The meaning of the name Yvette: characteristics, description, origin and fate


The name Ivetta has several variants of origin. According to the first version, the name Ivetta is the female form of the old Germanic name Ivo, which was originally a short form for names beginning with the element “iv”, meaning “yew”, “yew tree”.

According to the second version, the name Yvette is a gentle appeal to Yves, one of the variants of the pronunciation of the name Eve.

The name Ivetta is spelled and pronounced differently - Iveta, Yvette, Yuetta, Yuetta, Yutta, Yuveta, Ivot, Ivott. The diminutive reference Veta is a short form to other names, as well as an independent name.

In the Orthodox calendar the name Yvette (Iveta) does not appear. For the name Yvette will be given Catholic name.

Yvette very often seems to outsiders to be arrogant and somewhat distant, but in reality, Yvette is a serious, strong-willed woman. Modest in moderation, honest, seeks to comply with moral principles. Yvette is distinguished by the desire for independence, sociability, energy, hard work. She likes not to depend on anyone, so she leaves the parents' wing quite early, finds herself a job herself and provides herself with pocket money.

Yvette is disciplined, voluntarily weighed, she can not be a mess in anything. She wants all the most important things to be in her hands, under her supervision. Colleagues appreciate her for her diligence and responsibility.

Yvette is not afraid of loneliness, will always prefer a unique relationship. It attaches importance only to deep and real feelings. To be a friend of Yvette is to be a unique person, according to Yvette. Only the most worthy become her friends. Friends respect Yvette for loyalty, reliability, kindness and friendliness.

Behind her spontaneity and showiness, behind her coldness and arrogance hides burning feelings and a storm of emotions. She is proud if she shows her invulnerability. Thus, she would prefer to do everything alone, and not to look for a helper or another way to achieve the goal. Yvette is rational and pragmatic, she relies on facts, logic, and if she dreams sometimes, she quickly goes down to the ground.

In her work, Yvette perfectionist loves orderliness, efficiency and earnestness in her approach to work. As a child, she manifests herself as a wise, responsible person, but she can forget about it a little bit in order to demand what she sees fit, to tune everything to fit her desires.

Yvette has a great sense of duty, she is very jealous of her property. Since childhood, Yvette will protect her books, clothes and other things from her brothers and sisters. The owner of this name does not like chic, prefers simplicity and closeness to nature, natural. She hates fireworks. Will strive, above all, to protect themselves from everything who and what will disturb her. Yvette will happily lead a dog that she will walk with pleasure every day.

Yvette prefers stability, spontaneity is not about her. She will choose her companion based on moral values. Yvette is a woman of principle. The owner of this name is demanding, purposeful, sometimes reckless, but generally very successful woman.

Ivette is attracted to the professions of medical workers, professions of a social nature or related to law, justice, and the courts. Yvette can be an excellent administrator, veterinarian, biologist, choreographer, restaurateur, translator, she will also be interested in a profession that requires compliance, attention to detail and accuracy. She likes active, creative or commercial activities.

Yvette is looking for a husband of the same person as herself — decisive, strong-willed, independent. She wants to be a leader, which, naturally, does not like her husband. Therefore, it happens that Yvette gets married more than once. She brings up her children strictly, but the atmosphere in Yvette's house is light, as she likes to have fun and often comes up with entertainment for the children.

The meaning of the name Yvette for a girl

Little Yvette has a strong and persistent character, which makes her education is not such an easy task. She is persistent in achieving her goals, but often ignores the interests of other people. We'll have to spend a lot of effort to teach the child to interact with others. As a friend, Yvette usually chooses boys, because the "women's" games are not interesting for her. Often in a company, it becomes a leader, even if such a company consists of only boys.

Yvette often learns well, although she does not make much effort for this. She has a good memory and she easily learns new material. In general, she is curious, but she is not particularly interested in the school program. Yvette will certainly find a passion outside of school. In addition, Yvette loves social activities and shows an excellent ability to lead people. It may be the head of the class, organize school competitions. In general, Yvette will definitely find where to put herself.

