Borovaya uterus when planning pregnancy reviews


Girls, please tell me, did anyone drink a pine womb for conception? Reviews of its effect what? What do you think about her? Is it worth trying?

The fact is that my girlfriend has such a situation. She and her husband have been married for 5 years and want a baby from the very first day of their married life. But they can not get pregnant. For the past 2 years, they have been visiting doctors, and they appeal to different specialists, both paid and free. They passed a bunch of tests - everything is good for them, doctors shrug their shoulders and cannot explain the reason why a girlfriend can't get pregnant. She is very upset that, in principle, and so it is understandable.

And so she decided to try to drink away the course of the uterus of bovine for conception, read about the reviews. Of course, many things alerted her, but she decided to try this tool nonetheless. At the same time, she consulted a doctor and he said that it was better not to do this, as a strong hormonal failure could happen. But she insists. I am very worried about her.

Devonki, can we have on the site those who took borovoy uterus to conceive? Your feedback I would like to hear. Did you get pregnant after this? How fast? Did taking this herb affect your body in a negative direction? Just the reviews on the internet are so contradictory that I really can not understand anything.

About female sex hormones

In humans and animals, hormones perform regulatory functions. These substances produced by various glands are responsible for growth, emotional background, weight, sexual functions. In matters of maternity, hormones play a leading role. Hormonal background is different in different phases of the menstrual cycle, it changes dramatically during pregnancy. Thanks to hormones, the body prepares for the next birth, and then the woman feeds her baby’s milk. Disruptions in the hormonal status can lead to various violations in the state of health, including preventing the conception from taking place, and the pregnancy proceeded normally.

The possibilities of modern medicine allow us to obtain a fairly accurate and complete picture characterizing the level of certain hormones due to laboratory research. Hormonal disorders can be corrected with the help of competent prescriptions of the relevant drugs.

Before medicine reached a high level, for many centuries, plants were the only source of drugs. Healers who know about the properties of certain herbs, "appointed" them from all diseases. Today, many doctors continue to use herbal medicine as a primary or as an adjunct to the main treatment.

Herbal Infertility Treatment

Plants, like animal organisms, contain special regulatory substances - phytohormones. There is an assumption that plant hormones can affect human hormones.

It is precisely this assumption that the widely used infertility treatment scheme owes its appearance to two well-known herbs. Sage and boron uterus for conception are applied alternately. It is assumed that sage can increase estrogen levels. In this regard, it is taken in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, before the onset of ovulation. And since the onset of ovulation, it is recommended to take a boron uterus, as it improves the patency of the tubes, inhibits the immune system, aimed at rejection of sperm and contributes to the fact that the fertilized egg is fixed in the uterus.

In addition, there is an assumption that sage inhibits the hormone prolactin, which is a progesterone antagonist. Indeed, an increase in prolactin levels may be the reason why a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur. In addition, physiologically, the level of prolactin rises, and progesterone decreases sharply just before childbirth. Progesterone is responsible for the safety of pregnancy, and prolactin - for breastfeeding.

Sage has a rather pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and therefore is widely used in otolaryngology locally. Borovaya uterus also has an antiseptic effect, is effective against diseases of the genitourinary system, reduces blood viscosity. It is also used to treat uterine fibroids, endometriosis.

Ministry of Health warns

As for the correction of the level of hormonal levels with the help of these herbs, supporters of evidence-based medicine say that no conclusive research has ever been done on this score. And the fact that the uterus of the uterus for conception reviews collects positive may be associated with the placebo effect as well. In addition, the ability to conceive varies from cycle to cycle, varying and qualitative composition of male sperm in different periods of time. This is why several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant are not a cause for concern, treatment, or even testing.

But the safety of this herbal medicine is quite ambiguous. Uncontrolled reception of sage and boron uterus can adversely affect the embryo. That is why, if there is not actually invented, but actually existing infertility, it should be treated by specialists.

