How are birth twins? Belly after childbirth twins


08/12/2014 Tips for childbirth The birth of two children at a time is not only twice as much joy, but also twice as much trouble. But a double pregnancy is very different from the usual one, and therefore the expectant mother should start preparing and recognize all the nuances from the very beginning.

Twins or twins

Very often, these children are confused. Therefore it is worth figuring out who is who. Twins are children of the same sex, who are copies of each other and they develop from a single ovum. Twins can be heterosexual and develop from two fetal eggs. In most cases, they are not very similar and are simply called brothers and sisters who were born at the same time.


Pregnancy with two children is a huge burden not only on the maternal organism, but also on the baby. Mothers twins should follow a lot more to look after their health. They are more often at risk of placental abruption or bleeding, so visits to the doctor are doubled. Very often, these women ask whether you can give birth to both children on your own. And today, medicine has already reached a point where a mother can give birth on her own. But for this it is necessary that all indicators were normal. Although even if everything is in order, the doctor warns in advance about a possible cesarean section in the event that unforeseen complications arise during childbirth. This will help reduce any risks to a minimum.

Typically, childbirth twins should be planned in advance as in most cases they can begin long before the appointed time - at 33-34 weeks. In order for the child to be delivered as successfully as possible, the doctor must examine all the details related to the health of the woman. After all, it would seem that the smallest detail can change the entire generic activity. In most cases, the birth of twins can be expected if a woman in her 30s or in her family has already had similar cases. It is also possible to give birth to twins in those families where for many years they tried to cure infertility. Each childbirth of such a plan occurs differently. But if mom has any serious problems, then the doctors decide to do a cesarean section to avoid any complications during labor.

Nuances at birth twins

Double pregnancy in most cases is marked by the fact that the children are head down. This is the best option for birth. But there are such cases when one of the children is in the pelvic position. But this is also basically not a big problem and the mother can give birth on her own. But if the presentation of the child is something else, then in this case only a cesarean section is possible. The birth of twins in most no different from the usual childbirth. When the contractions begin, the doctor opens one fetal bladder. A woman gives birth to her first child, has a rest for about twenty minutes. Then the contractions begin to gain strength again and do the same with the other child. Some time after the birth of the second child, the membranes and placenta of the children come out. Then it is necessary that the doctor necessarily examined the woman in labor to avoid bleeding.

Childbirth twins usually last a little longer. Also, in most cases, you can notice a relatively weak generic activity. If the birth will be very prolonged, doctors apply intravenous stimulation. If the situation is completely bad, then the doctors decide to have a cesarean section. To date, there are a number of possible complications during childbirth twins.

But in any case, you should not worry and just trust the experts who will do everything possible so that neither the mother nor the children are in danger.

Physiological signs of twin pregnancy

Experienced mommies can determine the number of developing babies in the earliest terms, however there are few of them now. Therefore, it is good to know certain signs that indicate the multiplicity of pregnancy:

  • As a result of the pregnancy test, the second band appears very clearly, which indicates a high concentration of gonadotropic hormone in the urine.
  • Rapid weight gain is the first sign of development of twins. In a woman carrying one baby, in the first 12 weeks, the weight increases by only 2-3 kg, whereas with a multiple pregnancy, this figure increases at least twice.
  • The rapid growth of the abdomen. Active growth in singleton pregnancy is observed at the 5-6th month, while the woman who has twins has a rather large belly in the fourth month.
  • Severe toxicosis accompanies pregnant twins until late. In addition to nausea and vomiting attacks, severe dizziness is observed, which prevents the woman from getting out of bed normally and leading a normal life.
  • When conducting a blood test there is a high level of gonadotropin, together with a lack of iron concentration. For the first trimester, this is a common occurrence.
  • When visiting a gynecologist, the doctor may probe two heads of babies or hear two heartbeats. After the 10th week, an ultrasound scan can be performed on which the number of fetuses being born will be known. It is on the ultrasound that you can confirm the imminent birth of twins. Second genera are more favorable, and they have fewer complications than primiparous ones.

All these signs indicate early pregnancy, but do not forget about the individual characteristics of the body, because of which you can incorrectly interpret the first signs of a double pregnancy.

