How to wash things for newborns


Shortly before giving birth, a nesting syndrome rolls on every pregnant woman in waves. This instinctive behavior, which consists in preparing the surrounding space for the life of the baby. This ancient instinct helped to care for babies for millions of years, creating the best conditions for them. In the modern world, it has transformed somewhat. The second most popular place to meet a pregnant woman today is the hardware store. Unfortunately, the increased level of endorphins not only helps the mother to prepare for the meeting with the baby, but also makes it difficult to adequately assess their capabilities. Therefore, global repair, interrupted by birth, is a frequent thing.

The palm of attendance by future mothers is firmly held by stores with children's clothes. And if the behavior of a pregnant woman is explained by hormones, then why so many unnecessary things are bought by grandmothers, aunts, friends and work colleagues - a question that has not been studied by science. However, at the time of birth, an incredible amount of children's things accumulate in the house. And then the question arises, how to wash the things of the newborn? Following the second: how to wash?

How to wash baby clothes?

The main rule to follow is the next year: the newborn's things are stored, sorted, soaked and erased separately from adults and other children, even if the oldest is only two years old. Therefore, instead of assault on construction stores, take care to purchase a second laundry basket, additional basins and free up space for children's powders.

Actually, washing

  1. Pull out all the clothes you bought and donated by relatives. Realize that after birth will bring the same amount. Terrify Anything you can take back, pass. Yes Yes. And this wonderful set with pockets on the pope and ryushechkami on the edge. First, these ryushechki you and smooth. Submitted? And, secondly, all these cute pockets create additional folds and injure the delicate skin of the baby. And what will he put in his back pocket in one month? So the simpler the better!
  2. Sort the remaining items by color and texture. Cut off all tags. By the way, did you know that a piece of cloth that goes along with clothes is not needed for a patch? It is proposed to test the washing mode and bleach. Do not thank.

The better to wash things for the newborn?

  1. To date, the number of manufacturers in the department of household chemicals eyes scatter, even among experienced housewives. But doctors still recommend ordinary baby soap without fragrances and flavors. A minus of soap is that it gets clogged between the fibers of the fabric and is poorly rinsed out. And they also need to be washed by hand, which takes a lot of time and effort. For a young mother, time is probably a more important factor than anything else. Yes, and rinse manually, like a machine, will not work with all the desire. Hands can be washed only in warm water, whereas in the washing machine there is a 95 degree mode. You can plan the soap on the grater and put it in the washing machine. But if the baby is healthy and not prone to allergies, it is better to wash with powder.
  2. Choosing baby powder, even an inexperienced mother will look at the label “for children”. There are many manufacturers, even more feedback. Points over the "i" will place your baby. Unfortunately, only having tried in practice, you will understand how to wash baby clothes with a powder.
  3. There are special lines natural and ecological detergents, without phosphates, based on natural substances. The main disadvantage is the high price. And in the first months with the baby money goes quickly and for everything. The second important factor - natural ingredients can also cause allergies. And the third is a high risk of forgery. Unfortunately, young mothers who want the best for their children are a favorite category of unscrupulous manufacturers.
  4. There are liquid detergents - gels. It is believed that they act more gently, do not damage the structure of the fabric. Clothes do not look washed away, which is important for repeated washings. But there are their pitfalls, which will be discussed below. It is more convenient to dose gels, a measuring cap is attached to them. They do not crumble and dust. In addition, they contain less polluting substances. But the components in the gel work only at low temperatures (up to 40 degrees) and are activated with vigorous whipping, which is possible only with machine wash.

A separate issue is the use of fabric softeners. They are also a great many, there are special for children's clothes, with different odors and properties. But the use of air conditioners is better to postpone for a year. They are poorly rinsed out even in special regimens, and the child now does not need additional allergic factors.

How to wash things for newborns?

In the literature, you can still find recommendations to wash by hand. I, as a mother of four children, in response want to say the following. If you have the time and energy for hand washing, spend it on the baby. And let the machine wash things. In addition, the following recommendation excludes the first: baby clothes should be washed at maximum temperature to kill germs.

