How to choose the long wedding gloves


When creating a wedding image no details. Wedding gloves are no exception. This accessory is not mandatory, however, many brides believe that gloves will give them an image of aristocracy and tenderness. Properly chosen gloves for the bride will emphasize the beauty and elegance of the girls' hands and will help to hide the existing body defects.

However, choosing gloves for a wedding is very difficult. In any wedding salon the bride will be offered dozens of different models, differing in length, style and design. In order not to get lost in the selection process, you should get acquainted with the current fashionable ideas in advance.

A bit of history

I must say that the fashion for wedding gloves originated in the days of noble knights and beautiful ladies. At that time gloves were obligatory attribute of the dress of the aristocrat.

A pair of gloves presented to the girl was equivalent to a declaration of love. In turn, the ladies could remove the glove from the handle and give it to the knight as a souvenir, so that he would not forget about his beloved in distant wanderings.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries, all girls and ladies of noble birth appeared in public in gloves. This accessory meant belonging to a higher society. Nowadays, gloves are worn for evening wear only for the most solemn occasions. For such cases, of course, applies to the wedding ceremony.

Do you need gloves?

Each bride will have to answer this burning question independently. If you wish, you can pick up gloves to the wedding dress of any style, as the options gloves presented countless.

Elegant wedding gloves can be an interesting accent of the image, and draw attention to the elegant handles of the bride, decorated with a brand new wedding ring. However, this accessory can create certain inconveniences. For example, poorly chosen gloves can constantly crawl, which will cause discomfort.

If the bride decides to wear closed gloves, then there may be some difficulties during the marriage registration ceremony, namely, in the exchange of rings. If the gloves are sewn from dense fabric, then an awkward situation can arise - a carefully selected ringlet may simply not fit on a gloved finger. But this, of course, is a rare situation, as wedding gloves are usually sewn from thin and elastic fabric.

But there are a lot of cases when a wedding ring slipped from the finger of a bride, covered with a thin and smooth fabric, during a photo shoot or a walk. Of course, the loss of a wedding ring on the very first day of marriage will not improve the mood of the newlyweds, therefore measures should be taken to protect them. Thus, some brides take off their gloves before the registration ceremony, but this must be done in advance, even before entering the hall. If the bride does not want to part with a carefully selected wedding accessory, then it is better for her to choose not closed gloves, but mitts. Especially since the closed gloves will still have to be removed during the banquet.

What are the?

In wedding salons are a variety of styles of gloves. Bride should pay attention to the length of the models, the material of their manufacture, style, color and decor.


Wedding gloves can be of different lengths, the traditional options are:

  • shorter models, they end at the wrist level,
  • short wedding gloves, that is, setting 4-5 cm beyond the wrists,
  • three quarters - models to the middle of the forearm,
  • to the elbow is one of the most sought after options, as gloves look spectacular, but do not create discomfort when wearing,
  • opera - traditional gloves are a little longer than the elbow, these gloves should fit tightly to the arm and not crawl when moving,
  • long wedding gloves - models that almost completely cover the hand.


Gloves may fit your arm tightly or fold. The first option emphasizes the shape of the hand, but the second visually adds volume, so it will suit girls with thin handles.

Signs can be completely closed, that is, with fingers, in addition, there are models without fingers. These can be mitts or models with a loop through the finger.

Closed styles are good for winter, but for summer weddings, models with open fingers are more suitable because they are more convenient, since they limit freedom less. Such gloves do not need to be removed during the ceremony and during the banquet.

Mitts are gloves that are held by bridges between four fingers (except the big one), but there are also models that are held by the elasticity of the fabric. Gloves with an eyelet are fixed on one finger (most often, on the third) almost completely open the brush and look very elegant.


Wedding gloves sew from a variety of fabrics. Most often, you can see the like and satin models. Popular models of lace, mesh, organza, velvet, etc.

The best option is gloves made of elastic fabric, since they are more comfortable and practically do not limit movement. Nowadays, with the addition of elastic threads, various materials are made, so the choice of options is practically unlimited.

It looks interesting combined options, for example, gloves made of satin, decorated with lace.

Originally look knitted openwork wedding gloves. Such models are usually made short, they look good with dresses that have long arm-fitting sleeves. If the bride likes knitted openwork gloves, then she needs to choose a model that fits the brush as tightly as possible, otherwise the accessory will look ridiculous.


