Popular sports for girls


30 minutes of jogging on a flat track can burn up to 500 calories. And if you set the track at an angle, you can burn up to 800 calories.

Bicycle, as a means for pumping the buttocks

If you are a young girl and do not know what kind of sport you can do while running, choose a bike! This sport is especially recommended for girls who have problems in the hips and buttocks area.

The advantages of this sport lies in the fact that doing 40 minutes three times a week, you not only lose weight, but also gain a slender waist and beautiful legs.

If there is no bicycle, you should not get upset. Today, in almost every gym there is an exercise bike that will completely replace the bike. By the way, he has a number of advantages over the same bike. On the exercise bike, you can set any speed and any angle of ascent.

Aerobics and fitness need a girl for a beautiful figure

About the benefits of fitness says his wild popularity among self-observing, well-groomed women. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do these kinds of sports at home, since you must be supervised by a trained coach who regulates the level and degree of exertion.

Aerobics is a combination of elements of dance and exercise, which are performed accompanied by rhythmic music. Aerobic exercises are aimed at the formation of a beautiful, correct posture, muscle relief and stretching.

Fitness, on the contrary, involves physical exercises on special simulators. Fitness is aimed at building muscle mass and eliminating fat deposits on the body. Fitness can not be engaged in chaotically, the maximum result from training can be achieved only with the observance of regular exercises.

Dancing and swimming as a way to get the perfect figure.

So, what sport do girl for a beautiful figure, you already know. Along with the above sports, there are other, purely female. This, above all, dancing and swimming. They have undeniable advantages.

First of allPsychologically, you do not feel the tension at the thought that you need to do heavy physical exertion.

Secondlydoing swimming or aerobics, you will not only get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, but also form a graceful gait and get a beautiful, chiseled figure. And, of course, the ability to dance beautifully is a plus for you.

In addition, swimming as a sport helps to get rid of such problems as cellulite, since water is a natural massager that activates the lymph blood flow.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you to choose a sport that will give you joy and satisfaction, and which will prove to be the most effective for you and will contribute to the improvement of the figure.

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One of the best sports for girls aged 6-7 years is skiing. In these sections take exactly this age. What is its use? The following advantages can be highlighted:

  1. Strengthens the lungs and forms proper breathing.
  2. Strengthens immunity and tempers.
  3. Strengthens the abdominal muscles, cardiovascular system.
  4. Increases the performance of the body and endurance.
  5. Provides good prevention of osteochondrosis.
  6. Develops the vestibular apparatus, the muscles of the arms and legs.

Do not do the lessons and without flaws:

  1. There is a high risk of injury.
  2. The difficulty of finding a good coach. Given the age of the child, it is highly undesirable to allow a non-professional to train him. In addition, training from a good specialist will be expensive, which can also be attributed to the disadvantages.
  3. The difficulty of finding a good training site.
  4. Seasonality. Unfortunately, in the summer, autumn and spring in many regions of Russia, training will not be available. This kind of sport for girls of 7 years is only suitable if the family lives somewhere in the northern regions of Russia. In the central or southern regions will not work skiing all the time.
  5. The load on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Contraindications for classes are as follows:

  1. Asthma.
  2. Myopia.
  3. Problems with Oda.
  4. Lung disease.

Equipment required for the class:

  1. Skis and sticks.
  2. Boots.
  3. Mounts.
  4. Thermal underwear and warm ski suit.

All this will cost a lump sum, since such devices are expensive. Also, the cost of such classes, as already mentioned, will be high, so you should consider the financial costs, giving the child to this section.

Figure skating

Children from the age of four take this section. Naturally, this kind of sport is suitable for girls and 12 years old, and even older ones. But if parents want their child to achieve high results in figure skating, then you need to give it from an early age.

  1. Develops elasticity, dexterity, a sense of balance.
  2. It helps to improve metabolism and normalize blood circulation.
  3. Increases immunity.
  4. Strengthens the muscles of the legs.
  5. Increases the intensity of thermoregulation processes.
  6. Develops ear for music and artistry.

  1. There are risks of injury. This sport is generally one of the most dangerous. Falls on the ice often end with injuries.
  2. Sections are only in large cities.
  3. The success of the child is very dependent on the qualifications and professionalism of the coach. A good coach is a rarity.
  4. Training is difficult, grueling, serious.
  5. Visiting choreography and OFP classes. Consequently, the girl will have to deal not only with improving the riding technique. This sport requires a lot of time and great employment. For other things there may be a trite lack of time.

