Can pregnant women sleep on their backs


The gestation period is a real test for women. For nine months, you have to reconsider your usual way of life and give up many habits. For example, women in a position are forced to sleep in uncomfortable positions, and this is due not only to the growing tummy, but also the increasing load on the spine, and with it the large blood vessels.

What is dangerous sleep on your back during pregnancy? How to make the period of dreams for future moms as comfortable as possible? Let's figure it out together.

Full and healthy sleep - the key to a successful state of health during pregnancy!

For a woman, pregnancy is a responsible and at the same time amazing period in life. She is preparing for future motherhood, experiencing a range of a variety of emotions, with dignity going through all the physiological changes occurring in her body.

During this period, relatives and friends, and especially the second half, are obliged to create a favorable atmosphere for the future mother, provide her with support and attention, and are more attentive to her “whims”. After all, from the very first days of pregnancy, the female body is experiencing global changes and is preparing for an increasing load increase. During this period, almost all pregnant women become more whiny, sentimental, prone to sudden mood swings and unpredictable decisions.

Scientists have proved that women from the first days of conception begin to perceive the world around us differently. They have a concern for the unborn child and fears about his health, as well as their own capabilities. Do not forget about superstitions and popular beliefs, which often haunt future moms and negatively affect their psycho-emotional state. Increased anxiety, excitement for the crumbs under the heart and the upcoming birth - all these experiences are not the best way to affect the well-being of women. That is why a strong and healthy sleep is so important for them. During dreams, they have the opportunity to relax, rest and replenish their energy reserves.

Doctors advise with particular attention to the organization of sleep of pregnant women. First, the woman’s bed in position should be comfortable and comfortable. The best solution in this situation would be to buy an orthopedic mattress. Also, experts recommend putting a pillow under your head, so that the cervical spine and spine are exactly.

According to doctors, up to 3-4 months, future moms can sleep in any position convenient for them. But after this period, when the baby begins to grow actively, and with it the tummy, you will have to revise your habits. Of course, women in the 2 and especially 3 trimester positions have difficulty in choosing the posture for dreams. After all, they need to focus not only on their comfort, but also on the comfort of the crumbs.

How dangerous to sleep on your back during pregnancy

There are several unpleasant effects of sleeping on your back:

  • increased pressure on important blood vessels. In the supine position, the uterus begins to pinch the inferior vena cava, one of the largest veins in the body. It is she who promptly delivers blood flow to the left ventricle of the heart, and then to the lungs. If the vena cava is pinched for a long time, then with a high degree of probability the woman will break down blood flow from the lower extremities to the heart, dizziness will begin, and breathing problems will arise. In addition, in this situation, the pulse drops almost twice, which can cause hypoxia. The fetus will receive insufficient feeding, and oxygen starvation may begin,

  • increased load on the spine. The uterus will constantly press on the spine, as a result of which important arteries and nerve endings will begin to pinch in it. This is fraught with a violation of blood pressure, dizziness, back pain and lower back pain. And since the spinal cord controls a lot of vital functions, it is possible harm to the fetus and its proper development,
  • the uterus creates increased pressure on the bladder and intestines. The fruit is constantly growing, and the center of gravity is constantly changing. When the future mommy will sleep on her back, then the uterus will press on the bladder and intestines, as a result of which there will be a need for constant visits to the toilet. In addition, frequent pressure on the intestines can lead to digestive disorders, constipation or diarrhea.
In addition, sleep on the back in the second half of pregnancy can lead to tachycardia, disruptions in heart rhythm, the development of hemorrhoids.

Until what week you can sleep on your back

Many experts claim that before the 28th week of pregnancy, sleep and rest on the back are allowed. From the second half of pregnancy, the fetus becomes quite large and is already able to exert increased pressure on the veins, bladder and spine.

Western scientists have concluded that sleep on the left side strengthens the lymphatic system. In addition, this situation stimulates the rapid processing of waste products from the brain. While sleep on the right side, abdomen or back significantly disrupts some vital processes in the body.

It should be noted that women who already have pathologies of the cardiovascular system, bladder, etc., it is better not to sleep up the belly up from the second month.

In this case, you should visit an experienced specialist and draw up a program of moderate training, which will keep your back muscles and internal organs in optimum tone.

