Signs of a witch in a woman


In the modern world, no one doubts that witches exist. That is why the question of how to recognize a witch is quite common. Sometimes people just notice that a woman’s friend has supernatural abilities. For example, she can predict certain events or knows how to solve dreams. Witches recognition methods are rooted in the Middle Ages, when the Inquisition fought all forms of witchcraft. Modern magic does not consider witches as bad personalities. Just such people have a strong energy and are able to a certain extent to influence the world around them.

Witch signs

The signs of a witch are not always obvious, because women who are aware of their distinctive natural abilities usually hide it. Often beautiful witches have good health and stamina.

That the witches do not attend church is a delusion. Certainly practicing witches can not be believers. But at the same time for their magical rites are sometimes required church attributes, for example, holy water or candles. Because of this, the witches have to go to the temple and behave like other believers, so as not to attract attention.

The signs of a witch can clearly manifest themselves in the temple on Maundy Thursday. But for this you need to perform specific actions. It is believed that on this holy day in the church witches become invisible. To see the witch, you should put on the clothes inside out and go to the temple without touching anything. Eyewitnesses claim that in this case it was often possible to see a naked witch in close proximity to the priest. Subsequently, this woman was able to identify outside the temple.

By appearance

The first sign that may indicate that a woman is a witch is a tenacious and very heavy look that makes you look away to the side. At the same time, eye color can be any, but heterochromia is often observed. This term refers to the eyes of different colors. Mages claim that the witches with green eyes and red hair are most common. On the body of women with supernatural abilities there are often moles. And one big mole is always present in a hidden place.

Women who have supernatural powers always have long hair. The fact is that under no circumstances they will not cut them off, because in the length of the hair is a special meaning, which is clear only to them. Witches tend to dress in dark clothes. In addition, they often wear jewelry made of stones, as they consider them to be their talismans.

By behavior

Witches always keep very confident and can withstand any look. They are not lost in the most difficult life situation. Sorceresses are introverts, they can adapt to any company. They often attend noisy social events. But at the same time witches do not suffer from loneliness.

Very often, witches behave inadequately. For example, you can catch her for this occupation, as a conversation with herself. But in fact, the sorceress speaks with only her visible interlocutor.

Can fairy tales help?

For the first time we heard about witches when we were told fairy tales. Does it make sense to say that their image was not kind and good? However, it is no secret to anyone that magical possibilities can be used with good wishes. Is the kiss of a prince able to cope with evil spells? Didn't magic help Cinderella? All this is only a small part of possible examples. Trying to find the signs of a witch in a woman, one cannot say with certainty that magic carries only evil. This is an unfair statement. Much depends on the person.

Should all be considered witches?

So who can be considered a witch? Anyone who is able to perform any mystical acts? However, it is worth remembering Moses, who directed all his opportunities to help the suffering. And it should be noted that almost all people have magic from their very birth. So what signs of a witch in a woman may be present? Folklore draws not quite a pleasant image of Baba Yaga.

Adults often speak negatively about people trying to use magic. And since children generally tend to be like their parents, they are also trying to adopt their opinion. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that at the present stage, many people have a negative attitude to everything connected with magic. Therefore, it is being lost by us gradually. And only a small part managed not to lose such a skill.

Wisdom and intelligence are characteristic of many magical powers.

So what signs of a witch in a woman may be present? Since ancient times, man worships a variety of secrets. With each new minute, understanding is born. Accordingly, there is a sense. However, it is very often possible to encounter such an opinion, the essence of which is that the secret is gradually replaced by meaning and understanding. But this assumption is very far from the truth. Secrets do not disappear anywhere. They just become deeper and more interesting.

Before you begin to figure out how to recognize a witch, you need to understand that magic belongs both to the spiritual sphere of life and to the scientific one. In this regard, we can say that practicing magic people should be well versed in the principles of physics and metaphysics. They are used in magical activities.

Some things have always been the place to be. Magic can safely be counted among them. Under this word should be understood wisdom. That is the meaning of the word "magic" in translation. Accordingly, the magician is a sage. The concept of "witch" has a similar meaning. And in order to figure out how to recognize a witch, it is necessary to understand that this is the name of those who know the secret meaning.