  1. Problems with Oda.
  2. The presence of a head injury.
  3. Myopia.
  4. Asthma or pulmonary disease.
  5. Kidney or blood circulation problems.

As you can see, the list of contraindications is standard.

What you need to buy:

  1. Good and proper skates that will fit perfectly in size. For children, stable skates with two blades are sold.
  2. Thermal underwear, headband.
  3. Protective shorts, soft knee pads.
  4. Warm and lightweight tracksuit for workouts.

Dancing as a sport

And if the parents do not hurry to give the boys to dance, for girls this sport fits perfectly. These are light and enjoyable activities, energizing, but very expensive.

  1. Correction of posture and walking.
  2. Training all the muscles on the body.
  3. Low injury rate.
  4. The development of plastics, grace.
  5. Psychological stability, increased self-confidence.
  6. The development of a sense of rhythm and hearing.
  7. Strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

  1. The high cost of both the classes and the costumes for dancing.
  2. Constant training is difficult to combine with study. Student backwardness can manifest itself especially strongly if the child likes to dance.
  3. For dancing, you need a couple. It is very difficult to find a partner, as boys' interest in ballroom dancing is usually low. In addition, sooner or later the couple will disintegrate, which can lead to a psychological problem.

Fortunately, there are no contraindications for this sport. Before you give your child to sport dancing, you need to buy him a suit, a knitted swimsuit with a skirt and heels (but this is for older girls).

Tennis (large)

This sport for girls is available from 5-6 years. After this age, the child can safely give to tennis.

As well as from other types of occupations, from tennis there is also a benefit:

  1. The development of mindfulness agility.
  2. The development of speed.
  3. Training all muscle groups.
  4. Enhance intellectual abilities (you need to be able to predict the trajectory of the ball, calculate the direction of impact and cheat).
  5. Training the eye muscles.
  6. Increase the body tone.
  7. Prevention of osteochondrosis.
  8. Efficient energy output.

  1. Risk of injury. At least a child can hit the ball.
  2. High load on the joints, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  3. The high cost of employment. Particularly expensive will be the section where classes are conducted by a professional coach.

  1. Back problems.
  2. Given the heavy load on the joints, children with weak joints are not allowed to tennis.
  3. The presence of a hernia.
  4. Heart diseases.
  5. Inflammation of the tendons.
  6. Ulcer.
  7. Flatfoot.
  8. Eye disease.

For this sport you need a good racket, a set of balls, as well as light sportswear. All this is inexpensive.


In the section of sports choreography take children from 3-4 years. If you are looking for a sport for a 10-year-old girl, then choreography may also be appropriate. At this age, it is definitely not too late to study

  1. The development of posture.
  2. "Treatment" of complexes and shyness.
  3. The development of hearing, rhythm, coordination, plastics.
  4. The development of stress tolerance.
  5. Low injury rate.
  6. Physical exercise.

  1. High load with regular classes.
  2. Classes require a lot of time.
  3. If you link your future with the profession, you should bear in mind that many girls do not achieve high results.
  4. Strict diets and constant high demands on yourself.
  5. To achieve high results is difficult.

  1. Flatfoot.
  2. The presence of problems with the spine: curvature, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.
  3. Low vision.

To start classes, a child needs to buy pointe shoes and shoes, a tape, a gymnastic swimsuit. It’s all very expensive. Note that this is quite a serious sport, which must either be taken seriously or stay away from it. You can try to give the child to a similar section, but if he does not like it, it is better to find another occupation.

Rhythmic gymnastics

We continue our list of sports for girls. This time it will be about rhythmic gymnastics.

  1. The development of plasticity and grace.
  2. The development of self-confidence.
  3. Strengthening the muscles.
  4. The development of hearing and sense of rhythm.
  5. Character education.
  6. Formation of a good figure.
  7. The development of elasticity.
  8. Personal growth.
  9. Posture correction.
  10. The development of the vegetative and cardiovascular systems.