Borovaya Uterus, Planning, Pregnancy.

`Girls, hello everyone! I plan a baby with my husband for 3 years already. I have everything ok, my husband too, but why doesn’t she want God to give us bebik (((Actually I began to take Borovaya Uterus ... I really hope for her ... Girls who helped me get pregnant while help BM, answer some questions. For me it is important. 1) How long did you plan for Pregnancy? 2) How long did you take Borovoy Uterus? 3) How to use Borovoy uterus? 4) Did you have any Diseases, microbes ... on the gynecological part before the Borovoy Uterus reception? 5) Pros and cons of Borovoy Uterus. 6) After how much time after taking you get it. HU GIRLS, I beg you, answer my questions ... If you succeed, then I will succeed. true. PS! GIRLS ... BY THE WAY ... Here I am drinking BM ALREADY 4 DAY DAY After the end of M. Yesterday there was sexual intercourse. Today, in the morning there were secretions. Chocolate shade. As if the beginning of M ... What could it be? The reviews about BM are interesting too. I listen.15: 02 | 01 Aug 11

I have been planning for about a year ... first with the gynecologist at the clinic, then at the chat clinic, a month ago I came to a herbalist known in our city Livshets ... he ordered me to drink different meals (in which BM is included), also did the sprinkling and gadgets (he wrote out not only for gynecology) ... So I can’t share my experience yet, because I drink only from June 28, and, as it seems to me, the concentration of BM is not large (there are many different Siberian herbs in collections) ... But for now I’ll share my feelings: today is 36 DC (in general, I have a non-regular cycle, but in the last six months I haven’t had more than 29 days , although it was about 2 years ago and reached 60), but the tests are silent ... About a day 4-5 before the beginning of M began to feel some signs of B, which earlier even before M did not exist ... today after the PA some dark yellow discharge ... that's all for now!

Borovaya uterus (orthilia one-sided)

I gained patience, I am waiting for how events will develop further ...

15:17 | 01 Aug 11U BM mass of contraindications. It is more harmful to drink than useful. Very individual thing 15:50 | 01 Aug 11

Changes in the body when receiving boron uterus

With treatment, it is possible to increase or decrease the duration of the menstrual cycle. Menstrual flow may also change: become scarce, or, conversely, more abundant. If, when planning a pregnancy, you measure basal body temperature, you may notice that it has changed from previous cycles. Ovulation day may shift. Do not worry, these are normal processes.

At the initial stage of receiving a boron uterus, exacerbations of chronic diseases are also possible and, as a consequence, the appearance of pain and discharge, which will soon pass away.

Perhaps the use of boron uterus in the initial stages of pregnancy - it helps to strengthen the fetus and saves from toxemia.

Do not take boron uterus with: - obstruction of the fallopian tubes (danger of ectopic pregnancy), - gastritis (possible discomfort in the stomach).

In rare cases, receiving a boron uterus can cause migraine-like headaches. This is due to the individual intolerance of the herb. If a headache occurs, stop taking it until the symptom disappears. After a while, try to resume treatment, slightly lowering the dose. Take the grass not on an empty stomach, but after eating. If the headache resumes, then this herb does not suit you.

16:05 | 01 Aug 11

Strangely enough for me, there were no headaches at all in the last month ... but there is a delay and the tests are silent ... hmm ... 16: 09 | 01 Aug 11

This is me just, note. Because many people drink.

To me, the doctor prescribed contraception according to the analyzes, as I read the side effects and contraindications, so ofigel ((

16:18 | 01 Aug 11

I was just prescribed a herbalist, known to me by the familiar results of my acquaintances ... therefore I trust ... let's see what this will lead to.

16:23 | 01 Aug 11

Two strips to you for your birthday!))))

16:27 | 01 Aug 11

what are you writing there in black and white is written, BM reading is not the passage of pipes. not a contraindication. it treats this moment.