The pursuit of truth

Owners of magical skills under wisdom meant not only the presence of the mind, but also the soul. This is due to the fact that even when the brain, in which there is a certain amount of knowledge, dies, the soul continues to live. If you want to understand how to recognize a witch, then pay attention to such a word as parapsychology. Mediums have a rare gift, as they have the ability to comprehend world wisdom. However, such a skill can be developed by everyone, not just the chosen ones. If a person constantly strives in search of new knowledge, in solving mysteries, he will be able to return to lost origins, to magic. However, aspiration alone is not enough. It is necessary to understand exactly where the truth is hidden and what is false. It is because of this that the question arose of how to recognize a witch in a woman. Those who are able to perform magical acts simply hide their possibilities. Having told the truth, they will not receive honor. People do not believe those who have hidden, secret capabilities. Therefore, the love of witches and sorcerers can not get.

Should I believe the external signs?

However, what could be the signs of a modern witch? Magical abilities can be seen in the girl who has the attractiveness, sex appeal? If a girl cares for the imagination, is there an opportunity to see her territory, to touch the dark energy that she possesses? This dream of a large number of people. The shape of the witch is the same everywhere. This is necessarily a beautiful and young girl who dresses brightly and effectively. The dress should contain mostly dark shades.

Speaking about the distinctive features of the witch, in most cases it is implied that she is characterized by a smart and insightful look. You can even find some bohemian notes. However, after a longer communication, you can understand that in front of you is not a witch, but a capricious and capricious girl. However, it can also be very intriguing.

If you want to find out by what signs it is possible to determine that you are a witch, then it should be understood that there is no secret code. No one says what the owner of magical possibilities should look like. The main thing is naturalness. However, there is no need to doubt that sincerity in appearance may be very little. The girl can have any twists and kinks.

Who is a witch

In the very word "witch" laid something ominous. But if earlier at the mention of this term, the appearance of a terrible, crooked old woman with a wart on her nose came to mind, then a modern witch is quite another. They are also called seer, sorceress, fortune-teller, clairvoyant.

Sorcerers have magical powers. In the old days, such women had to hide their gift. They were afraid of the witches, and in the Middle Ages they were burned at the stake. Modern witches are often asked for help.

Magic and esoterics in fashion today. Many learn to guess on the tarot cards or in other ways to predict fate. Women, as a rule, have good intuition and non-linear thinking. Often they do magic and rituals.

However, the real enchantress has a gift from above, which is often inherited. In order for a special gift to manifest itself, an initiation rite was performed before. In the modern world there is no such tradition. Many do not know about their supernatural abilities. The gift manifests itself often after the tragic event.

The witch’s specialty is unregulated, spontaneous clairvoyance. Pictures of the future appear before the eyes of the seer involuntarily, which does not make the witch's life happy.

Clairvoyants predict the future and sometimes even know the date of their own death.

By date of birth

Numerology will help to learn about the skills of a girl to predict the future and read conspiracies. But for this you need to know the date of birth of the subject.

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to add 6 to each digit of the date of birth. If the addition results in a two-digit number, the numbers are again added together. For example, 07/31/1963 = 97.64.7639. If the result is 3 magic numbers 3, 6 and 9, regardless of the location, you should continue the calculations.
  2. The next step is to summarize the digits of the date of birth. If the total amount (3 + 1 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 3 = 30) is divided by 6, there is a probability of having magical abilities.
  3. It now remains to add the numbers obtained in the first action: 9 + 7 + 6 + 4 + 7 + 6 + 3 + 9 = 51. If this received number is divisible by 6, then we are talking about a witch. In the above example, this condition is not met.

Clairvoyants are often born on days close to the new moon, in January, February, April, May and December, as well as at night - from midnight until the morning.

Signs of the Witch Hammer Witch

Particular attention was paid to the search for witches in the Middle Ages. Then there was a special treatise called the Hammer of the Witches. The signs of a sorceress were stated in it. It was believed that women prone to magic, do not know what tears, and rarely cry.

The creators of the treatise claimed that there was a place on the body of the witch that was immune to pain. He was called the devil's seal. A sign of involvement in otherworldly forces was the wearing of stones, amulets, storage in the house of potions and ointments based on herbal ingredients.

Witches were women who rarely got sick, kept themselves apart from others, avoided communication.

If you recognize a enchantress in a loved one or in yourself

Communicating with witches does not carry any threat, therefore, if by some signs a representative of magic was recognized in a close person, there is no need to take special actions.

You should continue to communicate with the sorceress. But still you should not enter into conflict situations with such ladies. Better maintain a neutral relationship. After all, sorcerers often even unconsciously and unwillingly can bring trouble to an opponent.

Having recognized the features of a witch in oneself, one doesn’t need to tell everyone about his magic abilities, much less to use his skills for personal needs. Sorcerers try to keep magical energy, because rituals take a lot of energy. Nevertheless, some develop their abilities to help and heal people. But supporters of dark magic, do damage and love spells, become associates of the devil.