Psychological signs of twin pregnancy

In addition to physiological changes of the body, you can notice strong psychological changes:

  • Fatigue manifests itself, as a rule, from the second trimester, but it can be seen already in the first month of pregnancy. This is due to the increase in energy costs required by the body for carrying a pregnancy.
  • Pregnant twins are much more apparent whims and frequent mood changes. This is due to severe hormonal adjustment, as the body carries a double load.
  • Strong feelings about childbirth often drive a woman into depression. She is constantly worried that there will be any problems, she winds herself up. In the last periods, there can be feelings about the impossibility of combining the upbringing of two babies at once, especially for mothers who cannot be helped by anyone.

At this time, a woman must be supported and reassured, so that she is confident in her abilities and in the presence of help and support. A woman is not only physically, but also psychologically difficult to transfer childbirth twins. Photos of happy mummies, of course, are encouraging, but in the presence of even minor complications, the woman begins to worry a lot.

The course of pregnancy is twins

During pregnancy, the woman's body is subjected to a strong hormonal surge, in addition to this, the overall load on the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and other systems also increases. During pregnancy with twins, this load increases several times, since the mother's body must provide adequate nutrition and excretion of metabolic products not only of his own organism, but also of two growing babies.

During the course of multiple pregnancies, there are many difficulties that must be foreseen in advance in order to preserve it. Due to the high pressure on the cervix during gestation, premature birth of twins, rupture of amniotic fluid, the development of gestosis, severe toxemia and other complications are often observed.

In the last 3-4 weeks, the woman is in the hospital, which allows doctors to regularly monitor her condition and development of babies, monitor the course of pregnancy and carry out the necessary measures to preserve the fetus or unforeseen delivery in time.

Cesarean section during pregnancy with twins

How are childbirth twins, worries many women who are faced with multiple pregnancies. Since it is impossible to predict how your body and your children will behave, it would be desirable to at least get acquainted with the possible options for the development of childbirth, complications and subsequent care of newborns.

Pregnancy most often ends with planned caesarean section. If there is evidence, it may be necessary to heal the cervix. This will prolong the pregnancy for several weeks in order to carry babies to the required period and prevent premature cervical dilatation.

Caesarean section ensures the birth of healthy babies without birth injuries that may occur during natural childbirth. The future mother should seriously consider the issue of childbirth and consult with a doctor who can suggest the best option.

Natural childbirth twins

Independent childbirth twins are possible only in the case of a normal course of pregnancy, the absence of any pathologies and infections in the body, as well as in the presence of qualified doctors. The most important factor when choosing a natural birth or cesarean section is the position of the fruit, since after the birth of the first child, the second one often incorrectly unfolds and sticks its legs in the birth canal.

In some cases, on natural childbirth it becomes necessary to conduct an unscheduled cesarean section. About the possibility of such a development, a pregnant woman should be warned in advance. The doctor must tell why this can happen, and calm the woman, as the operation is carried out in order to minimize the possible risks and complications for both babies and mothers.

Features of birth twins

The term of gestation with two fetuses is reduced from forty weeks to 35-37 weeks. This period is the most favorable for the flow of labor. In the case when labor begins before the 35th week, they are considered premature.

Births of twins in a natural way can have unpredictable consequences, therefore it is necessary to approach this issue very responsibly. Possible loss of body parts of the fruit, or umbilical cord loops. Babies can get tangled in the umbilical cord or mate with each other. Also, even with the right position in labor, fruits can dramatically change their position, thereby increasing complexity.

The duration of labor can greatly increase, from which both mother and children will suffer. In severe cases, the fruit may be stuck in the birth canal, then there is a great danger to their lives.

Umbilical hernia after pregnancy

Due to the large weight of babies, not only can the uterus be overstretched, but an umbilical hernia can also form. When this occurs, the stretching of the muscle ring, which can be eliminated only by surgery.

In the absence of pain, doctors often leave a hernia and watch her. But mommies, who are constantly without help and often carry children in their arms, need to take care of their health, since in the future it may develop complications and pinch muscles.

Also, when the umbilical hernia is not recommended to play sports, so as not to load the already damaged muscles. It is important to remember that childbirth of twins and the consequences after them largely depend on genetics and the individual characteristics of the organism, therefore it is better if the doctor in a particular case determines the capabilities of the mother and prescribe appropriate treatment if necessary.