Wedding gloves can have the most diverse decor. But choosing a model, you must not forget about moderation, otherwise the image will turn out to be overloaded.

Most often, for the decoration of wedding gloves use embroidery - in tone or contrasting threads. For example, white gloves with silver or gold embroidered patterns look spectacular.

Gloves with pearls, rhinestones or with beaded decor are very popular. You can see and exclusive options for wedding accessories, decorated with real gems.

Often, gloves are decorated with tap-holes, bows, feathers, and fur. In short, the decor can be the most diverse, it all depends on the designer’s imagination.

Choosing gloves

If the bride has decided that the gloves must necessarily complement her wedding image, then she needs to carefully select the model.

When choosing, you need to consider:

  • features of your figure,
  • wedding dress style.

Selection depending on the features of the figure

Picking up gloves, the bride should pay attention to the beauty and shape of their hands. So, if your hands are full, you shouldn’t fit them with long gloves, and moreover, choose models with volumetric decor. This will make the hands even more massive. Full brides and elegant tassels and thin wrists will suit short gloves that are wrist-length. But if the wrist is wide, then a model that is 4-5 cm above the wrist is better.

For girls with thin hands, on the contrary, long gloves are ideal. But here you need to be careful with models that have surround decor. Since they can visually change the shape of the hands.

The choice of length depending on the style of dress

Short gloves are perfect for a retro dress. For example, openwork wrist length short models will look great with a fashionable dress in the style of a new bow. In this case, the edge of the glove can be made in the form of a lace frill.

In addition, short gloves are well suited to the dress straight or trapezoid silhouette with a sleeve to the elbow.

Classically, elbow-length gloves can be worn with virtually any dress without sleeves or with a very short sleeve that barely covers the shoulder. Opera gloves are perfect for a wedding dress on thin spaghetti straps, and the longest version of gloves suits the bustier dress.

With or without fingers?

Now you need to decide whether the gloves are closed or better to prefer mitts. The closed version looks very elegant, but it creates a lot of inconvenience during registration and a feast. In addition, if the bride is planning to make a beautiful manicure, then closed gloves will hide all the beauty. Moreover, the nails will have to be made short, since long nails can tear the fabric of the gloves.

At the same time, if the wedding is scheduled for winter or autumn, then closed models are the best choice.

Signs that leave fingers open, more comfortable, but no less elegant. When choosing such a model, pay attention to the fact that it keeps well on the hand, otherwise, during the holiday the accessory will have to be constantly corrected.

Material selection

The choice of glove material is based on the fabric of the dress and the season. In the summer, transparent mesh wedding gloves will be appropriate; in winter, it is better to choose denser materials, such as velvet. The winter version of gloves can be quite decorated with fur.

Almost universal option - lace wedding gloves, they look great with almost any dress. But if the dress does not have lace trim, then the lace should be present in other accessories. For example, lace can be edging veils or wedding clutch.

Color selection

The traditional option is white wedding gloves. This accessory is perfect for both a traditional white dress and a colored dress. It is only necessary to make sure that other accessories are matched to the color of the gloves.

Today, Ivory color is very popular for wedding dresses. This color is represented by a large number of shades, and it is considered the most worthy replacement for the traditional white. On the one hand, the color of ivory for a wedding dress is practically a classic, on the other hand, the use of ivory color allows you to retreat from annoying traditions. For a fashionable wedding dress, you can pick up gloves exactly to match, or pick up accessories of a different shade, for example, you can choose cream gloves and the same color of a belt and shoes.

It is quite possible to choose a white dress and colored accessories. Bright gloves and a belt will create interesting accents in the image. Bold brides can choose black accessories, in combination with a white dress they will look very stylish. If the bride does not want to deviate from the traditions, but wants to make her image more interesting, then she should give preference to gloves and accessories in pastel shades.

Choice of decor options

Signs should be chosen for the dress, so pay attention that the decor of the dress and accessories does not conflict with each other. When creating a wedding image is very important not to overdo it! If the dress has a rich and varied decor, then bright ornaments on gloves and other accessories will be clearly superfluous. It is better to choose concise models, they harmoniously complement the image.