14:18 | 24 May 13

Do not take boron uterus with: - obstruction of the fallopian tubes (danger of ectopic pregnancy)

22:16 | 19 Jun 13

I also started reading after reading. Borovaya uterus I was hit by a great cycle. The cycle is lengthened. And you need to drink it only the second half of the cycle. and before that it is desirable to pass on hormones. Instead of Borovoy, the doctor prescribed Tsiklin or remens for me. Just so definitely can not drink it. 21:57 | 01 Aug 11

How long is the cycle? I just drink the first month I already have 38 DCs, and the tests are silent ... 19: 11 | 03 Aug 11Days increased by 3-4. I quit and the cycle returned to normal. Now they have prescribed duphaston, so Remens quit. But I have another. It seems that the embryo cannot attach. Because with ovulation, everything is good and on time. And when the delay is weak //. And then M.20: 47 | 03 Aug 11

And I have a delay of 10 days already ... on Monday I have to go to G, probably ...

And I was also prescribed Dyustafon, I saw 2 cycles, now the first cycle of rest and such a delay ...

05:04 | 04 Aug 11

I already have 2 times too a delay of weak strips and then monthly ... I thought about herbs ... tell me what helped you? The 2nd time at the urozhestan was and still regress00: 27 | 28 Oct 14

Now I am not fond of herbs ... gone into traditional medicine. Pregnancies were advancing, but I don’t know what contributed to them (because I did everything at once). But it was not possible to endure it ... Yes, and for a long time it was ... And I didn’t clean the herbs, but in the training camp - after consulting a well-known herbalist in our city. 28 Oct 14

Our girl of 8 years could not get pregnant now their son is growing 6 months. She gave me an article on which she collected a collection of herbs and drank to a positive result. I drink it too, but there are gaps, then I forgot to brew, then laziness, etc., but in this cycle I strictly observe and drink 21:25 | 03 Aug 11

And what herbs are included in this collection? Because I do not drink BM in pure form, but in the collection of various herbs ... I collected this collection from a well-known herbalist in our city05: 06 | 04 Aug 11

Oksana, and you can recipe for this collection in a personal? We live next to you, it turns out, you are with Guy, right? I am from Orsk. -neighbors What else are you taking? How long do you plan? 06:22 | 05 Aug 11 Hope we plan 4 years, this article was given to me 4 months ago Here is a collection of herbs that include 1 collection: Borovoy uterus - 2 parts of collection, cuff - 2 parts of collection, Nettle leaves - 2 parts, plantain - 2 parts of yarrow inflorescences- 1 part, camomile pharmaceutical - 1 part Harvesting ready 1st. spoon collection pour 1.5 cups (300-350 ml) of water, bring to a boil and hold for 5 minutes. on low heat. After removing from the heat, insist on an hour under the lid and strain. Squeeze raw materials. Drink in three doses per day for 20-30 minutes. before meals. We are treated before receiving the result by taking 8-10 day breaks (stop taking 2-3 days before the month and resume 2-3 days after them). 2 collecting valerian root - 2 parts, lavender blossoms - 1 part of the yellow clover - 1 part of the infusion is prepared in the same way as described above 2 hours before sleep in 100 ml. I did it where it says 2 parts took 50 grams each, 1 part - 25 grams unfortunately I did not collect 2 collections. Even in this article, another collection is given for inflammation (salpingo-oophoritis, vaginitis, adnexitis, endometriosis, cervical erosion, etc.) Devyasila's rhizomes-0.5 parts (12.5 g) pharmaceutical chamomile flowers, 1 part each (25 g each) ) Calendula flowers and plantain leaves - 1.5 parts (35.7 g each) grass yarrow - 2 parts (50g) leaves of nettle -2.5 parts (62.5 g) If necessary, you can increase the collection by including He has a boron uterus or cuff grass (2 parts (50g each). All the components are crushed and mixed. The total is obtained. The collection of 250 grams of raw materials lasts for 1.5 months. You need to spend at least 4-5 courses with a 3-week break in order to do the same as the previous ones. While writing to you I decided that the next one will prepare the last one because there is stronger and more useful grass. I wish you good luck and positive results.11: 29 | 06 Aug 11

