Pediatrician on the composition and benefits of Nutrilon mixtures


Nutrilon infant formula (Nutrilon) is the choice of the majority of parents whose babies are breastfed. Its manufacturer is the world-famous company Nutricia. The company's products are made from high-quality raw materials and the most adapted for breast milk.

Types of mixtures Nutrilon

Breastfeeding is great, but sometimes it happens that for certain reasons, a mother cannot breastfeed her baby. In this case, it is very important to choose a really high-quality food that best suits the crumbs.

Most pediatricians recommend paying attention to the Nutrilon mix. The line of mixes allows you to choose an option that will suit a baby at any age, and will also help solve certain health problems, if any.

There are many types of Nutrilon blends. When choosing it, parents are advised to pay attention to the packaging. It shows not only the name, but also the age from which a certain type of food can be given to the crumbs.

The range of baby food from Nutricia is quite large. And in order not to get confused, parents should consult on this issue with the pediatrician.

Mix Nutrilon from birth to 6 months

A baby from birth should get the necessary substances and vitamins with mother's milk, because they are necessary for its development and health. If it was decided to feed Nutrilon products to the crumb, then it is necessary to figure out which of the presented mixtures in the line to choose.

If the baby was born prematurely, for feeding you should use Nutrilon Pre 0 mixture for premature babies. This is advisable to do so until the weight of the infant reaches 1 kilogram 800 grams. After which it can be transferred to Nutrilon Pre 1 mixture for premature babies.

Pre 0 and Pre 1 contain substances necessary for the body, ensuring its growth and development. It includes an increased amount of protein, healthy oils, vitamins and minerals.

Mix Nutrilon from 0 to 6 months

  • Nutrilon Premium 1 is recommended for feeding children from birth who were born with a normal weight and have no health problems. It contains the necessary proteins for the baby’s body (whey, goatin), taurine, fats - vegetable oils in the complex, fish oil and others. It also contains lactose, additional substances such as prebiotics and nucleotides.
  • Nutrilon Comfort 1 - suitable for infants from birth, who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, frequent constipation and gas accumulation. As part of a mixture of colic and constipation there is palm oil, hydrolyzed proteins, glucose syrup. All this contributes to the solution of existing problems. And due to the fact that the consistency of the milk is thick, the baby will stop burping after feeding.
  • Nutrilon Fermented Milk 1 - will be ideal for kids who have digestive problems. It can be used as the main and additional feeding. Its feature is the milk component, which has been fermented with the help of bacteria. The composition includes probiotics, maltodextrin, casein, whey proteins. As for nucleotides and fatty acids, they are absent here.
  • Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 1 - for babies prone to allergies. Due to the fact that the milk protein in the composition of Nutrilon Ha 1 is split, the mixture is well absorbed by the child's body.
  • Nutrilon Pepti Gastro - ideal for children whose absorption of nutrients by the walls of the intestine is impaired or there is food intolerance. Baby food consists of hydrolyzed protein, glucose syrup. Many parents speak positively of this mixture, but note that the color of the chair can change to green.
  • Nutrilon Soya - for infants who have been given dietary food from the first days of life. It is based on soy protein isolate.
  • Nutrilon lactose-free - for children with lactose intolerance. As part of it is replaced by glucose syrup. The mixture helps to improve digestion, stabilizes the work of the intestine, has a positive effect on vision and brain activity.
  • Nutrilon Amino Acids - designed for children whose body does not perceive the protein of cow's milk, soy, and many other things. Assigned to infants faced with malabsorption, enterostomy. Manufacturers replaced protein with a complex of amino acids.
  • Nutrilon Pepti Allergy - prescribed for dietetic food for children prone to allergies, atopic dermatitis. It is based on whey protein hydrolyzate. Due to this, the taste is slightly different from the other mixtures (there is astringency).
  • Nutrilon Antireflux - helps get rid of regurgitation. Perhaps this is due to the component. It is the bean gum bean gum. It can be used as the main or additional food.
  • Nutrilon Omneo - suitable for feeding the newborn, helps get rid of colic, constipation and regurgitation. The composition includes partially hydrolyzed protein, which is easily digested, essential minerals, vitamins, fats.

Mix Nutrilon from 6 months to a year

As a child grows up, its body's need for nutrients and vitamins changes. And this moment must be considered. At this time, the bones of the baby actively grow, rapidly developing tissue and joints.

When the baby is 6 months old, it is recommended to switch to Nutrilon 2. This mixture is most suitable for a child who has no health problems. It will fill the need of his body with all necessary.