The main trends in fashion wedding gloves is to focus on femininity, elegance and lightness. It is these areas are traced in the collections of wedding accessories, presented by leading fashion designers. In addition to the traditional white color, designers are actively using soft shades of orange. At a premium cream, apricot, peach shades.

Fabrics are mainly used light, air, lace is often used for decoration.

For example, Valentino's wedding gloves are an accessory that is slightly longer than the wrist. The model, made of light transparent fabric, it completely opens the fingers, is held by an eyelet, worn on the third finger. The edges are trimmed with a thin lace braid, a pearl is placed at the base of the loop, which is worn on the finger. The upper part of the gloves is decorated with a satin bow.

Melissa Sweet's short, closed lace gloves are made in the color of “peach Ivory”, and decorated with a model of loose rhinestones that glitter beautifully in the light. The upper part of the glove is decorated with lush lace frill.

Main types of long wedding gloves

In the modern world of fashion wedding gloves are classified according to length, the material from which they are sewn, and the presence or absence of "fingers." The main principle remains a complete combination with the bridal outfit. Handicrafts should be beautiful, but not overshadow the dress with their grace. This is an attribute, not the main part. There are four main types of gloves, depending on their length:

  • Short, which cover only the bride's wrist, to the wrist. They look very feminine and tender. Suitable for any type of dress.
  • Classic - the length does not reach the elbow. Combined with many models of the dress, especially if the sleeve is short or completely missing.
  • "Opera" - the longest, covering the elbow and arm just above it. Suitable for dresses without sleeves.
  • Long - a little shorter than the "opera", do not cover the elbow. Beautifully combined with dresses, which open shoulders.

With fingers

Gloves with fingers - this is a classic, from which fashion designers repel, creating new images. The operatic variety of such products brings a special flavor to the image of the bride. They are made from expensive fabrics, often from satin. This model does not tolerate excessive jewelry, such as rhinestones. Moderation and generosity are the main criteria for such a thing. In the warm season, the atlas can be replaced by lace, chiffon, silk.

"Clothing" for the hands of the bride and groom should be in harmony with the dress according to the texture of the fabric and style. During the ceremony at the registry office, they should be removed, as the ring should be worn on the open finger, not on the fabric. Now often choose models that provide a slot on the ring finger. Following etiquette, gloves are removed during a banquet. This is a slight inconvenience model "with your fingers."

Mitts - without fingers

An alternative to classic gloves are mitts - products "without fingers." This model has several advantages. Throughout the wedding reception and the wedding process, the bride remains in mittens. A variety of fabrics, models allows you to choose the pair of products that fit only your dress. Such products with a loop on one finger look very interesting. Today it is the most common type of these accessories.

Models of long gloves for the bride

It is best to choose the right model of long gloves right away when choosing a wedding dress. Professional consultants in the salon will help with advice. Having tried on the whole decoration, the future bride herself will decide on the choice of the desired model, both the dress and the hand accessory that is suitable for the style. It may differ in color, fabric, the presence of additional decorations.

The important role is played by the color scale of the marriage dress. Many girls still prefer the traditional white color, personifying the innocence and youth of the bride. But more and more often there are bright inclusions of accessories on the light background of the wedding decoration. The belt, gloves, shoes can become such juicy "spots". The main requirement is that they are not just of one tone, but ideally combined in color with each other.

Fashion dictates its own rules. At the peak of popularity among wedding dresses is now the color of ivory (ivory), which is considered an exquisite alternative for white classics, without breaking the traditions. The many shades of fabric are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fashion designers. Ivory-colored products have deeper undertones, thanks to which the image looks touching and exciting.

An important point - the color of ivory does not tolerate cheapness. If you decide that the entire outfit, including long wedding gloves, should be with a fashionable shade, you need to take care of the high-class fabric, otherwise the products will have an old faded look. The color of ivory with peach, cream or beige tones is not only luxurious, but also noble.

The openwork on the hands of the bride fits perfectly into the romantic image of the bride. What could be more tender and touching? An important nuance for such gloves is that they should fit tightly around the arm, otherwise they will look careless. Knit openwork products made of cotton or wool blend if the wedding is to take place in winter. Positive energy, coming from the product, tied with their own hands, is sure to bring a young couple happiness and good luck.

Light air lace gloves for the bride and groom - this is the final chord for a full image. This accessory will fit any model of the dress, if it is decorated with guipure inserts. An interesting solution for an accessory made of lace - bead scattering or beading. Unusual and luxurious look satin products without fingers with lace elements.