  1. Difficult sport. In particular, it is necessary to stretch, and it is painful.
  2. For performances and participation in competitions require special swimsuits, but they are quite expensive.
  3. There is a risk of injury: bruises, muscle stretches, joint dislocations, etc.
  4. The risk of osteoporosis.
  5. Strictness in compliance with diets.
  6. High load on training.
  7. For participation in tournaments and competitions will have to pay. Of course, in the case of taking the first places compensation in the form of prize money is possible, but it is small.
  8. High competition.
  9. Requirements for girls. Trainer when taking in the section look at the banner and other data.

Starting to engage in rhythmic gymnastics is desirable from as young as possible. Therefore, you can give the children to these classes after 3-4 years of life.

  1. Dyspalse.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Oda diseases.
  4. Mental disorders.
  5. Problems with the spine or heart.
  6. Myopia.

To start classes you will need a gymnastic swimsuit for classes, a swimsuit for performances. Note that this kind of sport for a girl of 12 years is very suitable. However, many parents are trying to give the child to the gym as early as possible.

Martial arts

Few parents believe that this kind of sport is suitable for a girl of 13 years or older. Some even strongly believe that martial arts - not a woman's business. In part, they are right. Despite this, this sport offers certain advantages:

  1. The development of endurance, strength, flexibility.
  2. Work out the ability to protect yourself.
  3. General health of the body.
  4. Learning self control.
  5. A way to throw out emotions.
  6. Low cost of equipment.

  1. A tough training system that not everyone can stand.
  2. High risk of injury.
  3. High body requirements.

  1. Problems with the heart, spine.
  2. Myopia.
  3. Presence of chronic diseases incompatible with sports.

Speaking of which sports are suitable for girls, it is impossible to include martial arts in this list for sure. These are classes for an amateur, and if they are clearly not suitable for your child, then in no case can you force him.


This section recruits children aged 5-6 years, not earlier.

  1. Strengthening immunity.
  2. Prospects in the sport.
  3. The development of coordination, speed.
  4. Good overall physical condition of the child.
  5. Strengthening the muscles, bone system.
  6. The formation of the figure.
  7. Low cost of equipment.

  1. There is a danger of injury.
  2. High physical exertion.

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Heart disease, kidney.
  3. Myopia.

For classes you will need sportswear, sneakers. Many parents donate girls to athletics, and if the child likes her, then a slim and physically healthy girl grows up.

And although capoeira is considered a Brazilian martial art (as we have already talked about), it is “soft”. Classes are recommended for girls aged 6 years, although some parents give the child to the section after 4 years.

  1. Uniform distribution of loads on all muscle groups of the body.
  2. The development of coordination, endurance, flexibility.
  3. Active fat burning.
  4. Many positive emotions.
  5. The development of self-confidence.
  6. The development of musical hearing, sense of rhythm.

  1. It is difficult to find a good coach due to the unpopularity of this martial art.
  2. Regular exercise takes a lot of time.
  3. Competitions (especially abroad) beat on the purse of their parents.

  1. Eye disease.
  2. The presence of injuries.
  3. Diseases of the heart and vessel.

Speaking about what kind of sport is better for a girl, they remember about kaoeir last. This is an extremely unpopular sport in Russia, and in cities it is rarely possible to find a place to practice. Moreover, given his poor development, professional coaches are also quite small. But in any case, if you gave your daughter to capoeira, and she likes to do (and this can be interesting), then you should not take this hobby away from her.


Now you know what kinds of sports there are for girls. Fortunately, there are a lot of them, so parents are guaranteed to find an occupation for their child, which he will like. Be sure to try to captivate the child with sports, because classes from an early age contribute to the development and strengthening of immunity, add confidence, improve motility, etc.

What is this sport

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport that requires good coordination of movement, strength and speed. In weightlifting there are two competitive movements - jerk and push. These complex exercises are performed with the highest possible weight.

Women's weightlifting became an Olympic sport only in 2000. Every year more and more women and girls-weightlifters appear in the world and in Russia. Russian athletes go to international championships and take prizes.

2. Helps to support a beautiful figure.

Professional athletes in heavy weight can lose a slim fit figure due to a large amount of fat. However, many athletes in a lighter weight, not to mention the amateurs, have a beautiful athletic figure: strength sports burn more calories than moderate aerobic exercise and provide beautiful muscle relief.

