What Poliginax Candles Help


Polygynax is a combined antibacterial agent in the form of vaginal capsules for topical use, which also has antifungal effect.

Such a preparation in the form of capsules for insertion into the vagina is often used in gynecological practice to eliminate the diseases and inflammatory processes provoked by the activity of bacteria and fungi. The tool is often used to treat and prevent recurrences of thrush in women.

The advantage of this form is a direct impact on the nidus of the pathological process, a similar effect cannot be achieved using tablets, capsules and other means of systemic exposure.

Release form and composition

The form of release of the drug are soft capsules intended for insertion into the vagina. These vaginal suppositories have a milky-beige color and a pleasant, smooth texture. The shape resembles an elongated oval.

  • One capsule contains 35 thousand IU of neomycin sulfate,
  • 35 thousand IU of polymyxin B sulfate,
  • 100 thousand IU of nystatin,
  • Among other components, substances such as: soybean oil, hydrogenated, Tephoz 63, Dimethicone 1000,
  • The shell has the following composition: glycerol, gelatin, dimethicone 1000 and purified water.

Candles are sold for 6 pieces in one plate, and one or two plates per pack.

Pharmacological effect

Due to the active substances contained in the vaginal capsules Polygynax, the drug has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. Polymyxin B and neomycin are antibiotics with a wide spectrum of activity, they have a bactericidal effect (leading to the death of bacterial cells) against most pathogenic bacteria.

Streptococci and anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms, the growth and reproduction of which takes place only in anoxic conditions) are not sensitive to the action of these antibiotics. Nystatin is an antifungal agent with fungicidal action (leads to the death of fungal cells), it is most active against the yeast fungi of the genus Candida.

Also, Polygynax vaginal capsules improve metabolism (trophic processes) in the cells of the vaginal mucosa.

Indications for use

Vaginal capsules are used to treat inflammation caused by the development of microorganisms that are sensitive to the action of the drug. Polygynax destroys the source of the following infectious processes, destructively acting on the causative agents of such diseases:

  • the inflammation caused by the development of the fungus - fungal vaginitis,
  • combined infection resulting from the action of bacteria and fungi at the same time - mixed vaginitis,
  • inflammatory process triggered by pathogenic bacteria of the vaginal mucosa - bacterial vaginitis,
  • infectious-inflammatory pathology localized on the mucous membranes of the vulva (vulvovaginitis) or cervix (cervicovaginitis).

Polygynax is also justified for prophylaxis. It reduces the likelihood of complications after diagnostic or surgical procedures. The course of laying capsules can be assigned:

  • as prevention of inflammation before childbirth,
  • to prepare for intrauterine manipulations,
  • before the treatment of erosion or pseudo-erosion of the cervix by the method of diathermocoagulation (cauterization) and after it.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy, women can only treat thrush and other Poliginax diseases on prescription and under close supervision.

In case of emergency, candles are put in the minimum dosage - 6 pcs. for the course. When breastfeeding to use Poliginaks can not, because its antibacterial components can harm the baby.

Drug action

The drug eliminates inflammation in the vagina, which occurs during fungal and bacterial diseases. Capsules have a bactericidal effect, The composition is active against:

  • staphylococcus,
  • corynebacteria,
  • enterococci,
  • enterobacteria,
  • E. coli

Only streptococci and some anaerobes show resistance to the composition of the capsules. In gynecology, medicine is used against diseases caused by these bacteria, as well as fungal infection. Poliginax works especially effectively against the fungal infection Candida, which provokes thrush, cryptococcosis, yeast histoplasmosis.

Additionally, Polygynax improves tissue trophism in the mucous membrane of the vaginal tract.

Polymyxin and Neomycin inhibit the activity of microbes by disrupting the structure of their proteins. Nystatan has a fungicidal effect, working on the surface of the mucous membrane and in the deeper layers. The medicine enters the general circulation in a minimum amount that is not considered significant.

