Is it possible for a nursing mother to eat marshmallows: features of the use of delicacy in the first months of breastfeeding


When a woman gives birth to a baby, she begins to worry about his health more than about her. For example, in the first few months a baby may be disturbed by abdominal pain. To prevent them and make them less pronounced, the newly-born mommy needs to follow a certain diet. It should be noted that this applies only to those representatives of the weaker sex who adhere to natural feeding. This article will tell you about whether marshmallow nursing mom. You find out the main opinions about this.

Can marshmallow nursing mom in the first month?

Currently, opinions on this subject differ greatly. Some experts believe that you need to follow a very strict diet and categorically exclude sweets. Others point out that with a varied diet of a mother, a child will be able to quickly adapt to the conditions that surround him. Women have all the versatile reviews on this subject. Let's try to find out in detail whether marshmallow and marmalade are possible for a nursing mother.

What do nutritionists say?

Can marshmallow nursing mom? Nutrition experts point out that immediately after giving birth, a woman seeks to restore her body shape. During pregnancy to the usual weight could be added from 10 to 20 kilograms. This is the absolute norm. However, it is not surprising that after the appearance of the crumbs, the newly-minted mom tends to part with the accumulated fat. Most women avoid eating sweets, pastries and other high-calorie foods. What can be said about marshmallow?

This delicacy is the least calorie. This includes fruit puree, which contains pectin and fiber, thickener, protein and some sugar. If you wish, you can cook the product at home and make it the most dietary. Can marshmallows nursing mom and marmalade? Nutritionists answer yes to this question.

What do pediatricians and breastfeeding specialists say?

Is it possible for a nursing mother to eat marshmallows or marmalade? Experienced breastfeeding specialists and leading pediatricians allow the use of these delicacies. However, doctors make a reservation.

It often happens that a newborn baby is prone to an allergic reaction. In most cases, this passes with age. However, with regular use of the allergen can develop a permanent negative reaction. Egg white, which is part of the marshmallow, can cause this effect of allergies. In this case, the baby becomes covered with a rash and begins to worry. What can be said about marmalade? In this delicacy often dyes are present. These substances can also cause a negative reaction to the baby.

So is it possible for a nursing mother to eat marshmallows and marmalade? Pediatricians say that you can eat the product, but this should be done very carefully. Especially when it comes to the monthly baby.

What do gynecologists and obstetricians say?

Is it possible for a nursing mother to eat marshmallows, marmalade and other sweets immediately after giving birth? Gynecologists have a slightly different opinion on this matter. They say the following.

Immediately after the birth of the baby, the woman begins the recovery process. It can last from one week to several months. During this period, the uterus is reduced and gets rid of excess content. Over time, the body returns to normal, discharge stops, and the process of restoring the flora begins. Many women who have gone through natural childbirth, suffer from vaginal dysbiosis. This does not necessarily indicate inflammation. The microflora is simply broken and needs good bacteria.

Frequent consumption of sweets can lead to the development of thrush. To avoid this pathology, it is necessary to limit or completely eliminate the use of marmalade and marshmallow in the first month after birth. When the microflora returns to normal, you can use sweets as much as you want.

Mommies Reviews

Can a marshmallow feed a newborn baby? Women also have a mixed opinion on this.

Some representatives of the weaker sex say that it is impossible to eat marshmallows and marmalade not only in the first month, but throughout the whole breastfeeding. Such mommies are of the opinion that consumed products tend to get into the body of a baby through breast milk. Such dishes do not bear the benefit of the baby. That is why mothers should abandon the use of delicacies in favor of the nutritious and necessary for the child vitamins and trace elements.

Another group of people believes that it is not only possible, but necessary, to eat marshmallow and marmalade to the newly-made mom. Eating foods causes the production of the hormone of happiness. After this dessert, Mommy becomes more cheerful, she has a surge of strength and vitality. All this, of course, has a positive effect on the development and health of the baby.