3. Healthy

Many have heard this myth about women's strength training: as if weight lifting is harmful to women's health. Power sports can really spoil the health, and not only women's, if they do it stupidly - without a coach and with a sharp increase in loads. In the case of competently built workouts, weightlifting helps to become stronger, correct problems with posture and strengthen muscles, which is useful for the whole organism and for women's health in particular.

Why you should go powerlifting

Powerlifting has all the same advantages as weightlifting: an increase in strength, a beautiful figure, maintaining health (with moderate loads and a competent program).

However, basic powerlifting exercises do not require a long mastery of the correct technique. They require less flexibility and coordination of movements. Therefore, if you just like iron and do not want to spend time on long training, choose powerlifting.

1. Provides impressive physical fitness.

Due to the huge variety of exercises, crossfit develops not just one quality, such as strength or endurance, but everything at once: pumps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility and power, speed, coordination of movements, agility and balance. As a result, your body becomes harmoniously developed and ready for any unexpected exertion, both in the gym and in life.

When you do the first pull-up or the way out by force is a victory over yourself and there is no limit to joy. Over time, you get involved, you want to learn new skills. Crossfit gives not only strength, but also endurance, develops coordination, agility.

2. Crossfit is suitable for any level of training.

Looking at the terrible complexes of hardened crossfitters, it becomes scary: it’s definitely impossible for an ordinary girl to perform such a thing. However, no one will force you to die in training. Crossfit trainer and athlete Oksana Polovova says that in the classroom the load is adjusted to a specific person, his ability.For example, if a person does not know how to pull up, the exercise is replaced with pull-ups with a rubber band or on rings.

4. Beautiful figure and self-confidence

If you fear a pumped figure, it is in vain. To do this, you will need really large loads, a review of nutrition and chemicals. Without this, you simply can not swing to the level of powerful crossfit athletes. So the maximum that you get is a slimmer and taut figure with raised arms and a press.

1. Excellent physical training

In training in boxing, you not only work out punches on a punching bag, but also perform many other exercises on the development of various physical qualities: exercises with a rope and a stuffed ball, training with weights and barbells, on a bar, bars. Workouts also include sparring, striking and combination techniques. A versatile load harmoniously develops the body, pumping strength, agility, coordination of movements and all muscle groups.

5. Self-expression

Boxing is not just a sport, but also a means of self-expression, an opportunity to establish oneself in this life, to feel its significance. Here is what Svetlana Soluyanova, a multiple winner of the Russian championships, winner of the European Championship 2012, writes about.

I get great pleasure in those moments when, after a hard fight, they raise my hand for me. In these victories, in the way I go to them, and in what they mean to me, I see the meaning of my life today.

This Japanese martial art has existed for more than a century, is widespread, has many styles and schools, and in 2020 it will be included in the program of the Olympic Games.

In karate, there are no throws or grabs, the fight includes only powerful kicks and kicks. Competitions are held in two programs: directly sparring (kumite) and kata - a chain of exercises, in which strikes and blocks alternate.

Now there are no gender restrictions and bans on karate classes, however, if a woman practices martial arts, it is still considered unusual. Moreover, adult women do not try karate, because they believe that they must be engaged in it from childhood.

Why you should try karate

1. Karate teaches to control your body.

Karate classes will increase muscle strength, reaction speed, improve coordination and flexibility, teach you to perfectly manage your body. Of course, you should not count on the relief muscles, but the body will become more slender and fit due to the increased expenditure of calories.

2. Karate is beautiful

Karate can be compared to dance without music. You learn to manage your body, use it as efficiently as possible, remove all unnecessary. Accurate honed movements of kata resemble dance, and sparring can be compared with contact improvisation, where there is not a single unnecessary movement, everything is subordinated to a single goal.

3. Karate adds confidence

You can often hear that karate will not protect you in a street fight and will not help in extreme circumstances, for example against a man with a knife. But if your body is used to martial art, during danger it will work automatically and possibly save your life. In addition, karate classes will support your self-confidence, so that you will no longer feel weak and helpless, and sometimes this is more important than the ability to knock someone out with a kick.

4. Karate improves self-discipline

In Russian schools they rarely pay attention to the spiritual component of karate, implying that the student should work in this direction independently. However, even without specific prescriptions, the system of physical exercises itself sets a person to the right way, develops discipline, makes him calmer and more confident.