I was planning a 4 month pregnancy ... after 3 months. I could not stand it and began to drink the Borovoy uterus, one month after that I got pregnant ... First, from the last day of menstruation until the beginning of ovulation (where it is 10-12 days) I saw "used to accelerate the growth of the follicle and endometrium in the first phase of the cycle. To improve the functioning of the ovaries. You can take up to 3 months without a break. But it is better to start immediately after the end of M and before ovulation. Pregnancy - contraindication. Leaves sage brew as follows: 1 tbsp. l per cup of boiling water, insist 15 minutes. Strain. Take 1 / 3-1 / 4 stack 20 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day. Every day, brew a new batch ... Then, from ovulation to the beginning of your period, take the Borovoy uterus - Decoction: 1 tablespoon of dry grass for 1 cup of hot water, boil in a water bath for 5-10 minutes, leave for 3-4 hours and strain. Take 4 times a day and 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach. Pharmacy herbs need to be brewed, as indicated on the package. Ready broth to store no more than two days in the refrigerator. If it is unpleasant to drink, you can add a spoon of honey. 07: 55 | 10 Aug 12

I could not get pregnant for 4 months. Maybe this is not a time, but so many thoughts settled in my head that it was scary. After sex, I stood in the pose of a birch tree and stood for 20 minutes, and so every time. But nothing happened. Again, one strip on test, again came monthly. For advice, I was on the Internet. I read a lot of different forums and chose a couple of methods for myself that helped other girls to get pregnant. For a whole month I drank weed Borovoy uterus three sips before meals 3 times a day. But this month, in which the saw, did not happen to get pregnant. Again came monthly. I also did douching soda before sex for 20 minutes, well, allegedly in order to eliminate the acidic environment in the vagina, it is detrimental to sperm. Then next month we began repairs, we moved to my parents for a couple of days with my husband. Well, there, too, they had sex very quietly, but I didn’t become a birch tree, but in a knee-elbow position. And at this time I had an ovulation. Then I was recorded by a gynecologist for a paid examination with analyzes (I thought I would ask at the reception why I couldn’t get pregnant, because I only had 1 partner in my life and this is my husband, there have never been abortions, there have never been spirals, there are never contraceptives I didn’t accept, and I’m only 21 years old.) And at that moment the delay was already 5 days. I think I will make a test just in case, And then the cherished 2 strips. I run to my husband at a run, he poorly began to cry). That's how I got pregnant! At the reception, I learned that I have a uterus posteriorly, and to get pregnant, I need a knee-elbow posture. AND MAIN THING: Every night before going to bed, I thanked God for what I already had, and asked what I was missing. ! I went to church, asked for a child from the Most Holy Theotokos, and asked God for it. I put candles on it. And I begged. And this is the greatest joy in my life. Do not lose hope. Use all possible methods. And most importantly believe in God and then everything will work out! Good luck, girls and patience. And remember: there is a time for everything!

Medicinal properties of the grass "pine forest" for women

Those who believe in the healing possibilities of the plant, believe that the pine forest helps to conceive, and how to take it - look in the instructions for use. It says that the dietary supplement is intended for:

  • maintaining the functions of the genitourinary system,
  • improve urinary function,
  • getting a mild diuretic effect.

It looks like grass boron womb in nature

All this, together with the indirect reduction of the risk of cyclic processes (monthly regulation) in women. Therefore, women are asked how to drink a pine womb to get pregnant.

The possibility of using when planning pregnancy

When using herbs, it is necessary to take into account not only their healing qualities, feedback on the use, but also contraindications. Для ортилии однобокой есть несколько обстоятельств, при которых употребление травы запрещено – беременность, грудное вскармливание, повышенная восприимчивость к растению. Женщины в отзывах называют также периоды месячных регул и непроходимость маточных труб.