The girl’s health cannot be called especially strong, but the vitality is high. Even if Yvette is ill, then she suffers diseases quite easily. However, she and her parents should remember that a bed rest can lead to complications. It has also been observed that as they mature, Yvette will start to hurt much less. If in childhood she often suffers from colds, then the adult Yveta has no such predisposition.

Characteristic name Yvette

Adult Yvette is endowed with a cheerful and sympathetic character, and perseverance and a certain obstinacy characteristic from childhood become less noticeable. She does not lose these features completely, but consciously manifests them only in the situations that are necessary for them. Changing her relationship to the female sex. If in childhood she preferred to be friends only with boys, then adult Yvette is friends with girls too. She has a lot of friends and they really appreciate her. Yvette is a reliable and attentive friend, whom many dream of. He loves Yvette and the attention of others, and therefore prefers fun and numerous companies. She knows how to teach herself and often becomes the center of attention.

Work Yvette loves and quickly achieves success. Many owners of the name become leaders, because they have a born gift of managing people. Yvette is a demanding manager, but she is no less demanding on herself. Lazy people cause rejection in her, and therefore there will not be such people in her team. Routine work is not interesting for her, and therefore Yvette is looking for herself in those areas where a creative approach to the tasks she needs is needed.

The family means a lot to Yvette, but she is not in a hurry to get married. She enjoys the attention of men, but do not rush to reciprocate. Unfortunately, Yvette wants two mutually exclusive character traits from her chosen one. She is looking for a strong-willed and confident man, but at the same time who will obey her unquestioningly. In the end, it will become more realistic to perceive reality and calmly find a man standing for itself.

Mystery Name Yvette

The secret of Ivette can be called her rancor. She rarely forgives offenders, but she does not hurry to take revenge. Ivetta will wait for the right moment and get even with the debtor. Often she does this in secret, and therefore the offended person does not even understand where all these misfortunes fell on him. Do better with Yvette fair, otherwise you would not envy.

Compatibility with signs of the zodiac

The name Ivetta will suit a girl born under the zodiac sign Leo, that is, from July 23 to August 23. Under the auspices of this sign, Yvette will become stronger and brighter, eager to do something, organize, lead, rule. Her creative energy will give an opportunity to achieve a lot in life, will make Yvette a demanding, purposeful, sometimes reckless, but overall very successful woman.

Pros and cons of the name Yvette

What are the pros and cons of the decision to name the child Ivetta? Of course, this name has many more positive sides than negative ones, because this is a beautiful, strong and rather rare name for our country, which, meanwhile, fits well with Russian surnames and patronymic names, and also has several melodic abbreviations and diminutive forms Such as Ivy, Yves, Ivettochka, Ivettushka, Ivushka. The character of Ivetta also largely causes only positive qualities, so there are no obvious minuses in this name.

Yvette's health is not very strong, but this is not noticed behind her activity. In childhood, the owner of this name often suffers from colds, which then has a long effect on her weakened immunity.

Love and family relationships

In family relationships, Yvette rarely finds herself, even though she tries more than once. Her desire to be a leader is usually not perceived by her husband, as she chooses a strong-willed and decisive man as a companion to life. She is a good hostess; she brings up children strictly, but in general, the atmosphere in Yvette’s house is light, as she likes to have fun and often comes up with entertainment for the children.

Professional field

In the professional field Ivette suitable active, creative or commercial activities. For example, it can turn out a successful journalist, choreographer, lawyer, translator, restaurateur, insurance agent, kindergarten teacher, waiter.

Nameday Yvette does not note, since this name is not in the church calendars.

The origin of the name Yvette

If you called your daughter such an interesting and unusual name, find out how it appeared. From the article you will learn the meaning of the name Yvette, however, before that we want to tell its origin. In fact, there are three versions. The first option is the most famous: Yvette is a Hebrew name that occurred in prehistoric times in honor of the first woman in the land of Eve.

According to the second version, it comes from the French name John, which in translation means pardoned by God. And the last, third version is of Germanic origin. The woman's name was Ivo, and from that name came the name Yvette, which means yew tree.

Compatibility in love

We considered the characteristic and meaning of the name Yvette. And what about love? After all, it plays an important role in the life of every person. As a rule, the girl with this name is very beautiful and self-sufficient. Most importantly, she knows her worth.