Indications of the drug

Among the indications for use of Candles Polygynax is a number of infectious and inflammatory gynecological diseases, which are caused by the above pathogenic microorganisms. In women of reproductive age, they most often are:

  • non-specific mycotic vaginitis,
  • vaginal candidiasis (thrush),
  • vulvovaginitis, vaginitis,
  • vulvitis
  • cervicovaginitis.

The drug as a monotherapy does not work against a specific infection (syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.), all indicated indications relate only to non-specific infectious pathologies. In the last trimester of pregnancy, capsules are recommended for the rehabilitation of the birth canal before natural delivery if a woman is diagnosed with an inflammatory process.

The drug is often prescribed after abortion - to prevent infection of the vagina and cervix.

Polygynax can be applied before and after invasive studies of the genital organs, to prevent inflammation before burning the uterus, with operations on organs. Also, the drug is used in complex treatment of cystitis, cervical erosion.

Instructions to the drug

Before performing therapy, it is imperative to do a vaginal smear test for the determination of pathogenic microflora. This will help determine the sensitivity of microbes to the active substances of the drug. The medicine is applied topically. Capsules need to be inserted into the vagina, it is desirable to carry out the procedure in the supine position. Treatment guidelines are:

  • per day is enough to introduce one capsule,
  • treatment sessions are performed at bedtime,
  • you need to enter the capsule as far as possible,
  • Poliginax is used for prophylaxis for 6 days, for treatment - 6-12 days,

During therapy it is not recommended to have sex, as a last resort, it is necessary to avoid the use of condoms, latex caps. For girls, a special form of the drug is intended - Polyginax Virgo. Capsules pierce from the pointed end, gently squeeze the contents into the vagina, pressing on the shell. Next, the shell should be discarded. The course of treatment is 6 days.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is contraindicated in allergies to its components. Hypersensitivity reactions to antibiotics are most often observed, therefore, when the onset of abnormal symptoms, therapy should be discontinued. Among the contraindications are also the first trimester of gestation, breastfeeding. With caution, you can use the drug in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Among the side effects noted:

  • vaginal discharge,
  • feeling irritated
  • itching, burning,

If we ignore the recommendations on the duration of therapy, there is a risk of developing systemic "sideways" that are characteristic of antibiotics of the aminoglycoside group (these include the constituent components). Some "side effects" do not require discontinuation of the drug, if they have low severity, but it is necessary to tell the attending physician about them! Cases of overdose have not been described, but with the introduction of too large doses there is a risk of increasing any side effects.

Analogs, other information

Among the analogues there are drugs cheaper and more expensive. Often, pharmacies offer the drug Terzhinan replacement. Which is better - Terzhinan or Polygynax? Experts point out that Terzhinan works more effectively against diseases caused by Trichomonas and Gardnerella, which should be considered when choosing a therapy. Other analogues are listed below.

pharmachologic effect

Due to the active substances contained in the vaginal capsules Polygynax, the drug has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. Polymyxin B and neomycin are antibiotics with a wide spectrum of activity, they have a bactericidal effect (leading to the death of bacterial cells) against most pathogenic bacteria. Streptococci and anaerobic bacteria (microorganisms, the growth and reproduction of which takes place only in anoxic conditions) are not sensitive to the action of these antibiotics. Nystatin is an antifungal agent with fungicidal action (leads to the death of fungal cells), it is most active against the yeast fungi of the genus Candida. Also, Polygynax vaginal capsules improve metabolism (trophic processes) in the cells of the vaginal mucosa.

After the introduction of the Polygynax capsule into the vagina, the active ingredients are evenly distributed in the mucous membrane and are practically not absorbed into the systemic circulation.

Dosage and administration

Poliginax candles are designed to be inserted into a woman's vaginal cavity. To do this, in the supine position, one capsule is introduced deep into the vaginal cavity once a day, usually in the evening before bedtime. The average course of treatment is 6-12 days (depending on the severity of the infectious process). In the case of missing the introduction of the vaginal capsule Polygynax, the following introduction is performed as usual on the next day in the evening.