Premium 2 consists of:

  • Protein and casein,
  • 10 kinds of fatty acids of vegetable origin, as well as fish oil,
  • Taurine, the amount of which is increased by one and a half times compared with Premium 1,
  • Lactose,
  • Trace elements, vitamins (almost half more than in Premium 1).

If the baby has allergies, lactose intolerance, or other health problems, the specialist may prescribe special mixtures. They are no different from those discussed above (mixtures from birth to 6 months), except for the number 2 on the package. She suggests that this product is intended for children from 6 to 12 months.

The line of special mixes from 6 to 12 months looks like this:

  • Fermented milk 2 - improves digestion,
  • Hypoallergenic 2 - for children prone to allergies.

This may include other mixtures intended for feeding the baby from birth, which will appoint a pediatrician.

Mix Nutrilon older than 12 months

The menu of most children who are 1 year old is quite diverse. They already receive complementary foods and practically do not need mixtures. But pediatricians recommend giving them Nutrilon products for a certain age at least once a day.

In its composition, it has nutrients, minerals, vitamins, which will strengthen the immune system, provide the body with all necessary. What products of Nutricia are recommended for children over 1 year old:

  • Nutrilon 3 - this baby milk, designed for children from 1 year,
  • Nutrilon 4 is also milk that can be added to the diet upon reaching 1.5 years of age.

How much does Nutrilon mix cost?

The price of the Nutrilon mix is ​​different. It depends on the type of product and packaging volume. It can be found on sale in a 400 gram can or in a package (400 or 900 grams). The cost of infant formula ranges from 350 to 2000 rubles.

Such purchases as baby food, it is better to make in specialized stores or on the official website. This will help avoid the purchase of low-quality goods or fakes.

Preparation and Storage of Nutrilon Mix

Before you proceed to the preparation of milk for feeding, you must make sure that your hands and utensils are clean. To do this, wash your hands with soap and sterilize the bottle, pacifier and measuring spoon.

How to dilute Nutrilon mix:

  • Boil water, cool it to +38 degrees, pour in a bottle to a specific designation (see the instructions for the mixture),
  • Add to the bottle the required number of measuring spoons of the dry mixture (see instructions),
  • Close it with a plug and shake well,
  • When the dry mass is dissolved in water, the cap can be removed and put on the nipple.

Before you give milk baby need to check his temperature. You can do this by dropping a few drops on your wrist.

If the milk turned out a lot, and the baby does not eat everything at once, then part of it can be cast and stored in the refrigerator until the next feeding for no more than 12 hours. You can do without a refrigerator, only in this case the storage time will be only 1 hour.

Longer storage is fraught with milk souring, and this can harm the baby. Yes, and nutrients in it with each hour of storage will be contained less. In no case can not be heated cooked milk in the microwave.

Hermetically sealed pack can be stored for the period indicated on the package. The following conditions must be observed:

  • A place that is not penetrated by the sun,
  • Temperature not above +25 degrees.

After the package has been opened, the shelf life is 3 weeks. It is better to keep it separate from cereals and other products. It is also undesirable to use a refrigerator as a storage space, due to the fact that:

  • The content is nourished with odors
  • Lumps may form in the dry mix, as there is an increased level of humidity in the chamber.

What to do if the mixture does not fit

To pick up a mixture to which the children's organism would react well, from the first time it turns out far from always. For this reason, an experienced pediatrician is given the right to choose. This happens after examining an infant, examining its health and taking into account a number of concomitant factors.

How to understand that a child is allergic to the mixture:

  • Frequent regurgitation
  • Loose stools,
  • A rash on the skin that brings a lot of discomfort,
  • Pain in the tummy
  • Capriciousness.

If something like this appeared in the baby after the introduction of the Nutrilon mixture, you should notify the doctor as soon as possible. This happens when food is not suitable. The specialist will identify the reason for which this happened, and select a different mixture. Moreover, it is not so difficult to do this, because the range of these products is extensive.

In addition to changing the diet, it is recommended to bathe the baby in herbs, to treat the skin with special means. This will help eliminate discomfort.

If this is not done and you start the problem, you can provoke the development of a terrible dysbacteriosis, violations in the work with the gastrointestinal tract.

Reviews Nutrilon

Pediatricians speak positively about this diet. And for this they have good reasons. After all, products manufactured by Nutricia:

  1. Designed to ensure that the children's body develops in accordance with age.
  2. Maximum adapted.
  3. Before you go on sale, each batch is tested.
  4. For production using modern technology.

In addition to all this, most of the products are designed for children who have certain health problems. Thus, they simultaneously receive the correct, healthy food and necessary therapy.