But back to our microbes. Many washing machines have a "baby clothes" mode. As a rule, it is characterized by high temperature and double rinsing. Let's be honest: 95 degrees and boiling are different things. Hospitals use autoclaving for disinfection. This is steam sterilization under pressure above atmospheric. The temperature is noticeably higher than 100 degrees. Therefore, at home you will not spend a complete disinfection, and well. Because the baby came to get acquainted with this world, and not to isolate from it.

And here we are confronted with another contradiction. In order for the anionic surfactants to dissolve in the powder and begin to actively wash the stains, a high temperature is needed, and tags on almost all children's things require gentle washing. Gels do a good job of washing at low temperatures, but doctors require washing children's clothes at high temperatures for the purpose of disinfection. The circle is closed.

What should mom do? Do not panic! Partially solves the problem of iron. If you wash things sparingly on both sides, you can consider them conditionally disinfected and calm down.

And the last. Get stuff immediately

It looked like this for me: you take dirty diapers, bibs, sliders, vests and brush brushing feces, lumps of dirt, sticky cookies, a piece of LEGO in the trash. We rinse the remaining dirt under a strong stream of water and wipe it with usual laundry soap.

We put in a washbasin with a washing solution (we separate baby clothes, remember?). In the evening, everything is thrown into the washing machine at normal. Then add a re-rinse, and we have time to put the baby to sleep. And when he wakes up at night, after feeding you can get up and hang diapers. The main thing is to do it carefully, so that it looks like ironed. And do not fall asleep halfway.

And remember, the baby does not care how perfect his clean clothes or that is stained by his older brother. The main thing is how happy and rested his mother is.

Detergent Requirements

Before you opt for a particular tool, we suggest finding out what elementary requirements it must meet:

  1. contain a minimum amount of surfactant, complete absence of phosphates, chlorine and other different fragrances, as well as not have too strong smell,
  2. the expiration date should not come to an end,
  3. on the box there must be an indication of the purpose for washing baby clothes, as well as at what temperature it is recommended to do it,
  4. It is recommended to store the tool only according to the specified storage conditions,
  5. washing dosage proposed by the manufacturer should not be exceeded.

If you follow these simple rules, then errors and unpleasant moments after using powder or other means should not occur.

What tools are suitable

If you are interested in whether it is possible to wash delicate children's clothes with ordinary powder, we suggest reading the following information. The first clothes of the baby are bought before departure to the hospital. Few people know that it is necessary to wash and iron it. To give the product a better look, fabric is treated with starch, and this can injure delicate skin. In addition, things were in stock, were in the hands of the seller and buyers.

Consider, with the help of which it is better to erase such things.

  1. Laundry soap. Tested by time, does not contain harmful substances in the composition and therefore ideal for washing baby things. Thanks to natural ingredients, after its use, things retain their original appearance much longer. The only disadvantage is the inability to wash with soap in a typewriter.
  2. Baby soap. Also copes with the tasks. It does not have a strongly noticeable odor, which means that there are no fragrances and flavors in the composition. As practice shows, only after washing with soap the diapers remain soft and airy. Only suitable for hand washing.
  3. Children's powder. Today, these funds are provided in a large assortment. The composition of washing powders for children more gentle than that of conventional means. With the tasks assigned to cope well and is suitable for all children.

Before the final choice is better not to buy a lot of money, first purchase a small pack. See how the wash goes and the reaction of the baby.

How to wash clothes for babies

In order to understand how to wash baby clothes properly, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the following rules:

  1. Wash clothes must be in water, the temperature of which is not less than 90 degrees. In modern machines there is a separate program for this. However, if you wash with your hands, it’s better to boil things a little,
  2. it is recommended to rinse baby clothes twice, whether it was automatic or hand wash,
  3. the laundry should be well dried so that a moist environment does not harm unprotected baby skin,
  4. since the urine of the baby in the first six months has almost no odor, the diaper can be rinsed in general in simple warm water,
  5. if there are feces on the laundry, it is recommended to pre-soak and only then do a full wash in the machine,
  6. when washing things you can not use any bleach, as there is a high probability of an allergic reaction on the skin,
  7. clothes should not be dried indoors due to the possibility of mold. Better to do it on the balcony or the street
  8. the obligatory rule in the first month of a baby’s life is ironing of all things. It will help destroy all existing bacteria, as well as remove any creases that can injure the delicate skin of the child.