В этом смысле важен такой вопрос как использование травы боровая матка при планировании беременности.

  1. Когда женщина принимает материнку, и не предохраняется от беременности, ей следует обеспечить перерыв на время возможного оплодотворения – то есть примерно за 14 дней до начала менструального цикла прекратить прием.
  2. If it is required to drink a monthly course of the motherboard (according to reviews, such a course should be followed to obtain the result), then for the entire duration of the intake you should ensure reliable protection from pregnancy by non-hormonal means.

The instruction manual for conception does not offer any special use of the pine womb.

How to take to get pregnant?

One of these questions is how to drink a pine womb to get pregnant. Since we are dealing not with a medicine, but with a dietary supplement or natural raw materials from the plant itself, it should be taken as it is written in the instructions for the dietary supplement.

  1. The recommendations for use say that a tablespoon of dry raw materials (or 2 two-gram filter packages) should be poured into 200 ml of boiled water and kept covered 15 minutes.
  2. After this, the infusion needs to be poured into another container through gauze or a strainer (the filter bag just needs to be pressed).
  3. The prepared portion should be drunk during the day while eating, divided into 2-4 doses (100 or 50 ml, respectively).
  4. The duration of the dietary supplement is 30 days. The courses of treatment can be repeated after taking a break from 2 weeks to six months (you should consult with your doctor).

We emphasize once again that the official instructions for the bioadditive do not speak about the plant boron uterus in terms of how to take to become pregnant. Science is silent about how to drink a pine womb for conception, since no special studies have been done in this direction. And it was not conducted because not a single plant was recognized as capable of influencing the process in such a way as to ensure the onset of pregnancy. So conclusions need to be made based on common sense, and not on dubious feedback.

How much should you drink to get pregnant?

Taking into account the positive effect of ortila on the urinary system in general and urinary function in particular, it can be concluded that the periodic use of maternity drugs will help a woman to get rid of some problems in this area and, as a result, create favorable conditions for conception. It is possible that those who wrote reviews about the pineal uterus for conception encountered exactly this effect of the plant. But no more than that. So does the uterus help to get pregnant?

No specific dates or volumes, how much you need to drink the motherboard to get pregnant, just does not exist. If someone had to read reviews about certain time periods, then this is nothing more than self-suggestion or coincidence.

Does it help with infertility?

Another common question related to the healing properties of the mother is how the boron uterus is used for infertility. This official instructions on the use of herbs is also silent. To appreciate the hope associated with taking a boron uterus for conception, consider the main causes of infertility in women:

  • obstruction of the fallopian tubes (tubal infertility) caused by adhesions resulting from frequent abortions, gynecological operations, difficult first births or injuries, inflammatory processes in the reproductive system (such diseases are often mentioned in reviews),
  • pathologies of the hormonal system (endocrine infertility), when the maturation of the eggs is disturbed,
  • infertility associated with gynecological diseases - endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, cervicitis, sexually transmitted infections (also frequent guests),
  • "Stressful infertility" occurs against the background of systematic stress, negative emotions and anxiety,
  • immunological is the least studied type of infertility, when spermatozoa are destroyed by antisperm antibodies, which are pathologically formed in cervical mucus,
  • idiopathic species - infertility, having an obscure, unexplained origin, which modern medicine is unable to determine, it is almost a quarter of all common types of infertility and a frequent subject of complaints in reviews,
  • absolute infertility has a genetic origin, associated with gross abnormalities of the development of the female genital organs (gonadal dysgenesis syndrome, agenesia, hyperadrogenesis, Turner syndrome, etc.).

Some of these problems are difficult to treat, and some are not treated at all, so that conception becomes possible only thanks to modern reproductive technologies. Attempts to use ortilia from infertility are justified except in the case of urinary inflammation, which results in secondary infertility. But this can only be an additional measure for conception, and not the main one, according to reviews.