Is it possible to lie back a little

In some cases, you can lie a little on your back, but you need to use a special pillow for pregnant women.. Special pillow for pregnant women This pillow reduces the load on all internal organs and the spine.

It is important to understand that lying on your back should be controlled, that is, a woman should not fall asleep, since blood pressure drops during sleep, and when hypoxia is overwhelmed, extensive hypoxia can begin.

In any case, it is best to consult a doctor. He will tell you about how much time you can lie in this position and how to do it correctly.

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How to change the habit: forget about resting on your back

Below we give some useful recommendations in order to learn how to sleep in the correct positions:

  1. To learn how to sleep on your side, try putting 3-4 pillows next to you. They will help to fix the position of the body and will become an obstacle to a coup on his back during sleep.
  2. Before bed, lay a pillow between your legs and lie on your side. The pillow will help relieve pressure on the spine, pelvis and lower back.
  3. Place under the head several thin soft pillows so that the head is in line with the spine. In this position, the nerves will not be pinched and the arteries will be pinched.
  4. Try to hug a pillow with your free hand while you sleep on your side.. In this case, it is better not to raise the arm above the shoulders, since blood circulation may be disturbed.

Try to consult a doctor and choose the most comfortable position for sleeping and relaxing.

Best posture to sleep

If you are accustomed to constantly sleeping on your back and relearn yourself to rest in a different position is very difficult for you, then you can try to put a pillow under your back so that the center of gravity is shifted to the side.

This posture will be more or less optimal, since in this case the blood circulation processes will function normally. You can also try to fall asleep in a reclining position: deflect your back 30-40 degrees from the horizontal position. To do this, you can use several pillows or fall asleep on a comfortable easy chair.

Doctors believe that the ideal option for rest during pregnancy is sleep on the side (preferably on the left). In this position, the fetus will not put pressure on the internal organs of the woman, in addition, the spine will remain in an acceptable position. It is important to understand that sleeping on the stomach, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy is prohibited., as pushing the fetus will not benefit either the mother or the child.

What else you need to consider for a good sleep

Each woman should choose an optimum pose for a dream herself, relying on the internal feelings and the general recommendations of the doctor. But for a good sleep it is also important to follow some recommendations:

  • not to eat food for 3 hours before bedtime,
  • minimize the number of stressful situations, do not overwork emotionally,
  • before bedtime you can drink a glass of unpasteurized milk with a teaspoon of honey,
  • use special orthopedic pillows,
  • walk more in the open air, do light physical exercises (discuss the details with your doctor).
And remember that for better sleep during pregnancy you should not use sleeping pills and sedatives. They may adversely affect the general condition of the fetus.

So, we have listed the reasons why you can not sleep on your back in the second half of the interesting period, and indicated how to unlearn such a habit.

Try to lead an active lifestyle and listen to the recommendations of the doctor, and then problems with the spine, bladder and intestines will not disturb you.

Features sleep pregnant

In the first trimester for a pregnant doesn’t care how to spend a night rest. She can fall asleep in your favorite pose.

However, doctors advise you to change habits and to learn to sleep on your side. While the abdomen is small, the embryo is protected from external influences by the amniotic membrane, and the uterus does not significantly squeeze the organs and vessels.

Therefore, there is no need to change the usual position during this period of gestation of the embryo.

It is interesting! Why insomnia occurs during pregnancy in the third trimester

A woman preparing to become a mother can still lie on her back or on her side without consequences. The position on the abdomen is also allowed, but before the period of 80–85 days.

The uterus increases, this posture leads to its compression. In the first third of gestation, the breasts begin to swell, which is accompanied by nipple soreness, which is why there are sleep problems on the growing belly, the pregnant woman is laid on her back.

However, after a three-month period, the uterus is growing rapidly. When the pregnant woman is long belly up, the uterus presses on the vertebral cord, begins to compress large vessels. Therefore, when a pregnant woman is lying for a long time, the position should be changed more often. Prolonged position on the back causes squeezing of blood vessels and congestion leading to diseases.

How long should a woman rebuild her nightly rest? Obstetricians recommend starting from the initial trimester, although the need for this arises in the second. Squeezing of blood vessels supplying the heart occurs. A woman may experience dizziness and even faint.