Rating of popular children's laundry detergents

Despite the fact that the full information on whether it is possible to wash any children's clothes with laundry soap is outlined above, we suggest studying the list of modern helpers.

Since one of the main goals is the purchase of phosphate-free composition, we offer a list of the tools that are most popular with customers.

  1. “Dally Med” is a hypoallergenic powder, created using patented German technology. Additionally, the package indicates at what temperature it is recommended to wash baby clothes.
  2. "Aistenok" - presented in the form of a gel and soap. It contains herbal extracts and silver ions.
  3. "The World of Childhood" - soap powder is equally well suited for hand and machine washing, as well as pre-soaking. It has antibacterial and disinfectant properties.
  4. "Eared nanny" - presented in a large assortment of different tools. There are powders that can be used in the washing machine, as well as for manual cleaning of things.
  5. "Our mother" - copes with a variety of stains, even without boiling. The basis of the product is herbal extracts and water with silver ions.
  6. "Domal" - German-made gel, suitable for any wash. There is chamomile extract. Dermatologically tested.

Now we know what kind of powder erase children's clothes, and what experience and time will be right for you.

Peroxide instead of bleach

After the start of prikorma stains constantly appear on different tissues, the usual powder to cope with them is not always possible. Since it is impossible to use products with chlorine or soda for children's things, hydrogen peroxide comes to the rescue.

Its advantages are the following properties: safety for the skin, easy rinsing from the fabric, removal of all stains, as well as additional disinfection from germs.

It is important to remember that, despite the ratings of powders, all children are individual, and even if one tool is perfect for someone, it can cause an allergic reaction on the skin of another newborn. Therefore, each mom eventually develops their own personal list of suitable tools.

Preparing a children's dowry

Purchased in a specialized store things for the child seem just great. And they are also soft, seemingly clean and seem completely safe. However, it is categorically impossible to wear such clothes on a newborn without preliminary measures, because:

  • you do not know the conditions in which the diapers and vests were kept, who touched them before they appeared on the store counter,
  • for processing children's clothes use starch or even chemicals to make it look as presentable as possible.

That is why it is necessary to wash new baby clothes, especially as it is specially noted on the labels of all infant clothes that it is necessary to rinse them before the first fitting.

To protect a newborn child from poor-quality things that may contain hazardous chemicals, you can perform the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to remove any tags from the laundry, of course, you should definitely get acquainted with the information indicated on them.
  2. The water temperature is not more than 60 degrees. It is not necessary to wash for the first time at a higher temperature.
  3. Drops the clothes in a bowl, slightly we wash it, while it is impossible to squeeze and unscrew.
  4. Sliders and diapers should be thoroughly rinsed until the flowing water becomes clear.
  5. Then the linen is straightened and hung on the dryer.
  6. Ironing things a child should always on the inside, in contact with children's skin, but the outside can not be ironed.
  7. Wait for things to cool down, then carefully lay them down.

And what to do with a fur envelope, warm hats that are needed for the "winter" kids? Of course, it is impractical to wash them, ironing is simply impossible, but you should definitely disinfect. A steam generator is useful, and if it is not there, then you can use an iron set to steam mode. That is, you will not iron the surface of the iron, and steam.

Choosing a detergent for the child

What washing products are better to use? There are several popular types of substances that are suitable for delicate baby skin. To wash baby clothes you can:

  • soap,
  • baby soap
  • special powder and gel.

In order to decide whether to wash it with household soap or baby soap, a specialized powder or gel, and whether rinsing agents can be used, it is necessary to analyze each product and suitable washing methods for them in more detail.

  1. Laundry soap

In the old days, our grandmothers used to wash clothes for children with household soap only and still consider them as the best laundry detergent. And their opinion is not decided by reason, since this soap is exceptionally natural, without harmful chemical additives, which are contained in large quantities in ordinary powders.

