simple and easy is always easier. And only then, when you get used to at least these simple rituals, you can start planning something bigger and more grandiose. Not forgetting, of course, to continue to make at least these everyday walks.

Justification # 2. I'm in such a terrible shape. I'm even scared to think about how to get started!

It is always difficult to start. Especially after a long break. Every day, you need to literally force yourself to do at least something in the right direction. And even after walking, you feel like all the muscles ache (and it happens). With diet is still more difficult.

Do not try to go straight to a healthy diet and do not set difficult goals for your physical fitness. Try to start small. Over the course of a week, gradually increase a part of healthier and right meals in your diet or arrange at least one fasting day per week.

Try to start exercising or take a subscription for one month to the gym, yoga or dance studio. Try gradually, savoring every opportunity and listening to your feelings. So you will definitely find what you really like.

If it seems to you that well, the soul does not lie to anything at all, it means you really just think. This is not a heart whispering to you, and not an intuition - this is lazy-mother sweet sentences.

Justification number 3. I do not know how to cook and I do not have time for this

Nobody says that you have to cook complex dishes that require special culinary skills and take a lot of time. There are several dishes that anyone can cook.

At least try to start with breakfast - vegetable and berry smoothies, various lassi (drinks based on dairy products), fruit salads and classic oatmeal - all of the dishes are cooked quickly, do not require special skills and in 90% are tasty (10% - sour berries and fruit).

Justification # 4. I'm afraid that others will laugh at me, because I'm completely out of shape

Overcoming this fear will help you not only put yourself in order, but also get rid of the inferiority complex. You should absolutely not care what people around you think. Especially when you consider that most likely it will be completely unfamiliar people.

Believe me, they absolutely do not care how fast you run or how many times you manage to wring out from the floor. Everyone focuses only on what he does. And whoever is waving his legs next to him is hardly interested. Of course, if you do not touch him with these very legs.

The only place where this can happen is group classes (yoga, aerobics, dancing, fitness). And then only on those where the coaches are men. Only here in a woman wakes up not only the desire to do everything correctly and finally lose those extra n kg. To this all is added the desire to be the best and look beautiful. That's when classes begin in full war paint, T-shirts with neckline and navel and injuries. The same applies to men, when a lady appears in the gym - everyone immediately starts puffing twice as hard. The result is stung pride and injuries.

If these situations make you feel uncomfortable, start by practicing at home. And only when you decide that now you are not ashamed to appear in the sports club, join the group classes or classes in the gym. Buy a few lessons with an instructor, in the end. He certainly will quickly bring you into shape.

Justification №5. I would like to join the group classes, but I am afraid that I will not follow the general pace

Not true! I saw a lot of people who joined the group in the middle and at the end of the year. Nothing bad happened to them and they gradually pulled up to the general level. If this is a fitness class, you can always choose a smaller weight. And if you join a yoga class, the instructor will help you as long as you do not build in and stop making mistakes.

Nobody will laugh, because everyone started something (even if not in this group) and they remember very well how hard it is to be a newcomer. Some particularly sympathetic can share their own experiences and tell how and what is better to do to catch up with everyone.

From extreme to extreme

For our body, accustomed to everyday life, cardinal changes are always painful, which is why they often end in complete failure. Try to make changes to your normal lifestyle gradually, in small portions, so that your body has time to adapt to them.

Those who at least once in their lives tried to go on a diet, they know that a drastic change in diet requires inhuman efforts. First, in order to change something in your eating habits, set yourself a minimum task - to eat regularly. The best is the diet 5-6 times a day with a mandatory breakfast, lunch, late dinner and small snacks after breakfast and lunch.

Then go on a healthy diet, and it will be easier for you if this process takes place gradually. For example, first give up fried foods and limit the amount of fatty foods, then reduce the size of servings, then add more fruit to your diet, and so on. This scheme will help you to more easily adapt to a healthy diet, and the diet will not be a shock to the body. The process of switching to a healthy diet may take more than one month, however, having gone this way, you probably will not return to your old habits.

The same goes for exercise. If you didn’t exercise before, and in order to get in shape, you decided to give your workouts one hour a day, then you will most likely be overtrained and lose motivation. Wanting to get everything at once, we set ourselves an overwhelming task. Start with two light workouts per week and gradually, at intervals of once every few months, increase the duration and difficulty of training. So you will have more chances to achieve a good physical shape and real changes in lifestyle.