Wedding Gloves with Bulk Decorations

Gloves with additional decorations are ideal for girls with incomplete hands. In order not to overload the image with superfluous volumetric details, such products should be selected for a dress with a minimum amount of decor. Украшением для перчаток могут быть: качественная имитация драгоценных камней, натуральный или искусственный жемчуг, банты, ленточки, цветы.

Фото длинных свадебных перчаток

Приобретая эти аксессуары для свадебной церемонии, невеста должна помнить, что они привлекательно смотрятся только в правильном сочетании с остальным нарядом и аксессуарами. We can not allow an imbalance between fashion, beauty and comfort. Long wedding gloves emphasize the individual style of the solemn image of the newlywed. And the bride should like them, because the wedding day is the brightest in her life. Choose the best accessory.

Pros and cons

Gloves are not a mandatory element of a wedding image, so girls often have a question: “Do they even need them at all?”. Let's weigh the pros and cons! Positive qualities of gloves are:

  • they will give the image of the bride elegance and aristocracy,
  • warm hands newlywed, if it's cold outside,
  • hide hand imperfections.

The disadvantages of gloves are the following:

  • according to the sign, wear a wedding ring on the glove is impossible, so the bride will need to remove it during registration, which is not very convenient (except for gloves without fingers),
  • if a girl is not used to walking in gloves, many elementary actions can cause difficulties, for example, buttoning and the like,
  • Gloves can get dirty and lose their beautiful appearance, for example, during a meal at a banquet, and this accessory will often fall on wedding photos.

Types of wedding gloves

In stores and bridal salons there are many options for gloves for the bride, differing in length, design, material, color and decor.

The length of the wedding gloves can be a variety of options:

When making a choice, consider the length of the sleeves of your dress or their absence. In fact, this rule works: the shorter the sleeves, the longer the gloves should be. For a wedding dress with long sleeves, it is better to pick up gloves to the wrist, with short sleeves - to the elbow. If the dress is generally without sleeves, then you can give preference to "opera" gloves. Consider the style of the celebration: the more formal the holiday, the longer the gloves should be.

There are several options for the design of accessories for pens of the bride. Standard gloves completely cover the fingers and part of the hands of the girl. A more original version is gloves that are put on the hand through the loop, leaving the fingers completely open (as in the photo).

Intermediate options are wedding gloves without fingers: mitts and glovelettes, which look cute and romantic both in person and in the photo. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear, because the fingers in them are open. What is their difference? In mittens, only the thumb is located separately, in glovelettes - all fingers have separate slots.

Wedding gloves for brides sew from a variety of materials:

  • Thin fabrics: guipure, chiffon, silk, lace, which are perfect for a wedding in the warm season.
  • Dense: velvet, brocade, crepe, etc. This is an excellent option for winter weddings, when the gloves not only add to the image of the newlywed elegance and sophistication, but also protect her hands from the cold.

How to find the perfect option? Take into account not only the time of year, but also the dress material, because gloves must be in harmony with your wedding dress. For example, for a wedding dress with lace sleeves, you can pick up delicate lace gloves, with or without decor.

Gloves are usually chosen to match the wedding dress, but you can make an exception and match the white gloves with colored gloves that will be combined with other accessories in your unique look.

Wedding gloves are decorated with a variety of materials: from beads and pearls to flowers and lace appliqués. Naturally, the glove decor should be in perfect harmony with the wedding dress and other accessories.

Gloves for the bride: tips on choosing

If you decide to wear gloves to the wedding, you should definitely decide in advance which option suits you based on many factors:

    Wedding Dress: gloves should make up a single tandem with your wedding attire. A unifying element can be both a material from which gloves and a dress are sewn, as well as a decor, for example, beads, beads or lace elements. The same goes for the rest of the wedding accessories for the bride.

Types of wedding gloves

These accessories differ in several characteristics: by design, pattern, length, fabric, which was used for their manufacture, and the number of buttons.

Consider the models that are in demand:

    Classic. Long, higher than the elbow accessories, sewn, usually from satin.