In the modern world, many have supernatural abilities. Some even do not know about it. A number of features will help to recognize the witch. However, it is better to use magic skills only in exceptional cases.

By way of life

Each witch leads a secretive lifestyle, so even before close friends is never revealed. Such women have a special rhythm of life, therefore, a characteristic sign is that they may disappear in appearance for some time, and quite unexpectedly.

As a rule, sorceresses are lucky personalities. They are lucky in everything, so they easily climb the career ladder. Such women are sociable and people open up before them.

According to the situation in the house

Witches are bad mistresses, the household sphere of life interests them a little. As a rule, confusion reigns in their home. Having a bright appearance, women pay little attention to their image.

In the house of the witch there is always a lot of different herbs. They love to treat guests to unusual natural drinks from herbal blends.

Calculate the witch by date of birth

A very common question is whether a witch can be calculated by date of birth. Numerology, as the science of numbers, makes it possible to determine with a fairly high accuracy the probability that a woman has a propensity for the occult world.

First, to the date of birth, expressed in numerical form, you should add the number 66 666666. If in the total number in an arbitrary order there are three, six and two nines, then there is a high probability that the woman is a witch. If the numbers are not found in such a combination, this indicates that the representative of the beautiful half of humanity has a developed intuition that can be used from time to time, and this causes suspicion of others.

How to understand that your wife (woman) is a witch

Husband understand that the wife has supernatural powers is not difficult. Signs of a witch, when living together, it is very difficult to hide. First of all, sooner or later, he will begin to notice that, in principle, he cannot deceive his own wife even in the smallest domestic matters. And it's not a matter of pathological honesty. Just under the watchful eye of the spouse you always want to tell the truth. Of course, this will eventually strain.

Confirmation of the fact that the wife is a witch, can be the fact that she absolutely does not put any effort to monitor their appearance, but it looks great. Of course, this can be attributed to genetic features, but such natural features are extremely rare.

If a woman is engaged in practical witchcraft, then signs of a witch can be found in the dwelling. For example, it can be a huge amount of herbs. In addition, the wife will often travel to nature and there strive for complete solitude.

Over time, you will notice that the spouse quickly comes into contact with all animals and birds. One of the signs of a witch is a cat in the house. In addition, when the windows are open, birds often fly into the dwelling.

What to do if I learned about magical abilities

It is hardly necessary to beware of a person when it became clear that he possesses magical powers. Not always witches are engaged in witchcraft. In most cases, they direct their energy to protect loved ones from the negative and create a comfortable environment around them.

In order not to aggravate the situation, it is not necessary to let the woman understand that you have noticed the signs of a witch in her and guess her supernatural abilities. The witch needs to be afraid only when there are suspicions that she is engaged in black magic and can send damage. It should be remembered that there are many ways to protect themselves from the negative.

We often hear that damage has been put on someone, and some may even cite as an example someone from their acquaintances who suddenly stopped being carried away in life. To avoid unpleasant situations will help the ability to recognize the witch among the people around them.

Witches have long been considered the friends of the devil himself and the repository of evil otherworldly forces. People have always been convinced that witches can damage or jinx, feared, hated and respected at the same time. Nowadays, half of the people are skeptical about the existence of witchcraft, and most of them are sure that witches, psychics and witches exist and live among us.
How to recognize a modern witch in appearance
Appearance is the most striking indicator of witch nature. Many people endowed with extrasensory abilities have a noticeable flaw or a bright, catchy appearance.

Hair color and length are the most prominent feature. Often witches have fiery red or blue-black long hair that seems to be filled with strength.

If a woman carefully braids her hair in public или, наоборот, постоянно носит их распущенными, строго следит, чтобы ее волосы не трогали руками посторонние и скрупулезно уничтожает волосы, снятые с расчески, то можете приглядеться внимательней: не исключено, что эта женщина ведает тайны природы и знакома с понятиями энергетического обмена.

Внешний изъян — второй крайне важный показатель. Косоглазие, хромота или заметное родимое пятно считается отметиной, указывающей на потустороннюю силу владелицы несовершенства.

However, the absolute, catchy, perfect beauty of the face and figure is also a clear sign of the ability of this woman.
Rare eye color is another sign of the witches.which are often owners of green, black or blue eyes. Also, women who have a tendency to extrasensory perception and witchcraft often have the ability to put a person on the spot at one glance or to win over.

If a woman from your non-inner circle makes you irrational fear or, on the contrary, you cannot resist her silent participation and tell her all your secrets, and she sits silently and does not take her eyes off you, then almost certainly the witch is in front of you.