Another important point regarding small gradual changes. Taking small steps, we see the result and feel the movement forward. This allows you to keep motivation and stick to the chosen course.

By the way, the Japanese have a whole philosophy dedicated to small changes, it is called kaizen. Thanks to this philosophy, not only individuals, but also entire corporations, such as Toyota, have achieved success.

Change all aspects of life

Another common mistake on the road to change is changing only one component of our life. A healthy lifestyle is not limited to proper nutrition and exercise, it includes many aspects. Judge for yourself, if we adhere to proper nutrition, but at the same time continue to experience constant stress at work or at home, can we call our lifestyle healthy? Most likely no.

A healthy lifestyle depends on many factors, such as physical activity, emotional stability, proper rest, resistance to stress, giving up bad habits, and so on. If we do not take into account all these factors, we will create an imbalance in life. Only a comprehensive approach to health, both physical and emotional, will help us get rid of problems and improve our condition.

Follow the course

To succeed, you must maintain a positive attitude and a realistic look at your opportunities. Do not despair at the slightest failure, if the first time something does not work out - this is quite normal. Do not blame yourself for it, it is not always easy to follow the chosen path through life. You always have the opportunity to go back and try again. Be persistent in achieving your goals and remember that a healthy lifestyle is your conscious choice.

Change should be a part of your life, get in the habit. Think of them not as one-time measures, but as a new way of living. With each new day you will feel more healthy, happy and energetic.

How to start changing

So we learned that change must be gradual and complex, affecting many aspects of life. Now it is time to decide on concrete steps that will consistently lead us to a healthy and happy life. The book by Brett Blumenthal "A Year Lived Right: 52 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle" can help in this. In this book, Brett suggests that we complete a program of 52 small changes, one change per week for a whole year. Follow this program is quite simple. At the beginning of each week, you should choose one change and concentrate your efforts on it. The following are examples of such changes.

1. Start with an extra glass of water.

A healthy diet requires adequate intake of pure water. Water, although not the main source of vitamins and minerals, but it is an important part of our diet and replenishing its reserves is vital. Water is involved in almost all processes in the body. It flushes out toxins from the body, transfers nutrients to the cells and is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. At the same time, as the scientists note, people who drink enough water, less often feel the feeling of hunger and, accordingly, overeat less often.

During the day, watch for thirst and drink a glass of water as soon as it comes. For this, it is convenient to keep a bottle of clean water next to you. Sometimes pure water can be replaced with mineral water or herbal tea, but not with carbonated drinks or juice, as they contain large amounts of sugar.

This simple and effective step will be a great start for changing your eating habits.

2. Stretch

Many people underestimate the role of stretch marks in our lives. Good stretching can protect muscles and ligaments from injuries, maintain joint mobility, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, improve well-being, maintain flexibility and posture.

Stretching does not require additional equipment or a lot of time. You can do it anywhere and anytime, however, stretching before exercise, after waking up or after a long sitting in one place will be most useful. Make it a rule to allocate a stretch of 20 minutes three times a week - this will help you maintain flexibility and youth.

3. Add vegetables

Vegetables are a first-class source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and many other nutrients called phytonutrients. Vegetables are the basis of healthy nutrition, no other food group contains so many healthy nutrients, even fruit cannot boast such a rich arsenal of vitamins and minerals.

Fibrous vegetables (pepper, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, etc.) will be especially useful for those who want to lose weight, as they contain the minimum number of calories, cause a feeling of satiety and contribute to weight loss. Among other things, they are rich in fiber, which improves digestion and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

During the week, watch how many vegetables you eat. Try to have them in every meal. The easiest way to include vegetables in your diet is to start each meal with a plate of salad. In addition, you can use them as a side dish, make a vegetable stew or casserole, make a sandwich with vegetables, or just chop them up and eat raw. The list of dishes is unlimited, and on the Internet you will find many recipes for healthy vegetable dishes.

4. Look for a reason for activity

Our body is designed so that it needs constant movement, but modern technology carefully protects us from any physical activity. As a result, we experience a wide variety of health problems and begin to age early. Studies have shown that physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. It also strengthens bones and muscles, improves emotional state and increases longevity.