How to sleep late? The last third of sleep on the back during pregnancy becomes the cause squeezing of the portal vein massive uterus. The future mom is choking in a dream, the embryo is experiencing the same sensations. The situation is corrected by turning on its side.

How comfortable to sleep

During the carrying of the fetus, the nuances that the woman had not previously taken into account become decisive. Health condition depends on the duration of sleep and position. A posture should be considered comfortable when it is comfortably pregnant and an embryo. If he does not have enough of the incoming blood, then the mother will also be ill. There is a short-term hypoxia, which is corrected by changing the position of the body. Doctors from the twenty-eighth week forbid lying on their backs to pregnant women.

While the abdomen is small, the uterus is protected from external influences by the backbone of the pelvis. Can I lie on my back during pregnancy in the initial weeks?

Of course, allowed. While the stomach is small, the uterus is protected from external influences the backbone of the pelvis.

With an increase in the size of the abdomen a woman will not be able to lie on it, so you will have to choose the lateral or dorsal position.

Sleeping on your back during pregnancy becomes uncomfortable - lumbar pains appear, arterial pressure increases. Fatigue falls on a woman as a result of chronic lack of sleep.

Interesting!At what week of pregnancy does the belly grow

In the event of signs of indisposition, the posture must be changed. Why pregnant women can not sleep on your back? Because an uncomfortable position will make her wake up and change her position.

Can I lie on my back during pregnancy? Obstetricians recommend not allowing a long stay in this position to expectant mothers during the day rest and night sleep. A pregnant woman will be awakened or involuntarily forced to change the position of discomfort or lumbar pain. The woman tosses and tries to find a comfortable pose on her side.

Which side should go? Most safe and comfortable gynecologists consider the left side. For convenience, it is recommended to put one foot on the other, placing an additional pillow between them. Why pregnant women can not sleep on your back? Because this position causes discomfort in the embryo in the womb. He moves, does not allow the mother to fall asleep, and she is forced to take a position in which the future child will stop bothering her. In addition, the following points should be considered:

  • violated the work of the digestive tract,
  • pressure decreases, which is accompanied by nausea and dizziness,
  • there is a threat of varicose veins in the legs, thrombophlebitis is not excluded.

What matters is the procedure of getting up and laying down. Considered correct initially smoothly raise the torso from the prone position, pull your legs off the bed, slowly get up. It will not shake the uterus, it will not be reduced, blood pressure will remain normal.

Pose recommended for sleeping

Most obstetricians believe that sleeping on the left side is considered safe and safe for the unborn baby and his mother.

This will allow avoid heavy uterus pressure on the liver and right kidney.

Otherwise, the ureters are squeezed, urine stagnation develops. This creates a situation conducive to the occurrence of pyelonephritis.

Pregnant left hand bends in the elbow, and the right hand over the abdomen. This situation reduces the load on the vertebral string and organs.

Most practical to go to the left side, bending one-sided arm in the elbow, and right over the abdomen. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy will be short. Discomfort will force a woman to change position. Some more tips:

  • Do not put your hands under your head - they will get numb.
  • Legs should be bent, having arranged knees obliquely from a trunk.

A more comfortable position will allow you to make maternity pillow. It is customary to put it under the knees. The sizes of the accessory purchased in an orthopedic pharmacy are chosen arbitrarily. The pillow is placed under the abdomen or back to give the body a comfortable position. The device helps to reduce the swelling of the legs that arise in sleeping.

A pillow or a rolled-up towel is placed under raised feet. It is necessary to choose a suitable elasticity of the bed, as well as its density.

How to sleep future mom in the last stages of pregnancy? Excluded feather beds, beds with metal nets. Mattress choose elastic, well-supported body.

High pillows replace orthopedic. This allows you to relax the cervical vertebrae that prevents the occurrence of headaches.

Under the stomach, they slip a pillow thinner, thicker and larger between the legs. Left you need to stretch, right - bend at the knee. In this case, the swelling limbs are less concerned about the pregnant woman, reducing the load on the lower back and pelvis.

First Trimester Sleep

Comfortable posture is a key factor in healthy long-term sleep. The concept of "comfortable posture" is individual. According to statistics, most people like to relax on their backs. If a woman has always preferred sleep in a popular position, she is especially interested to find out if pregnant women can turn over on their backs at the very beginning of their term and stay in this position for a long time.