Even from school age, Yvette gets used to the attention of the guys who carry her briefcase, care for her and give gifts. For this girl, there is nothing strange that a guy takes care of her, she takes men's attention as a matter of course.

Although sex is very important for Yvette, however, she chooses lovers carefully and will not tolerate a greedy and narcissistic man next to her. If she fell in love, then it is for a long time, perhaps even forever. Only her beloved need to get used to the idea that Yvette will require a lot of attention.

Family relationships

As mentioned earlier, a very beautiful girl Yvette. Characteristics and secrets of the name are often positive. Now consider this girl in family relationships.

Yvette selects carefully not only lovers, but also her husband. For her, it is not a problem to divorce her if her choice was wrong. Although she rarely makes mistakes, she does sometimes happen. If the husband does not satisfy her needs in full, she will divorce him without a twinge of conscience and never regret it.

Since Yvette loves independence, it is very hard to please her when choosing a partner. Therefore, sometimes such a girl is unhappy in marriage. Although if she became a mother, she will do everything so that the children do not need anything, even attention. She is ready to sacrifice her time to have fun and play with her kids.

Oddly enough, but Ivetta can not boast of health. Although she is strong and strong, she is often overwhelmed by frequent colds. This flu, acute respiratory viral infections and even bronchitis. Therefore, these girls weakened immunity. This is especially noticeable in the spring.

It follows from the above that Yvette needs to carefully monitor its health. To strengthen the immune system, it is necessary to add a variety of vitamins to the diet daily.

The meaning of the name Yvette is still being researched. Astrologers have determined not only the character of this girl, but also her passion. From an early age, the girl who bears this rare name loves to sing, dance and even compose poetry. She has a well-developed fantasy that helps in this. Yvette has a phenomenal memory, so she remembers everything quickly and easily.

Since she is active and energetic, she often realizes herself in sports. Especially where exercise is necessary. Therefore, she loves running, rowing, cycling, and sometimes even wrestling.

Excellent worker - Yvette. The value of the name of the colleagues is not always known, so they are trying to lead the girl. However, Yvette will never be offended even by the head. After all, she is smart, sometimes she knows even more than the director.

Over time, this girl begins to appreciate at work, as she shows herself to be a punctual, responsible, executive person. As you know, these qualities are very important. Therefore, Yvette achieves great heights in professional activities.

In fact, everything is not as scary as it may initially seem. The fate of Yvette depends on her attitude to life. If she learns to be tolerant of others, to pay attention not only to herself, but also to her husband, then she will be a happy person.

The fate of Yvette can be difficult only if she does not learn to educate herself. After all, it is very important that a woman pay attention to herself, her parents, children, her husband and other close people.


Now you know what the name Yvette means. Characteristic and secret name peculiar. On the one hand, this girl is soft, on the other - demanding and straightforward.

As a rule, Yvette builds her own destiny. No one can help her in this, as the girl rarely listens even to her mother. Since she has been striving for independence since early childhood, she often leaves her parents as soon as she gets a job, because she really dislikes control.

Despite all the negative qualities of the character, much more positive. Anyone, even an unfamiliar person, can rely on Yvette. She will help in a difficult situation, while not expecting special thanks. Her selflessness bribes others.

The history and origin of the name

The question of the meaning and origin of the name Yvette at one time interested many astrologers, especially Europe, but today it is no longer a mystery, for all its aspects without exception have been solved. It was found that according to the main version, the history of this name originates in ancient German culture.

Translated from the language of ancient Germany, it means "yew tree", and the root of the name is the syllable "iv", translated as "yew".

True, there is another opinion - says about belonging to the origins of the name form "Eve". But, unfortunately, there is practically no evidence of this version.

In our country it is not very popular, but it is found. It has many forms of pronunciation, among which Yvette, Yuetta, Yutta, Yuveta, and even Ivott. And, according to experts, it can give the character of the girl named by him a huge number of important qualities.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone-talisman - Agat.
  • The patron planet is Mars.
  • Patronizing element - Fire.
  • Animal symbol carrier name Yvette - Elephant.
  • The plant symbol is Lily.
  • The best zodiac is Taurus.
  • Happy day - Wednesday.
  • The perfect season is Spring.