To increase your level of physical activity it is not necessary to start going to the gym five times a week. Instead, look for an opportunity to move more - it's much easier than it seems. Always find a reason to walk. Take it a rule to walk to the supermarket, so returning home with packages, you will give your body a very good load. If you use public transport, then go for a couple of stops to your destination, walk the rest of the way. Do not use the elevator if you need to climb just a few floors, use the stairs instead. Gradually, you can increase the number of floors for both ascent and descent. Try to take walks after dinner - they are especially useful as they unload your stomach before going to bed.

Remember that even moderate physical activity in daily life will benefit you.

5. More optimism

It would seem that we are talking about a healthy lifestyle, so where is the optimism. However, as scientists have found out, people who perceive a glass half full, more often remain healthy and live longer. The reason is simple: optimists cope better with stress and, therefore, are less susceptible to their negative impact on health. A positive attitude towards life is a great way to avoid depression and reduce anxiety and irritability.

How to develop an optimistic attitude? To do this, carefully watch your internal dialogue during the week and as soon as you notice negative thinking, redirect it to the positive side. For example, “I do not know how” can be replaced by “I will learn this”, “it will not work” by “we will find a way for it to work”, “everything is lost” by “not everything is lost yet”, “I cannot cope” by “I have to try” and so on. This simple technique will help you avoid unnecessary self-criticism and develop a positive attitude towards yourself and others.

6. Принимайте витамины

Конечно, в идеале мы должны получать все необходимые витамины и минералы из пищи. Но, даже если вы следите за своим питанием и в вашем рационе присутствуют свежие овощи, фрукты и молочные продукты, бывает трудно получить 100% рекомендуемой нормы. Это не означает, что вам стоит начинать принимать все известные добавки, витамины должны стать страховкой на случай, если ваш организм не получит все необходимое из пищи.

Making this change is much easier than others. Just buy a package of high-quality multivitamins and take them according to the instructions.

7. Filter products

When buying products, carefully read the labels and markings and learn from them to determine how useful or harmful products are purchased. The composition and nutritional value of the product can open your eyes to its quality and value from a dietary point of view.

Here are a few rules to follow when choosing products:

  • Pay attention to calorie. A product containing less than 100 kcal per serving is considered low-calorie, more than 350 kcal is a high-calorie product, it is better to postpone it.
  • Large amounts of fat or carbohydrates. Carbohydrates - the main cause of excess weight, and fats (not all) - are the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. Make sure that their content in the products was not too large.
  • Ingredients with an unpronounceable name. If you cannot read what is written on the label, this product is unlikely to be natural and useful.
  • Products with artificial colors and flavors. Everything is simple, if the product is processed so that it has to be painted, this product has no place in your refrigerator.
  • Avoid foods with aspartame, monosodium glutamate, and other health hazardous food supplements.

Carefully study the labels of all products you buy, and make an informed purchase decision.

What you need to start a healthy lifestyle?

In order to stay healthy, from my point of view, you need to follow five principles:

  1. Move actively
  2. Eat healthy food
  3. Purify and strengthen your body
  4. Cultivate healthy thinking and develop willpower
  5. Strive to gain new knowledge about your health

As you can see, the above example with a coach only partly corresponds to the principle number 1, and does not affect the other principles at all. Accordingly, you will not become healthier from such training. Girls who go on a diet in order to become slim and less sick, but who refuse to train and harden, are just as wrong, although, with due diligence, they are able to make some positive changes in their figure.

So, you decided to take care of your health and want to start a healthy lifestyle. Without going into training systems, not bothering to choose the best technique, you can now lay a solid foundation. Thanks to this foundation, you will not doubt that you are doing right or wrong, you can choose what you like to do and focus your efforts on it. I will not dwell on each of these points in detail, but I promise to disassemble them in detail in the following articles (if I haven’t already disassembled them in the previous ones - as the articles are released, the links will be updated!).

Active movement is the first thing to start a healthy lifestyle.

Voltaire once said a phrase that after many years became the motto of all athletes and athletes:

Movement is life!

Indeed, many philosophers, scientists and physicians from the time of antiquity recognized that man was created for movement, and the more he moves, the longer and happier he will live. Nowadays, when a computer with the Internet has become the best friend and assistant of a person, you can work, communicate and have fun without getting up from the table or from the sofa. Meanwhile, as was thoroughly discussed in the last article, inactivity makes us weak and sick. The best way to start a healthy lifestyle is to start moving more. But how to do that?