Side effects

In general, Polygynax vaginal capsules are well tolerated. Sometimes, against the background of their use, allergic reactions may develop, which are characterized by itching, burning in the vagina, reddening (hyperemia) of the skin of the crotch area. With prolonged use of the drug may manifest systemic effects of antibiotics that are included in its composition.

special instructions

Before using Vaginal Polyginax capsules, you should read the instructions. There are several specific instructions regarding the use of the drug, which should be paid attention to:

  • For the best efficacy of the drug before its use, it is advisable to conduct a bacteriological examination of the discharge of the vagina or smear from its mucosa to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibacterial or antifungal agents.
  • It is not necessary to interrupt the course of treatment during menstruation.
  • Long-term use of Poliginax vaginal suppositories is not recommended, as this can lead to the formation of resistant forms of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The simultaneous use of the drug by other drugs for local use is not recommended (spermicides, antiseptic creams or solutions), since the activity of the active substances of Polyginax vaginal capsules may decrease.
  • In the absence of a therapeutic effect of the drug or the appearance of signs of side effects, it is necessary to consult a doctor.
  • The drug does not affect the functional activity of the cerebral cortex, the speed of psychomotor reactions and the possibility of concentration.

In the pharmacy network, Polygynax vaginal capsules are available on prescription. Their independent use or use on the advice of third parties is not recommended.

When is time to be treated

The vagina is a medium with a certain balance of a variety of microorganisms. Any changes in the flora are accompanied by the appearance of a certain type of discharge. Normally, the amount of discharge from the vagina is negligible. A healthy woman practically does not notice them. Strengthening the selection can:

  • during ovulation,
  • before menstruation,
  • in pregnant women
  • with sexual arousal.

In reproductive age in 70% of cases, the appearance of noticeable discharge - whiter - is associated with inflammation. This changes the composition of the vaginal microflora.

Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms are found in most people. But it is not their number that matters, but the ratio with beneficial microorganisms. In healthy women, single pathogenic flora cells can be detected in smears. The table shows the normal and pathological results of a vaginal smear.

Table - State of the vaginal biocenosis

Neomycin Sulfate

It is an antibiotic from the group of aminoglycosides, has a wide spectrum of action. In small concentrations has a bacteriostatic effect. At the same time, it penetrates the microbial cell, binds to specific receptors and stops the synthesis of proteins. Bacteria lose their ability to multiply.

Has a high concentration of bactericidal action. Neomycin causes direct damage to the cell membrane of the microbe, which leads to its death. Activity is manifested against the following microorganisms:

  • streptococci
  • staphylococcus,
  • E. coli
  • salmonella,
  • shigella
  • Corynebacter,
  • Proteus.

Polymyxin B Sulfate

Polypeptide antibiotic with bactericidal action. Attached to the bacterial membrane, increases its permeability, which leads to cell disintegration. Resistance to the drug develops very slowly. Effective against the following microorganisms:

  • E. coli
  • salmonella,
  • shigella
  • Klebsiella,
  • bordetella,
  • enterobacter,
  • pseudomonads,
  • hemophilic wand.

Antifungal agent from the group of polyene antibiotics. The peculiarity of the mechanism of action is based on the ability to be embedded in the membrane of the fungus. A channel is formed through which water and electrolyte ions freely penetrate the cell. Gradually, this leads to the disintegration of the fungal cell.

To nystatin sensitive mushrooms of the genus Candida. It has no effect on the following microorganisms:

  • bacteria, including gardnerella,
  • viruses,
  • protozoa (Trichomonas).

When is it necessary and when it is contraindicated?