Washing with soap helps to cope even with serious stains. After its use, baby clothes become soft, light and safe. To make it easier to wash, hostesses scrub the soap on the float and add things in the form of small chips, or make a soap solution. The only minus of washing with laundry soap is mom's fatigue, and modern mothers are already used to the washing machine.

This tool is considered one of the most gentle and gentle for the care of infant things. First, it does not contain harmful ingredients. Secondly, the clothes washed with baby soap do not smell and are very tender to the touch. As in the case of soap, baby also rubbed on a grater and added to the basin or make a soap solution from it.

  1. Washing powder

Of course, you can wash the baby dowry with soap if mommy has a lot of active assistants. However, more often than not, a woman places all the worries on her shoulders, therefore she simply has no time to wash clothes by hand. That's why you have to wash things in the washing machine. And for modern technology soap and shavings are not suitable, so women often choose powder for newborns.

Popular brands of washing powders

Powders - a good alternative to soap solutions. You only need to choose the right option. Which is better? To answer this important question, try to see the mark "for children's clothing." Women's Forum allows you to select the following best powders for newborns:

  • Немецкий порошок Dally Med относится к слабоаллергенным средствам, которые не содержат фосфаты. Среди плюсов – натуральные ингредиенты, среди минусов – присутствие отбеливателей и отдушек.
  • "Aistonok" is a powder, a gel containing plant extracts and silver ions, soap. Dignity means - does not contain fragrances, slightly allergenic. Disadvantages - optical bleaches are present.
  • You can use the powder "World of childhood", suitable for washing by hand and in a typewriter. It is an antibacterial and disinfecting "drug" that does not lead to allergic reactions.
  • "Eared Nyan" offers a choice of products for washing clothes for newborns. The forum of mums and their statements allow us to say that this brand is in demand with them.
  • "Karapuz" for babies and newborns includes only natural ingredients, well washed out during the rinse.
  • Means "Our Mother" better than many powders cope with any stains, enriched with silver particles and extracts of herbs.
  • You can wash clothes for the baby with Domal gel. The safety of this product with chamomile decoction is confirmed by dermatological research.

What is the best way to wipe baby clothes? You can go to any women's forum, ask around for experienced mummies, but the exact answer will only be given to the skin of your baby. If there is no irritation, then this powder suits him.

7 rules of ideal washing of children's things

  1. Diapers of a newborn baby cannot be washed together with other things. Adult clothing hides numerous dangerous microorganisms living on the street. After washing along with your laundry, you risk infecting your baby.
  2. Wash children's clothes can be in the car, especially if you put it on a special mode. Water temperature is about 90 degrees. At this temperature, the water does not create the effect of boiling.
  3. It’s not as important as you wash, it’s much more important to rinse your laundry. When you wash by hand, rinsing continues to clear water. In the technique you can set a special rinse mode.
  4. If the diapers are loose, stool particles should be removed before soaking. It is better to prewash the “surprise” with soap and water, because the bacteria, getting into the feces, become more dangerous. And the particles of feces in the general washing - this is already a danger.
  5. Can I use air conditioning? No, although this tool gives the fabric softness and aroma, but the excess chemistry of children's skin is definitely not needed. It will still not be possible to wash the clothes with air conditioning, so it should be put aside for your things.
  6. It is better to dry washed diapers on the street, straightening them properly. Of course, in the absence of such an opportunity to dry things can be indoors, if it is well ventilated.

How to whiten baby clothes?

The basic rule - do not use bleach! Means containing this element, often lead to allergies in newborns, and the smell is not the most pleasant. Some manufacturers propose to whiten overalls with optical brighteners, but they are also dangerous.

If you go to any women's forum, then it can be noted that for whitening moms are recommended to arm themselves with hydrogen peroxide. She has a list of advantages:

  • harmless to baby’s skin
  • rinsed with ease,
  • can whiten almost any specks (including feces),
  • disinfects tissue from pathogens.

To make the laundry not gray, do not boil children's clothes. Temperatures of 80-90 degrees is enough if you wash in a washing machine.

Do I need to iron the clothes of the newborn?

The umbilical wound heals only a month after the birth of the baby, and during this period of time a variety of microbes and infectious agents can get into the children's organism through it. Therefore, this entire period you will have to iron children's clothing on both sides.