  • Start doing morning exercises. Normal exercise, consisting of sweeps with arms and legs, jumps, bends, lasts only ten to fifteen minutes, energizes, kneads and stretches muscles that have become sluggish and sluggish after sleep, preparing them for daily load, accelerates blood, which allows saturating all organs and tissues of the body with oxygen. It is very important that charging brings joy. Spread the curtains to fill the room with light, turn on your favorite music, in general, do everything to make you have fun. And it's great if you do exercises not only in the morning, but in the evening, just don’t do this before bedtime - you will not sleep well.
  • Spend part of the day training. This is just mentioned workout in the gym, home strength or cardio, yoga, gymnastics, etc. Let this be the main part of your activity during the day - from this time you should get the most out of it. Most importantly, do not forget that with intense loads, you need to give your muscles a rest for a day or two. However, it all depends on your body.
  • During the day, avoid simple sedentary ways to do something, if you can do it "actively." Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you go by public transport, get off at the stop earlier and walk on part of the way. Walk at lunch in the evening. If you have a sitting job, then get up from time to time and walk, do a few squats or push ups where no one will see you. If you can bring something, lift, help to convey - do it. Look for any reason to move. Do not be surprised, but if you go all day without bothering about the rest, you still go away in terms of activity to a big plus. I conducted an experiment - 10,000 steps for a city dweller, where I described how I doubled my activity during the day without training and jogging.
  • Spend active free time. Find an active hobby, go in for sports. Ride on the rollers, run, swim. Kill your friends and relatives for an active pastime - hiking, playing football, badminton, table tennis. In winter - skis and skates. Do not sit at home in front of a computer or TV, when there are so many opportunities to move.
  • Run. Just arrange yourself regular jogging and marathons. There is one limitation here - if you are overweight or you are a man of age, then jogging should be treated with caution. Talk with your doctor; perhaps you will not be shown more walking, but walking or swimming.

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Proper nutrition

Theoretically, eating right is easy. It is known that the body is definitely useful and the fact that it is not recommended to eat. There are a number of controversial products. It would seem, make up the menu based on the available data on the benefits of a particular dish, and eat at your pleasure. The problem is that very often there is not enough willpower to force yourself to change the habitual unhealthy (and in the overwhelming majority of Russians, it is such) that the food is healthy. However, this is already a separate topic - how to force yourself to eat what is useful instead of harmful.

Everything related to a healthy diet is easy to summarize in one simple rule:

You can eat organic foods, that is, something that ever grew on the ground, or moved on the ground.

These are fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs, and so on. Various studies are currently being conducted, trying to prove or disprove the benefits of some of the above products, but in general, natural food is much better fuel for your body than unnatural. Therefore, begin to eat healthy, natural food, and in the future you will figure out for yourself how useful and healthy for you are bread, meat or milk.

And, on the contrary, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of artificial products as well as natural products containing chemical artificial additives.

These are semi-finished products, carbonated drinks, all kinds of chemical curds and yogurts, synthetic juices, sausages and sausages, mayonnaise and other seasonings, bouillon cubes, ready-made breakfasts, “fast food”, sweet flour, just sweet, and much more.

99% of all additives are used to extend the shelf life of the product, reduce its cost and improve its taste and appearance. This is beneficial to manufacturers of products that seek to maximize profits from the sale, but it is completely unprofitable for us, because the body is not adapted to this type of fuel. Try filling the car with sunflower oil instead of gasoline. Go far away? And we regularly refuel chemistry and live, losing form, getting sick and dying.

Some natural food enthusiasts adhere to the following rule: if the product contains more than five components, that is, it cannot be.

It is worth adding that the use of alcohol in food, even if not in order to drink, but in order to hang out, also contradicts a healthy lifestyle, but you already know about it. However, this is more related to the next section.

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Cleansing and strengthening the body

An important step for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle is the observance of the rules of hygiene. Here, by hygiene, I mean not the generally accepted “washing hands before eating”, but taking care of my body and maintaining its normal functioning. Take it as an addition to the rules of physical activity and nutrition.