For me, karate is a discipline, confidence, physical exertion and the eternal improvement of myself. In competitions and gatherings, I get a lot of positive emotions from communication, cohesive team. And also karate is not just a martial art, it’s high moral and moral attitudes and incredible strength of spirit.

I tried to practice karate and I can say that this is really a beautiful martial art that helps you to become better, adds inner severity and self-organization. If you have always dreamed to try, do it. No matter how old you are, the main thing is the desire to develop, desire and perseverance.

Do not listen to other people who claim that you will lose femininity, beauty and health. If you have a favorite business, you do not lose anything, just find: a great state of health, a taut figure, a feeling of cheerfulness, self-esteem and new goals.

Write in the comments what non-female sports you prefer, why you like them and what they give.

What you need to pay attention when choosing classes

Selection of the right direction depends on many factors:

  • age
  • inclinations and hobbies,
  • physique
  • pursued goals
  • health conditions
  • temperament.

It is also important to consider:

  • cost of education,
  • location of the club and the opportunity to regularly attend it,
  • training schedule
  • student team and teaching staff,
  • costs for additional inventory.

Features of the figure

Ballet schools are more suitable for the fragile inches of the ascetic physique. Broad-shouldered babies will not be easy to lift themselves on their fingers - this can lead to injury, besides, they will feel uncomfortable in the class for ballet. For them, it will be better to choose dances from other directions - pop, sports, folk or modern.

Also artistic or artistic gymnastics will work for thin ones, it strengthens the muscles and skeleton and makes it stronger. Slender, but tall athletic girls aged 10-12 will feel comfortable in athletics, rowing, cycling, swimming or skiing. Such exercises strengthen muscles and develop endurance, will power, speed.

If your child has a tendency to be overweight or problems with excess weight, then it is worth considering options with moderate but regular physical exertion. So that after the first training the schoolgirl does not feel exhausted, you need to gradually increase the load, which will give an excellent result. Figure skating and gymnastics perfectly develop flexibility, while honing the figure.

A little girl with a short stature is suitable for equestrian sport. Short stallions easier to cope in the saddle, achieve great results.

In team sports for girls (usually giving 11-13 years) it is also necessary to take into account the physique. Women's hockey is suitable for large schoolgirls, basketball and volleyball - for high, and synchronized swimming or pair figure skating - for low skinny ones.

Age limits

Starting from the age of three, the baby should already be accustomed to physical exercises in order to strengthen health and direct activity in the right direction. But from the age of 5-6 you can already think about a professional career, if the child is committed to this. Pre-schoolers gather groups with special coaching staff - instructors are trained to communicate correctly with young athletes, from the point of view of psychology, they find good motivation, teach not to lose heart in case of failure.

But if you do not aspire to grow the future Olympic champion, but simply decide which sport to choose for the general development of a girl aged from 7 to 12-15 years to take her after school, then the choice is very large. It’s never too late to start practicing, but a schoolgirl should have a desire, an interest should be awakened, then the training will be most effective. The optimal periods for different directions are:

  • For rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, water skiing, diving, large and table tennis, acrobatics and dancing - from 6 years.
  • For skiing, badminton, basketball and football - from 7 years.
  • For hockey, biathlon, athletics, baseball or lapta - from 8 years.
  • For cycling, equestrian sports, fencing and various types of wrestling - from 9 years.
  • Rowing and shooting, including archery - from 10 years.

At any age, fit sports or pop dance.

What are sports for girls with disabilities?

Most sections recruit according to the medical records provided by the parents. Depending on the diagnosis or propensity for diseases, it may not be suitable:

  • Shooting, tennis, biathlon - not recommended for babies with poor eyesight. With high myopia, there may also be restrictions on power and traumatic occupations, as falling from a horse, hitting during sparring, and other mechanical effects can cause serious deterioration.
  • With spinal problems, excessive loads should not be given to the lumbar region. Gymnastics can negatively affect the condition of the girl due to deflections and inclinations.
  • Cardiovascular diseases are a contraindication for cardiovascular exercises, so skiing, athletics and speed skating are not suitable for such children.
Have a positive impact:

  • Children's yoga, Pilates - on the nervous system.
  • Swimming - generally strengthens the body, classes in the pool are recommended for all people at any age, including recovery from injuries. You can not deal only with dermatological problems.
  • All winter sports for girls are the best helpers for strengthening immunity and hardening at the age from 6 to 13 years. With the onset of transitional age, failures in the immune system can appear and it is necessary to warm more strongly. For adult athletes and high teens suit clothes brand Stayer. This company produces high-quality sports uniforms at affordable prices.
  • Cardio - strengthen the heart, blood vessels, lungs.
  • Dancing and gymnastics, acrobatics - contribute to the development of flexibility and strengthening of the entire musculoskeletal system.