Belly after childbirth twins: how to get back in shape?

A common problem after birth is the appearance of stretch marks and flabby abdomen. Changing the shape often adversely affects the psychological state of a woman who is very tired in caring for children. About childbirth twins reviews on the Internet can be found various. This is due to the individuality of the female body and the characteristics of genetics.

Lack of free time and the opportunity to engage in their health can significantly worsen the picture and lead to the development of diseases. Returning to the form in this mode is quite difficult, and even if those extra pounds over time leave fatigue and an active lifestyle, then it is much more difficult to cope with skin changes. Often, only plastic can correct the situation, which is not always possible.

Diastasis after childbirth

Diastasis is the divergence of the vertical abdominal muscles. It is impossible to fix this problem without surgery, because the muscles need to be stitched. Determine the presence of diastasis can be yourself. It looks like a hole above the navel, you can feel this hole in the supine position.

With diastase, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because it is impossible to solve the problem with the help of exercises. This may lead to the development of complications. Natural childbirth twins, like caesarean section, do not affect the appearance of diastase. It is the result of a strong stretching of the muscles and occurs even in singleton pregnancy.

Natural childbirth or cesarean?

Despite the fact that giving birth to twins is almost always associated with certain risks and it is often impossible to avoid complications, doctors try to have the woman give birth to babies on their own. Only in the event that something threatens the health and the more so the life of a mother and twins, is a decision made about a caesarean section. Medical indications for him are:

  • weak labor,
  • hypoxia
  • if the babies are in different presentations,
  • if with pelvic presentation the weight of the second baby is less than 1,500 grams or more than 3,500 grams,
  • cervical spasm.

Already by the 33rd week, a couple waiting for twins should discuss with their doctor the question of how to give birth: on their own or through a cesarean section. You can have your own opinion on this account, but you should definitely listen to the recommendations of an experienced specialist. This will depend not only on the future mom's state of health and the presentation of the fruits, but also on their type.

Did you know that.
. twins are not always born at the same time? There was a recorded case when the difference between them was 85 days.


Monozygous twins develop from a single egg. Zygote separation can occur at different times. Depending on when this happened, the following types of monozygous twins are distinguished:

  • biamniotic,
  • bihorial,
  • dichorial
  • diamnotic: each child develops in its own amniotic sac,
  • monoamniotic: babies develop in one bag, which causes their maximum similarity (up to blood type), however, giving birth to such twins is fraught with complications (their umbilical cord is most often closely intertwined, often conjoined twins).

Monozygous babies are born of the same sex, most similar to each other, differences in appearance appear only with age. Most often, the childbirth of monochorial diamniotic twins is found when both babies receive food from the same placenta. Their complexity is that one child will be more developed and larger than the second. However, with sufficient nutrition of the mother during pregnancy, both crumbs will receive the necessary set of nutrients for normal development.


Diszygotic in medicine is called fraternal children. Each of them develops not only in its own amniotic sac, but also in a separate placenta. They should not be similar, their blood type may vary. Sometimes they are born same-sex, sometimes - same-sex.

An ultrasound scan shows which twins develop in the womb, so that a woman can find out in advance what kind of babies she bears: heterosexual or not, similar or not. Although even medicine is mistaken here, and everything will be accurately known only after childbirth. If it has already been decided what way the babies will appear and what they are, then at what time it will happen, no one can answer precisely. Here, everything will depend on the individual characteristics of the intrauterine development of twins.

It is interesting! According to scientists, the first of the twins is born the one who has some problems, deviations in development.

One of the characteristic features of multiple pregnancy is that the term of childbirth in twins occurs much earlier than at birth of one baby. Therefore, it is very important not to panic here, but to understand whether the early contractions are pathologies or, for their situation, everything goes within the normal range.

32-33 weeks

If babies have been asked out already at week 32-33, it is considered that these are premature births of twins, which require special attention. One of them may still not be ready for birth, not yet formed. This is fraught with a small weight of newborn babies and various deviations in their physical development. Most often, in these periods, in order to avoid complications and consequences, the doctors decide to perform a cesarean section, even with the correct presentation of the fruit.