  • The most important and obvious thing is giving up bad habits. Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs, people even say sayings "Yesterday, I fought a battle with drunkenness, drunkenness won" or "Who does not smoke and does not drink - that will die healthy". Cigarettes, beer and vodka are no longer just products that destroy people and attach them to themselves, this is already part of our national culture, unfortunately. And if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, then you just have to give up smoking and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, for example, only on holidays, and even a little.
  • Hardening will greatly benefit your health. For most people, quenching is associated with dousing with cold water, swimming in the hole and walking barefoot in the snow. However, it is not at all necessary to immediately rush into such an extreme, moreover, it will not be useful, but harmful for an unprepared organism. Begin by taking a morning douche and then wiping with a towel. A contrast shower is an alternation of streams of cold and warm water, for example, you stand for a minute under warm jets and then for ten seconds under cold. The cycle is repeated several times, and subsequently the time for receiving a cold shower increases. Another option is to use the technique “108 steps along the stream”.
  • Another useful thing is medical fasting and fasting. It is believed that Christian posts were designed specifically to enable people to cleanse themselves of physical impurities and become cleaner in both body and soul. Regardless of your attitude to religion, you can also practice fasting, and, believe me, this can give the body a break and an opportunity to recover. Stay your fasting days, during which you will eat the simplest food - bread and vegetables, and if your body is young and strong, then practice one-day fasting - this will not harm you and will only bring benefit.

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The development of healthy thinking and volitional qualities

Healthy thinking, in my understanding, is an attitude towards the surrounding reality that does not bring harm to health and excludes the appearance of destructive emotions and states, such as resentment, anger, pity, stress, and the like.

Start a healthy lifestyle with hardening not only the body, but also thinking - the right step.

Every moment of our life we ​​are in contact with the people around us, and this contact causes different emotions, both positive and negative. It happens that in some situation we are simply overwhelmed by negative "poisonous" emotions, which continue their effect for several hours and even days. Any such strong emotion adversely affects our physical and spiritual condition, causing us pain and undermining our health.

There are two ways to get rid of negative emotions - the cultivation of positive emotions and a positive attitude to the world and the desire to completely abandon all emotions. The second method has its own truth, but we will leave it for those who seek balance and harmony, deliberately refusing the joys of life around us. If you have just taken the path of an active and healthy lifestyle, then choose the first method.

Willpower is an equally important helper in life, and we all know that strong-willed and stubborn people always achieve greater success than weak and inclined to change their opinions. A strong will will allow you to stay on the path of a healthy lifestyle and find the strength to overcome all the obstacles that arise.

On this site you can find many articles on how to deal with negative emotions, pump willpower and develop healthy anti-stress thinking.

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Getting new knowledge about health

No practical efforts will be able to give you tangible results either in training, or in diet, or in any other business, if you do not understand how your body works, and how this or that reaction is grounded. Why do muscles grow from push-ups? Why is fat stored at the waist and thighs? Why does heavy weight increase strength, and a large number of repetitions train the heart? Why are you so hard to climb the fifth floor? Why after running it stabs in my side?

In order to find any answers to the questions that arise, as well as to prepare action plans for yourself and choose what will be useful for you and what is not, you need a good theoretical base. Of course, the health sciences are not yet in a position to explain many processes and phenomena, and yet there are hundreds of thousands of books and films in the world through which you learn a lot about your body and understand how it works. Buy and download books, videos, podcasts, attend seminars, discuss various issues with friends, colleagues and teachers. There are many social networks and forums on the Internet where you can share your results and discuss everything related to the topic of a healthy lifestyle.

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In this article, I gave the main directions in how to lead a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of my site is to help you with this and transfer you to the bright side. I would be glad if I managed to inspire you to a healthy attitude to your body and your thoughts.

How to make yourself start?

Everyone has their own limit. I had one look at myself from a swimsuit. And I didn’t just decide to resume classes, I ran to sign up for a gym! Someone needs a friendly kick, and only health problems can make someone think. In any case, the option "I am what I am and love myself so" is just a lazy excuse. No one says that you should immediately lose 10 kg, become like a dried roach and eat only grass.

After all, in fact, playing sports and healthy and tasty dishes besides health also give us something else - a lot of positive energy, and, perhaps, new interesting friends. After training, the second breath opens and productivity increases. You feel completely different. And even if, in fact, nothing has changed outwardly, the internal changes are much more significant. And others will feel it even faster than yourself.

If you once again reread all these excuses and realize how much these, in essence, childish excuses can cost you, everything at once starts to seem not so difficult. Try to arrange a weekly experiment. And then you no longer want to return to the old way of life.


How to start a simple mortal, who decided to go on a healthy lifestyle or the so-called healthy lifestyle? Accustom yourself to the daily routine. Fans of sports and nutrition live on schedule. They go to the gym at the same time. They eat by the hour and try to clearly plan all their actions.

