The meaning of the female name Evelina


The origin of the name Evelyn gives you many versions to choose from. According to the first, he is considered Jewish and is translated as "life-loving", "life force." According to the second, it was formed from the English name Aveline, derived from the Old Hebrew Abel. Here he is given the meaning of "breath." And finally, the third version claims that it originated in ancient France, from the female name of Eveline, a derivative form of Eve, and means “alive,” “life.”


Evelyn's character is distinguished by great emotionality, artistry and ease. Her immediacy, smile, friendliness and ease of communication just conquer others. In childhood, he is a very cute child who knows how to manipulate his parents. She behaves obediently and affectionately. This is a true master begging. To avoid punishment, use his weakness.

The secret of the name of Evelyn hides a born psychologist. As a child, she uses these abilities unconsciously, but at school she uses them, fully aware of this. Even with teachers can make friends. At the same time, she is not at all lazy - curiosity ensures her success in learning.

The owner of this name is not inherent in any special hardness and exceptional volitional qualities. She, most likely, does not become a business woman - this is a creative person, with her characteristic expressiveness and brightness. Infrequently, but still can meet Evelyn, who, contrary to the above, is too self-contained or overly self-confident. Getting started, always looks forward to success. And here it is important how parents raised a girl as a child: if they spoiled (which is quite likely) and did not learn to control their emotions, she will not achieve much in life.

The characteristic of Evelyn's name reveals such features of his representative as sociability and amiability, but at the same time inability to be friends. The girl tends to fall into two extremes: either too impose on friends, or keep friends at a distance.

Profession and business

Excellent intuition and the gift of a psychologist make Evelina an excellent tutor and teacher of elementary grades. She can successfully teach in the school of music or dance. It turns out an excellent artist, florist, veterinarian, confectioner. Can earn needlework.

Health of the owner of this name is strong. She can be advised to eat well and monitor the condition of your skin. It is necessary to avoid stress, which, due to the great emotionality of a woman, can lead to serious problems.

Sex and love

Sex is important to Evelina. It does not open immediately to the partner, keeps the distance at first. She needs to gain confidence in a man. This girl is not one of those who, after some persuasion, agrees to have sex. She needs mutual understanding and the presence of common interests with her beloved - this is the “glue” that keeps a couple from parting when relationship difficulties begin.

Family and marriage

For a happy family life, Evelina needs a spiritual bond with her spouse. She marries only for love and only for "the very one and only." Her husband is a gentle, patient, but strong-willed person. The interesting thing is that she rarely praises the spouse. But if he praises, a man really has something to be proud of. This is a great hostess and kind mother. Sometimes she needs to rest from the household chores, otherwise a loving and calm woman turns into a mad shrew.

Characteristic spell name

E - oratorial skills, the ability to convince, the ability to quickly and easily achieve the goal. The owner of the name with this letter is curious, has an aesthetic taste. This is a bright, charming man. Endowed with cunning, resourcefulness. Knows how to love passionately. Looking for a partner who can support his aspirations. In marriage, remains loyal companion of life.
The letter "E" at the beginning of the name gives its carrier with refinement, sociability, ability to see people through and through.

B - the ability to easily find a common language with people, creativity, unity with nature, a realistic outlook on life. The carrier of the name with this letter has a rich imagination, developed intuition and the gift of foresight. In love becomes a romantic and passionate partner. Not capable of betrayal.

E - persistence in achieving goals, sociability, the need for personal growth and self-expression, the desire for power, insight. The owner of the name with this letter is capable of decisive actions. Often acts on emotions, without thinking about the consequences. In conflicts, prefers to act as a mediator. Endowed with simplicity and charm, able to magnetically act on others. Because of the love of freedom is alone in life.

L - aesthetic view of things, creative abilities. Such a person is interesting in communication, knows how to have, to concede and adapt to other people. She loves surprises and unusual situations. Able to love, faithful to the chosen one. He wants to share knowledge, emotions and feelings with the second half. Strongly attached to native people.

And - a rich imagination, insight, a lively mind, practicality, attention to detail. The carrier of the name with this letter seeks harmony with itself and the world around it. It has a good sense of humor, endowed with sensitivity, kindness and gentleness. This is an honest and straightforward person. In love, romantic, long looking for his ideal.