Review Review

After analyzing more than a hundred testimonials of women who tried to use the pine womb for conception, one can see that in most cases women turned to this grass as their last hope. That is, prior to its use, they were treated for several years from infertility, underwent a lot of diagnostic and other procedures, and even laid down on the operating table. And when the hands of all that was transferred from the women, someone recommended them to be treated with ortilia.

The grass was bought immediately, immediately proceeded to treatment, and within 2-3 months they found the cherished 2 strips on the pregnancy test indicator. Absolutely all women are confident that this is the result of treatment by the mother. And no one had the thought that the long-term medication treatment could also give results, they just did not wait. This suggests a very ambiguous conclusion - according to reviews, Ortilia contributed to the onset of conception. But scientific evidence of such miraculous conceptions is not fixed. Therefore, neither recommending nor discouraging receiving a boron uterus for conception (although the feedback from women is for) does not make sense.

Although most reviews do not attach any importance to this circumstance.

Alexey Razuvaev

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

Do you know that it affects hormones? You need to know because of what exactly you can not zab, and only after that start drinking! Otherwise, even more can be harmed. There is still a very good scheme with a 4-5 day cycle, drink sage, then after BM ovulation. But I repeat, this affects the hormones, they increase them, so if you have them and so high you should not drink

it’s better not to do these things by yourself!
Sage lowers the level of estradiol, and increases the level of progesterone. It is dangerous for the fetus. When your goal is to get pregnant, eat sage, only according to the scheme. Since any use of it in excessive amounts can cause an allergic reaction of the body or even poisoning. Also from the physiology, the use of sage, may give some changes. The cycle of menstruation and, accordingly, the ovulation cycle may be disturbed. Increases mainly the second part of the menstrual cycle.
Before you begin treatment in this way, be sure to consult with your doctor. He should examine you and determine if you have any diseases or contraindications for use. Also, you should be tested for capacity of hormones in the blood. lia-zachatia.html
you can just help in something, but in something very harm the body! Must be VERY attentive to such things

Thank you so much! I know that they become pregnant after sage, using it from the first day after menstruation for 7-11 days and helps. I think you need to check the hormones

I became pregnant immediately after taking sage (I couldn’t have 5 cycles before). I kept the scheme strictly. However, with sage, you need to be very careful, strictly follow the dosage - 1 tea spoon for a glass of water is enough for welding, and take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day for 11 days after the cessation of menstruation. Repeat 3 months, if the pregnancy does not occur, you need to take a break for 2 months. Sage contains special phytohormones, similar in composition to estrogen - female sex hormones. Sage seed infusion produces a so-called “sucking effect” on the cervix in a woman, which makes it easier for sperm to pass to the egg cell.

Try better drink Ovariamin.

Try better drink Ovariamin.

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do not drink this ***. better look for the cause of the disease. All these herbs have very many contraindications. and the fact that someone there got pregnant after 2 months of taking it is possible to get pregnant after water. I drank a red brush out of stupidity. she just hit me a cycle.

Hello! I also started advice on the Internet, saw sage and boron womb just one cycle and got pregnant, it didn’t work before, 2 months before that there was a hormonal failure of the months on the nervous floor, in general, if not for a long time, my advice is just to relax and don’t think what you want get pregnant, and the best thing is to take a vacation and rest.