The first step is to change the schedule of sleep and wakefulness. Morning representative of a healthy lifestyle does not begin with coffee or scrambled eggs with bacon, but with a run. And in order to have time for sports, a full breakfast, shower and other household trifles, you need to get up with the first rays of the sun, that is, 6–7 hours. But if a person was sitting before dawn, and at 5 am he only got to bed, what kind of run or charge can we talk about?

The second reason why you need to change the schedule of wakefulness and sleep, is the metabolism. The metabolism slows down if a person regularly goes to bed with the first rays of the sun. In the subcutaneous layers due to poor metabolism fat accumulates. The work of the digestive organs and blood circulation worsens. The digestibility of useful substances decreases.

You need to go to bed at 22–23.00 at night. An hour before sleep, turn off all gadgets and appliances:

  • smartphones
  • television,
  • e-book
  • computer.

You can spend 60 minutes without a laptop for water treatments, massage, planning the next day and keeping a diary. At the weekend, too, there should be no concessions. Do not lie in bed until noon, neglecting sports and breakfast.

The second step on the road to healthy lifestyles - drawing up the daily routine. В ежедневнике или специальной программе указывают, в какое время проходит завтрак, обед, полдник и ужин. Когда заниматься спортом и отдыхать с друзьями. В первые недели нужно ставить напоминание, ведь пока организм не привыкнет к новому режиму, мозг будет периодически забывать о зарядке, втором завтраке и вечерней прогулке.

Сбалансированное питание

Отказ от вредных продуктов начинается со стакана воды. Liquid triggers metabolic processes and enhances immunity. Water is drunk immediately after waking up, and also 30–40 minutes before each snack. It dulls your appetite and helps reduce serving size.

Representatives of healthy lifestyles do not drink carbonated and sugary drinks. If tea or coffee, then no sugar. No packaged juice and energy drinks. Water supplement herbal broth. For example, tea from rose hips, chamomile, ginger root or mint. Fluid is needed by the body for vigor and well-being. Water is carried in small bottles or thermos so that it is always at hand.

Harmful foods are removed from the diet gradually. First, forget about the existence of the pan. Meat or fish is not fried, but cooked in an oven or a double boiler. Sausages and lard are replaced with homemade sausages from chicken breast. Instead of pizza, they eat sandwiches made from bran bread, avocados and red fish. And chocolate, ice cream and cakes are replaced with fruit smoothies, desserts made from low-fat cottage cheese and candies made from dried fruits and nuts.

A healthy lifestyle does not imply a diet. On the contrary, you can not starve. But so that a person does not stretch the stomach in large portions and does not look into the refrigerator after midnight, he should eat food 5–7 times a day. At a time, he eats 100–150 g of porridge, soup, or other dish. And between meals takes a two-hour break.

The main thing is to choose natural products. If present:

  • monosodium glutamate,
  • aspartame,
  • sweetener,
  • flavors,
  • dyes,
  • ingredients with words that are difficult to pronounce.

A box of yogurt or juice stays in the store. Only fresh fruits and vegetables get into the fridge, no pickles. With proper nutrition allowed:

  • nuts,
  • dried fruits,
  • dietary meats,
  • dairy products, but only fat-free,
  • porridge,
  • legumes,
  • sea ​​and river fish,
  • vegetable fats,
  • honey,
  • durum wheat pasta,
  • bran and rye bread,
  • seafood.

In the diet should be many sources of protein and complex carbohydrates. They are responsible for the development of muscle mass, a sense of vitality and vitality. Animal fats should not be completely excluded, but they account for only 5% of the diet.

Vegetables are added to all dishes. Meals begin with a salad, stew or sandwich with cucumber, parsley and slices of tomato. From celery and apples prepare a vitamin cocktail, which cleans the body from toxins.

Vegetables are a source of fiber. And coarse dietary fiber is needed to reduce appetite, normal bowel and fast metabolism. It is possible to live without sausage, cutlets and hot dogs, and without broccoli, carrots and sweet pepper - it is impossible.

To avoid the temptation to return to the old diet, all prohibited foods are removed from the cabinets and fridge. No stockpiles of cookies or canned peas for a rainy day. The store is sent with a list. And they buy only what is indicated in it.