Reviews of parents who fed babies with products of the world famous company are mostly positive. After all, most of them have not encountered any problems. The mixture was selected with the help of a specialist and was replaced as the children grew older. The only drawback, in their opinion, is the price.

Indeed, Nutrilon can not be attributed to the budget type of food. But the manufacturer sets prices, motivated by the fact that it offers a really high-quality product that provides the children's body with the necessary substances at a certain stage of its development, and allows to solve some health problems. And the health of children can not be saved.

There are isolated cases when an allergy appears in this child. The reason for this is that the parents selected the mixture at their discretion, without the help of a specialist, without taking into account the characteristics of the baby’s body.

What kind of mix Nutrilon?

Nutrilon Comfort Premium is an adapted infant formula made by Nutricia for children with digestive disorders in the form of intestinal colic, constipation.

Nutrilon power line is wide enough:

  • Nutrilon Premium 1, Nutrilon Premium 2 for healthy babies adapted infant formula,
  • Specialized Nutrilon mixes for children with various problems.

Problems can be:

  • in the form of allergic reactions - Nutrilon hypoallergenic 1, Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2, Nutrilon pept allergy,
  • with digestive discomfort - Nutrilon dairy, lactose-free, anti-reflux,
  • for underweight and premature babies - Nutrilon pre.

And now more about the mixture Nutrilon Comfort.

Nutrilon Comfort and its types

The mixture is produced in 2 types: Nutrilon Comfort 1 (for children from 0 to 6 months) and Nutrilon Comfort 2 (from 6 to 12 months).

Mix Nutrilon Comfort refers to specialized therapeutic milk mixtures. Everyone knows that such manifestations as intestinal colic and constipation are characteristic of children from birth and during the first 2 to 3 months of life, since the intestines of newborns are not yet populated with microflora, necessary for normal digestion.

And normally, this settlement is gradually taking place, but often the well-being of the child may suffer. The baby is restless, his full sleep is disturbed, the mother worries about the baby, respectively, this anxiety is transmitted to the baby and a vicious circle is formed.

And each mother will do everything necessary to make the baby better, since mother’s diet and medication to relieve colic is not always coped. And in such situations Nutrilon Comfort nutrition can help.

What is included in the mixture?

  1. Partially hydrolyzed (split) whey protein concentrate. The intestines of babies are distinguished by a low content of the lactase enzyme necessary for processing breast milk (lactose), and it is precisely the large accumulation of undigested lactose that provokes the appearance of colic and constipation. Since Nutrilon is not just whey in a mixture, as in some other mixtures, but a partially hydrolyzed concentrate, this greatly facilitates the work of the intestinal enzymes. This reduces the possibility of intestinal colic, constipation, diarrhea. It should be noted that due to the presence of hydrolysates, the mixture has a bitter taste, so parents should not be upset that the child may not immediately try out, you must have patience.
  2. A mixture of vegetable oils (rapeseed, coconut, sunflower, structured palm, Mortierella alpina). Despite the large number of myths that there should not be palm oil in the infant formula, many pediatricians believe the opposite. Due to palm oil, the fat composition of the mixture becomes as close as possible to the fat composition of breast milk, and palmitic acid, which is rich in palm oil, provides the child with sufficient energy and generally has a positive effect on the harmonious development of the baby. Nutricia plants produce palm oil from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm, and then it goes through a multi-stage purification especially for infant formula.
  3. Prebiotics (galactooligosakhara, fructoolosacchar). They are necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, which are involved in the digestion of food, remove harmful bacteria from the intestines. Often, babies on the path of maturation in the intestine grows not quite useful, the so-called conditionally pathogenic flora, a large number of which also violates the normal process of digestion. One of these representatives is Klebsiella.
  4. Soy lecithin - a set of phospholipids. Necessary for the normal maturation of the brain and cells of the nervous system.
  5. Nucleotides. Also promote the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria. In addition, they are a building material for the cells of our body and have a positive effect on the development of nervous tissue, vision. They are necessary for all children, especially premature.
  6. Glucose syrup.
  7. Starch (potato and corn).
  8. Lactose.
  9. Minerals. These include sodium, potassium, chlorides, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, iodine.
  10. Fish fat. Necessary for the mental development of children.
  11. L-tyrosine. Indispensable for the production of hormones and the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
  12. Vitamin complex and trace elements.

Vitamins A, D3, E, K1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, pantothenic acid (B5), niacin, folic acid, biotin, inositol, choline, L-carnitine, taurine.

It is important to note that taurine is an amino acid, essential for proper maturation and functioning of the immune system. Breastfed babies get taurine with breast milk.

Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone growth, it is usually prescribed to infants as a preventive measure. An artificially fed infant, in particular Nutrilon Comfort, may be recommended an additional dose of vitamin D3.

What is the difference Nutrilon mixtures?

Детская смесь Нутрилон Комфорт сбалансирована по белкам, жирам, углеводам и калорийности, соответствует возрастным нормам малыша.

Нутрилон Комфорт 2 отличается от Нутрилон Комфорт 1 большим содержанием белка, углеводов и меньшим содержанием жиров, что также соответствует возрастным нормам.

Возьмём для примера любую другую смесь и разберём её состав.

For example, Infarprim for children with digestive disorders offers Nutrilac Premium Anti-Reflux Blend, which also comes in two forms: Nutrilac 1 - from birth to 6 months and Nutrilac 2 - from 6 months to a year. The peculiarity of the composition of this mixture Nutrilak is the addition of locust bean gum.

The main property of gum is to eliminate or reduce regurgitation. But the main component here is demineralized whey, and not split concentrate, which, judging by the above, on the contrary, it is recommended to add constipation to baby food of children with colic.

Palm oil in infant formula Nutrilak replaced by soybean, but as we already know, palm oil is not worth it, that, on the contrary, it brings the composition of the mixture to breast milk.

The Nutrilak Premium Anti-Reflux Blend does not contain prebiotics, which are so necessary in order for the colon to colonize as quickly as possible with beneficial microflora. These are the main differences. A more detailed composition of the mixtures is presented in the form of tables on the official website of the mixture Nutrilak and Nutrilon.

The price of these mixtures differs slightly. But I want to note the main thing. If the baby is forced to get not mother's milk, and milk formula, then its composition should be as balanced and gentle for small tummies as possible. It is precisely this request that corresponds to the Nutrilon Comfort blend.
This mixture can be used as a supplement to breast milk, and as a single mixture constantly.

Nutrilon Pre 0.1

Designed for feeding premature and low birth weight babies.

It is characterized by increased total protein content. The ratio of whey proteins and casein 60/40. Contains oils: coconut, sunflower, soybean, palm, evening primrose, Mortierella alpina and fish oil. Evening primrose oil is especially rich in gamma-linoleic acid, which is usually formed from linoleic acid with a sufficient amount of enzymes, which in premature babies may not be enough. A deficiency of gamma-linoleic acid causes a disturbance in the synthesis of hormone-like substances - prostaglandins, which perform a regulatory function. Medium chain triglycerides, assimilating quickly and easily, provide the baby's body with the necessary energy, egg yolk phospholipids have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. “Nutrilon Pre” 0 is used until the newborn gains a mass of 1800 g, after which it is transferred to the mixture “Nutrilon Pre” 1 with a lower protein content.

Nutrilon Base Mixes

Before choosing a specific type of product, it should be borne in mind that the composition of each type may vary. Basic concentrates are designed for kids of different ages, as indicated by the figure on the package. Consider a photo and description of the main types of food:

  1. mix from 0 to 6 months - Nutrilon for newborns - Premium 1,
  2. product for babies from six months to a year - Premium 2,
  3. dairy food for children from 12 to 18 months - Junior and has the number 3,
  4. food for children from 18 months - Junior 4.

An important indicator of the degree of adaptability of baby milk is its composition. Not all parents read the list of substances on the package, considering that the manufacturer knows well what the baby needs. However, products from different manufacturers differ in composition, and the task of good parents is to choose the best option. Nutrilon is composed of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and additional substances.

Protein composition

To make artificial milk as close as possible to natural milk, experts calculated the ratio of whey proteins and casein. In the diet for babies from 0 to six months, this proportion is 60:40, and in food for children from 6 months - 50:50.

In mixtures labeled Junior, the ratio of whey proteins and casein is 35:65, which is identical to cow's milk. Such baby milk can no longer become a substitute for breast milk and is only an additive to the main food. In addition to these substances, amino acids such as taurine and L-tryptophan are present in foods for children under one year old. In juniors - only taurine.

Carbohydrate composition

Carbohydrates in Nutrilon 1, 3, and 4 blends are represented by lactose, and only maltodextrin is present in the Premium 2 package. This substance, like molasses, can prolong the feeling of satiety and increase the time between feedings. Maltodextrin is easily absorbed by the body, it is most often used as a carbohydrate component of products for children from four months.

Fat composition

The fat composition, which demonstrates the mixture of Nutrilon Premium 1 and 2, is a complex of vegetable oils, fish oil, Mortierella alpina mushroom oils, as well as traces of milk fats. Palm oil provides the presence in the composition of palmitic acid, but it contains rapeseed, coconut, and sunflower oil in the powder. Their task is to fill the baby’s body’s need for linoleic and α-linoleic acids.