What sports sections are for girls 5 years

Those sports that positively affect natural development and muscle formation have a positive effect on preschool children. The skeleton also should not be overloaded. Therefore, it is necessary to choose circles with professional trainers who will plan for a feasible load.

The following classes are optimal:

  • Swimming. Training in the pool helps to relieve tension and nervous overexcitement, it will calm the baby. The girl can later go to the section on synchronized swimming or diving, but at the age of 5-6 years it is important to learn to swim in different styles and learn the basic rules of direction.
  • If you have a teenager, then you can consider group training of women's football, hockey, basketball, volleyball or handball. On this section, she will be able to find friends with a similar temperament. But you should not forget about safety, choose the right equipment and sportswear.
  • Artistic girl can offer to express themselves in rhythmic gymnastics or acrobatics. Preschool children are very flexible, so this age is ideal for starting classes.
  • Track and field athletics is a choice of active and restless teenagers. Running, jumping will help the child throw out his energy and at the same time cultivate dedication and discipline.
  • Winter sports will help strengthen the immunity of a small athlete. If you yourself are skiing, then it will be easier for you to teach your daughter to draw her into a family pastime. Do not forget about the warm and comfortable equipment. Online store of ski clothes "Stayer" offers kits at an affordable price. Stayer products are very wear-resistant - a down jacket will serve you for at least 5-6 years of constant wear.
  • Figure skating and dancing form a refined figure, grace. These classes are most popular with girls, so they continue to practice in the sports section up to 10-13 years old to improve their skills. Many girls go to workouts after graduation.

Memo to parents: what you need to know before visiting the sports club

First of all - the sport should be useful, interesting and accessible. Therefore:

  • Before the first classes pass medical examination. A pediatrician will appreciate the baby’s general well-being, tell how she is developing physically and what should be emphasized. Often these are tips on strengthening posture. Learn about non-recommended exercises. Take the necessary information for the institution, without them can not allow to workout in the pool or group circles.
  • Develop mode. If a girl goes to kindergarten, preschool or school, take care of a uniform load. If there are several hobbies, do not impose them on one another, otherwise the forces may not remain no matter what. Spread your workout on different days.
  • Get to know the coaching staff, ask for certificates and instructors diplomas. If there is an incompetent teacher next to your child, it can lead to injuries or simply ineffective, uninteresting pastime.
  • Buy sportswear and equipment. A number of clubs need expensive equipment - for cycling, equestrian sports, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. In addition to the main projectile, you need to purchase sports clothing and shoes. If the girl signed up for dancing or figure skating, gymnastics, then the performances will need outfits that can be sewn to order or independently.
  • Consider the financial side of the issue. Some workouts can be carried out with your family - you can run in the morning, ski or skate, but visiting the section is paid monthly.
  • Think about transport accessibility. If you have the opportunity to carry a daughter in your car, then calculate the distance and choose the route. If the schoolgirl herself moves by public transport, then it is necessary to look at the directions of the buses, so that you do not have to get with transfers or stand in traffic jams for a long time.

Tips to motivate girls 13 years of sports

The transitional age dictates its own rules, therefore:

  • Do not insist. If you force a teenager to attend classes, it will only lead to rejection and open opposition.
  • Encourage. The girl wanted to quit dancing and decided to sign up for hockey? Approve her choice, maybe that's exactly what she needs now.
  • Let's pick. Offer several options with enticing prospects. She will surely like something from the list.
We talked about sports for girls and gave some tips on choosing a sports section. Instill a love of physical activity since childhood!

What sport to choose a girl: where to start?

When choosing a sport, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the type of build you possess. To do this, you need to examine your body in the mirror in order to determine the problem areas and get an idea in which direction to work. Let's talk about which workouts are more relevant to a particular type of female figure.