35-36 weeks

Knowing that twins are born much earlier than usual, already at 35-36 weeks a woman is offered to go to the hospital, since a long-awaited event can happen at any moment. If she remains at home, it is advisable to collect bags in advance. А сама она должна быть психологически и физически готова рожать в любой момент. Как правило, роды двойни в 36 недель могут быть естественными, без кесарева сечения. Хотя медицинская поддержка малышам всё равно понадобится, потому что при обычных родах этот срок считается ещё преждевременным.

37-38 недели

Most often, twins are born at week 37, and in the absence of deviations and complications everything goes well. Both babies at this time are born strong and healthy, although they are inferior to their single peers in weight. Until the 38th week of those who expect two children at once, very few people reach.

Knowing the features of the timing of twins, a woman can not worry if the contractions began too early. Owning such information, she will be able to prepare in advance for the premature appearance of babies into the world and not panic about it. In any case, you need to strive to ensure that give birth on their own, if doctors allow natural childbirth. They have a lot of advantages over cesarean section.

Sometimes it happens. 25% of twins have a mirror similarity. That is, if one has a mole near the right eye, then the second one will be near the left.

Stage 1. Harbingers

As a rule, precursors of birth with twins are not much different from the usual:

  • belly down
  • breathing becomes easier
  • frequent urination,
  • there are sharp pain in the area of ​​the pubis and lower back,
  • gait becomes slower and more measured.

If a woman begins to notice such changes in her condition, it means that the twins are actively preparing for childbirth, which can begin from day to day.

Stage 2. Fights

  • as soon as the systematic enough severe pains in the perineum and lower abdomen began, this means that the childbirth begins with twins, which at this stage are little different from normal,
  • the cervix begins to open,
  • her goal is to expand to 10 cm so that the heads of babies can pass through it,
  • waste water and mucus plug,
  • pain can be reduced with a massage or warm bath,
  • over time, contractions become longer, more often, stronger.

Stage 3. Attempts

  • at this stage, the main task of a woman is to obey all doctors, to push and breathe correctly,
  • after the birth of the first baby, they examine, in parallel, determine the presentation and state of the second, still remaining in the womb,
  • the difference between them most often ranges from 5 to 20 minutes,
  • sometimes to accelerate the birth of the second twin open amniotic bladder.

Stage 4. Placental Birth

  • about half an hour after the birth of twins, the placenta is born (afterbirth),
  • application of babies to the mother’s breast causes contractions of the uterus, contributes to a more rapid birth of the afterbirth, stimulates lactation, sucking movements,
  • In this crucial moment, along with colostrum, the crumbs receive nutrients, hormones, enzymes, calm down,
  • there will be a few more contractions, but not so strong and long: so the placenta is separated from the uterus,
  • inspection of twins and placenta.

Last childbirth with twins in different ways. Starting from the first contractions and ending with the discharge of the afterbirth, this period may be from 8 to 12 hours for primiparous. Mothers who already have children cope with this much faster: from 5 to 7 hours. There are also such cases when childbirth of twins occur under special conditions that will require more attention.

Wonders of nature. Even scientists are surprised by the fact that identical twins have ensephalograms most similar to each other. This indicates the same work their brain.

Special cases

Every kind of twins is a special case, to predict the outcome of which does not always work. Some situations require a more responsible attitude from both the medical staff and the prospective parents.

After in vitro fertilization, every fourth woman gives birth to two babies. If earlier this process assumed obligatory cesarean section, now twins after eco can pass through the natural way without complications and negative consequences. However, throughout pregnancy and during the process of delivery itself, close attention is required from the medical staff.

Third birth

Often there are third genera of twins, which differ from the others in speed and swiftness, which requires special preparation of the medical staff and the woman herself. In this case, the precursors may be imperceptible, and the whole process takes only 3 hours. Although this option is very individual.

Home birth

Doctors are extremely negative about this practice. Only very brave couples who have their own principles and beliefs about the naturalness of this process can decide on home birth twins. They must understand that all responsibility falls only on their shoulders. It is difficult to give birth to one baby at home, and even more so for two. It makes sense to make sure that the presentation of the children is correct, their intrauterine development is normal. Rare midwife agrees to take delivery of twins at home. Is it worth the risk?

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For someone, twins are happiness and unspeakable joy; doubts and fear disturb others. In any case, the couple must understand that their situation is unique and requires a special approach, careful study of every nuance and the smallest detail. Nothing should be overlooked. Maximum adherence to medical recommendations and prescriptions is a guarantee of a successful delivery and the safe birth of both children.