Also could not get pregnant. Three months in any way. Not a very long time, of course, but still. I read in the internet about a pine womb, including on this forum. Well, I think, what if. It is inexpensive. I came to work, brewed in a jar. An hour later, two hundred grams drank, then an hour before dinner, two hundred grams. She made a tablespoon for half a liter somewhere. By eye. In the evening at home in a mug, as tea brewed before bedtime. Month spent on drink, monthly came. True a week later. Well, okay, menstruation went on, she began to drink again. A month later they came again. Painful horror. Abundant. Long lasting. Just for the New Year holidays. Then I saw the uterus is not so hard. When I drink, when laziness when I forget. But saw. And once-delay! Prior to that, the lower abdomen squeezed sometimes. The ovary was a little disturbed. I was already on my guard. And after two days of delay, the test showed a weak second strip! It's ten weeks pregnant. I am sure that the uterus has played a positive role. Although I didn’t believe that much. But before there were excretions, a month after taking the herbs stopped. Now smear is good. He apparently cured me. I have erosion and as a result, an inflammatory process that violates the vaginal microflora. And I got pregnant!

Also could not get pregnant. Three months in any way. Not a very long time, of course, but still. I read in the internet about a pine womb, including on this forum. Well, I think, what if. It is inexpensive. I came to work, brewed in a jar. An hour later, two hundred grams drank, then an hour before dinner, two hundred grams. She made a tablespoon for half a liter somewhere. By eye. In the evening at home in a mug, as tea brewed before bedtime. Month spent on drink, monthly came. True a week later. Well, okay, menstruation went on, she began to drink again. A month later they came again. Painful horror. Abundant. Long lasting. Just for the New Year holidays. Then I saw the uterus is not so hard. When I drink, when laziness when I forget. But saw. And once-delay! Prior to that, the lower abdomen squeezed sometimes. The ovary was a little disturbed. I was already on my guard. And after two days of delay, the test showed a weak second strip! It's ten weeks pregnant. I am sure that the uterus has played a positive role. Although I didn’t believe that much. But before there were excretions, a month after taking the herbs stopped. Now smear is good. He apparently cured me. I have erosion and as a result, an inflammatory process that violates the vaginal microflora. And I got pregnant!

I am 44 years old. I really want a child. I believe and I hope that everything will turn out, I began to drink sage in the first phase, in the second uterine stem. Give advice who can, how to do it.
For you, Anna is very happy. Best wishes to you.

I also can not get pregnant for 3 months. Give advice on how to get pregnant soon. Thanks in advance

if you can tell me how to drink. We’re trying a year (I’m talking about the uterine womb) was a miscarriage 6 weeks

Girls and stone oil helped me a lot. I took it along with KSH and BM.
And she also doused them. Adhesions and adnexitis disappeared.
think of traditional medicine, 5 gynecologists could not cure ((
maslitse bought on the site

I am 44 years old. I really want a child. I believe and I hope that everything will turn out, I began to drink sage in the first phase, in the second uterine stem. Give advice who can, how to do it. For you, Anna is very happy. Best wishes to you.

How are you doing? I'm 41, the same problem

Hey. Half a year ago, I did not know anything about BM. And once I started having an incomprehensible daub, I went to the doctor and I was there because I had been instructed so many diagnoses that it was just polyacystosis and ovarian cancer. And the bend of the uterus. And a polyp in the cervix. And much more. I certainly cleaned the polyp. And she began to drink tincture of bore oh uterus and Shock test today showed 2 strips, I did not drink it regularly. But all the same, it works even though the doctors said that without an operation you could not get pregnant

Girls, I want to share my happy and tragic story. Began to plan the baby with her husband in January 2014. 3 months without results. In April, went to be tested. I almost died from the results: spkya - all ovaries are hardened, in cysts, prolactin scales. the cycle floated specifically. the doctor suggested not to delay the process with such badies, but to apply drastic measures - clostilbegit (causes ovulation). I was just shocked then. I decided to pause and think about everything. As a result, the drug did not dare. Returned to the question in the fall. A lot started about bm. long solved. because I had no cycle, I went monthly as I liked, I didn’t calculate the days I started taking it, I just bought it out of despair, brewed it and began to drink 1/2 cup 2p. in a day. In early December, began to smack the stomach. I was so happy, I think the cycle began to level off. and there is no monthly and no. I bought a test through nelel - 2 strips. I was shocked, I really did not expect that at once. Like a teenager, she ran through different pharmacies for tests. This is where the happy part of the story ends. After all, I, *****, read that the boar uterus cannot be thrown sharply at b. I was afraid and quit - this led to a decrease in ur hormones and, as a result, a frozen b at 4 weeks from conception. The grass is really magical. and when I survive this stress and start planning again, I will definitely drink BM.
only girls, cute, before you do self-treatment - study the issue thoroughly.
ps. on the ultrasound by confirmation b, the doctor did not find me a single cyst on the ovaries. This same doctor, who half a year before this, delivered a verdict (one of the best specialists in the city by the way). Whether a miracle, or.