The happy owners of washing machines with steam mode are not so worried about ironing, because steam kills almost all pathogens. And yet at first the dowry should be ironed.

After the healing of the navel, the mother does not need so selflessly to hover over the ironing board.

The tips presented in this article will tell young mummies how to wash clothes for a newborn baby and how. Such recommendations will be useful to newly minted parents who do not know how to wash diapers with soap or powder, when and how much to iron children's things.

For the opinion of more experienced companions, you can go to any "mother's" forum, but no matter what you choose, your child will make his own edits and corrections. Only his delicate skin will choose the best and right washing powder.

Washing rules

  1. Things of a newborn baby are not washed together with other clothes, especially the top. In the workplace, in public places, dangerous microorganisms cling to it, which even the washing at a high temperature, sometimes rinsing and ironing sometimes cannot cope with. The immunity of adults resists germs and viruses, and for a newborn with a still weak immune system, the slightest infection is dangerous.
  2. Washing the clothes of the newborn carry out a special washing tool. At the core - ordinary soap, safe for the baby. Synthetic washing powder is easily rinsed, well removes organic pollution, does not contain allergens. Speaking about how to wash things of the newborn, it is worth mentioning the liquid washing products, superior in quality to the usual powders.
  3. When washing in the car choose the program "baby clothes". In the economy class device, it is washed at a temperature of 90 ° C, which is similar to boiling.
  4. Some mothers believe that clothes are deformed in a typewriter. To avoid this, wash hands. When washing, use protective double-layer gloves: cotton underneath, rubber on top.
  5. Regardless of how to wash things for newborns, they should be thoroughly rinsed. The machine increases the number of rinsing cycles. With the manual method, rinse until the water is completely transparent. Each subsequent portion of water make the previous cooler. So, the powder is easier to wash off with fabric fibers.
  6. The kid often spits up, leaving specks on his clothes. Children's things do not wash over, and wash completely.
  7. Do not allow erasing things with the remnants of feces with other baby clothes, where bacteria that are not dangerous only in the intestines will spread throughout clothing. And if it gets on the body, it can lead to undesirable consequences. Fecal particles are immediately washed up in a soap solution.
  8. Chlorine bleaching agents, scented conditioners, and antiscale agents are not used for newborn's clothes. Bleach based on hydrogen peroxide will cope with stains. If things are washed with baby washing product, then it is not necessary to add a softener. And get rid of scale when cleaning the drum.
  9. Dry clothes in straightened form, preferably in fresh air. Or in a dry ventilated area to avoid the appearance of mold fungi.
  10. Washed and dried things are ironed on both sides with iron, until the baby heals an umbilical wound to prevent infection. Later, only processing from the inside is sufficient.

Baby soap

Doctors and experienced parents for the first months of the baby's life recommend baby soap without fragrances, dyes, harmful synthetic elements. But in the tool contains emollient components - boric acid, glycerin, oils, as well as elements with antibacterial effect - extracts of the sequence, chamomile, calendula and other herbs.

  • skin harmlessness
  • ease of rinsing out of fabric fibers.

The only negative - low performance in the removal of difficult spots.

Tip! To facilitate stain removal, the contaminated article is immediately washed.

Laundry soap

The composition of soap with acidity 11-12 includes 0.2% alkali and 72% fatty acids. Antibacterial properties add value to the product. The main advantage is the ability to cope even with difficult to remove contaminants. Minus - insecurity in contact with the skin of the baby and a specific smell. However, 3-4 cycles of rinsing cope with these shortcomings.

Tip! Before buying soap, study the composition. Get soap with natural ingredients without adding bleach, dye, aromatic substances.

Soap chips suitable for washing machines. The proportion is as follows: for one wash cycle, chips obtained from the third part of the bar are poured into the compartment for the detergent powder.

Means for washing children's clothing should not contain potentially hazardous components. It is impossible to remove the powder particles without residue from the fabric fibers. The skin of the baby, in contact with clothing, is adversely affected.

Important! Make sure that the purchased powder does not contain phosphate additives, chlorine, optical brighteners and A-surfactants. There is a “0+” mark on the package.