Physical exercise

Sport is not a punishment, but a way to become stronger and healthier. It is not necessary to sign up to the gym and lift weights and barbells. You can always choose the option of physical activity that will bring pleasure. Morning jogging is easy to replace with half an hour dancing to energetic music or riding a bike.

Instead of fitness to learn rollers or skateboard. Put the body in order by swimming or Nordic walking. Make friends with a volleyball or basketball ball. And if absolutely laziness, it will be limited to half-hour charging or stretching.

Sport is a source of cheerfulness and hormone of joy. But it’s not worth overloading in the first few months, otherwise the body will quickly get tired of excessive loads, and the brain will decide that it lived much better without dumbbells and jumpers. Laziness will appear. And to struggle with the desire to lie on the couch is very difficult.

To get the body accustomed to the sport, 2-3 classes per week are enough. And people who want to lose weight quickly and tighten their body are recommended to add other types of physical activity to stretching. For example, walking. Do not get on the trolley bus, but walk to the nearest store with your own feet. Walk from the office to the apartment and vice versa. Play football or badminton with friends instead of watching pizza and beer shows.

Tip: If the brain does not agree to do at least exercise, you need to put a chair next to the bed in the evening and put a sports uniform on it. And after waking up, immediately take off your pajamas and change into a comfortable suit. Pants and a T-shirt suggest a morning run, and the person gets motivated.

The main thing is to set micro-tasks. Do not run 5 km without training, but do 15 squats today, and tomorrow - 20. If expectations are not met, the desire to do something is lost. And vice versa. Small victories make you proud and move forward.

Some people find it hard to fight laziness alone. In such cases, it is recommended to find a sister in misfortune on social networks or in forums. A girl who is ready to run in the mornings or evenings or go to the pool. It is also useful to arrange friendly competitions. For example, whoever jumps more on the rope, wring out or tighten. But the atmosphere should be warm and welcoming. Humiliation and mutual insults do not help to achieve a high result, but only kill the desire to engage and improve their own body.

Bad habits and positive thinking

In the first weeks a person feels euphoric. He is fascinated by the new rules of nutrition, gets pleasure from sports. He tells everyone around him that he no longer eats chemicals and products with GMOs. But gradually the enthusiasm fades away, giving way to laziness and the desire to buy at least 200 grams of sausage. If the novice stumbles, he will return to the initial positions and will not want to repeat the experiment with the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

The body will take from 2 to 3 months to get used to another routine and develop good habits. Stand the test will help optimism. We need to look at things positively. Praise yourself for small successes, and set small goals regularly. You can write a list with tasks for a month or a few weeks. And for each completed item to promote yourself with a series of your favorite series, beautiful clothes or books.

It is important that a person be surrounded by like-minded people. When all the relatives twist a finger at the temple and offer not to engage in nonsense, it is difficult not to give up. If there are no fans of healthy lifestyles among real friends, you can either change the company or find “colleagues” in nutrition in the forums or on social networks. Experienced athletes are happy to share cunning with beginners and guide the true path.

If the desire to lose weight was one of the reasons for the transition to healthy lifestyles, in the first month it is not recommended to weigh and measure waist, chest and hips. In the muscles due to regular exercise accumulates fluid, which causes swelling. The body visually increases. Growing and body weight. If a newcomer sees that the numbers on the scales show 2-3 kg more than they used to be, he will be upset and decide that a healthy lifestyle does not suit him. But after all, the body acquires beautiful outlines only 3-4 months after the transition to the bright side, so you need not despair and regularly engage.

It is equally important to give up bad habits:

  • smoking
  • alcohol abuse
  • neglect of personal hygiene,
  • computer addiction,
  • overeating

You can not first run 2-3 km, and then sit on the bench and drink a bottle of beer. Alcohol cancels all achievements, as well as cigarettes. The body does not benefit from online games, cakes and buns, stressful situations. Of course, not every person is able to quit a prestigious job and live in the mountains or in the forest, but you can master yoga and meditation. Regularly go for a massage. Spend a weekend in nature. And also like pouring cold water or a contrast shower. All these procedures relax the nervous system, increase immunity and help not to lose control in stressful situations.

Changing habits that have been developed for years or decades is difficult. No need to set ambitious and unattainable goals. It is better to perform micro-tasks and enjoy success. Gradually discard harmful products and train the body to sport. Train calm and optimism. Temper body and mind. And do not give up, even if it seems that you will never be able to switch to a healthy lifestyle.