    "Pear". This type of body is characterized by full buttocks and hips with small waist and shoulders. Such girls should begin to attend the gym and work out their upper body with the help of strength exercises. Also, to eliminate problem areas in the lower part, a cardio-strength load is necessary.

"An Apple". This type of body fat is mainly located on the arms, shoulders and abdomen. If you have problems with excess weight, then the best choice will be cardio workouts, allowing you to strengthen the muscles of the legs and get rid of fat.

"Hourglass". This is the optimal type of figure, because there is no need to trim the upper and lower parts of the body. You can use any kind of loads.

  • "Rectangle". This is the type of figure that many model models possess. If you are satisfied with everything in your figure, then we recommend choosing classical yoga classes. If there is a desire to improve your body, then a competent instructor will select for you a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle, buttocks and back. It is important to keep the waist unchanged.

  • What sport to choose a girl - the best options

    There are no women who would not like to have a slim figure. In the modern concept, this is wasp waist, elegant hands, high beautiful breasts, elastic buttocks and smooth skin, devoid of any defects. In the desire to achieve such a result, more and more often girls decide to start visiting the hall, because sitting on the sofa, the results will not appear.

    Today, fitness is becoming increasingly popular and this, of course, pleases. People playing sports, not only improve their bodies, but also gain health. To achieve this goal you do not need to sit on the most severe diets, which are doomed to failure. You also do not need to look for magic drugs that can help get rid of excess fat, because they simply do not exist.

    The beauty of your body is only in your own hands. Start playing sports and you will notice results fairly quickly. However, the question of which sport to choose a girl remains relevant. Now we will talk about the most popular sports among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity that can help them create a dream body.

    Не стоит недооценивать положительные эффекты простых прогулок. Безусловно, для получения хороших результатов они должны быть регулярными. Особенно ходьба может быть полезна начинающим и тем девушкам, которые длительное время не тренировались. Не стоит сразу сильно нагружать свой организм и достаточно совершать прогулки длительностью в 20 минут каждый второй день.

    At the same time, keep to the pace of walking and do not force events. Approximately in a week increase the duration of walks up to 45 minutes. It is also necessary to increase the pace to fast walking. After seven days, go on daily walks. At some point, you will feel that walking has become too easy for you and at this point you can begin to use weighting for the legs. According to the results of scientific research, with the passage of 1.5 kilometers about 200 calories are burned.

    This is a very popular form of cardio stress and today more and more people are beginning to run. You can say that running is a versatile and effective way to combat obesity. To do this, it is necessary to conduct long-term training at a low running speed. During the week it is necessary to conduct at least three classes.

    Some athletes do not want to stop running even in winter, but for this they need to be equipped accordingly. If you do not want to run in the winter outside, then a treadmill will be a good choice. Take a player with you to practice and you can not only improve your figure, but also enjoy your favorite music. For 30 minutes of running on level ground, you can burn about 450 calories. If classes are held on rough terrain, then this figure will be about 750 calories.


    Another popular and effective sport. To practice you need a bicycle or exercise bike. This sport will be an excellent choice for girls with lush hips. Cycling three times a week, and their duration should be about 40 minutes. As a result, you can not only get rid of fat, but also strengthen the muscles of the legs. This is very important, because after the fatty tissues are eliminated, it is necessary to tighten the muscles so that the skin does not look saggy.

    Now many girls choose fitness, because with the help of an experienced mentor, any problems can be solved. Admittedly, this is a really great way to make your body attractive. To achieve this goal as quickly as possible, we recommend finding a good coach.

    This is perhaps the most famous sport for girls. In the classroom you have to perform physical exercises under musical accompaniment. If you are interested in the question, what sport to choose a girl, pay attention to aerobics. This is a fairly energy-intensive sports discipline and in one session consumes more than 40 calories.

    Although you can often hear that aerobics can be practiced at home, maximum results will still be obtained under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Note that today there are several types of aerobics, and each of them has an impressive army of fans. Here are the three most famous:

      Step aerobics - it is necessary to perform exercises on a special step platform.

    Water aerobics - already from the name it becomes clear that classes are held in the pool.

  • Power aerobics - exercises are performed not only with the weight of your own body, but also with weights.