Soap nuts

The most environmentally friendly and safe product from the range of washing products, used in water from 40C for both hand and machine washing. At low temperatures, the nuts do not lather. The benefits can also be attributed to the cost-effectiveness of the means: for a machine with a load of 5 kg, 6 nuts are enough for five wash cycles. Minus - inefficiency in the elimination of serious pollution.

The range of powders in the market of children's washing products

Children's powder detergents are designed for hand and machine washing. Popular goods:
• “Children's Tide”. With a strong aroma, with A-surfactants and bleach, but without phosphates, chlorine-containing substances. Of the useful components - surfactant and chamomile extract.
• "Eared nannies." Contains A-surfactants, phosphates, bleaches, shows excellent results when removing stains.
• "Karapuz". It is made on the basis of soap. Hand washing can cause itching and tickling in the nasopharynx.
• “Aistenok”. Without phosphates and sharp aroma, it is made on the basis of soap. Includes aloe vera extract. It is not recommended to wash silk and wool products.

Useful recommendations

If there are two or three children in a family, the parents know how to wash things for a newborn. At the same time, additional tips will not interfere, but will help children's things last longer.

  • Wash items should be well rinsed to completely eliminate residual detergent, so that they do not provoke dermatitis.
  • Soap nuts are more suitable for baby clothes. Means natural, eco-friendly, without harmful elements.
  • They erase the thing immediately after pollution: removing old stains from feces or urine is a difficult task.

What means for washing clothes for newborns to give preference, parents decide themselves on the basis of personal experience, recommendations of friends and studied official information.

Why do we need to wash new things?

The purpose of washing contaminated laundry is understandable - to remove stains, dust, unpleasant odors and germs, and also to make clothes look attractive. But many moms are wondering if it is necessary to wash new things of the newborn? Doctors answer it in the affirmative.

The immune system of a small child does not work at full strength. It is better to protect it from contact with pathogens and dirt that may be present on purchased clothes and diapers. Parents cannot surely know in what conditions the things were kept: maybe there were rodents, fungus or mold in the warehouse. In addition, there is no guarantee that the linen was touched only with clean hands.

It is better to prepare the "dowry" of the baby 2-3 weeks before the birth. How to wash new things for a newborn? For these purposes, great baby soap. You need to soak clothes and diapers for 10-15 minutes in a soapy solution, rub them with your hands, rinse thoroughly, dry in fresh air, stroke and wrap in a sealed bag.

First and subsequent wash

Even new things require washing and heat treatment, because new things may contain:

  • Starch,
  • Remnants of wrapping,
  • Dust.

It is not known where and how much the item was in stock, which suppliers and how it was shipped, what and how long it was stored. Therefore, things need, above all, to erase several times. But how to wash children's clothes, and what means for washing children's clothes in general is allowed to use?

Soap differs from powder substances in the soft properties of the constituents. And whether it is possible to wash children's clothes with household soap - ask mothers. Probably, it would be foolish to prohibit it, since previously only this tool was used. But if there are modern cleaners, why not use them?

In addition to powder and liquid products, there are sponges that do not need lathering and foaming, as they contain soap impregnation. It lasts for 10-12 washes, and the price of such a tool is very low. The sponge does not wash the fibers of the fabric and does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the clothes.

One of the widest in the product range is a type of detergent that is in every home. In more details we will look at the types of powders in the second part of the article, but for now we will consider what other options exist for children's things.

Some are wary of gels and liquid powders, but this is absurd. Liquid products are easiest to take out of the clothes when rinsing, although their cost is high for many average families.

For children's clothes they are not intended, but not prohibited. They do not contain harmful ingredients. Created specifically for allergy sufferers, so you can safely add to the drum with baby clothes.

Balls for baby clothes are also safe. Simply, it is a different type of cleaning agent that eats into the fabric faster and destroys dirt particles.

Remember that not all washing powders and gels can be used at high temperatures. And baby clothes should be washed in hot water, unless otherwise indicated on the labels.

Baby soap used to be the “assistant” of grandmothers, who washed the little things by hand by hand. Now soap is not a budget option, just now it consists of environmentally friendly components that can not cause allergies in the child.