Products with additives

Additional ingredients are often added to the marshmallow and marmalade. It can be nuts, dried fruits and so on. All these products make mother's milk more fat and nutritious. In the process of breastfeeding the baby receives essential nutrients and gains weight better.

A homemade treat will be more useful than a purchased product.


So, you now know several opinions on whether marshmallow and marmalade can be fed to a nursing mother in the first month after birth. If you decide for yourself that there is nothing wrong with the use of delicacies, then you can safely try them. However, this should be done very carefully. Do not eat immediately kilogram of dessert. Start with a few pieces a day and gradually increase the portion. At this time, carefully monitor the reaction of the crumbs. If negative manifestations have begun, then it is necessary to cancel such nutrition and consult a pediatrician for advice. Eat tasty and right. Health to you and your baby!

Can I eat marshmallows with HB?

Zephyr is one of the “lightest” treats: 100 g contains only 326 Kcal. Comparing this value with the same for bitter chocolate, we will see that it will be equal to 540 Kcal. Kozinaki contain slightly less calories, there are 420 of them. There are almost no fats in the “light” dessert, so a nursing mother can include marshmallows in her diet, if you take into account his “safety” for a figure that has already suffered after giving birth.


We list the useful properties:

  • Antioxidant. Pectin, which forms the basis of sweetness as a thickener, is natural in composition. Its useful qualities include work on the elimination of toxins, and also it is an excellent “brush” of blood vessels from cholesterol. The usefulness of pectin is complemented by the creation of a sustainable body defense against all kinds of microbes and viruses.
  • Strong nerves, keen eyes. Thanks to vitamin B2, which is part of the sweetness, the body synthesizes red blood cells and a number of hormones. Riboflavin helps protect the retina from UV rays and stabilizes the visual system. Vitamin B2 strengthens the nervous system, making it easier for a woman to tolerate stressful situations.
  • The active work of the brain. The content of glucose helps to organize the work of the brain, which so often brings a young mother. There are so many cases and duties that sometimes a woman just breaks off and does not know how to act. An active brain is something that will help solve problems and find a way out of any situation. Studies show that the level of glucose in the blood decreases between 4 and 6 hours after noon, which means that this is the right time for a tasty snack, so you can pamper yourself a little.
  • Help digestion. Agar agar thickener, often used in marshmallow production, is a prebiotic. It perfectly influences the microflora in the intestines, creates a small laxative effect and removes toxins, while maintaining useful minerals.
Useful components of marshmallow contribute to the health of the mother and child

Rules for nursing mothers

Can marshmallow nursing mom? A woman can eat marshmallows during the breastfeeding period, but she should not forget about important things: what product to buy, when to do it and in what quantities:

  • The most preferred marshmallow for nursing mothers - home, the one that you do yourself.
  • It is better not to use the delicacy in the first three months of lactation, since this is the time to normalize the work of the stomach and intestines. As soon as the first 3 months are over, you can begin to try the product, but in small portions.
  • A nursing mother should not abuse marshmallows. It has a lot of sugar, which will make the taste of breast milk more saturated. In addition, it will create an unnecessary additional burden on the children's body.
Marshmallow needs to choose white without any additives, as dyes and chocolate can cause allergies in the baby

Purchase marshmallow

Young women during breastfeeding are often too busy to be able to prepare a treat for themselves. How to be? Can I buy marshmallows in the store? Of course, but at the same time closely monitor the composition. A natural product under the influence of external factors, such as an increase in shelf life, a variety of varieties, begins to add a number of chemical products to its original composition.

Purchased marshmallow nursing mom can eat, but with caution. Consider the following indicators:

  • Colour . For women breastfeeding marshmallows should only be white. A variety of color variations (yellow, pink) is the result of the addition of dyes.
  • Nice additions. A tempting dessert in chocolate, in the dark and even in white, is completely unsuitable for nursing mothers. This product can cause allergies in the newborn. Adding pieces of fruit, nuts or marmalade to the delicacy is quite relevant and useful.
  • Price Do not pursue low cost. Products for stock or at a very low price should alert you. A quality product made from natural ingredients, requiring a short storage time, will cost an order of magnitude higher than cheap chemical analogues.