Indications for the use of candles "Poliginaks" include treatment and prevention. With the purpose of treatment prescribed in the following conditions:

  • nonspecific vaginitis - inflammation caused by opportunistic flora,
  • fungal vaginitis - when the thrush is supplemented by microbial flora,
  • mixed vaginitis - a diverse flora was detected in a smear,
  • vulvovagitis - inflammation common to the vestibule and cavity of the vagina,
  • cervicovaginitis - an inflammatory reaction in the cervical canal and vagina.

In case of chlamydia, the use of “Poliginax” candles can only be a part of a complex treatment.

Infection prevention

For the purpose of prophylaxis, “Poliginax” is prescribed in cases when it is necessary to prevent the multiplication of conditionally pathogenic flora. Most often, these conditions are associated with various manipulations on the genitals.

  • Preparing for surgery. If a woman is preparing for a planned operation on the genitals, then in a week you can start using candles. This is especially true with a smear with a second or third degree of purity, when there is a slight inflammation, but after the operation it can become a source of infection.
  • Preparing for childbirth. The newborn enters from virtually sterile conditions through the vagina, which is rich in various microorganisms, to the outside world. Weakened local immunity during pregnancy leads to the activation of conditionally pathogenic flora. Often, pregnant women are forced to use candles for most of the pregnancy. A week before the planned date of birth, both natural and induced, it is possible to use "Polygynax" with caution. But only thrush is not an indication for the appointment, you need its combination with elevated leukocytes and bacterial flora in the smear.
  • Diagnostic manipulations. Some invasive diagnostic methods can lead to upward infection from the vagina. Diagnostic curettage, hysteroscopy should be carried out with a sanitized vagina.
  • Treatment of the cervix. If the decision is made to treat cervical erosion using the diathermocoagulation method, then a clean environment must be created to avoid infection of the wound. Therefore, prevention is carried out before and after the manipulation.

Unwanted effects

The side effects of Poliginax appear as local reactions:

In this case, you must stop using the drug and report the reaction to the doctor. But reviews of doctors show that such reactions, with proper adherence to instructions, rarely develop.

The duration of use must also be adjusted. It is not recommended to use more than the period specified in the instructions. Aminoglycoside can in small quantities to enter the systemic circulation, which will lead to the appearance of their side effects.

Exceeding the recommended dosage and course of treatment is theoretically fraught with the development of resistance in microorganisms to the drug. But cases of overdose have been identified.

Analogs of "Poliginax" are "Amintaks" and "Poliginaks Virgo".The first of them has a similar composition, but is produced in Russia, in contrast to the original drug, which is produced in France. "Polygynax Virgo" is a dosage form intended for use in virgins. The capsule has a pointed end, which is cut off. Through it, the contents of the capsule are gently squeezed into the vagina. Reviews of candles "Poliginaks" talk about the effectiveness of treatment with this drug.

Reviews: "I did not fit"

It turned out that by chilling the appendages, I did not find the time for myself that I would immediately go to the doctor, so I would probably live with pains in the lower abdomen, if at one moment I did not twist so that I could not unbend. I had to go. The diagnosis was not comforting, my inflammation developed into a chronic form. Uzi showed that the spinal cord adhesions to the uterus stuck because of this such pain when walking and exertion. There was a proposal to go to the hospital, which I refused, then a day hospital and warming up, the same refusal, since I have small children and leave them with no skem.

Discharged treatment at home. There were many injections of antibiotics, then all sorts of douching and pills. All this lasted a month and a half. After all this, at the doctor's office I was discharged under the end of the treatment with Polygynax vaginal suppositories.
The candles turned out to be universal. They treat inflammation and thrush right away. The composition includes a group of antibiotics and nystatin. I was very pleased, because from such a dose of antibiotics thrush can not be avoided. The drug is prescribed for fungal, mixed vaginitis, from inflammation of the appendages, before surgery. They can also be taken for prophylaxis. If I had known about them before, I would not have started my inflammation. Now they are always at home.