Women's wardrobe with the ability to witchcraft is often characterized by a predominance of dark and natural colors, natural fabrics and free breed. But if your colleague or friend, who is constantly wearing elegant, discreet and modest clothes, naturally regularly on some specific days, suddenly puts on a bright, screaming dress and drives the entire male half of the collective crazy, then most likely this is not by chance: and feed your energy.

Jewelry and accessories of unusual girls are often incomprehensible to many people: for example, witches rarely wear a combination of silver and gold, can wear an incomprehensible symbol on their neck and do not allow anyone to touch their jewels with their hands, much less try them on.

How to understand that before you witch?

What might be the external signs of a witch? Definitely this question can not be answered. However, we must understand that the owner of magical abilities loves to play in public. Especially if you need to demonstrate the presence of intelligence. For the sake of success, she will not spare anyone. Even myself. At first glance, you can decide that the witch is a selfish and narcissistic creature. But do not be guided by the first opinion about the owners of the gift of magic. If you direct your gaze as deeply as possible, you can see that for the witch, the main role is occupied not so much by herself, as her surroundings. However, if there is a chance to show off, she will never miss it.

How to recognize a witch? Medieval instructions should be discarded immediately, as they are absolutely not suitable for modern reality. Well, let's not we throw the girl into the water and see if she drowns or not. And then judge that, if not drowned - definitely a witch. In the present reality, attention should be paid to completely different aspects. And one of the main signs is that modern witches simply do not know about the presence of magic power inside themselves. This is her main trick. There are creatures who are just trying to impersonate a witch. However, they themselves are not.

An ordinary girl who seeks knowledge

The real witch sincerely considers himself an ordinary person. This proposition is absolutely correct. After all, only in this case, she will not doubt anything, will not regret, will not try to look delightful in any situation, so as not to lower the glory of centuries-old traditions. And it should be noted that it is always necessary to be so unshakable. This is the only way you can show your magical abilities and achieve maximum success.

The only, instinctive purpose of the owner of magic is the need to penetrate into the world of consciousness. In addition, it is always necessary to comprehend the basics of the unconscious. To do this, many modern witches resort to the simplest method - sex. And while they seek to get not only fun.

For a witch, sex is a kind of explosive that can stir the subconscious. With the help of such an effective way, a woman seeks to blow up her soul, turn her body into a ruthless object for pleasure. At the same time, the witch manages to maintain all the hardness of her judgments and adequately perceive the incoming information.

Why do you want to get abilities?

Why do many girls strive to become witches? What will they subsequently do with their abilities? Where will they send all the information received, and what benefits will they derive from this for themselves? The answers to all the questions are quite simple. The dark side of creation can be safely attributed to a powerful area in which there can exist not only negative and destruction, but also positive aspects.

For example, you can direct all your strength to creative inspiration, to material enrichment, to spiritual development. You can find a lot of options. It’s not for nothing that women for many centuries have always strived to gain abilities in all possible ways.

If you want to become a witch, then it should be understood that there may be a powerful source of energy in your hands that will be used for your purposes at your discretion. However, you can harm yourself by thoughtless and frivolous actions. This should not be forgotten in any way.

Modern witches are different from fairytale characters.

On the basis of the foregoing, it should be noted that modern witches in no way resemble caricature of various fairy tales. They are practically no different from ordinary people. However, this does not negate the desire to understand how they look. This is facilitated by a variety of goals, starting with simple fear and interest. Therefore, you should list some more signs of the modern witch.

On what grounds can you determine the presence of abilities?

  1. It is necessary to immediately understand that these are quite attractive women. Quite often they are brunettes. Also among them are brown-haired and red. They have a wonderful figure. However, in the form there is something repulsive. For example, a look or a smile.
  2. The modern witch is quite clever and erudite. She is able to amaze others with her knowledge. Witch almost everything has an opinion.
  3. They dress very stylishly, while maintaining all their sexuality. Quite often dark colors prevail in clothes.
  4. They stand by, feeling hatred from other women. This is due to the fact that they constantly attract the attention of men.
  5. Modern witches love nature, as it is very important to them. But they are not friends with technology at all. In their hands absolutely any thing can deteriorate and burn.
  6. How can a witch be identified? First of all, by sight. He is quite perceptive. The witch's gaze can bring any person out of a state of calm. Many even have a desire to run away and hide.


In this review, we tried to consider some of the signs by which a witch can be identified. However, as you can guess, almost all beautiful and sexy girls can be classified as witches. Especially if they have a strong character and do not go on about men. Therefore, do not look for signs of a witch in a girl. You just have to admire and love her.