What are twins?

The location of the twins in the womb determines the management of pregnancy and the choice of tactics during childbirth. There are several options for twins:

  • monochoreal monoamniotic - babies are located in one shell, divide one for two the placenta,
  • monochoreal diamniotic - each has its own membrane, but the placenta is one,
  • bichoral biamniotic - twins with two placentas and shells.

Pregnancy of twins requires special attention, since the load on the mother's body in this case is higher than during normal pregnancy, and complications develop more often. There is a group of specific pathologies of pregnancy that are characteristic of carrying twins. They also influence the timing and method of delivery.

How long do they give birth with twins?

If you are planning to have twins, the term of delivery through natural paths comes earlier. Usually moms can reach up to 38 weeks. Two fetuses strongly stretch the uterus, so the terms of gestation are reduced. Given this, the woman is recommended to prepare in advance for the trip to the maternity hospital, lay down things for herself and the kids and not leave for long distances.

Preterm birth of twins occurs at 32-35 weeks. In such a situation, when regular contractions begin, a cesarean section is offered to avoid complications for the health of children.

To determine the risk of the onset of preterm labor, an ultrasound scan is performed at a critical time (22-24 weeks), during which the length of the cervix is ​​determined:

  • a length of 34 mm speaks of a possible birth up to 36 weeks,
  • a length of 27 mm indicates the likelihood of premature birth at 32-35 weeks,
  • a length of up to 19 mm indicates a risk of early preterm birth up to 32 weeks.

Twins: natural childbirth or cesarean?

What is preferred when twins are expected - natural or operative labor? It depends on each specific situation. The most correct birth - through the natural birth canal. However, they are not always possible.

Cesarean section surgery can be planned in advance. Indications for planned operative delivery:

  • the lateral position of the first child,
  • pelvic presentation of the first fetus in primiparous,
  • the lateral position of the second child, if the medical staff is not qualified to perform the turn on the leg,
  • torsion of the umbilical cord in monochorial twins,
  • the total weight of children is 6 kg or more,
  • polyhydramnios
  • accrete twins.

Some doctors believe that during pregnancy monochoreal twins optimally conduct a planned caesarean section. The purpose of the operation is to avoid complications such as feto-fetal blood transfusion syndrome, which may develop during childbirth. When this happens, blood is dumped from one fetus to another, which leads to the death of a child due to hypovolemia and brain damage.

During labor, the following indications may occur for emergency cesarean section:

  • acute fetal hypoxia,
  • premature placental abruption,
  • loss of umbilical cord loops or small parts of the body during headache presentation,
  • weakness of labor, which is not eliminated with medication,
  • conflict of fruits.

If the first child lies with the pelvis down, and the second is in headache, then a complication may arise such as a collision. In this case, children simultaneously enter into the small pelvis, clutching their chins. The situation can only be resolved with the help of an emergency operation.

Also, the indication for cesarean section is a low weight of children (less than 1500 g) or a low weight of one of the children with a normal mass of the second.

How are the natural birth of twins?

If the pregnancy proceeds normally, the children develop accordingly, there are no contraindications from the mother, the birth goes naturally.

The first period of the first-time lasts up to 10 hours:

  • At this time there is a disclosure of the neck with the help of contractions.
  • To prevent compression of the inferior vena cava, childbirth twins are offered on the side.
  • After opening 10 cm head can go and sink into the pelvis.

The second period begins with the attachment of attempts — these are rhythmic strong tensions of the anterior abdominal wall:

  • The first child is born, the midwife bandages the umbilical cord.
  • Attempts do not stop.
  • After the birth of twins, you need to quickly inspect the birth canal, determine the presence of tears, the position of the second fetus.
  • Sometimes during childbirth spend ultrasound.
  • Open the amniotic bladder to the second fetus. The baby appears after 5-20 minutes.

Normally, in the third period, the placenta exfoliates and comes out. Examination of the placenta and membranes is carried out in order to find out whether everything has happened or there are parts lingering in the uterus. Lots of placenta left in the uterus will prevent it from contracting, which is dangerous for hypotonic bleeding. For the prevention of complications to the parturient woman, an ice heater is placed on the abdomen and oxytocin is injected intravenously.