No fingers

Fingerless wedding gloves can be divided into two types:

  • Mitts - short accessories with open fingers, which do not create discomfort and provide an opportunity to wear a wedding ring without difficulty, without removing the accessory during the ceremony. The disadvantage of this style is that they visually make the fingers shorter.
  • With one eyelet, one finger is attached and held by the accessory due to the eyelet on the middle finger, which is mainly made of satin ribbon or strung beads. They look elegant and stylish. This model will not hide your beautiful manicure.

Short wedding gloves add a sophisticated look to the bride's look. Perfectly combined with short dresses with a sleeve to the elbow and a little lower. Such models with dresses in which the long sleeve or it is missing altogether will not look harmonious.

Long wedding gloves are perfectly combined with a festive dress with open shoulders or thin straps. They are made, as a rule, from satin or lace. This accessory can hide handicaps. Such a model is appropriate during the marriage, walk and photo session, but during the feast the bride must remove them.

Wedding gloves, made with the use of lace, make the image of the bride elegant and delicate. This style is combined with any model of the dress, and it does not matter what fabric it is made of. Looks perfect if decorated with small rhinestones or pebbles with multi-colored reflections.

Lace wedding gloves harmoniously complement the image of the bride, in case the dress has a long sleeve. The presented type is not only aesthetic in nature, but also practical - they can warm the hand of a beautiful lady in cool weather.

In the modern world, not all girls hold the opinion that a wedding dress, as well as accessories should be white. Many brides, trying to stand out and make their image original, pick up colored gloves, and other accessories like a purse, shoes, boutonniere, etc., match them. It is worth looking carefully so that the outfit and accessories are harmoniously combined and the colored accessories only add sophistication, and do not focus all attention on themselves.

With decorations

Often, there are wedding gloves with various decorations. Stones (precious and semi-precious), pearls (both natural and artificial), beads, beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons and bows are used as jewelry. The use of embroidery elements is possible.

Glove Cloth

For the manufacture of gloves, as a rule, a variety of fabrics are used, depending on the model and on the season of the year for which they are designed. So, for models of the autumn-winter period, jacquard, satin, crepe, taffeta, lace are used. Light summer fabrics are ideal for summer - chintz, chiffon, silk, cotton. Do not forget that the style and fabric from which the accessory is made should be in harmony with the bride's dress.

Wedding gloves do it yourself

It is possible to purchase wedding gloves in the salon, but it is quite possible to make them yourself. To do this you need very little: your imagination, free time and material from which you want to make.

An example of how to make wedding gloves, mitts, is presented below. To do this, you will need scissors, satin ribbon, beads or rhinestones and stretch lace. When materials are prepared, proceed to the manufacture of:

  • Measure the volume of the wrist and cut off the necessary piece of lace,
  • We make accurate measurements, cut off the excess fabric and connect the fabric with a regular stitch on a sewing machine,
  • Try on. We join the lace between the index finger and thumb, making a couple of stitches.
  • Getting to the decoration.
  • From a satin ribbon we make a couple of bows, decorating with beads or rhinestones.
  • Fasten the bows to the mittens with glue (glue gun) or sew.
  • An example you can see in the photo below.

Creating an accessory with your fingers takes more time and effort. In order to make such an option, we recommend viewing the master class in the presented video, where it is shown how to make a pattern and correctly connect the details:

How to choose gloves for a wedding dress

Among the great assortment, you should choose those models that best fit the style to your outfit, as well as the fabric of the dress and accessories should overlap in texture. Only in this case, they will complement the image, and look harmonious. Accessories should be in tone dress. In rare cases, there are exceptions when gloves and other elements differ in color or shade. It is important to choose the length. It is worth remembering the rule: the shorter the sleeves of the dress - the longer the accessories should be.

More photos of these accessories are presented in this video:

Wearing etiquette

There are no strict rules concerning the wearing of signets, but it is worth remembering a few points:

  • Wearing a ring is only on the bare finger, because at this moment it is important to remove the wedding gloves or just bare the ring finger,
  • Welcoming guests and receiving flowers, gifts, it is better to have accessories on hand,
  • During the feast decoration is recommended to be removed.

Wedding gloves can not only give completeness to the image of the bride and keep the beautiful lady's hands clean and tender throughout the day. And if you have something to share with future brides, on this topic, leave a comment.

Types of Bride Gloves

The appropriateness of this accessory in the bridal outfit is determined by the general mood of the event. The style of celebration dictates the features of the bridal outfit. Therefore, for informal weddings, they are usually not needed.