Junior mixes also contain a complex of fats, which includes palm, rapeseed, sunflower oil and fish oil (more in the article: good mixes without palm oil). All these substances are necessary for the growing baby, their complex is designed to provide the body with fatty acids.

The composition of the mixture is fully balanced for baby food and is suitable for babies from birth.

Additional components

In the composition of the mixtures Nutrilon there are other substances necessary for the harmonious development of the child. These include nucleotides (in premium products) that promote proper growth and cell division, vitamins, trace elements.

In addition, in the dry powder there are prebiotics represented by galacto-oligosaccharides and fructo-oligasaccharides. These substances are designed to normalize the work of the intestines, while they are not absorbed by its walls, but are removed after the performance of their role. The main tasks of prebiotics:

  • ensure the proper functioning of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines,
  • reduce the likelihood of various kinds of allergies, maintaining and strengthening the immune system,
  • affect the consistency of the baby’s stool, make it softer.

All listed components are advantages of Nutrilon products. What are their disadvantages? We list the most notable:

  • lack of nucleotides in products Junior 3, 4,
  • the absence of probiotics - living microorganisms designed to ensure the effective functioning of the intestines.

Why choose Nutrilon?

As a rule, when choosing food, parents are guided by the directions on the package: categories by age, the developmental characteristics of the baby. The scientific approach looks different: each child is assigned a special composition of components. Breastmilk is considered ideal for developing the immune system. If there is no possibility to feed by natural means, or the amount of milk is limited, mothers resort to partial or complete replacement of natural food by artificial one. Artificial milk is a dry mixture based on cow's milk and additives.

Nutrilon products contain natural dairy ingredients, simple forms of sugar, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable fatty acids. Fatty acids, proportional ratio of casein and albumin, the rate of absorption of substances, the amount of phosphorus and calcium, vitamins are important components in the composition of milk. Each substance is responsible for the development of certain parts of the body. Nutrilon is closest to a woman’s breast milk at a certain feeding point, contains vitamins and trace elements to regulate the digestive system, weight, and baby’s developmental speed.

Mixes for babies up to 6 months

The category of goods for the smallest goes under the number. «1». These are mixtures with the presence of whey, vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower, Mortierella alpina), lean milk, lactose, prebiotics, minerals, vitamins, fish oil and other substances. Composition for healthy babies with normal weight contains ingredients in proportions similar to natural breast milk with beneficial additives. As a stimulant, fish oil and vegetable fatty acids are used. Per 100g of diluted composition accounts for up to 270 kJ.

For children with disabilities in the development of the digestive system, premature, prone to allergies, and who endured inflammatory diseases, special formulations have been developed. These are recipes with an enhanced complex of substances to regulate normal development or recovery.

For premature babies, use Nutrilon Pres number 0. For those who gained a weight of 1.8 kg and above, use Nutrilon Pre "1". For those whose gastrointestinal tract is very weak, there are persistent disorders, doctors prescribe "Nutrilon Comfort 1" or "Fermented Milk 1". The second composition is suitable for babies who have undergone drug treatment of inflammatory or other diseases. Both species restore the composition of the intestinal flora and eliminate toxins. Brand for children prone to allergic reactions, rashes, called Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 1.

Formulated for children with no ability to digest any kind of sugar: Lactose-free and Nutrilon Soy. Products almost do not contain natural milk and sugar. Formulations for babies with symptoms of persistent regurgitation (Pepti Gastro) or intestinal lethargy, inability to absorb digested food (Antireflux) are highlighted. Nutrilon Amino Acids and Pepti Allergies are designed for dietary feeding.

Every baby must pass a high-quality medical examination before switching to an artificial milk formula. Properly prescribed Nutrilon Blend helps to cure your baby and restore its natural development.

The line of mixes for healthy children

Nutrilon 1 Premium is an adapted infant formula for babies from birth.