Mom give the hands of children still in the delivery room. The first contact between the skin and the skin is very important - during it the baby’s skin is filled with normal microflora.

The first feeding also occurs immediately - the mother drops the first drops of valuable colostrum to the babies.

Complications of natural childbirth twins

If a woman has no contraindications for normal delivery, she is allowed to give birth herself. During childbirth, various complications may occur that will lead to the prompt completion of the birth process:

  • overstretching of the uterus and weakness of labor,
  • premature detachment of the common placenta or unborn fetus,
  • hypotonic bleeding in the third stage of labor or after it.

Childbirth twins can occur on a natural plan and not bring complications for the mother and children. In case of danger to health, it is better to listen to the recommendations of the doctor and to complete the delivery with a cesarean section.

How to conceive twins

As a rule, the possibility of conceiving twins is inherited, often after several generations. However, modern medical capabilities and various folk remedies can help to realize such a bold dream.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to determine that twins are fraternal babies, often heterosexual. Gemini develop in the same egg and are called, accordingly, identical. Twins are almost always the same sex.

Conception of twins with the help of medical procedures and drugs:

  • After stimulation of ovulation with potent hormonal preparations, multiple pregnancy may develop due to the ripening of a large number of follicles. Read more about stimulating ovulation →
  • Discontinuation of contraceptive use can also trigger a surge in follicle-stimulating hormone activity.
  • Artificial insemination, or IVF. The most common cause of twins. In recent years, more and more women have resorted to the help of fertility specialists in order to conceive a child. Doctors stimulate the growth of a large number of follicles. Then, after ovulation, an operation is performed to remove follicles with eggs, which are subsequently crossed with spermatozoa. Based on how many embryos are obtained, the question of replanting is solved. As a rule, no more than two are recommended to sit down. Thus, twins and triplets are born.

There are countless popular recommendations. Naturally, their effectiveness is not proven.

  1. Taking folic acid. It has a beneficial effect on the female body and contributes to the appearance of twins.
  2. Long-term breastfeeding of the firstborn can also help in the matter of conceiving the subsequent twins.
  3. Proper nutrition and the inclusion in the diet of foods that stimulate the activity of the ovaries will have a beneficial effect. Chicken eggs, dairy products, walnuts, whole grains contain various vitamins and amino acids, they have a beneficial effect on the work of the pelvic organs.
  4. It has been proven that a woman’s age is also able to “help” in planning a multiple pregnancy. Women after 30 years more often give birth to twins.

How is the multiple pregnancy

Often a twin or triple pregnancy proceeds quite favorably and is not much different from normal. However, it still has some features.

Tracking the course of multiple pregnancies, physicians pay special attention to the uniform development of fetuses in the womb. The marked difference in weight and size may indicate a developmental pathology.

In addition, because of the different blood supply to the fetuses, one child may “eat up” another. Because of this, the second baby lacks nutrition and may die or lag behind in development.

The first trimester of multiple pregnancies in 20% of cases brings unpleasant surprises. Under unfavorable circumstances, dying off of one fetus is possible.

If the second baby feels good and continues to develop, the doctors prefer to simply observe such a pregnancy. If the second fertilized egg does not harm the living baby, then it is left in the womb until delivery.

Pregnant twins often suffer from iron deficiency. There is a condition called anemia. To prevent this from happening, doctors prescribe additional vitamin complexes.

Placenta previa and placental insufficiency occur in every third pregnant woman with twins or triplets. These conditions are caused by a large load on all organs of the woman.

In the second half of pregnancy, women show signs of preeclampsia. There are swelling in the legs and arms, traces of protein remain in the urine, pressure rises. Gestosis are of varying severity.

Grade 1 can be treated on an outpatient basis, 2 - in stationary conditions, and 3 - requires immediate delivery. At the last stage of gestosis, only the specialist should decide the way of delivery for a pregnant woman with twins, caesarean or natural childbirth. More about preeclampsia →

The second and third trimester are the most difficult for multiple pregnancies. The walls of the uterus are too stretched, the internal organs suffer due to increased blood circulation, a large load on the heart and kidneys. Because of such loads, miscarriages and premature labor often occur.

What is the expected term of delivery?