Among the above means there are also household soaps, and with the addition of herbs, and with a whitening effect. Next, tell you how to wash baby clothes for newborns.

Tip: Ironing after drying things is mandatory. And how to do it right, watch the video.

Gel for washing children's clothes is considered more practical and convenient in cleaning children's clothes. It, as a rule, does not contain harmful components, dissolves well in water and is easily washed out of the fibers, even with a single rinse. Among such household chemicals emit a rating of the best gels for machine wash:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id = "30 ″ gal_title =" Gels for newborns "]

Today the market offers a very large variety of different liquid products. Carefully study the composition of each tool and pay attention to the conformity of the parameters under which you can wash things with gel, and whether the clothing manufacturer permits.

Tip: If you wash your underwear or bed, set the water temperature to 50-90 degrees. The gel is perfect for machine and hand washing.

The first wash of children's clothes can be carried out using powder. Even if mom has an army of helpers, machine washing children's clothes makes it much easier for mom to work without taking a lot of time. Before choosing, make sure that the powder has the inscription:

  • From the first days
  • Selection of herbs
  • For newborns,
  • For baby clothes.

So safer. Such powders should not contain phosphate, and here is a photo list of suitable manufacturers:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id = "31 ″ gal_title =" Powders for Newborns "]

All powders are designed for both machine and hand washing. Separately, you don’t need to buy a type of powder, as no one will wash clothes in the car for small items. Manufacturers in this case provided for everything. And then the instruction how to wash children's clothes in the washing machine.

Tip: If the powder is imported, and you do not know how to properly erase children's clothes because of the description in a foreign language, watch the video in this article.

In more detail about how to wash baby clothes with a powder, you can read in the second part of the article.


Bleaches are designed to remove stains, but not for daily washing. Means for washing children's clothes should not contain:

Some of them cause allergies, others remain on the surface for whiteness. Therefore, you should choose such detergents that are safe for the health of the child:

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id = "32 ″ gal_title =" Bleachers for newborns "]

All domestic and imported bleach can be added both to the machine and to the stain directly.

Tip: Do not confuse bleach with stain remover. The first gives things whiteness and freshness of colors, the second - removes stains, and their action and use is completely different, different from bleaches. Also, carefully read the composition - we will tell about it in more detail in the second part.

If you do not know in what mode to wash children's clothes, and the manufacturer of the detergent or information about the thing is missing for some reason, set the standard parameters - gentle mode and delicate spin with drying. And remember that children's clothes should be erased by separate means until the age of 7 is desirable.

Joint wash

Многие родители интересуются, можно ли детские вещи стирать со взрослыми, и какой при этом порошок использовать?

Мамы, представьте, что ребенка 3-5 месяцев одевают в распашонку, которая стиралась фосфатосодержащим порошком с мужскими носками, пусть и белого цвета. Ваша реакция? Верно, до 3-х лет детские вещи нельзя кидать в кучу со взрослыми.

The child began to walk, talk. After washing, it begins to itch, and redness on the body. What's the matter? True, you can already wash things together, but you need to use baby powder. Those who believe that the composition is not different from an adult, ask the question - why is the laundry after washing the detergent for children's clothes not so fragrant, and why is it colorless? Do not know the answer - read the composition on the packaging!

Things were badly washed out, probably due to the fact that they washed with adult things, and dirt got into it. Not! The fact is that children's clothes should be washed at a high temperature, and adults - at a low, sometimes in a delicate mode. Because of such "inconsistencies»Baby or adult clothes do not wash out, or sit down.

You have added bleach. Things are no longer white, but of a pale color shade. Cause? Children's things took color from adults because of the "weak effect" of children's bleach, which did not cope with difficult stains of red wine. There are no such stains on children's clothes, respectively, the proportion and conditions for washing are violated. Things are spoiled.

Therefore, dear mothers, carefully read how to use bleach, powder and gels, so as not to get a bad result. Do not advise girlfriends to wash everything together - children's things should not cause allergies and irritation, adults should smell and shine.

Now you know at what temperature to wash baby clothes using different types of detergents, how to bleach and carry out manual rinsing. And in the next part we will examine in detail the powders for washing the things of newborns and preschoolers with an indication of the composition and effects that can occur if you do not pay enough attention to the reading of the components.