Line of mixes for children with health problems

Nutrilon Comfort 1 - formula for feeding babies with symptoms of digestive discomfort Nutrilon Comfort 2 - formula for feeding babies with symptoms of digestive discomfort. Nutrilon Fermented Milk 1 - formula for feeding children from birth, specially designed for the natural improvement of the digestive system of babies. Nutrilon Fermented Milk 2 is a formula for feeding children from 6 months, specially designed to naturally improve the digestion of babies. Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 1 is an adapted formula for feeding healthy babies with the possibility of developing food allergies. Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 2 is an adapted formula for feeding healthy babies with the possibility of developing food allergies. Nutrilon Pre 0 - dry milk formula adapted for feeding premature and low birth weight infants less than 1800 g. Nutrilon Pre 1 - dry milk mixture adapted for prolonged feeding of preterm and low birth weight infants more than 1800 g Nutrilon Pepti Gastro - dry milk mixture for disturbed intestinal absorption. Since birth. Nutrilon Soy - a mixture based on soy protein isolate. The mixture for the diet of children who need a dairy-free diet from birth. Nutrilon Lactose Free - Lactose Free Blend. Special mix for dietary nutrition of children with lactose intolerance from birth. Nutrilon Amino Acids - Amino acid-based dry mixture, a product of children's dietary (therapeutic and prophylactic) nutrition for young children. For nutrition of children from birth. Nutrilon Pepti Allergy - dry mix based on fully hydrolyzed whey proteins with prebiotics. For dietary (therapeutic) nutrition of children from birth. Nutrilon Anti-Reflux - milk formula with nucleotides. Full special mixture for feeding children with regurgitation and vomiting. C birth.

Mix Nutrilon from 6 months

Children from the age of six months already have a developing digestive system. The beginning of active growth of bones, tissues and joints, requires changes in the composition of food. In the female body, this transition is provided by changing the diet, expanding the products in the diet, adding fruits and vegetables.

The composition of the mixture for children with normal development Nutrilon 2 Premium:

the ratio of casein and protein is shifted towards protein by 10% (50/50), fatty acids up to ten types of plant origin, fish oil remains at the same level, taurine increases one and a half times, the formula of lactose changes, its amount is almost 52 mg per 100g of dry mix, vitamins and trace elements are increased by 20-50%.

Similarly, with infant nutrition, the types of mixes for the older group are divided on the basis of abnormalities in the development of the baby. Their names are similar, and the age is indicated by the number "2", "3" - from the year and "4" - from 18 months.

Line mixes

Nutrilon 2 Premium is an adapted infant formula for babies from 6 months. Baby milk Nutrilon Junior 3. For feeding children from 1 year. Baby milk Nutrilon Junior 4. For nutrition of children older than 18 months.

How to choose a suitable product?

In order to choose a wellness nutrition course, one should be examined at a children's clinic, taking into account the peculiarities of the child’s behavior. For example, if a child cannot digest food properly, his sleep will be intermittent. There will also be noticeable constant whims and sobs. Children with healthy intestines, not experiencing pain and discomfort, are very calm, not capricious without a reason.

Violations can be noticed and the state, the frequency of feces. The manner of eating is characteristic. The kid, who finds it difficult to digest food, constantly turns away, eats intermittently, even if he is hungry. More visible signs of deviations - the child is underweight, sluggish state.

We read in detail: how to choose a suitable baby mix

Benefits of Using Nutrilon Mixtures

provide a full development of the body and disease prevention, it is a healthy diet for kids of any age, Nutrilon has an affordable price (the price varies from 345 to 2000 rubles) all products of the brand, the mixture is considered to be the best in many countries of the world, each batch is tested in laboratories before sale, plants in the territory of the CIS countries produce food according to tons EU technology.

Mixes are sold in EazyPack (“Easy Pack”) 400 and 900 gr., Or in 400 gr cans.

Where can one buy?

Online store - Mix Nutrilon Internet shop - Mix Nutrilon

Proper nutrition - the guarantee of health and longevity!

The official website of Nutrilon - expert line - 8 800 200 33 88

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of feeding babies with breast milk, but if it is not there or not enough, do not despair. Nutrilon milk formulas manufactured by Nutricia are highly adaptable products. The composition of the mixture as close as possible to the mother's milk.

Due to high quality and safety for babies, Nutrilon mixes have received only positive feedback. In order for a child to grow and develop well, it is important to choose the right baby food. Choose a mixture recommended by a pediatrician, experts will help the online store "Daughters-son."

Nutrilon Mixture Line

Mix Nutrilon presented in a wide range, they are designed for feeding children from birth to three years. The manufacturer has taken care not only about the quality of the products, but also about the convenience of its selection and use. So, depending on the age of the babies for whom the food is intended, the base mixes of Nutrilon are divided into the following types:

Nutrilon 1 - for newborns and babies up to six months, Nutrilon 2 - for feeding children from 6 to 12 months, Nutrilon 3 - for feeding children from 12 to 18 months, Nutrilon 4 - for children from 18 to 36 months.

Such digital marking is on each package, which simplifies the choice of the desired power option. Each of the specified groups of mixes incorporates the products which are optimum picked up for concrete age of children.