Girls advise to try. My husband and I did not work for 5 years. And after the first reception, i.e. a month later, the uterus of the uterus became pregnant + folic acid and vitavin E saw.

I also couldn’t get pregnant for a year while reading the internet about the uterus of the uterus here and for the second cycle // strips I was so happy but not for long 8 weeks there was a miscarriage I want to right back adopted BM

Hello! For 8 years I couldn’t get pregnant, I found sage and a pine womb for conception on the Internet. I bought weed and drank two weeks later I saw the long-awaited second strip. I gave birth to a healthy full-term child who celebrated our princess’s birthday not long ago. By the way, I want to repeat

Hello! I couldn’t get pregnant for 10 years, underwent an examination, doctors didn’t find the reason, time went by and didn’t succeed to get pregnant. Twice they did an artificial insemination, it also didn't work out. The doctor said that it remains to try IVF, but also not a fact. it will turn out to get pregnant, because the reason is not found. And here I am somewhere on the Internet, I don’t even know how, I came across an article about the uterus of the uterus and I decided to try it myself, there were a lot of positive reviews, I started drinking it with the certainty that I had everything will work out. And now I rock my sad tye, we are already 4 months old. And I’m sure that the pine forest and the red brush helped me.

Hello to all who are planning, waiting for their miracle and moms! Ksenia, please tell me, how did you take the red brush and boron. From what day and in what doses. Thank you in advance! I want to love, but it does not work ((

Hello! I could not get pregnant for 3 years, there was no ovulation. Tired of going to the doctors and decided to buy a pine womb in drops, drank 20 drops twice a day. For the second cycle I have two strips)) this is a miracle.

we have so far 4 months fail, hou try boron uterus. Please tell me who it turned out how you drank it and what was combined with it. for example with sage.

Good evening after removing the spiral, I can’t drink sage + linden 5 days 1 h l sage 1 h l linden per 1 tablespoon water 3 times a day pulling the lower abdomen so it should be.

I am a young woman, I am 30 years old, we live with my husband, but there are no children, but I really want to! For which only doctors were not, nothing helps and the diagnosis is disappointing. Desperate, no choice left, we decided to try to come up on the other side. Herbs, folk methods. But before that, you should know more about it. Here is a good site, mother advised After a while we did it all! I hope you will help too.

Good evening everyone! We have been dreaming about a year with my husband about Lala) have passed tests, everything is normal. But at a consultation with another doctor they said that the problem could be in the ovaries. Writing to the doctor only after a month for the purpose of stimulation. Resilatpop itself to stimulate. Read reviews about BM. Cut a single course: first sage, and then bm. Feels like no change. After 3 days should come month. Already there are signs. I’ll also try the next cycle. I certainly hope that I succeed. Of course I can and a stupid question, but please tell me, who did it with the help of the BM, what were the signs except the delay?

I am 30 years old and with my husband we want children. Оба проверились у врача,муж сдал спермограмму она в норме,я узи сделала матка без загибов,воспалений нет,болезней нет,гармоны все в норме,на гармоны тоже сдавала кровь,овуляция есть,месячные как часы,а долгожданной беременности нет уже чуть больше года. Вот решила тоже попить баровую матку,надеюсь на чудо.