From the point of view of physiology, at the first stage of pregnancy there is no reason to abandon your favorite posture. As long as the belly is small, you can take any position and enjoy a sound sleep. Resting, lying on your back, the future mother may not be afraid to a certain point, which will harm the baby: the position is not dangerous in the first weeks.

A woman can also move in her sleep to find a comfortable posture. Active "movement" on the bed is possible until the uterus begins to put pressure on various organs. Changing the position of the body is safe for the baby: shocks from movement are leveled by the amniotic bubble. It protects the fetus well in the early stages.

Although there is no need to control yourself in your sleep until the thirteenth week, doctors strongly advise expectant mothers to stop lying on their backs right away. По окончанию первого триместра матка начинает сильно надавливать на органы, увеличивается нагрузка на позвоночник. Спать на спине становится не просто неудобно, но и опасно. Взяв за привычку укладываться в нужном положении на ранних сроках, женщина перестраховывается.So she gets used to take the desired position, and when it is relevant, the expectant mother will not be difficult to give up a dangerous position. Failure will already occur unconsciously.

Second trimester and back position

Can I sleep on my back with the onset of the second trimester? Abandon your favorite posture will have even a little earlier. It is not recommended to adopt such a position starting from the fourth month (from the twelfth week). The ban is due to the danger to the female body. By this time the fetus is heavy. The internal organs of the pregnant woman (in particular, the intestines, kidneys, and liver) are subject to pressure while standing on the back. When a woman assumes such a posture, the spine feels the full weight of the fetus. Along it is the vena cava. Its main function is to transport blood from the lower body to the heart. If the vein is transmitted, blood circulation will fail. This leads to:

  • impaired breathing (increased, intermittent),
  • numbness of the lower limbs,
  • dizziness and fainting,
  • lack of air.

Do not sleep on your back during pregnancy because of the possible risks to the fetus. Constricting the vena cava is fraught with the fact that the baby will not receive enough oxygen, and with it important for the development of the substance. Lack of oxygen leads to a dangerous state - fetal hypoxia. Severe hypoxia can provoke ischemia or necrosis of various organs, which threatens to terminate the pregnancy. The lack of oxygen increases the likelihood of premature detachment of the placenta. Hypoxia can remind of itself after the birth of the crumbs: children who have experienced oxygen starvation in the womb, often lag behind in development.

Sleep after the 28th week

Can a pregnant woman sleep on her back when the 3rd trimester comes? Doctors are categorical in this matter: posture is not suitable for sleep or for a simple rest. By the 28th week, the stomach becomes large. If the pregnant woman lays down on the abdomen, the pressure on the venous vessel located near the spine will be strong. When a vein is clamped, blood circulation is disturbed. It threatens to faint. In a dream, fainting is especially dangerous. Sleeping on the back of pregnant women with a predisposition to thrombosis, varicose veins, edema is absolutely impossible. Such a posture should become a taboo even when you just want to lie quietly.

For a long time, the pelvic organs are under pressure due to the size of the fetus. The load increases when the woman lies on her back. If the bladder is constricted, involuntary urine cannot be avoided. Because of the habit of sleeping in such a position, by the end of the term, severe lumbar pains appear. This is especially true if there are problems with the spine.

Why it is impossible to lie pregnant on the back in terms of the dangers for the baby? Starting from the second trimester, this posture carries risks for the fetus. Clamping the vein of the expectant mother is displayed on the baby. With this condition, the amount of oxygen in a woman’s blood decreases, which means that the child will miss it. This leads to fetal hypoxia. The longer the period, the higher the risks of such a diagnosis if the woman continues to sleep on her back during pregnancy.

Oxygen starvation in late periods leads to developmental delay, damage to the nervous system. Due to hypoxia, the baby may be born with insufficient weight.