In addition to age differences, the manufacturer takes into account the individual characteristics of children. Presented are fresh and sour-milk infant formula Nutrilon, specialized foods for premature babies, allergies and babies with intolerance to certain components (for example, milk).

Nutrilon Hypoallergenic

Dry baby formula Nutrilon Hypoallergenic experts of the online store "Daughters-son" recommend using for feeding babies who are prone to the development of allergies. It can be applied from birth to 12 months.

A unique blend due to the presence of the Pronutra + complex and partially hydrolyzed protein reduces the risk of developing atopic dermatitis by half.

Pediatricians emphasize that even if one of the parents suffers from allergies, it is better not to take risks, but to immediately get hypoallergenic food for the baby.

Nutrilon Fermented Milk

Does your baby have digestive problems? It does not matter, Nutrilon Fermented milk improves digestion and supports healthy intestinal microflora of the child. The acidity level of the product is as close as possible to the mother's milk, so it does not irritate the stomach. Изготавливают смесь путем ферментации специальной закваски: бифидобактерий и запатентованных молочнокислых бактерий.

Родителям стоит учесть, что использовать Нутрилон Кисломолочный длительное время нежелательно. Его предназначение – лечебное, поэтому сразу после устранения проблем с желудочно-кишечным трактом следует перейти на обычную смесь.

Нутрилон Пепти Аллергия

Nutrilon Pepti Allergy - the optimal solution for children with intolerance to cow's milk (mild or moderate form of severity) and intestinal absorption disorders. In such mixtures, whey protein is used instead of casein, so the lactose content in them is reduced by 55%.

Mothers who feed their babies with this mixture note the easy absorption of food and the rapid disappearance of allergy symptoms. Use Nutrilon Pepti Allergy can be used for feeding children from birth to 12 months.

Special blends

Under the Nutrilon brand, besides the standard base ones, special mixes are also produced, with the help of which you can choose an option for feeding a child with special nutritional needs.

Caring for the health of each baby, Nutrilon presents a list of special mixtures:

Nutrilon Lactose-free - for children with lactose intolerance, Nutrilon Anti-reflux - for affection suffering from frequent regurgitation and vomiting, Nutrilon Malabsorption - for children with gastrointestinal disorders and malabsorption syndrome; - for newborns and children up to a year with intestinal absorption disorders, Nutrilon Amino - for babies with a severe form of intolerance to cow's milk protein, Nutrilon PRE - a special blend A preterm and LBW infants.

Before the introduction of the baby's diet of special baby food should always consult with a pediatrician.

Did you know ...

... the closest to breast milk (adapted species) are Nutrilon mixtures for newborns. They are based on the unique balanced complex Pronutra +, which provides the child with all the necessary nutrients for normal development. In particular, these are patented Immunofortis prebiotics for immunity enhancement, polysaturated fatty acids for the development of the nervous system, brain and vision, as well as vitamins, trace elements and nucleotides.

Under the brand Nutrilon produced basic and special mixes, their characteristics and prices are different. Each mother will be able to find the best option for full or partial replacement of breast milk.

Mix Nutrilon - a balanced and healthy food for kids of different ages.

Everyone knows that the ideal food for a newborn is mother's breast milk. In recent years, women often can not independently feed the baby for various reasons. Special mixtures are intended for such cases.

A popular product is Nutrilon for newborns. Mixtures of this company is considered the most popular, safe in the domestic market. The tool is represented by a wide range. How to prepare it correctly, how many years can you give a child a mixture? Answers to questions should know all young parents.

The composition of baby food

Nutrition Nutrilon belongs to the elite category, mixtures for newborns as close as possible to the mother's breast milk. The mixture helps to strengthen the immune system, fills the children's body with essential vitamins and minerals, rarely causes an allergic reaction. Due to the fact that baby food is adapted to breast milk, it is well tolerated by children from birth.

Innovative system Nutrilon allows you to save nucleotides, a complex of acids necessary for the normal functioning of the child's body, mental and physical development. A wide enough range allows you to choose the right food for your baby, taking into account the individual characteristics of the crumbs.

Products for newborns are labeled with the number "1", Nutrilon from 0 to 6 months includes whey, a mixture of vegetable oils (rapeseed, coconut, palm, sunflower). Also, the tool is rich in vitamins, minerals, fish oil, lactose, and other substances. Food for children is designed taking into account the characteristics of the child's body, all the ingredients are taken in the right quantity and proportion.

The manufacturer took care of the kids with developmental disabilities, premature babies, crumbs that can not tolerate lactose. Each package is written purpose of nutrition, its features.