H - inner strength, fortitude, sharp mind. Such a person is selective in everything, uncompromising, does not know how to compromise. In work, he shows himself as a diligent, executive and responsible employee, does not like monotonous work. Taking care of your health. In love, makes excessive demands on the chosen one.

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.

Characteristic name for numerology

7 - developed imagination, indecision, peacefulness, pliability. A person with such a number of names is seeking new knowledge. He likes to collect interesting facts, conduct research. Has a rich imagination. Able to generate original ideas, but can not translate them into reality. It's hard for him to make decisions. He rarely achieves material wealth. He likes to be alone, has his own views on life. Endowed with softness, sensitivity, compassion, compassion. Avoids quarrels and conflicts. It happens undiplomatic. For marriage, seeking a person with common interests. In family life, becomes a faithful partner, responsible father or mother.

Meaning of the name Evelyn

It must be said that with a girl with this name, character traits become noticeable from early childhood. A child grows up quite emotional, however, he knows how to show himself on such a side that his parents simply do not have a hand for punishment. Excessive sincerity can greatly touch, but you should not give in to it, because in this case you can raise a spoiled child, whose fate will be quite difficult. The girl communicates easily with her peers, makes new friends.

The characteristic of Evelyn's name is attractive by the main feature, namely, emotionality. And that she will accompany her throughout life. For the girl, this is the trump card that she successfully uses in a variety of situations.

Punctual pride and purposefulness are also dominant traits of character. Using the sensitivity and the very weakness that once saved her as a child, she achieves everything she wants. On the other hand, this feature can play a cruel joke with a girl, because she is very worried about her shortcomings. The main thing is that parents from childhood should develop self-confidence and endurance.

In general, the girl stands firmly on the ground, excluding any surprises. Adheres to strict moral rules. In difficult moments of life uses its innate sense of tact and decency.

Fate has endowed the girl with good health. Elya practically does not get sick, which, of course, can not but rejoice her parents. Its only weak point can be called the nervous system. This is logical, if we consider the girl's excessive emotional susceptibility. There may be skin problems, the cause should be sought in the disorder of the digestive system.

Career and success

Since childhood, Lina (abbreviated) is endowed with curiosity, which gives her some kind of motivation and allows her to achieve academic success. The girl grows diligent and executive, she is praised by the teacher, and later by the bosses. Her favorite way to manipulate people can lead to career failures. But, if Evelina chooses the path of creative creation, directing her energy in the right direction, she will succeed. True, her career peaks are of little interest. What she likes most is not the result, but the workflow itself.

Often among women with such a name you can meet teachers and pediatricians. For her fit such specialties as a florist, confectioner or fashion designer clothing.

Personal life

Fate gave Evelina excellent quality to easily cope with household problems, so this woman without any difficulties finds happiness and harmony in her personal life. Family relationship for Eli is very important, because it is in them that she seeks care and support. As a rule, her choice is a balanced, calm man with an inner core. She is a great hostess and a great mom. Sometimes even too kind that can spoil the children.

The household is exactly that vital sphere in which Ale will show her best qualities. The woman cooks perfectly, knows how to save, to establish coziness in any conditions. She incredibly values ​​her comfort, as well as the circle of loved ones who come into her family.

Evelina will have excellent relations with men bearing such names as Andrei, Alexander, Vladimir, Konstantin, Egor, Maxim, Fedor, Peter.

Less successful marriage will be with Nikolai, Leonid, Yuri, Alexei, Boris, Anton.

Translation of the name Evelina into other languages

in Bulgarian - Evelina
Hungarian - Evelin
in Danish - Evelina
in Spanish - Evelina
in Italian - Evelina
in Chinese - 埃韦利娜
in German - Evelyn, Evelin (read in the same way - Evelyn)
in Norwegian - Evelina
in Polish - Ewelina (reads Evelyn),
in Portuguese - Evelina
in Ukrainian - Jewel
in French - Évelyne (reads like Evelyn)
in Finnish - Eveliina
in Czech - Evelina
in Swedish - Evelina

Name Evelyn on Church (in the Orthodox faith) is not certain. This is not a church name. Evelyn at baptism will receive a different name, different from the mundane.

Characteristic name of Evelyn

In the name of Evelyn is difficult to distinguish the characteristics of the name, as it is quite diverse. If Evelina manipulates others, as she loved to do in childhood, then she would get spoiled and unhealthy egoism. If Evelyn has more creative energy and curiosity inherent in her, she will achieve quite a lot of success in her life. Evelina has good communication skills, but how she will use them depends on many factors. However, Evelina’s friends are few.