Recommended posture

Having found out that it is not recommended to sleep on their backs for pregnant women, the expectant mother asks herself: how can she sleep? Obstetricians advise to lie on your side. This posture is considered the most secure. She carries no threats to the health of the mother or the health of the baby. For maximum convenience, you should observe the following recommendations:

it is better to lie on the left side,

  • the right hand should be positioned at an angle above the stomach (it serves as a support, it does not allow to roll onto the stomach), the left hand should be bent,
  • you should not put the upper limbs under the head, because in a dream they can be numb,
  • The right leg should be bent at the knee, the second left straightened.
  • Can pregnant women use extra bedding for comfort? Doctors advise to pay attention to a special pillow. She will be the best helper in the fight for a comfortable sleep, will provide maximum comfort. The pillow helps to fix the body in the most comfortable position. It is placed under the legs, abdomen, back, while maintaining the position on its side.

    Benefits of sleeping on your side

    Being on your side in a dream while waiting for a baby is not only convenient, but also safe. This posture provides a number of positive processes:

    • Relaxation of the spine. In the morning, the expectant mother will feel truly rested.
    • Removing the load from the internal organs. In the absence of pressure on the internal organs, they work without failures, there is no pain syndrome.
    • Normalization of renal function. The absence of failures in the work of this body excludes the appearance of puffiness.
    • The establishment of blood circulation and heart function. This is a guarantee that the fetus will be supplied with oxygen in the right amount: the risks of hypoxia are reduced.

    Lie down on the side is recommended not only for the night. Pose should be taken when the expectant mother just decided to calmly lie down or read your favorite book. Although at the beginning of pregnancy, you can take any position, but a woman should get used to sleeping on her side, especially if she hadn’t liked this position before. Focusing on the correct posture from the very beginning, a pregnant woman in the future will be grateful to herself. Correct posture will relieve you of many problems, ensure your mother's well-being, health to your baby.

    How to go to bed and get up

    The second trimester begins the period when it is important to exercise maximum caution in everything. The future mother needs not only to choose the optimal sleeping position, but also to learn how to properly take it, to get up correctly. How to go to the world of dreams? It is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

    sit on the edge of the bed

  • put the body in the desired position (for this you need to rest on the bed with your hands),
  • tighten legs
  • bend lower limbs,
  • using a pillow to take the most comfortable position for yourself.
  • Can pregnant women get up sharply? About the rapid rise will have to forget before giving birth. You need to get up very carefully. With a sudden transition to a vertical position, pressure drop often occurs. From the jump can be very dizzy, which will lead to loss of balance. This is dangerous: a pregnant woman may fall and hit her stomach. To avoid risks, it is necessary to rise quietly, in the priority - smooth movements.

    If in a dream, the future mother turned over on her back, waking up, she should first turn on her side, and then get up from this position.

    When lifting, it is recommended to lower the legs first, and only then rise. Be sure to help yourself with your hands. It is desirable that there was a support near. It must be reliable. A chair, a chair, a bedside table, and even a headboard will do.

    Useful tips

    In the "interesting position" women often face "sleepy" problems. This is associated with well-being, and the need to abandon your favorite poses in favor of safe. The closer the date of delivery, the harder it is for the expectant mother to get enough sleep. However, a full sleep plays a key role for the health of pregnant women. It is important for her future baby. It is important to do everything to rest normally at night. Recommendations will help you to get a good sleep, which is not difficult to adhere to:

    • Dinner before bed is a forbidden meal for any person who wants to sleep. And for pregnant women and even more so. You need to forget about food for two hours before night rest, then you will quickly see dreams. Dinner should be light, but hearty.
    • Movies and books that cause a storm of emotions - a taboo before bedtime. Experiences are the worst helpers for those who want to sleep. In order to precisely relax, it is better to completely abandon reading and TV in the evening.
    • It is important to calm down before bedtime. The relaxation of the nervous system contributes to the milk with the addition of honey. Expectant mothers, before using bee production products, need to make sure that they are not allergic.
    • To sleep soundly, you need to properly equip the bed. Pregnant women are advised to change the mattress for a model that provides support. From the middle of the term it is strictly forbidden to use a bed with a slack grid. The bed should be quite elastic. Tall pillows should also say no. Ideal - orthopedic. They help to relieve the load from the neck. As a result - no morning headaches. A special pillow for pregnant women is one of the main conditions for comfortable rest. Especially when the belly is noticeably round.