There are people whose consumption of marshmallow is contraindicated, as they have problems with carbohydrate metabolism, obesity, diabetes, or dental diseases. If the child is allergic to egg white, tender sweetness will also have to be abandoned.

Nutritional value

Marshmallow - a delicious dessert, which is produced by whipping a certain fruit or berry puree with sugar and egg white. Also add to the mass any form filler, for example, agar-agar, pectin, gelatin. Often, artificial colors, flavors, food acids, and essences are included in the product to improve appearance, taste, and increase shelf life.

Color Marshmallow

100 g of marshmallow contains an average of 325 kcal, 0.8% protein, 0.1% fat and 79.8% carbohydrate. Also in the composition of this product contains the following beneficial substances:

  • polysaccharides,
  • nicotinic acid (vitamin PP),
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • vegetable fiber
  • minerals - iron, iodine, calcium.

Product Benefit

If you use marshmallows in moderation, you can get the following positive effect for the body:

  • manages to control weight, because these sweets are low in calories,
  • brain activity improves,
  • increase the protective functions of the body,
  • improves the appearance and condition of the skin, hair, nails,
  • the amount of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels is reduced and its accumulation is prevented,
  • digestion process improves,
  • pressure indicators are normalized,
  • toxic substances, heavy metal salts are removed from the body,
  • liver function improves.

Product Harm

Despite all the beneficial properties of marshmallow, you need to remember that this is a confection. If you abuse this product, you can provoke obesity. Marshmallow contains a lot of sugar, which is contraindicated for diabetics. If they still want to treat themselves to such a product, then you need to look for a dessert based on fructose. Increased sugar content also adversely affects tooth enamel. If you eat such products every day, you can provoke the development of caries.

In any case, you need to carefully consider the choice of marshmallow. It is not recommended to eat one that has an unnatural color. This indicates the presence of dyes. Any chemicals will not benefit the body, and in some cases may even cause an allergic reaction. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use a product that is covered with chocolate icing or coconut dressing. The benefits of such desserts will be small.

Can nursing mom?

In the first month after giving birth, not all products can be consumed. Fortunately, marshmallows are considered relatively useful and not contraindicated during breastfeeding. How much to use sweets - depends on the desire of the mother. In any case, the abuse is definitely not worth it. At one time it is recommended to eat no more than 1-2 pieces of marshmallow. You do not need to include it in your daily diet. Marshmallow, like all sweets, contains a lot of sugar in its composition.

Marshmallow at home

At 1 month after the birth of a child, it is worthwhile to start eating such sweets from a small piece. It is necessary to observe the reaction of the child, which may not always be positive. In the first weeks of life, the baby is particularly prone to the development of serious allergic reactions. They are reflected by the appearance of a rash, redness on the skin. Sometimes it happens that the substances that get to him with milk, cause bloating of the tummy, colic. A child may become restless, sleep poorly and cry hard.

If you notice this reaction in your baby, then stop using marshmallow. It is best to postpone this delicacy for several weeks. You can try it again in 2-3 weeks. During this time, the baby will grow up and get stronger. Perhaps he will not have a negative reaction to the product.

In most cases, the marshmallow is well perceived by the child's body. Therefore, it can be safely consumed. It is only important to choose a quality product that is made exclusively from natural ingredients. If the marshmallow contains artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, then do not buy it. There will be little benefit from it, since all these substances will penetrate into the milk. Indicate such a composition may unnatural taste, aroma or color.

How useful is the marshmallow?

Pastila is made from applesauce or the pulp of berries - raspberries, cranberries, currants, mountain ash and others. Also in the composition of the product may include honey, sugar, egg white. The calorie content of pastila is 294 kcal per 100 g. Its composition contains 0.3% of proteins, 73.5% of carbohydrates. In a natural product, which is prepared exclusively on fruit puree, there are no fats.