  • Many girls just love to dance. With the right approach, you can combine this pleasant activity with solving the problem of having excess weight. Not everyone knows that hour dancing classes can save a person from 600 calories! Agree that this is simply an excellent indicator.

    In addition to such an applied benefit, dance classes will allow you to become more graceful and acquire new acquaintances. If you do not like to work on simulators, the answer to the question of which sport to choose a girl is obvious - dancing.

    An excellent sport that allows you to get rid of excess weight, strengthen muscles, and remove the negative load from the spinal column. In addition to all the above, swimming is the best way to fight cellulite, which has become a big problem for many women.

    The latter fact is due to the fact that water produces a massaging effect on the body. This in turn enhances the rate of blood and lymph circulation, and also increases the elasticity of the skin. As mentioned above, swimming is extremely useful for the spinal column. If you have problems with the spine, we recommend choosing swimming.

    Often for this reason, the girl can not engage in other sports. Swimming has no contraindications and at the same time is an effective way to improve the shape. On average, one session can lose 600 calories. The exact figure is difficult to call, since much depends on the intensity. We recommend alternating different swimming styles. So you can not only get rid of fat, but also strengthen all the muscles of the body. During the week it is worth training three times.

    In conclusion, I want to say that the effectiveness of training depends on their regularity. If you train from time to time, then you should not expect positive results. It is also very important to progress the load gradually so as not to harm the health. Actually, this is why it is recommended to use the services of an experienced trainer who will be able to pick up your workload in accordance with the level of training.

    What kind of sport to choose a girl?

    Each of us can choose from a huge list of different sports intended specifically for girls. They help the fair sex to quickly and effectively get rid of excess fat deposits, as well as to get a beautiful body relief.

    In addition, with regular classes, you can observe a noticeable improvement in mood, there is a much needed confidence in each of us in our own attractiveness and irresistibility.

    Gymnastics and aerobics

    If you think about what kind of sport to choose for weight loss, then gymnastics and aerobics will suit you the most. They do not require any initial skills or special simulators.

    The level of load will depend solely on the capabilities of each particular girl. But the result of regular classes will be a slim body, beautiful posture and a wonderful stretch.

    If you have been thinking about which sport to choose, have a run. All you need is comfortable sneakers.

    You can run anytime, anywhere. You will not depend on the coach’s schedule or the proximity of the gym.

    Thanks to regular jogging, you improve your metabolism, strengthen your heart muscle and thoroughly pump almost all the muscles of your body.

    If sports exercises do not bring you pleasure and seem too boring and of the same type, you should sign up for a dance. Thanks to them, you will load your body in the same way, but at the same time relax your soul. Dance classes do not require excessive effort and do not bring painful sensations.

    On the contrary - they drive away a bad mood, help to spend time in pleasure and with benefit. In addition, learning to dance, you probably more than once will be able to apply their skills at a party or in a club.

    If you do not know which sport to choose for a girl, then the site advises to look closely at training in the pool. Swimming will evenly load all your muscles, but thanks to the water you will not feel so tired and exhausted, like after jogging or aerobics.

    It is also important that the pool will ease back pain and quickly get rid of extra calories.

    Yoga is more than just stretching or strengthening muscle tissue. Yoga allows you to put in order not only your body, but also thoughts. Yoga classes are available at any age and in any health condition.

    The most important thing is to warn the coach in advance about your chronic diseases, so that he will take this into account when choosing appropriate exercises.

    It will take only a couple of weeks from your first lesson and you will notice that your well-being has improved, and the internal state has stabilized.

    And how to start practicing yoga - read here.


    Many women do not know which sport they should choose, but at the same time they avoid training on simulators, considering such trainings to be more like a man’s prerogative. And in this they are deeply mistaken.

    The gym will help the representatives of the fair sex to quickly and easily get rid of excess weight and give your muscles the necessary relief. Of course, this becomes possible only with the proper preparation of training programs. And without the appropriate experience to cope with this you can not.

    That is why at least during their visits to the gym, use the services of a professional trainer. Following his prompts, you can achieve the desired result in a matter of weeks.

    Thus, there are many exercises and exercises that are ideal for women. Therefore, each of us must decide for herself what kind of sport she should choose. Someone more like rhythmic exercises to music, while others prefer to quickly achieve the desired effect.

    Anyway, to become the owner of a beautiful and slim figure, if desired, everyone can.