    Having abandoned the position on the back, choosing the correct posture and following simple tips, the expectant mother will be able to enjoy a full sleep. With prolonged discomfort during rest and the appearance of other problems, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. He will establish a reason that interferes with a full sleep, advises a suitable posture, tells about the nuances of rest in an “interesting position”.

    Back position

    In position on the back, a pregnant woman can safely sleep until the period of 14-16 weeks. Problems can arise only in case of severe toxicosis. In the supine position, nausea increases, urges to vomit appear, and the general well-being of the expectant mother worsens. In case of severe toxicosis in the first trimester, the position on the back should be refrained.

    It is not recommended for pregnant women to sleep on their backs after 16 weeks. At this time, the uterus extends beyond the bosom and all its mass presses on the abdominal organs. It also goes to the inferior vena cava, one of the largest vessels in the human body. When a growing uterus is compressing the vena cava, unpleasant symptoms appear:

    • noise in ears,
    • flashing flies before his eyes,
    • dyspnea,
    • labored breathing,
    • heart palpitations
    • drop in blood pressure
    • loss of consciousness.

    The position on the back is unfavorable for the baby. When compression of the inferior vena cava slows the blood supply to the pelvic organs and the placenta, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus is disrupted. Hypoxia develops, the rate of physical development decreases, which naturally affects the health of the child after birth. The conclusion is simple: you should not sleep on your back after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

    Position on the stomach

    On the belly, the expectant mother can sleep only up to a period of 10-12 weeks. In the first trimester, until the uterus extends beyond the limits of the pubic bone, such a posture will be perfectly safe for a growing baby. In the early stages, a prone position may even be beneficial for a woman. In this position, the manifestations of toxemia are reduced, sleep improves, and the load on the spine decreases. Many women sleep well only on their stomachs, stretching their arms in front of them or putting them under their heads.

    After 12 weeks you can not sleep on your stomach. In the II trimester, the uterus grows and extends beyond the pelvis, located in the abdominal cavity. In the position on the belly, a woman with all her weight presses on the child in her womb. Such a posture is dangerous for the fetus and is not acceptable in the II and III trimester of pregnancy.

    If a pregnant woman wants to lie on her stomach, you can get between the large rollers or pillows, overlaid with a soft cloth on all sides. In this position, there is no load on the abdomen, there is no compression of the uterus, placenta and fetus. It is not recommended to remain in a pose on a stomach (even between pillows) more than 10-15 minutes in a row.

    Side position

    Pose on the left or right side - the most comfortable position during pregnancy. In such a position, the pelvic and abdominal organs are not compressed, the blood flow in the placenta is not disturbed, and the baby does not suffer. You can sleep on your side from the moment of conception to the very birth.

    The choice of the comfortable side in the position on the side will depend on the feelings of the future mother. Many women cannot sleep on their right side during pregnancy. Here are the liver and gallbladder - important organs of the digestive system. With their compression, heartburn and abdominal pain appear, intestinal peristalsis increases. The appearance of any unpleasant symptoms - a reason to change the position of the body and gently turn over on the left side.

    How to choose a pose for sleep?

    When choosing a comfortable posture for sleep, a pregnant woman should follow some rules:

    1. Up to 12 weeks are allowed to sleep in any comfortable position.
    2. After 12 weeks you should not sleep on your stomach.
    3. In the third trimester, all examinations lying on their backs should be carried out carefully enough. If you feel unwell, you should change the position (turn on its side).
    4. The optimal posture for sleeping during pregnancy is on the left side. In this position, extend the left leg and bend the right leg at the knee. In this position, the load on the abdominal muscles decreases and the uterus relaxes.
    5. Do not sleep on too hard and, on the contrary, too soft surface. The mattress for sleeping should be of medium hardness, without failures and irregularities.
    6. Do not sleep for a long time in the same position. Change position is necessary every 2-4 hours.
    7. For convenience, you can use special pillows.

    Pillows for pregnant women - the best assistant of the future mother. Special pillows look like rollers bent in the shape of a horseshoe, 140 to 220 cm long. The filler for pillows are safe materials - sintepukh or holofiber. The pillow can be placed under the waist or between the legs in a position on the side. These pillows relieve the spine, relieve tension from the back muscles and create conditions for a restful, comfortable sleep. After delivery, the pillows will help the woman to take a comfortable position for feeding the baby.