Classic white satin gloves, lace, as well as models of silk and thin leather is quite suitable for the usual light and white dresses.

All accessories used in wedding dresses can be divided into the following features:

  • by lenght - short (cover only the hand), standard (hand and wrist), elongated (to the middle of the forearm or elbow), long (above the elbow),)
  • by cut - with “fingers” and without fingers, which are called "Mitts",
  • by color - classic white, ivory (ayvori), beige, colored (from light pastel to bright, rich tones),
  • by material - natural fabrics (leather, satin, silk, lace, velvet, cotton) and synthetic (stretch satin, crepe-chiffon, organza, etc.). There are also thread models - crocheted or knitted, made in the technique of "tatting" or lace, beaded,
  • on finishing - smooth, with decor in the form of embroidery, lace, appliqués, rhinestones, beads, and so on.

The photo below shows examples of different styles of gloves:

Classic white satin gloves
Lacy, without fingers (note this model has no loop (like on mittens), which is attached to the finger)
The original version of large peas
Classic lace
Contrast white and red / red lace mitts
Soft pink satin gloves
With an unusual mesh
To have an idea how gloves look together with wedding dressesLet's see the following photos:

How to choose?

When choosing this important accessory it is necessary to combine two parameters:

  1. As far as the model is suitable to the colors, style, decor and other characteristics of the wedding dress,
  2. How does it fit the figure, skin color and other features of the bride.

So, girls with thin hands can choose wrinkles on wrist and forearm (usually from natural fabrics), but with full hands such a choice will exacerbate the problem.

The presence of any skin defects, the structure of the hand or fingers, inappropriate in the wedding ritual of the tattoo is convenient to hide with closed gloves or mitts that "hide" the whole palm, except for the fingers.

In general, the following can be advised:

  • In winter, it is better to give preference to closed products made of thick leather. or textiles, in the room they will then have to be removed or replaced with a lighter model,
  • For summer weddings the best choice is fine lace or fabric, openwork and mesh,
  • Manicure should be combined with the selected model.including the length of the nails - too long and sharp, they can damage the delicate fabric. If you plan exactly this type of manicure, you should prefer gloves "without fingers" and wear them with care,
  • The fabric must either be firmly fixed on the arm (especially for gloves above the elbow), or to move freely on it and not create inconveniences, including when dressing a wedding ring,
  • Excess decor on all elements of attire is very few people,
  • Very long (almost shoulder-length) gloves should be worn only complete with an open dress exposing the shoulders and part of the back,
  • The choice of color, especially bright, contrasting with respect to together, models must be confirmed by the presence of other accessories of the same color - for example, a clutch bag or cap, shoes.

One more important moment. For open ones (mitts, models with a loop on a finger) and very thin gloves, donning a ring during the ceremony is not a problem, but dense fabrics or leather can make the process very difficult. To avoid an awkward situation, it is better to think everything in advance. It is believed that it is better not to wear a ring glove..

How to do it yourself?

It is not a problem for needlewomen to make an unusual and beautiful model - embroidered, knitted, woven. For those who have little experience, but there is a desire to create wedding gloves with their own hands, we can advise two options:

  • Decoration of finished products,
  • Tailoring from elastic lace.

The easiest option is presented below in the form of training videos from Alena Pekur:

Mitts without a loop

For fingerless gloves would need:

  1. Elastic lace, the width of which corresponds to the desired length of the glove, and the length - two wrist straps + margin of 2-4 cm,
  2. Sewing thread of the appropriate color,
  3. Sewing machine,
  4. Scissors.

Sew better with seam "knitted" or "zigzag". The decoration and the method of their attachment depend on the chosen design.

The actual sewing is a single stitch. "Pipes", which should tightly cover the hand from the base of the fingers (the measurement is taken from the index or middle finger) to the wrist and / or further.

1. We wrap our hands in lace and make a mark under the edges 2. Cut off two identical pieces 3. Make more accurate markings (at the wrist, the lace width is more than the bottom of the glove)

Girls with narrow tassels and wrists can sew just a plain rectangular piece of lace. Those who have a wider girth of the wrist and wrists are different should be sewn conical "Pipe".

