The mystery and meaning of the name Sania


Sania Arab origin. According to the most common version, the name means “second”, “second child”, this name was given to the girl who appeared second in the family. According to the second version, this Muslim name is a female form of the male name Sani, therefore the name is translated as “similar”, “outstanding”, “luxurious”, “shining”, “brilliant”. Among the Tatars used version of this name - Saniyat. The stress in the name of Sania can be either the letter “a” or the letter “i”.

In India, the name Sania, which is translated as a “diamond”, is also quite popular is also interpreted as “shining”, “magnificent”.

The name Sania in Latin spelling has various options - Sania, Saniya, Sanya, Saniyya, Sanja, Sanjay, Sanjaya, therefore variations in Russian pronunciation are possible - Sania, Sanya, Sani, Sanya, Sanja. In Serbs, the most common variant of the pronunciation of the name is Sanya.

There is also a diminutive appeal of Sanya to the names of Alexander, Alexander, Alexandrina, Samuel, Chris, Roxanne, Firs and Chrysanth. But this appeal has nothing to do with the name Sanya, which in some countries is identical to the name of Sania.

The girl of Sania is rather secretive, but to some extent very energetic, which does not prevent her from remaining simple and natural. This girl knows how to control her emotions, which scares some people. She hates recklessness, stupidity, lack of talent and frivolity. She aspires to everything that is pure and natural, she has extremely high standards, she is a real idealist.

Sania is constantly evolving and improving. This is an ambitious and hardworking girl, with a large baggage of patience, which allows her not to miss the most important moments in her life. But she can become harsh, lose all moderation, lose control over her emotions, this concerns precisely the little things in life that can disturb her.

Sania loves discipline, stubborn and self-willed. He does not tell anyone, either himself or others, to relinquish his dream or his principles with ease. Little Sania is very pleasant in communication and does not cause real problems to parents. It will be a responsible older sister, diligently attending school, an example for other children.

Sania is committed to excellence and harmony in love. She is ready to go for a truce in order to preserve peace and pleasant relations with her loved ones. When it comes to choosing a partner, Sania is particularly demanding, because she must be able to respect and admire the person whom her heart chooses. And her chosen one will have to act cautiously, because if he broke the wood, then he would not get a second chance. The choice for Sania is often a difficult task. This is a wonderful housewife, hospitable, exemplary, but demanding mother.

Family, relatives and friends are central to the life of Sania, she can decide to devote herself to the family, because stability and peace in the family have an important emotional meaning for her. But its activity, dynamism and vigor is very difficult for a long time to be relegated to the background. Therefore, Sania can also engage in social or legal activities, social projects, and creativity, and find herself in medicine and the service sector.

  • The short form of the name is Sania. Sled.
  • Synonyms of the name Sania. Sanya, Saniyat, Sanya, Sani, Sanja.
  • The origin of the name Sania. The name is Sania Muslim.

Numerology of the female name of Sania

Six is ​​an ambiguous number of the name Sania. And it so happened that it is this that determines the life of this person, directs, gives strength and sets new goals. Sania can accomplish anything that she wishes. With one "but" - if not lazy. Laziness for her is like a stop for a shark - there is no movement, it means there is no life either. And it is important not only self-development, but also the desire to win. More detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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The meaning of the name Sania for a girl

A girl named Sania grows up calm and quiet baby. She may be indecisive, but in a familiar setting she becomes much more bold and open. Sania is demanding of other people, and it manifests itself from an early age. In this case, the girl shows no less rigor to himself, which is generally surprising for a child. It is also noted that Sania loves the attention of others, but immediately begins to be embarrassed at its manifestation. With other children behaves together and prefers "women's" games. He does not claim leadership, but regularly acts as the ideological inspirer of the company.

Sania is learning well and has excellent data for this. In addition to good memory, the girl is ready to show rare diligence in her studies. She is proud of herself, and therefore she considers poor grades to be inferior. This may lead to the fact that for Sanya the most important things will be assessments, not knowledge itself. In such cases, knowledge is absorbed superficially, which further leads to serious difficulties in learning.

The name of Sania in English

In English, there is no name Sania, and therefore it is necessary to use the transliteration Saniia or Saniya.

Name Sania for international passport - SANIIA, according to the machine transliteration rules adopted in Russia in 2006.

Name of Sania in the church (in the Orthodox faith) is not certain. This name is not in the church calendar.