In Evelina's work, she often reaches a certain success, but she is not interested in the top of her career. Evelina does not consider career as a way of self-expression. Rather, the process itself is a pleasure for her. She chooses a profession where she will feel her need. Evelina often becomes a teacher or a doctor. She loves little children and can go to work in kindergarten. Even Evelina will be happy in the work of a fashion designer, confectioner or florist.

Family relationships for Evelina are very important. In them, she appreciates first of all mutual understanding and support. Evelina is ready to search for a suitable man for a long time and is not in a hurry in this matter. Chooses a man balanced, patient and with an inner core. Her man must be strong in spirit and not suppress his beloved. Evelina is an excellent housewife and a beautiful mother. In motherhood, Evelyn is often too kind and can spoil children. In her kindness she needs to be careful.

Mystery Name Evelyn

The secret name of Evelina can be called her ability to manipulate people. As we have already written, Evelina is able to manipulate others from childhood. As an adult, she may not even notice it. The manipulation may or may not be Evelina’s second nature, so we will not say for sure. Simply, it is desirable to know her and her friends.

Evelina and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: A marriage with Dmitry, Vladimir, Fyodor, Alexander, Andrey, Peter, Konstantin will be reliable. The name Evelyn is also combined with Egor or Maxim.

With Anton, Igor, Boris, Yuri, Alexei, Nikolai or Leonid, Evelina’s marriage is likely to fail.

Love and marriage: The girl with this name has an invaluable quality to easily cope with everyday problems and not to focus on failures, so her family life will be very harmonious. The owner of the name Evelina gets married early and the choice makes a good one. As a rule, the husband is calm and reliable, able to take care of both the material well-being and the emotional balance of his wife. This girl will always feel loved by her husband and children and, of course, mutually.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: Evelyn has educators, literary critics, psychologists, translators, managers, administrators, and musicians. In achieving the goal it helps a highly developed intuition. Ewe has the inherent ease and ability to avoid the tragedy of the temporary difficulties faced by the majority.

Business and career: Thanks to her perseverance and optimism, bearers of the name of Evelyn can achieve significant success in life. And it’s not a fact that it will be recognition, fame or high position, because happiness and success are not necessarily interdependent components. For her, the level of professional skill, in which her work will always be in demand and well paid, is of particular importance.

Evelina's Fate in History

What does Evelyn's name mean for women's fate?

  1. E. Bystritskaya is one of the most interesting and beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinema. In 1953 she graduated from the acting department of the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art, played in the Vilnius Russian Theater, then in the Maly Theater. In the films “Peaceful Days” and “The Unfinished Tale”, Bystritskaya went almost unnoticed, however, Aksinya’s role in S. Gerasimov’s trilogy “Silent Don” (based on M. Sholokhov’s novel) became the triumph of the actress who brilliantly conveyed passion of character, strength of feelings, poetic spirituality beauties Aksinya. The next success in the movie E. Bystritskaya - Lelka in the movie "Volunteers". These two roles were the pinnacle of creativity Elina Bystritskoy as a film actress.
  2. E. Bledans (born 1969) is a Russian actress.
  3. E. Hall, Evelyn Hall (1868 - 1935 - English writer.
  4. Evelyn Waugh (1903 - 1966) - English writer.
  5. E. Toma (born 1964) - French TV presenter.
  6. E. Ganska (1801 - 1882) - Polish aristocratic wife Honore de Balzac.
  7. E. Santangelo (born 1965) is an Italian writer.
  8. E. Ganskaya (1801 - 1882) - born - Countess Rzhevusskaya, Polish landowner and Russian citizen, wife Honore de Balzac. The daughter of Adam Stanislavovich Rzhevusky.
  9. Dame E. Elizabeth Ann Glennie DBE - (born 1965) Scottish percussionist and composer.
  10. E. Sashenko - Lithuanian jazz singer of Polish origin. In Lithuania, gained fame as a participant in many television projects.
  11. E.Hromchenko - journalist, TV presenter and writer. At the moment - international editorial director of “Les Editions Jalou Paris”, for 13 years she held the post of chief editor and creative director of the Russian version of the magazine “L

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.