Multiple pregnancies are different from normal, even in the timing of the birth of babies. Children of twins and twins mature a few weeks earlier. Of course, the later the date of birth of the fruit, the less problems may arise with their health.

If we are talking about cesarean delivery, then only the doctor determines the date of delivery. However, in most cases, multiple pregnancies end in preterm labor.

For a period of 32-33 weeks, labor is complex and unpredictable. Kids can be quite viable. However, they often undergo a long rehabilitation course. At this time, children are not always able to breathe on their own, they lack many reflexes.

34-36 weeks give a much better chance of survival for babies. If the woman has not yet given birth, she is offered to go under observation, since childbirth can begin at any time. At 36 weeks, a woman can already give birth to children naturally, without resorting to surgery.

Births at 37-38 week are considered normal. The kids are already full grown and ready for independent living. At this time it is already possible not to worry about the onset of premature bouts.

At any stage of pregnancy the question of how to give birth to twins, only the doctor decides. Even if the pregnancy was uneventful, various unforeseen situations may arise during childbirth, which only an obstetrician can solve.

Natural childbirth or cesarean section

Favorable multiple pregnancy may well end in natural childbirth. In this case, the expectant mother needs to know how they flow.

Increased urination may be the precursors of labor. Also, the woman notices a pronounced abdominal prolapse, after which it becomes easier to breathe. Pain in the lower abdomen will push to the idea of ​​a short delivery.

Contractions in a pregnant woman can begin with 25 weeks. They are called training, do not cause pain and quickly pass. In this case, a pregnant woman has nothing to worry about.

However, if the gestational age is already more than 30 weeks, and the contractions strongly give up to the perineum, then you need to visit a doctor to confirm the onset of labor. The contractions can also be accompanied by the discharge of water and cork. Real contractions have a clear periodicity, which decreases with time.

During the onset of contractions, the cervix of a woman begins to prepare for the birth of babies. Its disclosure should be within 9-10 cm.

After the onset of contractions and disclosure of the cervix begin attempts. This is the most important part of natural childbirth for the mother. It is on how correctly she can push that the favorable outcome of procreation depends.

The difference in the time of the appearance of babies from twins is from 5 to 20 minutes. In order to speed up the process of the emergence of the second child, doctors manually open the fetal bladder.

After birth, babies are washed, weighed and rated on the Apgar scale. With a favorable outcome of the children spread on the mother's belly.

Some time after the appearance of the children, the woman has another important task: the birth of the placenta. She also comes out with agony. The state of the pelvic organs of the mother depends on how solid the afterbirth came out.

Natural childbirth twins proceed quite favorably. Much depends on how competent the obstetrician-gynecologist is.

Caesarean section for multiple pregnancies is necessary if the following indications are available:

  1. Chronic maternal illness. Cardiac defects, renal failure in most cases require operative delivery.
  2. Diseases acquired during pregnancy. Often, you can find cases when mothers with twins have gall bladder problems during pregnancy. The increase of some enzymes can lead to the appearance of jaundice, hepatitis, cholecystitis. In the most difficult cases, a woman is urgently delivered. Also arisen gestosis in 3 degrees requires the intervention of doctors. The life and health of the mother and babies depends on how quickly the operation will be performed.
  3. Incorrect placement of one or two babies is the most common indication for cesarean.
  4. Preterm delivery before 35 weeks is most often performed surgically.
  5. Lack of labor. This means that contractions in a woman are so weak that it is not possible to conduct a natural birth.

If doctors offer a cesarean section to a woman with a multiple pregnancy, you should not immediately refuse. Multiple pregnancy is a phenomenon not yet fully understood. No one knows for sure exactly how natural childbirth will pass.

Pregnancy and childbirth twins - a great time in the life of a woman. Despite the fact that they are fraught with uncertainty and may have complications, every expectant mother in her heart dreams of multiple births.

It's so interesting to observe how several babies develop in you at once. The first time after their birth, it will not be easy for mother to get used to the new pace of life, but the smiles and new skills of twins will help to go through all the difficulties.

Modern medicine and professional doctors will support the bearing and birth of healthy children. However, we should not forget that a large role in a favorable outcome of pregnancy is played by proper nutrition and moderate physical activity of the expectant mother.

Author: Zlata Maksimova,
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