Raspberry pastila Pastila is a low-calorie desserts that can be consumed by nursing mothers. This product rarely has an allergic reaction in a child, even if his age is not more than 1 month. It also produces the following effect on a woman’s body:

  • due to the high content of iron, the development of anemia is prevented, which affects many women after childbirth,
  • high content of various vitamins (groups B, A, C), minerals (potassium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and others) positively affects the functioning of all organs and systems,
  • pectin, which is contained in apple marshmallow, improves metabolism, cleanses the body of harmful substances,
  • the presence of plant fibers has a positive effect on the work of the intestine and the digestive system as a whole,
  • the state of health and mood improves.

How much to use pastes - completely depends on the desire of the mother, but it is worth confining a few slices per day. Despite its many beneficial properties, a nursing woman does not need to abuse this product, because its composition contains a lot of sugar. It can lead to caries, obesity and other negative phenomena.

What dessert to choose a woman during lactation, depends largely on her taste preferences. A marshmallow marshmallow will benefit if you do not eat it daily in unlimited quantities. The same applies to the candy.

Why is banned sweets

Sweets contain substances that can harm a small body. This is expressed in allergic reactions or colic. But there are a number of harmless products that will raise mom's mood without harming the child. Естественно необходимо знать меру и не переедать, итак, можно ли зефир при грудном кормлении?

Зефир употреблять при ГВ можно, только делать это в разумных мерах и редко. В первые пару месяцев после родов этого делать все таки не рекомендуется. Но когда малыш уже адаптировался к окружающей среде, возможно введение новых блюд в мамино меню.

Проверить можно ли зефир кормящей маме поможет простой тест. Enough a small piece of goodies, eaten before dinner. The reaction of the baby, as a rule, is instantaneous, but sometimes it can appear only after 48 hours. Therefore, if the child is not immediately covered with a rash, you should not hastily feast on the dessert enough, you must wait a couple of days. If the baby did not show anxiety, and everything went calmly, you can safely eat the airy sweetness.

Which marshmallow to choose

Breastfeeding marshmallows should be chosen carefully. This product has very few calories and is not able to add kilograms. The recipe for high-quality delicacy does not include anything other than protein and apple puree. For nursing mothers, these fruits are safe, they are allowed to be included in the diet practically from the first days of motherhood.

To eat marshmallows is better white, in extreme cases, creme brulee will do. A multi-colored delicacy can contain not natural dyes, but chemical harmful elements and preservatives.

There is a marshmallow with admixtures of nuts, pieces of fruit or chocolate chips. This marshmallow nursing mother is contraindicated. Fruits and nuts (in the absence of allergies) are preferably fresh during this period, and chocolate is extremely undesirable.

Dessert with admixtures should be left until the child is 6 months old. Then you can try the marshmallows, containing jam or jam. The main thing to remember is that currants and blueberries are considered safe for mothers who feed their own milk. Strawberry or raspberry jams can provoke allergic reactions.

Considering the question: “Can a marshmallow nursing mother be?”, It would not be superfluous to remind you that the amount of food eaten per day should be small. Even the most useful dishes are not able to do anything but harm when they are oversupplied.

In addition to the composition you should definitely pay attention to the shelf life and the date when it was made.

An important factor when choosing a treat is cost. Many, without thinking, take what is cheaper, but products from natural ingredients are more expensive. Manufacturers are required to increase processing and storage costs.

Homemade Marshmallow

During breastfeeding, it is important to be absolutely sure about the quality of the food you eat. Therefore, for nursing mothers better to prepare a dessert on their own.

The recipe for homemade treats is pretty simple. It will take a quarter kilogram of sugar, protein of one egg and 5-6 medium apples.