Characteristic name of Sania

An adult Sania is a calm and intelligent woman who knows the value of her word for sure. She is in no hurry to speak out on every occasion, and therefore her advice is appreciated by her family and friends. Sania is able to set serious goals for herself and work towards their realization. In general, she rejects aimless pastime, which naturally leads to a strong restriction of social circle. Although Sania is upset about this, there will definitely not be a change in her attitude towards this. In general, she is a very vulnerable person, but strive to hide it behind a mask of impenetrability and coldness. All relatives know about it, and therefore more careful in communicating with her.

Sania loves to work, because work is one of the places of her self-realization. She skillfully combines the love of her work and the desire for material well-being. Both conditions must necessarily be fulfilled, otherwise Sania will change the work. The employee is responsible and skillful, and her persistence and hard work often begin to manifest themselves in other members of the team. The truth is that Sania reluctantly throws the case, even if everyone already understands the deadlock of this option. Too much loves Sania to bring everything to the end.

If we talk about the relationship of Sania with men, then a distinctive feature will be restraint. She is not in a hurry with marriage, and sometimes it even seems that men are indifferent to her. This is certainly not the case, but Sania is very selective in this matter. She does not agree to a short affair, and is looking for a man for a serious relationship. But seriously, Sania will marry when she meets a man she loves. How much she would strive to be rational in this matter, the true feelings will do everything for her.

The mystery of the name of Sania

The main secret for the majority is the inner world of the owner of the name. Even with the closest ones, she is not completely honest, what can we say about less close ones. Sania skillfully creates the appearance of a cynical and cold person, but as we have already written, this is far from true. However, you should not try to force her to open up in front of you, even if you are close to her. In this matter, you certainly need to be sensitive.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: In numerology, the value of the name Sania is determined by the number 6, which promises success to its owner in matters that require gaining trust from others. Often, Sania begins to work in the political sphere or becomes a government official. She understands that only honest actions will help to lead people, and therefore, seeks to eradicate selfishness and narcissism.

Business and career: In building a career is not too interested, because it is not an ambitious person, although people around them often do not believe in it. In fact, the name Sania has certain principles by which it measures its own success.

Health and energy

Health and talents: It is interesting that the meaning of the name Sania can be determined, given the time of year of birth of its owner. So, for example, if the name Sania was born in the winter, then she is quite persistent. In conversation, can "dust" and leave the answer. Often is the initiator of disputes. She strives to show her composure and toughness, although in the depths of her heart she is very vulnerable and reacts painfully to any, even constructive, criticism. It seeks to gain authority in its environment, and often Sania succeeds.

“Summer” Sania is suspiciously calm, and it seems that she, in fact, is just pretending. However, it is not. The owner of this name, really, is collected in itself, knows how to concentrate on the task, has principles, in accordance with which she tries to live. The name Sania always has a goal to which she aspires, and, relying solely on her own strength, such a girl will not ask for help.

“Autumn” Sania loves understatement in conversation, thinks too much. In making a decision can be too fast and hasty. Under the influence of the impulse can make rash acts. Pathologically stubborn, and to convince her of something very difficult. On the contrary, Sania herself used to defend her point of view as the only correct one, and therefore, in a dispute with her, it is rather difficult. Differs in strength of will and organization, because of which he achieves his goals and does not retreat before difficulties.

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Compatibility name Sania, manifestation in love

The wishes of others when making a decision, if taken into account, are merely secondary factors: you are sure that if you are well, then everything else has nothing to complain about. And that means - it is possible and necessary to make them “go in the water harness” with you, in the direction you choose.

And here is the opportunity to see everything from a different angle. You need external assistance, and above all - as a “deterrent”. Otherwise, you may want to "turn the earth over."

But if you are forced to use other people's capabilities, then you need to learn how to share the results. And the sooner you make a choice in favor of such a scheme of activity, the more chances you have to keep your soul pure and your heart healthy.

Numerology named after Sania

People born under the number six, strive for altruism and selflessness, help others, maintain kinship and friendship. They always make loving parents and children, they also feel confident working in education, health care, engaging in community work. Caring, traditional views, the rejection of too abrupt changes provide the six stability and confidence, but at the same time can make them vulnerable and inert.

The meaning of the letters in the name of Sania

WITH - are distinguished by stubbornness, unpredictability and leadership qualities. In their actions they are accustomed to rely on logic and common sense. There are overly emotional, and sometimes even capricious. They constantly want to stand out from the gray mass. To the partner may make excessive demands.

BUT - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance. People whose name begins with "A" are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he can live until the end of days Loves to take care of loved ones.

AND - fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities. They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

I - people who have this letter in their name know their value. They seek love and respect from the people around them. People with the letter "I" are good thinkers and are capable of hiding many secrets. In addition, they are excellent companions and romantic natures with a rich imagination.