How to know the witch

1. Communication with the power of the earth

A witch is a woman of the earth. We inherit its natural strength, ability for birth, transformation, healing. Female power and energy is very similar to the power of the earth.

Do you know how to see signs in simple things and find answers to your questions in patterns that nature draws? Is her wisdom your wisdom?

Is your life and your body adapting to seasonal changes in nature? If you are active and dynamic in the summer, in the fall you become sluggish and calm, in the winter it seems to be dead, and in the spring you are reborn, it means that you are completely dependent on the vagaries of nature.

How do I know that I am a witch

3. Intimacy with nature

Do you live in a forest or near a reservoir? If not, then spend a lot of time in such places, preferring their urban areas?

Witches, being inseparably connected with nature, try to be as close as possible to nature and spend as much time with it as possible. Her natural beauty and energy nourish the witches, give them strength.

Many perform their rituals near the water or in the forest. If you are a witch, you feel at home in nature.

How to identify a witch

Your activity and mood depends on the lunar phases? The energy of the moon affects you. Being a little girl and standing by the moonlit window, did you talk to the moon? Do you adapt to its phases now?

For example, do you start any new projects or relationships when the moon is exclusively growing? Have you noticed that when the moon is full, the things around you begin to behave in a strange way, and when it wanes, all beginnings or relationships weaken and go into decline?

If you have the features of a witch, you will not miss the opportunity to sit in complete silence alone at the new moon. In the dark you like to dream and make plans for the future.

So in the new moon you adjust to the phases of the moon, drawing its energy.

Witch abilities

7. Powerful wish fulfillment

Do you have suspicions that your wishes have properties to come true? Be careful with them, because both good and bad wishes can come true.

Witches are as old as the world. If you are a witch, in your eyes you can see the ancient stories and secrets of the earth, myths and secrets, the answers to many questions.

8. Ability to heal people

Most likely, the witch traits are present in you, if you have a burden and the ability to heal people.

You have a gift to choose herbs, natural energy products for yourself and loved ones. You are undoubtedly a witch, if you simply lay your hand on someone's sore back or injury, and for tomorrow the pain disappears and the wound heals.

People can recover from their ailments, even if they are just by your side. Witches, being very close to the earth, are natural healers.

Witch traits

9. Memories of a past life

As a rule, witches remember their past life. Many of them have painful memories of how they were burned at the stake or drowned in the Middle Ages, just because they were wild, wise, and free.

Witches are desperately trying to drive away images from the past.

As a rule, witches always feel uncomfortable among people. They are often considered white crows and underestimate, despite the fact that they are wise and perceptive. They simply do not understand others.

Sometimes they are said to be outsiders, because they often go into themselves and avoid people, although serious passions are raging inside them.

If you are a witch, most likely you do not fit into generally accepted norms and rules. You know the secret and sacred things and you can see what others cannot understand.

You do not merge with a large crowd, but rather prefer loneliness. You are very sensitive and fragile, but you have the power of a lone wolf.

You need a lot of time to think, dream, communicate with nature and rebuild on a new wave.

11. Mystical crystals as personal possession.

You are attracted by beautiful rocks that enclose the energy of the earth. Rose quartz, turquoise, amber - these natural stones are at your disposal for a long time.

You keep them from the very times when you did not know about their magical properties. Some of them were presented to you, others you collected yourself.

The witch knows about their properties to heal ailments, knows how to charge stones, use them as protection against negative influence from the outside, and also wears them as jewelry.

If you are a witch, you know how to use spirits and angels with the help of a burning candle and some stones, as well as create a magical divine aura.

You believe in magic as a child, you see mysticism in the air and around you. You are attracted by unusual things, stories, objects.

Despite the fact that the people around you do not believe in mystical signs and omens, there is a corner in your heart in which you keep faith in magic.

You are attracted to movies, books, creepy and strange stories about witches, ghouls. You think that there is no coincidence, and that everything that happens to us cannot be called an accident.

You believe in signs and symbols and you always see them. You adhere to the principle “there are no accidents in this world” and you know that even being somewhere alone, you are never alone.

You have a very developed intuition, and very often you anticipate and anticipate events as precisely as if you have the magic crystal ball inside.

When you talk about what you think might happen, people tend to listen to you. Sometimes you can see the distant future and predict the result of a particular action. But you see not only the future, dreams and visions also tell you about past life.

You can read a person like an open book, and say a lot about his energy. You have developed a sixth sense. For this reason, you attract Tarot cards and other mystical things and objects, thanks to which you can predict love, separation and other events.

If at least a few of the 13 signs you can confidently attribute to yourself, it is quite possible that you are the real witch.