  1. The apples are divided in half and baked in the oven,
  2. After that, the soft part is rubbed through a strainer to get mashed potatoes,
  3. Then sugar interferes with it, and the mixture is left for 1 hour,
  4. After this time, protein is added to the mass and everything is thoroughly whipped until the mixture becomes fluffy.

For a delicious marshmallow syrup is required, its recipe includes the following ingredients:

  • granulated sugar - 470 gr.,
  • boiled water - 160 ml.,
  • agar thickener (useful gelatin substituent) - 8 gr.

Agar is soaked in water and left for a long time. By analogy with gelatin, it should swell. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil on low heat until it acquires a sour texture. After that, you can add sugar, without stopping the heating and stirring. The sugar will gradually dissolve and you will get a syrup.

Syrup is mixed with already cooked applesauce. It is necessary to pour it in a thin stream and beat well. The consistency of the mixture should be close to the mass for meringue. When this result is achieved, the mixture is left for a few minutes, then poured into a pastry syringe and place the portions on confectionery paper. Dessert does not require baking or other heat treatment, it will be ready for use after 24 hours, when a thin crust appears on it.

Permitted portion

In addition to quality issues, young parents care about when, how much exactly you can eat marshmallows and how much volume will be reasonable.

Already determined that in the first month after birth, no need to expose the food stress of the newborn. You can diversify your food when the children's digestive system becomes stronger. It happens closer to three months. During this period, light gastronomic experiments will be allowed, this can be done with the help of only white marshmallow.

What should be the first portion? Its volume can not be more than half of one marshmallow. If, after feeding, the child did not have unpleasant symptoms, they did not appear within two days, an increase in the amount of treats is possible.

Contraindications to the use

Marshmallow is banned in some categories of women:

  • diabetics
  • suffering from obesity,
  • having problems with teeth
  • observed in violation of carbohydrate metabolism.

And, of course, in no case can you eat marshmallows if your child is allergic to protein.

Opinion pediatricians

Pediatricians and breastfeeding specialists are not as categorical as their gynecologists. They allow the presence of sweets in the diet of a nursing mother, but with one condition.

Often, newborn babies are prone to allergic reactions. For most, this goes away with age, but if an allergen is regularly ingested in the body, a permanent negative reaction is possible.

One of these allergens may be the egg white present in the marshmallow composition. Also in the product may contain various preservatives, dyes and flavors, which, of course, will not bring any benefit to the baby and can be very harmful for him.

Therefore, if a mother does not want to give up her favorite delicacies, you need to take care that the product is of high quality and as natural as possible. And, of course, the important thing is how much marshmallow you eat. A couple of things a day may not cause any pathological reactions in the infant, and if you start to overeat them in kilograms, the consequences will not take long to wait, both for the child and for the mother.

Which marshmallow to give preference?

Buying a treat, be sure to check out its composition. Stop the choice on that option which contains the smallest quantity of additives. It is better to abandon chocolate and eat the most ordinary white marshmallows.

A marshmallow containing pieces of nuts and marmalade is also allowed, in reasonable quantities, naturally. Marmalade is made from fruit syrup, so it will not harm the baby.

Whatever it was, even marshmallows and not prohibited in the lactation period, but do not get too carried away with them. A great alternative to sweets are natural fruits and berries - pineapple, pumpkin, banana, persimmon and others. If you have doubts as to whether it is possible to use this or that product, it is better to consult with your doctor once more in order not to harm the body of the little man.

How to choose marshmallows?

Of course, you need to choose marshmallows carefully. After all, marshmallows, made at work, in most cases, contain additional chemicals that can harm the health of a young child.

Therefore, to buy such a product for mom is preferably not cheap or made at home. So the question - “is it possible for a nursing mother to eat marshmallows?” - can be answered in the affirmative.

The most important thing:

  • Do not overdo the amount of food eaten,
  • eat only natural product without the addition of dyes, flavors and other chemicals,
  • correctly enter it into your diet. Read more about this in the article Nutrition for breastfeeding >>>