4. Cut off the excess fabric and stitch the edges on a typewriter. 5. Try on a glove. A few stitches to connect the fabric between the index finger and thumb

You can use ribbon, rhinestones, artificial pearls (beads and semi-beads), thermo-glues, beads, and so on.

6. We decorate with the help of satin ribbons 1-2 cm wide (length 20-25 cm) 8. Decorate the bow with brooch and sew to gloves
The result of the work:

The cost of wedding gloves depends on whether individual or mass is tailoring, the prestige of the manufacturer (brand or master), material, jewelry. If the accessory comes as part of a set with a wedding dress and veil, its price may be included in the total cost of purchasing the dress.

Most simple models (originally from China) begin from 400-600 rubles, in the wedding salon will offer accessories worth 1500-6000 rubles. Have handmade craftsmen you can purchase items for the price 600-5000 rubles, and eminent designers offer their unique ideas for hundreds and thousands of euros.

The right choice of wedding gloves for the bride is very important, because on the wedding day all the attention will be directed to the hand of the bride and groom with a brand new wedding ring. So that the acquisition does not disappoint and spoil an important day, you should pay maximum attention to finding the right accessory.

How did the tradition of wearing bridal gloves come about?

Gloves are steadily gaining their popularity from the eighteenth century to this day. This attribute of the wardrobe was worn daily by almost all ladies, especially of aristocratic origin. Hiding hands in gloves was considered not just a good tone, but also a sign of proper education, nobility and elegance.

Why is this product so important now? Everything is simple and romantic. Let's return to the distant era of knights and understand why this accessory had a special meaning.

Choosing the lady of her heart, the knights presented her with a pair of gloves. This indicated serious intentions and served as a manifestation of boundless love.

If the feelings were mutual, the beloved would accept the gift and put on gloves when she came out or on the wedding day. From here and went tradition to wear gloves to the wedding as a sign of mutual love. Modern brides prefer to wear gloves to enhance the graceful image and sophistication.

Выбор перчаток под свадебный наряд: виды, материалы, рекомендации

Перчатки под свадебное платье выбирают по множеству критериев. For example, the price / quality of gloves, style, color, material, length, taste preferences, the overall style of the bride. If you choose the right style, then even the most simple wedding dress will be sophisticated and elegant.

Gloves add a delicate look to your wedding look.

The main types of wedding accessory

First of all, decide on what kind of gloves you will have - with or without fingers.

The product with the fingers looks sleeker, but there are a number of disadvantages:

  1. There are difficulties with putting on a wedding ring.
  2. We'll have to remove the accessory during the feast, so as not to smear it with treats, which are taken by hand.
  3. Wedding manicure will not be visible, to which many are treated with great trepidation.

Fingerless wedding gloves are more comfortable in these matters. They can divided into two types:

  1. Model with a loop on the finger. Most often it is worn on the middle finger. Make a loop of satin ribbons or small beads. These are the most popular options.
  2. Mitts for the wedding. Product "without fingers". It does not fasten and can turn on the arm. Therefore it is necessary to correct often. Basically, they are short in length, but be sure to close the wrist.

Convenient loop on wedding gloves - versatility and elegance in the choice

Depending on the length, gloves are divided into four types:

  1. Long wedding gloves or opera. Completely cover the elbow and forearm. Suitable for dresses without sleeves and straps.
  2. Models of medium length. Length above the elbow. Also suitable for open dresses.
  3. Classic gloves or versatile. Length to elbow, not closing it. It harmonizes with almost any style of dress.
  4. Short wedding gloves - cover the palms and hands. Mostly combined with long sleeves dresses.

Photo of fingerless wedding gloves will show the beautiful manicure of the bride

Material for the "wrist" accessory bride

For the manufacture of wedding gloves craftsmen use different fabrics. Take into account the time of year, the model and the fabric of the dress.

Wedding gloves for brides are made from such materials:

  1. Thin fabrics: lace, chiffon, silk, guipure, moire, chintz and others.
  2. Dense fabrics: velvet, crepe, taffeta, jacquard, etc.

Photos of luxury wedding lace gloves

Lace Gloves - a symbol of luxury and wealth. Suitable for any model dress.

Fishnet - great worn in the cold season, due to the fact that they are made of wool or cotton yarn. Must necessarily fit snugly to the arm, otherwise look awkward.