Means for washing children's clothes

The better to wash the clothes of the newborn? His health depends on whether a mother can choose a safe means for cleansing baby’s clothes. Protective barrier of children's skin is imperfect. Aggressive substances easily penetrate through it, causing an allergic reaction in the form of redness, itching, pimples and peeling. In addition, household chemicals contain volatile elements that enter the airways. Constant contact with them can provoke respiratory allergies, weakening of local immunity and other unpleasant consequences.

So how to wash baby clothes of a newborn so as not to harm him? The main types of funds:

  • baby soap
  • laundry soap,
  • special powders and gels,
  • soap nuts.

General rules for washing

How to wash baby clothes for a newborn? Key recommendations:

  • Wash baby's clothes and diapers separately from adult accessories. The same applies to the storage of both dirty and clean linen.
  • White and colored fabrics should be processed separately. Also, when sorting you need to pay attention to the texture of the material.
  • It is not necessary to wash the individual pollution instead of lowering the whole thing into the water. This method does not allow to achieve cleanliness. In addition, part of things treated with detergent cannot be rinsed well.
  • Before you start washing with a cloth, you should remove feces or food debris under running water.
  • You can only use special products for newborns. It is not recommended to use air conditioners, bleaches and stain removers.
  • At the end of the wash Things need to be very thoroughly rinsed.using a special mode in the washing machine, and in the case of hand washing - changing the water several times.
  • To dry clean things should be on the street or on the balcony. It is important that the surrounding air is not too humid, otherwise mold may form.

Subtleties of machine wash

Using a washing machine saves time and effort for mom. Many models are equipped with the "Baby wash" function. When activated, the water is heated to a high temperature, and rinsing is performed in a large volume of liquid. In addition, this mode makes things soft.

In the absence of a special function, you should select the mode depending on the type of fabric and use a double or intensive rinsing. The amount of powder or gel is determined by the instruction. It is important not to exceed the dosage.

At what temperature wash clothes for newborns? Diapers and bedding should be cleaned at 80-90 ºС. For delicate things, you can use a low temperature, but not less than 40 ºС.

Hand wash features

Wash things with your hands in water 90 ºС is impossible. The way to solve the problem is to wear two pairs of gloves: cotton and rubber.

  • Dissolve the powder or soap in hot water. For convenience, you can rub the soap, pour boiling water and mix to form a foam.
  • Lather individual stains or apply a powder slightly moistened with water.
  • Immerse the product in water and leave for 15 minutes or several hours (depending on contamination).
  • Rub the fabric with your hands, paying attention to stains.
  • Rinse things, changing the water 3-4 times, its temperature should be lowered.
Hand washing for a newborn

After soaping the diapers contaminated with excrements, it is better to lower the water with potassium permanganate (it should have a pale pink color). In the presence of complex stains on white things, you can use hydrogen peroxide - pour the solution on pollution and rinse the product. Diapers can be periodically boiled in water with the addition of soap. But not too often, otherwise they may turn yellow or gray.

Speaking about how to iron baby clothes for newborns, it is important to note that before the navel heals (during the first 3-4 weeks), the baby’s things should be ironed on both sides, using the highest possible temperature and steaming function. This is necessary to prevent infection in the wound.

In the future, you can iron the clothes on one side. Some mothers believe that you can do without an iron. It is enough to evenly fold things after washing and drying.

  • gives things an aesthetic look,
  • disinfects the fabric due to the high temperature.

Arguments opponents ironing baby clothes:

  • sterility prevents normal development of the immune system of the baby,
  • the use of an iron violates the breathability of the fabric.

Washing children's clothes is a responsible occupation. It is important that the tool provides not only a clean and aesthetic look, but also safe for the sensitive skin of a child. The most reasonable is the combination of several preparations for washing. The laundry soap is suitable for removing stains, baby soap or nuts for cleaning lightly soiled items, powder without phosphates and A-surfactants for everyday use. It is important to rinse things thoroughly. After using a new tool, you need to monitor the child's reaction - even the most natural product can cause allergies.