Note to parents! Before moving the child to artificial nutrition, it must be fully examined. Only after carrying out diagnostic measures, all kinds of tests, the doctor will give instructions regarding the choice of the mixture. Pediatricians do not recommend to select a nutritious product for the crumbs on their own.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why choose Nutrilon mix? Mixtures of this company are adapted for newborn babies, well tolerated by their organisms. Parents and pediatricians highlight the many advantages of Nutrilon from 0 to 6 months:

mixtures provide a full development of the baby, are a preventive tool, recommended by the health system of the Russian Federation, Nutrilon producing plants are located in the CIS, food is produced using the latest EU technologies, a wide range of products provides nutrition for infants with developmental disabilities, premature babies, Nutrilon fully replaces the mother milk, nourishes the child’s body with useful minerals, vitamins, strengthens the newborn’s immunity, the mixture is considered the best food for children in many countries, each batch undergoes a thorough inspection, laboratory diagnostics in order to avoid supply of poor-quality food to the stores, Nutrilon is available to all segments of the population (the price varies from 350 to 2000 rubles), many European certificates of quality are given to newborns, confirming the absolute safety of the mixture for babies, it is easy to prepare, the children like the taste and aroma of the product, nutrition normalizes the intestinal microflora, prevents colic in the crumbs.

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The disadvantages of Nutrilon for newborns, some parents include:

entry into the composition of food for coconut and palm oil kids. These components are part of many mixtures for children, their harm has not been proven, so you should not be afraid of these components, the relatively high cost. If the baby is fully bottle-fed, one pack is enough for several days, which can upset poor parents.

Given all of the above, Nutrilon for newborns is an excellent choice for feeding babies. Pre-consult with a pediatrician, pick the perfect product for your crumbs.

The manufacturer took care of the babies of different ages and features. Mix Nutrilon for newborns are presented in the following range:

Nutrilon Premium 1 (422 rubles). Adapted mix is ​​great for babies from birth to six months. The combination of fatty acids brings nutrition to breast milk, which has a beneficial effect on the body of the baby, Nutrilon anti-reflux (876 rubles). Designed for children with persistent regurgitation, Nutrilon Hypoallergenic Blend is designed for children who are prone to allergies. She is allowed to give babies from birth to one year, and food is also relevant during feeding. It costs about 1097 rubles, fermented milk Nutrilon (550 rubles). It includes special fermented milk bacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and contributes to the normal formation of microflora. The product is suitable for babies from the first days of life up to a year, Nutrilon bezlakozny (800 rubles) will help to cope with the liquid stool in babies, it not only solves the problem, is approved for use by children suffering from lactose intolerance, Nutrilon pre (1050 rubles) is an excellent choice for premature babies, nutrition helps to normalize the development of the baby, has a beneficial effect on the mental and emotional state of the child, Nutrilon soybeans (650 rubles). Designed for babies who are allergic to cow's milk protein, soy, gluten.

When choosing food for a newborn be sure to pay attention to the reaction of the baby. Sometimes a child has an allergy to the mixture, after discovering this fact, immediately stop giving crumbs of food, consult a doctor about a replacement.

The price of Nutrilon mix may vary depending on the city of purchase, the pharmacy chain. Do not try to buy food for a child cheaper, sometimes there are fakes. Read the package directions carefully.

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How to breed and feed the baby

To achieve the desired result, prepare the mixture correctly. To get started, prepare the dishes: sterilize the baby's bottle and nipple. Each time, boil the water again, cool the liquid to 40 degrees. According to the feeding table, measure the amount of food, mix with some water. Follow the instructions carefully, exceeding the dosage may harm the crumbs.

Before use, check the temperature, it should not exceed 37 degrees. Shake the bottle well until the mixture is completely dissolved, then give it to the child. If there is food left after the meal, do not use it anymore. Freshly prepared mixture is recommended to be used within one hour. Store the powder in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator.

In most cases, Nutrilon for babies is well tolerated, parents and pediatricians are inclined to believe that the mixture is useful for the child’s body, promotes active growth, normal physical and emotional development of the baby. Before use, be sure to consult a pediatrician.

Allergy in a child to a mixture of Nutrilon

There are reports from parents that Nutrilon sometimes causes an allergic reaction. This fact is due to the peculiarities of the child's body. In most cases, food is well tolerated. If you find a rash on the skin, fever, be sure to stop giving the baby Nutrilon mixture. Then contact your pediatrician for the selection of new food for the crumbs.

Among the many nutrient mixtures for babies distinguish the line Nutrilon. The mixture is similar in composition with breast milk, well tolerated by the child's body. Take care of the health of the crumbs, feed a useful mixture.

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