Satin - a popular model for lovers of classic style. Very gentle and require careful handling. Easily covered with puffs.

Satin opera gloves. For lovers of classic style

The traditional color of the wedding dress of the bride is white. But in the modern world, not all girls adhere to this rule. They do not limit themselves to such a narrow color scheme. Make an exception and you - pick up to the white dress colored gloves that are combined with other accessories in an individual image.

Modern brides - bold color accessories

Wedding gloves are very effects, sexy and attract attention. Especially if additionally decorated with beads, ribbons, stones and rhinestones. Choose a model that fits perfectly with your dresscomplements it. If the dress is already overloaded with decor, then buy more modest gloves. Conversely, smooth and simple dress complement elegant fabulous gloves.

Glove decoration as an art form

A few recommendations when choosing gloves

There are a number of useful tips that you should pay attention to when choosing a “wrist” wedding accessory:

  1. Get gloves after buying a dress.
  2. Do not forget that the ring is worn only on the bare finger.
  3. All additional elements are selected in combination with the style and design of the dress.
  4. Pick up the length of gloves, taking into account the style of the dress and features of the figure.
  5. Decorative elements on the dress and gloves should be combined.

Gloves are distinguished by the length (by the number of buttons)

  1. One button - gloves reach the base of the palm. This option is suitable for dresses with long sleeves.
  2. Two buttons - gloves to the wrist (22 cm). This accessory was worn by secular ladies on weekdays until the mid-60s.
  3. Four buttons - gloves fully cover the wrist with a small grip on the forearm. The length is 25 - 27 cm.
  4. Six buttons - product length 30 - 32 cm. This style already covers part of the forearm. Eight buttons - 35 - 37 cm, capture the upper part of the forearm. This option is for sleeves with a length of ¾.
  5. Twelve buttons - gloves to the elbow, length - 46 - 47 cm.
  6. Sixteen buttons - a classic for opera gloves. Length - 55 - 57 cm.
  7. Twenty-one buttons - the maximum length (69 - 73 cm). Designed for evening dresses on thin straps or completely without them.

The general rule is that the shorter the sleeve, the longer the gloves. Short gloves visually make hands more slender, and long ones, on the contrary, shorten and round shapes.

When can gloves be removed

  • during registration (if it is not mitts) at the time the groom puts on the ring,
  • It is also more convenient to share a wedding loaf or cut the cake without gloves,
  • rules of etiquette regulate not to remove this accessory during the wedding ceremony, for the ring manufacturers have provided a cut.

Only one way out - fingerless gloves. These are the ones we are proposing today to sew with our own hands even to those who are not particularly good at needlework.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. To begin with, we specify the size of future wedding gloves: we wrap our hands in lace (in the widest part of the palm) and we pin them with pins or make marks on the fabric, as in the photo of wedding gloves without fingers.
  2. Cut to these measures, two identical pieces of lace.
  3. We specify the pattern, for which we measure the girth of the arm in the wrist area and in the widest part of the palm. We fold in half pieces of fabric, set aside at the edges of the obtained measurements, connect the points with a straight line and sweep away the pattern of the glove.
  4. Cut off the excess fabric with a small allowance and connect the edges on a typewriter.
  5. Try on a glove. The seam is located at the level of the middle finger.
  6. Pin between the thumb and forefinger with a pin. We sew the connection manually with several stitches.
  7. We repeat the whole cycle for the second glove.
  8. The main work is over. Go to the decoration. There are no limits to your imagination. You can decorate the accessory with embroidery (beads, glass beads). The thin lace sewn around the edges of the glove looks beautiful.
  9. In our master class to decorate wedding gloves will be a satin bow. Cut off two pieces of tape by 24 cm. We process the edges with a lighter or a candle. Half (or a bit more) of the tape we fold the figure eight and sew the middle. From the remaining piece of ribbon we form the second part of the bow as shown in the photo. Once again we fix the middle and proceed to the second Bantu, which we do in the same way.
  10. We glue with superglue in the center of the bows sewing accessories. For the decoration of gloves, it is better to take small ornaments of round or oval shape.
  11. We sew bows to gloves and try on them - it took us no more than an hour to sew wedding gloves with our hands.

Choose ideas for the style of wedding accessories on the photo and wear gloves - it is very romantic, feminine and elegant. Good luck with your choice!

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