In total, I used this medication 2 times: the 1st course was prescribed during pregnancy, the 2nd course was scheduled for a physical examination. For the first time, Polygynax antibacterial suppositories were prescribed to me by a gynecologist for treating thrush during pregnancy (by the way, thrush can occur as an organism's response to OK), but the treatment gave only a temporary (short) positive effect, then the thrush returned. The second time I was prescribed these candles after a routine examination at the gynecologist (after passing the tests, the results of which the doctor did not particularly like). I didn’t have any complaints about well-being, but the doctor decided to prescribe a course of Poliginax for prophylaxis. I, as an obedient patient, bought these candles and completed the course. And after a couple of days, I started a wild thrush, which I treated with “Pimafucin” in a complex way (tablets + candles). The drug "Poliginaks" I categorically did not fit. Still, antibiotics very strongly violate (and destroy) microflora of mucous membranes, therefore, they can be treated only by a doctor's prescription and his control (which can, with a negative effect, adjust therapy).

Nancy K, http://otzovik.com/review_879203.html

Held a full course - 12 candles. They were prescribed because of inflammation (there are many leukocytes), and vaginal dryness, no discomfort, everything is as always with candles. I put in for the night - in the morning a hygienic shower. Candles, of course, flow in part, they melt from body temperature. The whole course went in gaskets and for the night too. At night, in order to avoid the leakage of candles, and during the day, the preparation is also partially released. I agree that first of all you need to read the instructions. Lived without sex and alcohol for 12 days. Treatment is treatment. Today was a gynecologist, she is in shock - the mucosa is in order, there is no redness. Took a smear - says, should be normal. So I have no complaints about polizhinaks! She had experience of treating with candles Ovestin, so they almost burned everything there exactly 10 minutes after entering inside and itched and itched everything. With polygenax it is not. After polizhenaks I put ovestin - I went without any problems at all, I think ovestin burned because of the inflammation that Polygynax won! Health, you girls, and do not pull with pregnancy, because it may be too late. Infertility is a terrible diagnosis for the body and especially for the soul!

Dosage and method of use

The instructions for use indicate that Polygynax is intended for intravaginal use. The drug should be administered deep into the vagina in the supine position, 1 capsule 1 time per day, before bedtime.

The duration of therapeutic use - 12 days, prophylactic - 6 days.

In case of skipping the next application, the dose should not be doubled, it is necessary to continue using the drug in the usual way.

Drug interaction

It is not recommended to use Poliginax simultaneously with spermicides, since may decrease the activity of the drug.

We picked up some reviews of women using Poliginax candles:

  1. Valeria . When the gynecologist wrote me Poliginax, she warned that the tool is acting in several directions. On the next visit, it turned out that with its use, the erosion, which I didn’t make extra effort, was cured, and excessive secretions stopped, which worried me a little.
  2. Alla I almost gave birth at 32 weeks. Assigned for the prevention of thrush. was a chronic form. I had doubts for 2 weeks, I read, I thought, I doubted ... then I decided not to be clever and trust the doctor. Well, after the second capsule zmbolla back and stomach. At night I thought to face such pain cramping. Canceled. Everything went and subsided. Can ind. intolerance, or that it was not know, but the fact remains. Very scared and the remnants of trust to the doctor gone.
  3. Tatyana . When I first encountered the symptoms of thrush, I ran an appointment with a gynecologist and left her with a prescription for Polygynax vaginal suppositories. The doctor said they were harmless. Oval capsules were very large and soft, stored them in the refrigerator. I felt the effect of the treatment in the morning, so I am very pleased with the remedy, I recommend it.

If, due to side effects or contraindications, treatment with Poliginax is not possible, candles are replaced with intravaginal analogs. These are creams, tablets and suppositories with similar effects and indications:

  • Vagicin.
  • Klinds
  • Nystatin.
  • Dalatsin.
  • Syntomycin.
  • Milagin.
  • Terzhinan.
  • Natamycin.
  • Pimafucin
  • Cervugid, etc.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.